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Sheila lured Jack to see her in prison, but the visit didn't go the way she'd planned. Bill remained adamant about reuniting with Katie, as she reaffirmed her feelings for Carter. Steffy confronted Hope after witnessing what Steffy deemed to be Hope flirting with Thomas.
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Sheila's jailhouse visit with Jack didn't go as planned. Stars visited Il Giardino. Steffy accused Hope of flirting with Thomas.
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Sheila attempts to elicit help from Jack

Sheila attempts to elicit help from Jack

Monday, May 1, 2023

In the CEO's office, Eric told Carter what a good job he was doing, and they discussed how happy everyone was to have R.J., the influencer, back in town. Eric noticed that Carter seemed distracted. Carter admitted that his mind was with Katie at the Spencer estate. Carter revealed that Bill had ideas in his head, and Carter didn't want to see Katie hurt again.

Eric replied that Katie was smart and wouldn't let Bill deceive her again, not when there was a better option. Eric remarked that Carter and Katie hadn't been able to hide how they felt about each other. Carter admitted that Katie had become special to him. Siding with Carter, Eric stated that he didn't want to see Katie's fragile heart in Bill's hands, either.

Carter said he was worried because he felt that it wasn't enough that he and Eric knew it; Katie had to know it, too. Carter recognized that Bill and Katie had history and a child together. Carter added that Bill had also taken down Sheila, making himself a hero. Eric replied that it had been a team effort, but Carter insisted that it had all hinged on Bill. Carter said it had changed the way everyone looked at Bill, including Katie.

Eric explained that two opposing things could be true at once; Bill could be a hero and the worst possible partner for Katie at the same time. Eric said Carter had to have faith that Katie wouldn't fall for it with Bill. "I hope not," Carter replied, and he asked how Katie could ever believe Bill's feelings for her "compared to what he feels for her sister."

Eric reasoned that Bill's feelings for Brooke would be enough to keep Katie away from Bill, and Eric told Carter to be confident in that. Carter wanted to believe it and said Katie deserved more than Bill. Eric replied that she deserved the life that Carter would give her. Carter said he would like the chance. Eric, on his way out the door, said he was on Carter's side.

At Bill's house, Bill expressed appreciation for Katie's praise for what he'd done with Sheila. Glad that she'd come over, Bill said he missed Katie, and the house missed her. "You feel it, too, don't you? The energy? This is where you belong, Katie. This is your home," Bill uttered.

Claiming that he wasn't pressuring her, Bill said he respected that Katie had needed a temporary split and time away from him, but he was sure that she had to miss it a little bit -- him and that home where they shared their greatest memories.

Later, Bill informed Katie that the chef had told him it would be ten more minutes, but Katie had begun to rethink having a meal. She figured she should have been clear about her intentions. She'd wanted to reiterate how grateful she was for his actions regarding Sheila, "but anything else..." Bill assumed she was saying that because of Carter, and Bill asked what was going on between the two of them. Katie doubted Bill wanted to hear the details.

"What about me?" Bill asked. He recalled that she'd kissed him. Katie added that she'd slapped him, too. She stated that Bill and Carter were different people. Bill said Carter was a smart man to fall for Katie. She agreed, saying he was smart and accomplished. Noting that he was those things, too, Bill asked how the men were so different.

Katie snapped that Carter hadn't fallen for her sister. Bill requested that they leave Brooke out of it. Katie wished Bill would have done that and claimed that if he had, things would have been different. Katie brought up Taylor and Brooke's pact to put themselves ahead of Ridge. Bill said it wouldn't last long. Katie disagreed, saying she didn't know about Taylor; however, Brooke was committed to it, making her single and available.

Bill stated his confidence that the right guy was out there for Brooke. Katie insisted that Bill knew he wanted Brooke, and he had his chance, since Brooke was alone in the house. Katie advised him to go to her and said he knew he wanted to. Bill admitted that there had been a time when he would have raced right over. He claimed that Brooke's hold on him had an expiration date, and that time had passed. Katie shed tears as he said she was the only woman he wanted and needed.

