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Bill Spencer's loved ones struggled to convince him to end his alliance with Sheila, but Sheila felt emboldened when Bill sent the naysayers away. Brooke attempted to reason with Bill, and he told her that she was right. Liam recalled thinking he'd shot Bill.
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Bill rejected his loved ones' pleas to ditch Sheila. Brooke attempted to reason with Bill. Liam recalled thinking he'd shot Bill.
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Katie attempts to reason with Bill about Sheila

Katie attempts to reason with Bill about Sheila

Monday, January 16, 2023

At Bill's house, Steffy and Taylor looked sickened as they watched Sheila fawn over Bill's declaration of love. Sheila said she had never thought their night spent talking on the beach would lead there. "I love you. And you love me. And that is everything, Bill," Sheila uttered.

Steffy, adamant that Sheila was using Bill, said Sheila knew nothing about love. Disagreeing, Sheila admitted that she'd been unlucky in love -- until then. Taylor scoffed, saying Sheila didn't know how to love. Sheila replied that she'd made horrible decisions and mistakes, but she wasn't alone in it. Sheila pointed out that Taylor regretted her mistake, and Bill had kept quiet and forgiven Taylor. Sheila asked why Steffy and Taylor couldn't do the same.

Claiming that her love for Bill was already changing her, Sheila asked if they could all just accept the situation. Sheila figured they had no choice. Taylor said Sheila thought there was nothing they could do, but Taylor theorized that she could confess to the police that she had shot Bill. Taylor declared there would be no more blackmail, and Sheila would go to prison for life.

Taylor figured she'd lose everything but said allowing Sheila and Bill to blackmail Steffy was worse. Steffy said Taylor didn't have to do it. Taylor believed she should have done it years back, but Steffy insisted that Taylor had been protecting Steffy. "From Bill! Isn't this ironic? Here I am protecting you again," Taylor claimed, insisting that she was the only one who could stop it.

Steffy reasoned that it wouldn't do any good because Bill had bought a judge. Sheila stated that she didn't want to see Taylor go to jail. Steffy said she and Taylor had saved each other's lives. Sheila wondered why they couldn't go on in peace and live in love. Sheila asked if Taylor could imagine her life without her kids and noted that Thomas needed his mother's guidance.

Taylor ordered Sheila not to use Thomas. Bill said it wasn't what Sheila was doing. Sheila asked that they catch their breath and start out with the realization that Sheila wasn't the same woman whom they'd feared and loathed. Taylor quipped that they weren't buying it. Bill stated that Sheila wouldn't be a threat to them or anyone else. Affirming it, Sheila said it was true because she had everything she wanted; she was appreciated, valued, and loved.

At the cliff house, Carter and Katie found it unbelievable that Bill had been the reason Sheila had gotten out of her charges. Katie asked how Bill could have done it and why. Finn revealed that Bill was blackmailing Finn and Steffy to keep Sheila from paying for her crimes. Katie asked what Bill could have on them, but Finn said he couldn't get into the details.

Katie was astonished that Bill would protect Sheila. Finn announced that Bill and Sheila were in a relationship. "What?" Carter and Katie exclaimed. Katie didn't believe Bill would get involved with someone as diabolical as Sheila.

Steffy and Taylor arrived. Finn revealed that he'd told Carter and Katie about the blackmail without giving any details. "And we're not asking for any," Katie responded. Katie continued to be in disbelief about Bill and Sheila. Taylor replied that they were together at Bill's house. Katie grabbed her purse to leave to talk to Bill. Carter wanted to go in case Sheila was there, but Katie said she'd handle Sheila.

Later, Carter and Katie had gone, and Steffy told Finn that Taylor had let Bill have it but still wanted to put an end to it by turning herself in. Taylor said none of it would have happened if she hadn't lost control and shot Bill. Steffy told Taylor to stop doing that to herself. Taylor said she didn't recognize who she'd been to aim a gun and pull the trigger. Steffy advised Taylor to stop beating herself up. Steffy added that Bill had lost his mind and was blackmailing them because he was supposedly in love with Sheila.

"Love?" Finn said in disbelief. Steffy said that it had been "so wild." She guessed that Sheila's spell was working, and Bill's love for Sheila would destroy him.

