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An exciting dating opportunity cropped up for Brooke. Spurred on by Taylor, Deacon's bartender, Hollis, spent a romantic evening with Brooke. Sheila longed to be with Finn and Hayes, and Bill vowed to make it happen for her. Taylor attempted to mediate the feud between her children.
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Taylor tried to ease the tension between Steffy and Thomas. Bill promised to repair Sheila and Finn's relationship. Brooke's date with Hollis ended unexpectedly.
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Steffy stands her ground with Thomas

Steffy stands her ground with Thomas

Monday, February 20, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn declared that it would be best if Thomas left. Thomas noted that his son had just moved in there, and he hadn't been able to see the boy's room. Steffy said no one would keep Thomas from his son, but he couldn't have access to the child anytime he wanted. Thomas asserted that no one would keep him from his son, whom he loved.

Steffy claimed to be trying to set ground rules for Thomas' and Douglas' sakes. Though Thomas appreciated it, he said he didn't need his little sister telling him what to do. Finn said Thomas' name in a warning tone, and Steffy claimed she wasn't doing that. Thomas said it was one thing for her to throw her weight around at the office, but it wouldn't be that way pertaining to his son.

Thomas asked to see his son, but Steffy didn't want Douglas to be stressed out. Thomas didn't think it was a big deal, but Steffy claimed that she was trying not to make it one. Thomas felt as if Steffy was trying to keep him from his son, but Steffy stated that Douglas had had a big day with moving and needed space. She suggested Thomas call so they'd be more prepared.

Scoffing, Thomas asked if Steffy knew how painful it was to hear his son say he'd rather live with his aunt. Thomas had figured he'd still be a part of Douglas' life. Steffy replied that Thomas would be, but he'd created the situation. Finn added that Thomas couldn't blame Steffy for Thomas' poor decisions, and she hadn't made Thomas call "CPS" on himself.

Steffy said the family had wanted to believe that Thomas had changed, and they'd wanted to be on his side. Thomas replied that he was sorry for what he'd done, and he hated how things were. She advised him not to make things worse. Thomas asserted that he just wanted to see Douglas and say he loved Douglas, not take Douglas with him.

Steffy told Thomas to respect that it was a big adjustment for Douglas. Steffy claimed to be sorry Thomas was in the position he was in but said it was what he'd done. Thomas assumed she'd keep reminding him of that and putting up roadblocks to Thomas seeing Douglas.

Thomas explained that he'd tried to see the positive in Douglas living there, which was that he'd see Douglas whenever he wanted; however, Steffy was trying to call the shots, just like at work. Thomas said she was trying to kick him out of the company and keep him from his son. Steffy asserted that it was due to his own actions, and she was trying to do the best for Douglas.

Thomas doubted it would happen by treating him like a pariah. He said he needed his sister to welcome him back into the fold, not be a gatekeeper who barred him from his son. Thomas said he wanted to believe Steffy loved him, but he needed her help, not for her to be between him and his son.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Steffy, who'd checked on Douglas, said the boy hadn't had any idea that Thomas had been there. Steffy sensed that Thomas' resentment was about more than Douglas. She'd always sensed "this jealousy," especially after she'd become co-CEO with Ridge. Steffy said Douglas was her priority, and if Douglas had wanted to see Thomas, she would have been okay with it. Finn said they had to wait to see what Douglas wanted.

Steffy said Liam and Hope had done a great job with Douglas, and Steffy and Finn had to do the same. Steffy recognized that things were tough between her and Thomas, and the Douglas situation was making everything worse. Steffy said she loved Thomas and knew he could be the best father to Douglas. She hoped and prayed the day would come soon.

At Paris' apartment, Thomas flashed back over times with Douglas. Looking at a photo of himself and Douglas, Thomas uttered that they'd get back to where they'd been, and he'd be the father Douglas deserved.

At Il Giardino, Brooke and Taylor contemplated getting dessert. Their waiter, Paul, advised them to enjoy life. Turning to Brooke, he stated that a beautiful lady such as herself should definitely be enjoying life. He left to get menus, and Brooke and Taylor exchanged glances.

