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Liam's breakthrough with Hope yielded unexpected results. Hope left Thomas for a chance with Liam. Thomas offered to sacrifice his happiness for Hope's. Finn implored Steffy to go home. Reclaiming his office, Eric declared that it was his company, and he'd design if he wanted to.
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Hope left Thomas for a chance with Liam. Steffy told Finn she still loved him. Eric felt he was no longer respected at Forrester.
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Liam suspects that he had a breakthrough with Hope

Liam suspects that he had a breakthrough with Hope

Monday, August 21, 2023

At the cabin, Hope affirmed that she hadn't forgotten the pain that Thomas had caused her and Liam. Liam stated that if there was ever a day for Hope to step out of the fog and see Thomas for who he was, it would be Beth's birthday. Hope said she'd never forget how blessed they were to have Beth after all the pain and heartbreak.

Liam wondered how, if Hope meant that, she could have any involvement with Thomas. Liam said he had to respectfully ask, "Have you lost your damn mind?" Hope gasped and half-laughed. Liam reminded her that if Thomas had had his way, they wouldn't have celebrated Beth's birthday. Liam expressed worry for Hope and her judgment. He asked her to avoid being defensive for a moment and recognize Thomas for who he was.

Later, Liam grinned, wondering if Hope had heard Beth wish that every day was her birthday. Hope joked that Beth would change her mind about that when she got older. Liam said Beth's giggles were infectious, and Beth got it from Hope. Hope said Beth got her powers of persuasion from Liam, and that was why Hope had given Beth four cookies at the party.

Liam wished his powers of persuasion had worked on Hope. He said it would have saved them a lot of grief. Hope stopped smiling. He said he was trying to make sense of what had happened, and seeing the kiss in Rome had been a shock to him after he'd spent months voicing his concerns and begging Hope not to let Thomas get close. Liam said he'd been there to surprise and support Hope, but he'd found her kissing Thomas.

Hope told Liam that she was sorry and had never meant to hurt him. Believing her, Liam said it was why he felt it was worth trying to get through to her. Liam said he didn't think "this" was her. He said she'd lost herself, and he wanted to help her find her way back.

Liam stated that he wasn't criticizing or bashing Hope. He was trying to get her to see how far from "Hope Logan" she was. He said it was probably that she was too good and always tried to see the best in people. Hope replied that she'd fallen in love with him because he tried to live his life that way. Liam said that he shouldn't do it when it came to people like Thomas, and neither should she. He asked her to end whatever it was with Thomas and step to Liam's side to see what he saw. Liam said she wasn't alone, and there was a path back.

At Eric's house, Thomas visited Steffy, saying he'd tried to steer clear of the birthday party. Steffy replied that Katie, Donna, and the bodyguard had taken Kelly for ice cream. Thomas joked that it would be easy to put "them" to sleep, but Steffy said "they" would crash quickly. Thomas wondered how Steffy was sleeping. He figured it was hard for her, but he said she had to feel safer. Steffy said that it was hard for Liam and Hope and wondered what was going on between Thomas and Hope. Steffy said she knew about the kiss in Rome, and she wondered what Hope and Liam's divorce papers meant for Hope and Thomas.

Steffy explained that Hope had kissed Thomas, and he hadn't done anything wrong. Steffy stated that she had no idea what was going on with him and Hope. Thomas said he didn't know, either. "Right," Steffy replied. He claimed that he only wanted Hope's happiness. Steffy asked if Thomas would be okay with it if Hope wanted to repair her marriage.

Thomas claimed that he wanted Hope to be happy and fulfilled, and if it was with Liam, then so be it. Steffy said Thomas didn't think it would happen. Thomas figured that the couple had signed divorce papers, and it was just a matter of time before the marriage was over. "And you'll be waiting for her," Steffy added, and Thomas bit back a grin.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Liam was with Steffy, talking about all the fun Kelly had had at the party. Liam didn't think they could find a more perfect pair than Kelly and Beth, who looked up to Kelly. He said Kelly was a patient older sister, and they'd gotten lucky. Steffy agreed, calling it a big, mixed-up family, and she asked how it had gone with Liam and Hope.

