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Taylor and Brooke severed their friendship. With the pact dissolved, Brooke made a pitch to Ridge about the future. Thomas dismissed rumors about Hope's feelings. Brooke decided to go to Italy to keep an eye on Hope and Thomas. Hope's fantasies of Thomas escalated.
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Taylor and Brooke ended their friendship. Brooke made a pitch to Ridge about the future. Hope's fantasies of Thomas escalated.
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Brooke and Taylor's pact devolves into a shoving match

Brooke and Taylor's pact devolves into a shoving match

Monday, June 5, 2023

At Il Giardino, Hollis tried to inform Deacon that they were down a server, but Deacon was edgy and distracted. Hollis asked what was going on, and Deacon mumbled that he might have started something. Hollis asked what it was about. Deacon confided that he'd asked Brooke to have a life with him, but she'd turned Deacon down.

Deacon and Hollis joked about starting a club and making tee shirts. Deacon said he didn't know why he'd listened to her. Hollis asked to whom, and Deacon replied, "Taylor." When Hollis inquired further, Deacon explained that Taylor had been watching Deacon and Brooke relate to each other, and after Brooke had left, Taylor had started talking about Brooke and Deacon's past love and their bond through Hope. Hollis looked puzzled.

Deacon said he hadn't gotten it, either, until Taylor had urged him to go for Brooke. Deacon expressed that he'd been skeptical, but he'd made his pitch. "We won't be running off into the sunset anytime soon," Deacon stated about himself and Brooke. Hollis began to wonder about Taylor, who'd pushed him onto Brooke first. Deacon guessed Taylor wanted Ridge for herself.

Hollis said Taylor had pushed him and then Deacon at Brooke to get a clear path to Ridge. Deacon asked if Taylor was really that calculating. Hollis and Deacon acknowledged that neither actually knew Taylor, but Deacon predicted that Taylor and Brooke's friendship would blow up.

In the design office, Eric and Ridge worked together, and Ridge complimented Eric's work, saying he hadn't lost his touch. Eric said he hadn't called Ridge in there to hear that. Eric wanted to know how things were going with Brooke and Taylor and if anything had changed.

Ridge flashed back to Taylor telling him that she missed him. Ridge said one of the ladies had told him how she really felt -- Taylor. Eric hoped Ridge hadn't encouraged her. Ridge said he'd been respecting the boundaries, but Taylor had come to him out of the blue. He reported that she'd expressed pride in their kids and might have asked to go to Rome with them. Eric concluded that Taylor wanted Ridge back. With a smug smile, Ridge shrugged.

Eric said Ridge knew how Eric felt about Taylor. "Here it comes," Ridge grumbled. Eric stated that Taylor had given Ridge beautiful children, but she wasn't the love of Ridge's life. "The love of your life is Brooke Logan. And she always will be," Eric concluded.

Ridge prepared to leave, and Eric decided to keep working there. He claimed too many people were in and out of his office. Eric said that Steffy and Ridge behind Eric's desk was one thing, but Hope, Zende, Carter, and Katie did it, too. He said if Charlie ever did it, he'd shoot Charlie with Charlie's water pistol. Ridge reminded Eric that he was Forrester Creations. Eric expressed pride in Ridge, and the men hugged. Eric said one of the things he still wanted in life was Ridge's happiness, and Brooke was the one who could do it and fulfill Ridge's life.

In Eric's office, Brooke was disillusioned because she believed Taylor had betrayed her. Taylor tried to speak, but Brooke accused Taylor of setting Brooke up with Deacon so that Taylor could be with Ridge. Claiming there had been a build-up, Taylor asked for a chance to explain, but Brooke roared that she didn't want to hear Taylor's excuses.

"Damn it, Taylor!" Brooke hopelessly exclaimed. Brooke said she'd thought they'd been building something beautiful and showing their daughters that something wonderful and fulfilling could become of their rivalries. Taylor snorted and chuckled mirthlessly as Brooke said Taylor had been biding her time and waiting to make a move on Ridge. "Just admit it already!" Brooke yelled. Brooke said Taylor had tried to use Deacon to clear her path to Ridge.

