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January 2 to 6, 2023
Steffy and Finn were stunned to learn that Bill had arrived at their house to help Sheila, not them. Bill told them that if they tried to put Sheila in jail, he'd turn Taylor in for shooting him in the back. When Bill turned Sheila in to the police, Katie hailed him as a hero, and Steffy wondered if he'd changed his mind about his ultimatum. Bill doubled down on his threat, but he visited Sheila in prison to get assurances from her that what they had was really real. Mike and Li paid Sheila jailhouse visits with very different motives.
January 9 to 13, 2023
Deacon and Mike each visited Sheila in prison and expressed their devotion to her. At Sheila's hearing, Finn and Steffy declined to testify or press charges. They were confident that Sheila would be convicted on other charges, but they were shocked to learn that Mike had confessed to kidnapping Sheila out of prison. With no other charges pending against Sheila, the judge set her free. When Taylor learned what had happened at the hearing, she offered to turn herself in so that Sheila could be captured. Steffy, however, talked Taylor out of it. Taylor confronted Bill and Sheila about their blackmail and was stunned to hear Bill profess love for Sheila. Sheila was floored because it was all she'd ever dreamed of.
January 16 to 20, 2023
Sheila reasoned that Taylor and Steffy should accept the new reality and coexist in peace with Sheila and Bill, but Taylor asserted that she could turn herself in. After Liam and Wyatt met about their father's erratic behavior, they rushed to talk some sense into Bill. Bill turned his sons away, and Sheila told Bill that it made her feel validated. Sheila offered to leave if Bill asked her to, but Brooke interrupted their talk when she arrived to try to convince Bill to turn away from Sheila. Bill told Brooke that she was right. While with Hope, Liam recalled that he'd once thought he'd shot his father, and he said it still seemed real to him.
January 23 to 27, 2023
Bill couldn't dispute Brooke's facts about Sheila, but he chose to remain by Sheila's side. Brooke vowed not to rest until Sheila was back behind bars. A bad review for HFTF sent Hope into a tailspin, and against her better judgment, she contemplated rehiring Thomas. Thomas assumed the bad review was his opportunity to represent his designs and save the line, but Steffy asked Hope if she really wanted to compromise her principles for success. Katie intimated to Bill that their family was over as long as he was with Sheila, but "if Sheila were to go back to prison..." Bill asked if Katie was saying that she'd return to him if Sheila went to prison. Sheila visited Deacon at his new restaurant, and he plied her for answers about Bill -- including how the two men stacked up in the passion department.
January 30 to February 3, 2023
Sheila unnerved Taylor by pointing out their similarities and empathizing with Taylor about shooting Bill. Taylor struggled with believing she was no different from Sheila, but Brooke convinced Taylor otherwise and vowed to stand by her. With Steffy, Taylor again contemplated turning herself in, but Steffy talked her out of it. Unable to get through to Bill, Katie demanded that Steffy reveal what Bill had on her, and Taylor confessed that she'd shot Bill. Sheila put Katie on notice about interfering in Sheila's relationship with Bill, and Katie refused to allow Will to be around Bill if Sheila was in Bill's life. Deacon was overjoyed when Hope and Brooke visited him at his restaurant, and he later thanked Sheila for also visiting him in between seatings.
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February 6 to 10, 2023
Katie had mixed feelings about Taylor after learning she'd shot Will's father in the back, but Brooke urged Katie to show Taylor grace. After penning her crime in a notebook, Taylor wrote that it was time to end it all. Brooke found the notebook beside a bottle of sleeping pills, and assuming the worst, Brooke slapped a sleeping Taylor and splashed cold water on her to wake her up. Concerned for Taylor's well-being, Brooke asked Taylor to move in with her. Disguised, Deacon personally delivered Sheila's takeout. When Sheila paid Deacon a visit, he urged her to leave Bill for a relationship with Deacon. Thomas took Hope to court and let Douglas legally decide who he'd live with. Douglas stunned his parents by telling the judge that he wanted to live with his Aunt Steffy.
February 13 to 17, 2023
The judge at Douglas' custody hearing admonished the adults to either abide by Douglas' decision to live with his aunt or return to court. Confident that Douglas would soon become homesick, Steffy convinced Hope to let him temporarily move into the cliff house. Thomas believed that the living arrangement worked out well for him because, with Douglas at Steffy's house, Thomas would have unlimited access to his son. Thomas was shocked when Steffy asserted that she had to protect Douglas, even from his father, and Thomas vowed that no one would keep him from his son. Deacon urged Sheila to dump Bill and start an aboveboard relationship with Deacon. Sheila, however, contended that Bill could put her in prison just as quickly as he'd set her free. Deacon pressed Sheila, and pretending she had no feelings for him, Sheila told Deacon to stay out of her life.
