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Bill gave Steffy an ultimatum that could destroy her family then turned Sheila in to the police. Katie hailed Bill as a hero, and Steffy questioned whether Bill had changed his mind. Mike and Li visited Sheila in jail. Bill arranged a jailhouse visit to find out if he and Sheila were for real.
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Bill called the police on Sheila, but vowed to get her out of jail. Steffy worried Bill would tell the police Taylor had shot him. Mike and Li visited Sheila in jail.
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The police arrest Sheila Carter

The police arrest Sheila Carter

Monday, January 2, 2023

At Bill's house, Wyatt wondered how Sheila could get by Bill's security at the front gate or the guard on patrol. Wyatt was worried that Bill had been kidnapped or was dead. Liam talked to Tony at the front gate and reported to Wyatt that Tony had seen Bill's car leave but hadn't seen the occupants because of Bill's tinted windows Tony had disclosed that the security system and the backup had been down due to the storm. Wyatt didn't like it and feared Bill was with Sheila.

Wyatt and Liam called Deputy Chief Baker about the possibility that Sheila had been in Bill's house. Baker asked if Bill's jet had had any activity. Wyatt asked if Baker thought Sheila would force Bill to help her escape on his jet. Baker thought anything was possible. He advised Liam and Wyatt to leave the premises and let the police handle it. He said Bill would be located, and with any luck, Sheila would be in custody that night.

At the cliff house, Steffy found it abhorrent that Bill had his arm around Sheila and would blackmail Steffy. Refusing to let Sheila go free, Steffy asked how Bill and Sheila had gotten together. Sheila uttered that love found its way. Bill said that no one would press charges, and everyone would move on, including him and Sheila -- unless Steffy wanted Taylor to go to jail.

Steffy argued that Bill couldn't defend Sheila, who'd shot Steffy and was beyond dangerous. Steffy claimed to understand that Bill had been hurt by Brooke and Sheila and felt alienated in other relationships that were important to him; however, she said that he couldn't be involved with a sociopath who'd put bullets in Steffy and Finn and had tried to kill Li. Steffy said Sheila had thought she could latch onto another powerful man, and it would make everything all right. Steffy asked Bill to tell Sheila that she was wrong, and it was the end of the road.

Bill revealed that Sheila had come to mean a lot to him. They'd been living together, and he'd seen a side of Sheila that few people did. In his view, he and Sheila had been abandoned. He said he'd driven people away, and in Sheila, he'd found a woman he couldn't hurt. Finn asked about the damage and pain on the horizon. Sheila said she and Bill understood each other and knew each other's needs and desires. They accepted each other for who they were.

Steffy told Bill that who Sheila was would destroy him. Bill insisted that his deal was the same, and there would not be a word to anyone about his involvement with Sheila. The deal had to remain between the four of them. "Let's go home, Sheila," Bill said. As they left, Steffy screamed at Bill not to do it.

Later, Finn and Steffy were still disconcerted by what had happened earlier. Steffy didn't know how Sheila had made the impossible possible. Finn said he needed to know what had happened to make Taylor shoot Bill.

Steffy said it had happened while she'd been married to Liam; she and Liam had been going through things, and so had Bill and Liam. Steffy said Bill had been grateful for her help with that, and when she'd found out Liam had kissed another woman, she'd felt betrayed. She said she'd been at her grandfather's guesthouse, and Bill had shown up. She uttered that she hated that it had happened. "You and Bill?" Finn said. Steffy stated that it should never have happened; however, her mother had shot Bill because Taylor had thought he'd taken advantage of Steffy.

Steffy reasoned that she hadn't told Finn about it because it had been a moment of weakness that she'd always regret. Steffy clarified that her mom had been wrong about Bill taking advantage of her. Finn asked if it had been consensual. Steffy affirmed it but said it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't been in a bad place. Finn asserted that Bill had played on her emotions.

Steffy replied that it had been a lifetime before. It was the past, and their future was the only thing that mattered. Steffy said she hadn't kept it from him; she just hadn't thought about it. She didn't want Finn to think about it. Finn stated that Bill should have known better, and a halfway decent man wouldn't have done it. Steffy said she understood that Finn felt the need to protect her, but she didn't want it to eat away at Finn or their marriage.

Finn said he wouldn't let it, and he thanked Steffy for opening up to him and telling him the truth. He punched his palm, upset about Bill. Finn wanted to call the police, but Steffy said Taylor couldn't go to jail for shooting Bill. Steffy claimed that Taylor had acted irrationally and had been a different person back then. Steffy didn't want to gamble with Taylor's freedom.

