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Hope and Thomas shared an intimate moment on the jet ride home, and Hope implored Liam to believe she loved him. Finn visited Sheila, who still hoped to be in his life. Taylor made a proposal to Deacon about Brooke. Thomas was rattled to hear Hope's feelings about him.
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Finn visited Sheila in jail. Taylor told Deacon to pursue Brooke. Thomas overheard Hope reveal how she felt about him.
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Things get touchy between Hope and Thomas

Things get touchy between Hope and Thomas

Monday, May 15, 2023

At Spencer, Liam was anxious to get an update about the jet, but Steffy said the pilot had promised to call her if he was able to fix it. Steffy said that it wasn't ideal, but it wasn't the end of the world. "If Thomas behaves himself," Liam replied, reasoning that being alone with Hope, hundreds of miles away, was quite a temptation for Thomas. Liam didn't like that his mind was going there. He said there were many things that he could forgive, "but not that. Never that."

Liam realized that he should have known things like the trip would happen once Thomas had returned to the line. Liam said there would always be trips and meetings, and Thomas would want to tag along. Steffy asserted that it hadn't been like that; the buyers had wanted to see Thomas, and Thomas hadn't inserted himself on the trip. Liam insisted that it was the kind of opportunity Thomas would seize upon, but Steffy persisted in her belief that Liam didn't have to worry about Thomas. Liam asked if he had nothing at all to worry about, and Steffy flashed back to asking Hope if she had feelings for Thomas.

Steffy wasn't sure what else she could say to Liam about the subject. Liam brought up that he'd had a conversation with Taylor about it, and she'd beamed as she'd told him about how much Thomas had changed. Liam said people probably thought he should just get over himself and accept that Thomas had changed. Steffy said Thomas would not initiate anything. Liam asserted that Thomas had better not because Liam would not let anything come between him and Hope, especially not Thomas.

In a hotel room in San Francisco, Thomas offered Hope a hug. When they pulled back to release each other, they lingered together as if about to kiss. A phone call from Trevor to Hope jolted them out of the moment. Trevor announced that the jet had been repaired, and they were ready to return to Los Angeles as soon as Hope got to the airport.

Hope ended the call and gazed at Thomas. He suggested that she call Liam to let him know the jet was fixed. Thomas listened as Hope phoned Liam to say she was headed home. She expressed that she was anxious to get there. Liam said it felt like she'd been gone a long time. She stated that she couldn't wait to be in Liam's arms again.

Later, Hope and Thomas had gathered up their things, and he'd canceled the other hotel room. Hope was glad to be headed home. Thomas said she was headed home to her husband and her children. Affirming it, Hope gave Thomas another lingering gaze.

On the jet later, Hope took off her jacket, revealing a thin camisole shirt. Trevor welcomed them aboard. As Hope and Thomas waited for takeoff, they discussed what their buyers had said in the meeting. Hope stated that there was no denying that she and Thomas made an impressive team. They shared another long gaze.

Back at Spencer, Steffy had gone, and Liam was distracted during a meeting with Wyatt. Wyatt asked what was going on, so he could advise his brother and they could get back to business. Wyatt said that the Hope and Thomas thing at the office was getting old, but Liam replied that they weren't at the office. Liam grumbled that Thomas was in another city with Liam's wife.

After Liam had apprised his brother of the jet situation, Wyatt, who didn't see a problem, said Hope would probably be home in time to put the kids to bed. "Here's hoping," Liam muttered. Wyatt stated that it was Liam's worst nightmare to have the guy obsessed with his wife in another city with her. Liam replied that Thomas hadn't taken advantage. Wyatt asked if Liam was sure, and Liam said Hope would have told him if Thomas had tried anything.

Wyatt bet Thomas had been tempted, but Liam said Steffy would beg to differ. Liam, who felt that Steffy was objective about Thomas, said that Steffy was adamant that Thomas was a changed man. Wyatt assumed that meant one had to believe her, but Liam said it made him feel even more alone.

