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Steffy convinced Hope to let Douglas move out, sure he'd soon become homesick. Thomas believed the new arrangement gave him unrestricted access to his son, but Steffy told him to think again. When Deacon pressed Sheila for a relationship, she told him to stay out of her life.
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Douglas moved in with Steffy and Finn. Hope blamed herself. Thomas rejected Steffy's boundaries. Sheila told Deacon to stay out of her life.
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Sheila orders Deacon to stay out of her life

Sheila orders Deacon to stay out of her life

Monday, February 13, 2023

At Deacon's place, Sheila laughed at Deacon's arrogance; however, Deacon insisted that she and Bill didn't have what she and Deacon had shared, and he believed they could have it again if she'd take a chance. Kissing her hand, Deacon told Sheila to let it be their time.

Sheila reminded Deacon that he'd wanted Brooke. Deacon admitted that he'd been fooling himself by thinking he could be with Brooke. "Making me runner-up?" Sheila bitterly concluded. Deacon disagreed. He said he'd been unable to stop thinking of Sheila after she'd left. He asked her to dump Bill Spencer. Sheila asked if Deacon was jealous of Bill.

Deacon joked about Bill playing with toy swords, but he concluded that Bill did have a yacht. "Then again, you're here with me, not him," Deacon reasoned. He stated that no one got her dark heart going the way he did, and he could see that she had feelings for him.

Sheila ordered Deacon to stop it. She said she was with Bill, and it couldn't happen. Deacon said he'd thought their time had meant something. Agreeing that it had, Sheila recalled that he'd always had one eye on Brooke, and he'd tried to throw Sheila out many times. Deacon tried to explain why he'd done that, but Sheila didn't care about the reason.

Sheila threatened to break off all contact with Deacon if he kept talking to her that way. She considered Deacon to be a friend, and she needed friends. Deacon noted that she was scared. "I'm not scared. I'm smart," she corrected. She stated that, as quickly as Bill had gotten her out of prison, he could put her back there. Deacon asked if she was so desperate that she'd become Bill's concubine in exchange for her freedom. Incensed, Sheila denied being Bill's concubine.

Sheila asserted that she didn't want Deacon. She said she didn't think about him, nor did she long for him. She claimed the feelings weren't there anymore. Deacon asked how she knew. Sheila said Deacon always wanted what he couldn't have. She said he hadn't believed in her, so she'd moved on to a man who wasn't always screwing up like Deacon. She said that if he thought he had a chance with her, he was an even bigger screwup than she'd thought.

Deacon tried to stop Sheila, but grabbing her purse, she announced that it was over. She said Bill was the winner, and Deacon was the loser. She didn't want Deacon around her ever again. She said he'd mess everything up for her, "so goodbye!"

Deacon tried to stop Sheila, but she tore out of his house. On his stoop, she pounded herself in the head and said she had to forget. Back inside, he flashed back to romantic times with Sheila.

At the cliff house, Kelly gave Li a drawing that Douglas had helped Kelly make. Li told Finn that she was happy for Finn and the life he and Steffy had created for their four family members. The three talked more about Kelly and Douglas' projects, and Kelly said she and her cousin both wanted to be astronauts. She also wanted to be CEO of Forrester. Kelly asked when she'd see Douglas; Finn guessed it would be soon.

Kelly went to her room, and Li asked about the weird look on Finn's face. Finn revealed that Steffy was in court, witnessing a hearing to determine Douglas' legal guardianship. Finn expounded upon the decision set upon Douglas that day in court and guessed Thomas was counting on his biological connection meaning something to Douglas. Li believed it did, but she also said not having that connection didn't make Hope less important.

Finn wondered how Hope felt about the situation, which had come out of the blue. Finn assumed Hope had gone along with it, believing that Douglas would choose her. Finn felt for Douglas, who needed stability. Li said that was something Thomas wasn't capable of providing. Finn felt lucky to have his family and said Douglas fit right in when he visited, and Finn would be happy that Douglas would have certainty, no matter whom Douglas chose.

In the judge's chambers, the judge said that Douglas had spoken and decided that Steffy Forrester would be his custodian moving forward. Steffy was speechless. Hope expressed confusion about why Douglas would make the choice. Liam said Douglas meant a lot to them. Douglas replied that he felt the same way about them -- and his father.