Back at Bill's house, Sheila said she and Bill should have anticipated Taylor thinking of turning herself in. Bill said if something came of it, he and Sheila would figure it out together. Sheila thanked God that Bill had survived after Taylor had shot him in the back in that very room. Bill doubted a lot of people would agree with her, especially then.

Sheila asked if Bill was worried about what people thought of him. She said she wasn't and never did worry about it -- except for when she'd gone to Finn's wedding, hoping for acceptance. Sheila said it hadn't mattered because the Forresters and Logans had rejected her. "But then you came along, and this incredible thing happened between us," Sheila stated. She said she'd never guessed that Bill would be the love she'd always been looking for -- and he always would be.

Later, Bill was alone, thinking of professing love to Sheila. Katie arrived, saying she was there to understand why Bill had sided with Sheila. Katie stated that she didn't know the specifics of the blackmail and didn't want to know. To her, it didn't matter. She was hoping she could get through to Bill. She claimed to know him better than he knew himself and added that he'd said so.

Katie asked how he could defend Sheila. Katie asked him to think of Will, and she wondered how he'd explain it to Will or have that woman near their child. Katie claimed she'd been worried about Bill. Crying, she said he'd asked her to help him, but she hadn't. She wished she could take it back. "But for you to do something like this..." Katie said.

Katie said it was crazy and impossible for Bill to be in a relationship with Sheila. Katie claimed to know what it felt like to be depressed, sad, and lonely. She offered to help him and said he didn't have to turn to someone like Sheila, who'd hurt him. Katie insisted that Bill couldn't allow Sheila into his life or into his home.

Sheila appeared and deemed it too late for that. In Sheila's view, Katie had passed up on the greatest man alive. She said Bill was powerful and passionate, and Sheila claimed she and Bill were the loves of each other's lives.

Katie scoffed at that. She urged Bill to hear that Sheila wasn't capable of love. Katie said Sheila would break everything that Bill loved and cared about. Katie asked Bill to see that he was putting everyone at Sheila's mercy. Katie begged him to send Sheila back to prison where she belonged.

Sheila and Katie spar about Bill

Sheila and Katie spar about Bill

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

At the cliff house with Steffy and Finn, Hope and Liam arrived because Brooke had told them that Sheila had been set free. Hope and Liam were perplexed, and he asked what had happened. "Your father happened," Steffy replied.

Later, Liam asked if Bill was really siding with Sheila and blackmailing Steffy after promising he'd never say a word to the police. Steffy said Liam knew how much Taylor regretted it. Liam claimed Steffy didn't have to explain it because they'd lived through it. Hope said it had been traumatizing for all involved, and they'd tried to move on. "So, now he's trying to throw it back in your face?" Hope asked. Steffy said she couldn't risk her mother's freedom.

"We all get that," Liam claimed. He asked about Sheila's other charges, and Finn griped, "Judge McMullen. He concocted some wild story that Mike Guthrie had forced Sheila to escape prison against her will." Liam thought that was absurd and asked why McMullen would do it. Hope asked if Bill had put the judge up to it. Steffy said the judge was in Bill's pocket.

Hope asked if Taylor knew what was happening. Steffy replied that she'd begged Taylor not to turn herself in. Finn was sure Bill would bribe more people to keep Sheila out of prison. Liam stated that Bill detested Sheila and hadn't had a nice word for her. Steffy reasoned that Finn was the only good thing about Sheila, but Bill and Sheila had become involved.

Liam and Hope were stunned and bewildered to hear that Steffy had seen Bill and Sheila kiss. Hope reasoned that Bill clearly wasn't doing okay, but Liam yelled that Bill had "lost his damn mind." Steffy said Bill had denied that Sheila had anything on him. Liam revealed that Wyatt and he had found some of Sheila's things at Bill's house. Liam stated that he had to talk to Bill. Steffy replied that Katie was over there, trying to get through to Bill.

Hope panicked, wondering if it was safe for Katie. Finn said Katie had insisted on going alone, and Steffy added that Katie thought only she could reach Bill. "Just wait till my mother finds out about this," Hope said. Steffy stated that Katie had to come through for them.