Later, Brooke decided to pass on dessert, but Taylor asked if Brooke meant the food or the waiter. Brooke became puzzled, and Taylor quipped that the waiter was serving up decadence to Brooke. Brooke replied that he was much younger than she was. Brooke figured the waiter was taking good care of them because of Deacon's instruction or because he wanted a good tip.

Brooke glanced at the waiter. He smiled, and she smiled back. Taylor fanned Brooke with the menu, and they giggled. Brooke figured the waiter-slash-bartender flirted with everyone, but Taylor replied that he hadn't flirted with her.

Brooke replied that a lot of men flirted with Taylor. Brooke named off Taylor's attributes, and Taylor joked that she was the friend with the great personality. Taylor complimented Brooke in return, calling her a free spirit who'd always followed her heart. Taylor concluded that it had to be the roadmap to success. Brooke said it had been a roadmap to heartbreak and trouble with Ridge at the center. Taylor said Ridge and heartbreak went hand in hand.

Paul returned to the table and asked if the ladies had been enticed. Brooke decided to pass on dessert. Taylor asked for the waiter's name. He said it was Paul Hollister, but all his friends called him Hollis. "Deacon doesn't," Brooke readily replied. Paul replied that Deacon was more of a boss, and Paul left to get the check.

Taylor said that "Hollis to his friends" was totally hitting on Brooke. Brooke seemed flattered but insisted that Taylor was reading too much into it. Taylor persisted, saying Hollis had been flirting. Brooke said she didn't want a man in her life, and Taylor had said the same thing. For Brooke, her friendship with Taylor was more than enough. Taylor had her hand on the table, and Brooke reached down and put her hand on it. Taylor agreed to back off. "We agree. Hollis is really cute! Cmon!" Taylor somewhat agreed to not force the dating idea on Brooke but then groaned and made faces about how cute Hollis was.

Brooke told Taylor that the offer to live together still stood. Taylor claimed to still be "noodling" it around in her head; however, she was leaning toward taking Brooke up on the offer.

Hollis returned with Brooke's credit card, but he said that, due to a glitch, her receipt hadn't printed. Handing her a pen, he asked for her number to text her the receipt. Brooke gave it to him, and after he left, Taylor cooed about him being a smooth operator. Brooke insisted that the number had just been for the receipt, which Hollis readily sent to her phone.

After Brooke showed the receipt to Taylor, another text message arrived on Brooke's phone. It was also from Hollis, who offered his number to Brooke "if she needed anything." Brooke asked what the emoji in the message meant. Taylor looked it up. It was the "smirky face" emoji, perfect for flirting. Brooke glanced at Hollis, and they exchanged smiles. Brooke looked away, embarrassed, and Taylor noted that Brooke seemed flustered.

Taylor attempts to mediate between her children

Taylor attempts to mediate between her children

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

In the cabin, Brooke discussed Douglas' move with Liam and Hope. Hope said it had torn her apart to drop Douglas off at the cliff house. Liam was proud of Hope for not letting Douglas see her pain. Brooke said it wouldn't be forever, Hope could see the child whenever she wanted, and he'd eventually want to return home. Agreeing, Liam replied that they had to remember that it was just a bump in the road.

Hope talked about how brave Douglas had been to move. They discussed how still the house was and how sad Beth would be. Liam told Hope that they'd get through it together, and the most important thing was that Douglas felt loved by everyone. Hope claimed to understand Steffy not wanting Douglas to feel rejected. Liam stated his belief that he and Steffy both thought the move would be temporary.

Brooke wondered how Thomas was handling it, and Hope said surprisingly well. Liam added that Thomas believed he had carte blanche at Steffy's house. Brooke thought Thomas was being presumptuous and asked about the possibility Douglas didn't want to see his father. Hope said Douglas loved Thomas but had been guarded with his father. Brooke warned that no one had better force Douglas to be around Thomas if he didn't want to be.

Liam didn't think anyone would but was sure Thomas would enmesh himself with Douglas by showing up with gifts and guilting Douglas into hanging out. Hope said she wanted Thomas and Douglas to have a good relationship, but at the time, Douglas needed a break. "From his father," Liam said. Hope replied that it was a break from everyone and all the pressure. Hope said she'd talked to Steffy, and she and Steffy were united. She said Steffy had sworn to look out for Douglas.