Stating that he and Hope were Douglas' parents, Thomas asked Douglas why. Hope and Liam expressed their love for Douglas, as did Thomas, and Liam said Douglas was Beth's big brother. Douglas said he was sorry and didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. He said he loved them all, but he liked it at Steffy's house, and he had a great time with his cousins. He added that he also didn't want his parents to be mad at each other, and he hoped they understood.

Hope asked if Douglas knew his choice would stick until he was a "young adult." Thomas said it was a big step. Hope added that Douglas had been a part of their home "for so long." Everyone grew silent, and Hope asked Steffy to speak. Steffy told Douglas that his choice had touched her, and he was always welcome at her house. "But you already have a home," she said.

Douglas asked if Steffy was saying he couldn't live with her. Steffy stammered, and the judge decided to give Steffy, Hope, and Thomas a moment alone. The judge, Liam, and Douglas all stepped outside.

Alone together, Thomas, Hope, and Steffy all expressed how blindsided they were by Douglas' choice. Hope asked Steffy to get Douglas to see that it wasn't an option. Agreeing with Hope, Thomas said it wasn't what any of them wanted. Steffy said Hope and Thomas had created the situation and advised them to put their feelings aside and focus on Douglas.

Steffy asked if she was really expected to reject Douglas. Thomas asserted that Douglas was his son. Thomas stormed out of the room, and Hope implored Steffy to put a stop to it.

Steffy asked what Hope expected Steffy to do. Hope didn't want Steffy to go along with it and said Steffy knew the type of home Liam and Hope had provided the boy. Steffy didn't question it, but she wanted to make sure they didn't upset Douglas or make him feel rejected. Hope revealed that Douglas had told her that he wanted to live with her and Liam.

Steffy said Douglas didn't want to hurt Hope, Liam, or Beth. Steffy added that she'd questioned the wisdom in giving Douglas the choice, but it was too late. She didn't want Douglas to feel as if he was doing something wrong or rejecting Thomas or Hope. Hope asked if Steffy understood that the guardianship was legally binding until Douglas was a young adult.

Steffy said she needed to talk to Finn, but it might be a good idea for Douglas to stay with her for a while. She reasoned that the beach house was cool and fun, but eventually, Douglas would start missing home and want to return to Hope, Liam, and Beth. Hope said that time at the beach wasn't parenting, and Douglas needed to understand that it took a lot of hard work and commitment to give him the life he had.

Steffy replied that she understood that and was a mother. Steffy expressed love for Douglas, her nephew, who was also a Forrester, and promised to do what was best for Hope's son.

Hope struggles to figure out where she failed Douglas

Hope struggles to figure out where she failed Douglas

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

At Forrester, Katie rushed into the CEO's office in a robe. She took it off, revealing her lingerie. As she grabbed her dress, Carter arrived. Seeing her undressed, he offered to come back later. She joked that she wasn't shy, and it was only fair that he caught her half dressed after all the times she'd walked in on him. She added that he wasn't the only one who worked out around there. He called her beautiful, and they kissed.

As Katie dressed, she told Carter that Brooke had informed her about the custody hearing with Douglas that day. Katie hoped, for Douglas' sake, that he chose Hope and Liam. Carter put Katie's shoe on for her, saying they'd match up in the gym one day. Carter said he couldn't imagine Douglas choosing anyone else to live with. Katie said it would be a setback for Thomas, and he might need his witness, Steffy, for support.

Carter and Katie decided to go to a restaurant with Indian food and joked that Katie would wind up eating his plate of curry again. The topic turned to how sweet Katie was, and Carter said she'd do anything for her family -- even Bill. Katie said someone had to be the voice of reason as long as Bill was in her life. She felt she had to keep fighting for Bill, who was in a deep depression. Carter claimed to have her back, and she said it felt good to have him by her side.

In the judge's chambers, Hope and Steffy were still reeling from Douglas' decision. Hope said Steffy was just supposed to be a witness, not a choice. Steffy asked if she was supposed to reject Douglas. Hope implored Steffy to understand that Douglas' family and sister needed him. Steffy replied that she understood, but Douglas' well-being was her main focus.

