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Liam and Ridge shared their concerns about Steffy returning to Finn. Finn's showdown with Sheila backfired when he successfully got rid of Sheila -- but Steffy left, too! R.J., disheartened by family members' stances on Eric, vowed to help Eric complete his new line.
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Steffy and the kids fled to Europe. R.J. vowed to help Eric complete his new line.
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ENCORE PRESENTATION: Thomas and Hope take their bow on the runway

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Thomas and Hope take their bow on the runway

Monday, September 4, 2023

Due to the Labor Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful opted to rebroadcast an episode from November 3, 2022. In the episode, Thomas and Hope took their bow on the runway. You can read a complete recap for that episode in Soap Central's The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps Archive.

This was a planned schedule change and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the change. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, September 5, and picked up where the Friday, September 1, 2023, episode concluded.

Finn referees a standoff between Sheila and Steffy

Finn referees a standoff between Sheila and Steffy

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

At the cliff house, Steffy panicked, certain that Sheila was outside the house. Finn said to slow down, and Steffy asked if he thought she was seeing things. Finn hopped up and went onto the patio. He spotted Sheila lurking around and asked what she was doing there. Sheila said she'd had to see him, and she'd missed her son. Finn said Sheila was coming with him.

Steffy called out for Finn. He said he was okay, and he had Sheila. Steffy frantically glanced around the house, and she was stunned when Finn dragged Sheila into the house through the kitchen. Finn asserted that they'd put an end to it right then, once and for all.

Sheila started talking about Finn in terms of her son. Steffy said to stop saying that. Refusing, Sheila said it was true, and Steffy should understand it. Sheila insisted that nothing could change it. Sheila told Finn that she didn't want to cause him trouble. She just couldn't stop thinking of the memories they'd shared recently. She said he'd embraced her again and again, and they'd had a deep connection. Knowing that she was right, Sheila asked him to tell Steffy.

Not wanting to hear any more from Sheila, Steffy said she didn't even know why the woman was there. "He just told you," Sheila replied, on board with settling things as Finn had said. Sheila wanted to move on as a family. Steffy asked what Sheila was talking about. Sheila doubled down on it, saying they were indeed a family. Steffy, who didn't care if Sheila had birthed Finn, ordered Finn to tell Sheila she'd never be part of their family.

Sheila admitted that she'd made mistakes that she'd regret forever, but she claimed that she wasn't evil. She asked if it had meant anything that she'd saved Kelly's life. Sheila asked for the chance to show that she'd changed and could be a nurturing mother, a good part of their lives. She asked Finn not to turn his back on her. Steffy instructed Finn to say he wanted nothing to do with the monstrous Sheila. Finn nodded and turned to Sheila.

Claiming she wasn't a monster, Sheila pleaded with Finn not to turn his back on her. She said she could see it in his eyes that they had a connection, and they were more alike than he realized. Sheila said that despite his parents' nurturing, he'd still wondered about her. She recalled that he'd had a desire to know his birth mother.

Calling it a visceral connection, Sheila claimed to know all about it. She said she'd been his first love, home -- his first everything. The same blood coursed through their veins, and they had the chance to be together again. She asked him not to turn his back on his mother.

At Spencer, Ridge and Liam discussed their fears about Steffy moving back to the cliff house. Liam insisted that Finn had a soft spot for his "bio-mom," and something bad would happen. Ridge questioned why Liam thought it was necessary to express his feelings about it all to Ridge. Liam said he wasn't trying to alarm Ridge, who loved his daughter. Ridge assumed Liam thought it was almost as much of a problem as Ridge did. Liam said it was about Steffy's safety. He insisted that Finn was a magnet for Sheila, and the family wasn't safe with him.

Ridge wondered how much of Liam's concern was based on this "newly discovered" love Liam had for Steffy. Ridge wondered how much it would change if things between Liam and Hope were different. Liam replied that it was a valid question that Ridge deserved an answer to. Liam explained that his concern was motivated by his love for Steffy, not born of a plot to break up her marriage. Ridge was glad to hear it. Liam wanted to figure out how to protect their daughters.

Ridge asked if Liam knew the story of Steffy breaking her arm as a child. Liam said Steffy had thought she could fly. Ridge explained that they'd rented a house in Greece; he'd seen Steffy near the cliffs as her siblings had watched her. He'd gone outside and warned Steffy away from the cliffs, but the determined Steffy had insisted upon proving that she could fly. Steffy had jumped off the cliff and broken her arm. It had taught Ridge that she couldn't fly, but if challenged, she'd defy him.

Ridge had always wondered if Steffy would have jumped if he hadn't pushed her. He said he and Liam couldn't push her because it would make things worse. Liam didn't think he could do it. Ridge replied that they had no choice because Steffy believed that she was right and wanted to reunite her family. Ridge was certain that if they pushed her, she'd jump and try to fly away. Liam was worried because it was Sheila, who got rid of obstacles in her way.