Hope and Liam talked about how the place wasn't the same without Douglas. They spoke fondly of Douglas, who was kind and a great brother. Brooke said Douglas was their son, no matter where he brushed his teeth. Hope admitted that Douglas had been insightful for not pitting his parents against each other. Liam reasoned that Douglas had listened to them talk about what was best for him, and it might be time for them to start listening. Hope said Douglas' needs had to be a priority. Hope wondered how Thomas was feeling and if he was on the same page.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy discussed who'd take Douglas to school on what days, and Finn expressed his disbelief they had three kids. Steffy believed it would only be temporary, and after Douglas started missing his mom, he'd beg to return home. Steffy complimented how Hope had taken the arrangement. Finn was worried that Thomas had seemed to make veiled threats.

Finn said that he hadn't wanted to overstep, but he couldn't let Thomas talk to Steffy the way he had. Steffy admitted that she hated what was going on and wished Thomas wasn't making it more difficult.

Taylor arrived, saying she'd heard that Douglas had moved in. Seeing Steffy's grim expression, Taylor asked what was going on. Steffy said it was Thomas. Steffy and Finn told Taylor about the unannounced visit and Thomas' feelings of betrayal. Finn said it wasn't that they didn't want Thomas to be with his son. Steffy claimed to be fine if Douglas wanted to see his father but said that, as his guardian, she had to be mindful of Douglas' well-being.

Taylor wondered if Thomas had to realize that. Steffy said he thought she was just controlling him. Finn stated that Thomas had pent-up jealousy and resentment toward Steffy, who was thriving, was cool with their parents, had a great marriage, and was co-CEO. Steffy said Thomas felt persecuted and shut out, but with three children, she and Finn had to look out for their family and Douglas. Taylor grabbed her phone. Steffy asked what Taylor was doing.

"Calling your brother," Taylor responded.

In Paris' apartment, Thomas was with Paris, trying to make sense of Douglas' choice. Paris figured it would still work to Thomas' advantage because, as he'd said, Steffy wouldn't run interference the way Hope and Liam had. Thomas said he'd been wrong.

Thomas brooded because his son had chosen to move in with his sister and her husband, who'd had the nerve to say that he couldn't see his son on the first day there. Paris asserted that Finn and Steffy should have some "sympathy" for how it affected Thomas.

Thomas received a call from Taylor, who asked him to meet at the cliff house to talk. He said it wasn't a good time, but upon her insistence, he said he was on his way.

After the call ended, Paris said it was a good thing that Taylor had called him over there. She said Taylor was an expert and could guide them to a place of understanding. Thomas replied that he needed to have a relationship with his son, but Steffy wouldn't let him. Thomas didn't even think Douglas had known his father had been there for support. He was adamant that Finn and Steffy wouldn't stop him from having a relationship with his son.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy was rolling her eyes about Thomas' impending arrival. She didn't think it would work. Taylor said that with Steffy's attitude, it might not. Steffy snapped that Thomas had better not order them around, and Finn asserted that Thomas would have to go if things got out of hand. Taylor said it wouldn't happen, and they needed to keep the peace in the family. Steffy scoffed, and Taylor said to do it for Douglas.

When Thomas arrived, Taylor hugged him and said she'd heard what had happened. "Their version of what happened?" he asked. Steffy scoffed. Taylor said she had faith in her children because they loved each other. Taylor missed their family and didn't want it pulled apart any further. She said they'd always be her babies, and she urged them to find the love.

Thomas asserted that he had a right to see his son, but Steffy yelled that there were rules. Whipping out his phone, he guessed he needed to make an appointment. Finn said Douglas had asked to be there, but Thomas stated that it didn't mean they got to keep him from his son. Taylor said that wasn't it; however, Thomas told his mother that they'd told him to leave without seeing his child, and it had come on the heels of Steffy pushing him out of the company.

Thomas said he was still suffering from the repercussions of what he'd done with the CPS call. He said he could see the disappointment on Taylor's face. Asking him to look again, she said he'd see concern, worry, and love. Taylor said she believed Douglas would want to go home eventually; Thomas and Hope would share custody again, but at the moment, "this" was Douglas' choice, not Steffy's fault. Taylor said Steffy was just taking care of Douglas.

