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Hope attempted to take back the negative things she'd said about Thomas. Upon hearing what Hope had said and why, Taylor questioned her relationship with Brooke. Steffy exposed Hope's feelings about Thomas to Liam, and Liam demanded Hope tell him the truth.
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Taylor questioned her relationship with Brooke. Steffy exposed Hope's feelings about Thomas to Liam. Liam demanded Hope tell him the truth.
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Hope pleads with Thomas to forget what he'd heard

Hope pleads with Thomas to forget what he'd heard

Monday, May 22, 2023

At Spencer, Liam arrived, and Wyatt was anxious to hear whether or not Liam had decked "Tommy Boy." Liam said he hadn't gone to Forrester to be violent; Liam had just wanted to hear Thomas say something Liam hadn't heard before. Wyatt doubted that Thomas would admit it if he was still pining for Hope. Wyatt wondered if Thomas was biding his time. Liam had no idea but stated that Thomas was saying the right things

Liam said he had hoped Thomas would put Liam's fears to rest. Wyatt assumed that it hadn't happened, but he said that Thomas at least knew that Liam was on guard. Not wanting to be an overprotective husband, Liam revealed that Hope was keeping him grounded by carving out time for him. In those moments with her, he was at peace with the world. It was Hope's love for Liam that made him feel as if Thomas might never be an issue again.

Wyatt urged Liam to go with that feeling because Liam was the only man Hope wanted or thought about. Wyatt noted that Hope had been making an effort to show her love, and Wyatt asked if Liam was reciprocating. Wyatt advised Liam to turn on the Spencer charm. He offered to teach Liam, but Liam claimed to know how to charm.

To Wyatt, it seemed that Hope had been initiating the togetherness between her and Liam. Liam acknowledged that he did romantic stuff, but he said Hope had been going more out of her way. Liam didn't know if it was because of guilt or to let him know he had nothing to worry about. Liam decided that he needed to show her that he trusted her around Thomas.

In the CEO's office, in a sobbing tone, Hope begged Thomas to forgive her for what she'd said. He bit out that he did, but she insisted that he was an incredible co-worker, co-parent, son, father, and brother. She said he'd changed himself and changed the way she felt about him. "How I feel about..." she uttered, trailing off.

Thomas said Hope didn't have to "do this." Hope replied that he was trying to make her feel better about the cruel things she'd said that had undermined the relationship they'd fought to build. She said he didn't know what had led up to it, and he wouldn't get it.

Hope explained that Brooke still had her reservations and had been certain that Thomas had probably been up to his old ways in San Francisco. Thomas revealed that he'd told her husband that he probably would have done that if he hadn't really changed. Flustered, Hope rambled about how great Thomas was and said Brooke had nothing to worry about. "I'm the one..." Hope said. Thomas asked, "The one who what?"

Thomas figured that Hope was stressed out by people coming to her with their concerns about him reverting. He promised that it would never happen. He said he could feel that he was a different person, and he'd never hurt her again. He respected her and her marriage, and he'd never mess with her marriage again.

Hope stated that she believed in Thomas, and his change showed in his work and parenting. In her view, "this Thomas" was a good man and one she'd like to have around for a very long time. Thomas blinked in response.

Hope returned to the topic of what she'd said to her mother, but Thomas wanted to let it go, saying it was a talk he had not been meant to hear. Thomas said he understood, but she insisted that he didn't. She said she'd been trying to get her mother not to worry about them working together and to see that there weren't any feelings beyond co-parenting and being co-workers. Thomas said that there were feelings between them.

Hope glanced around nervously, recalling her newfound feelings for Thomas. Before she could speak, he said they were feelings of gratitude and appreciation. He hoped he'd been able to show how grateful he was that she'd given him his life back. Taking her hand, he said he owed all of it to her.

In the design office, Brooke was preoccupied with thoughts of the conversation she'd just had with Hope. Taylor arrived after a canceled lunch date with Steffy. Sensing something was going on with Brooke, Taylor asked if she could help. Brooke was glad to know Taylor was there for Brooke. When Taylor asked if Brooke would tell her what was going on, Brooke revealed that it was about her daughter.