At Bill's house, the sobbing Katie was desperate to convince Bill to turn away from Sheila. Katie claimed she didn't need to know what the blackmail was about, but she didn't understand why he'd use all his power to defend Sheila -- "because you're in some kind of relationship?" Katie asked. She said it wasn't the man she'd fallen in love with or the good father that she knew.

Katie ordered Bill to snap out of it, call the police, and get Sheila back into custody. Sheila asked who Katie thought had gotten Sheila out of custody. Ordering Sheila to shut up, Katie said it was between her and Bill, and Katie believed she knew Bill better than anyone. Katie told Bill that he knew how messed up it was and all the crimes Sheila had committed.

Katie urged Bill to think about his son and grandchildren. Katie said Sheila had planned to let Steffy bleed out in the alley. Katie reminded him that he'd said he'd protect his family, and "we" needed him to stand up and protect "us" from Sheila. Touching the sword necklace, Katie said it was about family and protecting the people he loved from a sociopath.

Bill stated that he'd never let harm come to his kids. Katie told him that he also needed protection. She said he felt rejected by everyone, but he was the smart, strong, and brave Bill Spencer who knew how to love. She said he'd loved her once, and he loved his kids. Katie claimed that Sheila couldn't love and would destroy the good inside him.

Sheila decided she'd stood by patiently allowing Katie to insult her enough. Sheila stated that there was nothing Katie could say, and she had no right telling Bill who he could be with. Sheila said Bill had already said he loved Sheila, and they were building a future together. Katie replied that Sheila's future would be behind bars for shooting Finn and Steffy, almost killing Li, and escaping from prison. Katie declared that Sheila would pay for her crimes. "Tell her. Say something! Tell her I'm right!" Katie yelled at Bill.

Katie said she hated to see Bill do it to himself. "Oh, now that he's moved on, you suddenly give a damn?" Sheila asked. Katie claimed she'd always care about the father of her child. She considered Bill to be family. Sheila reasoned that Bill wouldn't have been left in the house all alone if that were true, and Katie wouldn't have left when Bill hadn't morphed into the man whom Katie wanted him to be.

Katie replied that the marriage had been built on love, something Sheila wouldn't know. Sheila said Bill's ex didn't get to tell him what to do or how to behave after walking out on him. Sheila asserted that he'd begged, pleaded, and done everything right; however, Katie had still rejected him. "You had your shot. It's my time now. Our time, mine and Bill's," Sheila said.

Katie said Sheila was crazy to think she'd have a life with Bill, and Sheila wouldn't stay another moment in that house. Pleading with Bill, Katie said they were family, no matter what, and that house had been their home. It had been where they'd raised their son. She noted where Will had taken his first steps and reminded Bill of Friday night movies and their other beautiful memories. She begged him not to let Sheila poison them.

Calling it all ancient history, Sheila said Katie had blown her shot, and she wasn't a strong enough person for a strong man like Bill. Katie asserted that Sheila was using him. Sheila asked if it was hard to believe a woman could want Bill for the man he was and not try to change him. Sheila said Katie was Bill's past. "So, why don't you do us both a favor and leave?" Sheila asked.

Katie replied that it had once been her home, it was her son's home, and Sheila did not have a place there. Sheila reasoned that Will was at boarding school, and Katie had walked out "ages ago," leaving Bill alone with no support. Sheila said Katie had walked out on the greatest man in the world and shouldn't stand there thinking she could make demands.

Katie told Bill that she knew he was lonely and hurting. She said she hadn't known how much, but she finally knew. She said he didn't deserve "this," because he was loved and had a family who loved him. Katie said Sheila would never give him that and didn't belong there. Sheila asserted that it was no longer Katie's home. "You gave it up ages ago, just like you gave up Bill!" Sheila insisted. She declared that Katie had no right to tell Sheila to leave. Instead, Katie was the one who needed to leave.

Katie said she was certain Bill wouldn't let Sheila throw Katie out. Katie asked Bill to think of Will, who wanted to be exactly like Bill. She asked how Bill would explain when Will knew what Sheila had done. Sheila said Will would get to know the real Sheila and not listen to gossip. Katie claimed she'd die before Sheila got near Will, and Bill wouldn't allow it, either, because Bill knew deep down what Sheila was. Katie begged Bill to make Sheila go and to put her back in jail.

