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Thomas tried to appeal to Liam to take Hope back, but Liam continued to withhold his forgiveness from Hope for betraying him with Thomas. Thomas told Hope what a fool Liam was to let her go, and Thomas asked her to let him love her. Hope confessed that she wasn't in love with Thomas but asked if he could handle satisfying her cravings. Eric confided in R.J. about Eric's degenerative arthritis and asked if R.J. would sketch Eric's vision for a new and final line. R.J. agreed to help his grandfather but also suggested that Eric turn to technology to complete his designs. Steffy decided to return home to Finn, but her homecoming was spoiled when Sheila darkened their doorstep.
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Eric asked R.J. to help him design his final collection. Sheila spoiled Steffy's homecoming.
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Thomas confronts Liam about Hope

Thomas confronts Liam about Hope

Monday, August 28, 2023

At Spencer, Thomas strode in. "Hear me out," he said to Liam. Backing away, Liam said he didn't care about whatever Thomas had to say. Thomas stated that it was about Hope. Liam asked Thomas to go. Thomas assumed Liam had seen what had gone on in Rome.

Liam acknowledged that he'd seen his wife kissing the man who'd been happy to let them grieve their daughter for life. Thomas said that Liam couldn't forgive Thomas, but Liam could forgive Hope. Thomas claimed that she deserved it, and Liam had to find forgiveness.

Thomas guessed Liam didn't like him. Liam said convincing him that his daughter was dead had been enough, and seeing Thomas make out with Liam's wife hadn't helped. Thomas claimed that they both cared about Hope, who loved Liam. Liam asserted that Thomas should not be the one pitching Hope to Liam. Thomas said he didn't want to be, but he was doing it because Hope loved Liam and wanted him back.

Liam asserted that it wasn't Thomas' place to speak to Liam, and Liam's conversations with Hope were none of Thomas' business. Liam sighed and admitted that Thomas was right: Hope still loved Liam, and Liam still loved her. Thomas said Liam would thereby be able to forgive her.

"I didn't say that," Liam replied. Thomas said Hope had messed up once, and Liam was out. Thomas reminded Liam that he'd had a pregnancy scare with Steffy, but Liam was done when Hope messed up just once. Liam uttered that Hope had known there had been only one thing, and that thing had been Thomas. "She knew it. She chose it. Now here we are," Liam concluded.

Thomas called Liam a fool because he had a wonderful woman who wanted to repair their family. "Door handle sticks. Use the one on the right," Liam instructed. Thomas said there weren't many things in life that were certain, but one was that Liam would regret it.

In the design office, Hope was telling Brooke that Liam wouldn't give their marriage a second chance. Hope said Liam knew how much she loved their family, but he wouldn't be able to get past what had happened with Thomas. Brooke didn't get it. She said Liam was kind and forgiving, and it wasn't like he hadn't hurt Hope in the past.

Brooke wondered if all Liam knew about was the one kiss. Hope replied that given Liam's resistance to a kiss, she doubted he was ready to hear that she and Thomas had been together. Hope said if Liam couldn't forgive a kiss, then he wouldn't forgive her for the rest of it.

Sorry about it, Brooke could see how much Hope was hurting. Hope said she was also angry with herself. She felt she'd brought it upon herself, and it might be at the expense of her family. "I didn't think it through!" Hope yelled. Brooke replied that Hope had made a mistake, which everyone did at some point, and Hope was taking responsibility and moving on.

Brooke asked what more Hope could do. Brooke said Hope's family was there for Hope to lean on. Hope said she appreciated it but didn't think she deserved it. Brooke stated that there was nothing Hope could do to make her undeserving of Brooke's love. "But -- don't you dare go back to Thomas," Brooke added, giving Hope a stern look.

Hope said she'd hurt Thomas, too, and she hadn't even heard from him. Brooke was sure Thomas would find an opportunity. Hope insisted that Thomas hadn't done anything wrong. She said it was hard to believe that she'd had feelings for Thomas, "But I do -- did." She added that Thomas had promised to step aside because he loved her. Brooke recalled that Thomas' love had caused people a great deal of pain, including Hope.