February 20 to 24, 2023
Il Giardino employee Paul Hollister made a bold move to get to know Brooke. Aided by Taylor, Hollis finagled a date with Brooke in her home; however, after sharing an intriguing kiss with Hollis, Brooke concluded that she wasn't ready to date. Taylor and Brooke swore to always be there for each other. Sheila expressed her desire to be with Hayes and Finn, and Bill vowed to make it happen. Tensions flared between Steffy, Finn, and Thomas. Taylor attempted to mediate between her children and urged them to "find the love."
February 27 to March 3, 2023
Deacon implored Sheila to attend his grand opening, but she refused to jeopardize her freedom by hurting Bill. Liam and Wyatt continued to hound Bill about Sheila. Bill assured Liam that if Sheila crossed Bill, she'd pay. Drawn to Deacon, Sheila finally admitted to him that her relationship with Bill was infuriating. Sheila confessed that she pretended that Bill was Deacon. Ripping off his shirt, Sheila made an impassioned request of Deacon. Taylor forced Steffy and Thomas to work things out. When the numbers for HFTF showed that the line was in decline, Steffy told Hope that Hope could either end the line or rehire Thomas.
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MARCH 2023
March 6 to 10, 2023
Sheila and Deacon began a secret affair and worried that Bill might kill them for it. Liam persisted in trying to get through to Bill about Sheila. Bill assured Liam that if Sheila betrayed Bill, she'd pay. Hope advised Thomas to appeal to Brooke while Hope talked to Liam about Thomas' possible return to Forrester. Brooke impressed upon Thomas the importance of him ending his obsession with Hope. Thomas told his therapist that he was still attracted to Hope but not as fixated anymore. Hope told Liam that the only way to save her line was to rehire Thomas. Liam called bull on that and begged Hope not to let Thomas back in. Though Hope told Liam she'd turn Thomas down, Hope hired Thomas instead. Overjoyed by the news, Douglas told Hope that he was ready to return home.
March 13 to 17, 2023
Hope blindsided Liam with her decision to rehire Thomas to design for her line. Liam couldn't understand what had changed, and Hope asserted that she actually thought Thomas had changed. Douglas revealed to his father that he still desired to live with his parents and be a family. Steffy recalled that Hope had said Thomas was hot, and she wondered if Hope's attraction to him had played a role in Hope welcoming him back to HFTF. As Bill pressed her to open up about her darkest secrets, Sheila became worried that Bill was onto her and Deacon. In a surveillance room at FBI headquarters, Ridge met with Bill, who couldn't wait to put Sheila behind bars.
March 20 to 24, 2023
Bill ranted to Ridge about how much Bill abhorred pretending to be in love with Sheila. Desperate to expose her as a murderer and rid himself and their families of her, Bill proposed marriage to Sheila in hopes that it would make her spill her deepest secrets. When Bill pressed her for an answer, Sheila said things that seemed too good to be true usually were. She demanded to know if Bill was playing her for a fool. Steffy observed Thomas and Hope chuckling together as they worked, and Steffy pressed Hope about her attraction to Thomas. Hope clarified her "hot" comment about Thomas and asserted her commitment to her marriage. Stephen and Lucy visited Brooke.
March 27 to 31, 2023
Sheila accepted Bill's marriage proposal, and he convinced her to open up about Dr. Garvin's fall and Lance's death by bees. Sheila overheard Bill telling Ridge that they had her, and in a scuffle with Bill, Sheila fell over his balcony. Sheila escaped to Deacon's house, but as she coaxed Deacon to run away with him, she quickly learned that Ridge and Bill had gotten to Deacon. Sheila escaped arrest but collapsed from a heart attack in the back alley. Li became Sheila's attending ER physician. Finn saw Sheila flatlining and asked why Li wasn't doing anything about it. Li advised Finn to let Sheila die. Ridge and Bill were on the defensive as their loved ones questioned them about their actions in the last months.