Later, Taylor and Brooke discussed Brooke's reservations about Thomas' return to HFTF, but Taylor reasoned that it had been a success. Taylor said Hope had given all she had, too, and had become a positive influence on Thomas. Taylor complimented Hope's balance of work and home and said Hope knew what she wanted. Brooke nodded.

In Taylor's view, Hope was doing everything right, and Liam and Hope were managing their marriage with ease. Brooke and Taylor agreed that the couple had had challenges, and Thomas had been a part of the challenges. Taylor said that Thomas was evolving and wouldn't make the same choices he'd made in the past. Taylor appreciated Hope and Brooke giving Thomas another chance because it had allowed him to close the chapter on his obsession with Hope. Taylor believed nothing would derail it or cause him to backslide.

Brooke presses Hope about her feelings for Thomas

Brooke presses Hope about her feelings for Thomas

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

At Spencer, Bill praised Liam for the work he and his brother had done in Bill's absence. The topic turned to Liam and his family, and Bill wished Liam could put cameras on Thomas the way Bill had on Sheila. Liam wished he could chaperone every moment, but instead, he chose to trust Hope and believe that she'd tell him if Thomas made a move. Bill asked if Liam was sure about that or if Hope would shield Liam from it to keep him from being upset.

Liam replied that he hadn't been worried about it before Bill had said that. Liam remained confident that he and Hope had had good, intimate conversations, and he trusted that she'd tell him. Bill hoped Hope and Liam had done more than talk after they'd dropped the kids off at Bill's. Liam hinted in the affirmative and thanked Bill for keeping Douglas and Beth.

Bill said he loved keeping his grandkids and hanging out with them. Liam said he'd jump on any time he got to be alone with Hope. Bill urged Liam to remain vigilant with Thomas in the picture. Wondering if Bill was projecting, Liam asked about Katie.

Bill assumed Katie was hanging out with Carter, but Bill refused to give up. Bill decided that Katie felt safe with the sensible Carter, but deep down, she didn't want sensible. Liam assumed Bill thought he was the "not sensible" choice. Bill asserted that he was "Katie's person" and the father of her child. Bill felt that Carter could give it his best shot, but there was no history there. Bill believed history would bring his Katie back.

Liam agreed but said Thomas and Hope had history and a son. Certain Thomas would use it, Bill advised Liam to keep his guard up. Liam laughed at the thought that he'd ever let his guard down about Thomas. Bill stated that he was proud of Liam and the husband, father, and businessman he'd become. Liam claimed he'd had a great role model.

Bill said it was a stretch, but he'd take the compliment. Liam replied that Bill was the man that Liam was trying to be. Bill and Liam hugged each other. Bill said that if he was ever lucky enough to be Katie's husband, he intended to emulate Liam. Bill urged Liam to remain vigilant about Thomas and Thomas' feelings for Liam's wife.

In the design office, Taylor confessed to doing something sneaky -- getting Thomas to let her preview some designs. Taylor said everything was working out for Hope and Thomas, and Brooke dubiously agreed. Taylor, for the first time, didn't feel the need to worry about anything but said she'd probably just jinxed herself.

Brooke said there was a lot to feel positive about. Taylor replied that "old nine toes" was in jail, R.J. was home, HFTF was booming, and she and Brooke had become friends. Taylor believed that things were looking up for the Logans and Forresters. Brooke hoped it would stay that way, and Taylor agreed.

Taylor left to take a phone call. Brooke flashed back on the conflicting actions of her daughter. She thought of how Hope had yelled about not being like Brooke, admitted feelings for Thomas, and then said negative things about him. Brooke wondered what Hope was up to.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Thomas thanked Hope for giving him his life back. He was thankful that she'd given him another chance at his career. Hope said it had been easily one of the best choices she'd ever made. He added that she'd given him another chance at family and happiness. Hope said that part was on him.

Hope stated that Thomas had done the hard work to prove he was the man he knew he could be, and it was impressive. It had made her see him in a whole new way. Thomas could sense that she felt different, and to him, it was nice. He said it gave him hope for a healthy future without bad decisions and desires. He said he respected Hope and her marriage and family.