Taylor yelled that Brooke had been so honest and transparent, so Taylor would do the same. Taylor claimed she'd merely pointed out that Deacon and Brooke shared a history worth considering, but Brooke said she didn't believe for a moment that Taylor had been looking out for Brooke's best interest. Brooke was adamant that Taylor had gone to Ridge and poured her heart out behind Brooke's back and had sent Deacon after Brooke to clear the path to Ridge.

Taylor asked Brooke to hear Taylor out. Taylor claimed she'd been trying to help. "Me, you, or Deacon?" Brooke asked. Taylor stated that Brooke had misunderstood what Taylor had said to Deacon, but Brooke replied that the intent had been crystal clear. Taylor insisted that it wasn't what Brooke thought. Taylor claimed to value Brooke and their friendship.

Brooke mirthlessly chuckled, but Taylor insisted that she'd never do anything to jeopardize it. "Yeah," Brooke quietly said, a tear rolling down her face. Taylor explained how disillusioned she'd felt when Brooke hadn't told Taylor about Brooke and Hope's talk, and Brooke had made Thomas the villain. Brooke asserted that it had nothing to do with Ridge, but Taylor explained that she'd thought that if Brooke hadn't been honest and transparent about that, "'what else is she hiding from me?' And that has everything to do with Ridge."

Brooke said she'd valued their friendship, but Taylor had sent Hollis after Brooke and then Deacon. Brooke called herself foolish for listening to Taylor. Taylor swore she'd been trying to help, but Brooke quipped that Taylor had been helping herself. Brooke stated that she'd let her guard down and trusted Taylor one hundred percent, but Taylor had taken advantage of it. Brooke had never thought her "BFF" would do that and deceive her that way.

Taylor quipped that Brooke was going to do "this." Brooke said she'd been hurt by people in the past, but nothing quite like that. Brooke said she had thought they'd been doing something different. She'd thought they'd had a pact. Taylor laughed again, covering her mouth. Brooke continued, saying they'd chosen themselves and had wanted to do better for their lives and their children. "And I never thought you'd take our friendship and just toss it aside like it was garbage!" Brooke screamed.

Brooke begged Taylor to stop pretending that she didn't want Ridge. Affirming it, Taylor said she and Ridge deserved each other. "And he and I don't?" Brooke asked. Taylor stated that she didn't think Brooke was right for Ridge or that he was right for Brooke. Taylor claimed Ridge and Brooke had caused each other pain, and Brooke hadn't ever been good for him.

Brooke, who couldn't believe what she was hearing, yelled that she and Taylor were right back where they'd started. Noting that things were different, Taylor said Brooke had a chance at a life with someone other than Ridge. Brooke assumed Taylor meant Hollis, the first man she'd shoved Brooke at. Taylor claimed Hollis had been just young and fun, but Deacon and Brooke had a history and a child. Brooke seethed that she didn't need a dating service.

Taylor claimed she'd been trying to be a friend, and she smirked as Brooke said Taylor had destroyed their relationship -- and all because Taylor wanted to be with Ridge. Brooke said Taylor thought Brooke was wrong for Ridge, but there was Taylor and Thomas' behavior to consider. Taylor asked if Brooke meant when Taylor had been about to marry Ridge.

Brooke said Taylor could have told Ridge the truth but hadn't due to what it could cost Taylor. Brooke recalled that Taylor had said that Ridge was hers and only hers, and Brooke asked how sanctimonious that was. "But you know what? That is Team Taylor," Brooke concluded.

Brooke went on to say she knew Taylor thought Brooke and her daughter were just Logan girls, sluts from the valley. Taylor replied that they'd been Stephanie's words about Brooke, but Brooke insisted Taylor felt that way, too.