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APRIL 2023
April 3 to 7, 2023
Bill and Ridge's loved ones finally felt safe after learning that Bill and Ridge had helped put Sheila away for good. Overwhelmed with emotion, Katie kissed Bill and said his fierce but reckless determination to protect his loved ones was why she loved him -- and why she'd left him. Finn sprang into action to revive Sheila, even though Li had insisted he let Sheila die. Sheila uttered that her son really loved her. Taylor and Brooke's friendship was put to the test when a family dinner at Brooke's turned into dinner for two for Ridge and Brooke. It was like old times as Brooke, in lingerie, dropped her robe. Hope and Liam argued about Thomas when Liam walked in on Hope and Thomas after she'd accidentally fallen on top of Thomas. Hope shocked herself by fantasizing about Thomas. She attempted to seduce her husband, but even then, thoughts of Thomas still plagued her.
April 10 to 14, 2023
Sparks ignited between Brooke and Ridge, but Brooke chose to stay loyal to her friendship with Taylor. Hope spied Brooke in her lingerie with Ridge and reamed Brooke out for her supposed seduction routine. Brooke sensed that Hope's misplaced anger was really about Hope's feelings for Thomas. Liam sought reassurance from Steffy and Thomas about Hope and Thomas' working relationship. Hope was plagued by thoughts of Thomas but told herself that she didn't have to act on them. Liam became livid when Thomas told Liam that Thomas would turn Hope down if Hope came on to him. Hollis put his heart on the line once more, hoping to get another date with Brooke.
April 17 to 21, 2023
Hope asked Steffy to take another shot at convincing Liam to trust the change in Thomas. As Hope continued to struggle with rogue thoughts, she reassured her loved ones that she could handle working with Thomas. Bill took Taylor to confront Sheila at the prison. Later, Deacon visited Sheila to get her to understand why he'd helped the Feds capture her. In front of Carter, Bill expressed his love for Katie and vowed to have her back in his life. Hollis asked Brooke for another date, but despite their hot kiss, she gently refused. R.J. returned to town to spend time with his family. For its 9,000th episode, The Bold and the Beautiful featured a tribute to Steffy Forrester on her birthday.
April 24 to 28, 2023
Thomas pressed his mother to admit her true feelings about R.J.'s return, and Taylor admitted her belief that it would reunite Brooke and Ridge. Thomas seemed a little put off by R.J.'s arrival in town. Liam revealed to Steffy his belief that Hope might be drawn to Thomas. Steffy paid Sheila a visit in prison to let her know that she meant nothing to the Forresters. Sheila sent out a mysterious email and primped in excitement when the email resulted in an equally mysterious visitor to the prison. Carter and Katie called their intimacy lovemaking, and when Katie went on a "date" with Bill, Carter expressed his reservations about it to Brooke. Bill tried to kiss Katie, but she turned away, saying she couldn't. He asked if that was because of Carter.
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MAY 2023
May 1 to 5, 2023
Sheila tried to convince Jack Finnegan, the best defense attorney in Los Angeles, to remember the love they'd once shared, but Jack told her in no uncertain terms to leave him alone. Though Katie continued to resist him, Bill still held out hope that she'd return to him. Eric told Carter that he was on Carter's side in the matter, and Katie reassured Carter of her feelings for him. Ridge insisted that R.J. put pencil to pad to discover something new about himself, but R.J. sketched a caricature of Ridge instead. Hope continued to fight her attraction to Thomas, but when Steffy witnessed what she deemed to be Hope flirting with Thomas, Steffy pointedly asked Hope if she had feelings for him. Deacon set out to improve Il Giardino by hiring a wine sommelier.
May 8 to 12, 2023
Steffy demanded to know if Hope had feelings for Thomas and accused Hope of becoming her mother. Hope created a romantic night for Liam and reinforced her commitment to him and their marriage. Liam was shaken when he learned that Hope and Thomas had to take an impromptu day trip to San Francisco to meet with buyers. Liam remained staunch in his belief in his wife but began to worry when a jet mechanical failure threatened to turn the trip into an overnight stay. Hope admitted her vulnerable feelings about being like her mother to Thomas, and when he hugged her, their faces lingered in proximity to each other. Thomas and R.J. cleared the air between them.
May 15 to 19, 2023
Hope allowed Thomas to massage her shoulders on the jet ride home. During a welcome-home dinner with Liam, Hope denied that Thomas had made any moves on her, and she implored Liam to believe in her love for him. Finn visited Sheila in prison to tell her that she would never be in his life, but she held out hope for her freedom and a reunion with Finn and Hayes. Taylor tempted Deacon with the idea of being with Brooke. R.J. questioned Brooke about her pact with Taylor. Thomas was rattled when he overheard Hope telling her mother about her feelings toward him.