At the cliff house, Finn served Steffy wine. He'd made dinner, and she wondered what she'd done to deserve such a wonderful husband. She informed him that she'd checked in on Liam, and Finn said Liam hadn't been thrilled about Hope and Thomas' trip. Steffy replied that it had gotten worse when mechanical issues had threatened to make Hope and Thomas spend the night in San Francisco. When Steffy said the plane was headed back, Finn figured there were no longer any issues, but Steffy said there might be one concerning Hope.

Finn stated that he and Steffy didn't have to talk about that whole situation when they were alone together "like this." Steffy gulped her wine. Noting that she was still distracted, he told her to lay it on him about Hope. Steffy remarked that Liam had said he wouldn't be able to forgive Hope if she crossed the line with Thomas. Finn figured that wasn't going to be an issue. Steffy took another gulp of wine, and Finn asked what she was leaving out. Steffy said she hadn't told Liam that it was Hope, not Thomas, that Liam needed to worry about.

Back on the jet, Hope seemed uncomfortable. Thomas asked what the matter was. She said she had a cramp in her neck from stress. She was massaging her neck, but advising that it was really down "here," Thomas began to massage her shoulders. As Hope seemed to get into the massage, Trevor announced that they would soon be landing. Thomas told Hope that she'd be home soon. She glanced over her shoulder and gave him a long and reluctant gaze.

Thomas ruminates on his interactions with Hope

Thomas ruminates on his interactions with Hope

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn asked what Steffy's concern was about Hope. Steffy revealed that she'd seen some things. "And then this trip came up...Finn, if they'd had to spend the night, I was concerned about what would happen," Steffy revealed.

Finn gathered that Steffy was concerned about Hope, not Thomas. Finn wondered what could make Steffy think that. Steffy swore Finn to secrecy and then admitted that she'd walked in on an intimate moment of eye contact and touching between Thomas and Hope. Finn assumed that Thomas had initiated it, but Steffy replied that Hope had come on to Thomas.

Finn figured that the touching couldn't have been that bad if it had been at the office. Steffy stated that Hope and Thomas had been fully clothed, but it had been inappropriate. Steffy described the conversation she'd heard between the two, who'd been discussing how far they could take HFTF. Finn assumed it had been a pep talk, but Steffy said there had been more to it.

Steffy stated that it had been the way Hope had looked at Thomas and caressed him. "She was gazing with desire," Steffy concluded, adding that it hadn't been like co-workers. Finn found it hard to believe, but Steffy insisted that she knew when a woman wanted a man. It had been why she'd confronted Hope. She said Thomas was doing well, and Steffy wouldn't let Hope screw it up.

Steffy stated that Thomas had been fawning over Hope for years, but suddenly, it had gone away. Steffy reasoned that Hope wasn't used to that, and it might have bruised her ego. Steffy said that a person shouldn't flirt with someone who'd once been obsessed with them, and it was unhealthy for Thomas. Finn asked what Hope had said about it.

Steffy said that she'd asked Hope if Hope had feelings for Thomas, but Hope had said it was ridiculous. Finn asked if Steffy believed that. Steffy admitted she hadn't thought Hope would be attracted to a bad boy. Finn reasoned that Thomas really wasn't one -- not any longer. Steffy said Hope would always see Thomas as the ultimate bad boy, even if he'd changed.

Finn guessed it wasn't that unbelievable. "And growing up with Brooke Logan as your mother?" Finn added. Finn, who'd heard stories from Steffy, said he could only imagine the example being set. Steffy replied that she'd told Hope that she was turning into Brooke, but Steffy felt that Hope was the complete opposite. Steffy chose to lean toward believing Hope, but Steffy intended to watch Hope because her actions could hurt Liam and undermine Thomas' progress. Steffy refused to let Hope ruin the good things happening for Steffy's family.

On the jet, Hope put her jacket back on and thanked Thomas. She hadn't known how much she'd needed the shoulder rub. Nervous, she dropped the water bottle he'd given her. She said she hadn't meant to do that. Thomas touched her shoulder and said everything would be okay.

Thomas said he knew how devoted Hope was to Liam and her family. Hope started to talk about her mom. Cutting her off, Thomas said Hope wasn't like Brooke and would be with Liam for life.

In the CEO's office later, Thomas arrived as Carter was finishing up work. Carter asked how the meeting had gone, and Thomas deemed it a success due to Hope. Carter said he could tell by the initial orders, and the buyers had indicated that there was more to come.

