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Brooke got Hope to admit she felt something for Thomas. Taylor convinced Deacon to make a play for Brooke. When Brooke found out about it, she went to confront Taylor and overheard Taylor making a play for Ridge. Brooke lit into Taylor, calling her a traitor.
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Hope admitted she felt something for Thomas. Taylor convinced Deacon to make a play for Brooke. Brooke overheard Taylor trashing her to Ridge.
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Hope confronts Steffy about interfering in her marriage

Hope confronts Steffy about interfering in her marriage

Monday, May 29, 2023

At Il Giardino, Deacon was amazed to see the two beautiful best friends at his bar. He still couldn't get over Brooke and Taylor's truce. Brooke replied that it wasn't a truce; it was a friendship that they'd continue to value and put first. He was sure it was to Ridge's dismay.

Later, Deacon excitedly talked about his goals, which included opening more restaurants and "going full in" on frozen pizza. Taylor said it was something for the future to share with those he loved. Taylor loved that Deacon had seen something he'd wanted, and he'd put his heart into it. She said he'd come a long way and asked Brooke if she agreed. Brooke wholeheartedly agreed, and Deacon and Taylor exchanged glances.

Taylor decided that Deacon had become one of the city's most eligible bachelors. "To who?" Deacon asked, and she told him not to be modest. Deacon quipped that it would be a first. Taylor was sure Brooke would agree. Brooke said she wanted nothing but the best for Deacon.

Brooke's phone alerted her to something, and having to get back to work, Brooke reached for her wallet. Taylor said she had it, and Brooke took off. Deacon noted that Taylor had laid it on thick. Taylor replied that he was eligible, and it didn't hurt to remind Brooke of it.

Taylor murmured that it would be Deacon's opportunity. Deacon asked what it would be if he said he didn't want another chance with Brooke. Taylor replied that he'd be a big liar. Deacon asked what was going on with Taylor and if she was using him so she could reunite with Ridge.

Lightheartedly, Taylor said she'd always love Ridge. Then she murmured that their love story had been hijacked years back. Deacon assumed she blamed Brooke. Taylor began to speak, but Deacon interrupted. He asked if Brooke and Taylor could really make a pact and forget the past if Ridge was still in both their lives. Taylor replied that Ridge would always be in both their lives due to their families, and Ridge had been in Brooke's orbit more than Taylor's. Deacon assumed R.J.'s presence solidified Brooke and Ridge as a family.

Deacon's phone rang, and he stepped away to take a call. It was the Lundberg Correctional facility with a collect call from Sheila. Deacon said he wasn't able to talk, and he clicked off the line. He turned and noticed Taylor watching him.

Giggling about the mysterious call, Taylor noted that Deacon was flustered. She asked if the call had been from someone he was dating. Deacon warned Taylor that her matchmaking was too obvious. He wondered what had happened to the gal-pal pact and assumed it was in trouble.

Taylor replied that she wasn't trusting it so much because Brooke didn't trust Thomas and wasn't being honest. She claimed that the pact had been about honesty across the board, especially where Ridge was concerned. Taylor said she was trying to do the right thing for everyone, especially Deacon. "And yourself," Deacon added.

In the CEO's office, Steffy, Ridge, and Eric discussed HFTF's upcoming trip to Rome. Sure that it would be great for HFTF, Steffy called it "chef's kiss." R.J. entered and asked if he'd heard that Hope's line would go to Rome. Ridge confirmed it, and R.J. wondered how Liam would feel about Hope and Thomas going together.

Ridge was sure everything would be worked out between Thomas and Hope by the time the trip arrived. Eric added that Liam had always supported Hope and her line, and Eric didn't see why it would be different that time. R.J. asked Steffy for her thoughts.

Steffy began talking about how Thomas had saved Hope's line, and when R.J. responded cynically, Ridge said not to do that. Ridge said all his kids were talented, and he was glad they were all together. He said the family drama was behind them, and then he looked nervously at Eric. R.J. asked how the situation with Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor was going.

Steffy joined R.J. in the inquiry about their mothers. Eric said Brooke and Taylor had made their intentions clear, but on the other hand, they were the loves of Ridge's life. R.J. and Steffy reasoned that putting their friendship first didn't mean that Brooke and Taylor didn't love Ridge. Ridge claimed to realize that. "How much longer before one of them is sharing their life with you?" R.J. asked.