The judge returned with Thomas, Liam, and Douglas. The judge, who had a full docket that day, said Douglas had made his decision. Thomas argued that Steffy and Finn hadn't been an option. The judge stated that they'd all agreed to the process and that Douglas had the final say; therefore, she said they'd have to figure out how to make it work or be back in court again.

The judge left, and Douglas asked if he could live with Steffy. Thomas said it hadn't been a part of the deal. Liam added that Douglas wasn't in trouble; everyone was just caught off guard. Thomas took Douglas aside and apologized for making mistakes and putting Douglas in that position. Thomas said he'd always love Douglas, who'd be his number one guy forever.

Hope told Douglas that they all loved him and would be there for him, no matter what. They just wanted to make sure that he understood his decision and that he would be growing up outside of their home. Hope said they wanted to be there for him, and it wouldn't be the same without him. Douglas lowered his eyes, and Liam said Hope was trying to say that they hoped Douglas would choose to stay with them.

Steffy told Douglas that she was honored by his choice, but it was a complicated situation. She understood that Douglas didn't want to disappoint anyone. She said his parents wanted the best for him, and she did, too. Steffy wasn't sure what that was at the time, but Douglas was always welcome at their house. Douglas said that if he was living there, he would finish the project he had with Kelly sooner.

Steffy replied that they'd have plenty of time to work on it, but that night, Douglas should go home with Hope and Liam, and they'd discuss it later. Douglas nodded, and they hugged.

In Brooke's cabin later, Hope said Brooke and Donna had agreed to watch Douglas so that Hope, Liam, and Thomas could talk privately. Liam thought they should start with Thomas' record-setting bad idea to let Douglas choose. Thomas said he'd thought Douglas would live with him, and Hope wondered what they'd been thinking. Thomas didn't think it had been a bad idea because they'd each had half a shot. Hope noted that Douglas had chosen neither of them.

Thomas asked how he could have predicted that. Hope asked what it said about them as parents. Thomas concluded that Douglas didn't want to be around any of them. Liam didn't blame Douglas, explaining to Thomas that "because of you, we put the kid in an impossible situation." Liam said it was a lose-lose situation for Douglas, because "he chooses you, he hurts us. He chooses us, he hurts you." Liam guessed Douglas had chosen Steffy because she'd been there and because she was neutral.

Thomas didn't think calling Douglas' aunt neutral was accurate. Figuring that he and Steffy were siblings, Thomas reasoned that it might not be the worst thing for him. Hope asked what that meant. Thomas said that family was important to Steffy, and she wouldn't keep him from seeing his son. Liam asked if Thomas was trying to say Hope had done that. Liam asserted that any rifts between Douglas and Thomas were on Thomas and due to his lies, actions, and choices.

Hope stopped the men. She said she didn't want to do it. She yelled that their son had rejected them all because he clearly wasn't happy there. Liam didn't think that was true. Sobbing, Hope said she loved Douglas as if she'd carried him herself, but she'd obviously failed him somewhere along the way. Liam tried to tell her that she'd done everything right, but she yelled that she obviously hadn't. She felt that she had to figure out where she'd gone wrong and why Douglas had chosen to live with Steffy.

At the cliff house, Finn told Li that it was fun to have all the kids there, and when it was their time to have Kelly, she loved when her cousin visited. Finn said Douglas and Kelly had gotten close over the past few months. Finn joked that they had the best candy drawer in town for Douglas, who'd gone through so much as a child. Finn said his life with Steffy was perfect as it was, and he didn't want to change a thing. Li was happy that her son was fulfilled. Finn said he had everything that he could ever want.

Later, Finn was alone when Steffy arrived home. He was eager to know how it had gone with the judge and figured the process had been unusual. Finn pointed out that it had been Thomas' idea, but Douglas had been happily living with Hope and Liam. In Steffy's silence, Finn figured Douglas had chosen Thomas, but Steffy replied, "No. He didn't." Finn assumed it had been difficult to watch Douglas choose. Steffy said everyone had been surprised.