Carter said he'd heard about the drama that had happened after the meeting between Hope and Thomas. Thomas glanced around quizzically, and Carter mentioned the jet drama. Carter said Thomas might have been okay with sticking around in San Francisco, but Hope probably had to get home to Liam. Carter said Hope was completely devoted to Liam, and Thomas agreed.

As Carter headed out for dinner with Katie, he said that Thomas and Hope had once again proven that they made a great team. Once alone, Thomas replayed the conversation he'd had with Hope over dinner in San Francisco, where he'd said she wasn't like her mother and nothing would get between Liam and Hope.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam had set up a romantic atmosphere in the living room. Hope soon arrived, asking him what "all this" was. Liam told her that they were celebrating her meeting and that she hadn't been forced to stay in San Francisco. Liam got that she trusted Thomas, but Hope alone in another city with Thomas was a bit too much for Liam. Hope got it but said she and Thomas would have been in separate rooms and would have barely seen each other.

Liam stated that he wouldn't put it past Thomas to ask if she wanted to take a stroll or see the city, but he decided that it didn't matter because it hadn't happened. Liam felt that as a formality, he should ask if Thomas had tried anything. "No," she replied. Liam exclaimed that it was great and asked if nothing at all had happened. Hope just grinned in response.

Hope changed the topic to her successful meeting with the buyers. She said the only thing that would have been better would have been if Liam had been there. She claimed she'd missed him. Hope kissed him, and he asked where that had come from. Hope said she didn't want him to forget how much she loved and appreciated him.

Liam guessed that the most stressful part of Hope's trip had occurred after the meeting. Hope acted like she didn't know what he meant, so Liam cited jet issues. He said he was happy she hadn't had to spend the night with Thomas in San Francisco. Hope claimed that she was, too.

Having wine after dinner, Hope and Liam cuddled on the sofa. Liam admitted that Hope and Thomas' professional relationship drove him crazy, but he didn't want it to drive a wedge between him and Hope. Liam said he completely trusted Hope; it was Thomas. Hope replied that Liam didn't have to worry about Thomas, who'd been professional and knew how Hope felt about her marriage and family. Liam said Steffy had said a lot of the same stuff.

Scoffing, Hope asked if Liam had talked to Steffy. Liam said he'd thought Thomas' sister might have insight. Hope asked what Steffy had said. Liam admitted that Steffy shared Hope's sentiment and had said Thomas wasn't a threat to Liam's marriage. "That's it?" Hope asked. Liam affirmed it. Hope flashed back to Steffy accusing Hope of having feelings for Thomas. Hope then recalled the hug she'd shared with Thomas in the hotel room.

Hope asked Liam if he knew how much she loved him, and he said he did. She told him that she never wanted him to doubt it, and he replied that he wouldn't. The two kissed, and she asked him to promise. He promised.

Taylor has epiphany about Brooke and Deacon

Taylor has epiphany about Brooke and Deacon

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

At Forrester, R.J. picked up one of Eric's sketches and a pencil. Eric snatched it back, saying R.J. was just like his father, a chip off the old block. Eric wondered what his grandson had wanted to see him about. R.J. said he'd wanted to talk about Brooke and make sure that she was really doing okay. R.J. stated that his parents had been broken up for a few months. Brooke was trying to embrace the single life, but R.J. wondered if she was really happy with it.

R.J. reasoned that Ridge and Brooke had been going strong until a lie had torn them apart. He said the pact between Taylor and Brooke was great, but R.J. didn't know if Brooke would be at peace with her life until she was reunited with Ridge. Eric doubted he was the right person to ask about it. He said Brooke was the one to ask about Brooke.

Steffy arrived, and Eric claimed that his favorite grandkids were in one room together. Eric left for a meeting, and Steffy ribbed R.J. for hitting the clubs the previous night. She'd seen it on his "stories" and said it had looked like fun. Steffy asked about R.J.'s meeting with Eric. R.J. said he'd been talking about his mother, about whom he was worried.