Later, R.J. and Ridge were alone, and R.J. showed Ridge a video of R.J.'s that had gone viral. Ridge showed mild enthusiasm, and R.J. guessed it wasn't as great as if R.J. worked at Forrester. Ridge reinforced his support for whatever R.J. wanted to do in life, and they hugged.

Brooke arrived and commented on seeing her two favorite men. Ridge said he'd thought she'd be there sooner. Brooke replied that she'd lost track of time while catching up with Taylor. Ridge stopped smiling.

Later, Brooke cooed about her and Ridge's amazing son, who'd grown up and carved out his own career. Ridge said it was all about them being together, and the three hugged.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam seemed barely able to keep his eyes open as he worked. He flashed back to Steffy telling him that Hope had feelings for Thomas. Just then, Hope arrived home, surprised that he was still home after she'd dropped off the kids. He asked how it had gone, and she said she'd been first in line three days in a row. Liam replied that it was a new record.

After an awkward pause, Hope asked if they were good. She asserted that she loved him more than anything else. She wanted to be sure that they were on the same page before they left for work. Hope stated that she and Thomas had worked a lot of long hours; however, her marriage and life with Liam meant everything to her. She claimed she'd never risk it. "So, Steffy can say what she wants to say, and she saw what she saw, but she's wrong," Hope determined.

Hope stated that Steffy had misinterpreted things, and she hoped Liam would take his wife's word for it over his ex-wife's. Liam said the last thing he wanted to believe was that she had feelings for Thomas. Hope told him not to believe it because it wasn't true. She swore it wasn't.

"Yeah," Liam replied, slowly nodding. Liam decided he needed to get to work. Hope said she did, too. Giving Hope a somber hug and kiss on the cheek, Liam left her in the house alone.

At Spencer later, Liam was working at the mini desk, but Steffy's words about Hope rang in his head. He continued to muse about Hope's reassurances but seemed unassured.

In the design office, Steffy ended a call about Rome. The office door slammed, and Hope said, "You just had to do it. You just had to interfere in my marriage." Steffy assumed Liam had spoken to Hope about what Steffy had said. "About your ridiculous suspicions," Hope replied. "How dare you go out of your way to tell my husband I have feelings for Thomas. It's pathetic," Hope asserted, but Steffy asked if it really was.

Hope insisted that what Steffy had claimed to see couldn't have been further from the truth, and Hope said it was almost as if Steffy was trying to undermine Hope's marriage. "Of course not. Though I have to wonder, are you?" Steffy asked. Hope said Steffy should know how much Liam meant to Hope. Steffy flipped it, saying Hope should know what Thomas meant to Steffy. "So, are you lying? Are you attracted to Thomas?" Steffy asked.

Hope said Steffy was messing with Hope's life, family, and marriage. Hope admitted to caring for Thomas and being grateful for him as a father and a designer. Hope said Liam knew how much she loved him, and he was the only man she wanted to have in her life. She asserted that she wasn't interested in Thomas, never had been, and never would be. Hope added that she and Liam had been through too much and faced too many challenges, some of which had been due to Steffy, "by the way." Steffy scoffed indignantly.

Hope asked if, for once, Steffy could refrain from ruining it and stay out of Hope's marriage.

Taylor and Brooke clash over their daughters

Taylor and Brooke clash over their daughters

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

In the design office, Hope was aghast that Steffy had gone to Liam with her perception of Hope's relationship with Thomas. Assessing that Thomas, who had his head on straight, wasn't the problem, Steffy said she'd decided it had to be Hope. Hope claimed he didn't need protection from her, and she told Steffy to stay out of her business. Steffy replied that someone had to stick up for her brother. "By throwing me under the bus," Hope rejoined.

Steffy replied that she hadn't done that, but Hope insisted that Steffy had gone to Liam to upset him; however, Steffy was wrong, and Hope was fully committed to her husband. "There shouldn't be a problem then," Steffy concluded, walking out as Hope smirked.

Later, Brooke arrived at Hope's behest and found her daughter upset. Hope said Steffy was up to her old tricks again, interfering in Hope's marriage.

Later, Brooke said she didn't understand what would drive Steffy to go to Liam. Hope didn't know but thought Steffy had some nerve to insinuate herself into Hope's marriage. Hope changed her mind, saying it wasn't the first time, and it was just what Steffy did. Wanting to be clear, Brooke asked if Steffy was mistaken, and Hope replied that Steffy was.