Thomas stated that it was one blow after another. Steffy claimed she'd been loyal to Thomas for his whole life. Thomas told her that she'd been on a parent trap tirade for a year and had told him to do whatever it took to get their family together. "When I do, what do you do?" he asked. He said she'd kicked him out of the company and family and kept him from his son. He quipped, "Yeah, you're a beacon of loyalty, Stef."

Taylor wished she could heal the situation for her children, but she couldn't. She asked them if they really wanted the situation to tear them apart. In their silence, she said they didn't. She ordered them to reach down and find the love.

Sheila makes a stunning admission to Bill

Sheila makes a stunning admission to Bill

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

At Bill's house, Sheila thought of her last encounter with Deacon. Bill entered, noting that she looked upset. Wrapping her arms around him, she asked what she had to be upset about. She stated that she'd be a fool not to recognize how lucky she was to be with him. The two hugged.

Disbelieving her, Bill persisted in finding out what was going on with Sheila. As she stammered, he assumed she was bored or upset that he'd been working all morning. He desired to put a smile on her face. She said he didn't have to entertain her after all he'd done for her. He asked her to do something for him. "Gladly," she said. Bill asked Sheila to tell him what was upsetting her.

Chuckling, Sheila called Bill relentless. Bill replied that her reluctance to tell him was starting to concern him. Sheila told him that it wasn't him, and it would pass because she'd dealt with it. He replied that she wouldn't be there stewing if that were true. She replied that all her thoughts wouldn't be of sunshine, even though she was in the perfect place for herself.

Bill reminded Sheila that she was in a safe place. He said she was safe from the police, jail, and judgment. He stated that other people's opinions and rules didn't apply to them. He recalled that she'd gotten him to open up, and he intended to do the same with her because they didn't keep secrets from each other. She said he knew her so well, she couldn't if she tried.

"So why do it?" Bill asked. In the silence, he said he loved his own voice, but he'd rather hear Sheila's. She quipped that she didn't feel chatty. He said he was on her side, and he'd be understanding -- or at least try. Sheila admitted that there was someone she couldn't get out of her head, and it didn't mean Bill wasn't enough. Bill replied that it sounded that way.

Sheila told Bill that he was thoughtful and kind and had wanted to help her when others had thrown her away. She said all he'd asked for was honesty. She admitted that there was someone else whom she'd tried not to think about but missed terribly.

At Il Giardino with Deacon, Hollis said he had a special delivery to Forrester Creations. The order had asked him to specifically deliver it to Brooke Logan. Assuming Brooke had asked for Hollis, Deacon wondered what was going on. Hollis relayed that when Deacon had asked Hollis to look after Brooke's table, Hollis and Brooke had flirted a bit.

Deacon said he'd told Hollis to take care of Brooke, not to "you know, take care of her." Hollis said Deacon couldn't blame him; Brooke was a beautiful woman, and Hollis wondered what man wouldn't be attracted to her. Agreeing, Deacon reminded Hollis about Hope, Deacon's child with Brooke. Deacon appreciated Hollis being up-front, and Hollis asked if Deacon would have a problem with Hollis asking Brooke out. Hollis asked if it was out of line.

Deacon replied that he was the boss, not a life coach. Hollis replied that he'd just wanted to make sure Deacon hadn't had anything going on with Brooke anymore. Deacon admitted that he'd always have feelings for Brooke, but he was smart enough to realize that the ship had sailed. Hollis wondered if it was because Deacon was over it or had his sights on someone else. Hollis wondered about the hot redhead that had been there before.

Deacon instructed Hollis to hurry on to his delivery. Hollis was surprised to be rushed out the door at the mention of the redhead, but he promised to ask about her more when he returned. Deacon said there was nothing to tell. Hollis asked if Deacon really hadn't shacked up with a mystery woman. Deacon feigned shock, but Hollis said he'd had a feeling Deacon had had someone staying with him. Hollis hadn't wanted to be nosy, but he asked if he'd been wrong.

