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Sheila confessed her true feelings about Bill and made an irresistible request of Deacon. Steffy and Thomas made up. When the numbers for HFTF slumped, Steffy decided that Hope could end the line or rehire Thomas. Bill's family remained frustrated about his connection to Sheila.
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Steffy took drastic measures to save Hope for the Future. Sheila showed Deacon that she missed him. Bill said Sheila would pay dearly if she betrayed him.
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Deacon makes a special request of Sheila

Deacon makes a special request of Sheila

Monday, February 27, 2023

At Bill's house, Sheila received a message from Deacon asking to see her urgently. Seeing that look in her eyes again, Bill assumed she was thinking about her son and grandson. Sheila affirmed it, but she felt that she'd blown it with them. She regretted what she'd done at Il Giardino. Bill promised to bring her and her son together. She said it seemed impossible. "Impossible is not a word I'm remotely familiar with," Bill responded.

In Bill's arms, Sheila proposed staying that way all day and night and pretending that there was no one else around. Bill said he didn't know how he'd tear himself away from her. They began kissing, and his phone chimed, alerting him of a conference call he needed to jump on. "I wish you were jumping on me -- again," Sheila quipped. She decided that it was okay because there was someplace else she needed to be. She thanked Bill again for all he'd done for her.

At Il Giardino, Deacon, who'd just met with a party planner, checked his phone. To himself, he urged Sheila to hurry up and get there. Hope arrived to give him a heads-up about Brooke's date with Hollis. Deacon revealed that Hollis had said Brooke wasn't ready to date. Hope figured that Deacon had to feel relieved due to his feelings for Brooke.

Deacon admitted that while he'd always love Brooke, that ship had sailed. Hope suspected that he had a new woman in his life. Deacon grinned, thinking of Sheila, and Hope concluded that she was right. He insisted that she was wrong, and the only commitments he had were to her and the restaurant. He said he might need her help for the grand opening.

Hope was sure it would be a success, but Deacon said it depended upon who would be there. Hope believed that it would be impossible to get a reservation there once the place blew up, and she asked who'd be at the launch. Deacon named Hope, Liam, and Brooke, and he hoped to have key people from Forrester. Hope offered to spread the word at work.

Talk turned to Douglas, and Hope said she was adjusting to life without him. Deacon was sure Douglas would be back. Hope replied that until then, there was the grand opening. She commended her father for manifesting his dreams. She figured all they had left to do was to find him a hot girlfriend to make his life complete.

In Deacon's apartment, Deacon straightened up and thought of playing nurse with Sheila on Halloween. Sheila arrived, upset because she couldn't keep taking risks to see him. Claiming it was important, he explained that he'd been thinking of when she'd said he was a loser who'd screw things up for him. It had hurt him because he'd always seen himself that way, but he'd asked her to meet him because he didn't believe it that time. He didn't think she did, either.

Deacon revealed that he knew Sheila had just said those things to keep him at bay. Sheila was worried about Bill finding out about her and Deacon. Deacon insisted that she knew he wouldn't rat her out. Sheila asked why he persisted in trying to see her. He replied that he wanted her to be part of the good things happening to him. Sheila said he knew it wasn't possible.

Deacon stated that he'd discovered his passion and found something fulfilling after all those years. Sheila was happy for him and loved seeing him lit up. Deacon told her that he needed her to be at his opening party. She rolled her eyes, saying they'd just talked about the risk. Deacon said the restaurant was his chance to be somebody, and it was because of her.

"Me? Why me?" Sheila asked. Deacon stated that he was the man he was because of Sheila, who'd given him the kick in the butt he'd needed to do it. He said he just wanted to share it with her, even if he could only see her across the room. He asked her to say she'd be there.

At Forrester, Finn and Steffy kissed on his break from the hospital. Glad he'd picked her over squeezing in an hour of sleep between shifts, Steffy said she couldn't concentrate on the budget because her thoughts were consumed with Sheila and Bill. Finn said he had been thinking about Sheila, too, but he felt that their hands were tied. Steffy said they'd protect Taylor at all costs, but they had to find a way to put an end to Sheila.

