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Brooke vowed not to rest until Sheila was in prison. After reading a bad review for Hope's line, Thomas offered to save the line with his designs. Hope struggled with whether to compromise her beliefs to work with Thomas. Bill asked if Katie would return to him if Sheila was in prison.
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Bill asked if Katie would return to him if Sheila was in prison. After a bad review for Hope's line, Thomas offered to save the line with his designs. Deacon bought Il Giardino.
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Brooke vows to never let up until Sheila is behind bars

Brooke vows to never let up until Sheila is behind bars

Monday, January 23, 2023

At Bill's house, Bill told Brooke that everything she'd said was right. Patting his chest, Brooke told him that his powerful and compassionate love was too good for Sheila, who'd drag him into her darkness. She asked if Bill was ready to make the phone call to rid them of Sheila.

Sheila rushed up to Bill and expressed that she'd meant it when she'd said she loved him and was willing to walk away if it was costing him too much. Sheila was willing to do it, but it had to be his decision, not Brooke's. Sheila asked Bill to look at her, not Brooke.

Brooke said that deep down, Bill knew it wasn't what he wanted. Brooke reminded Bill that Sheila had shot Brooke, Steffy, and Finn. Sheila called Finn's shooting an accident, but Brooke asked if Sheila had called for help. Sheila implored Bill not to let Brooke get between them. Saying Sheila was a danger to him and his family, Brooke begged him to listen and trust her.

Bill stated that Brooke was right. Brooke thanked God that he'd found his senses. Bill said he couldn't argue with it, and Sheila being there didn't make sense -- but it was what he wanted and needed. Brooke gasped as Bill and Sheila joined hands.

Brooke asked how Bill could want and need Sheila when they were all in such danger. Bill stated that Sheila wouldn't be a threat, but Brooke insisted that Sheila would always be a threat. Brooke begged Bill to think about Taylor, Steffy, Finn, Hayes, Kelly, and Beth. Brooke yelled that they were all a family and were in danger. Brooke insisted that Sheila was using Bill.

Sheila told Brooke that it was enough, and Bill couldn't be manipulated by Sheila or by Brooke. Brooke asked Bill to listen to her, but Sheila ordered Brooke to listen to Bill. "Shut up! Shut up! Let Bill speak for once," Brooke told Sheila; however, Sheila unnerved Brooke by saying that Bill wanted Sheila to speak for him. "For the first time, he has someone who understands him and truly appreciates him. Something you and your sister could never do," Sheila reasoned.

Brooke asked if "this" was what Bill called love. She begged him to open his eyes. Sheila asked if Brooke was really so arrogant as to give advice on love. Sheila sneered that Brooke had let a man bounce between her and another woman and had had a baby with her son-in-law. Brooke shot back that Sheila had shot her son, but Sheila rejoined that Taylor had nearly killed the man whom Brooke claimed to love. Sheila asked if Taylor had paid for her crimes.

"The hypocrisy is just sickening to me, and that is what Bill is finally seeing," Sheila stated. She added that unlike Brooke and Katie, Sheila would never turn her back on Bill or leave him alone. Claiming to wear her flaws proudly, Sheila refused to call Bill a monster for his. Sheila figured Brooke couldn't stand that Bill needed and loved Sheila, but she warned that Brooke had better learn to accept it. Sheila asked Brooke to leave.

Brooke asked if Bill would let Sheila kick Brooke out of his home and speak for him. In his silence, Brooke asked if he had anything to say for himself.

Bill tearfully stated that there was a deep, painful emptiness inside of him. He said he'd loved Brooke, and there hadn't been anything he wouldn't do for her or Katie. Bill uttered that family meant everything to him. He recalled that Brooke had meant everything to him, and he'd put his heart on the line for her over and over again -- and for Katie. "You trampled on it," he said. Brooke stated his name, but Sheila ordered Brooke to let Bill finish.