Katie decided to go, but Bill asked her to humor him by sitting on the sofa for a few minutes in the room where they'd spent many evenings, unwinding. He recalled that she'd have a book, and he'd have a whiskey. They'd talk about their days or enjoy the silence, and he would admire his Katie. He wanted to remember what it felt like and remind her that the majority of time they'd spent together had been great.

Nodding, Katie took Bill's hands and sat down on the sofa with him. He said there had been beautiful moments and positive, happy times. A flashback played of their first wedding, Will's birth, and the moment Bill had told her nothing meant more to him than their life together.

Katie stood up and agreed that they'd had beautiful moments. Bill went to her, promising that they would again. He swore that she was the only woman for him. He wanted the future that they should be sharing together. Bill took her into his arms and hugged her.

In the visitation room at the prison, Sheila was impressed that her email had worked and the person had shown up. She said it meant a lot to her that the person was there. "Every instinct tells me I shouldn't be here," Jack said, entering the room. He asked what she wanted from him.

Jack decided it was a mistake, but Sheila asked him to hear her out. She said she'd had a lot of time to think. Hoping she was thinking about her crimes, he said that was sort of the point of prison. Sheila said she'd been thinking about her past and better days she'd had with Jack. She said she treasured those memories, and none more so than the night they'd conceived Finn

Sheila announced that Finn had saved her life when he could have let her die. Jack murmured that he knew about it. Sheila said Finn was the man Jack had raised. "Our boy, Jack," she added. She thanked Jack for the way he'd raised their son. "What are you trying to do here, Sheila?" Jack asked, refusing to help her or to be dragged into her madness.

Sheila said there was no need to be cruel. She reminded Jack that she'd given Finn to him. Jack asked if he was supposed to give her something in return. She stated that he was a criminal defense attorney, one of the finest in the city. She said she just wanted answers to a few questions. She asked what had gone down to get her locked up.

Jack replied that Sheila had killed people. Getting upset, he decided that he wasn't doing "this." Sheila pointed out that he'd shown up of his own free will, and they both knew why. He asked why she was looking at him that way. She claimed it was the connection they'd always had between them -- even though years had gone by, it hadn't changed.

Jack asked what Sheila was getting at. She said he'd been lonely, and Li had been devoted to her career. Sheila had been lonely, too, and it had led to Finn. Sheila could see the same hollowness within Jack, who she assumed was lonely again, just like Sheila.

Sheila tries to persuade Jack to remember their love

Sheila tries to persuade Jack to remember their love

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn had rushed home from work to see how Steffy's visit with Sheila had gone. Steffy said it had been everything she'd needed and more just to see Sheila squirm behind bars. Finn didn't like that Steffy had gone alone, but she said his presence would have made Sheila's dreams about her son come true. Steffy refused to give Sheila that satisfaction, and she announced that Sheila had no power over them.

Finn wondered if Sheila had accepted her fate. Steffy asserted that Sheila had better because there was nothing and no one who'd get her out of prison. Wondering if he'd told Li where she'd gone, Steffy said she and Li should visit Sheila together. Steffy assumed it would make Sheila go crying back to her cell. Calling his mom Sheila's victim in many ways, Finn recalled that Sheila's affair with Jack had shattered Li's faith in Jack.

Finn was worried about Li, who hadn't found any forgiveness for Jack -- not for Jack's sake, but just to be able to move forward. Steffy asked how Finn felt about Jack. Finn said he had complex emotions. He was angry about the secret and felt Jack had owed Finn and Li the truth, but on the other hand, Jack had been an incredible father. Finn wondered what kind of man would do what Jack had done to Li by passing his real son off as his adopted son after having an affair. Finn wondered how close Sheila and Jack had been back in the day.

At the prison, Sheila said she had needed to see Jack, one of the best defense attorneys in the state. She said it meant a lot to her that he'd arrived, but he told her not to flatter herself because she didn't know why he was there. She guessed he'd been intrigued by her suggestive emails.