Finn didn't get why, since Douglas had lived with Hope. Finn figured that after all Thomas had put Douglas through, it really wasn't that crazy that Douglas had chosen Hope instead of Thomas. Steffy stated that Douglas hadn't chosen Hope. Finn asked if Douglas hadn't picked anyone at all. Steffy explained that the papers had already been signed and sealed with Hope and Thomas' signatures, but the judge had been shocked by Douglas' decision. Finn asked who Douglas had picked. "Me," Steffy said. Finn was stunned when Steffy said Douglas wanted to be a part of their family.

Steffy asks Finn if Douglas can live with them for a while

Steffy asks Finn if Douglas can live with them for a while

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn was stunned to learn of Douglas' decision to live with him and Steffy. "Is this for real?" Finn asked. While Finn seemed opposed to Douglas living with them, Steffy repeated that it was what Douglas wanted. Finn later explained that he didn't understand why Douglas would choose to live with them. He, too, had believed that Douglas would choose Hope and Liam.

Finn asked if Thomas had said or done something that could have swayed Douglas' decision. Steffy shook her head. Steffy told Finn that they needed to decide if Douglas living with them was even feasible. Steffy told Finn that Hope had been devastated by Douglas' decision. She added that Hope appeared conflicted about what to do because of a concern that any reaction could upset Douglas.

Steffy said she was not sure why Douglas hadn't picked Hope. "But my gut says, 'trust that,'" Steffy commented. Steffy again asked Finn what he thought of the idea of having Douglas live with him. "This isn't about Douglas needing a place to stay," Finn replied, adding that Douglas was not their son. Finn explained that he did not want their family to be interjected into any drama.

Later, while Steffy put the kids to bed, Finn thought back to his miraculous reunion with Steffy in Monaco. Steffy wondered if Finn might have been one of the reasons that Douglas wanted to live with her. "You're the kind of man people look up to [and] trust," she said upon returning to the room. When Finn repeated that he and Steffy were not Douglas' parents, Steffy suggested that if Douglas lived with them for a period of time, it would allow Douglas time to realize that he missed Hope and Liam and would rather live with them. Steffy asked Finn to think things over and hugged him.

In the cabin on Brooke's property, Hope continued to question how and why Douglas would choose to live with Steffy. She questioned why they had even bothered to go to court. Liam admitted that things hadn't gone their way in court, but he pointed out that things hadn't exactly gone Thomas' way either. Hope blamed herself for the situation. Liam reminded Hope that Douglas loved them. Hope continued to blame herself. "How did we agree to let him choose his own guardian?" she asked.

Liam said that it had been Thomas' idea to push the idea of allowing Douglas to choose where he wanted to live. Hope wondered if she and Liam were on the receiving end of "karmic payback" for being so confident that Douglas would choose them. Liam tried to downplay the idea of allowing Douglas to live with Steffy for a short time.

Hope admitted that a part of her wanted to ask Douglas why he'd arrived at his decision, but she said she was worried how that might come across to the boy. Hope and Liam agreed that Douglas needed to be their top priority. Hope, however, asked if they needed to "go blindly along" with what Douglas wanted.

Hope feared Beth would be crushed by the news that Douglas might not be living with them anymore. Liam vowed that their family would not be torn apart. Hope sobbed as she thought about the "giant hole" she felt in her heart over the prospect of Douglas living with someone else for the remainder of his childhood.

Liam insisted that he didn't want Douglas to live anywhere else, either, but he said that he had to allow it to happen. He explained that if they refused to honor Douglas' wishes, it could permanently damage their relationship with him. Hope nodded. Liam felt it would be only a matter of time before Douglas got homesick and wanted to return home. "What if he doesn't?" Hope asked. Hope said that she could not lose Douglas. Liam pulled his wife into an embrace to calm her.

Hope tries to stay strong as she says goodbye to Douglas

Hope tries to stay strong as she says goodbye to Douglas

Thursday, February 16, 2023

At Forrester, Thomas arrived in the CEO's office for the meeting he'd requested with Eric. Eric asked what it was about, and Thomas said he wanted a chance to make things right with the family. Eric stated that his life hadn't been turned upside down by what Thomas had done. Instead, it had been Ridge, Brooke, Taylor, Steffy, and Douglas' lives. Eric suggested Thomas start with those people. Thomas said he wanted to repair all the relationships he'd injured, but none more than with his son, who was the most important thing to him.