Later, Hope was working alone when she sensed someone there. She looked up and saw Thomas in the doorway. He said he hadn't wanted to distract her. She replied that she could use the distraction. "I'm sorry," Thomas said. She asked why, and he revealed that he'd seen Liam.

Hopping out of her seat, Hope asked why. Thomas said he'd wanted to confront Liam about the reality that Hope wanted to put her life back together and was willing to own her mistake. Thomas said it was ridiculous that Liam couldn't see the reality and was a bigger fool than Thomas had thought. Claiming, he hadn't wanted to cause trouble, Thomas said he'd wanted to convince Liam that Hope actually was trying to put her family back together.

Hope asked what Liam had said. Thomas replied that Liam had made it clear that he wouldn't forgive. It didn't make sense to Thomas that Liam was putting her through that pain. It hurt Thomas, who believed Hope was really trying. Thomas said Hope had made one mistake, and it wasn't like Liam knew everything else that had happened between them.

Hope figured that Thomas hadn't told Liam. Thomas replied that it was just his and Hope's, and Liam didn't get to be a part of it. Thomas stated that he cared about Hope, and what he saw in front of him was beauty and grace. He said he loved her "so much." She looked away.

Thomas said he'd made mistakes, but "this is like a true love." Their first kiss in Rome had lit a fire within him, and all he wanted to do was be hers. He wanted to create for her, to love her, and to make love to her. He said it was their time. "Let's not throw it away," he uttered and kissed her. Hope leaned into the kiss, but after a few moments, she stopped it.

In Eric's office, Steffy was back at work and talking to Ridge. Steffy was having a hard time being away from Finn, but she appreciated that Eric had opened up his home. Ridge said Eric loved having her and the kids there, but Ridge wasn't sure how Eric felt about Ridge. Ridge revealed that he'd offended Eric. Steffy asked how, and Ridge said he'd thrown out Eric's stapler. Steffy replied with a perplexed expression.

Later, Ridge had expounded on the situation with Eric, including that Eric didn't want anyone, not even Steffy, using Eric's office. Steffy wondered what it was stemming from. Ridge said she shouldn't worry; Eric didn't want to rest on his laurels, but they'd figure it out like always.

Ridge changed the subject to Thomas and expressed his interest in where Thomas stood with Hope. Steffy replied that she didn't know what was going on, but she was rooting for Hope and Liam and hoped they'd be able to put the whole matter behind them. Ridge expressed his worry about Thomas, saying they knew what happened whenever Thomas got obsessed with Hope.

Ridge didn't want Thomas back there again. Steffy agreed that it wouldn't be good and said she was proud of Thomas' progress. Ridge insisted that Thomas couldn't backslide. Steffy said they just needed Hope and Liam to reconcile, but Steffy didn't know if it would happen.

Brooke arrived, saying it was good Steffy and Ridge were both there. Brooke revealed that Hope had asked Liam for forgiveness, but he'd said no. Brooke was worried about Hope, who was in an extremely vulnerable place.

At Eric's house, Eric was trying to sketch, but he winced in pain, shaking his hand. R.J. arrived, and sensing something was off, he noted that Eric seemed upset. Eric replied that it was nothing he couldn't handle, but R.J. pressed. "It's about your father," Eric replied.

Excited, Eric boasted about his inspiration for a new collection. R.J. said it was awesome, but Eric replied that Ridge thought Eric's time should be spent playing golf or pickleball.

Later, R.J. was surprised to hear that Ridge wanted Eric to retire. Eric replied that Ridge wanted his father to "fade into that good night," but Eric wouldn't do that. Eric, who never backed away from a challenge, picked up his sketchpad and said it would be the biggest collection and challenge of his life. "I'm gonna do this," he affirmed, "and you're going to help me."