Bill cried, saying they had abandoned him. "I have feelings, and I have needs," he concluded. Brooke repeated that he had needs and asked if he needed Sheila. Bill affirmed it. Sheila decided that Brooke had heard enough and had learned that Sheila was there because she loved, understood, and supported Bill. Brooke asserted that she wouldn't stop until she got through to him, and she wouldn't stop until Sheila was rotting in prison.

"You hear me, Sheila? Rotting in prison!" Brooke repeated and slammed the front door as she left. Alone with Bill, Sheila stroked his face and hugged him.

At Il Giardino, Deacon was going over paperwork at the bar when Paul handed him some coffee. Paul said he was happy for Deacon, who owned the place. Hope arrived, and Deacon beamed, explaining that she was just in time to be welcomed to Deacon Sharpe's Il Giardino.

Ecstatic, Hope asked how it had happened. Deacon shared that the owner had wanted out, and Deacon would be working day and night to pay back the investors he'd scraped together. He believed he'd finally found his niche, and part of it had been about making her proud. Hope, who was very proud, assumed that Deacon had been too busy to know about Sheila.

Later, Deacon was stunned to hear the developments about Sheila and Bill. It didn't make sense to Deacon, who said Bill hated Sheila. Hope replied that it was no longer true; however, something had changed within Bill, and he wasn't himself. Deacon scoffed at the billionaire's "problems." Hope contended that money couldn't buy love, but Deacon found it hard to get around Bill's arrogance and all-around "jackass-ery."

Hope explained that Bill had burned every bridge, which had made him vulnerable to Sheila. Deacon asked how Bill's sadness correlated to working with Sheila, but Hope didn't think the two were "working" together. "No. Stop. Don't say it," Deacon replied. Hope revealed that Sheila and Bill were together. Deacon was in disbelief, but Hope said it got worse.

Deacon wondered how it could get worse, and Hope revealed that Bill and Sheila claimed to be in love. Dumbfounded, Deacon asked how something like that had even started and how long it could have been going on. Hope said everyone had been in the dark about it, but everyone was concerned about Bill. Deacon asked if Sheila was just using Bill.

Hope figured every sane person could see that Sheila was incapable of love, and that was a signal that Bill wasn't okay. Hope asked what kind of person would have real feelings for Sheila. Deacon stuttered but remained silent. Hope reasoned that Bill had to have spiraled into a dark place, but Deacon asked if she was sure it wasn't Bill being Bill.

Hope acknowledged that Bill had done questionable things, "but to acknowledge that he has feelings for Sheila after all of the things she's done?" Hope asked. Hope decided that she wasn't there to talk about Sheila, but he thanked her for updating him. Deacon invited his daughter to return that evening for a celebratory dinner. Hope accepted. She noted that Deacon had been close to Sheila at one point. "So, if she calls, hang up the phone," Hope said. Deacon replied that he knew how to handle Sheila.

After Hope had gone, Deacon recalled Halloween, when Sheila had told him that the best was yet to come for her. Pouring himself a shot, he noted that Sheila had really done it, and he took a drink.

Thomas is gleeful about Hope For the Future's flat reviews

Thomas is gleeful about Hope For the Future's flat reviews

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

In the design office, Eric complimented the direction Zende's design had taken and felt it suited HFTF. Zende was happy with it and all the work they'd done in Thomas' absence. For the first time, Zende was starting to feel confident in his skill, but he felt as if he were designing in Thomas' shadow. Eric understood Zende's feeling, but Eric thought their collaboration had been a big success after they'd taken the line in a different direction. Zende worried about how it would be received and murmured that he wasn't Thomas.

In the CEO's office, Hope and Steffy tensely waited for reviews to come in. Hoping they'd be good, Hope said Eric wasn't a novice, and Zende had helped out with the last showing. Hope was concerned that Thomas wasn't designing and said a lot rode on the press's reaction to that.

Hope noted that Eric and Zende's designs had a different feel. Steffy asked if Hope thought they wouldn't generate the same buzz. Hope replied that Thomas' last line was a hard act to follow. Steffy reminded Hope that Eric had been designing forever, and Zende was a great designer. Hope figured she was worrying over nothing when there was enough to worry about.