Hope claimed it would be one thing if Steffy had gone to Hope with her questions and concerns, but it had been another thing to gossip behind Hope's back to Hope's husband. Brooke was sure Liam had been upset. Hope replied that he'd been blindsided to hear that his wife had feelings for another man, let alone Thomas, after all the things he'd done.

Brooke asked what had prompted Steffy to say it. Hope replied that Steffy had mistaken a celebratory moment, and in Steffy's mind, it had become intimate. In a mocking tone, Hope said, "And Thomas and I are caressing each other's hands, and I'm gazing into his eyes... it's just... give me a break!" Brooke asked again if there was any validity to it. Hope groaned.

Telling Hope to be honest with her mother and herself, Brooke asked if Hope had developed feelings for Thomas. Hope replied that they'd been over it before, but Brooke said Hope hadn't given a clear answer. Hope said she didn't want anything from Thomas but to be co-parents, co-workers, and friends. Brooke gazed at her daughter.

Hope asked if it was so terrible to admit that she was human. "What does that mean?" Brooke asked. Hope replied that she had eyes and could appreciate that Thomas was good-looking and funny, and they spent ten to fourteen hours a day working together. "And what does that mean?" Brooke asked, imploring her daughter to be honest.

Hope murmured that she'd felt a little something. "For Thomas?" Brooke exclaimed. Hope said it was nothing, but Brooke disagreed, telling her daughter to be up-front. Hope asked if it was normal for people to at times have thoughts and desires. Hope figured it was okay as long as one didn't act on them -- "Right?"

Brooke said it would lead to something else, which was dangerous. "I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't cross the line. I'm in control," Hope said. She just wished Steffy would have kept her "big mouth shut." Crying, Hope claimed her relationship meant everything to her, and she wouldn't let anyone -- including herself -- destroy it. She said Liam was the love of her life and nodded in nervous affirmation.

Later, Hope was alone, thinking of Steffy inquiring about Hope's feelings for Thomas. Hope called Liam and got his voicemail. Stammering, she said things had been challenging, but she loved him and their life together. She wanted him to know she was thinking about him.

In the CEO's office, Taylor arrived with Ridge's favorite pizza and said she'd been at lunch with Brooke. Ridge noted that Taylor could eat with Brooke, but not him. Taylor reasoned that she could as long as it wasn't a date. Exiled for so long, Ridge had forgotten what a date was, so Taylor explained that it was finishing dinner, getting lost in eye contact, minds racing, hearts pounding. Ridge leaned in as if to kiss her. She pushed him back and said, "And then you pay for dinner. That's a date."

Ridge joked that the "almost kiss" was the most action he'd had since he'd been exiled. Taylor figured that there were plenty of women out there for him. He asked why she was trying to hand him off to another woman. Taylor replied that she didn't think she'd ever do that. He said he thought she was done with him. Affirming it, she said it didn't mean she didn't think about all the wonderful times they'd had.

Later, Ridge returned with paper plates, saying he had a spring in his step due to Taylor saying she sometimes thought about him. She replied that she thought about him all the time and saw him in their kids daily. Ridge and Taylor agreed that they were all doing very well.

Taylor's face darkened, but when Ridge asked what the matter was, she seemed hesitant about discussing it. He asked what she was talking about. Stammering, Taylor said a disagreement between her and Brooke had led Taylor to question whether Brooke was being honest and transparent about Ridge. Gazing away, she asked if Brooke had broken the pact.

Ridge flashed back to kissing Brooke at Christmas and being in her living room while she'd been in her lingerie. "Doc..." he said. Taylor stopped him, figuring she was right. Ridge tried to disagree, but Charlie interrupted when he arrived, attempting to get on the trip to Rome.

Ridge shot Charlie down, saying he was needed for inventory. Steffy arrived as Charlie left, and noticing that Steffy was troubled, Taylor coaxed Steffy into revealing why. "You know how Thomas gets accused of being infatuated with Hope? What if I told you it was the other way around? I think Hope has feelings for Thomas," Steffy declared.