Thomas decided to get to work and then joked that "AI" might take his job. Hope said AI couldn't replicate his artistry. Brooke arrived as Thomas was leaving, and he said he had to get back to the salt mines. The statement reminded Brooke of Ridge. Thomas said Eric had said it, too.

Thomas left, and Hope informed Brooke that he'd heard the terrible things Hope had said about him. Brooke wondered if he'd heard what Hope had said before that about having feelings for him. Hope insisted that she'd just reassured Thomas, and nothing had happened. Brooke became concerned that Hope might want something to happen. To Brooke, Hope's behavior wasn't making sense, and Brooke asked if Hope had been overcompensating when she'd said negative things about Thomas earlier.

Hope claimed she hadn't been overcompensating, but she said it had hurt Thomas to hear it. She felt that she shouldn't have said it. Brooke asked if it had really hurt Thomas or if it was just what Thomas wanted her to think. Brooke added that he hadn't seemed hurt at all earlier, and he and Hope had appeared to have a connection going. Hope said it was because she'd done a little damage control and assured him that he hadn't meant it.

It all sounded like a manipulation to Brooke, and she said Liam was right about Thomas using it to get close to Hope. Hope insisted that it wasn't who Thomas was, and he'd been genuinely hurt. Brooke stated that Hope had said those things for a reason. Brooke just wished she knew what the reason had been. Hope told Brooke to stop.

Persisting, Brooke noted that Hope had brought up Brooke's past. Hope claimed she'd apologized. Brooke, however, yelled that she didn't need an apology; she needed to get to the bottom of it. Brooke stated that Hope had said she had feelings for Thomas and then she'd denied it, saying she wanted nothing to do with him. Brooke implored Hope to say what was going on, but she hoped Hope wouldn't say she had feelings for Thomas.

Back in the design office, Thomas was working when Taylor arrived. She said Brooke had just been in there. Sure Taylor and Brooke had talked, Thomas assured his mother that it hadn't been that big of a deal. Taylor didn't know what Thomas was talking about, and he was surprised that her new BFF hadn't told her about the things he'd overheard Hope say to Brooke. "No, but you'd better," Taylor replied.

Thomas revealed that he'd overheard Hope saying he was unstable and manipulative. He said she'd freaked out upon figuring out that he'd overheard her; she'd taken it back and said sweet things about him. Taylor asked why Hope would say the negative things. Thomas figured it had been to reassure Brooke, who was still leery of Thomas and Hope working together.

Taylor stated that Hope had thrown Thomas under the bus for Brooke. "Wow, my friend," the disillusioned Taylor said and pointed out that Brooke had had every chance to tell Taylor but hadn't.

Taylor accuses Brooke of having lied to her

Taylor accuses Brooke of having lied to her

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

At the cliff house, Liam dropped by to visit with Kelly and to have "a late-night cookie." When Liam protested being given just a single cookie, Kelly explained that they needed to save some for the man in the moon. Liam shared that he was a champion howler-at-the-moon, and he, Kelly, and Steffy each took turns showing off their best howls.

Kelly shared how much she liked doing things with her mommy and daddy at the same time. Steffy and Liam assured their daughter that they would always be a family, even if they didn't live together. Liam took Kelly to her bedroom to change into her pajamas.

Later, Liam returned the living room, and he and Steffy gushed over their daughter. They recalled the day that Kelly had been born and all the emotions that they'd felt. Liam shared that he looked forward to the day that Kelly was old enough to appreciate all the things she had -- including a "smart, successful mother."

Brooke expressed her concern that Hope might be attracted to Thomas. "Sometimes I find myself having doubts... and I feel really, really bad about that," Hope said. Hope insisted that Thomas had been nothing but professional. Hope regretted that Thomas had overheard the things that she had said about him. She touted the work that Thomas had done to turn his life around. Hope asked that Brooke not look for problems where none existed.

