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Taylor's inner demons plagued her when Sheila pointed out their similarities, and Taylor became adamant about turning herself in. Katie was shocked to learn that Taylor had shot Bill. Sheila confronted Katie, and Deacon was delighted by the female visitors to his establishment.
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Taylor was unnerved when Sheila said they were alike. Katie learned Taylor had shot Bill. Sheila confronted Katie.
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Katie demands to know what Bill is holding over Steffy

Katie demands to know what Bill is holding over Steffy

Monday, January 30, 2023

At Bill's house, Bill asked if Katie was saying they'd be a family again if Sheila went back to prison and paid for her crimes. Katie affirmed it, saying she wanted Bill, Will, and her to be close, and if Sheila was in prison, it was possible. "But as far as you and me..." Katie said. Bill concluded that she wouldn't even entertain the idea.

Sheila, who'd been eavesdropping from around the corner, made herself known, striding in, jovially stating that she hadn't known she and Bill would have company. Sheila kissed Bill and put her arm around him. She offered Katie tea and cake. Katie snapped that she got it; Sheila was the lady of the house. Katie warned Sheila not to get too comfortable because Bill would realize that Sheila was using him. Sheila admitted that she was using Bill -- for love and companionship.

Katie argued that Sheila didn't love Bill and had brainwashed him. Sheila replied that Katie didn't know how Sheila felt. Katie doubted Sheila experienced feelings like other humans did. Sheila asked why people thought they could talk to her like that and attack her.

Katie claimed it wasn't an attack but the facts, and Sheila had shot her own son and left him to die. Sheila yelled over Katie, saying Sheila was tired of arguing and defending herself against people like Katie. Katie scoffed when Sheila said she felt terrible for the pain she'd caused. Sheila said it pained her that she'd hurt her own son. Katie said Sheila had still left Finn without help, and Katie asked if she and Bill would trust Will to Sheila, who solved her problems by shooting people. Katie admitted she was surprised Bill trusted Sheila with himself.

Sheila stated that she wouldn't hurt Bill, and he wouldn't hurt her. Katie drawled that Sheila had almost killed her own child. Sheila replied that she stood by Bill, but Katie couldn't understand that and never had because Katie didn't appreciate the man he was. Touching the sword, Sheila said it scared Katie because it represented power and protection, things Katie hadn't wanted Bill to have. According to Sheila, the symbol defined Bill, and she admired it. Sheila felt that she and Bill had found their true partners. Katie asked if Bill embraced a sociopath.

In Bill's silence, Katie said she wouldn't accept it for herself, Will, or Bill, who was nothing like Sheila. Katie said Bill could make things right, and she refused to give up on him. She vowed to fight for Bill, and she refused to give up and lose the father of her son to Sheila Carter.

Later, Katie had gone, and Sheila and Bill were alone on the sofa. He sensed something was wrong with her, and when she mentioned thoughts of him returning to Katie, he assumed she'd overheard his talk with Katie. Bill admitted that he'd been caught up in the memories of the family they'd tried to have, but that dream had been unsustainable. For him, he and Sheila were sustainable, and he appreciated her for being there when he'd needed someone. He stated that he was committed to her, and she didn't have to question it.

Bill and Sheila kissed. She said she had to remind herself that the good outweighed the bad. Recalling how badly Katie had treated Bill, Sheila said she understood why he'd decided to move on. She stated that everyone deserved to be accepted for who they were, even the two of them. As he held her, she noted that he always put on a brave front, but she knew that he hurt just like everyone else. She thought other people forgot about it, but she never would.

Sheila stated that Taylor had shot Bill in the back without giving him a chance to defend himself, and in Sheila's view, it was too bad that his holier-than-thou ex didn't know about it. "Maybe she would shut up a bit if she knew that we weren't the only ones who did something bad," she said.

At Forrester with Hope, Steffy was outraged that Bill was fine with a murderer being out there and said Bill didn't seem to care about any of them. Charlotte entered to convey that an Eye on Fashion interview had been postponed. Deciding to cancel it, Steffy said she didn't want to give Spencer publications the "publicity." Steffy ultimately decided to reschedule the interview.