In the design office, R.J. looked at HFTF sketches and congratulated Hope on how well it was doing and how much Forrester was investing in the line. He asked if she'd shown Eric any of the sketches. Figuring Eric would love it, R.J. said he'd hate to see Eric lost in the shuffle.

Hope exclaimed that Eric was the face of Forrester. R.J. asked if she thought Eric was just a figurehead. Hope didn't think that, but she did believe that all companies changed and grew. "Right. With you and Thomas leading the way..." R.J. murmured. Hope looked perplexed and asked what R.J. had been implying. R.J. said he didn't want the founder to be forgotten. Insisting that it wasn't happening, Hope asked if it was about that or about her and Thomas.

R.J. figured that, since Hope had brought it up, he'd express his concern. He wasn't interested in talking about Thomas. Instead, R.J. asked if Hope was done with Liam or not. R.J. said Hope didn't have to talk about her "potential" divorce, but Brooke had mentioned to him that Hope had fought for a second chance for her marriage.

Hope said she'd wanted to make sure that she and Liam had done all they could do. She remarked upon the special birthday they'd had with Beth, which had been followed by a great talk about Thomas. Hope had felt as if Liam had wanted another chance at their marriage. She claimed she'd put all the cards on the table, but Liam had shot her down. R.J. asked why Liam would lead her on. Hope asked if he'd ever met Liam Spencer. Hope added that Liam loved her but couldn't forgive her. R.J. assumed Liam would if it had been any other man but Thomas.

Hope nodded and strode away from R.J. He figured she felt alone and lost. Hope flashed back to her last intimate encounter with Thomas. R.J. said it was unfair, and it wasn't like Liam hadn't hurt her in the past. R.J. was sure Hope would get through it. Grinning, Hope agreed.

R.J. figured it was hard to see clearly, but Hope replied that she was seeing things clearly. He stated that he knew what she wanted: happiness, love, and fulfillment. He said she also wanted to be a businesswoman and mother, but to achieve it, she had to put herself first. He asked her to close her eyes and think of someone who complemented her in those things and would build her up and support her. Hope opened her eyes. He said he thought they knew the answer to it.

Steffy reaches her breaking point regarding Sheila

Steffy reaches her breaking point regarding Sheila

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

At Il Giardino, Deacon recalled Sheila's unsettling declaration that Steffy would never get between Finn and his mother again. The steel-faced Carter and Ridge pulled up to Deacon's bar, and Deacon quipped that he had the displeasure of seeing them twice in one day. Certain that Sheila was planning her next move, Carter said he and Ridge were worried about Steffy's decision to move home with the kids.

Deacon thought Steffy's decision was odd, but he didn't see what it had to do with him. Ridge yelled that all he cared about was his daughter's safety, and Steffy was in danger due to a woman Deacon knew better than anyone. Ridge asked Deacon, father to father, to tell Ridge what Deacon knew. Deacon claimed he'd already told what he knew, which was nothing.

Carter exclaimed that they'd almost lost Steffy before due to Sheila, but they wouldn't let it happen again. Deacon continued to deny he'd had contact with Sheila. Ridge said that if he found out Deacon was lying, they'd have a real problem. Ridge vowed that if anything happened to his kids or grandkids, he'd make Deacon pay.

At Spencer, Wyatt wondered what Steffy had been thinking to move back into the cliff house with Finn. Liam said Steffy refused to let Sheila tear her family apart. Wyatt questioned how Steffy could think the cliff house was suddenly safe. Sure that it wasn't, Liam said Steffy was putting herself back in the line of fire, and "I can't let that happen."

Wyatt suspected that, even though Liam had genuine concerns, Liam was unhappy that Steffy had returned to Finn. Liam said his feelings were irrelevant, but Wyatt insisted that things had been perfect for Liam when Steffy had been at Eric's house. Wyatt said Liam had had a greater opening and a chance to rekindle what he'd had with his ex.

Jokingly regretting his office chats with Wyatt, Liam insisted that his concern really was for Steffy and the kids. Wyatt recalled that Liam had kissed Steffy and had said that losing her had been the biggest mistake of his life. Wyatt figured that meant Liam was disappointed that Steffy had gone back to Finn.

Later, Wyatt noted that Liam was doing that thing with his face again. Liam claimed it was just his face, and Wyatt said it would baffle him until the end of time how Liam had gotten Steffy and Hope with that face. Liam admitted that there had been a time, about four seconds earlier, that he'd been hoping for another chance with Steffy; however, if she was going back to Finn, it probably wasn't in the cards.