Talk turned to Sheila, and Hope and Steffy agreed that keeping the children safe from Sheila was their first priority. It was especially important to Hope because Douglas and Kelly spent much time together at each other's houses. Hope felt that Douglas needed the time with his aunt and cousins after what had happened with Thomas, and she asked if Thomas had reached out and tried to reconnect. Steffy said Thomas wasn't on her mind; Sheila was.

Hope admitted that she missed Thomas' designs and said he'd captured the essence of the line. "And of the woman behind it," Steffy added. Hope agreed that Thomas was intuitive and added that he'd known what she'd wanted before she had.

Eric and Zende arrived for the meeting, and Hope asked where Paris was. Steffy guessed Paris was running late. Hope asked if things were good between Zende and Paris. He affirmed it but said they were just friends. Zende was anxious to hear about the reviews since Thomas wasn't part of the design team. Hope's phone buzzed, and Steffy asked if it was the reviews. Hope timidly nodded.

Aloud, Hope read the review. In it, the writer talked about how he'd praised HFTF's last line, designed by Thomas Forrester. Though the reviewer thought Eric and Zende showed signs of inspiration, the line was a far cry from the artistry and creative innovation under Thomas Forrester. Zende said the reviewer was being polite but didn't think the collection was nearly as good.

At Paris' place, Paris was thrilled when Thomas brought her coffee. He said he was thankful that she'd given him a place to stay after his family had kicked him out. Paris asked if the coffee was his repayment, and he asked if she could think of a better way.

Paris recalled that Thomas had let her stay with him when she'd had no place. He guessed that was why she'd given him a free place to stay, but she said he'd be cooking, cleaning, and cooking. He replied that she'd said cooking twice. "I just love the way you cook," she replied.

Paris said being an outcast was hard on Thomas. He claimed he'd been just trying to bring his parents together. She stated that it had been a bit more than that, but she could tell he loved his family. She claimed that she could see both sides. He said he was glad to have her in his corner, and she felt lucky to have someone like him in her life.

Paris realized she had to get to an HFTF meeting. Thomas expressed surprise that she was sitting in on the meetings. Paris said the line was in transition, and everyone was rallying around Hope to give support. Thomas replied that Hope wouldn't need it if he was around, nor would she worry about a thing if he was the lead designer. He claimed it wasn't ego; he said he'd proven himself, and everyone knew it.

Later, Paris was dressed and ready to head to the meeting. She was worried about being late, but Thomas said she was one of Hope's closest friends. Paris guessed Thomas missed being a part of the team, and she mentioned that the review of Zende and Eric's collection would be in that day. Thomas wanted to know how they'd stack up against him in the press and quipped that his would be considered so much better because he was awesome.

Later, Thomas read the HFTF review and said it had ripped Eric and Zende to shreds. Thomas said he had all those designs ready to go, so he could hop in to save the day. Paris said it meant he wouldn't be the outcast for long. Thomas replied that, hopefully, they'd' be blowing up his phone, begging him to come back.

At Il Giardino, Deacon was at the bar, evaluating pizzas. To his delight, Sheila strode in. "Well, I'll be," he said, grinning, and invited her to help him taste-test and select a signature pie. Sheila had arrived to congratulate him on owning the restaurant and called it a feat. He quipped that she knew about "feats." He thought he should be congratulating her on blowing out of prison, just like she'd said she would.

Sheila said she was happy for Deacon, and he said he was happy for her. He admitted he'd thought she was looney tunes to think she'd get out of it. Sheila said she'd told "Daddy" not to count her out, and he replied that "Daddy" wouldn't ever again.

Deacon and Sheila chuckled about his pizza project, and she grew somber. He assumed she was thinking of the night in the alley. Agreeing, she said it had been unfortunate and deeply regrettable, but she was trying to focus on the happy memories of the restaurant. "Oh, yeah?" Deacon asked, leaning toward her. She asked if he remembered their after-hours date there.