Back at Bill's house, Sheila and Bill had bourbon. She said his place had been her sanctuary, and she didn't know how to thank him for all he'd done. He replied that it worked both ways, and in reference to being with a woman who truly understood him, he wondered, "Who would have thought?" Sheila stated that Bill was a man who cared for her and was willing to risk much for her. She said he'd stated that he could never hurt her, and she couldn't imagine that scenario, either. She couldn't hurt him, either, not after all the kindness he'd shown her.

Bill told Sheila that it was time. He stated that it would be a rough road ahead, but in the end, she'd have her freedom. "Are you ready?" he asked. She told him that she was, and he pulled out the phone to make a call. "This is Bill Spencer. Sheila Carter is in my home. Hurry, she's got to be apprehended! Hurry!" he exclaimed into the phone.

Later, Bill went over the plan with Sheila one more time. He said he'd tell the police she'd shown up and pleaded her case, but he'd shut her down and called the cops. He added that she'd be in jail for a little bit, and it was a necessary step; however, he'd do everything in his power to get her out. Then, they'd be together. Sheila replied that he didn't know how much she was counting on it. She urged him to get her out soon because she loved him so much.

Touching the sword necklace, Sheila told Bill not to forget what it meant to him. She said he took no prisoners and won at all costs. Sheila pricked her finger with the tip of the sword, swiped the blood across her lips, and deeply kissed Bill. "I'm yours for life," she uttered.

Baker and his backup burst through Bill's front door. Bill held Sheila's hands behind her back, yelling that she'd pleaded her case, but he'd called the cops. She begged Bill not to turn her in, but the police cuffed her. Baker said it was really over that time.

Steffy attempts to understand Bill's conflicting actions

Steffy attempts to understand Bill's conflicting actions

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

At Forrester, Carter and Katie discussed the news alerts about Bill turning Sheila in to the police. Carter wondered why Sheila had even been at Bill's house and if Sheila had broken in. Katie thanked God that Will hadn't been there and that they'd ramped up security because Sheila could have been at any of their houses. Carter said one never knew, even with security.

Katie said that Bill's place was a fortress, but Sheila had still gotten in; however, they could rest easier knowing that Sheila was in a cell. Carter was curious about how it had happened, and Katie figured she needed to talk to Bill, who'd get a big thanks from everyone for being a hero.

Never thinking he'd call Bill a hero, Carter said Bill could have saved someone's life. Katie figured Sheila would never see the light of day, thanks to Bill, and she was sure Bill would tell the story for years and years about how he'd single-handedly taken down Sheila Carter. Katie said she didn't know what she would have done if Sheila had been at her house, and Carter said it was why Katie would go to his place. Katie recalled that Carter had vowed to protect her and her family, and she said she always felt safe with him.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy hadn't gotten sleep the night before. They knew that Sheila was in custody and were shocked when an updated news alert said Bill had turned Sheila in. Steffy hoped that meant Bill had come to his senses. She was confused by why Bill would act in love with Sheila and then call the cops on her. Finn reasoned that Sheila and Bill could have argued, or Sheila had forced Bill into striking the deal.

Steffy said Bill wasn't easily manipulated, and she needed to find out if Bill was dropping the blackmail scheme. She assumed Bill had had a psychotic break and said the thought of him with Sheila grossed her out. They began rehashing Sheila's crimes against them, and Finn said she was finally behind bars. Steffy couldn't reconcile Bill's actions and wondered if it was part of a plan. She asked Finn not to talk to anyone about Bill's blackmail, and Finn promised not to let anything bad happen to their family.

Steffy decided to go to talk to Bill. Finn offered to accompany her, but she thought she should go alone and assured him that she could handle it. She said she wouldn't do anything to rile Bill up. Finn asked her to promise she'd be careful and call if she needed backup.

Later, Steffy text-messaged that she'd arrived at Bill's.

At Bill's house, Bill flashed back on the ultimatum he'd made to Steffy. He thought of Brooke and Katie turning him down and flashed back on his blood kiss with Sheila the previous night.

Wyatt and Liam arrived, worried about Bill. He said he'd talked to them on the phone the other night. Wyatt replied that Bill had only said two words. Bill stated that he'd been tired, and he was fine. Liam and Wyatt said that he'd had a maniac at his house. They asked why Sheila had been there. Bill flashed back to going over the plan with Sheila the previous night.