R.J. was flattered but said Eric didn't need R.J. Insisting that he did, Eric picked up a pencil. He said he couldn't hold it for very long; it was painful, and his hand would shake. He'd been diagnosed with arthritis. Eric revealed that he'd asked for Ridge's help without saying why, but Ridge had turned Eric down, saying Ridge was too busy running "my business." Refusing to go out to pasture, Eric exclaimed that it would be his best collection. "I want you to help me. Will you do that?" Eric asked.

Hope offers Thomas a compromise

Hope offers Thomas a compromise

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

In Eric's office, Brooke said she'd been waiting for Hope's fog to lift, but once it finally had, Liam had refused to reconcile with Hope. Brooke was worried because Hope was in a very vulnerable state. Brooke couldn't believe that Liam wouldn't accept Hope's apology. Ridge said that some guys had a problem with betrayal. Brooke fretted about the divorce actually going through.

Carter arrived. He'd overheard Brooke and said Liam and Hope hadn't returned the divorce papers. Brooke seemed grim about it, but Steffy suggested focusing on the fact that there was still a chance, especially if Hope was sincere about wanting nothing to do with Thomas. Brooke stated that Hope had realized she'd gone down the wrong path.

Steffy said that if Hope was really over whatever feelings she had for Thomas, Liam and Hope would work through it. Brooke said that Hope was in a vulnerable state. Ridge expressed his worry for Thomas, who was also vulnerable.

Later, the topic turned to Sheila. Ridge said he was concerned about Thomas but also about what Steffy was going through. Steffy was at a loss for words about Sheila, and Ridge said they'd figure it out. Turning to Carter, Ridge said they had a meeting. Carter replied that it was long overdue. Ridge reassured Steffy and Brooke that everything would be okay. After the men left, Steffy and Brooke wondered what the men were up to.

In Deacon's loft, Sheila contemplated a celebrity picture of Steffy and Finn that was on the Internet. Deacon arrived, surprised that Sheila was still there. He said letting her stay there was the very definition of insanity, and Sheila replied that it was a risk with rewards.

Sheila told Deacon that she was proud of him and his business, and she felt that he was making good decisions. Deacon didn't really agree with that last part. She said it meant the world to her that he'd given her a place to stay, and she realized that it was a risk. He replied that Brooke and Hope wouldn't have anything to do with him if they found out about him and Sheila.

Deacon said the little bit of family he'd had in the past had been a Dumpster fire, and he couldn't lose Hope. Sheila said it was why she was lying low and barely leaving there. She thanked him and said she had no one else to turn to because no one else understood her the way Deacon did.

Still unable to believe he'd let Sheila stay there, Deacon wondered if he'd taken too many kicks to the head. Sheila offered to break out her nurse's uniform and give him a full examination. As the two kissed, Ridge and Carter pounded on the front door, looking for Sheila.

In the design office, Thomas said he hadn't been sure he and Hope would ever kiss again, and he never wanted to stop kissing her. He uttered that she didn't deserve to be hurt and vying for Liam's attention; she deserved someone who truly loved her.

Thomas reflected on the artistry of what they did at work and said the best thing they could do was to stay true to themselves as they created. He said sometimes it was fun to revamp designs and try to recapture the nostalgia of the past. Thomas stated that it was what Liam did in their personal life, looking to the past and nostalgia. Thomas advised Hope to stay true to herself, and he said he'd understand if she felt guilty.

Thomas said that for him, the kiss in Rome had been incredible. It had lit a fire under him, as had all their nights in his bed. He said Liam might look to the past, but for Thomas, there was only Hope. Hope sighed, saying it was all so much.

Thomas replied that he knew Hope had conflicted feelings and that Liam had gotten into her head to use Thomas' past against him. Thomas said he was a reformed man, and Hope knew it. He asked her to let him love her the way that no one else could.

Hope said she'd tried to do the right thing for her marriage and family and make sure there were no regrets before she and Liam had done something they couldn't take back. Hope claimed she had clarity, and her marriage was over. She could hear and understand Thomas clearly, "but I'm not in love with you, Thomas. And I don't want to take advantage of your feelings for me."

