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Hope accused Brooke of trying to seduce Ridge, but Brooke sensed Hope's anger was really about Hope's feelings for Thomas. As Liam sought reassurance about Thomas, Hope struggled with her intrusive thoughts about Thomas. Hollis put himself out there again for Brooke.
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Hope accused Brooke of trying to seduce Ridge. Brooke sensed Hope had feelings for Thomas. Liam sought reassurance about Thomas.
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Hope scolds Brooke for flirting with Ridge

Hope scolds Brooke for flirting with Ridge

Monday, April 10, 2023

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam made love on the sofa. Hope suddenly imagined that it was Thomas with her, looking down at her and asking if she was sure that she was okay. Once she saw that it was Liam, she uttered that she wanted him so badly. He buried his face in her neck, and a worried look flashed across her face.

Afterward, Hope and Liam cuddled together. He breathlessly said it had been amazing, and he wondered where it had come from. She said she'd just wanted him to feel her love and to never forget it. As he nestled behind her, she again looked worried.

Later, Liam returned to the room and saw Hope putting on her robe. She said she needed to check on her mother. "Like, now?" a surprised Liam asked. She claimed that she needed to make sure that a "situation" was under control. Further surprised, he asked if it had to do with her mom. She replied that it had everything to do with her mother.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge eyed each other, and she figured she shouldn't be talking to him while dressed that way. He approached her hungrily and said he hadn't known she'd be down there in her nightie. He began to kiss her neck, but she told him that they couldn't do it. She insisted her friendship with Taylor meant too much, and she and Taylor had promised.

Ridge asked if the women had made a pact to stay away from him. Brooke said it was a pact to avoid conflict and competition for their family's sake. She pulled his jacket over her shoulders and said they weren't teenagers and couldn't give in to every impulse and desire. Ridge said he didn't want to cause trouble between the new BFFs.

Brooke said it had taken a long time to get there with Taylor, and Brooke refused to break the pact on her first night alone with Ridge. "But it doesn't mean you need to rush off," Brooke added. She said it was an empty house, and she needed company sometimes. Brooke offered to talk. "Dressed like that?" he responded. She stated that he'd seen her in less. "Not lately," he quipped. Brooke said that was thanks to Thomas and his phony CPS call.

Ridge said he was sorry that he'd believed it. Brooke recalled how he'd gone to Aspen for Taylor, and Brooke had followed. Ridge remarked that he should have stayed to figure it out. A flashback of Ridge and Brooke's confrontation in Aspen played on the screen. Ridge said he'd just run, and everything had changed. Brooke replied that it all hadn't changed; they were together "now." Taking his hand, she asked him not to tell Taylor about Brooke in her lingerie.

At the terrace doors, Hope halted upon seeing Ridge and Brooke in the living room.

Brooke told Ridge that it was silly that he couldn't stay there, especially with all the love between them. She figured it meant that they were maturing and related on a different level. Ridge said it might be true. She asked if he'd spend the night at Eric's. "Oh, so this is goodnight now?" Ridge realized. Brooke stood and bade him a good night. He called her Logan as he bade her a good night, and she savored the feeling she got when he said her name.

"Can I..." Ridge uttered. Brooke asked what. "Have my jacket back?" he concluded. Brooke allowed him to strip it off her shoulders. She fanned herself as he exited the house.

"Mom," Hope said, striding in behind Brooke and startling her. "What are you doing, and what are you wearing?" Hope said in an accusatory tone, throwing Brooke's robe at her. She ordered Brooke to put the robe on, saying, "You're supposed to be friends with Taylor. How could you?"

Brooke didn't know what Hope was talking about. Hope shouted that she'd been right there. "The candles, the flirting, the giggling. I mean, you're wearing that. I mean, really, Mom? When is it going to stop?" Hope demanded to know. Brooke replied that she and Ridge had just been talking. Hope yelled that she had eyes. She claimed she'd put up with it all of her life and that Brooke had hopped from man to man. Hope shouted that she was nothing like her mother.

Hope argued that she'd arrived to talk to her mother, but Brooke couldn't control her impulses with anyone, not Deacon or Ridge. Brooke advised Hope to calm down. Brooke asked what was going on with her daughter, because she'd never seen Hope like that. Brooke denied anything had gone on with her and Ridge but said it was apparent that something was going on with Hope.