Later, Taylor was glad Steffy had stood up for her brother. Steffy said they'd dismissed Liam's bad vibes about Thomas and Hope working together because they'd all thought Thomas had changed. Taylor reasoned that the vibe might have been because of Hope. Steffy replied that Hope had said it was all in Steffy's head. Ridge remarked that it was getting messy.

Steffy shared her doubt that Hope had been looking to have feelings for another man, let alone Liam's worst nightmare. Steffy said she hadn't been trying to cause trouble. Taylor replied that they knew that, and whatever happened from then on was on Hope.

Later, Taylor had gone to her office, and Ridge and Steffy discussed the bad timing of the issue with Hope and Thomas. Ridge and Steffy talked about the long hours Thomas and Hope still had to work and the trip to the most romantic city in the world. Ridge asked if things were strictly professional between Hope and Thomas. Steffy was sure of Thomas, but not Hope.

In Taylor's office, Taylor thought of kissing Ridge in Monaco. Brooke arrived, wondering if Taylor had spoken to her daughter. Brooke said the things Steffy had said to Liam had been strange. Taylor replied that Steffy had been a protective sister. Scoffing, Brooke stated that Steffy had been pointing fingers, trying to get Liam to distrust his wife. Brooke assumed Steffy was trying to tear apart the marriage.

Taylor said it was enough, and Steffy would never do that. Brooke asserted that Hope would never cheat on Liam. "No one was saying that she would," Taylor replied. Brooke asked if she and Taylor were friends. Taylor hummed in the affirmative. Brooke implored Taylor to help her by stepping up and telling Steffy to take back what she'd said. Brooke exclaimed that Hope had a family she loved, and Brooke wouldn't let Taylor's daughter step between Hope and Liam.

Eric urges Ridge to patch things up with Brooke

Eric urges Ridge to patch things up with Brooke

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Carter, Eric, and Ridge discussed the details of an upcoming Hope for the Future press event in Rome. Eric wondered if traveling abroad for a high-pressure work matter might cause trouble for Hope and Thomas' working situation. Ridge thought the pair's work spoke for itself. Carter remarked that he was impressed that Hope had welcomed Thomas back into the fold.

Carter wanted to set up some social events for Hope and Thomas, but Ridge wasn't sure that was a great idea. Eric noted that the photo ops were some of the most enjoyable things about trips abroad. Eric pointed out that Ridge and Brooke had always been front page news during their work trips to other countries. When Eric asked if Brooke would be joining Ridge in Rome, Carter's face lit up. "I like this a lot. I like when we veer from the meeting and we explore your love life," Carter said with a huge smile. Ridge insisted there was "no love life" to discuss because both Brooke and Taylor has sworn him off.

Later, Charlie stopped by briefly to share that he'd bought an Italian phrase guide in case he was needed on the Rome trip. After he left, Eric expressed his concern that Ridge was still living at the Forrester mansion. Ridge joked that Eric was throwing him out, but Eric assured him that wasn't the case. "You and Brooke belong together. You always have, and you always will," Eric said.

Before Ridge could respond, Brooke burst into the office to go over some details for the press event. Eric hurried out the door to let Brooke and Ridge "sort things out" on their own. Brooke asked Ridge why Eric was acting so oddly. "You know how he feels about us," Ridge said with a laugh. Ridge said that Eric no longer wanted to be his "landlord" and would prefer that Ridge live somewhere else.

Ridge heaped praise on Brooke, calling her talented, kind, a great mom, and "fun at a party... and even more fun after the party." Ridge became serious and told Brooke that he missed her.

In Taylor's office, Brooke insisted that Steffy should have kept her concerns about Hope to herself. Taylor, however, countered that Steffy was simply defending her brother and did not mean to cause any trouble for Liam and Hope. When Taylor suggested that Steffy's comments might prompt Liam and Hope to talk, Brooke swiftly countered that there was nothing for them to talk about because Hope had no feelings for Thomas.

Taylor noted Brooke had not listened to her when she'd said similar things about Thomas. Brooke replied that she couldn't forget all the things that Thomas had done in the past. "Well, I guess I can't forget that Hope has Logan blood in her," Taylor retorted. Brooke became angry and repeated Taylor's statement. Asked what that meant, Taylor feigned thought and snapped, "It means, Hope has Logan blood in her."

