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Finn saved Sheila despite Li's dark advice to let Sheila die. Taylor and Brooke promised to put their friendship before Ridge, but a lingerie-clad Brooke dropped her robe after dinner with Ridge. Hope seduced Liam to chase away her Thomas fantasies. Katie and Bill shared a kiss.
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Finn saved Sheila despite Li's dark advice. Ridge and a lingerie-clad Brooke nearly kissed. Hope daydreamed of Thomas. Katie and Bill shared a kiss.
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Katie is overcome with emotions for Bill

Katie is overcome with emotions for Bill

Monday, April 3, 2023

In Sheila's room at the hospital, Sheila was flatlining. The incredulous Finn and Steffy gazed at Li. A nurse held out the defibrillator paddles, but Li didn't take them. When Finn took the paddles, Li cocked her head and said, "Let her die."

The nurse announced that the defibrillator was down, and she left to get another set of paddles. Li seethed that Sheila had shot Finn and left Li for dead. Finn gazed at Steffy. Just then, the nurse returned with a fresh set of paddles. Li mouthed the words, "Let her go."

Finn brushed Li aside and began performing life-saving measures on Sheila. Sheila continued to flatline, and Finn sent the nurse for more supplies. Outraged, Li asked what he was doing. Finn replied that Sheila was a patient. "She's evil," Li declared. In Finn's silence, Li looked at Steffy and said Steffy didn't want "this."

In Steffy's silence, Li implored Finn to think of his life without Sheila. Wordlessly, Finn continued working with the nurse until Sheila's vital signs returned. Li asked, "Why, Finn, why?"

As Finn gazed at Li, Sheila went back into cardiac arrest. Finn sprang into action and brought Sheila back again. The nurse left to alert the pulmonary team, and slowly, Sheila regained consciousness. She uttered that her son had saved her, and he loved her.

Finn, Steffy, and Li strode into the corridor. Steffy and Finn were still disconcerted by what had happened, and Li was still asking why Finn hadn't let Sheila die. Finn said he'd never forget what Sheila had done to Steffy or tried to take from their children. He acknowledged that he'd had a chance to rid them of Sheila, but he hadn't been able to do it. Steffy said she understood and loved him. The two hugged, and Li slipped back into Sheila's room.

Inside Sheila's room, a police officer cuffed Sheila to the bed and said he'd be right outside. In the bed, Sheila heard Li command her to open her eyes. Sheila looked at Li. Li said Li's son had saved Sheila, but Sheila would rot in prison until it was time for her to "rot in hell." Sheila lurched at Li, but the shackles held Sheila in place. "Who's laughing now, Sheila?" Li asked.

At the mansion, the confused group Ridge and Bill had gathered was full of chatter as Ridge and Bill tried to explain their collaboration with the FBI to get rid of Sheila. Eric asked if Ridge really expected them to believe that Bill had gotten into a relationship with Sheila and turned against everyone else he knew in order to entrap her.

Katie recalled that Bill had professed his love for Sheila over and over. Regretful, Bill said there hadn't been any other way. Ridge added that, to convince Sheila that it had been real, Bill had needed to convince everyone that it had been real. Ridge begrudgingly said, "This man is a hero."

Bill revealed that he didn't feel like much of a hero. Taylor asked how long it had been going on. Ridge quipped that it had been too long. He said that they all had wanted Sheila out of their lives, and the only way to accomplish that had been to get Sheila to admit to first-degree murder. Gasping, Brooke asked who they thought Sheila had killed. Bill and Ridge explained that they suspected Sheila of murdering Dr. Garvin, her therapist, and a guy named Lance Day.

It didn't make sense to Taylor, who said Sheila had already been in custody. Taylor saw no reason for Bill to get Sheila out of jail if he hadn't been in love with her for real. Taylor asserted that Steffy and Finn's testimony would have put Sheila away for good, but Bill had interfered.

Although Bill agreed with Taylor, he noted that Sheila would not have been put away for life. He theorized that Sheila would have gotten ten years, give or take. Bill said he'd needed to protect not just everyone in the room, but also the children -- Will, Kelly, Beth, Hayes, and Douglas. Bill admitted that it had been torture to make them all doubt him and hate him; however, he insisted that it had needed to happen in order to protect the children's futures. "We had to protect their futures, and that's what we did," Bill said.