Taylor arrived, and Steffy introduced Charlotte, whom Taylor knew as an "up-and-coming" executive at Forrester. The topic turned to Sheila, and Charlotte expressed her disbelief that Sheila wasn't behind bars. Noting that her father was a lawyer, Charlotte suggested bringing a civil suit against Sheila. Steffy wasn't sure it was in her best interest to do so. "Anyone who puts a bullet into another human being should not be walking around free," Charlotte concluded.

Taylor looked guilty as Charlotte left the office. Once alone with Hope and Steffy, Taylor repeated Charlotte and asserted that she'd fix it. Steffy and Hope deterred Taylor, and Hope said someone needed to get through to Bill. Taylor insisted that she was the only one who could make it stop, but Steffy said all it would do was guarantee that Taylor would be locked up.

Steffy and Hope theorized that Bill would just buy off judges until Sheila was free again. Taylor was upset with herself for losing control that night and said that because of it, Sheila was free.

At the cliff house later, Steffy told Taylor that they were there because they couldn't talk freely at the office. Steffy hoped Taylor wasn't still thinking of turning herself in. Taylor said it was about more than Sheila, and even without the blackmail, Taylor didn't feel as if she should have gotten away with it. Steffy replied that Taylor hadn't known she'd go there to harm Bill.

Taylor replied that she'd shot Bill in the back, and he hadn't even done what she'd thought he'd done. She claimed she couldn't sleep at night. Steffy advised Taylor to go upstairs to rest and take care of herself; they'd take care of Bill, and Sheila would go to prison, not Taylor.

Taylor went upstairs, and Steffy flashed back to Bill telling her that Taylor, not Liam, had shot him. Katie arrived in a huff about Sheila's hold on Bill. Katie said she couldn't let it go on, and she needed to know what Bill had on Steffy. Katie asserted that in order to get Bill away from Sheila, Katie had to know what was going on. Steffy was reluctant to reveal the secret.

Katie implored Steffy, saying Sheila had shot Finn and Steffy, leaving them to die in an alley. Katie added that Sheila had shot Steffy's mother and grandmother. Steffy said it was complicated, and Katie asked again what Bill was blackmailing Steffy with.

"It's me. It's because of me. I shot him," Taylor said, entering the room, "I'm the one who shot Bill."

Taylor relives the night she shot Bill

Taylor relives the night she shot Bill

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

At the cliff house, Taylor told Katie that Bill was exchanging Taylor's freedom for Sheila's because Taylor had shot Bill years back. Steffy tried to stop Taylor from talking about it. Taylor told Katie that Taylor didn't know how she'd lost control that night. The reference Taylor had for that kind of behavior was Sheila, who disregarded human life when threatened.

Taylor stated there was a darkness inside of all of them. Katie doubted it, but Taylor said it was just the human condition. Taylor believed she'd allowed her anger and rage to take over and block logical thought or light. Taylor claimed she couldn't understand what had happened.

Katie yelled that Bill was her son's father, and Will could have lost his father. Katie asked what could possibly have possessed Taylor to pick up a gun and shoot Bill. Taylor stated that she'd thought Bill had done something unforgivable, and she'd been consumed with rage. She said she'd gone there to confront him, not kill him.

The music from the night of the shooting played along with a flashback of the night. Taylor spoke over it, saying it had been the night of the Santa Ana winds, and Bill's door had been unlocked as he'd played classical music and drunk with his back to her, looking out the terrace. She claimed she'd been confused. She'd looked around and seen the gun.

Taylor stated that she'd picked it up and started walking toward Bill. All she'd been able to think of had been what he'd done and how she wouldn't let him get away with it. She said she'd suddenly pulled the trigger. Taylor sobbed that she'd done it, and Steffy hugged her.

Katie asserted that Taylor had shot Bill and left him without giving another thought. Taylor replied that she had, and she was horrified at what she'd done. Taylor cried that she thought about Will and couldn't live with herself if she'd taken Will's father. Taylor claimed she didn't know who she'd been that night, and it hadn't been her.