Wyatt asked again why Sheila had been there. Bill said she'd just shown up, pleading her case. He claimed he'd held on to her and called the police. Liam and Wyatt didn't get why Sheila thought she'd get any sympathy from Bill. Bill said he couldn't answer that. They revealed that they'd found an earring and wig and had thought she'd kidnapped their father.

Bill recalled that his sons had mentioned the items the previous night. Wyatt informed Bill that it was why Wyatt and Liam had called Chief Baker, and they asked where Bill had been. They began to wonder if Sheila had been hiding out there when they'd been there, but Bill said the bottom line was that he'd taken care of Sheila. Wyatt was glad Bill had gotten the lunatic out of there, but Bill murmured that he wouldn't call her that. "How about crazy? What about murderous psycho?" Wyatt asked and said society owed Bill a huge favor.

Liam began naming people who owed Bill, but Bill said he was tired. He hadn't gotten much sleep. Liam and Wyatt replied that Sheila could have snapped and hurt Bill, but Bill replied that she would never hurt him. Bill solemnly said everything would be fine, and Wyatt and Liam exchanged concerned looks.

Later, Bill was alone, looking in the mirror. He touched the sword charm, and he heard Sheila's voice in his head, telling him what the charm meant to him. Steffy called his name and walked into the living room. She wanted to talk about the previous night, but he said it wasn't a good time. Proceeding anyway, Steffy expressed shock that he'd been with Sheila and threatening Taylor. Bill said he'd covered for Taylor for years.

Steffy replied that they were grateful, but she was puzzled by the sudden shift. She asked if he'd really called the police on Sheila and if it meant he'd come to his senses about the pure evil Sheila. Steffy named all the people Sheila had shot, and Bill said he hadn't forgotten. Steffy stated that Bill had seemed to be developing feelings for Sheila, but there was no future with her because "we" would be pressing attempted murder charges.

Bill gazed with dead eyes, and Steffy asked if he was okay. She claimed to know him and to know he hadn't meant what he'd said. She asked if Sheila had something on him. Steffy couldn't accept that he had feelings for the totally deranged Sheila. Steffy reasoned that all of them had hurt him, and they should have been more sensitive to his feelings. She asked him to say that he was not turning to Sheila. She asked him to say that he wasn't planning to go public about Taylor shooting him in that very room. Steffy begged him not to side with Sheila.

A jailed Sheila gets a pair of unexpected visitors

A jailed Sheila gets a pair of unexpected visitors

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn peered down at his mobile phone with a grimace. Moments later, Li showed up at the front door to celebrate the "wonderful news" that Sheila had been captured. Li said that the "unhinged and desperate" Sheila deserved to be behind bars and never again walk free.

Li and Finn recalled the night that Sheila had found the secret room where Li had been taking care of Finn and the subsequent car chase that had nearly taken Li's life. Li wondered why Sheila had been at Bill's house when she had been apprehended. Finn shrugged and commented that Sheila seemed to have a history with everyone they knew. Li labeled Sheila a "criminal mastermind," but proclaimed that Sheila's evil did not get a chance to triumph: Sheila was in jail, and Finn was alive and well.

At Bill's house, Steffy hinted that Sheila was only interested in Bill because she sensed his vulnerability. "Sheila is a dangerous psychopath who should never see the light of day again," Steffy remarked. Steffy spoke tenderly and told Bill that she'd been concerned when he had blackmailed her and Finn. She expressed her gratitude to Bill for the way he had reconsidered and turned Sheila in.

Steffy asked if she and Bill were "good" and if Bill wouldn't threaten Taylor anymore. Steffy assured Bill that she was not trying to defend Taylor's actions, but she insisted that she did not want to rehash the events of the night that Bill had been shot. Bill said that he'd heard what Steffy had said "loud and clear." Bill told Steffy that she was right about Sheila and how Sheila had destroyed so many lives in the past.

"Here's the thing. I've hurt people, too," Bill said. Bill stated that he understood Sheila and knew that nothing he could ever do would hurt Sheila. Steffy looked on in confusion. Bill fought tears as he told Steffy about the emptiness he felt in his heart. Bill began to sob as he told Steffy that he needed a woman in his life who would stay, no matter what wrongs he might make. "You are talking crazy right now," Steffy marveled. Steffy wasn't sure how or why Bill would entertain the idea of being with Sheila.