Bill apologized to Taylor for all he'd put her through. Brooke asked if Ridge had known what Bill had been doing. Ridge said that it had killed him to be in the basement with the FBI, losing time he'd never get back with his kids and "you guys," but Ridge felt it had been nothing compared to the sacrifice Bill had made.

Ridge asserted that he had "so many problems" with Bill -- like the fact that Bill dressed like a pirate who had gotten lost in the mall. However, Ridge hailed Bill as a defender of his family and loved ones. Ridge stated that Bill was fiercer than anyone Ridge knew.

Bill told everyone that he'd thought it would take weeks, but it had wound up being the longest months of his life. Donna asked if it had worked. Ridge affirmed it, saying it was all on tape. Ridge further explained that Sheila had then escaped, but the authorities had apprehended her at Il Giardino. Donna asked why Sheila would go there. Ridge and Bill exchanged glances, and Ridge said Sheila had probably been trying to throw people off.

Stephen shook Bill's hand. To Ridge, Stephen said he couldn't amply express his gratitude or how sorry he was for doubting Ridge. The men shook hands. Donna hugged Bill.

Later, Ridge found Taylor at the back of the room. She said she'd thought he'd been out soul-searching. She thanked him, and he told her that all of it was over. Taylor nodded, but when he emphasized "all of it," she became quizzical. Ridge revealed that his new best friend, Bill, had cut a deal to exonerate Taylor for the shooting. Taylor gazed at Bill, who was still by the stairs, and he nodded at her. Taylor and Ridge hugged.

Brooke approached Bill to call him a sneaky and wonderful man. She hugged him and thanked him for what he'd done. Katie and Bill exchanged gazes.

Eric thanked Bill and Ridge and asked everyone to make a show of gratitude. Everyone in the room cheered, and Donna hugged Bill again. In slow motion, people shook Bill's hand, and then Taylor hugged him. Brooke and Taylor found Ridge, who asked if his secret agent skills had turned them on. They giggled and joked about it, and he asked if they'd missed him at all.

Eric interrupted to announce that he'd serve Champagne on the terrace. Everyone left the house except Bill and Katie. Katie told Bill that he'd lied to her every moment and made her believe that he'd been in love with a monster. Katie asked if he had any idea of what it had done to her to think that he'd been lost.

Bill said he was sorry and that he loved Katie and his sons. He said he hadn't wanted to hurt her, but he hadn't been able to tell anyone. Emotional, he revealed that the worst part of it had been making everyone believe that he'd let them down, especially her. Bill ripped off his necklace and said it had all been an act, but it was over.

Katie slapped Bill across the face and pulled him in for a kiss. She told him that he was maddening and frustrating, but there was no one like him. She gasped at the extraordinary lengths he'd go to and cited that "this one" was really crazy. She admitted that it was why she'd left him, but it was also why she loved him.

Brooke and Taylor refuse to let Ridge get between them

Brooke and Taylor refuse to let Ridge get between them

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

At Steffy's house, Ridge was telling Steffy and Finn about the secret sting against Sheila. They were stunned to hear that Bill had been playing Sheila. Ridge explained that Baker had had a feeling that Lance Day and Dr. Garvin's deaths had been at the hands of Sheila, and that was why Bill had set out to get her to confess. Ridge stated that Sheila had admitted to one of the murders, but the other had supposedly been an accident. Finn asked if Ridge believed that.

Ridge replied that they only needed one murder to put Sheila away. Steffy asked about the blackmail regarding Taylor, and Ridge revealed that Bill had made a deal to get Taylor exonerated. Steffy was relieved and asked if it meant they never had to look over their shoulders for Sheila again. Ridge claimed that they were safe.

Steffy and Finn guessed that explained the security outside Sheila's hospital room. They'd assumed it had been Bill's security team, but Steffy had thought it had been odd that the love of Bill's life had been alone at the hospital. Finn was grateful to Bill and Ridge for making sure Sheila would be locked away. Ridge replied that they could move on with their lives.