Hope asserted that she'd seen Brooke. Brooke replied that Hope wasn't making sense. Hope thanked goodness she was nothing like Brooke. Brooke figured Hope wasn't trying to hurt her, so Brooke asked if there were problems with Liam. Brooke gleaned from Hope's statements that she had to be having feelings for another man. "Is it Thomas?" Brooke asked.

Hope claimed that it wasn't about her. She said she and Liam were fine and had worked through their issues. Brooke replied that she knew how challenges and feelings arose in marriages, and they had to be dealt with. Deciding to set the record straight, Brooke explained how she'd wound up downstairs in her lingerie with Ridge. Brooke insisted that she hadn't made a play for Ridge. She'd just been there to blow out the candles after she'd thought he'd gone.

Hope silently sat down, and Brooke asked Hope what was going on. She reminded Hope of the great marriage and family Hope had, and Brooke urged Hope not to give up on it or lose Liam.

Liam entered from the terrace, wondering what was going on. Hope walked into his arms to hug him. Brooke eyed Hope as Hope said that she and Brooke had been talking about how lucky Hope was to have Liam and how Hope wouldn't let anything get in the way of it.

At Forrester, Thomas contemplated a sultry design. He looked at a picture nearby of Hope and Douglas. As he sketched, he recalled promising Hope that he wouldn't mess up his new chance. Gazing at his design, he was sure Hope would love it.

Thomas designed for what seemed like hours. He heard the office doors close. Ridge had entered and was saying he remembered those days when he'd worked into the night. Thomas said he had to get all of his ideas out as quickly as possible. Ridge admired the bold sketch, and Thomas said he wasn't even thinking; everything was just flowing through him onto the page. Ridge replied that it was a sign that Thomas was onto something.

Acting like he couldn't help himself, Ridge pointed to a place on the design. Thomas grimaced, but Ridge said it was just his opinion about drawing the "eye" further down. Saying that it was up to Thomas, Ridge proudly noted that the design was good, and so was Thomas. Ridge believed that it showed in Thomas' work that he was on the right path.

Ridge inquired about how things were going for Thomas outside of work. Thomas wished to ask Ridge the same question. He wondered how Ridge's dinner with Brooke had gone. Ridge suspected that Thomas was concerned that Brooke had broken her promise to Taylor, but Ridge said it hadn't happened.

Thomas replied that it had been good, and Brooke and Taylor had really been there for each other. He thought Taylor had gotten Brooke to see the change in Thomas, and Ridge called the relationship a good thing. Ridge assumed Thomas didn't want Ridge to mess it up and wanted to know Ridge's intentions; however, Ridge said he didn't know what the future held.

Thomas said he felt that same way, and he was in the present, trying not to be the person he'd been in the past. Ridge stated that he believed in Thomas and was proud of him, but it was okay to look ahead. Ridge asked if Thomas was dating or interested in anyone. Thomas replied that he didn't have time. Getting where Ridge was going with it, Thomas said he and Hope were just co-working and co-parenting. Thomas insisted he didn't want to derail that.

Brooke pointedly asks Hope about her feelings for Thomas

Brooke pointedly asks Hope about her feelings for Thomas

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Thomas approved of a design that Zende had worked on; however, Zende stated that it was Thomas' design, and Zende had merely incorporated Thomas' notes. Thomas urged Zende to take credit where it was due because it was a team sport. Thomas explained to Ridge that they had taken an old design and updated it.

Hope arrived and grinned, saying, "Thomas!" All three men turned toward her, and Thomas asked if she liked the design. She chuckled, and Zende remarked that it had taken her breath away.

Later Hope looked on as the model wearing Zende's design asked Thomas to go out for a drink. He offered to call her. After the model had gone, Ridge advised his son to be smart and respectful. Thomas concurred, and Ridge once again praised the HFTF team.

Ridge stated that it was nice to be excited about a line again. Ridge believed that Hope for the Future would be better than ever. Ridge said Hope had shown her leadership by rehiring Thomas despite her reservations. He said it had been for the good of the company, and she and Thomas made a great team.