Taylor asserted that Brooke had had chance after chance with Ridge and had let him down. Taylor cried that he deserved to be with someone who wouldn't upend his world every chance she got. Taylor claimed the list of men went on and on and chuckled that Brooke had had a child with Deacon, who'd been married to her daughter. Wondering who did that, Taylor claimed Brooke had no love inside her.

Brooke yelled that she and Taylor had had an agreement and a vow, but Taylor had broken it to get to Ridge. Taylor laughed again, and Brooke decided she'd go to Ridge and tell him what Taylor had done and who Taylor really was. Taylor grabbed Brooke's arm, telling her to grow up and stay there and talk to her. Brooke wrenched herself away, and a shoving match ensued.

Ridge entered the office and got between the women. Brooke yelled that Taylor had never wanted to be friends with Brooke, but Taylor had used Brooke to get to Ridge. "Our little pact is over!" Brooke roared.

Brooke decides to focus on the future

Brooke decides to focus on the future

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

At Il Giardino, Hope arrived as Deacon was deep in thought. She asked what was going on. Figuring that Hope would find out eventually, Deacon said he'd tried to get with Brooke but had gotten shot down again. He felt as if it had been stupid, but he should have known by then that Brooke didn't want more than friendship. He said he wouldn't have even done it if he hadn't been listening to Taylor.

Later, Hope remarked that Taylor had been shady to try to set Brooke up with other men so she could go after Ridge. Deacon hated to think the worst of Taylor, but Hope assured him that it was part of Taylor's playbook. Hope stated that her mom had been loyal to that agreement, and she wondered if Taylor had ever been Brooke's friend. Hope asked if Brooke knew, and Deacon replied that Brooke had figured it out. He assumed the women were duking it out.

Hope expressed her disappointment and figured Brooke was hurting. In Hope's view, Taylor had used Brooke and Deacon. Deacon claimed he was a big boy and had known what he'd been doing. Hope said "that family" was beyond frustrating, and Steffy and Taylor were hypocrites who always gave Brooke and Hope a hard time about being Logans. Hope hoped the entire thing blew up in Taylor's face.

In the CEO/Eric's office, Ridge asked the hostile Taylor and Brooke what was going on. As Brooke explained that Taylor had played her, Taylor yelled over Brooke that none of it was true. Brooke insisted that Taylor had used Brooke, and it had been to get to Ridge.

Taylor said Brooke was making things up, and it wasn't true. Brooke told Taylor that Taylor wouldn't dig herself out of it, and Brooke informed Ridge that Taylor had tried to set Brooke up with other men in order to get a clear path to Ridge. Taylor stated that she didn't want to fight with Brooke, but Brooke said Taylor should have thought of that before double-crossing Brooke.

Saying she hadn't done that, Taylor called her actions retaliation because she'd known Brooke had broken the pact. Brooke accused Taylor of scheming for months with all the meals at Il Giardino. Taylor quipped that it was the hottest restaurant in town, and they loved the food. Brooke insisted that Taylor had been trying to set her up with Hollis and then Deacon, who had suddenly called Brooke out of the blue to make a move on Brooke.

Ridge asked why Deacon would think he had a shot at Brooke. Brooke said Taylor had urged Deacon to go after Brooke and had told him that it was his opportunity to be with Brooke, since Ridge was off-limits. Taylor replied that it was true, but it hadn't happened at once.

According to Taylor, she'd spent time with Brooke and Deacon and had seen a connection. Taylor accused Brooke of making it to more than it was, but Brooke called baloney, saying Taylor had set Deacon up for heartache and had sold Brooke down the river to clear a path for Ridge. Brooke dared Taylor to go on and admit it to Ridge.

Taylor acknowledged that it didn't look good, but she said what she'd done hadn't been "all manipulative and shady." Taylor said Brooke might see it from another perspective when she wasn't so angry. Taylor stated that she'd trusted their friendship, but it was over, "right?"