Steffy asserted that she'd go to the police in an instant to rat out the judge Bill had bought if it wouldn't put Taylor at risk. Steffy figured they had to open Bill's eyes, but Finn said Sheila's crimes seemed to turn Bill on. Steffy said there had to be something Sheila wouldn't see coming, and it was time to get Sheila out of their lives once and for all.

Hope arrived. She thanked Steffy for text-messaging her about dropping off Douglas and about keeping her in the loop. Hope didn't want to interrupt, but Steffy said they'd just been talking about Sheila. Hope thought it was a shame that they had to live on high alert. Steffy said she and Finn figured it was a matter of time before Sheila snapped.

Hope didn't know how Bill, or anyone, would have feelings for Sheila. Hope asked how Finn and Steffy planned to stop Sheila. Steffy said they didn't know, but they were determined to get control of the situation. No longer wanting to discuss Sheila, Steffy asked, "Do you have any food? Do you have anything from, like, Il Giardino?" Hope said the kitchen wasn't open yet.

Finn expressed how grateful he and Steffy were for what Deacon had done that night. Hope brought up Deacon's grand opening and said it would mean a lot to her father if Finn and Steffy attended. Steffy asked if Brooke would be there and if Hope wanted her parents together. Hope said Deacon had admitted that that ship had sailed. Steffy asked if Deacon was interested in someone else. Hope explained that Deacon was focused on his restaurant. She hoped her father found someone stable, who ground him.

Taylor counsels Thomas and Steffy about family

Taylor counsels Thomas and Steffy about family

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

At Deacon's apartment, Sheila declined Deacon's invitation to the grand opening. Deacon figured she feared losing her freedom if she gave in to her feelings for him; however, he claimed not to be asking for that. Sheila said it was impossible for her to attend. He replied that the impossible was her specialty, and he really wanted to share his accomplishment with her.

Later, Deacon and Sheila laughed, talking about the night he'd spent with her while she'd been in disguise. He still couldn't believe that he hadn't known it had been Sheila. He said it was "funny now," but it had been life-and-death back then. She asked why he'd taken her in if he'd been so afraid. "You know the answer to that," he replied.

Sheila claimed that she'd stayed there because she'd been in hiding, but Deacon contended that it had been because she couldn't give up their passion and connection. Deacon believed there was something special about her. He said he'd never been with a woman like her before.

Sheila said that Bill had told her that, too. Though she was touched by Deacon's feelings, she said she couldn't be at the grand opening. Deacon guessed it was because of Spencer. "Yes. Because of Bill," Sheila replied. Deacon said he'd thought she was with Bill for her freedom to do as she pleased and not to be tied down to a loser like Deacon.

Sheila admitted that she'd said the hurtful things to spare herself and Deacon pain and possible jail time. Deacon asked if he should thank her for insulting him. Sheila said she didn't deny that they'd had good times, but it couldn't be that way any longer.

Deacon claimed he didn't want to screw it up for Sheila or cause Bill to send her back to prison. Deacon wanted her to be safe and happy. She said she wanted the same for him. Deacon asked her to make sure Bill was good to her because she'd given up a lot to be with Bill.

Agreeing, Sheila wished Deacon luck with his opening. He said it wouldn't be the same without her. He gave Sheila a long hug. Sheila left, but on his porch, she shed tears.

At Bill's house, Wyatt and Liam were frustrated, trying to talk sense into their father about Sheila. Wyatt's phone rang with an important business call, and Bill insisted that Wyatt take it. While Wyatt was away, Liam said he was there to also talk to Bill about his threats against Steffy and Finn. Liam stated that Bill could put Sheila away but had to back off his threats first. Bill told Liam to move on because he hadn't invited his children there to bash Sheila.