A flashback played of Deacon and Sheila dancing. She said it had meant the world to her, as did being there as a free woman. Deacon was curious about how she'd done it and asked what was going on between her and Spencer.

Though Deacon didn't condone the things Sheila had done, especially in the alley, he was happy for her. He said she was a freaking evil genius and had played Mike like a cheap fiddle. "But playing Dollar Bill? I mean, that's impressive. So, I gotta ask again -- how did you do it?" he asked.

Later, Deacon explained that Hope had told him that Bill had blackmailed Steffy and Finn to prevent their testimony and had also bribed a judge. Deacon reasoned that Bill showed mercy to no one. He asked why the wealthiest man in the universe would take pity on her and if they were supposed to be in a relationship. Sheila asserted that she and Bill were indeed in a relationship, and she was living on his estate.

Deacon said it was great. Sheila asked if he meant it. Though Deacon thought Bill was a jerk, Deacon was happy for her. Sheila thanked him. Looking down, he guessed she knew how he felt about her. He recalled that he'd put his "ass" on the line for her, and he assumed she knew why. "So, I gotta ask you. You and Bill. How much are you in love with him and how much are you using him?" Deacon asked.

Thomas uses the bad review as leverage to return to Forrester

Thomas uses the bad review as leverage to return to Forrester

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

At Il Giardino, Sheila congratulated Deacon again, but he said he'd done nothing like what she'd accomplished in gaining her freedom. Sheila attributed it to Bill, but Deacon asked if Sheila was in love with the megalomaniac or just using Bill. She asked why love was so hard to believe.

Noting that Bill wasn't her type, Deacon wondered how long the secret affair had been going on. "I thought you were into me," he added. Sheila advised Deacon not to take it personally and said she knew what it was like to lose in love. "But did I really lose? And is your relationship with Spencer the real deal?" Deacon asked.

Deacon said he appreciated that Sheila had visited him outside business hours because few would be happy to see them together. He asked how the thing with Bill had started. Deacon felt that his shattered heart could handle the details. Sheila explained that she'd sneaked out one night, and in the restaurant, she'd seen Bill at the bar, eating and drinking alone. Something about Bill had seemed off. Intrigued, she'd followed him.

Sheila said Bill had gone to the beach, and there, they'd talked until the sun had risen. Likening it to a cheesy romance novel, Deacon named it "The Billionaire and the Fugitive." Sheila said Bill and she were more alike than she'd ever imagined. She expressed that she and Bill were misunderstood and always under attack, but they just wanted to be loved.

Deacon remarked that Sheila was glowing and had real feelings for Bill. Sheila affirmed it and said she'd spend her life with Bill Spencer. Deacon was sure she hoped that she would. Unable to wrap his head around it, Deacon asked if she'd just been using him. "Not just for this," he clarified, motioning to his body. He said he'd meant for food, shelter, and security. Sheila replied that it hadn't been so; she cared for Deacon. "I still do," she added.

Grumpy about it, Deacon said Sheila was moving on with Bill. Sheila said that it wasn't that she hadn't enjoyed every moment with Deacon. He replied that he'd treated her like a queen. "Bill and me. I'm just curious. How do I measure up?" Deacon asked. Sheila replied that Deacon measured up just fine. Pleased with himself, Deacon asked if Bill did that "little thing."

Sheila refused to kiss and tell. Deacon reflected on what a crazy ride it had been with Sheila going from being on the run to being free and living at the mansion. He said miracles happened, but Sheila responded that she made them happen. He figured that her words meant she'd made it happen with Bill, but she replied that it had happened organically.

Sheila assumed Deacon knew what it was like to open up to someone about one's wants, needs, and desires in life. He replied that he'd thought they'd been doing that in his "palatial estate." She said that she was fond of their hidden moments together. Deacon implored her not to say anything to anyone about the moments, especially because of Hope.

Sheila replied that she didn't want Bill to know that she and Deacon had been living together. Deacon corrected that they'd been sleeping together. "In the bed, on the couch. Against the wall, in the kitchen," he said, nearing her. Sheila replied that she vividly remembered. "You ain't never gonna forget," he replied.