Liam stammered that he and Hope hadn't wanted to contaminate the party with their issues. Liam was still freaked out that Hope had turned to Thomas, and Liam had felt as if he could never get through to her. He said Hope just hadn't listened, but that day, she "kind of did." Liam explained that he and Hope had taken the gifts to the cabin, and for the first time, it had felt like that he'd gotten through to Hope.

In Eric's office, Ridge and Brooke canoodled, and Ridge said he was sorry he'd missed the party. Brooke showed him a picture of the "two sassy sisters," Kelly and Beth, in their mermaid outfits. Ridge noticed that Brooke seemed lighter. She said that family and Ridge made her lighter. She was also optimistic about Liam and Hope and said she'd seen the love between them. Claiming to speak from experience, Ridge said a love like that didn't go away.

Brooke agreed but said things had changed in the worst way possible. Ridge assumed Brooke was talking about his son. Brooke wished Liam and Hope had seen what everyone else had that day -- which was that Hope and Liam still loved each other. Ridge figured Brooke still wanted the couple to reconcile. Affirming it, Brooke said Beth had no idea that her parents were on the edge of a divorce. Ridge said staying together for the kids wasn't always the best choice.

Brooke agreed but wondered if Liam and Hope's love could see them through if they kept fighting. Brooke said it wouldn't have happened "except for..." Ridge figured she was alluding to Thomas, and she was saying Hope's marriage was ending due to Thomas. Brooke claimed she wasn't saying that, but to Ridge, it sounded as if she was.

Ridge asked Brooke to remember that Hope had gone after Thomas in Rome, and Brooke had found Hope in Thomas' bed. To Ridge, that meant that she'd made the journey. Brooke admitted that Hope had instigated it, but Brooke wished Thomas had respected Hope's marriage. Brooke said she hoped Liam and Hope worked through it and salvaged their family.

Later, Ridge was alone when Thomas arrived. Glad to see his son, Ridge said they hadn't seen a lot of each other. Thomas said things had been busy since Rome. Ridge stated that Thomas had worked hard for years and years, and he'd finally gotten to reap the rewards. "Speaking of rewards," Ridge said and asked what was going on with Thomas and Hope.

Back at the cabin, Brooke was with Hope, discussing what a miracle child Beth was. Brooke said Hope and Liam could never forget what they'd gone through to make Beth a part of their lives, and Hope asked if Brooke and Liam had "planned this." Brooke looked confused, and Hope said Liam had "felt the need" to remind her of what they'd gone through with Thomas -- not that she'd ever forget that horrible night.

Brooke admitted that she'd seen changes in Thomas, but she said they could never forget that Thomas had almost deprived Hope of raising her daughter. Hope replied that she heard her mother, and she'd heard Liam, too. Brooke became curious. Hope said Liam thought she'd lost her way, and he was still hurt by what he'd seen in Rome. "Thankfully, that's all he knows about," Brooke responded. Hope said that was all Liam knew about.

Hope revealed that seeing Liam with Beth at the party, seeing him be an amazing father, and hearing how happy Beth was to be with her parents had put things into perspective for Hope. Hope said Liam might be right that Hope had lost her way. She stated that she'd cheated on her husband. "I mean, that's not me. How could I possibly do that?" Hope asked. Hope decided that the problem might be that she didn't know who she was anymore.

Brooke said she was glad to hear it because it meant Hope was returning to herself. Brooke could see it in Hope's face and her eyes. "You're being honest," Brooke noted. Brooke said Hope had gotten swept up with Thomas, but she needed to put an end to it and focus on her family. Brooke said she knew how much Hope loved her family. Brooke wanted Hope to fight for it and said it was never too late.