Thomas replied that they'd moved fast, but he knew he could make her happy. Hope said she wouldn't pretend that he hadn't awakened something within her. He said she had within him, too, and he wanted to give her what she needed. He offered to take her to dinner.

Hope said it wasn't exactly what she was craving. Hope locked the door to the office. She stated that she needed to say one thing. She said Liam had let her down, and she was hurting. She claimed she'd need some time, but it didn't mean she didn't want Thomas. She asked if that was something he could handle. He claimed he could handle it, not getting caught up in the past or future. He suggested they live in the moment, and the two began kissing.

At Eric's house, Eric explained to R.J. that Eric's hands couldn't get Eric's vision down on paper. Eric asked if R.J. would help. R.J. said Eric should talk to Ridge, but Eric asserted that Ridge just wanted Eric to trade the pencil in for a pickleball racquet. Not ready to retire, Eric said he needed R.J.'s steady hand to help Eric create his vision.

Flattered that Eric would even ask, R.J. said he was not a designer. Eric had anticipated that response and wanted to show R.J. something. It was a birthday card that R.J. had made for his grandfather. R.J. chuckled upon seeing his scribbles and stick figures. He said Eric couldn't base his choice on something R.J. had made at the age of four. Eric replied that R.J. had been three. He admired R.J.'s line and said designing was in R.J.'s blood, and that was why Eric wanted R.J. to help show Ridge that he still had a lot to learn from his old man.

Eric asked if R.J. would do it. R.J. picked up a pencil and asked when they'd start. Eric said he'd be with R.J. every step of the way, and even though Eric's hand was shaky, his mind was as sharp as a tack. R.J. picked up a sketchpad. Eric explained that he wanted the line to be classic, simple, and elegant, with a surprise twist to make it stand out from everything else.

R.J. intently sketched as Eric directed, and a dress took form on the page. As time passed, the vision became more and more clear. R.J. asked Eric what he thought. Eric said they made a great team, and R.J. had done well. Eric thanked his grandson, but R.J. decided to thank his grandfather for trusting him. Eric asked R.J. to keep it between them because Eric wanted to show Ridge and the world to never count out Eric Forrester.

Ridge gives Deacon an indirect, yet pointed, warning

Ridge gives Deacon an indirect, yet pointed, warning

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

At Forrester Mansion, Eric helped guide R.J. with his sketch. Eric attempted to demonstrate what he had in mind, but he was unable to grip the pencil. Frustrated, Eric threw the pencil down. Eric shared that he'd spoken with Donna about his arthritis, but he didn't share her belief that "things could be a lot worse." Eric lamented that his life's work was slipping through his fingers.

R.J. asked Eric how long he had been struggling with his hand. Eric said that the problem had first cropped up when he and Zende had been working on designs for Hope for the Future. In recent weeks, however, the pain had gotten much worse. Pride was preventing Eric from telling anyone about the issue. Eric explained that he'd felt hurt when Ridge had rejected his idea to work on a new line together.

Eric expressed his frustration with having amazing design ideas in his head but being unable to put them down on paper. R.J.'s face lit up as he came up with an idea to teach Eric how to use a computer rather than pencil and paper.

Sheila and Deacon sat nervously on the sofa as Ridge banged on the door to Deacon's apartment. Sheila gathered her things and hid in the back room. When Deacon opened the door, the very stern-looking Ridge and Carter entered the apartment. Ridge told Deacon that he was looking for Sheila.

Deacon claimed that he hadn't seen Sheila since she'd been released from jail. Ridge didn't believe him. Deacon angrily told the two men that he didn't appreciate them showing up unannounced to interrogate him. He also lashed out at Ridge and Bill for breaking their word not to tell anyone else about his dalliance with Sheila.

Deacon insisted that he wanted to keep Sheila in his past but assured Ridge that he'd tell Ridge if he were to see Sheila. Ridge and Carter exchanged looks. Ridge declared Sheila a threat to his family -- and implied that he'd consider Deacon a threat if he were to help Sheila.

After Ridge and Carter left, Sheila emerged from hiding and thanked Deacon for protecting her. Sheila said that she hoped Deacon knew how much he meant to her. She vowed not to upend Deacon's life but also promised that she would be a part of Finn's life.