Steffy stated that Taylor had snapped, and though Steffy wasn't condoning it, they'd moved on. She added that Bill had forgiven Taylor and promised not to say anything. Katie couldn't wrap her head around it. She exclaimed that Bill was her son's father; she'd loved him a long time, and Taylor could have killed him. Katie guessed she knew the whole story, but it didn't answer the question of how Sheila had turned Bill against everyone that he loved. Steffy said they had to figure out how to stop Sheila once and for all.

At Bill's house, Sheila said she loved being in Bill's arms. She was humbled and grateful and said he'd taught her a new way to live. As she lay on his shoulder, she flashed back to the conversation he'd just had with Katie. Sheila told him that he seemed distracted. He claimed that he was right there, but she stated that his mind was miles away. She urged him to put Katie's thoughts out of his mind.

Bill admitted that Katie's visit had gotten him thinking about the past. Sheila replied that the Forresters and Logans hadn't accepted Bill, and Brooke and Katie had given him conditional love. Sheila added that he'd twisted himself in knots to get their acceptance. In return, he'd only gotten disappointment and abandonment, and Taylor had shot him in cold blood.

Bill grew silent, and Sheila apologized for bringing up the shooting. Bill replied that he'd never forget it. Sheila figured Taylor wouldn't, either, and would have to live with it for the rest of her life. Sheila assumed it had been a horrible night for Bill, who'd been ambushed and shot in the back in his own living room. She said he could have died, and she could have lost him before they'd had a chance to find each other.

Bill replied that it hadn't happened. Sheila said it was because they'd been meant to be. She recalled learning that he'd been shot. She hadn't known him well then, but it had stunned her that he'd been taken down by a coward. "And then to find out that it was Taylor," Sheila added.

Sheila was thrilled that Taylor had fallen victim to the dark side because it showed that Sheila wasn't a monster. She said she'd simply made mistakes like everyone else. Sheila loved how Bill understood that about her. She and Bill kissed. She leaned on his shoulder, gazed at the sword charm, and touched it.

At Il Giardino, Brooke and Hope arrived. Brooke eagerly congratulated Deacon and said she was proud of him. Hope stated that they both were. Deacon shared that he'd been working around the clock to make the place as authentic as he could with locally sourced ingredients and the finest olive oil. He even wanted a rooftop garden to grow fresh herbs.

Deacon invited Hope and Brooke over to the bar to sample his newest pizzas. After having tastes, they complimented the pizzas. He urged them to give feedback and became dismayed when, with every bite, it seemed Hope and Brooke suggested more and more recipe changes. When they decided they needed more slices to know for sure, he realized they were joking around with him about all the suggestions. Everyone laughed, and he served up more slices.

Talk turned to Sheila, and Brooke was infuriated that the woman was out on the streets. Deacon gazed off, and Hope asked if he was okay. He claimed to be preoccupied with the business. Sure that was it, Brooke asked why he'd even think about Sheila.

As the conversation continued, Deacon mentioned that he needed a planner because he was thinking of doing a relaunch. He doubted any of Bill's publications would give him a good review. Hope and Brooke expressed their disappointment in Bill for taking up with Sheila and blackmailing Finn and Steffy to keep Sheila out of prison. Hope thought a man would have to be crazy to develop feelings for Sheila Carter. Deacon looked away.

Deacon worked behind the bar, listening to Hope and Brooke talk about Sheila and wonder how any man would be with a woman like Sheila. Hope figured Bill was in a self-destructive mode, but Brooke pondered whether he'd really lost his mind. Brooke wondered if Sheila was using Bill or if Bill was using Sheila. Hope wondered what for. Brooke didn't know and said she was just trying to make sense of it. "How could any man be in love with her?" Brooke questioned.

Deacon zoned out, recalling the night he'd danced with Sheila at Il Giardino. Brooke insisted there had to be a reason and asked what was going on. Deacon shook himself out of his musing.