Taylor asked Thomas to reexplain to her why Hope had said so many terrible things about him. "Honestly, it was just to placate her mother," Thomas replied. Taylor questioned what Brooke might be "suspicious about." Thomas wasn't entirely sure. Taylor took a deep breath and said that Brooke had to be "picking up on a vibe" that no one else could see. Thomas reiterated that he had not done anything to make Hope or Brooke feel uncomfortable.

Later, as Brooke sat at the CEO's desk, Taylor entered the office and asked to speak to Brooke. Taylor said that she had learned about the conversation that Brooke and Hope had had about Thomas. "I regret that he had to hear that," Brooke said. Taylor asked Brooke to imagine how Thomas had felt when he'd heard people he'd thought were in his corner say such terrible things about him. Brooke apologized for the situation, but Taylor wasn't so sure that the apology was sincere.

Taylor revealed that Hope had told Thomas that she had only said the hurtful comments to appease Brooke. Taylor wondered what she was missing and hoped that she and Brooke could get everything out into the open. Brooke said that it had never been her intention to lie to Taylor. "It's never your intent -- how about just don't lie?" Taylor asked. Brooke vowed to be honest. She told Taylor that she just was "not 100 percent comfortable with Thomas and Hope working together." Brooke shared that she was worried about what that would do to Liam and Hope's marriage.

In the design office, Thomas struggled to perfect one of his designs. Hope wasn't able to help and admitted that she was distracted by thoughts of the things Thomas had overheard her say. Thomas insisted that he had moved on and forgotten all about it. Thomas shared that after all the things that Hope had forgiven him for, he had to return that forgiveness.

Hope and Thomas returned their focus to the dress. Hope suddenly realized that it was late, and she had not checked in with Liam. Hope informed Liam that she would not be able to meet Liam for dinner because she had to work late to meet a deadline. Liam was clearly unhappy with Hope's mention of a deadline and noted her other recent cancellations because of apparent deadlines. Liam started to complain but stopped himself midsentence and told Hope that everything would be okay.

Liam asked Steffy if he was being unreasonable. Steffy assured him that he was not. As Liam ranted about how he was not convinced that Thomas wouldn't resort to his "old tricks," Steffy thought back to seeing Hope and Thomas holding hands. "I am doomed to forever worry about Thomas having feelings for my wife," Liam grumbled.

"Why do you assume it's Thomas? Maybe he's not the problem this time?" Steffy asked. Liam assumed Steffy was implying that he was the problem. Steffy suggested that perhaps Hope was not "some innocent victim." Steffy apologized for what she was about to say -- then declared that she believed that Hope had feelings for Thomas.

Liam confronts Hope about her feelings for Thomas

Liam confronts Hope about her feelings for Thomas

Thursday, May 25, 2023

In the CEO's office, Taylor wasn't sure who was more hurt, she or Thomas. Brooke said she and Hope hadn't meant to hurt either of them. Brooke explained that Hope had been trying to make a point by going overboard. Taylor asked why Hope would feel the need to reassure Brooke that nothing was going on. "You must think that there is," Taylor concluded.

Brooke, who didn't want it to cause tension, sat down with Taylor to discuss it. Taylor agreed with Brooke that they could put it behind them as their kids had done, but first, Taylor needed to know what Brooke wasn't sharing with Taylor about it.

Brooke admitted that she was worried about Hope's marriage and said it had been a struggle for Liam. Taylor called it a Liam problem that had nothing to do with Thomas. Taylor was tired of having to constantly defend her son, but she insisted that she'd do it until Liam, Brooke, "and everyone else" knew that Thomas wasn't a threat to Hope's marriage.

Taylor expressed anger and disappointment because Brooke had kept her feelings about Thomas from Taylor, who'd thought they'd had a real friendship. Brooke replied that they did have one. Taylor's mind was racing, and she wondered what else Brooke was keeping from her. "Is there anything else I deserve to know? Anything happen with Ridge?" Taylor asked.

Brooke quickly denied it. She didn't want to be at odds with Taylor and wished they could drop it. Taylor said it would make it easier if Brooke could believe in Thomas. Brooke said she had some thinking to do, but she didn't want the situation to cause permanent damage.