Later, Eric quizzically reacted to the news that Douglas had chosen to live with Steffy and Finn. Eric asked why Douglas had chosen that. "He has fun at their house?" Thomas guessed, noting that Douglas was mature but still a kid who wanted to have fun. Thomas couldn't blame Douglas after all the adult drama Thomas had caused.

Eric asked if Thomas was okay with the new living arrangement. Though Thomas wouldn't go that far, he said he was starting to see it as a benefit. He stated that Steffy was his sister, which meant he'd have full access to his son. Thomas knew that he had to win back Douglas' trust and said it would be easier if he had alone time with his son.

"Well, Hope has never kept you from seeing your son, has she?" Eric asked. Thomas stated that she hadn't thus far, and Eric exclaimed that she never would. Thomas reasoned that Hope didn't trust him and had Liam in her ear, disparaging him. Eric said Thomas was the only person to blame. Thomas concluded that his chances of winning Douglas' trust were greatly improved if Douglas was at Steffy's.

Eric noted that Steffy would act in Douglas' best interests, not Thomas'. Claiming he was counting on it, Thomas said it was in Douglas' best interest to have his father in his life. Eric agreed but warned Thomas against manipulating the child. Thomas said he wouldn't. In Thomas' view, Douglas' decision was a blessing in disguise because Douglas hadn't chosen either parent and would be in a place where Thomas could come and go as he pleased. "You can trust me. I will be there a lot," Thomas said.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was sad because it was the morning she'd lose Douglas. Liam reminded her that it was just a short stay with Douglas' aunt. Hope was hurting over it, but she refused to let Douglas see it or to burden him with her pain. Liam said that it made her a great mom, and her love would bring Douglas back home. Liam asked Hope to look at it as if Douglas needed a break and would have a great time with Steffy and Finn.

Hope wondered if she and Liam were doing the right thing by not fighting the judge. She said Douglas had told her that he'd picked them. Liam agreed that Douglas had said it. Wiping away tears and determined to respect Douglas' choice, Hope said she didn't want Douglas to see her like that. Liam said Douglas was human and needed a change of scenery. Liam promised that "this, too, shall pass."

Douglas entered the room with his bags. Hope handed him a book he'd forgotten, and he said he had something to say to Hope and Liam. Douglas said he didn't want Liam and Hope to be sad. Liam claimed there would be no sadness, but they'd miss Douglas. Douglas said it wasn't goodbye, and he just needed a change. He felt that it would be fun to live on the beach and said Finn might teach him to surf. He thanked Liam and Hope for understanding.

Liam said none of it worked if Douglas wanted to be somewhere else. Liam added that Aunt Steffy would take care of Douglas, and he'd have a blast. Hope said the cabin was always Douglas' home, and he could visit whenever he wanted. Douglas asked Liam not to let Hope be sad. He said he loved them both, especially Hope. They hugged, and Hope said she'd always love him.

At the cliff house, Steffy told Finn that she'd talked to Hope. Steffy guessed that Douglas was "eager" to move in and said Hope and Liam wanted to drop Douglas off that day. "Look, I know it's sooner than expected, and I said that I need to talk to you first," she added.

Finn asked if it was what Steffy wanted. Steffy claimed to desire happiness for Douglas, and she gathered that he wasn't with Thomas or Hope for whatever reason. Steffy assumed the child needed a break. Finn asked if anyone could blame Douglas with Thomas for a father, but Finn still didn't get why Douglas wanted to stay with them.

Hope called to inform Steffy that she would head over with Douglas shortly. Steffy asked if Hope was okay. Hope replied that she wasn't. Steffy suggested that Hope forget the legalities of it and keep telling herself that it was temporary, because when the novelty wore off, Douglas would want to go back to Hope, Liam, and Beth. Hope stated that it was what she was praying for.

Later, Steffy told Finn that Douglas' room was ready. She felt terrible for Hope, but Finn reminded her that it would be temporary because Douglas eventually would want to go home to Hope. "Yeah," Steffy said with uncertainty in her eyes. Admitting that the idea of Douglas living there had thrown him, Finn wondered how it would affect Kelly and Hayes.