Denying that had been it, Jack said he'd needed to tell Sheila in person to leave him alone. He wanted nothing to do with her. He told her to stop writing to him and asked if he was clear. She uttered that he was her only hope, but he stated that he wasn't her anything. Refusing to believe he didn't want to see her anymore, Sheila pointed out the loneliness in his eyes. She said things hadn't been easy for him, and he could talk to her.

Chuckling at the understatement, Jack revealed that Li hadn't accepted his calls since the moment she'd learned that Sheila was Finn's birth mother. He said his marriage was dead, and his relationship with Finn wasn't the same. Sheila said she was sorry, but he didn't want to hear it from Sheila, who'd shot their son. Sheila asserted that it had been an accident, and she loved Finn more than her own life. She said Finn was the best thing she and Jack had ever done. "Our son, Jack. Our son," she emphasized.

Jack wondered why he should listen to Sheila. Sheila said he was utterly alone, but he could think back to the night of Finn's conception. She told Jack to think of how much they'd loved each other and the life they could have had -- still could have. Glancing around, Jack stated that "this" was it for her. He said she'd confessed to murder and would never get out.

Sheila persisted, reminding Jack that it hadn't been merely passion and sex. She said Jack had told her that he'd loved her, and she'd loved him, too. She remembered that he hadn't been able to get enough of her, but he'd been married. They'd had to hide their affair while she'd carried his child. She asked if he remembered when he'd seen her after she'd had Finn.

Sheila said she'd wanted Jack to marry her, and she'd been excited about what could have been. However, Jack hadn't wanted to leave his wife or hurt Li, so Sheila had given their son to him. Sheila said Jack's marriage had since ended, and his relationship with Finn was irrevocably damaged. Acknowledging it, Jack told her to look at herself and where she was.

Sheila agreed that she was locked up in a filthy place. She said life had turned lonely and shallow for them both, but they were together face to face again. She believed that they had that magic and could make something good again.

"Not on your life," Jack asserted. He told her never to contact him, and he would never see her again. Jack called for a guard to let him out. Once alone, Sheila grinned.

At Bill's house, Liam and Wyatt arrived, noting that they hadn't seen Katie's car in the driveway. Bill replied that she'd left, and Liam and Wyatt immediately concluded that things hadn't gone the way Bill had hoped. Bill told "Danny Downer and [his] brother Dirk" that he hadn't expected Katie to arrive and move in -- Bill added that he didn't think that day was too far off, though.

Bill revealed that Katie hadn't actually stayed for lunch, but he could tell that she'd been moved. Liam asked about Carter. Bill replied that Katie cared about Carter. It didn't discourage Bill; it just let Bill know that he had a battle on his hands. Wyatt and Liam assessed Carter as a good guy. Bill said he had no beef with Carter, but Carter wasn't perfect, either.

Liam replied that he hadn't said that, and no one was flawless. Bill claimed that Katie was close to flawless and was a living angel. He intended to prove that she was the only woman for him, and then she'd be his Katie again.

At Forrester, Katie observed Carter in the CEO's office. He looked up and said to look at who was back. She rushed into his arms, and Carter asked how it had gone with Bill. Not surprised that Bill wanted her back, Katie said Bill always wanted her when he thought he couldn't have her, and he missed her and their life together. Carter asked if she felt the same way.

Katie admitted that her feelings for Bill were complicated, and they had good and bad history. She said she'd gotten to the point of losing all faith in Bill, who'd frustrated her to no end and then had done something brave and self-sacrificing. Katie revealed that Bill had tried to kiss her, but she said she hadn't wanted to do it because of Carter and "because of us."

Carter was pleased to hear it. Katie said she and Bill had talked about Carter a lot. She named off Carter's attributes and said that, best of all, he'd never fallen for her sister. She stated that she'd wanted Bill to know how important Carter was to her and how good he made her feel. She stated that she wanted Carter to know what he meant to her. He claimed to have a good idea, and Katie leaned on him.