Sheila pays Taylor a visit to discuss how alike they are

Sheila pays Taylor a visit to discuss how alike they are

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Brooke dropped by Il Giardino to taste some of the new items on the menu. She dubbed the new ravioli offering "magnifico." Deacon shared that he was still perfecting the restaurant's new signature pizza, but he wanted to offer Brooke a slice. While they dined, Deacon suggested that Brooke could tell him all about her life since Ridge was not a part of it. Brooke appeared taken aback by Deacon's enthusiasm over her failed relationship, but she soon understood that Deacon was merely trying to express his support.

Brooke shared that the Ridge fallout had resulted in a "fascinating development that nobody foresaw happening" -- she and Taylor had become friends. "I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. Hell froze over," Deacon quipped. Brooke called her friendship with Taylor "pretty wonderful." Deacon wondered if he and Ridge could become "BFFs," but Brooke mused that she wasn't sure if hell could freeze over twice. Brooke asked Deacon what he did with his time when he was not working and wondered if there was a special woman in his life. Deacon was silent while he thought back to his time living together with Sheila.

In her office, Taylor spoke to Ridge on the phone and told him that she had the situation with Bill and Sheila under control. Her back to the door, Taylor sensed someone had entered the office behind her. She turned, saw Sheila, and told Ridge that she would have to call him back.

Sheila told Taylor that she wanted to talk to Taylor because she had learned that she and Taylor were "not so different." Taylor argued that she and Sheila were nothing alike. Sheila claimed that she didn't want to argue and only wanted "peace and harmony" with Taylor and her family. Taylor claimed that shooting Bill had been under "different circumstances" than Sheila shooting her or Finn and Steffy.

Sheila insisted that she was not out to hurt anyone and urged Taylor and the Forresters to dial back their plans to increase security. Sheila reminded Taylor how she had saved Taylor's life when Taylor had tumbled over the roof at the hospital. Sheila advised Taylor to forgive herself for shooting Bill. Doing so, Sheila explained, would allow Taylor to forgive others. Taylor was incensed by Sheila's pseudo-counseling. Taylor firmly stated that she would learn to forgive herself, but she was adamant that she would never forgive Sheila.

Sheila turned and silently exited the office. Alone, Taylor began to cry. Brooke arrived a few moments later, toting pizza from Il Giardino. Brooke immediately sensed that something was bothering Taylor. Taylor told Brooke of Sheila's visit. "I shot a man, and I left him for dead," Taylor sobbed. Brooke pleaded with Taylor not to let Sheila get into her head by "weaponizing" Taylor's guilt. Taylor worried that she was breaking. Brooke sat beside Taylor and assured Taylor that she would always be there for her. Taylor rested her head on Brooke's shoulder.

Charlie presented Carter with a list of security guards that he had vetted for Forrester. The very serious Carter was unamused by a series of cheese jokes Charlie had made. When Katie popped into the office to give Carter an update, Charlie excused himself and headed back to work. Katie told Carter about her visit to see Bill and Bill's willingness to give Sheila the boot if Katie were to take him back.

"I guess Sheila's hold over him isn't as strong as we thought," Carter replied quietly. Carter asked Katie if she was sure that she did not want to go back to Bill. Katie assured Carter that she deserved better than what Bill could give her. Carter agreed. Katie said that there was no way that she could go back to Bill after being with someone like Carter who was "smart and kind and warm and giving and charming and handsome." They kissed.

Carter left to go to a meeting. Seconds after he left, the door to the executive office closed. Katie turned and saw Sheila standing on the other side of the room. Sheila warned that Katie needed to accept Sheila's relationship with Bill -- "or else."

Sheila and Katie set each other straight about things

Sheila and Katie set each other straight about things

Thursday, February 2, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn was in a romantic mood, but Steffy was worried about her mother. She decided that she shouldn't be distracted when she had a hot doctor in her arms. Finn admitted that their issues were on his mind, too, but he was doing everything within his power to protect them.

Finn and Steffy sat together on the sofa, still concerned about Bill, who they felt had no idea what Sheila was capable of. Finn guessed the unknown appealed to Bill. Finn recalled that Sheila had tried to destroy his and Steffy's relationship, but it hadn't worked. He reminded Steffy that he'd lay down his life for her and the kids. Steffy said she'd do the same and wondered how to protect Taylor from her guilt and shame. Not wanting Steffy's worries to consume her, Finn offered to give Steffy a "prescription," and the two began to kiss.