Wyatt returned and asked if Liam had made any headway. Liam asked what Wyatt thought. Wyatt yelled at Bill, saying there was no way he could trust Sheila Carter. Bill refused to explain his relationship to his sons, but Wyatt was offended that Bill didn't think he had to tell them how Sheila had become the most important person in his life.

Bill replied that Sheila wanted him and accepted him for who he was. "For how long and for what purpose?" Wyatt asked. Wyatt insisted that no one would trust Sheila Carter. Liam and Wyatt asked if Bill was hearing them. Bill said he was, but Sheila wouldn't betray him. Liam and Wyatt asked if Sheila would go back to prison if she did.

At the cliff house, Taylor sat in a chair, watching Steffy lug a basket around the room and clean up toys. They discussed how hectic things had been in Steffy's life. Steffy said Sheila was very much on her and Finn's minds, HFTF wasn't doing well, and Finn had been on call a lot. Taylor was sorry things were so hard. Steffy said she missed Finn, and he was worried about her being alone with Sheila on the loose.

Steffy admitted she wanted to strangle Bill for the position he'd put them in, and she was determined to see Sheila behind bars. Taylor wondered if Bill was really in love with Sheila, but Steffy said that would make him more delusional than Sheila. Steffy was determined to find a way to get Sheila out of their lives once and for all. Taylor believed the whole family needed to pull together.

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Steffy scowled at her mother. Thomas entered, and Taylor admitted that she'd called him over there. Figuring that they hadn't found the love yet, she said she couldn't ground them, but she could annoy them. She asked if they wanted the situation with Douglas to pull them further apart.

Later, Thomas and Steffy sat on opposite sides of the sofa as Taylor attempted to mediate between them. Steffy said she felt as if she'd had to be responsible for her and her brother. Thomas said he'd tried to talk, but Steffy wouldn't listen. Steffy quipped that his issue was that she wouldn't do what he said. Thomas claimed he hadn't been unreasonable. Taylor said to tell it to his sister.

Looking at Steffy, Thomas apologized for going too far for their parents' reunion. He knew she didn't want to hear it again, but he admitted that he could get hyper-focused and make mistakes. Thomas said he was hurt that it had affected Douglas and that Douglas was living there. Thomas didn't like feeling disconnected and exiled from his family. He said it was also motivating because he knew that if he'd messed it up, he could be the one to fix it.

Thomas revealed that he'd been seeing a therapist. He said he wanted to be a better father, son, and brother. He figured he didn't have a right to ask, but he didn't think he could do it on his own. He said he needed Steffy and asked her to give him another chance.

Taylor prompted Steffy, saying it was her turn. Steffy asked what made Thomas think that time would be different. She was dismayed by what he'd done to their parents and his son. She asked how she could believe Thomas was really ready to change. Thomas said he loved his son, and that was why he'd gone to court. He stated that Douglas had chosen to live with Steffy, and if Thomas wanted that to change, he had to change.

Steffy claimed not to want to cause Thomas pain. She said she loved her brother and had spent her childhood looking up to him; however, they had to be adults. She didn't know how long it would take or if they could repair the trust, but she didn't want to lose her brother after losing her sister. Steffy asserted that Thomas needed to do better. She stated that she was willing to give him another chance.

Thomas assured Steffy that she wouldn't regret it. Taylor told him not to promise anything. Taylor advised her children that their family fell and broke, but they also rose and overcame. She asserted that she'd always believe in her children, and their family was a force to be reckoned with; no one could break their bond. "We are the Forresters," Taylor said and hugged them.

The future of Hope for the Future is in jeopardy

The future of Hope for the Future is in jeopardy

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A smiling Steffy returned home to the beach house, happy that she and Finn finally seemed to be finding some sort of routine amidst all the chaos in their life. Finn, who greeted her with a mug of coffee and a kiss, remarked that he was surprised that having Douglas living with them did not appear to add to the level of chaos. Steffy and Finn shared the different ways that Douglas had been helping, be it tying Kelly's shoes or getting himself ready for school. "I love a kid who's willing to roll up his sleeves," Finn commented.