R.J. shared that Brooke always acted carefree, but she'd been through a lot. R.J. didn't want to bash Thomas. Steffy replied that R.J. had a right to his feelings. She loved that he was protective of his mother. R.J. revealed that he'd decided to give Thomas a chance, but Thomas' changes didn't erase what Thomas had done, upending Brooke's life. "Because she's not with Dad," Steffy concluded.

At Il Giardino with Taylor, Brooke looked around. Taylor said Hollis wasn't there. Taylor didn't want Brooke to think Taylor was trying to set her up again. Brooke didn't. Brooke said Hollis was sweet and attractive, but it wouldn't work out because he was young. Taylor replied that she'd expected Brooke to have fun, not get married, but at least there had been a good kiss. Brooke concluded that she wanted to be with someone she knew, trusted, and had history with.

Deacon arrived at the table, saying the busboys had been talking about the beautiful women at table five. He'd had to stop by to see for himself. For him, it was still weird to see Brooke and Taylor getting along. Brooke replied that it had been a wonderful surprise, and she could never imagine them being rivals again. Taylor noted that Deacon and Brooke had bonded, too.

Deacon replied that Brooke was his queen, but Brooke said he could have any woman in the place. He quipped that they only wanted him for his pasta sauce, but he and Brooke were bonded by Hope. Taylor said Hope was the best of both of them, and they had a lot to be proud of. Taylor became awed by the sentiment between Deacon and Brooke about their daughter.

Brooke brought up Hope's San Francisco meeting, and Deacon and she expressed pride in Hope. Deacon gave props to Taylor's son, too, and Brooke said she gave Thomas and Hope a lot of credit for their healthy working relationship.

Deacon figured Hope got her determination from her mother, but Brooke praised Deacon for making Il Giardino a hit. Taylor noted that the restaurant was packed for a reason. Brooke said Deacon would be the next hot Los Angeles restauranteur. Deacon asked if he'd heard "hot," and Taylor smiled at them.

As Deacon teased the ladies with dessert, Brooke received a message that she was needed back at Forrester to pick fabrics. Deacon said he hated to see her go, but he loved watching her leave. Brooke giggled, and he admitted that it had been a corny thing to say.

Brooke left, and Taylor offered Deacon a seat. Deacon guessed he and Brooke had bored Taylor, but Taylor said it had been sweet. Taylor told Deacon that she'd finally really gotten to know Brooke. In Taylor's assessment, Brooke respected Deacon for the first time ever and knew him. Deacon said Brooke didn't judge him for his past. Taylor stated that there was a reason he and Brooke had gotten together and created Hope.

Deacon saw Taylor's wheels turning and asked what was going on. Reminding Deacon of her pact with Brooke about Ridge, Taylor said Deacon had made huge strides in his life, and Brooke had seen it and respected it. "What if the timing is just right? Especially now that Ridge is out of the picture?" Taylor asked. She said it could be an opportunity for Deacon to have a shot at a life. "With Brooke?" Deacon concluded. Taylor smiled.

At the cliff house, Steffy had just returned from dropping Kelly off at school. Finn said Amelia had taken Hayes to the aquarium. Finn said he would have liked to do it himself, but he was being sent to prison. Steffy scowled knowingly. Finn revealed that Sheila had been sending him letters and emails. She wanted to see Finn, not because he was her son but because he was her doctor.

Finn explained that Sheila was personally requesting him. He lamented that he'd thought they'd been done with Sheila, but Sheila thought it was okay to still contact him. Finn had decided he needed to visit Sheila to make it clear that she had absolutely no place in their lives.

At the prison, Sheila had no smiles for Mike in the visitors' room. Sheila said that when she'd been told she had a visitor, she hadn't expected it to be Mike again. Mike replied that he still had a few connections in there. Sheila wished her visitor would have been Finn or his father. "The guy who knocked you up?" Mike asked, guessing that had been her mystery visitor.

Sheila explained that Finn's father, Jack, was a defense attorney with clout. Mike asked if the gussied-up moves she'd put on Jack had worked. She said they hadn't. Mike guessed she was stuck in there with him. Grinning, Sheila asserted that it wouldn't be for long.

Mike said that Sheila at least had him, but Sheila stated that it was no consolation for being in chains. She was adamant that she didn't belong there, and she refused to accept that it was her future. She was determined to get out of there and connect with her son and grandson.