Deacon flashed back to Sheila cooking for him but denied he'd had a roommate. Deacon told Hollis to get going before he gave away Hollis' shift. Hollis quipped that he'd said that to Deacon in the past. Deacon said that things changed. As Hollis turned to leave, Deacon advised him that Brooke would always be about Ridge Forrester. "Like you said -- things change," Hollis replied.

At Forrester, Hope, Zende, and Brooke reviewed one of Zende's designs. Hope was surprised by it and said it was just the eco-friendly thing her line was known for. Taylor arrived. Taylor assured Hope that Douglas was fine, and the situation was temporary. Taylor said she'd arrived because she and Brooke had lunch plans. Brooke hadn't known about the plans, and the grinning Taylor said lunch would arrive from Il Giardino.

Brooke, Hope, and Taylor began talking about the flirting that had gone on between Brooke and a waiter at Il Giardino, and Zende took that as his cue to go. Hope told Zende to keep up his work because it was exactly what the collection needed. Once Zende left, Hope ordered Taylor to spill about the man sweet-talking Hope's mother.

Later, Brooke stated that Taylor was just playing matchmaker. Adding that she was also living vicariously, Taylor reminded Brooke that Brooke was single. Hope said Taylor was, too. Hope felt that she had to ask if Brooke would be with Hollis while Taylor purposely remained single for Ridge's return. "Honey, no!" Brooke replied.

Taylor said it was a fair question after all Hope had witnessed of the women. Taylor assured Hope that it wasn't who Taylor and Brooke were anymore. Brooke said that, even though it shocked others, she and Taylor had become dear friends with each other. Brooke said she wasn't sure anyone understood Brooke or what she'd been through more than Taylor.

Someone knocked on the door. Brooke answered it for Hollis, who strode in with the pizzas and a bag. He said he'd been excited to see Brooke's name on the ticket and that she'd asked for him. Brooke revealed that her supportive and nosy friend had placed the order.

Glancing around the room, Hollis decided that he knew why Forrester clothes were so beautiful. His eyes landed on Brooke, and he said there was a lot of inspiration there. Hope grunted, and Brooke introduced her to Hollis. He said Deacon was always bragging about Hope.

Taylor and Hope munched on bread, intently watching as, on the other side of the room, Hollis told Brooke he'd been thinking about her and wanted to see her outside of work. Brooke said that would be nice, and he asked for dinner that evening. "Dinner it is!" she replied, and he said he'd call with the details.

Hollis left, and Brooke exclaimed that Taylor had set her up. Taylor replied that she totally had. Hope didn't know whether to be offended or impressed that Hollis had asked her out in front of them. Taylor refused to apologize for setting her best friend up with a hot, younger man, and Taylor believed that the possibilities were endless that night.

Bill vows to repair Sheila's relationship with Finn

Bill vows to repair Sheila's relationship with Finn

Thursday, February 23, 2023

At Bill's house, Bill returned to the living room, apologizing because he'd had to step away to close a deal. He was ready to get right back into the conversation with Sheila and asked what was going on. Encouraging her to open up, he asked who was missing from her life.

Sheila replied that it was her son Finn. She didn't want to appear ungrateful for the life Bill had given her, but she wanted to share her good fortune with her son and grandson. She said her son wanted nothing to do with her and had slammed the door on her each time she'd begged. She knew it was because of her choices, but she'd hoped for compassion and forgiveness. She wondered if she'd ever have a relationship with her son and grandson again.

Sheila believed that Finn had once softened toward her, but she hadn't been able to be patient and had alienated her own son with the horror she'd inflicted on his family. She believed that Finn was the best thing she'd ever done, and Bill said it went to show that even people like Sheila and him brought good to the world. Sheila wanted to know Finn and Hayes. She believed she belonged with Finn and Steffy and would do anything for a relationship with Finn.

Sheila recalled that she hadn't had the connection she'd wanted with Finn. She said Finn once had looked at her with admiration, curiosity, and possibilities, but it had all turned to hatred. Bill said Sheila had carried Finn and given birth to him, which couldn't be discounted. Sheila said she didn't want to admit defeat, but she had to realize that she'd alienated her son.