Steffy shared that she was worried about Hope. With each day that passed with Douglas living with them, Steffy feared that it would hurt Hope more and more. The conversation was interrupted when Finn received a phone call about needing to check in on a patient. When the call ended, Finn told Steffy that he wanted to finish their discussion before he headed to work.

Steffy told Finn about the challenges the Hope for the Future line had faced since Thomas had been booted out of the company. Eric and Zende, she explained, had not been able to replicate the "edgy and sophisticated" vision that Thomas had created and that the customers wanted.

At the hospital, Li dropped by Finn's office for a surprise visit. Li told Finn that his hard work and dedication had been noticed by others in the hospital. She suggested that it would not be long before her son was head of his department. Finn downplayed talk of a promotion.

Liam returned from dropping Beth off at school. Hope was relieved that Beth did not seem to be negatively impacted by Douglas' absence. Hope admitted that she'd been putting on a "brave face" for everyone but was privately hurting terribly. "This, too, shall pass," Liam told Hope. Hope wasn't as optimistic.

Hope also expressed her frustration with the way others had been reacting to her pain. "I am so tired of people bringing up the fact that I am [Douglas'] adoptive mother like that should change anything," she growled. Liam promised that there was "not a chance in hell" that Douglas would stay at Steffy's permanently. Until then, though, Liam assured his wife that Steffy would see that Douglas was cared for and loved.

Liam asked Hope if anything else was bothering her. Hope rattled off a litany of things that weighed on her mind, including Sheila and the struggles that the Hope for the Future line had been facing. Liam told his wife that he was there for her to lean on.

At Forrester, Carter walked into the executive suite and found a present and a card with his name on it. He opened the envelope and found a handwritten note from Eric congratulating Carter on his tenth anniversary with the company. "You remain one of the best decisions we ever made," Eric wrote in the note on behalf of himself, Ridge, Steffy, and everyone at Forrester.

Carter reflected on his time at Forrester Creations. As he did, Eric quietly entered the office and congratulated Carter in person for his ten years with the company. After making a joke about not wanting to slack off, Carter and Eric sat down to look over the marketing budget.

Eric glanced over the numbers for a moment before telling Carter that he was not looking forward to talking about "the Hope for the Future issue" when Steffy arrived. As they perused the numbers, Carter explained that every department was "flourishing" -- except for Hope for the Future, which continued to "underperform."

When Steffy arrived, she greeted "Mister Ten Years" with an embrace. Carter thanked Steffy for the engraved clock they'd given him. After some small talk about Steffy having another child in the house, Carter handed Steffy a folder and announced that the Hope for the Future line was starting to cost Forrester money. Eric tried to shoulder some of the blame for the line's problems, but Steffy and Carter insisted that Eric should not blame himself.

Steffy announced that a decision would need to be made without regard for personal feelings. Carter said that the fashion line was "wrapped in [Hope's] identity -- it's how she sees the world." Eric added that the line had always had a "message of empowerment and positivity." Steffy curtly replied that what had worked for the line in the past was no longer working.

The door to the office swung open, and Hope stepped inside. She apologized for showing up early and said that she had not known that Steffy would be having a meeting. As Hope was about to leave, Steffy asked that Hope join them. Eric handed Steffy a packet of papers with Hope for the Future's latest numbers. Hope explained that Hope for the Future was "in transition" and trying to find its footing again. Hope insisted that patience was necessary until a new lead designer could be found to help turn the numbers around.

"We can't allow Hope for the Future to continue bleeding like this," Steffy replied. "It's not sustainable, and it's not good for business," she explained. Steffy insisted that action needed to be taken immediately. A panicked Hope asked if Steffy was planning to scrap the line.