Hope and Thomas have a difficult conversation

Hope and Thomas have a difficult conversation

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

At Eric's house, Steffy asked if Liam believed that Hope had taken his concerns seriously. He replied that he thought Hope had heard him about who Thomas really was. Liam figured Steffy would always defend her brother, and Steffy said Hope had gone for Thomas in Rome. Agreeing, Liam said it wasn't about Thomas. It was about Hope and her choices. "And putting your marriage and future in jeopardy?" Steffy asked.

Later, Steffy concluded that Liam felt Hope had heard him when he'd said Hope had lost her way and when he had reminded her that Thomas couldn't be trusted. Liam said he desperately hoped that Hope had heard him. Steffy flashed a look, and Liam asked what that was about. Trying to figure out what it all meant, Steffy asked if Liam wanted Hope back.

Liam didn't think Steffy appreciated the enormity of what he was saying about getting through to Hope. Steffy said Liam wasn't hearing himself. She said he'd gotten Hope to find her senses, but Steffy wondered if Liam was willing to forgive Hope, repair the marriage, and keep the family intact. Liam stammered, but Steffy said it was a simple question.

Steffy said she didn't want Hope and Liam to go through what Steffy and Finn were going through. "How about this?" Liam said, offering, "I love Hope, of course, but it's not that simple. This is not about getting back together with her for me." He said Hope was the mother of his child, and he still cared about her. Liam stated that it was about Hope becoming Hope again and getting away from Thomas.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope's conversation had given Brooke hope. Brooke agreed that Hope had lost her way. "But not anymore," Brooke stated, urging Hope to tell Thomas that it was over and to save her marriage. Hope replied that she hadn't merely gone astray, nor had she been led there by Thomas. Hope claimed to have her reasons.

Hope stated that Thomas loved her and only her; it was an assurance Liam couldn't prove because of their history with Steffy. Hope said she had kept hoping it would change, and she didn't want to live her life like Brooke with a man with divided loyalties. Brooke respected that and respected that Hope was respecting herself, but Brooke wondered what else was going on.

Hope flashed a look. Brooke explained that Hope had only been talking like that since she'd gotten involved with Thomas, and Brooke had to wonder if the criticism of Liam was a way for Hope to justify her unfaithful behavior. Brooke admired that Hope wanted a man who was only committed to her, but Brooke questioned whether it was an excuse to justify Hope's behavior.

In Hope's silence, Brooke said she knew Hope and knew Hope felt bad about what she'd done with Thomas. Brooke had seen the love between Hope, Liam, and Beth, and Brooke felt that Hope could still have it; however, there was the matter of the divorce papers. Hope replied that Liam hadn't filed the papers. Brooke thought that was great and urged Hope to talk to her.

Tearful, Hope said seeing Beth at the party with her father had impacted Hope. Hope said she was wrong for what she'd done with Thomas, but at the same time, she did have feelings for him. She said Thomas loved her with his whole heart. Hope added that she thought Brooke could be right, too. "I don't know. Maybe I am looking for excuses for my behavior," Hope admitted.

Hope said Liam had reminded her of what they'd gone through with Thomas regarding Beth, and Hope figured she hadn't wanted to think about it because of how painful it had been. Hope believed that Thomas had changed, and she wondered if she'd changed, too. Hope didn't recognize herself in the mirror anymore. She guessed that she'd wanted a distraction.

Hope stated that there had been her line, the showing, and Italy. She figured she'd gotten caught up in Thomas. Brooke said no one knew the full extent of Hope and Thomas' involvement except for Brooke and Ridge. Hope said that no one should know because it was none of anyone's business. Brooke hated to see Hope suffer but was relieved because she could see that Hope was becoming herself again.

"I guess we'll have to see if it's too late," Hope replied. Brooke said it was never too late, and the Logans never gave up. Brooke said Hope had gotten swept up with Thomas, but it was over. Brooke stated that Liam hadn't filed the divorce papers, which meant it wasn't too late. Brooke reiterated that it was never too late. The emotional Hope said Brooke was right, and Hope left.

