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Sheila greatly appreciated it when Deacon arrived at the prison for a surprise visit. Wyatt and R.J. tried to convince Liam to work on his marriage before it was too late. Hope succumbed to passion, and Brooke was stunned upon finding Hope in Thomas' bed.
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Hope and Thomas had sex, and Brooke found them in bed together. Deacon paid Sheila a surprise visit. Wyatt and R.J. tried to convince Liam to save his marriage.
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Hope and Thomas take a big step

Hope and Thomas take a big step

Monday, July 10, 2023

At the prison in a visitation room, Sheila griped to Tate, the guard, that no one came to see Sheila anymore. Tate replied that it was Sheila's lucky day, and Deacon entered the room.

Sheila and Deacon grinned at each other and sat at the table. Sheila said she'd thought Deacon had forgotten about her, and he apologized for not coming sooner. He asked how she was doing. She made a joke about prison, but he asked how she really was.

Deacon claimed that he'd wanted to see Sheila, but he'd had to be careful. Sheila added that Ridge and Bill's knowledge of Deacon and Sheila was problematic. Deacon said the guys had sworn to keep the secret. Sheila found it hard to express how much it meant to her that he was still there. Eager to hear about him, she asked about the restaurant.

Deacon said he'd never been happier after busting his butt and becoming a workaholic. Sheila, who'd always believed in him, said they had drive in common. Deacon stated that he hadn't been that way before she'd arrived in his life. Sheila called him a diamond in the rough. Deacon said he'd always remember that she'd believed in him when others had written him off.

Sheila shared that she imagined sitting at Il Giardino, watching Deacon charm his clients. Grinning, she stated that she missed his smile and charm. She said she missed Deacon. He replied that no one could take away what they'd shared, and he'd never met anyone like her. Sheila said it was nice to know, but she wondered if there was anyone special in his life.

Deacon replied that he lived and breathed the restaurant, and he didn't have time to date. Sheila was glad to hear that, and he said it wasn't easy to replace Sheila. Sheila said the memories she'd created with Deacon helped her get through. She was thankful for his visit.

At Spencer, Wyatt wondered if Liam could dig deep and find some kind of forgiveness. Liam asked how he could do it when Hope had betrayed him with the one person in the whole world he could not tolerate her being with. For Liam, he couldn't get past it, and it was unforgivable. Wyatt asked if a kiss was really unforgivable and if Liam could look past it before it was too late.

Wyatt gave Liam the right to be upset because Thomas had been interfering in Liam's marriage, but Wyatt said that even though the damage had been done, Liam could decide where to go from there. Wyatt asked if Liam really wanted to give up on Hope, his life, and his family. Liam replied that it wasn't the kind of thing he could move on from. Wyatt insisted that Liam was making a decision in the heat of the moment, but Wyatt believed there was still time to fix it if Liam wanted to. Wyatt stated that it wasn't too late for Liam to change his mind.

Wyatt pressured Liam to fight for Hope and give her another chance to explain. Wyatt said Liam needed to look at what he was giving up -- Hope, the woman he loved. Liam replied that it was painful because, before Thomas had infiltrated their family, Hope and Liam had had it all. Liam said he could have imagined Thomas coming between them, but Liam hadn't imagined Hope going after Thomas. "It was Hope who wanted him," Liam said.

Wyatt suggested that he and Liam pretend that the kiss had never happened. Liam wished it could be so, but he was human. Wyatt exclaimed that no one hated Thomas more than he did, but Wyatt warned Liam not to make a decision that he couldn't take back.

At Thomas' place, Thomas and Hope noted that their hearts were beating fast. Hope tried to kiss him, but Thomas stopped her, asking, "What about Liam?" Hope decided that Liam had chosen to walk out on her and end the marriage. "Liam's made his choice," she said.

Thomas asked Hope what they were doing. She said she didn't know. Walking away from him, she stated that she wasn't thinking; she was just destroying her marriage, and something was wrong with her. Thomas told her that she was an amazing wife and mother, the most remarkable person he'd ever met, and he wouldn't let her tear herself down.

Hope recalled the look of pain and disappointment in Liam's eyes when he'd said he'd wanted a divorce. Thomas reasoned that Liam had been in shock, but Hope stated that Liam had been resolved and had made up his mind. Hope claimed she was left to pick up the pieces and find out what it meant for the kids. She exclaimed that she'd messed it all up.