Bill stated that he'd vowed to take care of Sheila and make her happy. He realized it wouldn't happen without Finn and Hayes. "So, I'm going to make a reconciliation happen," Bill said. She asked how. Bill told her not to worry about it and to just keep the faith. Bill promised to do whatever it took to reunite Finn and Sheila.

At the cliff house, Li visited Finn while Steffy was at work, and Amelia took the kids to the science center. Li asked how Finn felt about Douglas moving in. Finn loved having the helpful and fun Douglas around, and it was what Steffy wanted. Finn stated that because of Sheila, he'd become even more protective of those in his life, including Douglas.

Li said she didn't know how Sheila had gotten to Bill. Finn said Bill had been kind to Li but was just as ruthless as Sheila. Finn disclosed that Bill had helped Sheila with staying out of prison, but she wouldn't reach her goals with Finn. Finn said he would do anything to keep her away from his family.

Finn recalled a time when he'd wanted to give his birth mother a chance, but it had been before he'd experienced Sheila firsthand. He wouldn't give Sheila a second chance to hurt his family or expose Hayes to the danger Sheila represented. Li was worried because he was kind and compassionate, and Sheila was cunning. Finn was adamant that Sheila would never get near his family or be a part of their lives.

At Il Giardino, Deacon was anxious to know how Hollis' delivery had gone. Hollis revealed that Brooke hadn't requested him; Taylor had. Hollis offered to call his date with Brooke off that evening if Deacon had a problem with it. "Damn, dude, you move fast," Deacon replied.

Deacon said he'd always protect Brooke, but he felt he knew Hollis. Hollis assured Deacon that Hollis' intentions were far from frivolous. "I'm genuinely fascinated by her," he said. Hollis admitted that he'd been interested in Brooke for a long time, but there had been Deacon and Ridge to consider. Deacon said Ridge was always there to consider. Hollis guessed she needed a proper distraction. Deacon asked if it would be Hollis. "Why not?" Hollis asked.

Deacon was fine with it as long as Hollis wasn't trying to pick himself a sexy, wealthy, older woman, and Hollis respected Hope's mother. Hollis promised just to want to get to know her.

At Brooke's house, Taylor had set up a romantic dinner table in Brooke's living room. She'd done it because she'd talked to Hollis, who'd wanted to do something special. Brooke admired the scene, saying she'd forgotten how to do all of it. Taylor asked if Brooke remembered fun. Doing a dance, Taylor said it was just a date for fun.

Flustered, Brooke decided to cancel, but Taylor said it was just dinner. "With a much younger man," Brooke added. Taylor said it was part of the fun, and Hollis wasn't old enough to be a "Grumplestilskin." Brooke was worried that it had been a long time since she'd dated, but Taylor was confident that Brooke had it. Taylor said there were no obligations, and it was Brooke's house, Brooke's rules, and Brooke's life. It would be a new chapter for Brooke, in Taylor's view.

Evening arrived, and Brooke spun around in her black dress, asking what Taylor thought. Taylor cooed that Brooke was beautiful. Brooke was still unsure, but Taylor pumped Brooke up. Taylor said they'd had tunnel vision for Ridge, so the unknown seemed easier. Taylor promised Brooke could do it and would be glad that she did. Taylor asked for a call as soon as the date ended.

Hollis arrived, and Taylor yelled for him to enter. When he did, he took one look at Brooke and said he needed a moment to catch his breath. He thanked Taylor for her help with the evening, and Brooke offered him sparkling water. He said he'd pegged her for a sparkling water woman, and it was one of the many things he'd learn about her that night.

Taylor made her "third wheel" exit, and Hollis and Brooke toasted to the beginning of a friendship. Brooke uttered that it was all surprising to her. He admitted that he'd admired her for years for her beauty and all she'd accomplished in her life. He hadn't been able to act upon it because "you were with...Have I told you how absolutely drop-dead gorgeous you are in that dress tonight?" Brooke called him smooth, but preferring the word honest, he expressed excitement for where the night would take them.

Brooke and Hollis' date takes an unexpected turn

Brooke and Hollis' date takes an unexpected turn

Friday, February 24, 2023

After an exhaustive game of hide-and-seek with Beth, Liam and Hope sat at their dining room table to drink a glass of red wine. Hope again questioned why she had agreed to allow Douglas to choose his living arrangements. "Try not to worry about the things you know you have no control over," Liam offered encouragingly.