Sheila agreed and said they'd had a lot of romantic moments, but the most special moment had been when he'd visited her in jail. He recalled that he'd thought he'd be doing that for years. She said the visit had meant a lot to her.

Stating that Bill was awfully full of himself, Deacon asked if she and Bill were really that tight. Sheila said she'd thought she'd made herself clear. Deacon leaned in and kissed her. Upset, Sheila pulled away. She hoped he'd enjoyed it because it would never happen again. She said she didn't want to risk what she had. Deacon asked why she'd shown up.

Sheila said she'd wanted to tell Deacon about Bill and congratulate Deacon. She tried to congratulate him in Italian. He said it for her and advised her to move her mouth a certain way while enunciating. Sheila did and said the word, and he replied, "Brava."

In the CEO's office, Eric and Steffy tried to console Hope, who was panicking about the flat review from a top critic in the fashion world. Steffy asserted that the line was spectacular, and Eric asked Hope to read the review again. Hope read the last line, saying that Eric and Zende's work was inspired but without the artistry and innovation HFTF had had under Thomas.

Zende felt responsible. Eric said the critic just needed time to adjust to the changes in the look, but if anyone was to blame, it was himself. He stated that he had decades of experience and should have pulled it off. Hope replied that they'd all signed off on the final looks, and apparently, they'd missed the mark. She said they had limited time to make it right.

Hope started panicking, but Steffy told her not to. Zende suggested going back to the drawing board, but Hope asked if it would really help. She felt that desperate times called for desperate measures. "Do we need Thomas back on Hope for the Future?" she asked.

"Hope, seriously?" the shocked Steffy asked. Ready to fix the line, Zende said he and Eric would work on it. Hope asked if they'd pull a new line out of thin air. Eric was certain they could do it, and Steffy said the idea was better than bringing back Thomas, whom Hope had just terminated. Steffy added that Hope had trusted Zende and Eric with the line. Eric asked if Hope had forgotten what Thomas had done to her mother.

Hope claimed she'd never forgive Thomas for it; however, it was bigger than her, and she had a whole team's livelihood to consider. She proposed that Thomas work remotely and communicate via email. Steffy hadn't been prepared for that idea. She offered to consider it but said they would have to talk to Ridge before making a decision.

At Paris' place, Thomas was delighted by the review -- even though he didn't want Zende and Eric to fail. Thomas checked his phone, saying it would only be a matter of time before Forrester called him. "They need me, and that lackluster review proved it," he concluded.

Thomas told Paris that he'd lost a lot, and she'd been great to him. She said she enjoyed his company, even if he made her late to work. She stated that he'd made a bad mistake, but he regretted it. Thomas replied that no one wanted to hear his apologies, and he'd lost his family and job. Thomas said the worst part for him was missing his son. Paris noted that Thomas seemed to be trying to be a better man, and things were looking up because Forrester seemed to need him.

Later Paris arrived in the design office at Forrester and apologized to Hope for being late. Hope said a lot had been going on. "Oh, right! The review on the latest collection..." Paris said. Hope said it was in, and Paris assumed it hadn't been good. Hope replied that the critic hadn't been too impressed, and the problem had been clear. "Zende and Eric aren't Thomas," Paris said.

Later, Paris said she thought the collection was beautiful. Hope had, too, but she guessed that, even after they'd tried to pick up where the last collection had left off, they hadn't been able to recapture that same magic. Paris asked if Hope was considering asking Thomas back.

Back in the CEO's office, Steffy was on the phone, telling someone that it was the first of many designs Pierre, who'd been in the business for a long time, would see. She saw Thomas at the door and abruptly ended her phone call. "Thomas! What are you doing here?" she roared.

Thomas said he'd sneaked in, and no one knew he was there. Steffy insisted that he couldn't be there, but he thought he should. He'd heard her call and seen the review. He said he was sorry she had to do damage control. Steffy claimed it wasn't his business, and she couldn't deal with Thomas, who had bad timing. Thomas quipped that from the sound of her phone call, spinning the bad review, his timing couldn't be better.