"She is going to use you and move on to her next victim," Steffy said angrily. Bill remembered Sheila's parting words to him about how much she loved him. Bill vowed that he would not let Sheila spend the rest of her life in prison. "Sheila's life for your mother's freedom -- that is my deal," Bill said as he pointed his finger in Steffy's direction.

At the Los Angeles County Jail, Sheila questioned why she had been taken to the visitation room. When a guard told her that someone was there to see her, Sheila's face lit up as she asked if it was someone "talk, dark, and handsome." The guard let out an annoyed chuckle and replied, "Maybe in his dreams."

Sheila's face fell when the door buzzed open and she saw Mike Guthrie walking toward her. "Of all the gin joints in all the towns," he muttered. Mike, also handcuffed and in a county jail uniform, told Sheila that he had "made some friends and pulled some strings" so that he could see her face to face. Sheila vowed that she would only be in jail for a short time.

Mike warned Sheila that attempting another escape would not end well for her. Sheila smiled and explained that she would not need to mount a jailbreak. "I'm sorry you ended up back here, but I'm happy for me. It's no secret that I love you, Sheila. Now we're finally together... sort of," Mike said softly. Mike urged Sheila to accept her fate and get used to the fact that she'd be in jail for a long, long time.

The guard that had escorted Mike to the visitation room urged him to hurry up because they could both get in trouble for the unauthorized visitation. Mike told Sheila that he understood that the circumstances were not ideal, but he asked Sheila to realize that he was what she had. Sheila apologized in advance for potentially disappointing Mike again. She smiled broadly as she told Mike that she had connections of her own.

Later, as she continued to sit in a visitation room, Sheila asked the guard why she hadn't been taken back to her "luxury accommodations." The guard told Sheila that she was "popular today" and had another visitor. The door swung open, and Li, grinning from ear to ear, stepped into the room. "Well, isn't this a delightful surprise," Sheila said with a smile. "I couldn't pass up the chance to see you in your natural habitat," Li quipped.

Sheila told Li that her timing was perfect because Sheila had started to get lonely. Li said that Sheila needed to get used to being lonely because there was no way that she'd be getting out of jail. Sheila bristled when Li commented that Finn was "pretty thrilled" that Sheila was behind bars. Li proclaimed that "judgment day" had arrived and that Sheila would finally be held accountable for the crimes she had committed. Sheila laughed evilly.

Bill questions Sheila's feelings

Bill questions Sheila's feelings

Thursday, January 5, 2023

At the cliff house, Steffy arrived, and Finn was flabbergasted to hear from her that Bill was still defending Sheila. Finn wondered why Bill had turned Sheila in. Steffy said it was to keep Sheila from being on the run and to set her free. Steffy said Bill wouldn't back down, and if they testified against Sheila or she remained locked up, Taylor would wind up in prison, too.

Steffy explained that Bill had understood her view; however, he had said she hadn't considered the emptiness inside him and that he needed a woman who could handle him. Finn asked if Bill had seriously developed feelings for Sheila. Steffy said Bill had lost his mind, and they might all be paying the price. Steffy wished she could figure Bill out. His motives were always simple: power, money, or prestige. She didn't know what Bill expected out of it that time.

Finn asked if Sheila was blackmailing Bill, but Steffy said Bill had denied that. Steffy reasoned that they could find a way out of it if it was just blackmail, but they were in deep trouble if Bill had real feelings for Sheila. Finn said he thought Bill's most redeeming quality was his love for his family, and Finn asked if that had changed.

Steffy said it was absurd that Bill would want to exchange Sheila's freedom for Taylor's. Finn and Steffy agreed that Taylor was a good person, and while Sheila belonged in jail, Taylor didn't. Steffy claimed that her mother had been in a bad place and had thought Bill had taken advantage of Steffy. Finn said protecting one's child was a natural instinct, and "the thought of Bill hurting you..." Finn stated that Bill was hurting Steffy and threatening their family, because there was no telling what Sheila would do next.

Steffy was outraged that her mother's secret could get out because Bill was lonely, and she said it wasn't the Bill she knew. Finn stated that he'd never thought much of Bill, who'd been full of himself, but Bill had put them all at risk. Steffy said Bill wanted Sheila because he couldn't hurt her. Finn said a man wanting a woman who he didn't have feelings for was the most bizarre thing he had ever heard. Steffy called it insane.