At the cliff house, Steffy was trying to tell Liam what she saw, but he assumed that Steffy was just trying to protect Thomas. Steffy asserted her desire to protect Thomas' progress and insisted that Hope was the problem, not Thomas. Steffy figured it could explain the vibes Liam was getting. To Liam, it didn't make sense.

Steffy replied that it didn't make sense for Liam to keep blaming Thomas. Steffy didn't want to hurt Liam but couldn't let him keep blaming Thomas for Hope's feelings. Liam asked if Hope had feelings for Thomas, and Steffy affirmed it. Liam suggested that Steffy was confusing Hope's genuine care for others with feelings, but Steffy said he needed to understand that things had changed. Having seen it herself, Steffy stated that Hope's feelings for Thomas were obvious.

Denying it, Liam said he'd made the same mistake when Hope had fallen off that pedestal. He asserted that nothing had been going on then, and it wasn't "now," either. Steffy persisted, saying Hope had gazed into Thomas' eyes and caressed his hands. Steffy insisted she knew what it looked like when a woman was interested.

Liam stated that Hope was committed to him, and he'd been telling everyone who listened how connected they were. Liam stopped himself as if he'd realized something. Steffy gave him a knowing gaze. "I need to talk to her, don't I?" he asked. Steffy affirmed it. She said it was painful, but she'd had to tell him because it could be bad for everyone. Steffy stated that Thomas had been professional and hadn't crossed the line, but she couldn't say that about Hope.

In the design office, Thomas tried to work on changes for a design, but Hope claimed to be too tired to concentrate. He assumed it was about her call with Liam. She said Liam knew she had to work late, and there was no reason for him to get upset and practically hang up on her.

Hope claimed she was trying to be sensitive to Liam's feelings, and Thomas replied that she'd always taken Liam's concerns seriously. Hope said Liam's opposition to her working with Thomas was exhausting her, and she said it would be nice if her husband supported her. She claimed Liam was just looking for Thomas to do something wrong, and it was wearing her down.

Hope claimed that all the late nights with Thomas were about saving the line. Thomas said Liam didn't trust Thomas, but Hope concluded that Liam didn't trust her judgment. She was frustrated with Liam feeling that she didn't know what was best for her. Thomas defended Liam for being a little protective. He said Liam was devoted to her, and she was to Liam.

Later, Thomas and Hope still couldn't figure out what was wrong with a particular sketch. Hope was frustrated, and Thomas said they'd look at it the next day. Hope whined that they needed to get it done, but he said they couldn't force it.

Hope raged that she was still upset because Liam was treating Thomas unfairly. Hope went on about how great Thomas had been, but Thomas said he understood Liam being on guard. She asked if it would go on forever. Thomas replied that discussing his past didn't bother him because he was proud of the changes he'd made. Hope said he was a bigger person than she, who was tired of justifying herself and her choices. She asserted that she was going home to clear it up with Liam once and for all.

Later, Thomas sketched alone. He flashed back on times with Hope and recalled telling her how principled and moral she was. He remembered almost kissing her in San Francisco.

At the cabin, Hope arrived home, and Liam was in a chair. He noted that she was home earlier than he'd expected. She said they had things to talk about, and she didn't appreciate how he'd gotten off the phone with her. She admitted that she was getting a little frustrated that he wasn't listening to her about Thomas, and she was frustrated with the lack of trust.

Drinking scotch, Liam repeated the word trust. Hope insisted that she felt that he didn't trust her to make decisions for herself. She said she wasn't the teenager he'd met. She was a mother and woman who wouldn't throw away her successful line because he didn't trust Thomas. She asked Liam to have faith in her, his wife.

Liam said he'd always had faith in Hope. For Liam, it had been about what Thomas was capable of when he wanted Hope. Liam guessed he'd had it wrong. He mentioned that he'd seen Steffy. Hope claimed that was a perfect example. She stated that he got to spend time with his ex, but she couldn't work with her lead designer. Liam replied that Steffy had a husband and family of her own, and it wasn't the same. Hope claimed it would be if Liam accepted Thomas.