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, Finn surprised Steffy with ramen from a food truck that was incredibly hard to come by. As the ate their lunch, Finn told Steffy that he understood and respected Steffy's concerns. "I take responsibility for why you and I are apart -- it's because of Sheila," Finn said.

Steffy thanked Finn for checking in on her and for continuing to fight for their relationship. As they both agreed that they hated being apart, they shared a passionate kiss.

Steffy wants to go home, and Sheila refuses to let go

Steffy wants to go home, and Sheila refuses to let go

Thursday, August 31, 2023

At Deacon's place, Deacon winced, afraid he'd need a chiropractor after the massage Sheila was giving him. Telling him to stop being such a baby, she noted that he was tense, and his shoulders were as hard as rocks. He figured he was stressed out about Brooke or Hope finding out about him and Sheila. He said he could lose the restaurant.

Sheila assured Deacon that things would be fine. She said she'd promised not to upend his life. Deacon replied that it was too late for that. He cried out in pain, and Sheila grinned.

After the massage, Deacon was still in pain, and Sheila ordered him to stop being a baby. He said that someone needed to call Child Services because he'd have bruises for a week. He noted that the intensity had picked up when he'd mentioned Steffy. Sheila asked why Deacon had to rub it in her face, and she insisted that the shooting had been a mistake. She intended to tell that to Finn until he figured out that she could be good in his life.

Deacon snickered at that statement, but Sheila asked what would have happened to Finn's precious relationship with Steffy if Kelly had drowned. Sheila said Finn had been emotional and had called her "Mom." Finn had seen her as his mom, not a monster. Sheila believed in the unconditional bond and love between a mother and son.

Deacon insisted that he was just trying to rein in Sheila's expectations because he cared about her. She said she adored him and loved him for wanting to spare her heartbreak; however, she wouldn't give up on her future. She was determined to have a true relationship with Finn, and it would start that day.

At Eric's house, Ridge smiled upon seeing Eric and Steffy in the living room. In sync, they drank coffee, turned the pages of their newspapers, and crossed their legs. Ridge asked where the kids were, and Steffy said they were at the pool, painting rocks with Donna. Eric stated that he and Donna love having Steffy, Kelly, "and -- and --" Steffy prompted Eric to say Hayes's name. Repeating it, Eric expressed that they loved having them at the house, and they could stay as long as they wanted. Steffy replied that they couldn't stay forever.

Ridge asked what Steffy was saying. Steffy told her father and grandfather that she missed her husband, and her stay had never been meant to be permanent. Ridge warned that Sheila was still out there, and Finn was still connected to her. Steffy said she got that, but she'd been away from her husband for too long. Steffy felt that it was time for her to go home.

Eric asked what had made Steffy feel safe about returning to Finn. Steffy said Finn had taken responsibility for his poor judgment, vowed that it wouldn't happen again, and pledged to protect her and the kids. Ridge replied that they'd heard it before. Steffy said that she was ready to believe it. Steffy said the kids needed their home, schedules, and routines.

Ridge claimed to get all that, but he asserted that Sheila was still out there. Steffy, aware of the threat, said she still saw flashes of that night in the alley. Sometimes, she looked at Finn and could see Sheila. Steffy could see Sheila's features and see Sheila in his eyes. Eric asked how Steffy could consider returning to that house. Steffy said she refused to lose her husband or family due to Sheila.

Later, Steffy had gone, and Eric, with resignation, picked up his newspaper. Yelling, Ridge asked if Eric was okay with Steffy's decision. Eric replied that he wasn't, but Steffy was hard-headed. "Gee, I wonder where she gets that?" Eric asked. Ridge asked if Eric knew where Ridge had gotten it. In unison, they said it had been from his mother.

Ridge uttered that he missed his mother. He missed her and said Stephanie would know what to do. Eric replied that if Stephanie was there, Sheila would not be. Ridge noted that the reality was that Sheila was still a problem. "For everyone," Eric concluded.