Later, Sheila had been sitting alone in the visitation room for a long time. The guard finally informed her that she had another visitor. Finn entered, and Sheila beamed with joy because her son had come to see her. She said she'd written to him over and over and had started to lose faith that he'd show up. Finn admitted that he hadn't been sure he'd wanted to or should.

Sheila had a lot to say to Finn and stated that she'd be dead if it hadn't been for him. Finn informed her that he was a doctor and had done his job. Believing it was more than that, she said she'd flatlined, and he could have left her there to die. He replied that he wouldn't do that to his worst enemy. "No one has ever fought for me before, but you did," Sheila said. She stated that it had to say something about their spiritual connection that she'd given him life, and he'd given her life. She thanked her son for saving her life.

Taylor urges Deacon to take a shot at Brooke

Taylor urges Deacon to take a shot at Brooke

Thursday, May 18, 2023

At Il Giardino, Taylor tried to convince Deacon that he was into creating opportunities. He didn't agree that it was the type of opportunity she meant. Persisting, Taylor said Deacon had seen the opportunity to turn Il Giardino into a whole new place, but he replied that he didn't think she was talking about his menu. Reasoning that it was his personal menu, she said that she and Brooke had sworn off Ridge, and Brooke might be into trying an old favorite again.

Deacon asked if Taylor really thought Brooke could "take me back." Taylor replied that he'd said it as if it was impossible, but things had changed. Deacon stated that Brooke was hanging out with Hollis. Taylor minimized it, saying it had only been a few kisses. "Okay, I didn't know that," Deacon murmured. Taylor said Brooke didn't want Hollis but wanted to be with someone she knew and shared a history with. Taylor asked if Deacon knew who fit that description.

Later, Taylor sensed that Deacon thought she was trying to take advantage of the situation. He asked if she was and reminded her about her agreement with Brooke. Taylor claimed that was why she was talking to him. He expressed curiosity about why Taylor was encouraging him.

Taylor claimed to care about Brooke and murmured that Brooke was never without a guy. Deacon made Taylor pinkie-swear that it wasn't a ploy to distract Brooke so that Taylor could get to Ridge. Taylor hooked pinkies with Deacon. She said she cared about Ridge, but it wasn't about him; it was about Deacon getting all he deserved. "With Brooke?" he concluded.

Deacon asked if Taylor was giving him a pep talk or a therapy session, and she reasoned that it was a bit of both. She deduced that he suffered from low self-esteem and beat himself up for his questionable choices. She told him to see how he'd turned his life around and said he was the talk of the town. She assumed it was unbelievable to him because of his low self-esteem.

Taylor claimed that Deacon was "a good guy now" and deserved all of it. She called him smart, savvy, and not terrible to look at. She added that he was someone Brooke had loved and the father of one of her kids. Taylor urged him to stop wondering what he could bring to the table because he was the table. Deacon quipped that "table" screamed sexy.

Deacon admitted that Taylor was good at "this." Taylor called herself "world-renowned." She remarked that he was proud of Hope, and Hope was probably proud of him. Taylor asked if it would be cool if Deacon could put Hope's family back together. "You must still love her," Taylor replied. Deacon said he did, and he and Brooke had had the best times of his life together.

A flashback played of romantic times between Brooke and Deacon. He asked if Taylor really thought he had a chance with Brooke again. Taylor thought so. She said Brooke had been in love with him once and still cared about him. Taylor urged him to spend time with Hope as a family and see if there was anything there.

Deacon replied that it opened things up for Taylor and Ridge. Taylor said it was like Deacon had said about Brooke. Taylor loved Ridge, and she always would. She said Brooke and Ridge had been trying to make the destiny thing work for a long time, but it had never stuck. Taylor wished that things could have been different for her and Ridge, but that didn't mean that she was trying to manipulate things. She claimed she'd seen a spark between Deacon and Brooke that could become a wildfire. Taylor said Deacon could have what he'd always dreamed about -- Brooke.

At Forrester, R.J. ribbed Steffy about being the "reigning queen of fashion." Steffy told him not to let Brooke hear him say that. He replied that Brooke wasn't territorial about that kind of thing anymore. "You say that, but..." Steffy replied and asked if he wanted Ridge back with Brooke.