Affirming it, Brooke said that while Deacon had called Brooke to see him, Taylor had been with Ridge, securing her future with him. Brooke said she'd overheard some of the conversation. "So much for vowing not to fight over Ridge," Brooke quipped. Taylor claimed that Brooke had a part in it, too. Taylor said she hated it. Brooke said she did, too. Brooke stated that they'd made peace and had vowed to be friends. Brooke had never expected it from "my friend Taylor." Taylor replied, "My friend Brooke."

Ridge asked to talk to Brooke alone. Taylor requested that he not think the worst of her before hearing both sides. Ridge said they'd talk later, and Taylor left.

Ridge told Brooke that he could see how hurt she was. Brooke replied that she felt gullible and blindsided. Brooke didn't want to talk about Taylor. Instead, Brooke wanted to talk about her and Ridge and what their future looked like from there.

Later, Ridge said Brooke had a right to be upset, but he wasn't sure Taylor was as calculating as Brooke believed. Brooke's head was swimming, but she didn't want to think about Taylor. Instead, Brooke wanted to focus on herself and Ridge. She hadn't thought it would be a possibility again, but she had never stopped thinking of him or wanting him home with her.

Brooke couldn't believe she'd chosen herself and a friendship with Taylor over a man Brooke had loved most of her life. Ridge replied that he and Brooke had been through a lot. He asked if she honestly believed in eternal love. "Because I don't," he said. Brooke replied that she did, and she still believed in their destiny.

In the design office, Thomas showed Steffy a gown on Savannah. Steffy believed Hope would love it. Savannah said Hope loved everything Thomas did, and Steffy and Thomas exchanged looks. Savannah further said Thomas and Hope worked well together and were in sync -- almost like a couple. Steffy gave Thomas another look.

After Savannah had gone, Thomas assured Steffy that the model's comments had been random, but Steffy wondered if the model had been picking up on a vibe. Thomas insisted that there was no vibe to pick up on, and he and Hope were too focused on the line to care about anything else but Italy and Douglas.

Steffy said that there was a lot on the line with the Rome event -- "not just financial [but also] durability [and] reputation." Thomas replied that he knew what was at stake and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize Hope or her marriage. Steffy pursed her lips and shook her head slightly.

Frustrated, Thomas wondered what he'd done to make Steffy question his integrity. She replied that she wasn't pointing fingers at him. Feeling that she was, he asked what more he had to do to get her to believe in him. Steffy insisted that she did believe in him, but it didn't mean she didn't have concerns about him and Hope spending so much time together.

Steffy and Thomas discussed Rome, and Steffy said she'd seen people get swept up in the beauty and romance of it. "But not Hope and me," Thomas replied. He said it was strictly professional. She replied that he knew it was his intention. Thomas promised to buy her a new car or house if something happened and said that was how confident he was that it wouldn't happen. He asked her to have faith, and Steffy hoped he was right.

Taylor arrived, and Thomas said he wanted to show her some sketches. Steffy noticed something wrong with Taylor, and Taylor revealed that she and Brooke had fought about which of them had broken the pact. Taylor admitted that she'd urged Deacon to reach out and pitch making a life with her. Taylor claimed she'd initially done it because she'd thought they'd been cute together, but Brooke had accused Taylor of scheming.

Steffy claimed that Hope had been trying to get her parents together for years, and Steffy asked what the difference was. Taylor replied that Brooke had accused Taylor of trying to get Brooke out of Taylor's path to Ridge. Thomas asked if the pact was over, and Steffy asked if Taylor wanted to be with Ridge again.

Affirming that the pact was over, Taylor said she'd never "not" wanted to be with Ridge.

Ridge questions if there is such a thing as destiny

Ridge questions if there is such a thing as destiny

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

At Steffy's beach house, a despondent Taylor said that she was still reeling from the things that Brooke had said about her. When Taylor expressed her concerns that Brooke and Ridge were probably still talking, Steffy wondered if Taylor wanted to get back together with Ridge. Taylor tried to dodge the question. Taylor explained that her pact with Brooke had never been about Ridge. "It was about honesty and transparency when it came to [Ridge]," Taylor said.