May 22 to 26, 2023
Hope sobbed and scrambled to get Thomas to believe she hadn't meant the bad things she'd said about him and had only said them to placate her mother. When Thomas mentioned what he'd overheard between Hope and Brooke to Taylor, Taylor questioned why Brooke hadn't told her first. Taylor also wondered what else Brooke might be keeping from her -- perhaps something about Ridge. Tired of Liam's false assumptions about Thomas, Steffy told him that Thomas wasn't the problem; Hope was. Steffy revealed that Hope had been the one caressing Thomas and gazing into his eyes. When Liam confronted Hope about what he'd learned from Steffy, Hope denied having feelings for Thomas, and Liam wondered if she was just in denial.
May 29 to June 2, 2023
Hope ordered Steffy to mind her own business, but Steffy figured there wouldn't be a problem if Hope was telling the truth about her feelings for Thomas. Brooke got Hope to admit that she was feeling something for Thomas. Hope insisted she could control it if Steffy would stop throwing Hope under the bus. Brooke pleaded with Taylor to get her to make Steffy back off Hope, but defending her children, Taylor noted that Hope had Logan blood in her. Taylor went to Deacon and convinced him that he could be a hero and save them all from the toxicity if he made a play for Brooke. When Deacon appealed to Brooke for a relationship, she asked him where it was coming from and got him to admit it had been Taylor. When Brooke went to confront Taylor, Brooke overheard Taylor bad-mouthing her to Ridge and saying their pact was stupid. Brooke lit into Taylor, calling her a traitor.
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JUNE 2023
June 5 to 9, 2023
Brooke and Taylor hurled accusations at each other as their relationship crumbled over Taylor's idea to set Brooke up with Deacon, and Brooke's insistence that it had been to get the upper hand with Ridge. With the pact dissolved, Brooke informed Ridge that she still believed in destiny and eternal love. Ridge and Taylor told Thomas about Steffy's suspicions regarding Hope, but Thomas readily dismissed the idea that Hope had feelings for him. Brooke informed Hope that Brooke would travel to Italy to support her daughter and keep an eye on Hope and Thomas. Hope was livid that no one trusted her. She fantasized about an intimate encounter in Rome and heard Thomas' voice saying that dreams did come true.
June 12 to 16, 2023
The strain on Liam and Hope's marriage continued as Hope tried to control her sexual fantasies about Thomas. Liam wrestled with the unsettling feeling he had that something bad would happen in Rome. Both Wyatt and Steffy advised Liam to go to Rome, but when Hope finally suggested it to him, he declined, not wanting to be "that husband." Thomas remained oblivious to Hope's struggles, even offering her a backrub on the jet. Finn convinced Liam to surprise Hope in Rome. Brooke confided in her sisters that Ridge no longer believed in destiny and had stopped calling her Logan. On the jet to Italy, Steffy gave Ridge permission to live his life, whether it was with Taylor or Brooke.
June 19 to 23, 2023
Liam made last-minute plans to surprise his wife in Rome, and "Dollar Cupid" offered Liam a lift to the eternal city via Bill's jet, which was already fueled to take Bill to Europe. The Forrester team was on a high as they made last-minute preparations for the preview. Brooke and Ridge toured the city, but Ridge confessed that relationship struggles had worn him down. Brooke tried to give Ridge signs, to no avail. After the showing, Ridge peered through the Aventine Keyhole and saw his future -- Brooke. Brooke seemed sad and lost as she meandered in the line of sight of the keyhole until Ridge found her and asked her if she'd be his forever Logan. After a successful showing, Hope and Thomas toured the city. Hope kissed Thomas passionately in front of the Colosseum in full view of Liam, who'd been searching the city for her. Steffy attempted to console Liam, and he kissed her.
June 26 to 30, 2023
Brooke set up a romantic serenade for Ridge. Upon returning home, Ridge broke the news of his reunion to Taylor, who warned him about Brooke. Taylor also had words for Brooke, and the two argued about who'd broken the pact in an attempt to get Ridge. Hope told Thomas that what had happened in Rome had to stay in Rome, but when she arrived home, Liam forced her to admit what he'd seen with his own eyes. Steffy filled Finn in on everything that happened in Rome except the kiss Liam had planted on her. Telling Wyatt that he had regrets, Liam marched over to Steffy's house and kissed her again.