Sheila told Bill that if he said the word, she would leave. In Bill's silence, Katie said Bill's name. Bill seemed almost in tears, but he said he thought Katie should leave. Katie asked what had happened to Bill. Sheila replied that he'd found love for the first time in his life. Katie sobbed as she left, and Bill shed tears.

Wiping away Bill's tears, Sheila said she knew it hadn't been easy. She thanked him and said she felt heard and understood. For the first time, she felt wanted and accepted. Most importantly, she felt loved. She hugged Bill, and he sobbed.

Li announces that she will testify against Sheila

Li announces that she will testify against Sheila

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn sat by the fireplace, deep in thought. Steffy joined him and pledged that they would work together to come up with a way to put Sheila in jail. Steffy sighed as she explained that she had been sure that there had been enough other evidence to lock Sheila away -- even without her and Finn's testimony.

A frantic Li burst into the house and shared that she'd rushed back to Los Angeles from a medical conference the moment she had learned that Sheila had been released from jail. Finn and Steffy filled Li in on Bill and Sheila's relationship. Li was stunned. After her shock wore off a bit, Li asked how a judge could have ruled in Sheila's favor after having heard Steffy and Finn's testimony.

Finn and Steffy explained that Bill was blackmailing them, but they left out the specifics about what Bill was holding over their heads. Finn also shared that they believed Bill had "bought" the judge that had been assigned to Sheila's case. Outraged, Li jumped to her feet and said that nothing would stop her from testifying against Sheila.

Li thought back to the night that Sheila had attacked her and later run her off the road. Finn told Li that she had been included in Bill's blackmail scheme. "I am not going to let saving my life come back on you like that," Finn said. Steffy assured Li that Bill had meant what he'd said and that he would burn everything to the ground in order to save Sheila. "How does Sheila manage to get away with every single horrible thing she's done?" Li asked.

Steffy insisted that they were only facing a temporary setback. "No one threatens my family and gets away with it. Not in the long run," Steffy said coldly. Steffy vowed to figure out a way to take Sheila and Bill down.

At Forrester, Katie took a swig of water as Carter asked her for details of how her visit to Bill's had gone. Katie said that things hadn't gone well, and she wondered what "that horrible woman" had done to Bill. Katie shared the details of her encounter with Bill and Sheila. Carter was shocked to learn that Bill had not been receptive to anything that Katie had said to him.

Katie regretted not having understood the depths of what Bill had been going through. She questioned what would happen when her son, Will, learned about Bill and Sheila's relationship. Katie and Carter sat down on the sofa in the office, and Katie rested her head on Carter's chest. Carter was shocked that Bill had kicked Katie out of the house. Carter repeated the promise that he had made to "be there" for Katie.

At Bill's, Sheila, dressed in a black lace negligee and a silk robe, joined Bill in the living room. He told her that she looked beautiful but quickly noted that she always looked beautiful. Bill told Sheila that he had received "a bunch of outraged texts and calls" from Liam and Wyatt about his part in freeing her from jail.

Bill and Sheila toasted each other, her with a glass of red wine and him a glass of liquor. Sheila wanted to celebrate their "misfits" status and finding a place where they belonged. Everyone else, she snarled, could "go to hell."

Later, as they sat on the sofa, Sheila told Bill that he was a "true miracle" in her life. Bill told Sheila that he was not in a position to judge any of Sheila's actions. He told her how he had "gone to extremes" himself, including dumping Ridge out of a helicopter in Dubai. "I suffer from the same abandonment issues," Sheila commiserated. Bill admitted that the one thing he could not take was the people he loved walking out on him. She promised that she would never do that to Bill. They kissed.

After they had sex by the fireplace, Sheila questioned why Bill was so quiet. Bill explained that he had struggled with feeling empty for longer than he thought possible. "So many years I tried to fit in... like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole," Bill commented. Sheila told Bill that she loved him for who he was. Bill told her that it worked both ways. He told Sheila that the "appreciation, openness, [and] acceptance" she brought into his life was exactly what he needed. Bill told Sheila that he loved her, and the two shared another kiss.