Later, Ridge asked for Finn's professional opinion about Sheila's heart attack. Finn maintained that it had been real, and Sheila would have died. Steffy said Finn had saved Sheila. "Really?" Ridge asked. Steffy added that Li hadn't wanted Finn to do it. Finn elaborated that Li had refused to treat Sheila, and Li had asked him to refuse, also, and just let her die.

"You thought about it, didn't you?" Ridge asked. Finn admitted to hesitating on whether to honor his oath as a doctor or let the monster plaguing his family die. Ultimately, he hadn't been able to do it because Sheila had been a patient in need of saving. Steffy said that was the man she loved. She also loved Ridge, who'd sacrificed to keep them safe.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Steffy and Finn discussed how they'd known something had been off with Bill, but they never could have guessed what he'd really been doing with Sheila. Steffy said she felt as if she could breathe again, and Finn replied that the threat of Sheila was finally gone.

Finn's face darkened, and he said Sheila could have been totally out of their lives if he'd listened to his mother. Steffy replied that it wasn't who he was; he was a healer who saved lives, not ended them. She asked him not to second-guess himself because he'd done the right thing. She felt lucky to be married to a man like him.

At Eric's house, Brooke returned to the living room after talking to Donna and Eric elsewhere in the house, and Taylor, who'd been on the phone with Steffy earlier, updated Brooke on Sheila surviving her heart attack. Brooke figured that there was a lot for them to discuss -- including Ridge's return.

Taylor and Brooke agreed that Bill and Ridge had been an unexpected pairing -- more unexpected than Brooke and Taylor. Taylor remarked that Ridge had taken action to keep them all safe, but Bill had done all the dirty work. Brooke noted that Bill had lived with Sheila and slept beside her. Taylor exclaimed that she'd love to get Bill on her couch to see how it had affected him mentally. Brooke doubted Bill would get on the couch and talk about his feelings.

Taylor suggested that she and Brooke do something for their heroes -- like throw them a "Batman and Robin" party. Liking the idea, Brooke guessed Ridge probably had some things to say to her and Taylor. Taylor agreed but said she wanted to keep it separate from what she and Brooke had built. Their friendship was important to Taylor, and she said she didn't want to lose it.

Taylor remarked that there had been "Bridge" and "Tridge," but "Braylor" was the end game. Brooke agreed, saying it was what she'd wanted to talk about. Brooke stated that they'd have to be careful and protective of their relationship because Brooke couldn't imagine going forward without Taylor in her life.

Agreeing, Taylor said the trust they'd developed was special. Brooke called their connection rare, especially after they'd spent so much time opposing each other. They swore to never fight each other over a man again. Taylor remarked that they each had unresolved issues with Ridge, but their friendship was solid. They made a pact to be friends until the end.

"So, what's going on here?" Ridge asked as he entered and heard Brooke and Taylor giggling. Greeting Ridge, Taylor said they'd get to that after they discussed Sheila's heart attack. Ridge replied that Finn had brought Sheila back, and Taylor stated that they were lucky to have a good man like Finn as their son-in-law.

Brooke and Taylor wondered how Ridge was doing. Ridge said he was tired after all the time he'd spent holed up in the bunker. He was ready to get back to some type of normalcy and figured he'd stay at Eric's for a while. The entire time he spoke, Taylor and Brooke kept exchanging glances, so Ridge asked what was going on between the women.

Brooke replied that something had happened in Ridge's absence. "No way," Ridge said with a titillated tone. Taylor and Brooke admonished him for his thoughts and announced that they'd grown close. They insisted that nothing would change their bond, and they were choosing their friendship over their feelings for Ridge. "What are you telling me?" Ridge asked. Brooke and Taylor proclaimed that they were best friends, and friends came first.

At Bill's house, Bill was with Liam, Wyatt, and Hope, and Liam asked how long it had been going on. Bill explained that after he'd reunited Steffy and Finn, but Sheila had gotten away, Bill had known she'd keep cropping up. Claiming he'd never bought the bear-mauling story, Bill said he'd devised a plan to rid them of Sheila forever.