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JULY 2023
July 3 to 7, 2023
Steffy set boundaries with Liam about their relationship and told him that she was a happily married woman. When she and Finn discussed Hope and Thomas' kiss in Rome, Finn called Steffy an honest and caring person with principles, and Steffy looked conflicted, thinking of Liam's kiss. Wyatt talked Liam into hearing Hope out, but when Hope asked Liam if he'd seen Steffy, she figured that some things were predictable. Liam said he hadn't given Steffy a thought prior to Rome, but he was thinking about her since. Liam insisted upon a divorce, and Hope rushed to talk to Thomas about her feelings. Thomas, who'd heard about Liam's Rome trip from Steffy, felt bad about derailing Hope's marriage. Hope took responsibility for it and said Liam wanted Steffy; however, Hope wanted the man who only wanted her -- Thomas.
July 10 to 14, 2023
Deacon paid Sheila a visit at the prison, and the overjoyed Sheila was glad that someone on the outside remembered her for the right reasons. Liam attempted to bury himself in work, but Wyatt and R.J. persisted in their endeavors to convince Liam to forgive Hope. Liam remained resolute. Hope slept with Thomas again and again. She felt compelled to explore her feelings for him, but she asked if they could keep it between them until she figured out her next move. Brooke barreled into Thomas' bedroom and declared that Hope's affair with Thomas was over.
July 17 to 21, 2023
Brooke tried to reason with Hope about ending her affair and working out her marriage, but insisting that Liam was probably already begging Steffy, Hope became determined to be with the man who loved only her. Wyatt was surprised when Liam admitted that he'd kissed Steffy twice, but Liam insisted that it had been a mistake. Liam and Hope met to discuss their marriage, but reaching a stalemate about Steffy and Thomas, Liam and Hope signed divorce papers. Wyatt visited Hope to find out what was going on in her head. Finn examined Sheila before her trial hearing, and as he left, Sheila hugged him, causing feelings to stir within him. The Spencer and Forrester families gathered in a judge's chambers for Sheila's sentencing but were shocked when the judge threw out the charges due to an illegal search and seizure and improper surveillance techniques. Liam observed Finn hugging a newly free Sheila in the corridor.
July 24 to 28, 2023
Liam captured Finn and Sheila's hug on video. When presented with the video evidence, Steffy refused to think the worst of her husband. Brooke told Ridge that she'd found Hope and Thomas in bed together. Ridge questioned what Hope's intentions were toward Thomas. Sheila and Deacon gleefully reunited, but Deacon soon worried that Sheila might be in danger of spiraling out of control again. While spying on Finn and Kelly, Sheila saw Kelly race into the ocean while Finn had his back turned.
July 31 to August 4, 2023
Sheila dove into the ocean and saved Kelly from drowning in the undertow. Finn thanked his mother, but Steffy was anything but grateful. Finn asked Steffy to cut Sheila some slack, but instead, Steffy moved into Eric's house with the kids. When Li found out that Finn had hugged Sheila, Li said it was no wonder Steffy had left him. Wyatt continued to press Liam about his motives for distrusting Finn and insisted that it had to do with Liam's feelings for Steffy. Liam admitted that after seeing Thomas and Hope together in Rome, Liam's feelings for Steffy were sparked again, and he'd been thinking about the kiss he'd given her ever since. Ridge suggested that he and Brooke get married again.
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August 7 to 11, 2023
Brooke noted that Hope had become the new "It Girl" in fashion, but when Brooke suggested Hope save her marriage, Hope said "this It Girl" didn't want to come in second to anyone ever again. R.J. suggested that Hope rip up her divorce papers, but Hope held out no hope for her marriage because Steffy had left Finn. Finn accused Liam of using the hug with Sheila to make inroads with Steffy. Realizing he'd been a fool to let Steffy go, Liam told her that if he had another chance with her, he'd never do that again. Li warned Finn that he could never have feelings for Sheila if he wanted to keep his marriage. Ridge also lectured Finn about his vulnerability to Sheila. Finn agreed with Steffy that he'd been wrong to see Sheila as a hero, and he implored Steffy to give him another chance.