Thomas asked Hope not to punish herself, but she insisted that it was on her. He replied that no one knew what the future held, and they'd get through it. He stated that he was there for her and would always be there for her.

Thomas asked if Liam really wanted Steffy. Hope replied that it had been the last thing Liam had said to her before going out the door. Hope claimed she was just trying to deal with the fallout from her own actions. Thomas vowed to be there for Hope as a friend and someone who'd never judge her. Hope said it meant a lot to hear him say he cared about her, and Thomas' turnaround had shown her that people actually could change. It wasn't just words, and if one wanted it, one could do it. She uttered that Thomas had become an incredible man.

Hope kissed Thomas. He stopped it and said he was sorry; he couldn't do it. He looked at Hope's wedding ring. Hope flashed back on Liam saying that she'd known the marriage would be over if she chose it. She said when Liam had put the ring on her finger, they'd been excited to build a family, but he couldn't make the compromises that she'd had to make for them. The marriage had shattered, and it was over. Hope exhaled and removed her rings.

Hope rushed into Thomas' arms, wildly kissing him. She led him upstairs to the bedroom. Hope undressed Thomas and tossed him down onto the bed. She removed her dress and climbed on Thomas. Later, someone had lit candles, and Hope and Thomas had sex.

Wyatt and R.J. urge Liam to save his marriage

Wyatt and R.J. urge Liam to save his marriage

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

At Spencer, Wyatt urged Liam to go to Hope and tell her that he loved her and forgave her. "Trust me, bro," Wyatt said, adding that Liam would regret it if he didn't. Wyatt noted that Hope had forgiven Liam for mistakes over the years. Liam replied that it wasn't just an "oopsie" -- it was Thomas. Liam was enraged that Hope had had her hands all over Thomas. Wyatt urged Liam to let it go because he knew Liam didn't want it to end.

R.J. arrived. He was animated because he'd just come from seeing the devastated Hope. "You gotta take her back," R.J. stated. R.J. knew it would take time but said Hope was willing to do anything to fix it. R.J. urged Liam to fight for his marriage and exclaimed that Hope deserved a second chance. He was adamant that Hope loved Liam and only Liam, and R.J. said the couple had survived by getting through things together. Wyatt added that they could do it together that time, too.

R.J. said that if Liam left Hope, it would destroy her. He pleaded with Liam not to walk away over one mistake. Liam asked if R.J. had ever been betrayed by a person he should have been able to trust. R.J. stammered, but he still urged Liam to stand up and fight. R.J. passionately insisted that Liam had something worth fighting for. R.J. claimed that Hope had the biggest heart of anyone he knew besides Liam, and if anyone was capable of forgiving Hope, it was Liam.

Agreeing, Wyatt stated that Liam owed it to himself to give his marriage another chance. R.J. insisted that Liam fight for himself and for his kids. R.J. promised that if Liam tuned out everything and listened to his heart, it would lead him back to Hope every single time.

Wyatt told Liam not to deny that he wanted to do it. Wyatt was sure it would be hard, but he said Hope was worth it. R.J. said Liam meant everything to Hope. Wyatt told Liam to go to Hope before it was too late.

At the prison, Deacon's visit with Sheila continued. Sheila was glad that she hadn't been forgotten. Deacon called her unforgettable, like the song. She liked that someone remembered her fondly and didn't think she was hateful. She expressed that she missed Deacon a lot.

Later, Deacon told Sheila a story about a bumbling proposal at his restaurant. Sheila was happy to see Deacon thriving and said no one deserved it more than he. She just wished she was there to share it. Eyeing her, Deacon said that she'd said prison had taken a toll on her, but he thought that she looked "pretty damn good" and called her "prison hot."

Sheila let her hair down but warned that the guards would call time up at any second. She hated talking about that place and said it sucked to be there. She said Deacon didn't know what it meant to her that someone out there still cared about her. He replied that he always would, even against his better judgment. Sad, Sheila asked who knew what could have happened if she hadn't messed up. Deacon quietly empathized.

Sheila didn't regret the time with Deacon and said she'd never mess things up for him. She doubted she could while being in that hole for the rest of her life. Sheila said she couldn't help but wonder what might have been if they'd met earlier or in another life. Sheila wished she could have his arms around her again.