Later, Hope and Thomas were alone, going over the new style of a design. It was a retro design that reminded her of simpler days in the '60s. Thomas discussed how the hippie and boho styles were comingled, but boho was more romantic. Thomas went on for some time about the details of the styles, and then he figured he was boring her. Hope replied that she wasn't bored, and it was nice to see him be passionate.

In the design office, Brooke was with Taylor. Brooke had been fielding a lot of calls about Thomas' return to HFTF, and Taylor cooed about what a great team their children made. Taylor wondered how Brooke's family dinner had gone, and when Brooke said Hope had canceled out, Taylor assumed the evening had been rescheduled. "No," Brooke replied, and Taylor deduced that meant Ridge and Brooke had dined alone.

Brooke explained that Hope had, at the last minute, canceled and scheduled sleepovers for the kids. Taylor asked if it had been just Brooke and "Old Ridgey." "Yep, it was," Brooke replied. As Taylor eyed her, Brooke asserted that nothing had happened.

Taylor was astounded that Brooke had cooked, but Brooke said she'd ordered in. She added that it had been nice to have time with Ridge. Taylor was glad that Brooke was being transparent and said she trusted Brooke. Brooke responded that she trusted Taylor, too. The women agreed that men could come and go, but friendship was forever. When they hugged each other, however, there seemed to be doubt on each of their faces.

The topic turned to Sheila, who was recovering in a prison hospital. Ridge stood in the door behind them as Taylor praised Ridge for protecting them and keeping their grandchildren's futures safe. Brooke said she didn't even know how to thank him.

Entering the room, Ridge said Brooke and Taylor were off to a good start, but he didn't want them to let him stop them. Taylor wondered how long Ridge had been standing there and if he'd heard them talking about the dinner the other night. Ridge said he'd missed that part. Brooke and Ridge agreed that the dinner had been wonderful, and as they shared a gaze, Taylor's stare darted back and forth between them.

Taylor figured Ridge was surprised about Brooke and Taylor's relationship. Ridge replied that it would take some getting used to. Glad that Brooke and Ridge had had a good time the previous night, Taylor said that in the past, she would have thought that Brooke had planned to be alone with him. Brooke replied that Taylor would have been right.

Taylor declared that gone were those days that Brooke had shown up in a nightie to lure Ridge in. Brooke coughed. Ridge said he'd always wanted them to get along, and he'd made it challenging in the past. He was behind their friendship and happy that the family wasn't fighting anymore.

Ridge remarked that he'd been with Thomas and Hope, and there hadn't been any weird energy. Brooke's face darkened. Ridge praised their kids as a team, and Brooke abruptly decided she needed to talk to Hope.

Once alone with Ridge, Taylor figured that a family dinner with her and her kids was next for Ridge. He agreed, but she said if the kids couldn't show up, she'd just cancel. "I'm kidding. I'm kidding," she said, figuring that they'd be fine. He agreed.

Back in the CEO's office, Hope and Thomas were talking about how well Zende was designing under Thomas' guidance. Thomas thanked Hope again for giving him another chance, and she figured that it was time she thanked him.

At the door, Brooke listened in as Hope said he'd given her line another chance, and he'd been a man of his word by putting in the work. She added that she and Douglas had noticed that Thomas had changed. Hope stated that she liked what she was seeing.

Brooke entered and asked to speak to Hope alone. Thomas left, and Brooke expressed her interest in picking up her and Hope's conversation from the previous night about Hope not wanting to be like Brooke and fall for the bad boy. Admitting to just overhearing Hope and Thomas, Brooke pointedly asked if Hope was having feelings for Thomas.

At Il Giardino, Liam and Wyatt had a working meal, and they mentioned how Bill had been roaring at work. Wyatt recalled that Liam had had a family dinner with Brooke and Ridge. Liam shared that he and Hope had wound up having a quiet evening at home. "Judging by the look on your face, you made the most of it," Wyatt quipped.

"Oh, my God, did we need that!" Liam exclaimed. He stated that it had been nice to table Thomas and focus on himself and Hope. After telling Wyatt how Liam had walked in on Hope on top of Thomas after she'd fallen off the riser, Liam said he and Hope would never agree on Thomas. Liam didn't see a better man when he looked at Thomas; Liam saw a better liar and an algorithm that was learning with every failed manipulation. Wyatt replied that Hope knew how Liam felt, and Liam had to trust Hope to handle it if Thomas got out of line.