Liam and Wyatt are stunned by Bill's declaration

Liam and Wyatt are stunned by Bill's declaration

Thursday, January 19, 2023

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope tidied up after breakfast. Liam noted that Sabrina had said Bill had called in sick again. Hope assumed Bill would be with Sheila all day. Liam didn't get why Bill was blackmailing Finn and Steffy or housing "that monster" in his home. Hope asked if Bill would really turn Taylor in. Liam replied that Bill wasn't one for idle threats.

Wyatt arrived, and Liam asked if Wyatt was supposed to be in San Diego. Wyatt replied that Bill wasn't responding to him, and Liam couldn't just text-message Wyatt about the outrageous developments and say they'd talk when he got home. Wyatt asked if Sheila was really free and mixed up with Bill. Wyatt recalled that they'd thought Sheila had kidnapped Bill. "She's done something to him," Hope quipped. Liam and Wyatt made gagging sounds.

Later, Wyatt wondered what Bill had on Finn and Steffy that was so bad they'd let Sheila go free. Liam claimed it didn't even matter "now because it was done." Ready to do something about Bill, Wyatt asked who else knew about it. After Hope named off some people, Wyatt concluded, "So, everybody but me?" Liam was glad Wyatt was there because Liam wanted to go over there together to present a united front.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn flirted with each other after seeing the kids off for a day with Amelia. Steffy desired to entice her husband back to bed, but she had meetings that day. She said she hadn't had a good night's sleep because she still couldn't believe Sheila was free, thanks to Bill, and she figured that if Bill sided with Sheila, Sheila was more dangerous than ever. Steffy wondered how they could snap Bill out of it.

Finn sensed that Sheila would feel emboldened. Steffy said it was already that way and referenced the way Sheila had talked to Steffy and Katie. Steffy sensed it was only a matter of time before Sheila resumed her campaign to be in Finn's family. Finn replied that they'd never give Sheila a second chance, and Bill had just thrown his away.

At Forrester later, Steffy tried to work but was preoccupied with thoughts of when Sheila and Bill had first given her and Finn the ultimatum. Hope arrived, surprised to see Steffy there. Steffy said she'd needed to work. Hope replied that Finn and Steffy had been put in an impossible situation. Steffy stated that Katie couldn't even get through to Bill. Hope said Katie could usually trigger Bill's conscience, and Hope said Bill's sons, who were at his house, might be able to break the hold that Sheila had on him.

Hope told Steffy that Hope and Liam had filled Wyatt in on everything but the contents of the blackmail. Hope didn't get how Bill couldn't see that Sheila was manipulating him. Steffy said it was sickening the way Sheila landed on her feet. Hope replied that Sheila had committed nonstop violence and chaos. Steffy said Sheila had gotten away with it. "For now," Steffy said. Steffy said she'd never forget what Bill and Sheila had done or vowed to do to Taylor, and it was a mistake they'd regret because she'd make them pay.

At Bill's house, Bill awoke on the floor in the living room and saw Sheila gazing at him. He hoped she hadn't been uncomfortable sleeping on the floor. Sheila, who'd had the most sound sleep of her life thanks to him, said she'd thought of making breakfast, but she hadn't wanted to leave his side. He replied that the night had been incredible, and he'd never been with anyone like her before. "Someone who truly and unconditionally loves you," she said and kissed him.

Later, Bill was alone, having coffee and thinking of Sheila. Wyatt and Liam arrived, relieved that Bill hadn't locked the door. Liam told Bill that he was making decisions that endangered his family. Bill contended that there was no danger; all they had to do was move on, and no one would get hurt. Liam asserted that Bill had to stop his dealings with Sheila there and then.

Liam asserted that Sheila was a threat to Finn and Steffy. Bill disagreed, but Liam doubled down, saying Sheila would hurt Bill, too. Liam stated that Bill isolating himself would make it worse. Wyatt suspected that Bill was feeling unappreciated after Katie and Brooke had cut him off and because Will was away. Liam noted that Bill wasn't even going to the office.