Ridge gives R.J. a challenge

Ridge gives R.J. a challenge

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

At Il Giardino, Deacon met with Chef Daniele Uditi, a world-renowned chef and the restaurant's former owner. Daniele had been nervous about selling the place to Deacon but grudgingly admitted that Deacon had made the restaurant a hit. Deacon sampled Daniele's pizza and asked how he did it. Daniele offered the secret to perfect crust, and they tapped their slices together in a toast.

Deacon thanked Daniele for taking a chance on him and advising him. Daniele was impressed with Deacon's progress. Feeling he had a long way to go, Deacon said he wouldn't mind making a little more money. To that end, Deacon planned to hire a new wine sommelier to play up the restaurant's sophistication. Daniele liked the idea but reminded Deacon that people patronized the place for the food and fresh, local ingredients. Before leaving, Daniele told Deacon that the money would flow if he kept up the quality.

Alone, Deacon yelled, "Show me the money!" An older man and his grandson arrived. The man asked if someone had just said his favorite word -- money! He introduced himself as Count Boucie, Master Sommelier to the Stars and the answer to Deacon's dreams. His grandson complained of being hungry, and he instructed the boy to have a seat.

Deacon guessed the count had seen Deacon's ad for a sommelier, and the count proclaimed to be the man Deacon was looking for. The count talked himself up to Deacon and exclaimed, "Just give me a chance! I'll prove it to you!"

In the CEO's office, Eric was surprised to see R.J. at the office with Ridge. R.J. said Ridge had promised him lunch with his grandfather. They joked about R.J. blowing up the spot by referring it to his followers, and Eric said R.J. was almost as popular as Ridge had been at that age. R.J. stated that none were as big as Eric. "I'm glad you realize that," Eric quipped, hugging him.

Charlie arrived, calling the two Ridges "double trouble." Charlie explained that he didn't have R.J.'s badge ready yet. Ridge said R.J. needed it if he'd be there daily. Charlie assumed that meant R.J. had been hired, but Eric said they weren't there yet. R.J. added that if they were there, he'd be working with the coolest guy he knew. Charlie was flattered, but Eric said R.J. meant Eric.

R.J. asked about the restaurant they'd get takeout from, but Charlie said the boss had a meeting. Ridge stated that his schedule was clear, but Charlie clarified that he meant the "O.G." boss, Eric. Eric mentioned it was a video conference, and Ridge suggested that R.J. help Eric with the lighting. Eric mentioned the equipment he had already set up, and R.J. was impressed. Eric stated that he had an influencer friend who'd given him tips. Guessing it was himself, R.J. said it was nice to know that he had one big-time follower.

Eric left, and Ridge said the Forrester men knew how to put on a show. He said Eric had taught Ridge, but no one had had to teach R.J. In Ridge's view, R.J.'s talent could be handy at Forrester.

R.J. liked seeing Eric so happy, and Ridge said the Logan women brought out the happiness in the Forrester men. R.J. wondered if it went both ways. Ridge said it was working for Eric and Donna. R.J. asked about it working for Ridge and Brooke. Ridge stammered for a bit before blurting out that he and Brooke shared "some great memories" and "an incredible kid." R.J. assessed that his parents seemed happy, and he guessed Brooke's truce with Taylor had played a part in it.

Ridge claimed that if he'd known a truce had been possible, he would have encouraged it years back. R.J. quipped that it seemed like Ridge had played a role in making it happen. Ridge asked if R.J. had returned to town just to "rub it in." R.J. questioned what was going on between his mom and dad.

Ridge warned R.J. not to play matchmaker. R.J. scowled, indicating he had no interest in it. Ridge said that was good because it hadn't gone well when Steffy and Thomas had tried it. R.J. replied that he wasn't interested in being involved in family drama.