Steffy gives Hope difficult news about HFTF

Steffy gives Hope difficult news about HFTF

Thursday, March 2, 2023

At the cliff house with Taylor, Thomas was glad to be semi-welcome there to see his son. He thanked Taylor for all her "meddling" to make it happen. He said he was in therapy and trying to win back everyone's trust. Sure that he would, Taylor said her children were not each other's enemy, and the only enemy was Sheila Carter.

Thomas acknowledged that he'd done terrible things, including making the CPS call. He said that allowing him to be around Douglas was a big step. Taylor received a message from Steffy asking for Taylor and Thomas to go to Forrester.

In the CEO's office, Hope and Steffy were alone after Carter and Eric had left to give the ladies time alone to speak. Hope asked what they knew that she didn't.

Later, Hope was explaining to Steffy that HFTF was in a transitional period but would get back on track. Steffy claimed that Zende and Eric's specialty was couture, and it needed to be their focus. "Hope, it's been months now. We can't go on like this much longer," Steffy said and announced that she was considering pausing HFTF. Though Steffy hadn't spoken to Ridge, she didn't think the numbers looked good.

Hope insisted that she could get the numbers up, but Steffy remarked that Hope had issues with the new design team. Hope stated that Zende was more than capable, and Eric had agreed to remain involved. She said they were just getting started and were already into the next collection. Steffy claimed it was just business, based on declining sales. Steffy didn't want Zende and Eric splitting their focus on HFTF and couture.

Hope asserted that HFTF was about more than clothes; it was about the community and the messaging. Steffy said she wasn't suggesting that they cancel it, but they had to pump the brakes unless they figured out a solution. "Like what?" Hope asked.

Steffy got on the phone and asked someone to send "them" in. Taylor and Thomas arrived and asked what was going on. Steffy said it was time to decide what would become of HFTF. Steffy explained that the downward trajectory of the numbers had proven that HFTF only excelled under one condition. Hope asked what that was.

Noting that Hope's fans adored her, Steffy said the problem wasn't Hope; it was that Hope needed a creative genius. Steffy claimed that Eric and Zende's work had been amazing, but it hadn't been the right fit. Steffy felt they needed a designer who couldn't be duplicated, and if HFTF were to succeed, its designer needed to be Steffy's brother.

Steffy told Thomas that he seemed ready to redeem himself; he was seeing a therapist, and she believed he regretted interfering in people's lives. Steffy believed he'd learned his lesson and shouldn't be punished anymore. Steffy believed that they'd all paid the price for his absence. Steffy said Thomas was no longer exiled, and he was welcomed back. Claiming that it wasn't totally up to her, Steffy said it was her recommendation that Thomas return to HFTF.

Taylor squealed, and Thomas stated that he'd waited months to hear Steffy say it. He promised not to let anyone down. Hope expressed her confusion, saying Steffy and Thomas hadn't been speaking. She added that, not long before, Steffy had wanted to forge ahead without Thomas.

Taylor gladly took credit for intervening. Steffy said her mom had forced them to make up, and Steffy had said she'd give Thomas another chance -- if Hope agreed to it. Believing that Thomas was the key to saving the line, Steffy asked if Hope would allow Thomas to return to HFTF.

At Il Giardino, Liam arrived at Deacon's behest. Deacon said he was worried about Hope and wondered what Thomas had been thinking to ask a kid to decide where he wanted to live. Guessing it could be worse, Deacon reasoned that the child could be living with Thomas. Liam said Thomas shouldn't be trusted with anything, let alone a human. Liam added that Hope was also worried about her line. Deacon, who hadn't known the line had been struggling, asked how bad it was.

Liam didn't know but couldn't imagine it was that terrible. Deacon added that the line had been killing it forever. Liam said the line had gone through an adjustment period, and some turbulence was expected when changing designers. Deacon remarked that it hadn't been the same without Thomas, but Liam said Thomas' return to it would be out of the question.

At Bill's house, Sheila noted that Bill was quiet. He said he had a lot on his mind, and she guessed she had to work harder to keep his attention. She asked if he was ready for another round of fun. Bill claimed to always be ready, but he had a meeting. She remarked that work was taking all his energy, but he replied that he had plenty of energy for her. Kissing her, he said he was all hers, and she was all his.