Hope, Liam, and Wyatt were amazed that Bill and Ridge had teamed up. Bill said it had been essential to get Sheila on a charge she couldn't beat or get released early on -- murder one. Liam was amazed that Bill had gotten Sheila to admit to first-degree murder.

Wyatt questioned what exactly had gone on between Sheila and Bill, surmising that Bill had done anything he'd had to do, even disregarding his family. Bill insisted that if his family hadn't bought it, Sheila might have run or stabbed him in his sleep.

Wyatt asked if there had been romantic nights and cuddle sessions by the fire. Liam quipped that he was getting physically ill. Wyatt insisted upon knowing how far Bill had had to go. Bill replied that he'd had to go as far as Wyatt could imagine and even further than that to get Sheila to buy his devotion. "You -- you took one for the team," Wyatt stammered. Bill said he'd given it his all, and Wyatt decided he needed a drink.

Bill received a call from Baker, who let Bill know that Sheila had had a heart attack. "Who knew she had a heart?" Bill joked after relaying the news to his family. Hope said Bill certainly had one in order to go through what he had. She didn't know how to thank him for keeping them safe, especially the children.

Hope was actually afraid to believe they could let their guard down, but Bill asserted that they could believe it. Liam was proud of Bill and humbled by his sacrifice. Liam said he'd never loved Bill more than at that moment. Bill replied that he'd missed seeing love and admiration in their eyes. Becoming emotional, he stated that it was good to be home. Wyatt and Liam hugged Bill and teased him for being misty. Bill motioned for Hope to join the hug.

Liam shows up at Forrester and finds Hope on top of Thomas

Liam shows up at Forrester and finds Hope on top of Thomas

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

At Il Giardino, Liam and Wyatt ate and joked about Bill sleeping in that morning. They guessed Bill was probably glad not to be sharing his bed with Sheila, and Wyatt asked if Liam could imagine what the pillow talk had been like. " Not to mention the things he had to do," Wyatt added. Liam was glad they didn't have to ever worry about Sheila again, and Wyatt replied that Liam could focus all his attention on Thomas.

Liam wondered if it was all in his head and if Thomas had really changed. Wyatt asserted that Liam didn't believe that any more than Wyatt did. Liam replied that everyone else seemed to believe it, and Hope had been telling Liam how the therapy seemed to really be working. Liam added that Hope claimed to have seen the changes in Thomas in real time.

Wyatt assumed Liam believed that Hope was just seeing what she wanted to see. Liam wondered whether Ridge would rescind Steffy's decision to bring Thomas back to Forrester. Liam shared that he'd tried to be supportive because he didn't like putting Hope in the middle, but Liam was uncomfortable with Thomas and Hope spending hours and hours working together, sometimes well into the evening.

Wyatt asked if Hope knew how Liam felt about it, but Liam wondered how she couldn't know. Liam stated that Hope was focused on making HFTF viable again, which meant putting in the hours. Wyatt was sure Thomas was more than happy to put in the hours with her. Liam asked if Wyatt thought Liam was being too controlling or overbearing.

Wyatt said he believed that Liam was simply protecting his wife from someone he didn't trust. Liam said that he totally trusted Hope. Wyatt said it was Thomas who was totally incapable of change. Hopping up from his seat, Liam decided he was going to Forrester to see for himself if Thomas' obsessive behavior was really a thing of the past.

In the CEO's office, Thomas strode in and saw Ridge sketching at the easel. Thomas murmured that before he and Ridge got into anything, Thomas wanted to say that it was great to have Ridge back. He added that Bill and Ridge's plan to protect the family from Sheila had reminded Thomas of how great it was to be Ridge's son. "And you're back," Ridge pointedly responded.

Thomas reported that Steffy had rehired him. He was sure Ridge had heard what had gone on with Hope's line. Ridge said Thomas' design skills hadn't been what had gotten him thrown out. Thomas asserted that the part of him that had gotten him thrown out was gone for good.

Thomas understood why Ridge was leery -- it was because Thomas always promised to get better but always wound up making the same mistakes. Thomas said the amazing thing about it was that Ridge had always been there for him and forgiven him.