Taylor insisted that she wasn't trying to fight and was only defending her children. Taylor wondered if Brooke's reaction might be because Brooke knew that Hope was having feelings for Thomas. "I thought we were friends," Brooke responded. Taylor stated that friends could disagree. Brooke told Taylor that their friendship and pact meant a great deal to her, so she was going to leave before she said something she regretted. As Brooke was leaving, Taylor shouted, "It's too late for that!" After the door closed behind Brooke, Taylor looked at photos of Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas; grabbed her purse; and walked out of her office.

At Il Giardino, Deacon touted the restaurant's new selection of chardonnay to a couple seated at one of the tables. Hope dropped by -- not for food -- but because she needed to "see a friendly face." Deacon groaned and asked if Hope's mood had something to do with Thomas. Hope told her father that she didn't want to talk about Thomas but quickly followed her comment up with the disclaimer that her troubles were "not what anyone thinks."

Hope assured her father that she had "the situation under control." Deacon asked what situation she was talking about. Hope complained that she was tired of everyone worrying about her. Hope insisted that Thomas was better. "Better than how crazy he was five minutes ago?" Deacon asked. Hope flashed her father an annoyed glare and explained that Thomas was a better father and work partner than he'd been in the past.

Before darting off to assist a customer, Deacon urged Hope to trust her gut because she knew Thomas better than almost anyone else.

Later, Hope told her dad about her press event in Rome. Deacon told Hope how proud he was of her. "The best thing that I have ever done, with a little help from Brooke, was make a remarkable woman like you," Deacon said softly. Hope gave her dad a big hug, but her face showed that Hope was obviously struggling with some things.

Taylor showed up at the restaurant later. Deacon spotted her and asked if she had forgotten something. "Ironically, I did. I forgot that Brooke Logan is Brooke Logan," Taylor grumbled. Deacon asked if he needed to remind Taylor that she and Brooke were supposed to be friends. He then commented that he felt Taylor had been trying to fix him up with Brooke so that she would have "a clear path to Ridge." Taylor countered that she was just trying to help put Hope's family back together and insisted that Deacon was "a catch."

Taylor admitted that she was not trusting Brooke or anything else at the moment. She said that Deacon might be the key to "ending this toxic, destructive cycle that's been going on for so long." Taylor ordered Deacon to call Brooke.

Deacon makes a play for Brooke

Deacon makes a play for Brooke

Thursday, June 1, 2023

At Il Giardino, Deacon told Taylor that he'd loved Brooke from the moment he'd met her. Taylor said he should tell Brooke. He said he believed Brooke knew. Taylor didn't think it would hurt to say it again and again. He quipped that he had said it again and again, and it did hurt. Taylor maintained her "what if" about him having a future with Brooke and wondered if he could be the key to breaking "us" out of the toxic cycle.

Deacon remained uncertain about it, but Taylor insisted that he wouldn't know unless he gave it a try. Deacon brought up Brooke, Ridge, and destiny, and Taylor glared at him, tired of hearing that word. Deacon acknowledged that there was truth to it, but Taylor asked if it was destiny to break up a million times. She insisted that Deacon could break the vicious cycle.

Deacon figured Taylor wanted to help herself, so she could spend the rest of her days as Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Taylor replied that she wouldn't deny her feelings for Ridge, even though that had been exactly what she'd been trying to do. She said she'd always love Ridge, just as Deacon would Brooke; however, Deacon didn't have a pact keeping him from Brooke. Taylor said he'd spent his life as a villain, but he could be a hero. She urged him to call Brooke and see what would happen. "Do it today!" she exclaimed.

In the CEO's office, Brooke and Ridge expressed pride in a video R.J. had made. Ridge asked what they should do, like it or heart it. Brooke said to heart it and comment, but Ridge didn't want to embarrass their son. Ridge and Brooke wound up posting that it was a cool video, and they were proud of R.J.

Brooke, who'd missed R.J., said it was a good feeling to have their family back together. As Ridge took his phone from her, his hands lingered on hers. She recognized a look on his face and asked what he was thinking about. He said it was nice not to worry about Sheila and to think about other things. He told Brooke that when he'd been out of touch, it had taught him that being away from her was hard, and he never wanted to do it again.

Ridge acknowledged Brooke's pact with Taylor, and he said he respected it; however, he wanted to say that he really missed Brooke. Ridge confessed that his time in the penalty box hadn't been easy. Brooke explained that she and Taylor hadn't done it to punish him.