Thomas laid out his designs. Steffy said he didn't work there anymore. "Just look. They're for Hope for the Future," he said. Steffy leaned over the work and studied the drawings. He stated that it was a shame they weren't in production, and she told him that he knew why they weren't. He said he knew everyone was mad at him, but he still cared about the line. "And Hope," Steffy added. He replied that he did care about Hope -- but not like that.

Thomas reasoned that he couldn't be banished forever, and the review had shown how much Hope's line needed him. He asked if he was never to be forgiven for using an app to reunite his parents. Steffy remarked that he'd said it casually, and she wondered if he had any remorse. He claimed to have remorse and regretted what he'd done, but "what about Brooke and all the years of pain and heartache that she's brought on our family?"

Thomas said it would take awhile to regain everyone's confidence, but he felt he should at least be a part of the family business. Thomas claimed that it pained him that he'd hurt his son and sister, but he thought Steffy, as co-CEO, would give him a chance. He asked her to say he could still have a place there and a part in Forrester Creations.

Steffy and Hope contemplate Thomas' future

Steffy and Hope contemplate Thomas' future

Thursday, January 26, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn was with Kelly and Douglas, giving each of them a stethoscope from his medical bag for their stuffed-animal patients. Liam arrived to pick up Douglas, and Kelly exclaimed that she was a doctor. Liam recalled that she'd been a chef earlier. Kelly asked if Douglas had to go, and Douglas requested to stay longer and help Kelly play doctor to her stuffed animals. Finn and Liam agreed that Douglas could play longer.

The kids went to a bedroom, and Liam and Finn discussed how happy Hope and Liam were to have Douglas back. Liam said he loved Douglas as much as Beth and Kelly. Liam figured Finn knew how that was because Finn was an amazing stepfather, and Kelly adored him. Finn said Douglas felt that way about Liam. Liam replied that he wanted Douglas to feel support because it wasn't easy to be let down by one's father.

Finn and Liam agreed that Douglas was a good, smart, and ethical kid, even after all he'd gone through. Liam mentioned that Douglas' mom had died very young, leaving Thomas as Douglas' only parent, and Liam hated to think of what the boy's life would have been like if Hope hadn't stepped in. Finn remarked that Liam was an important part of it. Liam said he wouldn't let Douglas down or cause Douglas to question Liam's judgment.

Finn said it was a shame that Douglas had gotten caught up in another of Thomas' schemes. Liam said Douglas had known that the bogus call had been wrong, and Douglas had done the right thing. Finn said it was something Thomas hadn't learned. Liam hoped that Thomas would learn that actions had consequences.

Finn said Douglas was welcome there anytime, and Liam said Douglas loved spending time there. Liam regretted the way Douglas had returned home, but he was happy to have the boy back. Liam said he and Hope were trying hard to give Douglas the secure life he deserved. "That's away from Thomas," Finn concluded, and Liam nodded.

Later, as he and Liam prepared to leave, Douglas wondered if he could return the next day. Liam said they'd ask Hope. Douglas thanked Finn for letting him hang out. Finn said the boy was always welcome, and Kelly and Steffy felt the same way.

In the design office, Paris asked if Hope was thinking of taking Thomas back on the HFTF team. Hope asked if she should consider it after he'd torpedoed her mother's marriage and pressured their son to keep it a secret. Paris claimed that Thomas had also designed the most successful collection HFTF had ever produced. Paris said he was still one of the most acclaimed designers out there, and if anyone could bring the collection back from the brink, it was he.

Hope replied that HFTF was her line, but Thomas' role in the company wasn't up to her; it was for Steffy and Ridge to decide. Hope asked what Paris thought of Thomas. Paris said he was talented and understood what women found appealing. Hope agreed but said his future at the company wasn't her call.

Paris said fashion was about breaking rules and pushing boundaries. She claimed she'd never say Thomas hadn't been wrong in what he'd done, but she felt that kind of passion made his work successful. Hope assumed Paris wanted Hope to take Thomas back. Paris didn't want to tell Hope what to do but asked if Hope could talk to Steffy about giving Thomas a second chance.