R.J. insisted that he wasn't matchmaking. Steffy said it was good because it never turned out the way one thought. R.J. said that he just wanted to make sure his mom was happy. Brooke arrived, happy to see R.J. He hugged Brooke, saying he and Steffy had just been talking about Brooke.

Later, Brooke was glad that R.J. cared about her happiness. Steffy said that thankfully, R.J. wasn't playing matchmaker. R.J. stated that he just wanted to know if the future was closed on Brooke and Ridge. Steffy decided it was her cue to leave. Brooke said that it was Steffy's office, and Brooke could say what she had to say in front of Steffy.

Steffy insisted that she needed to see Finn about something. After Steffy had gone, R.J. asked his mother to be completely honest about her pact with Taylor. "Do you wish you hadn't made it?" he asked. Brooke stated that she didn't regret it. She said that R.J. hadn't been there when Ridge had left her to return to Taylor, and then he'd left Taylor at the altar.

R.J. admired his mother's independence and wanted to see her happy on her own. He intended to support his parents living separate lives -- but only if it was what Brooke wanted and had chosen for herself because it would make her happy. "I told you that I'm happy," Brooke replied. R.J. asked if she still saw Ridge as her soul mate and destiny. Brooke stated that R.J. knew the answer to that, but she'd made a pact with Taylor and intended to keep it.

R.J. asked if Brooke thought about Ridge. She acknowledged that she did and said Taylor probably did, too; however, they wouldn't fight over him anymore. R.J. asked if Brooke was happy about that. In a relieved tone, she affirmed it. R.J. asked if Brooke would be happy even if she never reunited with Ridge. Brooke affirmed that she was happy with the pact she'd made with Taylor and hadn't been coerced. In Brooke's mind, it had been time to move on. She said that she and Taylor wanted to put faith in themselves and each other. Brooke had no reservations about it and trusted Taylor completely.

At the prison, Sheila insisted that Finn had saved her life because, deep inside him, he still loved her. Finn insisted that he'd treated her like any other patient in the emergency room, but Sheila stated that he had to remember that she was the one who had brought him into the world.

Finn said he didn't need a reminder that Sheila was his birth mother. Revealing that he'd talked to his father, Finn asked if Sheila had expected Jack to get her out of there. Sheila asserted her desire for a chance to prove that she could be a positive influence in Finn's life. "After all the horrific things you've done?" Finn asked, but she insisted that she was still family.

Finn yelled that Sheila had shot him and Steffy and had confessed to murder. Finn said there was no future for them and no role for Sheila to play in his life. "This is your life now!" Finn told her, certain she'd spend the rest of her days in a prison cell.

Finn ordered Sheila to stop sending correspondence, but she said he didn't have to respond. She hoped he'd realize over time that she wasn't his enemy. Sheila wanted to tell Finn many things, like how she'd felt to discover her pregnancy and the dreams she'd had for his future.

Finn said he'd come to tell Sheila that it was the last time they'd ever see each other. He suggested that she figure out a way to prove to herself that she could be a benefit from behind a cell. As he left, she yelled that it wasn't over. She uttered that he'd see her again.

Later, Sheila sat in her cell. She uttered that she'd be free again and with her son and his family.

In the design office, Finn and Steffy met up, and she asked how it had gone with Sheila. Finn said it had gone as expected, but he'd made it clear that Sheila would have no part in their lives ever again. Finn said he wanted to forget Sheila completely.

Hope has a shocking outburst about her feelings for Thomas

Hope has a shocking outburst about her feelings for Thomas

Friday, May 19, 2023

In the executive office at Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Liam discussed Hope and Thomas' business trip to San Francisco. Wyatt suggested using the new Hope for the Future collection as part of Spencer's latest international outreach. Sensing his brother's lack of enthusiasm, Wyatt offered to do all the heavy lifting -- which could involve talking to Thomas.

Liam shared how happy he had been when Hope had returned home from the trip to San Francisco. Liam said that Hope had appeared "concerned" about her time away, and she'd done "everything she could to mitigate" Liam's worrying. Perhaps oversharing a bit, Liam revealed that Hope had never been as "passionate" as she had been in recent weeks. Wyatt was happy that Liam's love life was on the upswing, but he warned Liam that constantly mentioning Thomas' name could easily change that.