In Eric's office, Thomas purported to be co-parents and co-workers with Hope, but Ridge said not to do that because he knew what Brooke had walked in on. Ridge stated that he and Brooke weren't happy about it, and he needed Thomas to be honest. Thomas replied that he hadn't been trying to hide things, but things were complicated.

R.J. arrived, wondering what he was interrupting. Ridge said he was talking to Thomas about Hope, but Ridge didn't want to get into it with R.J. there. R.J. didn't want to get into it, either, except to say Hope and Liam had a great family, and Hope had been happy that day. Thomas replied that Hope should be happy to see her child fulfilled and succeeding, and he was glad it had gone well. R.J., who admitted not knowing what more was between Thomas and Hope, added that after seeing Hope that day, he believed Hope should go back to Liam.

Thomas thanked Ridge and R.J., saying it was nice to have family around, looking out for him. Thomas said he'd had a similar conversation with Steffy, and he promised that he wouldn't be the one to hurt Hope, not ever again. Thomas left to take care of some things.

Later, R.J. had a surprise cupcake for Ridge but expected Ridge to be by the pool for core routines. Chowing on the cupcake, Ridge affirmed it. The topic turned back to Thomas and Hope. R.J. said he wasn't indicting Thomas, but Hope's marriage was worth fighting for.

Brooke arrived, insisting that the marriage was definitely worth it. "And so is your health, Mister!" Brooke said, reaching for the cupcake. Ridge wondered how it had gotten into his hands. Brooke said to enjoy it because Ridge would be working on his core. "You knew she was coming!" Ridge exclaimed to R.J., but R.J. replied that he hadn't.

R.J. asked how things had gone with Hope. Brooke said Hope might think her marriage was worth fighting for, and it might not be the end of Hope and Liam.

At Thomas' house, Thomas lit candles and set out wine glasses. Hope arrived. He said he hadn't known if he'd see her because they hadn't communicated, and there had been Beth's party. He remarked that they'd already discussed it and how he couldn't go to the party because of Liam and the possibility of drama. Hope said it had been a big day.

Glad to be a part of the big day, Thomas leaned in and kissed Hope. Sensing something, he pulled back and asked what was wrong. Hope flashed back to Beth saying what the best part of her birthday had been. She heard Liam ask her how she'd let Thomas get between them.

Hope stammered and paced. She didn't know what she was doing or what she and Thomas had done. Thomas figured that something was bothering her and asked what had happened at Beth's party. Hope said she'd been reminded of all the hurtful things they'd gone through.

Thomas replied that the things had been his fault. He said he was past it, and Hope knew it because she'd kissed him. The nights they had had been wonderful. He promised that he loved her in a true way and wanted a life with her. Crying, Hope said it had been hard being with Beth and Liam, and she and Liam had gotten to talking about the pain and suffering they'd gone through over losing Beth. Hope said Liam had reminded her that Thomas had kept the truth from her.

Thomas said it had been a different him, and he was sorry it was a part of his past. He couldn't change it, but he said Hope had told him again and again that he was different. Thomas said he was lost, and he wondered if Liam had gotten in Hope's head. Hope replied that everything Liam had said had been true. Thomas guessed there was only one thing he could do.

Hope asks Thomas if he'd be willing to let her go

Hope asks Thomas if he'd be willing to let her go

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

At Forrester, Brooke insisted to R.J. and Ridge that Hope and Liam could reunite. Ridge brought up the divorce papers, but Brooke said they hadn't been filed. Brooke added that Hope had returned to the way she'd once been -- more focused and determined. Claiming to know that Hope had regrets, Brooke said Hope's eyes had opened at the party in a way Hope hadn't expected, and Hope had seen what she might be missing if she divorced Liam.

Ridge wasn't sure Liam was ready to forgive Hope. Brooke replied that Liam loved Hope and had worked hard on reminding Hope of the heartbreak they'd gone through, something Thomas had had a role in. Brooke said Hope had gone against her morals and principles, but Hope was starting to see what she really wanted. "Her family -- and Liam," R.J. replied.