Thomas called himself an idiot for calling CPS on himself. At first, he said he didn't know why he'd done it, but changing his mind, he figured it had been because Brooke had said something to threaten his relationship with his son. He had acted out without thinking, and he'd also wanted his parents to be together. Not wanting to focus on the past, Thomas said he aimed to become a son Ridge could be proud of and to never let Ridge or Douglas down again. Thomas admitted he didn't want to let down his mom or his sister, either. " Or Hope," Ridge added.

Thomas explained that the success of the line depended on Hope being able to trust him, and he believed they were actually getting there. Ridge replied that designing together meant he and Hope had to spend more time together. Thomas insisted that it was for the success of the line. He claimed he didn't have the feelings for Hope that he'd once had. He said he'd changed -- he'd become a better person, and he knew it because he could feel it.

Ridge was glad to hear it because he didn't want to be estranged from his son. Thomas desired to make a promise, and he felt he could make good on it. He wanted to prove to everyone that he could be a better man and to prove to Ridge that he could be a son worthy of pride.

In the design office, Hope and Brooke discussed how amazing Ridge and Bill's sting operation had been. Hope wondered how Brooke and Taylor's relationship would fare with Ridge back in town. Brooke revealed that she and Taylor had informed him that they would put themselves and their friendship first. Happy to hear it, Hope said she respected the decision.

Brooke stated that in the past, she'd always felt that she'd needed a man, and it had always wound up being the wrong man. Brooke claimed that she wasn't saying Deacon had been the wrong man, but the relationship had been problematic. Brooke was happy Hope hadn't been drawn to "the bad boy" like Brooke had been.

Claiming that Hope was comprised of the best parts of her, Brooke expressed pride in Hope's morals and principles. Brooke was also proud of Hope's loyal and committed marriage, adding that she sometimes wondered how Hope was even her daughter.

Brooke began to get down on herself and said Stephanie had called her a Slut from the Valley for a reason. Hope asked her mother to stop. Hope said she hated when Brooke beat herself up like that. Brooke said she was just glad Hope wasn't like her, desiring the wrong man at times.

The topic turned to whether Liam had accepted Thomas' return to the line. Hope said that Liam was trying. Brooke guessed that meant Liam wasn't so happy about it. Hope believed it would change because that time, there was nothing to worry about. Understanding where Liam was coming from, Brooke said she had her reservations, too, "but if he acts professionally..."

Hope insisted that Thomas would behave. "Good, because you know you can't cross the line," Brooke said. Hope's mouth dropped open. Brooke clarified that she didn't mean Hope. "But Thomas, he is a bad boy, and you, my precious, sweet daughter, don't like the bad boys, unlike your mother." Hope flashed an incredulous, almost offended look at Brooke, who continued, saying if Thomas acted inappropriately, then he had to go.

Hope stated that she knew it. She guessed she was an eternal optimist. In her view, things had been going well, and it was the most excited she had been about her line in a very long time.

Thomas arrived, ready to do a fitting. Thomas offered to let Brooke stay and take notes, but Brooke left to check in with Ridge.

After Brooke left, Thomas gestured to a dress hanging on a changing screen and asked if Hope liked it. She said she loved it and couldn't wait to try it on. She took the dress behind the screen, and when Thomas wasn't looking, she glanced back at him.

Later, Hope showed off the dress she'd put on, and Thomas asked what she thought. She said she felt elegant, gorgeous, and sexy. He replied that it was all the things he'd been aiming for. Thomas asked Hope to step onto the riser for a moment while he checked something. Hope flashed him a strange look, and he asked if it was okay. She said it was okay if he needed to make adjustments. Her stomach seemed to flutter as his fingers trickled over her waist. He made an adjustment and asked if it was better. She agreed that it was.

Thomas called the gown perfect. Agreeing, Hope said everything was perfect. She was glad that they had been so in sync on the collection, and she was really happy to have him and his vision back on Hope for the Future. She wished everyone else felt that way. She wished Brooke and Liam could understand Hope and Thomas' working relationship.