August 14 to 18, 2023
Ridge showed Brooke a selection of wedding gown sketches, but Brooke decided she'd surprise him by designing her own wedding gown. Taylor returned from a conference and butted heads with Ridge over what was best for Steffy. Ridge thought Steffy was better off at Eric's, but Taylor advised Steffy to work on her marriage. Finn implored Steffy to return home, but Steffy refused to do so as long as Sheila was around. Liam told Steffy that he still loved her and would never let her go if given another chance. Eric proposed that he and Ridge work together on a legacy line, but Ridge shrugged it off, saying things were too busy at the time. Donna threw Beth a mermaid birthday party. Liam told Hope that he still hadn't filed the divorce papers, and he and Hope relived the time when they'd thought Beth had been dead. Liam told Hope that she was better than being with the man who'd wanted her to grieve Beth forever.
August 21 to 25, 2023
Liam and Hope recalled the tragic events surrounding Beth's abduction. Liam mentioned that he hadn't filed the divorce papers yet because of Beth, and there might be a path back for Hope, who he felt had lost herself. Hope realized that she had lost her way and had used Liam's feelings for Steffy as an excuse to hook up with Thomas. Hope broke things off with Thomas, who was willing to let her go for her own happiness. Hope asked Liam for another chance. Liam admitted that he was not a one-woman man, and he said Hope could no more deal with Steffy in their relationship than Liam could deal with Thomas. Unable to forgive Hope, Liam left. While Finn implored Steffy to return home, Sheila reaffirmed her desire to be in Finn's life. Feeling that Ridge was shuffling him to the side, Eric reclaimed his office and announced that he'd design a new collection with or without Ridge.
August 28 to September 1, 2023
Eric confided in R.J. about Eric's degenerative illness and asked R.J. to help Eric design his last collection. When Thomas failed to get through to Liam about Hope, Thomas made his own play for her affections. Sheila spoiled Steffy's homecoming.
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September 4 to 8, 2023
Liam and Ridge shared their concerns about Steffy's decision to return to the cliff house, but Ridge said that if they pressed Steffy, she'd run. Finn dragged Sheila into the cliff house to have it out once and for all, but even after he successfully forced Sheila to go, Steffy remained terrified of a future with Sheila in it. Steeling her resolve, Steffy decided to take the kids -- and Taylor -- to Rome that very night. Finn and Liam respected her decision. Sheila shared her suspicions with Deacon that Steffy still had feelings for Liam. After a talk with Hope, R.J. concluded that she thought she and Thomas were the future of Forrester. When speaking with Brooke and Ridge about Eric, R.J. discovered that they preferred for Eric to rest on his laurels, and R.J. committed himself to helping Eric produce his legacy line.
September 11 to 15, 2023
Eric and R.J. turned the Forrester living room into a design studio. R.J. swooned when the newest intern, Luna, arrived with Eric's supplies. Luna received a phone call and disregarded the caller's warning to stay away from the Forresters. While Brooke seemed to share Ridge's concerns about Eric, Carter and Katie debated the pros and cons of Eric starting a new line. Carter decided it wasn't wise to count out the great Eric Forrester. Brooke told Ridge that Eric was coming for him, and Ridge stormed over to the mansion, intending to sort out the problem with Eric. An argument full of pride and bluster ensued and ended with the men deciding to settle it on the runway. Hope's request for a fitting turned into a seduction, but before succumbing to passion, she asked Thomas if he could handle it and accept it for what it was.
September 18 to 22, 2023
Donna stood by Eric, who hid that he had tremors along with arthritis. When Brooke agreed that it was time for Eric to put down the pencil and enjoy life, Donna assumed Brooke thought Eric couldn't win. Katie and Carter worried about how the competition would affect the company's image, publicity, and bottom line. Douglas asked Hope to open her heart to Thomas. Even though Thomas advised his son that it might never happen, Douglas set Hope and Thomas up on a romantic date at Thomas' house. Deacon's fears of losing Hope and the restaurant led to him breaking things off with Sheila. Sheila overheard Deacon talking to the judge in her case and learned that Deacon had had a hand in the courts setting Sheila free. Li ordered Finn to get rid of Sheila once and for all.
September 25 to 29, 2023
Sheila learned that Deacon had called in a favor with the judge to get her released from jail. Deacon recreated his first date with Sheila and asked her to marry him. Taylor made a surprise return to Los Angeles and learned of Thomas and Hope's ongoing fling. Taylor told Finn that he needed to step up and do right by Steffy and the kids. R.J. told Donna that he wanted to tell Ridge what was really going on with Eric, but he ultimately couldn't go through with it. Carter revealed that Eric's collection was hurting Forrester Creations' bottom line.