Steffy wondered if Taylor and Brooke's friendship was over. "Oh, yeah," Taylor replied emphatically. Taylor stated that she had tried to push down her feelings for Ridge. Still, she admitted that she adored Ridge. Steffy was certain that Ridge adored Taylor, too. Taylor worried that Brooke was "spewing her best Logan logic" to Ridge.

Taylor wanted to "clear the air" with Ridge. Steffy smiled and said that she supported her mom. Steffy quickly noted that she would not be actively involved in getting her parents back together. "I've learned my lesson," Steffy said.

A slightly frantic Hope raced into the design office and asked Thomas if he was aware of what Taylor had done to Brooke. Thomas shared that he'd spoken to his mom, but he insisted that he did not want to get involved in their parents' issues. Hope said that she did not want Taylor and Brooke's rift to cause trouble for her and Thomas.

Unfortunately, Hope worried that she had been unwittingly dragged into the battle by Taylor's attempts to reunite Brooke and Deacon. Hope lamented that she felt "na´ve" for believing that Taylor and Brooke could sustain a friendship. Thomas countered that he was not ready to give up on the idea just yet. Thomas suggested that they "take [a] cue from R.J. and not get involved in any of the drama."

Hope and Thomas discussed their excitement about launching the new Hope for the Future in Italy. Thomas asked if Liam was going to be okay with their trip. Hope told Thomas that he had no reason to worry.

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Ridge and Brooke's conversation took a temporary pause while Ridge chatted with Carlo, one of his contacts in Italy. When Ridge rejoined Brooke at the conference table, Brooke smiled warmly and commented that she could listen to Ridge speak Italian all day.

Brooke took a deep breath and announced that since her friendship with Taylor was over, she felt it was time to move on to other things. "It is time that I reunite with the love of my life," Brooke said with a smile. Ridge seemed confused. He reminded Brooke that both she and Taylor had announced that they wanted nothing to do with him. Brooke claimed that she'd needed time and space to figure out what she truly wanted.

Brooke claimed she had "miscalculated" when she'd chosen Taylor as a friend. Brooke took Ridge's hands and told him that she wanted to focus on the possibility that they could share a life together again. Ridge told Brooke that he loved her, but he wasn't sure that getting back together was necessarily the right thing to do. "Do we have enough to make this work, or is this just something that we do because it's easy... because it's a nice, comfortable place to land," Ridge asked.

Ridge recalled the dinner he'd had with Brooke when "things were getting a little interesting" until Brooke had sent him home. When Brooke playfully asked what she'd been thinking, Ridge took a decidedly more serious approach. He said that Brooke had acted like an adult, an adult who knew that actions had consequences.

Ridge told Brooke that he did not want to hurt her. "I used to have all the answers to everything. Now, I know nothing. I live at my dad's house. I'm lost," Ridge commented. Ridge wondered if there was really such a thing as destiny. "Maybe that's a just a word that some writer came up with because he didn't know what to do with his characters at the end of the book," Ridge said.

"I need you, and you need me," Brooke purred. Brooke told Ridge that the "passion and fire" that they'd had was something that would always be there. The two embraced.

Hope refuses Liam's request to disinvite Thomas to Rome

Hope refuses Liam's request to disinvite Thomas to Rome

Thursday, June 8, 2023

In Brooke's cabin, Hope practiced her speech in Italian. Liam assured her that she'd be fine; all she had to do was be herself and prepare for the new orders. Liam got a look on his face but said he wouldn't do it. Hope asked what he meant, and he replied that it was the topic they'd been ignoring -- Thomas. Liam said he had been trying not to bring it up because he didn't want to fight.