Hope said she just wanted it to be clear that Thomas' past feelings wouldn't cause any problems during things such as a close-quarters fitting. Thomas insisted that it would be fine, and they were merely working together. Hope replied that she'd told Liam that, but "this" was what Liam was worried about. Thomas was confident that nothing would happen. Hope asked if he was sure and if there were no thoughts entering his head. He claimed that he was sure.

Gathering her dress together to step off the platform, Hope said that it was good, because her mother had a thing for bad boys, but she did not. Just then, Hope misstepped and collided with Thomas. He fell backward onto the couch. She landed on top of him. The split in her dress exposed her leg all the way up to her thigh. As they gazed at each other, the door to the office opened, and Liam entered. "Hey! What the hell is going on here!" Liam yelled.

Back in the CEO's office, Brooke was in the office with Ridge, still hailing him as a hero. Ridge stated that Bill had sacrificed a lot. Ridge changed the topic to Thomas and said it seemed like Thomas' relationship with Hope was going well. Brooke guessed that Ridge had to be happy about that. Ridge stated that he wanted his son to succeed, and Hope and Thomas were a dynamic team.

Hope becomes troubled by her own fantasies

Hope becomes troubled by her own fantasies

Thursday, April 6, 2023

In the design office, Liam commanded Thomas to get his hands off Liam's wife. Thomas raised his hands in the air as if he was under arrest. Thomas and Hope tried to explain that it wasn't what it seemed, but Liam was talking over them, saying it was exactly what he'd been worried about. Shoving Thomas, Liam warned the "sick son of a bitch" to never touch Liam's wife again.

Liam ordered Thomas to leave. Thomas replied that his name was on the building. "I don't care! Get the hell out!" Liam screamed, and Thomas abruptly left the office. Alone with Hope, Liam yelled that he couldn't do it. He'd tried to be supportive, but he didn't feel he deserved to see what he'd seen. He asked how much he was supposed to take.

Hope tried to say it wasn't what Liam had thought. Hope clarified that she'd lost her balance on the riser, and she and Thomas had both fallen. Hope was upset that Liam thought she'd really put herself in that position. Liam asked if she really didn't get how it had looked. She replied that it looked like she had a husband who didn't trust her after all those years.

Hope said Liam had jumped to the craziest conclusion because he'd decided that Thomas was incapable of change. Mimicking a helpless person, Hope said Liam thought she didn't know how to handle herself around Thomas. She said Liam talked about what he'd had to endure, but she wondered about what she'd had to endure and about the trust she'd had to put into him after everything he'd done in the past. She asked if they could talk about that.

Liam replied that he'd always maintained that it wasn't Hope that he didn't trust. He conceded that it might have been innocent that time, but he was positive that "it's a-coming" unless Hope said enough was enough. She asked if she was supposed to lose her line because "my husband -- " Cutting her off, Liam asserted that he didn't trust Thomas, and she shouldn't, either.

Liam yelled that Thomas had known that Beth had been alive, but he'd said nothing as he'd watched them grieve. Liam said that was how far Thomas had gone to have Hope. Liam declared that Thomas was and always had been demented.

Hope insisted that Thomas wasn't "that man," and Hope was upset that her word carried no weight with Liam. She said she'd told Thomas that he'd be gone if she saw him backslide. Hope didn't think Thomas would do it because Thomas had changed, and the time they spent together was professional. The real problem, in her view, was that Liam didn't believe her. She asked why that was. Liam replied that it was because she kept finding new reasons to invite Thomas into her life. "Why do you do that? Why do you do that?" Liam asked.

Hope didn't know why she had to remind Liam that she'd been put into the position of rehiring Thomas. Liam said he understood that HFTF meant everything to her and that it was her baby and legacy. Liam emphasized that it was Hope's -- not Thomas'. Hope said Liam knew that Steffy had threatened to pull the line. Liam called that just an obstacle. He believed Steffy had been smart enough to know that there were other designers; however, Thomas just happened to be the brother Steffy was loyal to. Liam insisted that Hope didn't need Thomas.

"Yes, I do," Hope uttered, "because 'we' are Hope for the Future now." Liam asked Hope not to say that. Hope replied that it was a working relationship, not personal -- just business. Liam asked if they could just go home. Hope replied that it was the middle of the day, and she still had work to do. "With him?" Liam asked. Hope affirmed it. "Okay," Liam bit out and abruptly left.