"The way you have?" Liam asked. He said he hadn't wanted to get into it, but Steffy had made an interesting case for why Thomas wasn't the problem. Hope replied that it was what they'd been trying to tell Liam, and he should listen to Steffy. Hope began promoting Thomas to Liam and said Thomas had worked on himself to become a caring, dependable man. She said everyone could see it but Liam.

Liam acknowledged that Steffy had defended Thomas. Steffy had told Liam that he didn't have to worry about Thomas. Instead, the issue was Hope. "Steffy said you have feelings for him," Liam stated.

Liam presses Hope for answers about her feelings for Thomas

Liam presses Hope for answers about her feelings for Thomas

Friday, May 26, 2023

In the CEO's office, Thomas was distracted by thoughts of almost kissing Hope. R.J. arrived, joking that his zoned-out brother was thinking about a girl. Thomas wondered if he should get used to seeing R.J. walk through the door. R.J. said it was the plan, and it would give Ridge a chance to make a designer of him yet.

R.J. was there to find his sister, and he'd assumed Hope would be with Thomas. R.J. was happy Thomas and Hope were getting along for Douglas' sake. He also noted that Thomas and Hope were at the top of their game in business and as parents. Thomas said he'd had to make changes first, and the changes had been long overdue.

R.J. gave Thomas props for working on himself. Thomas replied that he wanted to exceed it and be a man that his family could be proud of. R.J. told Thomas that he didn't have to go any extra miles for R.J., and R.J. would be happy if Thomas never asked him to pick up a pencil. Thomas asked if Ridge was still hounding R.J. Thomas said Ridge was used to getting what he wanted, but R.J. said he was the rude awakening their father needed. R.J. didn't want to deal with family drama at work and at home.

R.J. and Thomas discussed the miracle of their mothers getting along and choosing themselves over Ridge, who hadn't seen that coming. R.J. added that he was happy that Thomas and Hope were getting along. R.J. said it had been hard for him to watch his siblings go at it. All R.J. asked was for Thomas to treat her with the kindness and respect she deserved. Thomas replied that R.J. didn't have to worry about Hope.

At the cliff house, Finn arrived home. He was sorry for working late nights, but Steffy said she got it. He sensed that something was bothering her and wondered if it was Thomas. Steffy said that Thomas would continue to improve himself as long as Hope remembered that she was married. "You really think that...?" Finn asked.

Steffy asserted that she knew it. She stated that Thomas was doing well, but he was human. "And if Hope is sending out these signals that she could be a possibility for him..." Steffy pondered. She said she refused to let anyone undermine Thomas' progress.

Finn wondered if Steffy was reading more into the situation than there was. Steffy replied that Hope had been lost in Thomas, gazing into his eyes, and Steffy believed that she knew desire when she saw it. Steffy refused to let Hope pull Thomas into that darkness, which was why she'd had to say something to Liam.

Finn flashed a look that screamed "bad idea, but it's too late now." Steffy explained that after Liam had visited Kelly, he'd gone off about Thomas and his never-ending obsession. Liam had called Hope the innocent, trusting victim, and Steffy had gotten tired of hearing Liam drag Thomas down. Finn asked if she'd actually told Liam, and Steffy replied that she'd had to defend her brother.

Finn was shocked Steffy had told Liam. Steffy said she'd been unable to remain silent, and she wouldn't let Thomas be blamed for something he wasn't guilty of. Finn said it had been like dropping a bomb into the middle of Liam and Hope's marriage. Steffy asserted that it hadn't been her intention to cause trouble or upset Liam or Hope; however, Liam deserved to know that he should be concerned about Hope, not Thomas.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope couldn't believe that Steffy had told Liam that Hope had feelings for Thomas. Liam explained that he'd been venting to Steffy, which he admitted he shouldn't have done. He said he hadn't expected Steffy to say that Hope had feelings for Thomas. "I need to know, Hope. Is that true?" Liam asked.

Hope snickered at the idea that Steffy thought Hope had feelings for Thomas. Liam said he'd been going against his instincts by putting up with Hope and Thomas working together, and Liam had been led to believe that he was overreacting. Liam needed answers "like now, Hope. Right now."