Ridge admired Taylor and Brooke for making the change after many years of acrimony. Brooke murmured that she'd been afraid it would happen again, and he asked what she meant. Brooke indicated that something had happened. She said that in the past, it would have been a full-blown fight, but they'd worked it out. Ridge asked if it had been about him.

"We don't argue about you anymore, Ridge," Brooke replied, sure that it was a blow to his ego. She said it had been about the kids; however, if she and Taylor wouldn't let Ridge get between them, they certainly wouldn't let the kids do it. Brooke told Ridge that she knew he supported the pact, but it had its downsides. She intended to keep the pact. "But I really do miss you," she uttered, straightening his lapels.

Later, Ridge was alone when Taylor arrived. He told her that Steffy was in a meeting, and Brooke was somewhere he didn't want to be -- at Il Giardino with Deacon. "Really?" Taylor smugly replied. Ridge guessed it was about Hope and wondered why else Deacon would call Brooke.

Taylor stated that it could be a number of things. Ridge said there would be a problem if it was money. Taylor reported that Deacon's restaurant was doing fine. She didn't know why Ridge was making a big deal of it and said Brooke and Deacon had a child together. Ridge grumbled that being with Deacon hadn't been Brooke's finest hour.

Taylor said it had been scandalous, but Brooke and Deacon had something good from it, Hope. Taylor stated that kids bonded people. She added that Ridge had been an important part of her life before the kids, and they shared beautiful memories.

Back at Il Giardino, Deacon recalled telling Brooke the that the only thing worth living for, fighting for, and dying for was love. Just then, Brooke arrived. Deacon sat her at a table and ordered her tea. She noticed that he seemed a little nervous and asked what was going on. She guessed it was Hope. Deacon praised their daughter, excited about her Rome trip.

Deacon guessed Hope was part of the reason he'd asked Brooke to meet him. "Because of what we'd shared once," he said. Brooke guessed Deacon wanted to take a trip down memory lane. He asked if that was bad. She figured that some memories were worth recalling and smiling about, "and others..." Deacon apologized for any pain he'd caused her.

"No," Brooke quickly replied. Deacon said Brooke knew how he'd always feel about her. She said she did. He apologized for the way things had started and the person he'd been back then, but he believed that people entered each other's lives for a reason. He felt that Brooke had been there to help him change and to inspire him to be a better man. He stated that if someone like Brooke could believe in him... and he trailed off. He wondered if she knew the influence she'd had on his life.

Citing the restaurant, Deacon said he had a fire in his belly and wanted to prove to Hope and Brooke that he could do it because Hope and Brooke were the most important women in his life. "Wow," Brooke replied. She said it felt good to hear those things, but she didn't know where he was going with it.

Deacon figured Brooke's pact with Taylor didn't include all men. He said it might be crazy, but it could be their time and their chance. He felt that he'd made better choices, and the best choice he would make was to be with Brooke. He asked if there was a chance they could find a way back to each other to be a family for their child and grandchildren. Deacon figured that she'd heard it before, but he'd say it again: he loved her more than anything. "Please come back to me," he asked.

In the design office, Katie and Carter made out. They discussed how huge the Italy trip was for HFTF. Citing that Rome was one of the most romantic cities in the world, Katie said it could be big for Brooke and Ridge, too. Carter stated that it was possible that the two would go to Rome, but to him, Taylor and Brooke's friendship seemed legit.

Katie affirmed it but said if Ridge was ready to fully commit, Brooke should go for it. Katie believed that Taylor would. Carter questioned whether Ridge was ready, but Katie said Ridge would be after a few days with Brooke in Rome.

Later, Carter ended a call he'd been taking in Italian. It had turned Katie on, and she suggested he use it later that night. She cooed about Rome, her favorite city, and she thought of Ridge and Brooke again. Carter joked that Katie was really pushing the reunion. Katie claimed to want Brooke to be happy, and Brooke was happiest with Ridge. Carter agreed that it would be epic, but they'd return home to Taylor, who'd have something to say about it.

Brooke announces that she needs to ''unfriend a friend''

Brooke announces that she needs to ''unfriend a friend''

Friday, June 2, 2023

Acknowledging that they shared "a very special friendship" that had been made possible by sharing a "remarkable daughter," Brooke couldn't help but wonder why Deacon suddenly wanted to revisit their romantic relationship. Deacon thought back to Taylor's earlier comments that a Deacon and Brooke reunion could put an end to the "terrible, toxic cycle."