In the CEO's office, Taylor and Steffy expressed their pride in Ridge for the plan that had put Sheila away -- although Taylor hadn't been a fan of the entire strategy. Taking Taylor's hands, Ridge said he was sorry for the heartache she'd gone through. Steffy grinned at her parents. Taylor said the ends justified the means, but Steffy noted that Sheila wasn't exactly behind bars yet. Ridge asserted that prison was Sheila's next stop.

The topic turned to Ridge's conversation with Thomas earlier. Even though Ridge believed it would take time for things to heal, he was glad that Thomas was back at Forrester. Ridge was surprised that Thomas was on HFTF, though, because of how Liam felt about Thomas.

Thomas arrived, and noting his demeanor, his parents asked if something was wrong. Unsure, Thomas described what had just happened when Hope had tumbled upon him, and they'd fallen on the couch together in time for Liam to see Hope on top of Thomas. Thomas explained that, blinded by hatred, Liam had ordered Thomas to leave. Thomas claimed that the old him wouldn't have just left.

Ridge asked if Liam hadn't even let Thomas explain. Thomas replied that because of the past, he couldn't fault Liam. Steffy asked Thomas to promise that it was completely innocent. Thomas affirmed it, and he hoped Hope could convince Liam of it. Thomas didn't want it to cause issues in their marriage. Steffy said Liam's fears might convince Hope to take Thomas off HFTF.

Agreeing, Thomas hoped that Hope could get Liam to see the situation for what it was. Taylor said it was a "Hope and Liam situation," something Thomas couldn't control. Taylor said that Thomas' family believed in him and had his back. "We got your back," Ridge repeated. Adding that Thomas was on the right path for the first time in a long time, Ridge advised his son not to let Liam or Hope throw it off balance. "You can do this," Ridge cheered.

Thomas said Ridge's encouragement meant the world to him, and he never could have made it that far without the faith of his family. He admitted that he'd been a "wretched" person. He said he'd had to let go of the ways he'd been and realize that it didn't define him. He said it wasn't who he was. His family had shown him that he could be much more. He told Taylor that she was the glue that held the family together. "Team Taylor?" Ridge asked. Thomas replied that Taylor wouldn't say it about herself, so Thomas had to. "Team Taylor," Thomas affirmed.

Ridge noted that Thomas seemed different and said it was as if the little boy was gone. Ridge saw maturity. Agreeing, Thomas said he felt different. He promised to make them all proud, including Hope. Taylor said he'd already made Taylor proud. The four of them hugged.

Back in the design office, Hope thought about what Brooke had said to Hope earlier about feeling like she'd needed the wrong man. Hope then thought about what Liam had just said to her about Thomas being demented. She thought of how she'd felt when Thomas had touched her stomach, and she remembered her mom saying she didn't like the bad boys.

"Hope, are you okay?" Thomas asked. She snapped out of her thoughts, and Thomas told her that he'd gotten the reviews in. "The Forrester dream team has done it again. Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester fit and complement each other perfectly," Thomas read. He said every review was positive. Hope replied that he didn't know how much she needed to hear it.

Thomas said that it was because of her, but she insisted it had been due to him, too. They agreed that they couldn't have done it without each other. Thomas said she'd given him another chance, and he had an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm and gratitude, which he owed to her. Hope said they made a great team, despite what Liam or anyone else said. "We can do this. We got this. I know we do," Hope uttered and gazed at Thomas, leaning in for a kiss.

With a start, Hope snapped out of it and asked what was going on with her. She gazed at a picture of herself and her mother.

Brooke and Ridge's dinner is filled with temptation

Brooke and Ridge's dinner is filled with temptation

Friday, April 7, 2023

Hope sat alone, thinking about her daydream of kissing Thomas. She was roused from her fantasy when Brooke returned to the living room. Hope said that she and Liam would not be joining Brooke for dinner because they needed "some alone time." Brooke worried that something had happened between Liam and Hope and implied that Thomas might somehow factor into that perceived trouble. Hope nervously insisted that there was nothing going on with Thomas.