Later, the couple lay together beneath blankets on the sofa, and Finn said he'd locked the front door, so they wouldn't be disturbed. Steffy loved the attention. He said that he'd fallen for her instantly and gone deeper and deeper ever since. He adored her devotion and the way that she loved him. Steffy said loving him and the kids gave her peace and joy, and she was grateful for him. She said it was truly a miracle that he'd returned to her, and she'd remember it always.

In Taylor's office, Taylor conceded that she was no saint, and she and Sheila weren't that different. Brooke exclaimed that it wasn't true. Taylor said Brooke didn't know what had been in Taylor's head that night. Brooke replied that Taylor had thought Bill had violated Steffy. Taylor admitted that she'd been wrong. She said they were all suffering for it, and she wished could take it back.

Refusing to let Taylor continue that way, Brooke said it wasn't healthy, and Taylor was nothing like Sheila. Brooke claimed that Taylor was a positive force in the world who'd made a mistake, a bad error in judgment. Brooke decided that it wasn't on Taylor; it was on Bill and Sheila, and Brooke refused to let Taylor tear herself apart. Taylor asked how Brooke had known exactly what Taylor had needed to hear. Brooke replied that it was what friends were for.

Later, the topic turned to Ridge, who Taylor had spoken earlier on the phone. She said he had discussed returning. Brooke hoped Taylor had told him not to. Affirming it, Taylor said Ridge had taken to heart what Brooke had told him to do about figuring himself out. Brooke stated that Ridge wasn't just worried about the kids, and he asked about Taylor each time he called Brooke. Knowing that Taylor didn't have a lot of people she could talk to, Brooke said she'd be there for Taylor, no matter what.

Taylor stated that Brooke had given a good therapy session. Taylor admitted she had been questioning everything, even her role as a therapist. She'd been seeing a therapist, but she couldn't tell the doctor everything. Brooke said that was why she was there and would be there for Taylor, no matter what. Brooke believed they'd get through it because they'd survived each other.

Brooke stated that Bill was acting bizarre; however, she felt she knew Bill and said there would be no harm to Taylor or her family. Brooke reiterated that she was Taylor's friend, and Taylor could count on Brooke. Taylor replied that she was Brooke's friend, and they grinned.

At Forrester, Sheila ordered Katie to accept that Sheila was the woman in Bill's life. Katie assumed she'd get shot if she didn't. Denying making the threat, Sheila said that, for Will's sake, Katie needed to get along and stop treating Sheila like the enemy. Katie replied that she didn't want to hear his name from Sheila's mouth, and Sheila was crazy to think Katie would let her near Will.

Sheila reasoned that she'd be in Bill's life for a long time, which meant she'd be in Katie's life. "You think Bill's committed to you? Well, I don't see a ring on that finger," Katie quipped.

Sheila said that if they'd go there, she'd advise Katie that a relationship with Carter wouldn't go far as long as Katie was fixated on her ex. Katie looked surprised, but Sheila said Bill had told her all about it, and Carter was a catch. Sheila asked how it was going, and Katie questioned whether Sheila was genuinely concerned or insecure. Katie believed Sheila was there because she felt threatened by Katie, and Katie asserted that Sheila should feel that way because Katie could have him back within seconds.

Sheila chuckled, guessing that Katie had thought a flash of vulnerability from Bill meant she'd gotten through to him. Sheila stated that Katie had done what she always did; she'd shown her true colors and abandoned him once again. Katie's arrogance was laughable to Sheila, who said they both knew Bill preferred Brooke. Sheila wondered if Katie really wanted to risk her dignity and reputation just to spite Sheila.

"Poor Katie...always second best. Always living in your sister's shadow," Sheila concluded. She claimed to think Katie was smart and courageous and was perplexed that men didn't like Katie -- at least not for long. Katie ordered Sheila to get out. Sheila reminded "poor, frail" Katie to monitor her heart. Sheila said Katie wasn't strong enough for a man like Bill, who'd finally met his equal. Sheila asserted that Katie couldn't get between them, but Katie said they'd see.