"As far as your mom and me...we're just chilling," Ridge stated. R.J. flashed Ridge a look of curiosity and repeated, "Chilling." Ridge stated that he and Brooke would leave it alone for the time being. "Because you're so good at that," R.J. quipped.

Ridge turned the topic back to R.J.'s future. He said there was no pressure, but R.J. was talented and passionate. Ridge loved that R.J. was living his best life, but R.J. had been given a gift from Eric, who'd given it to Ridge and Thomas, also. It was a gift to create beauty, and Ridge could see it in R.J.'s videos and art. He said R.J. viewed the world in a unique way and made it tangible.

Needing R.J. to do something for him, Ridge handed R.J. a pencil. Ridge stated that he already knew it, but he wanted R.J. to show himself. Ridge was convinced that R.J. could be the greatest designer that Forrester had ever seen. R.J. grinned.

In the design office, going over designs, Hope and Thomas used the same phrase -- "break up the flow" -- at the same time, and Hope swore he could read her mind at times.

Later, Thomas was telling Hope that he planned to devote himself to HFTF the way his grandfather had devoted himself to the company. Thomas intended to take the line further than anyone could imagine. Hope advised him to avoid getting so caught up that he had no time for himself or Douglas.

Promising that wouldn't happen, Thomas said he and Douglas had had tremendous fun at the game the other week. Hope teased Thomas about how many hot dogs he'd let Douglas eat. Thomas said he'd let Douglas know how busy his parents had been at work, and Hope guessed that meant Thomas hadn't spent much time with R.J. since R.J.'s return.

Thomas said he and his brother hadn't crossed paths. "So, you're not avoiding R.J.?" Hope asked, wondering how Thomas really felt about R.J. being back. Thomas claimed to think it was great that R.J. had returned after staying away to avoid family drama. Hope explained that R.J. knew they were beyond it because she'd been updating him on the new unity within the family.

Hope was thrilled that their brother was back but said she'd understand if Thomas' feelings about it were more complex. Hope said she'd get it if there were competitive feelings, but Thomas replied that he didn't feel as if he was in competition with R.J. Glad that R.J. was back, Thomas said he'd make R.J. feel welcome if he wanted to work there. Thomas added that Brooke and Ridge were even more glad that R.J. was back.

Hope struggles to appear unaffected by Thomas' touch

Hope struggles to appear unaffected by Thomas' touch

Thursday, May 4, 2023

At Il Giardino, Count Boucie claimed to be a level two sommelier to the stars from Napa Valley and promised to make Deacon's restaurant the "it" spot in a snap if given the chance. Intrigued, Deacon asked about the Count's experience.

Count claimed to have been sought after by celebrities, politicians, and royalty. Deacon inquired about his previous client. Count said he didn't like to "kiss and tell" but insisted that his reputation had led him there. Deacon replied that he'd thought it had been the job listing.

Orville, Count's grandson, complained of being hungry, but Count said he was working. Deacon, however, told the child he was in the right place, and he offered to bring Orville anything he wanted to eat. Orville wanted corn, and Deacon claimed to have fields of it.

Later, Deacon served Orville pizza, fries, and corn on the cob. After making a few "corny" jokes, Deacon decided to put Count to a wine-tasting test. Deacon set up a blind taste test for Count to identify French, Italian, and California wines.

The types of wine were on place cards that faced Orville. When Count sampled the first wine, Orville held up a fry, and Count identified the wine as French. Orville held up his pizza for the next wine, and Count identified his second sample as Italian. For the California wine, Orville hinted with his corn, and Count correctly identified the California wine.

Deacon stated that he couldn't deny that Count knew his stuff. Count said he could also upsell the customers and make Deacon lots of "money!" Deacon appeared to like the idea and said he'd get back to Count. When Deacon walked away, Orville and Count cheered.

In the CEO's office, Ridge flipped open a sketch pad and handed R.J. a pencil. Ridge said that the pad was just blank paper to everyone else, but to "us," it represented endless possibilities. R.J. tried to speak, but Ridge was insistent that Eric had given them all a gift. Ridge wanted to see where it had landed with R.J. Ridge reasoned that R.J. might surprise himself and learn that his true calling was to be there with them.