Liam returned to the cabin and found it bedecked in candlelight. Hope greeted him with a glass of wine and shared that she wanted some alone time with Liam so that they could "reconnect." Hope revisited her change of heart about working with Thomas, a decision she said she had made when she had been "presented with some hard truths." Liam understood that Hope's decision had been strictly a business decision.

Hope vowed to use "every minute of the rest of the evening" to show Liam how much she loved and appreciated him. They kissed. Just as they vowed not to discuss Thomas for the rest of the evening, Hope's mobile phone lit up with an incoming call from Thomas. She silenced the phone and refocused her attention on Liam.

Hope kissed Liam passionately. They became peeling off their clothes. When Hope opened her eyes to look at her husband, she saw Thomas standing before her. Hope shook her head as Liam asked her what was wrong. Hope pulled Liam back in for another kiss.

Thomas dropped by the cliff house to visit with Steffy and Taylor. Thomas made a comment that Finn never seemed to be home, but Steffy explained that "life being married to a devoted doctor" often meant not seeing her husband as often as she would like. Taylor pointedly asked how Steffy felt knowing that Finn had saved Sheila's life.

"I can't imagine how overwhelming that must have been for Finn," Taylor marveled. Steffy replied that Finn had to "fulfill his duty as a doctor" and that there was nothing more to his decision to tend to Sheila's medical needs. Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas all took turns expressing their happiness and relief that Sheila was incarcerated. Thomas questioned why Taylor wasn't with Ridge. Taylor claimed that she had no interest in catching up with Ridge, and she noted that Ridge was having dinner with Brooke.

Steffy and Thomas gently probed for additional details about Brooke and Taylor's decision to not be involved romantically with Ridge. "We're putting our friendship over feelings," Taylor explained. Taylor clarified that Brooke and Ridge would not be having a "cozy dinner for two" because Liam, Hope, and the kids would all be there.

Thomas called Brooke's feelings for Ridge "pretty intense." Taylor reiterated that she and Brooke had made a promise to each other that involved "honesty and integrity" where Ridge was involved.

When Ridge arrived for dinner at Brooke's house, Brooke told him that they'd be dining alone. "I'm happy to have you all to myself," Brooke said with a smile. As they enjoyed dinner that Brooke had ordered from Il Giardino, Brooke praised Ridge, Bill, and Deacon's work to take down Sheila. Ridge asked Brooke how Liam had been coping with Thomas and Hope working together. Ridge was stunned when Brooke agreed with his assessment that Thomas had changed. "I'm being cautiously optimistic," she said with a slightly chuckle.

Brooke mused that Ridge's welcome home gift was her not cooking for him. "We all know that cooking is not my talent," Brooke said. Ridge shared his regrets about how their relationship had fallen apart. Brooke thought back to a time when R.J. had been little and had made them breakfast in bed. The food, they remembered, had been fine. However, R.J. had decided to use liquid dish detergent in the dishwasher, and the kitchen had filled knee-deep with suds. As they laughed, Brooke and Ridge both admitted that they'd missed each other. "We'll always have our memories, our incredible memories," Brooke beamed.

Brooke and Ridge stared longingly into each other's eyes. They moved ever-so-closer to one another before Ridge announced that it was getting late. He told Brooke that she could go to bed, and he would finish up his wine and show himself out. The two had a near-kiss. Brooke told Ridge goodnight and headed upstairs. She stopped midway up the steps to look back at Ridge before continuing on her way.

Later, Brooke, clad in a baby blue negligee, returned to the living room and was shocked to find that Ridge was still there. Ridge claimed that he seemed to have dozed off. He took a look at Brooke and asked, "You sleep in that?" Brooke said that she did. "Lucky sheets," Ridge quipped.

Brooke told Ridge that she had been thinking about how nice it was to have Ridge under the same roof. "I miss you," Ridge whispered. Ridge leaned in for a kiss. Brooke told Ridge that she and Taylor had "made a pact," a pact that she wanted to honor. "So, you and I... we can't," Brooke said. They embraced and again locked eyes.

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