Liam said it was nights like the previous night that made him feel better about things. He explained that Hope had shown up. She had acknowledged his point of view and thanked him for his patience. He said it had been really nice, and it had given him certainty that Thomas wouldn't interfere in their marriage.

Liam revealed that he and Hope hadn't connected like that in a long time. However, Hope had seemed a little off. Stammering to explain what he meant, Liam recalled that Hope had suddenly gotten up and left when it had been over. She'd said she'd had to go see her mother. It had freaked him out, so he'd gone up to the house. He said that once he'd gotten there, the air had been tense between the women.

Wyatt asked if Liam had overheard anything. Liam hadn't, but he remarked that Hope had made a big effort to live a different life from Brooke. He stated that she didn't want to turn into her mother.

Hopes admits and denies that she has feelings for Thomas

Hopes admits and denies that she has feelings for Thomas

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

In the design suite at Forrester Creations, Taylor invited Ridge to a family dinner. Thomas entered before Taylor could get a response from Ridge. When Thomas asked what was going on, Taylor mentioned the dinner invite and Ridge's lack of a response. "You know how hard it is for your dad to commit," Taylor quipped. Ridge chuckled and insisted that he'd already accepted the invitation and noted that he'd helped craft the menu.

Thomas smiled and shared that he liked seeing his mom and dad being able to enjoy each other's company. Thomas quickly assured Ridge and Taylor that he would not be trying to play matchmaker. "Your mom's already in a committed relationship -- [with] Brooke," Ridge replied. Taylor rolled her eyes and commented that her friendship with Brooke was very serious. "We even made an oath: friendship first," Taylor explained.

Ridge claimed that he liked that Taylor and Brooke had put aside their years of rivalry. "I didn't think I was gonna get tossed to the side," he mused. Taylor said that she enjoyed having more time for herself and for her grandkids. She joked that she was going to be a "grandsmother" and shower her grandchildren with affection. Taylor confessed that smothering sounded a "little intense," but she explained that she needed to make up for all the time that she had been away from Los Angeles.

Thomas assured Taylor that he and Steffy had never doubted her love, and they understood that Taylor had gone to Africa to provide critically needed assistance. Ridge said that he, too, respected and admired Taylor for being there for him when he'd been "nowhere to be found." Ridge teased that it was Taylor Appreciation Day, the one day of the month when everyone would be nice to Taylor. Taylor said that someone had already beaten them to the punch. She rolled up her sleeve and showed off a chunky pink bracelet that Kelly had made for her. Ridge jested that he'd thought Taylor and Brooke had started wearing matching bracelets.

Taylor turned the conversation from herself to Thomas and all the progress that he had been making. Thomas said that Taylor and Ridge's love and support had really made a difference in his life. Thomas shared a sketch that he'd made for the Hope for the Future line. Ridge and Taylor both loved it. Thomas said that his focus was on "winning back Hope's trust and respect."

In the executive suite, Brooke reminded Hope of the conversation they'd had the previous night, a conversation in which Hope had vowed not to "ruin your marriage" or be "drawn to the bad boy." Brooke asked if Hope had developed feelings for Thomas. Hope became annoyed and didn't directly respond to the question. Brooke pointed out that Hope had previously admitted to finding Thomas attractive.

Brooke swore that Hope could trust her. Hope asked why her mother had knowingly chosen to chase after the bad boys -- men that Brooke knew were "all wrong for you." Hope likened Brooke's past actions to "playing with fire." Brooke admitted that she'd been asking herself that same question for years. "Maybe I felt that I just needed more excitement in my life. Or maybe I was just self-sabotaging," Brooke replied.

Brooke pointed out that Liam was everything that Hope had ever wanted. When Brooke implied that Hope had developed feelings for Thomas, Hope angrily snapped that she had never said that. After some additional questioning, Hope explained that her feelings for Thomas were not romantic, as Brooke had been implying. The feelings were tied more to Thomas being a father to Douglas and a designer for Hope for the Future.