At Spencer, Liam was working when Finn arrived. "I'm a little busy, John," Liam said. Finn didn't care. He only wanted to make sure that Liam was staying away from Finn's wife. Liam didn't blame Finn for being upset. "But don't come to my office and start barking orders at me. You know exactly why Steffy walked out on you. It's got nothing to do with me. It's because you refuse to cut ties with Sheila," Liam asserted.

Finn stated that he'd already told Steffy that Sheila wouldn't be in their lives. Liam called it a great sentence but felt that it was up to Finn to actually prove that he wasn't still vulnerable to Sheila. Liam said he wasn't the only one who saw it; Steffy did, too. Finn insisted that Liam was playing the concerned ex-husband but was really using Sheila to make a play for Finn's wife. Liam said he wasn't out to sabotage Finn's marriage, which Finn was doing on his own.

Finn claimed to know the real history Steffy had with Liam, and Finn said he couldn't compete with the pain Liam had caused her. Finn didn't want to. He said Steffy was it for him. Liam replied that Steffy and Sheila were it for Finn. Liam insisted that it was Finn's job to get Sheila out of town and out of their lives. Liam said if Finn loved Steffy, he'd get rid of Sheila.

"Of course, I'm going to keep them safe," Finn assured Liam. Liam said, "You don't get to use 'of course' with me when you almost let my daughter drown, and Sheila had to save her." Finn replied that all that mattered was that Kelly was safe. Liam shot back that Sheila had been stalking Finn and wouldn't go away on her own. Liam said he needed to be laser-focused on getting Sheila out of town -- not on putting Sheila on notice.

Finn received a text alert. He looked at his phone and then said Liam was right; Finn did need to do something, but Liam needed to stop sniffing around. Finn said he got that Liam's marriage was rocky, but it didn't give Liam the right to make a pass at Finn's wife.

At the cliff house later, Finn rushed around, grabbing up takeout containers and stuffing them in the kitchen. He heard a car pull up. Steffy arrived, noting that it looked nice in there. He said he'd received her message that she wanted to see him. Finn's breath was taken away by her presence, and he said he'd missed the sounds of the family in the house. He hoped she might be ready to return home. He said he'd tried taking extra shifts and night swims.

Getting emotional, Finn said it wasn't the same without Steffy there. He called her his puzzle piece. He wanted her to be the last person he saw at night and the first one in the morning. Steffy replied that she missed her puzzle piece, too, and the kids missed him. Steffy didn't want to be away from him. She wanted to get the kids and return home. She wanted to be in Finn's arms. She wanted to come home. Emotional, Finn kissed Steffy.

Sheila crashes Steffy and Finn's reunion

Sheila crashes Steffy and Finn's reunion

Friday, September 1, 2023

At Spencer, Liam's mind drifted to kissing Steffy in Rome. Ridge arrived to inform Liam that Steffy had decided to return home to Finn. Liam had a hard time believing Steffy would do that because the stakes and risks were still the same. Liam said Steffy was smarter than that, and he hoped she wouldn't take her eye off the ball.

Ridge didn't think there was a chance of that and shared that Steffy still had nightmares about Sheila. Ridge felt responsible for Sheila being free. "Your dad's plan made no sense. I shouldn't have trusted him because he's an idiot, no offense," Ridge griped. Ridge said he should have known none of it would work, but there he'd been in a basement with Chen, pretending to care about Chen's hometown. Ridge felt as if he should have done more.

Liam said that while Ridge was willing to do anything he could to stop Sheila, Finn wasn't. Instead, Finn was complacent and sympathetic to Sheila at a time when no restraining order could keep Sheila from getting the love she felt she needed, and she'd get that love from her son. Of that, Liam was sure. Ridge agreed that all Sheila wanted was to feel love. Ridge wished he felt sorry for her, but he didn't. "Well, Finn does," Liam replied.

Liam griped about Finn, but Ridge said he liked and respected Finn. "Did I want my daughter to be married to the spawn of Satan? No, but it happened," Ridge concluded. Ridge was unhappy that Steffy was moving back in with Finn.