Hope didn't want to fight, either. She claimed to understand Liam's concern but felt the real issue was his trust in her. Liam said he trusted her, and she told him to trust her judgment of Thomas. Liam reasoned that Thomas had successfully manipulated her more than once. Hope asked how many times they had to go over it, and Liam replied that it would happen until she realized what Thomas was capable of. Liam was proud of Hope and her success, but he reminded her that it was her line, not Thomas'. He concluded that Thomas didn't need to be in Rome.

Hope reasoned that designers attended fashion shows and press events. Liam replied that they were in a uniquely complicated situation, but she called it a business trip. Liam noted that it was the kind of opportunity Thomas had used to manipulate her in the past. Hope claimed that she'd tried to find another designer, but even Eric couldn't interpret her vision the way Thomas could.

Liam replied that the designs were done, the dresses had been made, and Hope didn't need Thomas for the next part. Hope said Liam didn't trust her judgment but insisted she'd seen the changes within Thomas, who brought artistry to her line. Liam said he wasn't asking her to get a new designer. She stated that Liam didn't want her to take Thomas to Rome, but she couldn't agree to that. She said if Thomas was her lead designer, then he was her partner. "I couldn't imagine being in Rome without him," Hope concluded.

Liam said that Hope had almost spent the night with Thomas in San Francisco, and next was the Rome trip. Liam said she'd been working with Thomas every day after everything Thomas had done. Hope replied that what Thomas had done was design a beautiful line for her. She insisted that Thomas hadn't manipulated her and hadn't wished his way into being a better man. She cited all the work Thomas had done, developing tools to deal with his issues.

Liam said Thomas was always new and improved until he wasn't. Liam asked why he had to keep saying it. Hope replied that she was tired of going over it. She reminded Liam that it was also Thomas' designs, and his name was on the company. Hope refused to tell Ridge that his own son couldn't go. Liam stated that after all they'd gone through, she absolutely could say that to Ridge. "I don't want to," Hope replied, "Thomas is going to Rome."

Liam, at a loss, said he didn't know what to do. He didn't want to see her get hurt and betrayed. She replied that Liam was being protective, but she needed his trust, not his protection. Liam sensed trouble brewing. Hope silently gathered her things to go to the office, and she left.

Liam tried to work but was plagued with flashbacks of Hope and Thomas. Liam recalled that Hope had said she couldn't imagine being in Rome without Thomas.

In Eric's office, Carter conducted a meeting with Thomas and Ridge about the preparations for the Rome trip. Carter assured them that it would be epic, and Thomas' designs deserved the biggest spotlight available. Ridge said he was proud of Thomas.

As Taylor arrived, she said she and Ridge both were. Thomas admitted he hadn't known if his designs would be good, but it had been as if he and Hope had never fallen out of sync. Thomas invited his mother to sit down because the meeting was almost over.

Talk of Rome continued, and Thomas recalled that it hadn't been too long before that he'd been released from the company. Carter stated that things had changed, and the dream team would take Rome by storm. Taylor and Ridge exchanged glances, and Thomas silently observed it.

Carter shared that he'd set up many meetings with excited buyers and suppliers. He advised Thomas to get his rest. Carter received a call from International and left to take it elsewhere. Once Carter had gone, Thomas asked what his parents' looks were about. Ridge said it was a big deal for Thomas to go to Rome. Thomas promised not to mess it up.

Taylor said it was Hope they were concerned about. Ridge stated that there had been talk going around, and some people had said Hope had feelings for Thomas. "You can't be serious," Thomas replied and said it was ridiculous. He asked if his parents were involving themselves in office gossip. Ridge replied that the information had come from Steffy, who had her suspicions.

Thomas pointed out that Steffy had been singularly focused on all the things Hope did wrong. He stated that his sister had her issues with Hope, but it had nothing to do with him. Ridge said he and Taylor weren't accusing Thomas of anything. Taylor said they just didn't want to see anything or anyone jeopardize Thomas' progress. Thomas figured that Steffy had her signals crossed between her care for her brother and her issues with Hope.