Brooke expressed her concern for Hope and Hope's "precious little family." Hope repeated that she did not have feelings for Thomas. Hope apologized for the harsh things she'd said to her mom, but Hope insisted that she had not been "projecting." Brooke shared that she was worried about Hope, but Hope said that there was no reason for Brooke to be concerned. Hope said that she would "not let anyone derail" the life she had with Liam.

Liam seeks reassurance from Steffy

Liam seeks reassurance from Steffy

Thursday, April 13, 2023

In the design office, Liam and Steffy coordinated Kelly's busy party schedule for his weekend with his daughter. Steffy offered to help him out if he felt the schedule was too much for him. He said he might take her up on it because he'd probably be juggling three kids due to Hope working overtime on the line. Steffy noted that Hope and Thomas were in a meeting right then. "Imagine that," Liam murmured, and Steffy asked if she was detecting a tone in his voice.

Liam replied that he didn't want to be "that husband." Steffy sensed a "but" coming. Requesting that she be straight with him about Thomas, Liam asked, "Is he okay?" Liam expressed his respect for Steffy as a businesswoman and doubted that she would have suggested that Thomas return to the line if there was any doubt about him. Liam, however, questioned whether Thomas could have a platonic business relationship with Hope or if he was already headed down the obsession path with Liam's wife.

Liam began to explain that his doubt emanated from an incident the other day. Steffy ribbed Liam about the "now infamous" riser fall and concluded that he'd overreacted. Liam insisted that she should have seen it, but Steffy believed that Thomas had merely broken Hope's fall. Steffy got why Liam would be concerned, but she said he didn't have a reason to be.

Steffy expressed her belief that Thomas had made significant changes and said she wouldn't have asked Hope to work with him otherwise. "Even if it's good business?" Liam asked. Steffy repeated that she wouldn't have asked Hope to work with Thomas if Steffy had felt he'd be a danger to Hope, nor would she put Liam's marriage at risk.

Liam wanted to believe Steffy and be just as confident. Steffy understood Liam's hesitation. She and Liam recalled that not long before, she'd refused to let Thomas in the building. Steffy claimed she wouldn't expose Hope to Thomas if he was the same man he'd been. Steffy said she also wouldn't put Hope's marriage in harm's way.

Liam sighed, saying Thomas had claimed to be changed before. Liam wondered what would happen if it didn't last. He wanted to trust his wife and not be a controlling husband. Steffy, who knew Liam, said he was a kind, nurturing husband. She believed Hope knew that, too. "How could she not?" Steffy asked.

Liam thanked Steffy for the talk. She said he could talk to her anytime because his happiness was important to her. She advised him not to stress about things that weren't there, because he had nothing to worry about with Thomas and Hope.

In the CEO's office, Hope's team met, and Charlotte gave them promising numbers for the line. Paris attributed it to Thomas, but Thomas gave credit to Zende, who Thomas felt was just as important to the line as he'd always been. Zende, however, insisted that it was Thomas, who shared Hope's vision and perfectly relayed it to everyone. Zende said Thomas got her better than anyone. Thomas glanced at Hope, and she smiled.

Next, Paris and Hope discussed the promotional material that they'd give to the charities Hope had asked Paris to reach out to. Hope commended her team for working hard. Thomas replied that they were all grateful to be working on the line.

As the meeting wound down, Charlotte was aside with Hope, saying how Thomas was different and no longer had a one-track mind about Hope. Zende and Paris left to get back to work, but before Charlotte left, she offered to set up a meeting to go over projections with Thomas later.

Once alone with Hope, Thomas expressed how much her support and praise of his work meant to him. He respected her work and her message, "and I promise that I respect your marriage."

Thomas stated that he and Hope had finally made it to a mutual ground of respect and understanding. Hope agreed. Thomas said he felt normal, and he was proud of his progress. Hope said she was, too, adding that it had been a long road.

"How I feel about you now?" Thomas contemplated. Thomas said his feelings were stronger, better, and more mature than before. In the past, he'd thought he'd been the answer to her problems and could make her happy, but he'd figured out that it was Liam's position.

Hope glanced away. Thomas noted how happy the couple was and said it brought him joy. He said that for a while, he'd been "so sure," and it had led him to do regretful things. The experience had humbled him and turned him into a better person. He expressed his thankfulness for her and her willingness to give him another chance. For him, it was a testament to her as a person.