Steffy said the kids loved their cousin. Finn wanted to make sure Kelly and Hayes felt secure and confident and that Douglas' presence didn't make them feel put out in any way. Steffy replied that it was what made Finn a good dad. She said they were lucky to have him, and Douglas would be, too. Steffy said Finn was a great man, and she was proud to be his wife.

Later, Hope and Liam arrived with Douglas, and Finn said Hayes and Kelly, who were with Amelia, would be excited to see Douglas. Steffy said Douglas was welcome there, but his home at the cabin was always there when he needed it.

Liam and Finn began to take Douglas upstairs to his room, but Douglas ran back to hug Hope and say he loved her. Douglas said he loved Hope, and she reminded him to be on his best behavior. She was sure he would because he was the best. He kissed her and rushed upstairs with the men. Steffy patted Hope's shoulder and guessed it was hard for her; however, Steffy was sure Douglas would want to return home.

Hope presented Steffy with a list of all of Douglas' favorite things to do and eat. Hope asked Steffy to make sure Douglas was careful around the cliff because he was older and more adventurous than Steffy's kids. Steffy said not to worry. Hope warned Steffy to watch out for Thomas, who'd already put Douglas through a lot. Steffy said Douglas was under her care, and she'd protect him as if he was her own. She promised it would be fine.

Hope tried not to cry, but she was sobbing. She said it was hard not to feel rejected because Douglas had chosen her once as his adoptive mother, and she and Liam had tried very hard to make him feel secure and safe after all of his loss and turmoil. "And for him to choose not to want to live with us and the family we have built stinks..." Hope uttered.

Wiping away her tears, Hope said it was temporary, and she had to respect Douglas' choice. Hope implored Steffy to take care of Hope's son, and the women hugged.

Steffy, Finn, and Thomas clash over Douglas

Steffy, Finn, and Thomas clash over Douglas

Friday, February 17, 2023

At Il Giardino, Taylor and Brooke ate a meal and discussed Hope's feelings about Douglas' move. Still in awe of Taylor's support, Brooke noted that being friends was a lot better than being rivals. The women told each other to imagine how it would have been if it had happened a year prior -- or even a couple of months prior. They promised that there would be no more Brooke versus Taylor. The women agreed that Douglas' well-being mattered the most, and they toasted to grandmas presenting a united front.

Deacon arrived in the dining room, exclaiming that the rumors were true about Brooke and Taylor. Pulling up a chair to their table, he said they should be proud of themselves. He wondered if they didn't have one catfight left in them because he'd never seen one between them. Taylor and Brooke put up their claws and hissed, and everyone laughed.

Brooke wondered if Deacon had spoken to Hope. When he said he hadn't, the ladies told him about Douglas' choice to live with Steffy. Brooke said Douglas had moved that day. Deacon didn't understand the choice, and Taylor said Douglas had chosen neutral territory instead of picking a parent. Upset, Deacon asked if Hope was supposed to let Steffy raise Deacon.

"For now, yeah," Taylor said and acknowledged that it was confusing for everyone. Brooke and Taylor said they'd chosen to stick together and keep harmony in their families. "Family," Taylor corrected, and Brooke repeated it, emphasizing the singularness of the word.

At the cliff house, Hope guessed she should text-message Thomas to say Douglas was in his new room. Steffy insisted that it was temporary. She figured it had been an easier option for Douglas than to choose between his parents, but he'd soon realize it wasn't his home.

Hope said she was trying to hold it together. Steffy thanked Hope for loving Douglas and being his protector and mother. Steffy vowed to fiercely protect him, too, and be cautious of Thomas.

Douglas rushed in with Finn and Liam, beaming about how he could see the ocean from his room. He said he and Kelly would look for pirates that night. Hope requested to see pictures of any sightings, and she reminded Douglas that she and Liam were a call away.

Later, Hope and Liam had gone, and Douglas was alone with Steffy and Finn. Douglas figured his choice had been a lot, perhaps too much; however, in his view, it had been better for him and his parents if he hadn't had to choose in the tug of war for him. He said he liked it at the cliff house and loved his aunt, and he hoped they didn't mind. Finn and Steffy said Douglas was welcome, and they were all family. Douglas and Finn went upstairs, and Steffy sighed.