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October 2 to 6, 2023
Taylor advised Thomas to avoid her love mistakes. Deacon convinced Sheila to marry him, and as they wondered how their kids would take the news, Sheila wished Finn was rid of Steffy, so that Sheila could have a chance with him. Deacon and Sheila sprang their engagement on Finn. R.J. confided in Luna about Eric's worsening condition. Luna pouted when her mother called her and reminded her that Aunt Li didn't want her near the Forresters. Fearing that Eric had TIAs or cerebrovascular disease, Donna urged Eric to tell Ridge the truth. Ridge and Carter worried about Eric's ballooning budget, but Eric chuckled at their reaction to his insistence upon adorning gowns with diamonds. Eric coughed up blood but hid it. Finn told Hope that he got her desire to chase devotion, but he questioned whether she should receive devotion from Thomas, given his history with her. Finn insisted that Hope was better than Thomas.
October 9 to 13, 2023
Finn rejected Sheila and her relationship with Deacon and advised Hope to talk to her father. Hope visited Deacon and burst into tears upon learning that he was in love with Sheila. Hope sent Brooke to talk some sense into Deacon, and Ridge insisted upon going with her. Thomas noted that he missed his time with Hope, who couldn't stop thinking about Finn's take on her "situationship" with Thomas. Aunt Li encountered Luna at Forrester and ordered her niece to submit her resignation. R.J. rejected the resignation and called Finn for help in dealing with Li. When R.J. confronted Li about demanding Luna leave Forrester, Li told him that it was family business, and Luna knew what she had to do.
October 16 to 20, 2023
Luna, with help from R.J., stood up to Li. Luna insisted that she wouldn't give her internship up for anyone, and Li warned Luna that she'd been given the chance to walk away. Ridge and Brooke failed to talk Deacon out of his relationship with Sheila, and Hope put her father/daughter relationship on the line to make Deacon choose her over Sheila. Though Brooke hoped to get through to her daughter about Thomas, Hope continued to bask in Thomas' unwavering devotion. Upon finding out that Finn hadn't told Steffy about Deacon and Sheila, Liam left Steffy a message about it and asked him to return home to him, not Finn. Donna discovered Eric's bloody handkerchief and immediately called the doctor. The doctor urged Eric to stop working, but Eric insisted on winning the competition. Li became the customer from hell as she attempted to goad Sheila into getting herself arrested.
October 23 to 27, 2023
Dr. Colby gave Eric the dire news that he was dying. Katie overheard Donna and Eric discussing it, and Donna revealed that the doctor had given Eric six months to live. Suspecting there was a reason behind Eric's push for a grand finale, Ridge pressed R.J. to reveal if there was something wrong with Eric. Even though R.J. questioned his own judgment, he remained loyal to Eric and silent about what he knew. When R.J. learned Eric's prognosis, R.J. urged Eric to tell Ridge, but Eric insisted on living out his final days his way. Exclusive clientele gathered for the special preview of Forrester's couture gowns. Katie explained that they'd bid on their favorite gown. As the event commenced, Eric sensed that the day was his.
October 30 to November 3, 2023
Eric and Ridge battled it out at the showing, and Carter discovered that one line had sold out while the other hadn't. Ridge was excited to learn that he'd won the competition, but after R.J. and Brooke revealed to Ridge that Eric was dying, Ridge announced to Eric that Eric was the winner. Katie revealed to Luna that Katie had her heart set on one of the dresses but hadn't put her bid in yet. Ridge sent Luna to get Eric's old things from storage, and Luna found Eric's very first stapler. Steffy returned to Los Angeles and to her husband. Steffy was eager to let Sheila know that she couldn't run Steffy off. In a confrontation at Deacon's place, Steffy shoved Sheila.
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November 6 to 10, 2023
Steffy punched Sheila and ordered her to stay away from Steffy's family. As Steffy and Finn shared a romantic reunion, Liam insisted to Bill that Liam could better protect Steffy from Sheila. Steffy walked in on Hope and Thomas making out. Hope claimed they were just having fun, and Steffy wasn't going to stop them. Liam told Ridge that Steffy's only answer to Sheila was to leave Finn, and if she did, Liam hoped she'd return to Liam while she was at it. Steffy asked Liam not to worry about her, but Liam insisted that she wasn't safe with Finn. Liam made his case to Steffy, saying they'd been good together and could be together again. Poppy visited Luna, and Li lashed out at Poppy about their past. Taylor told Deacon that he'd better watch out, because she'd once believed in Sheila, too. Ridge sought answers from Dr. Colby about Eric, only to learn that the situation was hopeless.