Katie decided to make it clear that Will would live with her when he returned from school and wouldn't see Bill or visit as long as Sheila was in the house. Sheila quipped that it was just like a Logan to use a child to keep a man. Katie said that was how it would be, and Sheila needed to get that Bill's relationships with his sons were vastly more important than anything he'd do with Sheila. Katie figured Bill was lost in the darkness, but he had good inside of him. Katie said good won over evil, and Sheila was pure evil.

Just then, Carter entered. Katie linked arms with him, and he ordered Sheila to leave. Sheila complied, and Carter asked if Katie was okay. She asked how anyone could be with Sheila in their lives, and Carter hugged her. Carter said Katie should have called security. He declared he didn't want Sheila anywhere near Katie, and he didn't know what he'd do if something happened to her. He said it was new, but it felt as if they were building something that could last.

Carter stated that he and Katie had felt unlucky when they'd met, but he was starting to feel lucky in love. She affirmed that they were feeling the same way, and they kissed.

Steffy talks Taylor out of turning herself in

Steffy talks Taylor out of turning herself in

Friday, February 3, 2023

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke was just about to leave when Katie arrived. Katie had been unable to wait at the house for Brooke because Katie had been too upset about Taylor shooting Bill, which had resulted in Will almost losing his father. Brooke defended Taylor, who'd thought Bill had violated her daughter, and said Taylor was still haunted by what she'd been "driven" to.

Katie asked how Brooke could keep it from Katie. Brooke replied that she'd been sworn to secrecy. Katie expressed shock that Taylor had been the one to shoot Bill. Katie figured that Sheila's plans were working, and Sheila had made Bill throw away everyone and everything he'd ever cared about for her. Brooke said Bill had been vulnerable.

Katie reasoned that Bill had been hurt by her, Brooke, and Steffy, which was why he was doing what he was to Taylor. Brooke said he needed to realize that Taylor was living in "her own private hell." Katie wished Bill could see all the remorse and regret pouring from Taylor. Brooke remarked that it had to be heartbreaking for Steffy to watch Taylor battle her demons.

Katie guessed it was that way for Brooke, too. Admitting that her relationship with Taylor was unexpected, Brooke said she was glad to be able to be there for Taylor, even though it might not be helping because Taylor thought the only way to solve it was to turn herself in. Brooke replied that it was a huge price that Taylor and the people who loved her shouldn't have to pay.

Katie and Brooke discussed the possibility that Taylor would turn herself in, and Bill would bribe judges to keep Sheila out of prison, anyway. Brooke said that Taylor had done much for her family and people around the world, which was why Steffy was urging Taylor not to do anything rash. Katie noted that Taylor should not do anything solely because she wanted Sheila to go to jail, especially if Sheila could still remain free.

Katie and Brooke admitted they desperately wanted Bill to wake up about Sheila, and Katie said it was why she kept trying to get through to Bill. Katie mentioned Taylor's desire to turn herself in, but Brooke was adamantly against allowing Taylor to sacrifice herself that way.

Katie was amazed by the relationship Brooke had developed with Taylor. Brooke said she and Taylor had usually been at odds, and it had been a waste because they could have been friends that whole time. Katie replied that they were making up for it. Brooke vowed to stand by Taylor, who Brooke saw as a remarkable person and incredible mother. Brooke said she wouldn't let Sheila and Bill's manipulation destroy Taylor.

At Steffy's house, the sullen Taylor told Steffy about Sheila's visit to Taylor's office. According to Taylor, Sheila had gotten to her, saying they weren't that different from each other and empathizing with Taylor. Steffy refused to equate what Taylor had done with all of Sheila's crimes and insisted that the women were nothing alike. Taylor said Brooke had said that, too.

"Brooke?" Steffy replied. Taylor explained that Brooke had stopped by with pizza and had become a lifeline, and it was comforting to Taylor, who was swamped with guilt because Sheila wasn't in prison due to what Taylor had done all those years back.