Ridge asked about Hope's belief that Steffy had been in Hope's marriage since day one. Brooke said it was still a factor that needed to be addressed, but it had been Hope's unconscious way of justifying what she'd done with Thomas. Brooke suspected Hope was ending it with Thomas at that moment. Ridge said he was just a concerned dad, and Liam would always love Steffy.

At Eric's place, Steffy was skeptical about Liam's lack of desire to reunite with Hope. Liam, who admitted he wouldn't stop loving or caring for Hope, said he wouldn't stop trying to convince Hope of who Thomas was. Steffy asserted that her brother had changed, but Liam insisted that Thomas' past obsession had caused him to traumatize her. Liam said that part of Thomas might be at bay, but it was still there. Liam said it wasn't good for Hope to ignore it.

Confused, Steffy said that if Liam had gotten through to Hope, he could also forgive Hope and keep their family intact. Steffy claimed she knew him and how forgiving he was. She noted that he was also excited that he'd convinced Hope to stay away from Thomas. Steffy hoped that meant he'd put his marriage back together because there was nothing worse than a broken one.

Liam appreciated Steffy's words, but he believed that two things could be true at once. He said that on the one hand, he wanted to get through to Hope about Thomas, but on the other hand, he was still wondering how he'd ever let Steffy go.

Later, Steffy was alone when she read several text messages from Finn, who expressed how sorry he was and how much he missed his wife.

At Thomas' house, Thomas assumed that Liam had gotten into Hope's head, but Thomas said she knew he wasn't that person any longer. He stated that she'd been the one to pursue and kiss him. He professed his love for her but said there was only one thing he could do. Hope asked what that could be.

Thomas reasoned that he could back off. He said it wasn't because he feared he would become the person he had once been. He was certain that he wasn't that person anymore. He said it was because he loved Hope. He wanted Hope to have what she wanted, and he said if that was Liam, then he'd accept it. Hope asked if Thomas would be willing to let her go.

Hope said she was sorry. Thomas said they'd been through too many dark times in the past. He wished he could change it, but all he could do was show that he was a changed man. He didn't want to cause her more trouble. He understood if she wanted to go to Liam and wouldn't stop her. "That's how much I love you," he added.

Hope said that it hadn't been fair to Thomas. She'd gotten his hopes up, kissed him, and more, but she was the one walking away. She asked what person did that. Thomas said he'd had his eyes wide open. She replied that she should have stopped it, but she'd gotten caught up in her feelings. She said she'd hurt him and others, and she was a human wrecking ball. Refusing to let her beat herself up, he said he wouldn't regret what had happened between them -- from Rome through the last few weeks. He claimed it was on both of them, and he wouldn't keep her from her family.

Hope asked if Thomas was okay with it. He asserted that it sucked. He said he loved her and wanted to be with her, but he got that Hope wanted to be there for her daughter. He'd never forgive himself for being in the way of that. He said he loved her, and it wouldn't change. Hope thanked him for understanding. She said he was a good man and had truly changed. She told him not to let anyone erase the work he'd done to get there.

Hope stated that it was their history. Thomas said he knew. Hope seemed to be stalling, saying it needed to end. She had hurt a lot of people and still was hurting them. She said she did want the chance to repair the damage and to make her marriage work for her daughter's sake. She didn't know if it would work, but she had to give it a try. She apologized.

Hope was ashamed of her behavior and of leading Thomas on. She hoped he could forgive her someday. Thomas said he wouldn't trade their time together for anything, and it hurt to know he couldn't kiss her again. He said they had their memories. She was sorry things had ended that way, and she said she'd never intended to hurt anyone. Thomas stated that he wouldn't breathe of word of it to anyone. Hope and Thomas hugged, and she left.