At Thomas' place, after sex, Thomas and Hope lay wrapped in the sheets. She admitted that she'd thought about that moment more than she should have, and her imagination hadn't been close to the real thing. Calling Thomas amazing, Hope said "this" was so not like her. She admitted that when she'd started having feelings for him, she hadn't understood it. She'd blamed work, stress, her mom, and Brooke's past mistakes. Thomas asked if Hope felt as if she was making a mistake.

After a long pause, Hope said she hated that she'd hurt Liam and her family, but she asked how it could be a mistake when what they shared felt so right. She said when they designed and created, he knew what she was thinking before she did and knew what she wanted before she knew what she needed.

Thomas said he just drew while thinking of her and her boldness, drama, and sexiness. He stated that everything had been her, every single piece. She said something so beautiful couldn't be wrong, and it had to be right. She kissed him. Thomas said he couldn't stop thinking about what a good person she was, but he felt like thr bad guy.

Hope replied that it wasn't Thomas anymore. She called him loving, devoted, and honest. She claimed she'd been afraid to act on impulse in relationships or chase after something forbidden. She told him to look at her father, who was a perfect example. Hope said she saw Thomas, and he wasn't what people thought. She called him gentle, intuitive, and creative, which made him the designer he was. Thomas replied that she had no idea what that meant to him.

Hope added that Thomas was faithful, and she stated that she'd had no idea how much that meant to her. She stated that she could tell Thomas anything. Thomas asked if she hadn't been able to do that with Liam, but then Thomas said he shouldn't bring Liam up. Hope quipped that if it wasn't for Liam, they wouldn't be in that situation -- if Liam hadn't ended the marriage and run to Thomas' sister.

Hope claimed her relationship with Liam was complicated because Liam had divided feelings. She knew Liam loved her and her family, but Liam also loved Steffy. It had always been in the background. She claimed Liam had given in to temptation a "time or two," and she'd forgiven it -- but she hadn't forgotten. She said it had been too many times over too many years, and she'd found herself wondering what it would be like to be with someone with whom she came first and for whom she was the only one. She said Thomas made her feel like the only woman in the world. It made her feel desired, respected, and loved. She kissed him.

Hope asks Thomas to keep their intimacy between them

Hope asks Thomas to keep their intimacy between them

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

At Spencer, R.J. was still there as Liam tried to work. R.J. figured that Bill would want Liam to focus on his marriage instead of crashing at Bill's place. Liam replied that there was a reason he was staying at his father's, and work was a distraction. R.J. said it might not be his place, but he was afraid that space built walls. R.J. urged Liam to talk to Hope before it was too late.

Later, Liam was taking a call from Wyatt and joking that R.J. was still there. After the call, R.J. continued to champion Hope, and Liam asked if R.J. had ever been told how persistent he was. Liam stated that he'd warned Hope that Thomas shouldn't be a bigger part of their lives than he had to be. Liam claimed he'd drawn the line at work, and he and Hope had reached an understanding; however, Hope had changed it.

Liam said he'd thought Thomas never ceased to insert himself into their lives, but Hope was the one who'd blown up their lives by turning to Thomas. R.J. asked if Liam really wanted a divorce. "No," Liam quietly replied and yelled that he didn't want any of it. What Liam really wanted was to have the last months of his life back. He wanted back the Hope he'd known before.

R.J. claimed Liam could get Hope back. He insisted that there was nothing like what Hope and Liam had. Liam called R.J. a good little brother. R.J. felt insulted, but Liam said he was just trying to say it was different when it was one's own life. R.J. yelled that life had its ups and downs, but Liam needed to focus on his love for Hope and his family; focusing on that would help Liam forget about the kiss. Liam grunted, but R.J. guaranteed that it wouldn't happen again.

Liam asked if R.J. knew how excited Liam had been to surprise Hope in Rome. He asked how insane it was that he'd wandered around Rome, thinking he'd find her, but he said he'd thought she'd be at the arena. It had felt cosmic. He stated that he'd fantasized about Hope running to him, embracing him, and thanking him for traveling across the globe to support her; however, he'd been surprised to see Hope standing with Thomas.

Liam recalled the looks Hope had given Thomas and the smile, which Liam had thought had been only meant for him. He stated that the look on Hope's face had changed, and she'd leaned in and kissed the one man she'd always known Liam had hated more than anyone. R.J. said he was sorry but insisted that Liam could find it in his heart to forgive her. Liam replied that he would like it very much, but he wouldn't get that image out of his head.