Later, Sheila asked Bill what he was thinking about. "How pretty you are," he replied. She claimed to be serious, but so did he. He said what she saw was what she got with him. She concluded that she liked what she saw. Glad, Bill stated that he'd given more to her than anyone else, including his ex-wives and family, and he'd sacrificed a lot for their relationship. Sheila said she'd be forever grateful for all he'd done for her.

Later, Bill got a call from his guard announcing Liam's arrival. When Liam entered the house, Sheila said, "Hey, Junior." Liam flashed a look, but Bill reminded Liam that he was named after Bill. Sheila decided to leave on some errands.

Liam said he'd never get used to seeing Sheila Carter there. Bill said he did his own thing and blazed his own trail, which Liam should be used to. Liam replied that he didn't know Bill or what version of Bill would be around on a given day, and it wasn't a good thing. Bill stated that he didn't care what anyone thought anymore. Liam asked if he cared about his son's feelings, and he said the renegade thing was off brand for even Bill.

"You're blackmailing Steffy now. Steffy," Liam added in a hushed tone. Liam said they knew what she meant to Bill, and Liam asked why Bill was allowing himself to be manipulated by a criminal like Sheila. "I know you didn't have the best childhood," Liam said. Putting his hand up, Bill warned Liam against analyzing his father and said Liam might not like the results.

Claiming that he wasn't analyzing or judging, Liam said he couldn't do nothing. Liam was scared for himself, Bill, and the family. Liam asked how they could get Sheila out of Bill's life.

At Deacon's place, Deacon sat alone, thinking of Sheila. Sheila arrived, and surprised, he said he'd thought she'd said goodbye forever. "Maybe I didn't mean it," she uttered.

Sheila makes a passionate request of Deacon

Sheila makes a passionate request of Deacon

Friday, March 3, 2023

At Forrester, Taylor beamed about how good Thomas' return was for everyone's healing. Thomas asked if Hope would take him back as lead designer. Steffy said his and Hope's collaboration couldn't be duplicated. Steffy expressed a willingness to forgive him and work with him but made it Hope's call. "But without Thomas, there's no Hope for the Future," Steffy said.

Hope, who said she'd do almost anything to save her line, was confused because Steffy had talked Hope out of rehiring Thomas weeks back. Steffy claimed the wounds had still been fresh, and they hadn't been ready to work with him. Steffy said Thomas was making changes for the better. She said she was confident in his capability, but only if Hope was willing to work with him again.

Thomas claimed that he'd respect any decision Hope made, even if it meant ending HFTF. Hope asked how many times she could let him set her up to be disappointed and hurt. Apologizing, Thomas said things had been painful for him, and he'd realized that he needed to work. He said he needed an adrenaline rush in his life, and he asked what bigger rush there could be than to return to save HFTF. Hope scowled.

Thomas said he couldn't take back what he'd done, but he could move forward and earn Hope's forgiveness. He begged her to let him earn it. Steffy and Taylor decided to leave, and once they'd gone, Thomas said he'd do whatever it took to win back Hope's trust. Hope reminded Thomas that she'd been rooting for him and wanting it to happen; however, there was a difference between wanting it and it being a reality.

Hope said she felt blindsided by everything from the numbers to the decision before her. Thomas admitted he did, too, and said he'd had no idea Steffy would ask him to return to the line. "Save the line," Hope corrected, adding that Steffy would cancel it without him. Thomas asked if there was any way it could happen. He praised their working relationship, saying the press called them the future dream team of Forrester. He asked if she'd let it die or keep HFTF alive.

Hope said that she needed time to think about it. She said there might be another way or another designer, but Thomas said Steffy had stated that she'd get rid of the line unless Thomas returned. Hope asked how many more times she could try to trust him. Thomas was sorry for it and promised to be the type of person she could respect and Douglas could look up to. Hope wanted it for Thomas, but she was tired of believing it. Thomas claimed there would be no more schemes, just a man doing his best to be his best. "Can we do this together?" he asked.