Charlie arrived, to Ridge's annoyance, to announce that he'd scaled back the security they'd had during the Sheila threat. Ridge reminded Charlie that things like that could be handled via email. Charlie wondered who'd "curdled the Big Cheese."

R.J. said Ridge had been interrupted in the "middle of a heartwarming plea" to get his son to follow in his footsteps. Ridge clarified that it wasn't what he was doing. He'd just wanted R.J. to take the pencil and "let nature do the rest." Ridge recalled the first time he'd done it, and the wave of euphoria that had swept over him. He wanted R.J. to have that same life-changing moment.

Charlie said he got the same feeling when he went skinny-dipping. His morning laps had made him a better protector and gotten his neighbor to build a higher fence. Ridge scowled at Charlie, while R.J. looked on in confusion. Handing R.J. the pencil, Ridge told his son to "make a statement."

Later, as R.J. sketched away at the drafting table, Charlie said the suspense was killing him. Ridge said he and his son were having an important moment. Charlie replied that it was an honor to protect them from interruptions. Ridge grimaced, and Charlie determined that he was the interruption. He wished R.J. luck and exited the office.

R.J. grinned at his finished work and showed it to Ridge. It was a caricature sketch of Ridge. "Really?" Ridge questioned, and his son reminded him that he'd said to draw what inspired him. "Very cute," Ridge murmured and concluded that the drawing displayed R.J.'s talent.

Ridge said that everyone dreamed, but only a few could translate it into an experience for the world. R.J. said he knew that he could draw and create. It was what Ridge had had him doing when he'd been younger; however, R.J. didn't want to design dresses. R.J. insisted that he was proud of Forrester and the work his family had done, but he wanted to do his own thing and to build his own brand.

"As an influencer?" Ridge said. R.J. stated that Ridge sounded old. Ridge noted that R.J. had drawn an old man. R.J. said he'd drawn it because Ridge really was his inspiration, and he didn't want to disappoint Ridge. Ridge said it wasn't possible, and the two hugged.

In the design office, Hope was impressed by Thomas' creative energy as he sketched. He wondered if it was too much. She said it never was, and his passion lit up the office. She stated that he was in his element again, and she was glad that it was with her -- with Hope for the Future.

Thanking her, Thomas said Hope made him feel alive and reborn. He was impressed by the way she encouraged him, and he said he was forever in her debt. Hope said he didn't have to pretend to be humble because she knew he knew he was good.

Thomas didn't quibble with that, but he confessed that he hadn't known if "the new-and-improved Thomas would actually be any good." Through therapy, he'd realized that in the past, his designs had been fueled by anger. "Very rage against the machine," he said. It wasn't that way for him anymore, and there had been a time when he'd actually feared he wouldn't be any good. Hope said he didn't have to worry because his designs were on another level.

Thomas attributed it to Hope, who inspired him in a different way -- with love. It fueled him, and he awakened each day with designs flowing through him. He claimed it was a freedom he'd never experienced. She called it peace and said he'd finally found peace within himself. Hope concluded that it had made him a better designer, father, and man.

Later, Hope was studying a design when Thomas returned with one of the dresses from the collection. He was excited to see how it would look on the body but was disappointed that the models were all gone for the day. Hope offered to try it on, and he asked if she was sure. She said she was just as anxious as he was to see it.

As Hope prepared to put it on, she remembered Brooke telling her that, unlike her mother, Hope didn't like the bad boys.

Later, Hope donned the white mini-dress, featuring beads and fringe. Thomas told her to be careful on the riser, so she wouldn't fall again. He asked if she minded, and she said it was fine. She tried to zone out as Thomas fiddled with the hem at her thigh. He thought it was remarkable that they could work together like that, and she could finally trust him. In her mind, Hope recalled that Brooke had said she was glad Hope wasn't like her mother, desiring the wrong man.