"R.J., forgiveness isn't in the cards," Liam concluded. R.J. asserted that Liam wasn't a quitter, and R.J. believed Liam knew he and Hope were right. R.J. yelled at Liam, telling him to fight for his marriage before he regretted it for the rest of his life.

At Forrester, Katie, Carter, and Ridge talked about the buzz from the preview. Katie said Hope and Thomas needed to maintain a professional boundary after crossing the line in Rome. Carter hoped the media didn't get wind, but Katie said that once a professional relationship turned personal, it infiltrated the company and caused scandal in the press. Katie said Hope had gotten caught up in Rome but needed to focus on her marriage.

Ridge expressed that Brooke was concerned about it. Katie noted that Hope had been moral and family focused. Carter found it hard to believe Hope was responsible for what had happened in Rome. Katie figured Hope had come to her senses, but Ridge didn't think that helped things for Liam.

Katie asked if there had been any indications from Hope and Thomas in Rome. Ridge said they'd been about business. Katie snapped that Thomas didn't have the best track record, but Ridge insisted that it had nothing to do with Thomas backsliding. Ridge said Liam couldn't blame Thomas for it but should look to Hope.

Carter, Katie, and Ridge discussed how much Thomas had changed. Katie concluded that Hope had made an impulsive mistake and gotten confused from spending so much time with Thomas. Katie claimed that Hope had promised that it wouldn't happen again, so it was up to Liam to keep the marriage from falling apart.

At Thomas' place, Hope and Thomas had more sex, and afterward, he said they were made for each other. Hope told him that he made her feel alive. She never wanted the feeling to end. She stated that he brought out something in her that she hadn't known existed. Claiming she'd never known that part of her, she guessed it scared her.

"Being with me?" Thomas asked. Hope said that wasn't it. She felt as if something inside her had been unleashed; it felt strong and powerful. He remarked that it sounded good. She wondered if that had been what it was like for Brooke to follow her heart.

Hope claimed that it had taken a lot to admit that she'd been feeling that way about Thomas for a while. She'd known it was wrong, "but I just...I had to give in." She was in awe that it was better than her dreams. Kissing her hand, Thomas said he'd never imagined how incredible it could be with her. Laughing, she replied that a part of her was screaming, "What are you doing?"

Hope stated that she didn't know what she was doing. "My husband left me, and I understand why," she said. She hated that she'd hurt Liam, and things were happening quickly. She wondered if she was crazy or losing her mind, because she'd had it all and the perfect family; however, she couldn't stop wanting Thomas. She kissed him.

Thomas remarked that Hope had done her best and had really tried to save her marriage; however, Liam had jumped straight to divorce. Thomas didn't know how a man could do that to Hope, who was so wonderful and forgiving. Thomas stated that any man should be grateful to be with her. He knew that he was. Thomas didn't want to ruin her life. He wanted to put her first and let her know that she was loved and that it was only her.

Hope replied that she'd never felt that way before. She said it could be because they were doing something wrong, and she was technically a married woman. "And yet, I don't feel ashamed," she concluded. She asked how she could when what they'd shared had been so passionate and incredible.

Hope decided that she should go before she got into more trouble. Thomas had a question, and he asked her to be honest. He asked if him and Hope was something he could handle. Hope claimed he'd unlocked something within her, and she'd never felt more alive. She wanted to keep exploring it with him, but she needed to figure out what her next steps would be. She asked if they could keep it between them until she figured it out.

Thomas told Hope to take her time, and they kissed again.

Brooke bursts into Thomas' bedroom

Brooke bursts into Thomas' bedroom

Thursday, July 13, 2023

At the cliff house, the kids were asleep, and Finn told Steffy that the rest of the night would be all about her. Steffy showed Finn some of Kelly's drawings, and he remarked that it was time for Kelly to have her own line. Steffy said she loved to see the kids play together. She didn't want to take anything for granted, not their home, children, or life. Finn agreed, and they kissed.

Steffy and Finn said they appreciated every moment they had together. She recalled thinking of when she'd lost him and having to imagine life without him. Finn said she didn't have to think about it, and it was in the past. Steffy replied that it had been a lot. She recalled panicking and reaching out for him in the night. He asserted that he wasn't going anywhere, and they kissed.

Steffy became emotional, saying it had been the darkest chapter of her life. Finn wished she'd never had to go through it. Steffy recalled that the moments had felt like hours until the miracle in Monaco had happened. A flashback played of the couple reuniting in Monaco.

Finn advised Steffy to focus on their reunion, not the other stuff that was behind them. She agreed. She never wanted to go through it again. He said she wouldn't.