"That's your happy place," Wyatt reasoned. Liam advised Bill that Bill's feelings were normal and that others felt misjudged and alone at times. Wyatt validated Bill's feelings but asked Bill not to shut his sons out. Liam said Bill could come to them and reminded Bill that his sons were there for him. "But not Sheila. Not that evil, awful person," Wyatt stated.

Wyatt told Bill that the three of them could deal with whatever Sheila had on Bill together, and they didn't have to play her game. Bill replied that there was no game. Wyatt asked what other reason Bill would be doing it. "Love," Sheila responded, entering the room. She stated that she loved their father, and Bill loved her. "You're crazier than I thought!" Wyatt exclaimed.

Sheila asked if it was because she was so unlovable. Wyatt affirmed it. Liam said no one was talking to her. Wyatt shouted at her to go away. Liam told Bill that he didn't love Sheila. Liam said Bill loved Liam, Wyatt, Katie, Brooke, and his grandchildren. "You even love money -- more than you think you love her!" Wyatt added.

Sheila said Bill did love Brooke and Katie, but they didn't love him back, not without reservations. Sheila claimed to want him unconditionally, unlike Brooke and Katie, who'd wanted to change him and mute his passions. Sheila said she admired who Bill was, and Bill loved her.

Wyatt told Sheila to shut up, but Bill said that when his sons walked into "our" home, they'd show some respect. Bill stood with Sheila, and Liam said Sheila had tried to kill Steffy and Finn and poison Brooke with alcohol. Liam stated that Sheila should be in prison, but Bill said Sheila would stay with him and was his future. Sheila rested her head on his shoulder by the sword charm.

Bill tells Brooke she's right about everything

Bill tells Brooke she's right about everything

Friday, January 20, 2023

In Brooke's cabin with Liam and Hope, Brooke was confounded when she learned the news about Sheila and Bill. Brooke asked Liam how his father could stoop so low. Brooke said she'd thought she'd known and understood Bill. Liam replied that Bill wasn't himself and was lost. Brooke wanted to get Bill away from Sheila, but Liam said Bill thought he'd found the woman of his dreams.

Hope added that others had tried to reason with Bill, but he'd shut everyone down. "Everyone so far. There's one person who hasn't talked to him yet," Liam said, looking at Brooke. Hope said Liam was right, and Brooke might be the one who could get Bill to stop the insanity.

Later, Brooke asked if Wyatt knew what Taylor had done. Liam and Hope revealed that Wyatt and Katie didn't know about it. Brooke said she didn't advocate secrets, but she understood why Taylor didn't want a lot of people to know. Brooke claimed that Taylor felt horrible about that night. Hope noted that Taylor and Brooke were becoming close friends.

Agreeing, Brooke said she'd just talked to Taylor, who was upset that the night was being used that way. Even though Taylor was tempted to confess, Brooke said she and Steffy had advised against it. Liam asked what good it would do for Taylor to turn herself in if Bill bought a judge so Sheila wouldn't do time, too. Hope asked if they could prove that McMullen had been bought or if they could get a different judge on the case. Liam felt Bill would buy off all the judges.

Brooke recalled that it hadn't been that long back that Bill had professed his love for her. Liam replied that Bill was a different person, hollow and muted. He said Bill let Sheila speak for him, and she claimed they were in love. Brooke decided that she had to talk to Bill and convince him how wrong it was. Hope asked Brooke to be careful because Bill might not be alone.

Later, Hope was worried about Brooke being alone at Bill's house. Liam didn't think Bill would let harm come to Brooke, but Hope said that was the man Liam had once known. It was scary to Hope how good Sheila was at using people. Liam was surprised that Sheila had convinced Bill to break his promise to Taylor to keep her secret and said none of it would be happening if Bill didn't have that ammunition. Hope said it went back to the night Taylor had shot Bill.

Hope said she didn't condone what Taylor had done to Bill, but Hope thought Bill should have pressed charges by then, not waited to use it to keep a psychopath out of jail. Liam added that Bill knew that Taylor hadn't been herself and hadn't known what she'd been doing. Hope said Taylor had been reeling from the news of what she'd thought had happened to Steffy.