Hope said Thomas was welcome. She believed there was a woman out there for him, especially after all his introspection. She suspected that he might even be ready for a relationship. Thomas sighed as if that would be a big step. She told him that he had a lot of love to give.

Hope was sure Thomas would meet the woman and joked that the woman might be at Forrester. He asked if she had someone in mind. Hope replied that she'd picked up on a vibe with Paris and Thomas, but he said it was just a friendly one. Hope inquired about the model who'd asked him out for drinks. He said it would be fun, but the model wasn't the woman for him.

Guessing it wouldn't be an office romance, Hope asked if he got out. Thomas replied that it wasn't the right time, and she coquettishly gleaned that he was too busy to date. Thomas replied that they had "so much to do." Hope doubted a date would derail the line or his inner progress, and he noted that she sounded like his mother.

Hope took it as a compliment. Thomas admitted that he did want a woman in his life, but it wasn't his focus. His focus was the line, and he didn't think he could do the caliber of work he was doing with anyone else. Hope replied that he would collaborate with anyone, since he was over his rough patches. Thomas replied that he was glad his crazy thought days were over.

Hope flashed back to seeing Thomas' face as she'd had sex with Liam. Hope said that one didn't have to act on their crazy thoughts. Thomas insisted that his crazy thought days were over.

Later, Hope was alone, arranging jewelry, but thoughts of times with Thomas preoccupied her mind. She smiled to herself, but then her face darkened as she recalled seeing flashes of Thomas when she'd been with Liam. Hope tried to concentrate on the jewelry, but she recalled telling Thomas that just because one had a crazy thought didn't mean one had to act on it. Again, she thought of seeing Thomas' face when she'd been with Liam. Flustered, she told herself that it could never happen. The words "never happen" echoed in her mind.

Thomas's reassurances make Liam more suspicious

Thomas's reassurances make Liam more suspicious

Friday, April 14, 2023

In the design office, Steffy shared with Liam a video of Kelly pushing a kid while playing a scavenger hunt. "What can I say? She loves a scavenger hunt," Steffy said, adding that Kelly had shared her prizes with the other kids. Liam asked who Kelly reminded him of, and Steffy admitted that Kelly was her mini-me.

Thanking Steffy for the laugh and distraction, Liam wondered why he couldn't focus on the fact that his wife knew what was good for herself. Steffy said his protective feelings were normal, but she insisted that she wouldn't have pushed for Thomas to return if she'd seen any red flags. She added that if it was any consolation, Thomas was laser-focused on work. Steffy said she didn't sense any weirdness from him toward Hope. Glad to hear it, Liam said he felt like he was being jealous. Steffy replied that he was just a concerned and nurturing husband.

In the CEO's office, Thomas walked in, talking about work to Hope, who'd been distracted with thoughts of him. Noticing her distraction, he asked if everything was all right. Lightheartedly, she reminded him of the talk they'd had about crazy thoughts and said that she might be having one of those moments. Sure that their ideas of wild thoughts were different, Thomas said he no longer had those kinds of thoughts. He only thought about pushing boundaries with his designs and if everyone would go mad if he used ruffles.

Hope exclaimed that everyone hated ruffles. Thomas and Hope laughed, and he said he was glad they could laugh and that she was comfortable with him. He admitted that once, he'd wanted it all with her, but he'd learned that what they actually had was more than enough. He expressed gratitude that she was in his life. She shared that she was grateful for him, too.

Later, Steffy was working in the office, and Hope arrived to schedule a meeting to go over designs. She beamed that Thomas was on fire and said she hadn't seen him that inspired in " -- well, ever, really." Steffy asked how things were outside of work, and Hope talked about how great it was to have Douglas back home. "And you and Liam?" Steffy asked.

Steffy mentioned that Liam had issues with Thomas and Hope collaborating. Hope wished it wasn't the case. She knew Liam meant well but would never be convinced that Thomas wasn't the same man he'd always been. Steffy admitted that she'd talked to Liam, and he was struggling with it. Hope and Steffy discussed how everyone saw the changes in Thomas. Steffy said she hadn't seen any old patterns, and she was looking very closely.