At Bill's house, Bill flashed back on talking to Sheila about their plan and her reminding him what the sword represented. Katie arrived, ecstatic that, because of him, Sheila had been caught. Bill said he hadn't realized that Katie was still concerned about him. Claiming she was, Katie asked how it had happened. Bill shrugged, saying he'd called the police when Sheila had shown up there. Katie told Bill that he was brave, and she was sure everyone was elated, but she didn't get why Sheila would show up at his house.

Katie asked how long it would take to prosecute Sheila. Bill said they weren't there yet, but Sheila's days of running might finally be over. Katie thanked God because Sheila had caused nothing but pain and misery. Bill hoped they could all move on, and Katie asked if he thought Sheila would still be a problem for them and if Sheila had arrived there with a gun.

Bill asked why Katie wanted details. Katie said she cared about Bill, and the thought of Sheila harming him had been unthinkable. Katie stated that they'd been out of touch, but they were family and would always be connected. She was grateful Sheila hadn't harmed Bill and that they'd never worry about her again because of Bill, who'd eliminated Sheila from their lives forever. "Bill, you're a hero," Katie concluded.

Noting that he was quiet, Katie guessed Bill was still shaken by the previous night. She said he didn't need the sword and could take it off. He asked why he'd take it off. She told him that he was in a dark place, but he wasn't that guy. She insisted that he didn't need it for protection anymore. She stated that their greatest threat was behind bars, and he'd put her there.

At the jail, Li said she'd arrived to see Sheila in a cell where she belonged. Flattered that Li cared, Sheila said strong women like them could put up with the discomfort for a few days. Claiming they had nothing in common, Li said she'd spend her days loving Finn and Hayes while Sheila was behind bars. Sheila grinned, and Li called her delusional.

Li stated that Sheila's bravado didn't fool Li, who knew that Sheila was scared. Sheila asked if she looked scared, and Li asked if Sheila thought it was a game. Sheila denied thinking that, but she said that if it was a game, she'd win it. Li declared that Sheila's days of terror were over.

Sheila said she didn't want to waste the visit arguing. Li figured it was because Sheila knew there was no excuse for what she'd done or for maiming herself to go on the run. Sheila said that she'd escape if she'd wanted to; however, running was only a temporary solution.

Li asserted that what Sheila had done to Steffy's family and Brooke for decades was disgusting, but all the trauma would heal and be forgotten. Li believed Sheila would get what was coming to her. Sheila agreed, saying she was getting exactly what she deserved; however, Sheila suspected that Li was confusing justice with retribution.

Li said Sheila would have her day in court, and Finn and Steffy would testify against Sheila. Li declared that Sheila would be erased from their lives, and Hayes wouldn't know she existed. "Guard, I'm done here," Li said. Sheila thanked Li for the visit and asked Li to tell Finn and Steffy that Sheila was thinking of them and would be together with them soon. Sheila chuckled.

Later, a guard was shackling Sheila to take her back to her cell when another guard arrived with Bill. The officer with Bill ordered the one with Sheila to leave and give her time with her visitor. The officer left without shackling Sheila. Bill asked his officer if the room was clean. The officer affirmed it and exited.

Sheila remarked that no one got privacy in there, but Bill stated that he was the exception to the rule. She asked why, and he said he'd had to make sure she was okay. She told him that she was, and he shouldn't be there. He explained that everyone thought he was furious and there to confront her for what she'd done. Nearing him suggestively, she asked if it was all he wanted to do. Bill pushed her back to where she'd been.

Sheila said she was waiting for Bill to get her out like he'd promised. She asked if he'd still do it. Bill replied that the past few weeks had been surreal for him, and she said they had been for her, too. He stated that he was working on getting her released, and he couldn't stop thinking about her. She instructed him to get her out so they could be together. He asked if she was sure it was what she wanted. She asked if he was serious.

Bill replied that he was talking about him and Sheila and their feelings that had arisen so quickly. He stated that he had to know whether the feelings were really real.

Friday, January 6, 2023

At Forrester, Katie walked in on Carter getting dressed in the CEO's office. Before she allowed him to button up, she enticed him into a kiss. Carter asked how it had gone with Bill. Katie said it had been sad to her that Bill had seemed surprised that she cared about what was going on with him. She noted that Bill had been vulnerable, something she'd rarely seen.