In the design office, Taylor excitedly said she believed that Hope would agree. "If she wants her line to continue, she'll have to," Steffy responded. Taylor was very glad Steffy was doing it. Steffy thought Ridge would agree with her decision. Taylor said Steffy wasn't just doing it for business, but it was also for the good of their family. Steffy said she wanted to believe Thomas intended to do better, and Taylor replied that because of her brilliant daughter, he would.

Taylor thanked Steffy for finding the love and believing in Thomas. Steffy stated that they needed Hope to do it, too.

At Bill's house, Liam admitted he didn't know how to help Bill and asked if Bill was just lashing out. "Me? No. But the rest of you sure are," Bill uttered. Liam contended that they were trying to save him, but Bill asked who said he needed saving. Bill felt fine and liked the direction in which he was going.

Liam asked if the direction was "Psychoville" or "Self-Destruction Junction." He reasoned that there were plenty of non-murdering women out there. Bill asked if those were women like Brooke and Katie who wanted to change him and would reject him if he didn't conform. Liam wanted to find someone for Bill to talk to. Bill said he'd found her; he just hoped she felt the same about him.

Liam wanted to believe that the "fiery, arrogant ass we all love" was still in there. Bill said he'd been there the whole time. Liam asked how Bill knew Sheila wasn't playing him. Bill asked if Liam really thought Sheila was playing Bill. Liam told Bill, "There is somebody out there for you, Dad. We'll find you a nice dirty librarian. You know, somebody who's kinky but not a murderer."

Bill stated that when he returned from work, Sheila had whiskey in hand. She'd listen to him, and he could open up with her. He hoped she'd do the same with him. He stated that he'd be good to Sheila as long as Sheila was good to him.

Liam took that to mean there could be an end to it, but that meant it could be a bad end. Bill said Sheila was enjoying the freedom he'd provided. Liam deduced that she'd be a fool to betray Bill. Liam asked what would happen if she was messing with Bill in any way. "She'll pay," Bill said, "and pay dearly."

At Deacon's place, Sheila said she'd tried to concoct a reason for being there, but in truth, there was no reason other than she'd just needed to. "I need you," Sheila admitted. She said she missed Deacon. He reminded her that she'd said it was too risky. "More and more, I think it's worth the risk," Sheila uttered. Deacon said he was right; Sheila had feelings for him, and if she'd risk returning to prison, those feelings were a lot stronger than what she had with Spencer.

Sheila stated that there was no comparison. She admitted that living with Bill Spencer was driving her crazy. Deacon smugly chuckled, saying he'd never bought it. He told her that he'd been confused and twisted up about it.

Sheila explained that she and Bill were good together on paper, but he'd become too emotionally aware. She couldn't take Bill talking about feelings and asking her to do the same thing. She was happy Bill was getting something from her, "but seriously? He wants to know each and every thought that I have?" Deacon quipped that she'd apparently tamed the beast.

Deacon said he'd bought that Sheila and Bill had been hot and heavy. Sheila replied that they were, and Bill had said he'd never been with a woman like Sheila. Deacon asked if Sheila was attracted to Bill. Sheila replied, "Every time that I'm with him, I close my eyes and think of you" She stated that she thought of Deacon's lips and Deacon's touch.

Deacon grinned, and Sheila said it turned him on. She revealed that Bill ignored a lot of things and was not as adventurous as Deacon. Deacon asked her to spare him the details. Sheila said she'd wanted to tell him that for a long time. He reminded her that Bill held the ticket to her freedom. Sheila said it was why she had to make it work, but if she hoped to survive the relationship with Bill, there was something she needed from Deacon. "Anything," Deacon replied.

Sheila ripped open Deacon's shirt, tossed him against the wall, and passionately kissed him.

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