In Brooke's cabin later, Liam arrived, saying he'd gotten Hope's message. Hope said she'd wanted to touch base after their talk. She'd thought he'd made good points, and she'd wanted to put everything on the table. She said Beth's birthday had been special, and it had been nice to focus on their family. Liam replied that it was a beautiful family, and he loved them both. He hoped she knew that. She said she did.

Hope stated that she'd wanted Liam to know that she'd heard him. She said that agreeing to work with Thomas had put a strain on their relationship, and then he'd seen her kiss Thomas in Rome. Hope was sorry she'd done it, that she had caused him hurt and pain and had jeopardized their family. She said they'd signed divorce papers, but the papers hadn't been filed.

Liam wasn't sure where Hope was going with that. Hope replied that she couldn't help but wonder if there was a reason that they were dragging their feet. She said she stood by everything she'd told him. She deserved a man who didn't have divided feelings, and Steffy had played a role in their relationship because of his feelings for Steffy. However, Hope said Liam had acknowledged it, said he'd made mistakes, and taken accountability, and it had meant a lot to hear it. Hope added that she'd made a lot of mistakes she wasn't proud of.

Hope said she valued their family and Beth's happiness. "So, I'm wondering if you want to give it one last shot. For her. For us," Hope said, just wanting to know if it was too late. Liam sighed and cleared his throat as if caught off guard. He stepped back from Hope and looked bewildered.

Eric worries that Ridge wants to replace him

Eric worries that Ridge wants to replace him

Thursday, August 24, 2023

At Forrester, Ridge was surprised to see Eric. Eric snapped that it was his desk and his office. He asked if he had to keep reminding Ridge of that. Ridge said it wasn't necessary. Eric figured that Ridge had been avoiding his father. Ridge claimed he'd been busy at work and worrying about Steffy. Eric said he'd been taking care of Steffy, and he wondered if Ridge had been avoiding Eric because Ridge had decided that Eric was no longer a vital part of the business Eric had created. "Because I am, you know," Eric asserted.

Eric fondly recalled his collaborations with Ridge over the years and said they'd been the most celebrated collections ever. The collections had been classy, elegant, and pure with little twists that no one had seen coming. Eric was eager to do one more -- the most elegant and sophisticated couture collection they'd ever done. Ridge said it was a high bar.

Eric guessed Ridge thought Eric couldn't do it, but Eric said he had ideas that he needed to get down on paper. Ridge was looking down at something, and Eric asked if Ridge was even hearing him. Ridge said he was, but he didn't know where it was "landing" yet. Ridge reasoned that Eric had inspired him, and Eric should inspire the next generation, his grandkids.

Ridge said Eric wouldn't get the time back, and Eric should relax and take it easy because Eric deserved it. Eric looked disillusioned. He asserted that what he deserved was a viable spot within the company. Ridge said, "You are this company!" Eric replied that Ridge was saying Eric's contributions weren't needed any longer.

Ridge explained that he wasn't saying that. Ridge was saying that the people Eric had picked, hired, and trained were running the company according to Eric's vision. Ridge said Eric should be enjoying it, and he advised Eric to golf or improve at pickleball to beat Donna.

Eric contended that he wasn't some old dinosaur, and he hadn't lost his touch. "Golf, pickleball, anything to keep me out of this building, out of this business that I created," Eric griped. Ridge said he hadn't meant to offend Eric, and Eric quipped that Ridge meant to replace Eric. Eric said Ridge couldn't put Eric in a corner and bring him out and dust him off when Ridge needed credibility. Ridge said he hadn't meant to disrespect Eric.

Ridge noticed Eric was looking for something. Eric said he was looking for the stapler that had been on his desk, "my desk," for 50 years. Ridge said it had stopped working 30 years back, and they'd thrown it out and gotten a new one. Irate, Eric said Ridge had thrown it out because it had been old and a little worn. "You gonna do that with me, too, Ridge?" Eric accused.