Hope said she and Thomas had worked well together, and she'd thought they'd had the same vision and goals; however, she'd been wrong. She said she'd stood up for him, and he'd let her down and hurt the people she loved the most. She stated that she'd decided not to work with Thomas to protect her family, but she cared about her career and what her line meant to customers around the world. She said she had a responsibility to the people who worked for her, and she didn't know what to do.

In the CEO's office, Thomas promised to be on his best behavior. He got that people didn't want to see or be around him, but he believed that he could still contribute. He said he was sorry for what he'd done, and he'd thought he'd been helping. "Wow, Thomas," Steffy quipped.

Thomas accepted that he hadn't been helping and guessed he'd just be the obedient brother. Steffy said she didn't want that. She wanted to be able to rely on him and trust him and his judgment; she hated being at odds with him and didn't know what to say to him. She said he wanted his job back, but she wanted her brother back -- the guy she'd grown up with who'd always tried to do the right thing.

Thomas apologized and said he knew he'd been wrong and hadn't been a good person. He felt she deserved better than that and deserved better than him. He wanted to be the rock she could lean on and was sorry he hadn't been. He promised to work tirelessly to become that man.

In tears, Steffy asked why Thomas always had to make it hard. Thomas said he'd been wrong, but he'd done it for the right reasons. Steffy replied that it was no excuse. He reasoned that it was why he was willing to be exiled. "Yet here you are," Steffy rejoined. He said it was because it was unfair to punish HFTF. He believed he could make it better, and they needed him.

Steffy didn't think they should be having the conversation while Ridge was gone, but Thomas said they couldn't waste time. He noted that Eric and Zende had different visions, so the collection lacked focus.

Hope arrived, saw Thomas, and asked what was going on. Thomas said he'd read the review. He hadn't wanted his actions to hurt her line, so he was hoping he could help. Motioning to his sketches, he said he'd never stopped designing. He stated that he had done the unforgivable to Brooke and had asked Douglas to lie. Thomas said he'd hurt everyone, but worse, he'd hurt Hope, the one who'd believed in him the most. He said he was asking for another shot, not just for him, but for her and her line. Hope asked to talk to Steffy alone.

After Thomas had gone, Steffy said she hadn't known he'd show up like that. Hope wondered if it had been right on time. She said the collection was a mess, and no amount of tinkering would save it. Steffy asked if Hope was requesting that Thomas return to the company. Hope hadn't thought she'd ever consider it, but she said she couldn't make business personal.

Steffy replied that Thomas wouldn't learn anything if they didn't hold him accountable. Hope agreed, and she and Steffy agreed that there were other people to consider at the fashion house. Hope stated that she trusted Thomas' talent, but that was as far as it went for her.

Steffy asked if Hope wanted Thomas to work from home. Hope replied that she didn't know. Steffy was concerned about the message it would send Thomas if they welcomed him back. She said he'd had many chances but no real consequences.

Outside the door, Thomas listened in as Steffy and Hope discussed the ways Thomas had hurt the family. Hope said they still had to face the fact that Thomas and his talent were a big part of Forrester's success. Steffy asked if Hope was saying HFTF needed Thomas' designs to succeed.

Katie makes an emotional plea for Bill to send Sheila to jail

Katie makes an emotional plea for Bill to send Sheila to jail

Friday, January 27, 2023

At Forrester Creations, Thomas listened from outside the executive office as Hope and Steffy discussed his possible future at the company. When asked if she trusted Thomas with the Hope for the Future line, Hope replied that she might have to. "Maybe Hope for the Future does need him," she said as she glanced down at Thomas' sketches. Thomas heard the tone from an arriving elevator and quickly scurried away before the doors opened.