Liam started to walk toward the office door. He paused, turned around, and announced that he needed to look into Thomas' eyes and have a conversation with him. As Liam walked away, Wyatt shouted, "Punch him in the face for me!"

In the executive suite at Forrester, while Thomas adjusted a dress on a model, Hope recalled her hug with Thomas and the encouraging words that he had offered about her relationship with Liam. The model shared how happy she was that Hope and Thomas were working together again. "Hope for the Future is my heart, and it feels like it's beating again... stronger than ever," Hope replied with a smile.

After the model left, Thomas and Hope talked about how their ability to work and co-parent together had had a positive impact on Douglas. They were unaware that Brooke was listening in on their conversation from the doorway. Brooke eventually made her presence known, asking if Hope and Thomas ever stopped working. Thomas replied that he didn't stop working until all of his ideas were down on paper.

Hope wondered how long her mother had been listening in. "Long enough to see how well the two of you are getting along," Brooke replied. Brooke mentioned that she'd heard about how Hope and Thomas had almost been stranded in San Francisco together. Thomas excused himself to go to the design office to finish his sketches.

Shortly after Thomas returned to the design suite, Liam popped in and asked if Thomas had a minute to talk. Thomas surmised that Liam wasn't there to talk about Hope for the Future. Surprisingly, Liam said that he was -- at least in part. Liam praised the work Thomas had put in to help save the Hope for the Future line. Thomas was taken aback by Liam's words, and quickly noted that many other people were involved in the line. "So, I take it modesty is a feature of the new and improved Thomas?" Liam asked with a smile.

Thomas promised that he had changed. He tried to assure Liam that he had moved on. Thomas explained that when buyers requested to see him and Hope, they had to travel together. Liam admitted that his brain went into "hyperdrive" whenever Thomas and Hope spent time together. "I don't think I'm ever going to be able to let my guard down," Liam blurted out. Thomas accepted Liam's position but assured Liam that he had nothing to worry about.

After Thomas left, Hope sensed that Brooke had something on her mind. Brooke nodded in agreement before asking, "What is on your mind, sweetheart?" Hope shared that she was thankful that Liam was an understanding man. Brooke rattled off a list of all the things that Hope had to be proud of in her life.

Brooke said that Hope was exhibiting some "signs" of things that Brooke found disturbing: the closeness that Hope had with Thomas, their ability to almost "speak without words," and the way that Hope looked at Thomas. Brooke felt she had to ask if there was something going on between Hope and Thomas.

Hope insisted that Thomas had changed and that she and Thomas had become friends. Brooke wanted to believe that Thomas had changed, but she couldn't help but wonder if Thomas had just gotten better at the way he manipulated people and situations. Hope became agitated and defended Thomas as "a kind, understanding man who has been so generous with his energy and his time and his talent."

Brooke noted that Hope had a lot of nice things to say about Thomas. She asked if Hope might be trying to protect Hope for the Future by shielding Thomas. "No fashion line... is worth risking your marriage, your family," Brooke said. Brooke added that if Thomas was doing anything of concern, she would do whatever needed to be done to get rid of him. "Mom! It's not Thomas. It's me!" Hope shouted. Hope calmed slightly and, in a softer voice, revealed that her own feelings for Thomas were the issue.

Thomas walked across the hall to the executive office. Through the slightly opened door, Thomas heard Hope say that he was "mentally unstable and manipulative" and that she wanted nothing to do with him. Hope insisted that nothing could or would ever happen between her and Thomas. Hope then asked Brooke to leave. Brooke didn't want to leave Hope alone, but Hope pleaded with her mother to leave.

Thomas ducked out of sight so that he would not be spotted when Brooke left. Thomas later returned to the executive suite to tell Hope that he was leaving for the day. Hope began to sob when she realized that Thomas had overheard her discussion with Brooke. She told Thomas that she hadn't meant what she'd said. Thomas stood silent as Hope tried to backpedal and explain her comments. She asked Thomas to forgive her.

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