Taylor asked if Hope had done anything to lead Thomas on. He flashed back to the close-call kiss in San Francisco. Ridge said it was a simple question. Thomas insisted that he and Hope were co-workers and co-parents, and that was where it stopped. He asserted that there was no need for anyone to be concerned about him and Hope going to Rome.

Alone with Taylor, Ridge gave her hot tea for her "sexy voice" and guessed she hadn't shown up for the talk with Thomas. Taylor said she hadn't liked the way they'd left things earlier about Brooke, but Taylor believed there were more pressing issues. Ridge hoped Steffy was overreacting about Hope having feelings for Thomas and commented that "if the person [Thomas] is interested in is all of a sudden interested in him" it could open the door to "something." Taylor decided that they should trust that Thomas had it under control, "but we're gonna keep our eyes open."

In the design office, Hope arrived and saw Thomas sketching. She flashed back to times she'd had an attraction to Thomas and imagining him over her when she'd been having sex with Liam. Thomas told Hope about the meeting he'd just had. He noted a look on her face and asked what was wrong. Hope stated that, as predicted, Liam had a problem with the Rome trip.

Thomas was sorry to hear it but not surprised. Hope was upset that Liam didn't trust her judgment and said she knew the man Thomas was better than Liam did. Thomas said it meant a lot to him, and he asked what she'd told Liam. Hope replied that she'd said that Thomas was her lead designer, and it was Thomas' collection and family business, which meant Thomas needed to be there. Thomas replied that it meant a lot to him that Hope had said that.

Thomas said all the old stuff was in the past, and they'd prove it to Liam. Thomas stated that they had their finest collection, and the trip would change their lives. As Thomas returned to sketching, the words he'd just said echoed in Hope's mind.

Hope is rocked by her own fantasies

Hope is rocked by her own fantasies

Friday, June 9, 2023

At Spencer, Liam was irritated and hated to even say the name Thomas. Wyatt asked what had happened, and Liam said Thomas was jetting off to Rome with Liam's wife. Wyatt recalled the press event and said it couldn't be a surprise that Hope wanted her lead designer to go.

Later, Wyatt had ascertained that Liam had asked Hope to kick Thomas from the trip. Liam said Hope had told him to kick rocks, and Wyatt stated that designers had certain privileges. Liam reminded Wyatt that Liam had freaked out about San Francisco.

Wyatt murmured that Rome was the most romantic city in the world, and Liam griped about how "helpful" Wyatt was being. Wyatt asked who didn't fall in love over an authentic bowl of pasta and a bottle of wine. Liam said Wyatt was supposed to be making Liam feel better.

Wyatt got the bright idea that Thomas could attend the Rome event without being there. "Put him up on the big screen. He'll love it," Wyatt said, giving the idea to video-conference Thomas at the Rome meetings. Liam said it was a brilliant idea, but Hope would never go for it.

Wyatt couldn't believe that Liam had been unable to convince Hope to tell Thomas that he couldn't go. Liam didn't know, but he felt that he had to try again because trouble might be right around the corner.

In Eric's office, Brooke was saying "we" as she discussed the Rome trip, and Ridge guessed she wanted to tag along. Brooke replied that the trip was important for her daughter and the company, and as an important part of the company, she wouldn't be just tagging along. Acknowledging that Brooke was important to him and the company, Ridge warned that it had to be strictly business for them and Hope and Thomas. Brooke asked what that meant.

Ridge praised Thomas, who'd put his feelings for Hope behind him and turned a corner. Looking at sketches, Ridge said it showed in Thomas' work, and Hope's line was in good hands. Brooke replied that she'd love to believe it.

In the design office, Thomas showed Hope his latest sketch, and she bashfully admitted that she loved it. They stood close, talking about how the audience would receive the gown if it could be made by the preview. He said Hope could model a trash bag, and the crowd would still love it.

Brooke stood in the doorway as Hope and Thomas said their next line would be "Garb-aage chic." Brooke flashed back to Hope admitting to having feelings for Thomas.