At Eric's house, Finn thanked Steffy for seeing him. "Of course, I'd see you. You're my husband," she said. Finn said he missed his family so much that it took his breath away. He wanted to hold his wife and read the kids stories. Finn begged her to return home and let him make it right.

Finn said Steffy hadn't responded to his calls and texts. Steffy replied that she hadn't figured out what to say. Finn suggested that she say she loved him and their family. She affirmed that she did, and she didn't want Finn to doubt her love. Steffy was still in shock about the beach incident and Finn hugging Sheila. Finn said he hadn't heard from Sheila since.

Steffy replied that Sheila was the most dangerous when she was quiet. Finn vowed not to let Sheila near his family. He told Steffy not to doubt it, but Steffy expressed worry about his connection and vulnerability to Sheila, who was determined to be in his life. Finn understood but said he needed his wife and family, and he couldn't spend another night away from them.

Finn refused to stop fighting, and Steffy said she'd never wanted them to be apart. Finn said that they didn't have to be, and he suggested that he move into Eric's. All Finn wanted to do was hold Steffy and protect her. He wanted to remind her why they were meant to be together. Finn missed her and the kids and reiterated that he couldn't spend another night away from them.

Steffy said they couldn't ignore Sheila. Finn insisted that Steffy could trust him. He reminded her that they'd lost each other and found their way back. He asked her to think of Monaco. Steffy said she'd thought she'd never see him again, and it had been a miracle. Finn said that in that moment, he'd known that nothing would keep them apart, not even death. He asked her to say she felt the same way and never wanted to be apart again.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope admitted that she'd lost her way and made choices that had been unlike her. She said she couldn't change it, but her feelings for Liam would never change. Seeing him with Beth had shown her that it was worth the effort to hold their family together, so before it was too late, she wanted to know if it was really over between them.

Taken aback, Liam said it was nice to hear Hope say those things. She replied that she was trying to take accountability. Liam told her that she knew how much everyone loved and admired her. "Do you? Do you still feel that way about me?" she asked. Liam replied that he did love her, and she was an incredible person. "It's just that a lot has happened," he uttered.

Hope stated that she was sorry for her part in it. Liam replied that he believed her, and he was sorry for his part in it. "But it's like you said. Thomas is a one-woman man, and I'm not," Liam said. Hope said she deserved to be with someone without a divided heart. Liam agreed. Hope said she'd realized that she might have brought it up to justify what she'd done with Thomas. Appreciating her saying it, he said it could have been a rationalization after the fact, but "you weren't wrong about me and my history."

Hope said she wanted to know if Liam thought it was something they could work through together and get past. She wanted to be very clear about their next steps and that they wouldn't regret their decisions. She said that what they had hadn't disappeared overnight, and they could work to reunite their family if they wanted to.

Liam asked if he could ask Hope to ask herself something. "You said that it always felt like Steffy was this third person in our relationship, right? I mean, did it feel like that even during the good years? The years I was completely devoted to you without incident? Because if it did, how do you know that Steffy wouldn't always be there? Right? In the same way that Thomas probably always will be there for me?" Liam asked.

Thinking Liam was asking how she felt about Steffy, Hope figured it was a question for him to answer. She asked where Steffy and Liam stood and how he felt about Steffy. Liam said Hope knew it already, and his feelings were complicated at the time. He said they could talk about Steffy and Thomas, or they could just keep it about themselves.

Agreeing, Hope asked if Liam wanted to make it work and hold it together for Beth. Hope knew that she'd messed up, but she said she couldn't take it back. He agreed. He said he loved her, and he'd loved their life together. "But I'm supposed to be honest with myself right now, right? I'm not gonna be able to do it. I'm not gonna be able to forget, and I'm not gonna be able to forgive. Not you and Thomas," Liam concluded.

Hope asked if that was it then. Liam said he was sorry. She replied that she was sorry, and she'd misread it. "But at least we know now, right?" she asked. She told him that she loved him. He kissed her forehead, uttered that he loved her, too, and walked out the door.