With her arms crossed, Hope replied that Liam was accusing her because Steffy had told him so. He replied that he wasn't accusing; he was asking. He asked if she had anything to tell him about her and Thomas. Hope replied that she was feeling ambushed, so she wanted to know what else Steffy had said.

Liam replied that he'd told Steffy that she'd misinterpreted things. He said he'd told Steffy he believed that he knew Hope, and there had never been anything but friendship between Hope and Thomas. Hope replied that Liam would be right. Liam added that he also knew Steffy, who wasn't a gossip and had no reason to target Liam and Hope's marriage at that point.

"Are you kidding me?" Hope scoffed. Hope insisted that after all Steffy had done to them in the past, "of course this is what she's doing." Liam reasoned that it had been about him before, but "this time," it was about Steffy's brother. He reported that Steffy didn't want anyone to stall Thomas' progress.

Hope sounded offended that Steffy didn't want her to corrupt Thomas. Liam didn't know anything except what Steffy had said she'd seen. He described Hope caressing Thomas' hands and gazing into his eyes. Liam said Steffy believed she knew when a woman had feelings, and Steffy had seen Hope's feelings for Thomas.

Hope replied that she'd thought they were past Steffy interfering in their relationship. Liam said it wasn't about that for Steffy; it was about defending her brother. "By throwing me under the bus," Hope murmured and asserted that there was nothing going on with Thomas. "What about what she saw, Hope?" Liam asked.

Hope seemed to silently stammer for an answer. Liam said he wanted to trust her. She asserted, "Then do it!" He asked if she could be in denial, stating that she'd been there before when it came to Thomas. Hope asked if Steffy knew how Hope felt better than Hope did. Hope called it insulting. Liam was sorry, but he said he couldn't walk on eggshells anymore about the topic; it was too dangerous.

Hope scoffed at the notion that she or Thomas was dangerous. She said she loved Liam and asked him to say he believed it. Liam replied that he loved her, too, but it was too much. He felt that, at that point, they'd gone too far, and nothing would convince him about Thomas other than for Hope to do the one thing she should have done and had said she'd do a while back. "Stop working with him! Stop!" Liam exclaimed.

Hope asked if Liam was ordering her. Liam replied that he didn't know what to do, but Thomas had to be cut off. Hope launched into her explanation about how much HFTF needed her and Thomas. Liam replied that he knew how much the line meant to her, but he didn't know what else to do. Liam added that he'd heard all the reasons that Thomas had to stay in her life and have "so much" access to her. "The guy gets you more than I do!" Liam yelled.

Hope said she was sorry that it was difficult for Liam, but they were on a deadline. She claimed she was a professional like he was and had been running her line for years. She refused to let him dictate how to do it. "How do you think this is about me and your career?" the quizzical Liam asked. "It's not about your career. It's about our marriage!" Liam said. He added that none of it would be happening if she'd done the one thing she'd told him she'd do a while back, which was to keep Thomas away.

Hope scoffed and said Thomas was Douglas' father. Liam wasn't surprised to hear that defense. He said he'd heard over and over about how intertwined "you two" were and how cosmically connected Hope was to the man who'd kept Beth away from them.

Liam yelled that he was "so tired" of fighting the battle. He was exhausted. He refused to have Thomas living rent-free in his head. Hope told Liam to stop it and stop trying to protect them from a man who no longer existed. Hope yelled that Liam could either accept that Thomas had changed, "Or just -- just let it go." She claimed that what was really bad was that he always believed everyone else but her and never trusted her.

Liam stated that he'd always trusted Hope, but that was the first time he'd been given a reason not to. Hope asked what he thought was going on. Liam replied that he needed a straight answer. He asked if Steffy was right and if Hope had feelings for Thomas. "Yes or no?" Liam asked.

Claiming that her answer was no, Hope said she loved Liam, and her commitment was to him. She stated that her relationship with Thomas was nothing but professional and that her heart was always with Liam, their family, and the life they'd built together. Crying, she kept telling him she loved him. She said she was sorry and asked him not to doubt it. She hugged him, saying she was sorry. She sobbed over his shoulder.

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