Liam and Hope's predicament made Finn and Steffy appreciate what the two of them had. Finn said that for it to work, Hope and Liam had to put each other first. Steffy didn't know how easy it would be with the devastated Liam's fears having been confirmed about Thomas. Finn asserted that Liam needed to get over it and put his family first. Steffy said Hope had told Steffy to her face that Hope hadn't had feelings for Thomas. "She really is a Logan, after all," Steffy said.

At Forrester, Ridge sketched, telling Carter that just when Ridge was about to pass the torch, he'd seen a spark of light. Carter glanced at Ridge's sketch. Brooke entered, and Carter remarked that it was uncanny. Carter hadn't seen Ridge that happy in a long time. Revealing the sketch of Brooke in a couture gown, Ridge said it was all because of a Logan.

As Brooke and Ridge canoodled, Carter said Ridge had been in a good mood ever since the return from Rome. Brooke said it had been a special trip, but she wished things were better for Hope and Liam. Ridge noted that he and Brooke had had their challenges and survived.

Carter said it had been a good thing Ridge's best friend had convinced him to look through the keyhole. A flashback of Ridge's revelation at the keyhole monument played. Ridge promised he'd find a way to thank his friend.

Carter left for a conference call. Brooke told Ridge that she was glad to be the source of his happiness, but she didn't think she was the only one. Ridge replied that Thomas also brought him joy. Ridge said Thomas was a changed man, and he asked if Brooke believed it.

Brooke said she still had questions about Rome, but she did acknowledge that Hope had initiated the kiss. Brooke said Thomas had been amazing and had kept his vow to be professional with Hope. Brooke appreciated that. Ridge replied that Thomas would love to hear it. Brooke stated that she'd wanted to talk to Thomas but hadn't had the right time. She said she was driving "that way" and could swing by Thomas' place to chat with him.

Later, Carter laid out some of Thomas' designs on the conference table. Ridge said he'd always known Thomas could do it. Carter replied that it hadn't been easy, and Ridge stated that Thomas had done it; Thomas had moved on from his obsession with Hope. Ridge added that even Brooke could see it and was on her way to talk to Thomas. Carter flashed a look. Ridge insisted that it had been a kiss, and Brooke had nothing to worry about from Hope and Thomas.

At Thomas' place, Hope awakened after falling asleep in Thomas' arms. He said she'd been gone for a while, but he took it as a compliment. Agreeing, Hope decided she should get going, but instead, she kissed Thomas again.

Later, they lay together, and Hope wished it could be like that forever. She said she'd never felt that way before. It was exhilarating to her. "Thomas, I want you," she said, touching her forehead to his.

Later, Hope said she'd never known she'd do something like that, being with another man while "technically still married." Thomas said not to do that. Hope replied that she wasn't ashamed. She just hated to hurt Liam and hated what it would do to her family, but she'd wanted Thomas for "so long." She claimed it was even better than she'd imagined.

Thomas agreed, saying he hadn't expected it, but he was happy it had happened. Hope claimed she'd tried to do the right thing and had fought it really hard. "But I couldn't resist you any longer," she said, kissing him again.

Later, Hope and Thomas were sitting up talking, and she said she'd been defensive with her mother and had really let Brooke have it. Thomas was sure all was forgiven. Hope replied that she'd been brutal, and Brooke hadn't deserved it. Thomas said Brooke had already forgotten about it. Hope hoped so. She said she'd pushed back hard because she hadn't wanted to admit her feelings for Thomas or that Brooke had been right.

"That you fell for the bad boy," Thomas joked. Hope called him the former bad boy and said he was thoughtful and kind. Thomas replied that she brought it out in him. She covered her face, smiling, and said her world was falling apart, but it faded away with him. She looked at him coyly, and he swept her into a kiss.

As Hope and Thomas had sex upstairs, Brooke arrived at the front door. She knocked on the door but got no answer. The third time she knocked, the front door opened. Brooke pushed it further and looked around the empty living room. She went inside, calling for Thomas and saying that the door had been open. Brooke spotted Hope's keys and her purse with her Forrester ID badge attached. She gasped when she saw Hope's rings on the table.

Brooke rushed up the stairs, threw open the bedroom door, and found Hope in bed with Thomas. As Hope and Thomas scrambled upright, Brooke exclaimed, "Oh, my God! What are you doing?"