Steffy doesn't like what she sees happening between Hope and Thomas

Steffy doesn't like what she sees happening between Hope and Thomas

Friday, May 5, 2023

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, an elated Brooke told Ridge that she had not been able to wipe the smile from her face since R.J. had returned home. She and Ridge both agreed that it was challenging to let a child grow up to be their own person. Ridge showed Brooke the caricature that R.J. had drawn. Brooke was clearly tickled at the sight of the drawing.

As Brooke was giggling, Taylor popped into the office and wanted to know what was going on. When Brooke showed her the drawing, Taylor joined Brooke in laughter. Taylor gleefully said that she loved how they were all finally able to get along. Taylor hoped that Brooke would one day be able to trust Thomas again. Brooke said she was open to the idea but conceded that she wasn't quite there.

At Il Giardino, Wyatt and Liam discussed some Spencer Publications business for a bit before Wyatt segued into talk about Hope and Thomas. Liam shared that he was still convinced that something was up with Thomas, describing Thomas' pattern as, "nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing... and then 'Oh, my God! He was obsessed with Hope the whole time!'" Liam insisted that Hope's willingness to believe in people often left her with a blind spot.

Wyatt was shocked when Liam mentioned that he'd had a conversation with Thomas. Liam recounted how Thomas had professed that he'd changed. Wyatt asked Liam to be careful not to spend too much time talking about Thomas when he was around Hope.

In the design office at Forrester, Steffy looked on, and Thomas and Hope worked together to perfect the look of one of the dresses. Petra, the model wearing the gown, remarked that Hope and Thomas made "magic together." Steffy replied that Thomas and Hope made great business partners. The comment prompted Thomas to turn around and give his sister an annoyed glance.

As Petra left, she encouraged Thomas to give her a call sometime. Hope thanked Thomas for breathing new life into the Hope for the Future line. Steffy continued to watch the two closely. Thomas told Hope that her belief in him meant the world to him. He apologized again for his past transgressions. Hope told Thomas that he needed to stop apologizing to her. Hope then insisted that Thomas' incredible designs had nothing to do with her forgiving him.

Hope stepped out of the design suite to check on preorder numbers. Once she was gone, Steffy asked Thomas if he was "still fixated on Hope." Thomas rolled his eyes and tilted his head back. Thomas said that he appreciated Steffy's concern. He said that he had been going to therapy and "digging through the darkness" that had led to his past behavior. He assured his sister that he was focused on work and being a great dad, son, and brother.

Thomas insisted that he was not thinking about Hope. "Honestly, if she even threw herself at me, I would say no," Thomas stated, adding that Hope would never do that, anyway. Thomas reached out to give Steffy a hug. As she wrapped her arms around him, she sighed, "Thank God."

Later, a dejected Hope returned to the design suite. Thomas sensed that the preorder numbers hadn't been good. He pledged to do whatever he could to make the changes necessary for success. "The numbers weren't good. They were great," Hope exclaimed. Hope apologized for playing such a horrible joke. Hope noted that Thomas had been the only designer to really understand her. Outside in the corridor, Steffy listened in on the conversation.

Hope took Thomas' hands. Her heart started beating faster. "Thank you for seeing me," Hope said as she gripped Thomas' hands tighter. Thomas proclaimed that it was just the beginning for them. Thomas said that he had to head across the hall to the executive suite. Steffy quickly ducked out of sight. Moments later, Steffy entered the room with a serious expression on her face. Hope happily shared the news of the better-than-expected preorder numbers.

Steffy told Hope that Thomas had changed and taken steps to be a better person. "I never thought that it would be you... flirting with Thomas," Steffy said coldly. Steffy accused Hope of "laying it on pretty thick." Hope denied that she had been flirting with Thomas. Steffy angrily announced that she would not let Hope or anyone else set Thomas back. Steffy said she had a question for Hope, a question that she would ask only once. "Do you have feelings for Thomas?" Steffy snarled.

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