Steffy was shocked and questioned if Hope had thought everything through. "Hope for the Future is important to you, but is it worth compromising your values?" Steffy asked. Steffy reminded Hope that Ridge and Brooke were not together because of Thomas' actions. Steffy then asked how Hope would really feel if Thomas were to return and make the Hope for the Future line a smashing success. Steffy also asked Hope to consider what Thomas' return could do to Hope and Liam's marriage.

Hope suddenly realized that she could not work with Thomas again and thanked Steffy for helping her come to that realization. Hope apologized for taking up Steffy's time with a non-urgent matter, especially when Sheila Carter was on the loose. "There's one nice thing we can say about Thomas -- at least he isn't as bad as Sheila," Steffy muttered.

Steffy expressed her frustration that Sheila was walking around and held Taylor's future in her hands. The two women then questioned how Bill could have fallen for Sheila.

Thomas ducked into the design suite at Forrester and told Paris that he was optimistic that he might be reinstated as designer of the Hope for the Future line. "There is no line without your designs," Paris remarked.

Seconds later, the door to the office swung open, and an angry Charlie stepped in. Charlie wagged his finger at Thomas and announced that Thomas was not supposed to be in the building. "My name is on the side of the building," Thomas quipped. "Your name is gonna be on an orange jumpsuit, Mr. Forrester," Charlie snapped in response.

Thomas turned and flashed a bemused smile at Paris. Charlie repeated his order for Thomas to leave and warned that he would call "Ruth" for backup. When Thomas refused to leave, Charlie used his walkie-talkie to call for assistance with a "combatant." Thomas relented and eventually exited the room.

At Il Giardino, Sheila sat alone at a table, eating a salad. Her face lit up as Finn sat across from her, but Finn was less enthusiastic. Sheila smiled when Finn suggested that "someday" he might not be outraged at the sight of her. Her face fell when Finn completed his thought by adding, "the day I see you behind bars."

Sheila claimed to understand why Finn felt the way he did. Finn shared that he had been alerted to Sheila's presence at the restaurant by a friend. He then issued a stern warning that Sheila would have nothing to do with him or his family. Sheila calmly told Finn that they had been given a second chance to be a family, thanks to Bill Spencer. "A second chance? I don't want to see you. I don't want to know you're alive," Finn growled.

Sheila chose to be optimistic. "With the right amount of patience and confidence, I can accomplish anything I put my mind to," she said.

At his house, Bill crouched on the floor, staring at the wall as he reflected upon Sheila telling him that she loved him. He was roused back to reality by the sound of the front door opening. Bill turned and saw Katie. Katie stated that the guard had mentioned that Bill was alone, and Katie asked if that meant that Bill had done the right thing and kicked Sheila out. Katie told Bill that she was more worried than she'd ever been about him.

Katie admitted to being "frightened" for both Bill and Will and the "unhealthy, dangerous situation" that Bill had created with Sheila. Bill argued that Sheila was a different woman when he was alone with her. Katie insisted that Bill was "being played." Katie took Bill's hand. She acknowledged that she had hurt Bill by rejecting him but confessed that she'd never imagined that that hurt would cause Bill to turn to Sheila.

Katie asked Bill how he envisioned his future with Sheila. She also wanted to know how they would explain Bill and Sheila's relationship to Will. Bill stated that they would tell Will that his father had found someone who cared about him. Katie quickly replied that Will would never meet Sheila. Katie said that she loved the bond that Bill and Will shared, and she admitted that keeping Will away from Bill was not something that she wanted to do.

"You have people in your life who love you and who care about you -- like me. Please don't bring this woman into our lives," Katie pleaded. Bill asked Katie what she meant by "our lives." Bill noted that Katie had turned her back on him. Katie reminded Bill that he had wanted Brooke, not her.

Sheila returned home and listened from the other side of the room. Bill apologized for the many times that he had hurt Katie. He asked if his hurting her had to mean "the end of us forever." Katie told Bill that the only way she, he, and Will could be a family was if Sheila was sent back to jail. "If Sheila goes to prison, you would forgive me? That our family could be one again," Bill asked in disbelief. Katie stood silent, tears streaming down her cheek. Sheila, still hidden, squinted angrily.

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