Brooke lashes out at Hope for sleeping with Thomas

Brooke lashes out at Hope for sleeping with Thomas

Friday, July 14, 2023

Taylor sauntered into the executive suite at Forrester Creations and asked if either Carter or Ridge had seen Thomas. Ridge explained that Brooke had gone to talk to Thomas about Liam and Hope's relationship. Taylor shared that Thomas had told her about what had happened in Rome and how she was relieved that everyone knew Hope had initiated the kiss. Still, Taylor feared that somehow the Logan women would drag Thomas down and find a way to blame him.

Carter decided it was a wise time to leave the office. Ridge jokingly asked if he could leave, too. Once Carter had left the room, Ridge asked Taylor if she truly felt that Brooke or Hope might try to pin the blame on Thomas. Taylor admitted that she did and worried that what had happened in Rome might be a "trigger" for Thomas to backslide. "I do not want to see the Logans sabotage Thomas," Taylor said coldly.

Ridge argued that no one wanted to sabotage Thomas. Taylor worried that the supposed "simple kiss" between Thomas and Hope could reignite the obsession that Thomas had once had for Hope. Ridge insisted that he trusted Thomas and believed that Thomas had changed. Taylor shared a similar belief, but she said that she did not trust Hope or Brooke. Ridge said he was confident that after a little bit of time, everyone would forget about Hope and Thomas' kiss by the Colosseum. Taylor did not share Ridge's confidence.

Wyatt returned to Spencer Publications with Chinese food for Liam. Liam said that he had not gone home because he had wanted to handle some business with the company's Sydney office. Wyatt wondered if Liam was working late to avoid having to talk to Hope. Liam sipped from a coffee mug as Wyatt repeated that Hope was Liam's wife, the woman that Liam loved.

The two brothers sat down at the conference table to eat their food. Wyatt asked if it was possible for Liam to find "a little bit of compassion and forgiveness" for Hope. Liam dropped his chopsticks and said that he needed to get back to work. Once he had cooled down a bit, Liam thanked Wyatt for looking out for him. Liam confessed that he wanted to be able to forgive Hope, but he couldn't because he could not get the image of Hope and Thomas kissing out of his mind.

Wyatt asked if Liam was willing to destroy his entire life over a single kiss. Wyatt then asked if Liam would have been able to look past it if Hope had kissed "some random Italian guy." Liam said that he would have. Liam asked why, of all people, Hope had needed to kiss Thomas. Shrugging, Wyatt claimed that Hope probably didn't even know why she had kissed Thomas. Wyatt repeated that Hope loved Liam, not Thomas, and he ordered Liam to forgive Hope.

"This is unbelievable... you and Thomas?" Brooke exclaimed. Hope hurriedly pulled the covers over her body as Brooke continued to rail against what she saw before her. "You are a married woman, or have you forgotten?" Brooke snapped angrily.

Hope and Thomas quickly put on some clothes, and Hope tried to explain things to her mom. Brooke said that she had dropped by Thomas' to "extend an olive branch" to him. Brooke, who had been facing Hope, turned, directed an icy glare at Thomas, and said that she was beginning to wonder if Thomas had manipulated Hope somehow. Hope insisted that she had made the choice to kiss Thomas and that she did not regret her decision.

An enraged Hope said that Liam had left her. Brooke urged Hope to keep fighting for Liam and declared that Hope sleeping with Thomas was "a mistake." Thomas said that neither he nor Hope had expected things to become physical between them. As Thomas explained that Hope had been emotional after learning that Liam wanted a divorce, Brooke snapped that Thomas should have sent Hope home -- not slept with her. Hope demanded that Brooke stop blaming Thomas.

Hope conceded that sleeping with Thomas so soon might have been "scandalous," but she argued that it was also "beautiful and passionate and romantic." Hope snarled that Brooke should be able to understand the situation better than anyone. "Little Miss Hope Logan, too good to do something so thoughtless," Hope said in a forced, cutesy voice. Hope claimed that she was following her heart and that doing so made her feel things that she had never felt before.

Hope likened her journey to one that Brooke had gone on "all those years ago." Brooke said she did not want Hope following in her footsteps. Brooke announced that Hope and Thomas were to forget that anything had happened between them. "Wipe it from your minds [and] from your memories," Brooke said firmly before ordering Hope to return home to Liam and her children. "This affair ends today," Brooke snapped. Hope wiped a tear from her cheek as Thomas looked down at the floor.

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