A flashback played of the night Bill had been shot. Hope stated that she didn't believe Taylor had intended to hurt Bill. Liam added that the gun had been just sitting there, and rage had taken over, causing Taylor to do the unthinkable. Liam felt that he could say that because he'd thought he'd been the one to do it. Hope said Liam had convinced himself of it. Liam said it went to show the cruel tricks the brain could play.

"Especially after you've had a concussion," Hope added. Liam claimed he could still remember himself doing it, and he guessed that was his way of coping with the betrayal. He said he'd imagined his father dead, and then he'd imagined it happening. Hope recalled that Bill had made many enemies, and there had been many suspects. Liam said it was why he was grateful that Taylor had confessed to Bill; otherwise, Liam might still blame himself for it.

Hope asked if Bill was so calculating that he'd keep it in the back of his mind to use against Taylor. Liam believed Bill had meant to keep quiet, but Sheila had manipulated him into changing his mind. Hope replied that Bill had still chosen to align himself with Sheila, and the threat of Sheila still lingered due to Bill's choices.

At Bill's house, Sheila grinned, thinking of telling Bill that he didn't have to worry about her walking out on him. Bill entered and asked if she was okay after his sons had gone after her. Sheila said she was more than okay. She was happy that she'd seen Bill defend her, and she said she was glad she'd found a man like him. She admitted it bothered her that her presence was distancing Bill from his sons and other loved ones. Bill said not to let it.

Sheila stated that she knew Bill wanted others to share in their joy. She reminded him that he could say anything to her that he wanted to, and she asked how he really felt about it all. She wished she could be a positive force for Bill, who'd believed in her, defended her, and loved her. She said Bill was her miracle, and she couldn't believe he had such faith in what they could be, even after Katie, Liam, and Wyatt had attacked Sheila.

Sheila said it had to have taken a toll on Bill, and it might have caused him to sway. In his silence, she said she was a big girl, and she wouldn't argue or cry if he wanted her to leave. She stated that she'd live her life grateful to him and always remember the moments they'd shared. She said if he said the word, she'd be gone, and he'd never have to see her again. He said nothing, but she offered to walk out the door if he wanted her to.

Just then, Brooke arrived and guessed that what she'd heard was true about Bill, Sheila, and the blackmail. Sheila replied that it was a win-win situation. Brooke stated that she wasn't there to talk to Sheila; Brooke was there to talk to Bill. Sheila said Brooke wanted to tell Bill how horrible he was, and Brooke just wanted a turn like the others had had.

Brooke denied wanting to tell Bill that he was horrible and said she could never do that. Brooke asserted that it was between Bill and her, and whatever she'd say to Sheila needed to be said with bars between them. "Have you committed some sort of crime?" Sheila quipped.

Brooke replied that Sheila knew what criminal acts she'd committed. Brooke was there to make sure Bill found his senses and that Sheila would be hauled off to prison for the rest of her life. Sheila asserted that she didn't appreciate Brooke "coming in my home." Brooke echoed the words, and Sheila said she was living there.

Brooke insisted that it was Bill's home, and Sheila called Brooke rude. Brooke reasoned that she wasn't there to be rude. She was there to help a friend who'd gone off track and needed help to get back on. Brooke said it was someone she cared about and shared memories with.

Flashbacks played of Brooke and Bill in Aspen and in Monte Carlo. Brooke said she and Bill had been through too much for her to give up on him. Sheila said it had been a lot of pain and heartache, and Bill's memories were of Brooke turning her back on him.

Brooke asked Bill if he remembered professing love to her on Ridge's wedding day and saying he'd do anything for her. "Well, now is that time. I am begging you. You need to see Sheila for who she really is. You say that you love me, and yet you claim to love this woman the same way?" Brooke asked. Brooke stated that Sheila was the opposite of what Bill needed.

Brooke claimed to know what Bill needed because she'd been there before. She touched the charm and told him to take it off. She said he thought it was protecting him, but it wasn't. It was clouding his judgment. She told him that he was a good man who deserved a good woman by his side. Insisting it wasn't Sheila, Brooke said Sheila would only bring heartache. "That is all she knows how to do," Brooke stated.

Brooke advised Bill to pick up the phone and put Sheila behind bars that day. Bill stated that Brooke was right in everything she was saying. "You're right," he uttered.

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