Later, Brooke told Hope that Thomas hadn't had to run off. Hope was excited about Thomas' design and said he'd been excited to show it to Ridge. Hope said it could even go into the next collection, and she showed Brooke how beautiful it was. Brooke replied that Thomas did have his father's talent.

Brooke announced that she'd told Ridge that she wanted to be in Italy for Hope. Hope was touched. Brooke said it would benefit Hope in more ways than one. Hope looked puzzled, and Brooke said that she could keep an eye on Hope and Thomas.

Hope surmised that Brooke didn't trust her. Brooke said she just didn't want Hope to make any mistakes. Brooke expressed her concerns over Hope's feelings for Thomas, feelings that Hope had backpedaled on. Brooke said Hope had called him a monster. "But then you told Thomas something else!" Brooke exclaimed.

Hope said it was because she'd been horrified that Thomas had heard what she'd said. Brooke stated that Hope was horrified by her growing feelings for Thomas. Hope said it was hurtful that Brooke thought Hope couldn't control her feelings around a man who wasn't her husband. Hope didn't think she'd have a problem staying true to her wedding vows.

Brooke replied that she hadn't said there would be a problem. She was just concerned. Brooke said she knew what it was like to get involved with an inappropriate man, and Thomas would be that man for Hope. Hope said her mother should trust her, but Brooke asked if Hope realized the danger she was in if there were feelings between Thomas and Hope.

Hope asserted that it was a business trip, and she and Thomas were work partners. Brooke tried to get Hope to see that she and Thomas worked closely together to design and create. She asked if Hope couldn't see that Hope was his muse. Noting that it went all the way back to Greek and Roman mythology, Brooke said Hope and Thomas would go to the birthplace of it.

Hope said Brooke was being ridiculous, but Brooke insisted that the draw was undeniable. Brooke wished Thomas didn't have to go on the trip, but Hope quickly stated that he was the lead designer. Brooke replied that Thomas deserved to be in the spotlight; however, Hope needed to respect her marriage to Liam. Hope replied that Brooke didn't need to tell her that.

Brooke replied that she was speaking from experience. "Well, I'm not you," Hope replied. Brooke scoffed. Hope said no one believed a word she said. Hope claimed that she and Thomas were fine, and she and Liam were fine. Brooke replied that she didn't want Hope to make the same mistakes that Brooke had made.

Brooke left, and alone, Hope saw a card Douglas had made for his parents. He'd glued a picture of Thomas and Hope to it. Hope heard Brooke's words in her head, telling her to respect her marriage. As Hope thought of all the close moments she'd had with Thomas, she heard the words she'd said to Brooke about everyone being fine and there being no need to worry.

Hope imagined an intimate encounter with a faceless man in Italy. She heard Thomas' voice in it, saying he loved being in Italy with her, and dreams really did come true. "No. No," she said, looking overwhelmed.

Back in Eric's office, Thomas told Ridge about the design and said Hope wanted it rushed into production. Ridge noted how energetic and inspired Thomas was. It made Ridge nervous because the last time Thomas had been that way, he'd been obsessed with Hope. Ridge stated that it was behind Thomas, and that made Ridge happy.

Thomas realized that Ridge was still concerned after what Steffy had said. Ridge replied that they just didn't want to fall back into the same pattern if Hope had feelings for Thomas. Thomas dismissed it and said to trust that there was nothing to worry about.

Ridge decided that the more he talked to Thomas about it, the more confident Ridge felt. Ridge said the idea of Hope getting feelings for Thomas was a little silly, "no offense." Thomas said it sounded silly to him, too, because Hope was all about Liam.

The subject turned to Brooke, who'd go to Rome with them. Thomas said it was a great idea, because Brooke could see Hope and him working together as a team.

Brooke arrived and complimented Thomas' design that she'd seen. Thomas mentioned that she might be going on the trip to Rome. He said it was a good idea because she could see how great he and Hope were together.

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