November 13 to 17, 2023
Li was less than thrilled to see her sister, Poppy, in Los Angeles. Li revealed that the reason she resented Poppy wasn't just that Poppy had slept with a married doctor at the hospital where Li had worked. Li was devastated that she had been unable to get pregnant, but Poppy didn't have similar problems. Ridge told Thomas and Steffy that Eric was dying. A nervous Luna joined R.J. for a family dinner with Steffy and Finn. Brooke warned Thomas that he was just "a phase" Hope was going through. Liam confessed that he would always love Hope, but Hope told him that she had moved on and he was no longer the man in her life. Hope said that she loved Thomas.
November 20 to 24, 2023
Zende assumed that Ridge had pulled strings and skipped over Zende to ensure that Ridge's inexperienced son R.J. would partner with Eric on couture. With HFTF sidelined due to Eric's win, Zende felt shuffled aside. R.J. suggested telling Zende about Eric's condition so that Zende could better understand why things had happened as they had, but Ridge decided against it. R.J. got the feeling that Zende was gunning for him. Bill couldn't shake the feeling that he knew Poppy, but she insisted that they'd never met. Ridge prepared a romantic evening with Brooke to celebrate their love and destiny.
November 27 to December 1, 2023
Deacon met with Hope to discuss missing her and the kids and about Thomas, who wasn't good for her. Hope lashed out at Deacon for putting Sheila above her and said Thomas was a saint compared to Sheila. Hope refused to let Deacon see her or the kids as long as he was with Sheila. The Forresters and Logans tried to make Eric happy and comfortable as, in private, they mourned his impending death. Ridge revealed the prognosis to Carter, because he was family, and Finn became curious about Eric's symptoms. When Eric nearly collapsed at work, Dr. Colby recommended Eric go to the hospital, but Eric refused to curl up and die in a bed. Instead, he announced to the family that he'd have a party.
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December 4 to 8, 2023
Donna moved Eric into the guesthouse, and there, he took breathing treatments and medication while they reminisced about Eric's life. Eric insisted on moving up the party to that very evening, and Eric's family worried about whether they could maintain their composure throughout the event. Zende confronted R.J. again about designing with Eric, and Ridge told Zende the truth about Eric. When Thorne and Bridget arrived in town for the event, Ridge informed each of them of their father's condition. As the party got underway, Finn worked late in his office, telling his mother that the work was important. Eric had special moments with each of his guests. By evening's end, he figured out that he hadn't won the fashion challenge. Eric thanked Ridge for the most loving gesture before passing out on the floor.
December 11 to 15, 2023
Eric was taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator. Finn revealed that he'd been researching Eric's case, and Dr. Colby had released the case to Finn. Finn proposed an experimental treatment but offered no guarantees that Eric would survive or maintain the same quality of life. Ridge denied the treatment and instructed Finn to take Eric off life support. Eric stirred, causing Ridge to change his mind and okay the procedure. Finn and Bridget conducted the surgery. As they told the family Eric had pulled through, Stephanie welcomed Eric home. R.J. and Luna professed love for each other.
December 18 to 22, 2023
R.J. and Zende butted heads about Ridge's quickness to pull the plug on Eric. Feeling the need to help Eric, Zende vowed to complete Eric's collection. Ridge chose R.J. to help him complete Eric's vision instead, and Zende confided in Luna that he felt left out of the family. After Eric's near-death experience in recovery, Eric required a ventilator to breathe, and the family questioned whether the decision to operate had been selfish and if they'd been wrong not to honor Eric's wishes. Finn and Bridget, worried about possible infections, decided to remove Eric from the ventilator. Eric heard them and responded by fluttering his eyes. They removed the tubes, and Eric struggled to breathe on his own. Eric tried to wish everyone a merry Christmas, and Brooke exclaimed that they had their Christmas miracle.
December 25 to 29, 2023
Brooke consoled a guilty Ridge, who felt it would be his fault if Eric didn't return to normal after his recovery. Even though Finn had been in situations where it would have been kinder to let a patient die than treat them, Finn tried to assure Ridge that Eric had good chances. Steffy confronted Hope about whether she loved Thomas. Thomas ordered Steffy to back off, but Ridge wound up asking Hope the same question. Hope said it was between her and Thomas. Thomas asked Hope to marry him. Upon realizing that his new doctor was married to Steffy Forrester, Xander tried to make a quick exit, but when Finn pressed Xander about his connection to the Forresers, Xander revealed the ugly truth about Thomas and Emma.
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