Steffy expressed surprise at how much time Brooke and Taylor were spending together. Taylor replied that Brooke had been there for her and had helped calm her down, though Taylor wished she'd calmed herself down. Taylor said that as supportive as people had been, she still hadn't been held accountable for what she'd done, and the people she loved were in danger.

Steffy advised Taylor to stop beating herself up, and Taylor replied that Brooke had said the same thing. Glad, Steffy said it was only upsetting Taylor more. Taylor yelled that Bill had sworn himself to secrecy and had decided to use it against their family. Steffy assured Taylor that Sheila would overplay her hand and pay for her crimes, one way or another.

Taylor said that until then, Sheila was free, and the family was in danger. Taylor asserted that turning herself in was the only way to keep their family safe, but Steffy insisted that Bill would defend Sheila. Steffy thought some sacrifices were too big, and she would just rather deal with Sheila than see Taylor behind bars. Taylor said it was more for her. The trauma of the shooting was still inside her, and it was affecting her family. Taylor said she couldn't let Sheila escape justice for a crime Taylor had never paid for.

Taylor picked up her phone, but Steffy said Taylor would just make it worse. Taylor reasoned that Bill had used blackmail to keep Sheila out of prison, and "Sheila could do the same thing." Taylor insisted that her life's work was helping others be better. "I'm basically a hypocrite," Taylor concluded. Steffy denied it, but Taylor said she had to confess.

Steffy asked if she was supposed to take her kids to visit their grandmother behind bars. Taylor realized that she'd be a disappointment or burden to Steffy. Steffy urged Taylor to stop worrying about it because they'd find a way to take care of Sheila. "Yes, we will," Taylor replied.

At Il Giardino, Sheila called another of Deacon's pizzas delicious. Deacon was amazed that he and Sheila could be together in the open like that, even if it was thanks to Bill Spencer. She began to say that if Bill or Brooke or Hope were to walk in there...

Deacon appreciated that Sheila was visiting him between seatings. Sheila didn't think they were crossing a line, but she didn't want Bill to get the wrong idea. Deacon noted that she had pizza sauce on her mouth. He wiped it away and licked his finger. He stated that there had been a time when he would have licked it off her, and she would have loved it.

Later, Deacon expressed curiosity about how life was at Bill's house. Sheila guessed Deacon wanted to know how it was being mistress of the manor, but Deacon quipped that it was more like Bill's mistress. Sheila didn't like being called a mistress and said it wasn't like that. She knew that Deacon still had feelings for her, and she didn't want to rub salt in his wounds.

Joking that she knew he was a "big boy," Deacon assured her that he could take it. Deacon called Bill an arrogant, self-absorbed cartoon. Sheila replied that Bill wasn't like that with her. She felt that Bill had transformed her life, and "now if I can just get people to stop coming over unannounced and trying to harm that -- especially Katie. That would be great."

Later, Deacon and Sheila discussed her visit to Katie. Sheila said she'd done it because Katie had shown up at the house unannounced again, and Sheila had wanted to make it clear that Katie needed to accept the relationship between Sheila and Bill. Deacon guessed Sheila would cut off Katie's middle toe if she didn't. Sheila asserted that she wouldn't let anyone undermine her to the man she loved, especially not sickeningly sweet Katie Logan.

Deacon reminded Sheila that Katie and Bill shared a child, and Katie was one of the biggest threats to Sheila's freedom. Sheila replied that it had been why she'd put Katie on notice; Sheila refused to stand by and let Katie work on Bill, and there would be consequences if Katie turned Bill against Sheila. To Deacon, it sounded like a threat. He asked if Katie had seen it that way.

Sheila quipped that she could tell Katie to have a good morning, and Katie would see it as a threat. Sheila thought it was enough talk of that. She claimed to merely want people to understand that she wasn't going anywhere, especially not prison, because Bill would make sure of it. Deacon assumed Sheila had it bad for Bill, and she replied that Bill had done a lot for her, not the least of which was her freedom. She felt blessed to have it and wouldn't let anyone jeopardize it again.

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