Hope asked if Steffy had conveyed that to Liam. Steffy stated that she'd told Liam that he had nothing to worry about with Hope and Thomas. Hope tensely nodded. Steffy asked if she was right that there was no reason to worry about Hope and Thomas. Hope affirmed it. Steffy said it was important to stay professional and avoid conflict.

Steffy and Hope discussed their mothers, who were paving the way for them. Steffy and Hope aspired to do the same. Steffy said she was happy that she and Hope were in love with their husbands, and it felt as if things were the way they should be. They recalled that it had been tough at times. Steffy said it had been especially tough when she'd had Kelly, and Liam had married Hope. Steffy added that she'd found Finn, who was her forever, and Liam was Hope's forever. As Hope listened, she gazed at a picture of Thomas.

Back in the design office, Thomas was working when Liam arrived. Thomas guessed Liam was looking for Hope, but Liam said he was there for Thomas. Thomas offered to let Liam see a design. Liam reviewed it and said it was really good. Thomas began talking about the new processes around there, and he said it was a whole new everything. "Including you?" Liam asked. Thomas said he felt that way, but he assumed Liam didn't believe it.

Liam shared his belief that it was just a little convenient after the last time and the time before that. Thomas expressed his hope that they could look toward the future. Liam replied that he'd been talking to Steffy, and she was proud of her brother. Liam said Steffy had reassured him that there was nothing to worry about with Hope and Thomas. Liam guessed he wanted to hear that from Thomas, as well.

The discussion turned to what had happened when Hope had fallen off the riser. Thomas claimed to understand why Liam had been suspicious about the incident, but Thomas insisted that he wouldn't be backsliding into the old Thomas. He was focused on not jeopardizing what he had with Hope at that point. Thomas was aware that his word didn't mean much to Liam, but Thomas swore he was focused on the line, his friendship with Hope, and co-parenting.

Thomas further stated that even if Hope came on to him, he'd say no. Stopping Thomas, Liam asked if Thomas heard himself. It worried Liam that Thomas thought that was even a plausible scenario. Liam insisted that it was ridiculous. Agreeing, Thomas said Hope was fully committed to Liam and her marriage.

At Il Giardino, Hollis served Brooke and Taylor. Taylor told him that Brooke had wanted to eat there, and it was becoming one of their favorite restaurants. "I can't imagine why," Taylor knowingly added. He offered to send dessert over, on the house. Taylor asked if he did it for all the customers. "Just the extra special ones," he replied, smiling at Brooke.

A flirty customer approached Hollis to ask him to swing by her table to discuss velvety wines. When she'd left, Brooke figured some patronized the place for more than the food. Taylor clarified that some came to flirt with Hollis. Claiming not to notice, Hollis asserted that there was only one woman who had his attention. He and Brooke exchanged glances.

Alone with Brooke later, Taylor sensed Brooke's excitement about Hollis and started to review Brooke's date with him. Taylor recounted how Brooke had laughed and shared a hot kiss. Taylor guessed that first kisses were always hot. "Especially with Hollis," Brooke added.

Hollis returned and asked if the ladies needed anything else. Taylor pointedly asked Brooke if there was anything else she wanted, but Brooke said she was fine. Hollis differed, saying Brooke was more than fine; she was beautiful. Taylor abruptly left to call a client, and Brooke apologized to Hollis for Taylor's obviousness.

Hollis replied that he kind of liked it, and he asked if he could sit with Brooke for a moment. He figured he should be playing it cool, "but God, I can't stop thinking about you." Surprised, Brooke asked, "Really?" More knowingly, however, she repeated, "Really..."

Apologizing for being too forward, Hollis indicated that he'd had a great time on their date. He didn't know if Brooke had done it on a dare or if Ridge was really her true love; however, he'd never experienced a kiss like he'd had with her before. Brooke replied that he had girls falling at his feet and flirting with him. Hollis said the same thing about her as a fashion icon. He figured she had men falling at her feet left and right.

Brooke called it nonsense, but Hollis insisted that it wasn't. He revealed that Brooke had been on his mind a lot. He respected that she wasn't ready for an involvement, but he offered to at least take her on a proper dinner date. He said they'd keep it totally casual and no pressure, but he just felt as if there was more to explore. "I know there is," he said, taking her hand. From afar, Taylor admired the two. Hollis told Brooke that one kiss from Brooke Logan wasn't enough.

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