Carter said they owed Bill their gratitude, and because of Bill, they could focus on much better things. Carter stated that the best part of Sheila's arrest was Katie's smile. He liked seeing Katie happy. Katie said she liked it, too, and with Sheila in custody, they could concentrate on the future and things yet to come. Carter and Katie kissed.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy held each other, and he said he'd hold her until the entire nightmare was over. Steffy questioned whether it would end or if Sheila would be in their lives forever. Steffy said there were many women who could actually add to Bill's life. Steffy asked why Bill couldn't see that his plan would endanger all of them. She said it was a frightening thought that he had a crush on a psychopath, and she felt her hands were tied.

Just then, a giddy Taylor arrived in a mood to celebrate because Sheila was finally behind bars. Taylor, who'd found out about Sheila while in the middle of a conference, stated that their family was safe again because of Bill Spencer. Taylor gushed about what a good omen Sheila's arrest was. Taylor expressed optimism about the future, her career, and her new friendship with Brooke. Taylor said that it would be her best year yet.

There was a knock at the front door. As Taylor answered it, Steffy questioned the year it would be if Taylor was in prison. At the door, Taylor greeted Chief Baker, who'd arrived to go over Steffy and Finn's statements against Sheila for trial. Finn and Steffy heard Bill's warning in their heads. Taylor said Finn and Steffy would do what it took to put Sheila in prison.

Later, everyone had settled in the living room, and Baker stated how important Finn and Steffy's statements were. They responded that they wanted Sheila to pay for what she'd done and that Sheila belonged in prison. Taylor asserted that her family would cooperate fully, and Baker said it was what he wanted to hear. Before exiting, he said he'd be in touch.

After Baker left, Steffy got emotional about her mother, telling Taylor that Taylor deserved to be happy. Steffy said she'd do everything she could to make it Taylor's best year yet. Taylor and Steffy hugged.

In the visitation room at the jail, Sheila wondered if it was safe to talk in that room. Bill said it was, but she needed to keep her voice down and maintain her distance. Reasoning that they were really alone, Sheila tried to touch him; however, he stated that it was the very opposite of what he'd just said, and he suspected that she was avoiding answering his question.

Sheila couldn't believe Bill was asking her if her feelings were real. Bill contended that he'd been let down before, and he wouldn't be used. He asked if that was what she was trying to do. Sheila asked what using meant. To her, it meant wrapping herself in his arms and never letting go. She felt their connection, and she said she thought he'd been enjoying it, too.

Sheila was anxious for Bill to take her back "home." Bill repeated the word and asked if she really thought it could work between them. Sheila said the past few weeks had proven it. He asked why she'd followed him from Il Giardino that night. She replied that he'd looked lonely at the bar, and it had intrigued her. She claimed she'd been bored, and following the mighty Bill Spencer had presented an adventure. He guessed it hadn't been as she'd expected.

Sheila replied that she hadn't expected Bill to plop down in the sand at the beach. She said she'd known approaching him had been a risk, but she'd needed to take the chance. He recalled that they'd talked until dawn. She noted that he could have called the police, and she still couldn't believe that he hadn't. Bill stated that he couldn't, either, but there had been something about the desperation in her voice. Bill recalled that they'd connected in a way that he'd never connected with anyone. He wondered what that said about him.

Sheila said that it meant that Bill was tired of faking who he was and that he'd been with the wrong women, good girls who'd wanted to change him and make him into one of them. She asserted that he wasn't one of them; neither of them was. Sheila claimed she didn't want to change him, tame him, or make him weak. She said they understood each other.

Bill revealed that Steffy had visited him with questions he wasn't sure he had answers to. He added that Katie had called him a hero. Sheila claimed him as her hero. Bill paced around, and she asked if he was wavering over something a Logan had said. Bill replied that he'd put it all on the line, and if he and Sheila pulled it off, he'd lose everyone, say goodbye to everyone.

Sheila contended that Bill would say hello to someone who understood him. Bill asked if it was real. He stated that if it was, it would be an unforgettable ride. "But if it's not -- I know you, Sheila Carter," Bill asserted.

Sheila figured Bill was questioning things because of what he'd gone through with those "bitch Logans," who'd always tried to change him. She said they'd never understood him, and she'd never walk out on him like they had. Sheila claimed she'd been looking for that connection her whole life, someone who'd stand up for her. She knew he'd been looking for it, too.

Bill replied that he'd started to think that person didn't exist. Sheila assured him that she was right there. She pledged to be a powerful force behind him if he'd be there for her, too, and there was nothing they couldn't do. Sheila was ready to love him the way he needed and the way no other woman had. Bill wanted to believe in her feelings for him. Sheila promised that she was telling the truth.

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