Hope decided to change the subject from Douglas to her mom. Liam was shocked to learn that Brooke was on a date. Before Liam could ask for details, Taylor unexpectedly showed up at the cabin door. Taylor shared that she had just left the main house after having helped set things up for Brooke's date. Taylor sensed that Hope was less than thrilled with the situation.

"If he's the right guy for her, then...sure," Hope said unenthusiastically. Hope shared her concerns about the age difference between Brooke and Hollis. Gleefully chirping that Brooke's life without Ridge had endless possibilities, Taylor asked Hope to try not to worry too much about Brooke.

Brooke and Hollis shared a laugh as they nibbled on their salads. Brooke admitted that dating was "all a bit strange" to her. Hollis told her that their date didn't have to be "awkward or strange," and he suggested that they focus on getting to know one another.

After Taylor left, Hope told Liam that she wanted Brooke to find happiness -- but she feared that Brooke was not yet ready to date. After some gentle prying, Hope admitted that she would have preferred that Brooke's return to dating be with someone that Brooke already knew... perhaps someone like Deacon or "even Ridge if he got his act together."

Hollis shared a story about a woman who'd thrown a drink in his face because he had served her club soda instead of soda. Hollis asked Brooke about her life and job. They moved the conversation to the sofa, and Brooke shared some tales from her modeling career. Brooke explained that that modeling had never been her chosen career path. She shared that her focus had turned solely to business. Hollis gently brushed Brooke's hair as she talked about her degree in chemistry. As they both said the word "chemistry," Hollis leaned in and gave Brooke a kiss. She kissed him back.

After several moments, Brooke pulled away and told Hollis that their night had been lovely. Hollis immediately picked up on Brooke's use of the past tense. Brooke called Hollis a "great guy." Sensing that he was about to be dumped on the first date, Hollis assured Brooke that he would never ask her to do something that she was not ready to do. Brooke shared that she was not sure that she was ready to date because she had entered a "strange time" in her life.

Hollis claimed to understand. He rose from the sofa and grabbed his jacket. Hollis said that he hoped to see Brooke again, even if it were only as friends. Brooke gave Hollis a hug. As Hollis left, Brooke appeared deep in thought about how the night had gone.

Later, Brooke headed to her bedroom and changed into a pair of purple silk pajamas. She heard Taylor call out to her, and seconds later, Taylor walked into the bedroom. Taylor shared that as she had been leaving the cabin, where Liam and Hope had been "dorking out" about Brooke's date, she had noticed Hollis' car driving away. Taylor wondered if something had gone wrong.

"It was a fun night," Brooke insisted. She called Hollis "exciting, sweet, incredibly sexy, and intelligent." Brooke shared the details of the "mutual" kiss she and Hollis had shared. Tears formed in Brooke's eyes as she explained that the woman she "used to be" would have seized the moment to do more than just kiss. Taylor apologized for pushing Brooke into the dating pool. Brooke questioned if her hesitation had something to do with not really knowing Hollis. "I've been with Ridge most of my adult life," Brooke remarked. Brooke confessed that the idea of having "random discussions with... random men" involved time and energy that she wasn't sure she had.

Taylor told Brooke that they were at the point in their lives where they wanted to "skip the whole getting to know you phase and [...] be with someone who knows exactly who we are and likes us, anyway." Brooke blurted out that she did not want to have sex with a man that she had just met. Taylor laughed and joked that the late Stephanie Forrester was somewhere doing "a happy dance."

Brooke asked if Taylor could imagine herself with a man other than Ridge for the rest of her life. Taylor shook her head. "So, that means we're just alone, and never getting to have that kind of affection ever again?" Brooke asked. Taylor said "no" repeatedly and pulled Brooke into an embrace. The two women wiped tears from their eyes. Taylor promised to be there for Brooke but said that she was not sure that she could accept Brooke's invitation to move in with Brooke.

Taylor suggested that she and Brooke pop some popcorn and watch some funny movies together. The two women laughed, tears still streaming down their cheeks, and they once again shared an embrace.

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