Deacon apologized for making Brooke feel uncomfortable, a claim that Brooke denied. Deacon grumbled to himself that he should never have taken romantic advice from someone else. When Brooke inquired about the identity of the mystery matchmaker, Deacon claimed he'd just been "projecting into the future" in the event that anyone did ever offer him love advice. Brooke didn't buy his excuse.

Brooke told Deacon that she knew who he had been talking about. Deacon bowed his head to avoid eye contact. "It was Hope," Brooke said as Deacon looked up in surprise. Brooke thought it was "cute" that Hope wanted her parents back together. Deacon assured Brooke that Hope wasn't involved. After some thought, Brooke asked if Hollis had decided to "step aside and clear the path" for Deacon. Deacon rose from his seat and told Brooke that he had to get back to work.

As Deacon walked away, Brooke chased after him and asked in disbelief if Taylor had been the one who'd encouraged Deacon. Brooke was noticeably upset and questioned if Taylor cared about their friendship. Deacon insisted that Taylor did care about her friendship with Brooke. "We made a pact. It was about us. We chose ourselves. We chose each other. We chose our friendship," Brooke cried.

Deacon tried to talk Brooke down from the ledge. Brooke said that both she and Deacon knew why Taylor was trying to push them together. Brooke wiped the tears from her eyes and declared that she had to "unfriend a friend."

Hope entered the design office and found a shirtless R.J. looking for a clean, post-workout shirt to wear. R.J. lamented that "image is important" in his life as a social media influencer. R.J. was quiet for a moment before asking Hope if she had any idea how Brooke was really doing. Hope said that R.J. was a good son for worrying about their mom, but she shared that she had no reason to think that anything was wrong with Brooke.

R.J. admitted that he still couldn't wrap his head around Brooke and Taylor becoming friends. "I'm still waiting for the punchline," he said with a laugh. R.J. wondered if the truce between the two women would hold up. "If I were a betting woman, I'd say that this friendship might actually last," Hope replied. R.J. shared that he was happy Brooke had a friend, but he also wondered if having a friend was enough. He asked Hope if Brooke was going to be okay without Ridge in her life.

Hope suggested that Brooke "might actually enjoy being single." R.J. reflected on how he'd witnessed his parents' turbulent relationship while growing up. Hope explained her belief that sometimes people outgrew situations and moved on. Still, Hope said that she believed a part of Brooke would always love Ridge.

In the executive suite at Forrester, Ridge asked Taylor if she was happy, sad, or something else. Taylor admitted that thinking about the life that she and Ridge had once shared had gotten to her. Taylor regretted that she could not go to Rome to support Thomas and Steffy. After a split-second pause, Taylor added, "And you." Taylor said that she'd always thought of Rome "as this really happy place that's just filled with love -- kind of like our family."

Taylor claimed not to regret the journey that she and Ridge had shared together. She admitted to wondering if she and Ridge could ever share a life together. "I miss the little things. I miss the way that you look through me, right into my soul," Taylor said softly. Taylor claimed that she'd stayed away from him out of "false bravado." Ridge asked about Taylor's friendship with Brooke. Taylor replied that she did not feel that Brooke had held up her end of the "friendship first" pact.

Taylor stated that neither she nor Brooke could "pretend that the heart doesn't want what it wants." Brooke arrived at Forrester and stopped outside the closed executive office door when she heard Taylor's voice. She heard Taylor admit that she'd been "committed to this stupid bestie pact" with Brooke. Taylor went on to say that Brooke had "no honesty [and] no integrity." Brooke shook her head in disbelief.

Eric paged Ridge over the intercom and said that he needed to see Ridge immediately. Ridge told Taylor that he'd be back, and he darted off. Shortly after Ridge left, Brooke entered the office and slammed the door behind her. "How could you do this? We made a pact. I have never felt more betrayed in my life," Brooke snarled, declaring, "You are a back-stabbing traitor."

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Hello, again: Hayley Erin opens up about her return to Y&R
Michael Damian to reprise Y&R's Danny Romalotti
Y&R's Eric Braeden announces he is cancer-free
Camryn Grimes, fiancé Brock Powell expecting first child
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