Eric reasserts his role as head of Forrester Creations

Eric reasserts his role as head of Forrester Creations

Friday, August 25, 2023

As Finn looked at Steffy, he said that he could see in her eyes how much she missed him. He asked her to return home to him. "I can't be apart from you ever again," Finn said as he kissed Steffy's hand. Steffy assured Finn that she did not doubt his love for her. However, Steffy admitted that she was still plagued by nightmares of the night she and Finn had been shot.

She also expressed how her heart had ached during the time that she'd believed Finn had been dead. Finn vowed that nothing would keep them apart ever again. Finn said that whatever connection he had with Sheila paled in comparison to the one he had with Steffy and the kids. Steffy told Finn that she still loved him. They kissed.

Wyatt paid a visit to the executive suite at Spencer Publications after receiving a text from Liam. A seemingly shellshocked Liam informed his brother that Hope had "asked for forgiveness." Wyatt wondered how Liam had responded. Liam said that he knew that he would never be able to forgive Hope's indiscretion with Thomas. Liam added that Hope would probably never be able to get over his own history with Steffy.

Wyatt noted that Liam's interest in Steffy played a key role in why Liam wasn't interested in patching things up with Hope. Liam tried to downplay that and remarked that his "respect for Finn [had] obviously taken a hit" due to Finn's recent actions. "Bottom line, Finn's got Sheila's DNA," Liam grumbled.

Later, alone in the office, Liam looked at a photo of him and Steffy and vowed that he would not allow anything to hurt Steffy. Sheila promised that she wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her newfound freedom. Later, out of earshot, Sheila vowed that she would one day soon be part of her "beautiful family's" life.

In Deacon's apartment, an out-of-breath Deacon marveled at the sex that he and Sheila had just had. The conversation eventually veered from lovemaking to Sheila's belief that she and Finn could one day have a normal relationship. Sheila was upset that Deacon doubted her. She also disliked Deacon's repeated mentioning of how she had shot Finn and Steffy.

Sheila shared that she believed that things would be different if Steffy were not in Finn's life. Deacon didn't like what he was hearing from Sheila and worried that she might do something rash.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge looked on as Eric blasted Ridge's decision to get a new stapler. "This stapler was on my desk here the very first day of Forrester. It stapled together all of our orders and our receipts. It held together all the evidence of my very first success in this business," Eric snapped. Ridge apologized but explained that the stapler was old and didn't work anymore. "Like me?" Eric asked.

Eric argued that his opinions were no longer treated with any respect. Eric blasted the misuse of his office and complained that his office was full of people every time he wanted to sit at his desk and do work. Ridge delicately explained that Eric's office had been a "common space" for quite some time. "This is my space, Ridge," Eric fired back. Looking around the room, Eric proclaimed that his office had been the space that had created the legacy that Ridge and others had been "living off of all this time."

Ridge flippantly apologized and said that he'd be in the design office if that met with Eric's approval. Eric insisted that Ridge didn't have to run off. Eric clarified that he believed that everyone had become "complacent" about his role at the company that he had founded. Eric wondered if he had "degenerated into some sort of figurehead." Eric revisited the idea of launching a new line and demanded that the "full force of Forrester Creations" support his idea. Ridge asked if Eric was trying to teach him some sort of lesson. Ridge felt that he and Eric were in similar situations. Ridge explained that there was a new generation coming up behind him that wanted to replace him and share their fresh and new ideas.

Ridge offered to step down as head of Forrester Creations. "I'm gonna be on my 1949 Chris-Craft with a couple of beers, watching the sun go down," Ridge snapped. Ridge asked who would run Forrester in his place. Steffy, he said, was good with business, but not design. He added that Thomas wasn't ready, and R.J. didn't want anything to do with Forrester Creations. "It's gonna be me," Eric said coldly. He said, "I built this business. I built you. [When] people think about Forrester Creations, they don't think Ridge Forrester. They think Eric Forrester." Eric sat down at his desk and told Ridge to leave.

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