At Forrester, Thomas checked his phone and told Eric that the big move was happening as they spoke. He figured that he could see Douglas whenever he wanted to at Steffy's. Thomas decided to go to Steffy's house, but Eric wondered if Douglas and Steffy were ready for that. Thomas said Douglas would love to see him, and Steffy wouldn't keep him from his son.

Eric suggested that Thomas call first. "To ask permission to see my own son?" Thomas asked. He said he'd take his chances because he wanted to surprise Douglas. Eric hoped things went the way Thomas wanted. Thomas said it could be the start of something amazing. Thomas imagined mending his relationships and returning to Forrester. Eric hoped Thomas was right.

At the cliff house later, Steffy was shocked when her front door opened. Thomas strutted in. She asked what he was doing there. Chuckling, he wondered why she had to ask. He said his son was living there, which meant he basically would be, too.

Steffy suggested that Thomas give Douglas time to adjust. She was trying to make the day as stress-free as possible. Asking if she thought he'd stress the child, Thomas said he was the boy's father. Steffy stated that Douglas had chosen to live with her, not Thomas or Hope.

Thomas said it had been a tough choice, and it had initially hurt him; however, Thomas had realized that it wasn't that bad. Thomas reasoned that if Douglas lived with Steffy, Thomas could see Douglas whenever Thomas wanted to. "Except you can't, Thomas. It's not how it's gonna be," Steffy said. Thomas asked if she was saying she'd keep Thomas from his son.

Steffy said she'd been thrust into her new role. She hadn't asked for it, but she was doing it. For her, part of the role was setting boundaries. "Boundaries, Steff? Come on," he replied. She told Thomas that he'd screwed up, and it had affected Douglas. There were consequences to that, and one was that Douglas had chosen to live with her. Thomas admitted that he'd made mistakes and hurt Douglas, but the best thing was for him to spend time with Douglas.

Steffy knew that Thomas loved Douglas but stated that things wouldn't get fixed overnight. She asked Thomas to be patient and trust that she was doing everything to keep Douglas happy and safe. She added that she'd also made a promise to Hope. Thomas asked what Hope had to do with it. He said all he wanted was to be with his son. Steffy replied that she was obligated to protect Douglas. "From me?" Thomas asked.

Steffy stated that Douglas and Thomas could have a rock solid relationship again, but she needed them to work through their issues. Frustrated, Thomas said he'd apologized over and over. He said he'd been kicked out of the family and the company, and on top of that, he was kicked out of his relationship with his own son. Thomas said he had thought she'd be on his side, but he noted that she was being the same way she'd been at work. He asked if she'd "CEO" his relationship with his son.

Finn entered, telling Thomas not to speak to his wife like that. Finn told Steffy that Douglas was upstairs with his headphones on, and Finn asked what was going on. Thomas stated that it was between him and his sister. Finn replied that Thomas didn't get to barge in and give orders. He said the sooner Thomas got that, the better. Finn suggested that Thomas leave before he caused a scene. Thomas replied that he was Douglas' father, who hadn't even gotten to see Douglas' new room. "And you're asking me to leave?"

Steffy echoed Finn, advising Thomas not to cause a scene or upset Douglas. Thomas asserted that he wouldn't allow her or Finn to keep him away from his son.

In Brooke's cabin, it was quiet when Liam and Hope arrived home. She claimed to miss Douglas already. Hope wished Beth was there, but Liam said they'd agreed to let the child be at her friend's house that day. He expressed pride in how Hope had handled herself in doing one of the hardest things she'd ever had to do.

Liam noticed Hope's worried look and reminded her that Steffy was capable. Hope knew Steffy was an amazing mother but said she was also a sister. Hope was worried about Steffy being careful with Thomas. Liam asserted, "She will be. She'd better be." Hope said Thomas had acted as if Douglas living at Steffy's house had given him an advantage, and that worried Hope.

Hope said the house felt too quiet for her, and she disliked seeing Douglas' empty room. Liam reassured her that Douglas would be back, and so would the noise and laughter. Hope said she was holding onto Steffy's promise to keep Douglas safe. Liam replied that Steffy would, especially from Thomas.

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