Liam said it was nice to hear that Ridge agreed with Liam. Liam had felt like his concerns had fallen on deaf ears. Liam said he wouldn't hide his feelings about Steffy, but even if he hadn't realized those things about her, he'd still want to protect her and his daughter. Liam insisted that Finn was blinded by his connection with Sheila, and it wouldn't end well.

At Deacon's place, Deacon was worried about an upcoming health inspection. Sheila offered to make sure he passed, but he said the restaurant would pass on its own. The topic turned to Sheila's relationship with Finn. Deacon recalled that Sheila had hinted at something happening that day. He asked what was going on in her head.

Sheila said that she was tired of her life being on hold, and she intended to do something about it -- that day. Deacon stated that Sheila had gotten another chance at life, and it wasn't on hold, because she could reinvent herself. He noted that she had a place to stay and someone to count on. She replied that she was grateful for what he'd done for her, but she felt as if she was on hold in the tiny apartment because everyone hated her. She stated that nothing else would matter if only she could win Finn over.

Later, Sheila looked for something as Deacon tried to convince Sheila to see that she'd made a lot of headway with Finn in a short amount of time. Deacon questioned whether it was wise to push hard and fast. He reminded her that Steffy and the kids were the loves of Finn's life, not Sheila.

Sheila replied that mothers were dealt tough cards. She said mothers nurtured their kids in the womb and wondered what kind of people the kids would be. They prayed that the kids wouldn't make their mistakes. She said she'd been asked to give her son up before she'd even had the joy of bringing him into the world. She felt that years later, she was suffering the disappointment all mothers did, that her son would fall in love with someone and love them more than he loved his mother, despite the nurturing. Sheila vowed that Steffy would never get between Finn and Sheila again.

Determined, Sheila grabbed her purse and strode out of the apartment.

At the cliff house, Finn was relieved to hear Steffy say she wanted to return home. Steffy and Finn shared how much they'd missed each other. She said the kids missed him, too. Finn was sorry he'd lost her trust. He said she and their family would always be first, and she could trust it. They uttered that they loved each other, and they kissed.

Finn asked if the kids knew they'd be home, but Steffy said she wanted to talk to him first because she was still leery about Sheila being out there. Finn mentioned that he'd visited Liam and made it clear that Liam needed to respect Steffy and Finn's marriage. Finn said Liam had said something that had resonated with Finn. Finn asserted that it was his job to assure her that she and the kids were safe, and he'd do everything within his power to protect them. He promised they'd be safe, and he hugged Steffy.

Finn confessed that there were clothes and takeout boxes in the kitchen sink. He said he'd thrown them in there in a panic, and he was a mess without her. Steffy said she'd thought he'd always loved to clean. Finn confessed that he'd reverted to his med school days. Steffy was glad she'd met him after those days, but she insisted that he'd be the one to clean up the mess.

Steffy turned the topic to Sheila and asked if Finn had heard from her. Finn insisted that he'd had no contact with Sheila, and he said that even if he had, he would have told Sheila that he didn't want to have any contact with her. He claimed to know the threat of Sheila, and he'd never forget what had happened in that alley. Finn said that he'd give his life for Steffy, and he'd meant it when he'd promised to do everything within his power to keep Sheila away from them. Steffy said she believed him.

Outside the kitchen glass door, Sheila's shadow appeared.

Finn was honored that Steffy had returned and would give him a second chance. Steffy said she'd never wanted to take the kids, but she'd felt that she'd had to do so to keep them safe. Finn replied that he wouldn't have asked for their return without knowing he could keep them safe. Finn vowed that Steffy would never have to deal with Sheila again.

Finn and Steffy began speaking intimately. She said she hadn't brought the kids because she'd wanted time to reconnect with Finn. Steffy and Finn began to passionately make out, but Steffy shuddered, seeing a shadow on the kitchen curtain. She dismissed it as nothing and resumed kissing Finn. Sheila peeked through the sliding glass door, and Steffy screamed.

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