At the cliff house, Finn mediated between Steffy and Sheila. Steffy ordered him to tell Sheila to get out, but Sheila urged Finn not to let Steffy drive his mother away. Finn told Sheila that she couldn't be there. Sheila noted that he'd just said he'd wanted to work it out. Finn said it had been a mistake, and he'd only said it because Sheila kept showing up there unannounced.

Sheila claimed she hadn't even known Steffy would be there. She asked Finn not to let his wife dictate their relationship. She stated that she'd only arrived to see Finn. Sheila recalled that Steffy had walked out on him. Finn yelled that it had been because of Sheila. Finn was grateful that Sheila had saved Kelly, but he ordered Sheila not to go anywhere near them or their kids.

Sheila decided that "this" wasn't Finn, who was more loving and compassionate than anyone she knew. She felt that Finn saw her for who she was, the person who'd nurtured him and brought him into the world. She admitted that she'd made mistakes. Steffy said Sheila had heard Finn. Steffy told Sheila to go.

Sheila found it funny that the woman who'd run out on Finn was telling his mother to go. Sheila claimed that Steffy was weaponizing Finn and Sheila's relationship to justify Steffy walking out. Sheila recalled that Finn had called her "Mom" and had embraced her. Sheila insisted that no one and nothing would ever break their bond, not even Steffy.

Sheila tried to commiserate with Steffy about what it was like to be a mother, but Steffy insisted that they were nothing alike. Sheila said that giving birth didn't remove the instinct to protect and be close. In her view, nothing could take it away. "You need to go," Finn said. Sheila asked if he'd really forget that Steffy had walked out on him.

Finn replied that it had been because of Sheila. He explained that Steffy had been afraid for the children because Sheila followed him wherever he went. He asserted that it ended that day. "I'm not going to ask you again. Leave," he said.

Sheila told Steffy that she didn't need to fear because Sheila loved Finn and Hayes. Sheila asked if saving Kelly counted, but Finn warned her against playing that against him and Steffy. Sheila remarked that she couldn't change the past, but she'd never hurt her flesh and blood on purpose. She insisted that she loved Finn. Finn replied that if she loved him and wanted his happiness, she'd leave and never return.

Sheila doubted that Finn meant it. She believed that Steffy was controlling him. Finn denied that anyone was controlling him. He told Sheila to prove her love by saying goodbye and never being near them again. He ordered her to promise that they'd never hear from her again. Sheila glared at Steffy and quietly left the house.

Finn embraced Steffy from behind and apologized. Steffy cried, saying that she couldn't be in the same room with Sheila. Finn stated that he'd gotten through to Sheila, and she'd never return. Steffy replied that he'd heard Sheila, who, in her sick, twisted mind, loved her son. "I love you, Finn, but I can't do this anymore," Steffy despairingly uttered.

Steffy flees Los Angeles with the children

Steffy flees Los Angeles with the children

Thursday, September 7, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn tried to reassure Steffy that Sheila was gone and would never be in their lives. Steffy replied that Sheila would never let him go. Finn asserted that Sheila didn't have a choice. "No, Finn, you don't have a choice," Steffy corrected, "but I do." Steffy announced that she'd made a decision. She said she loved Finn, but she couldn't put up with it.

Sobbing, Steffy said she'd been excited to return home and restart their lives together; however, Sheila would never be gone. Steffy claimed she'd lived with the threat of Sheila for years. Holding back tears, Steffy said she loved Finn, but she had to protect the children. Steffy felt that she needed to take the kids and leave Los Angeles.

Steffy told Finn that loving him had changed her life, despite Sheila, and even after Sheila had left them to die, Steffy had still believed their love would win out in the end. Finn expressed confidence that it would. Steffy said she'd tried to make peace with Sheila being his mother, but Steffy was exhausted by the fight. She believed she'd made a mistake in returning home because Sheila would never let Finn go.

Finn vowed to keep Sheila away, but Steffy didn't think he could keep that promise. She said she needed to take the kids and leave L.A. He offered to go with Steffy, but she told him that Sheila would find him. It would be the same terror and threats. Finn figured he was trapped and would always be a danger to the kids. Steffy said she was sorry, but she had to leave that day. She planned to enroll Kelly in school overseas and ask Taylor to accompany them.

Finn asked Steffy to hang on to their love. He vowed to find a way to eliminate Sheila so that his family could return home. She replied that he'd always be in her heart. He stated that they'd found their way back to each other before, and they'd do it again. He hugged her.

Later, Finn was alone. He fought back tears as he flashed back on his relationship with Steffy. He said he wouldn't give up, and he refused to lose his family.

At Deacon's house, Deacon practiced swinging his nunchaku, thinking of Ridge's last words to him. Sheila arrived in a mood, and he asked what had happened. Sheila roared that Steffy had happened. Deacon revealed that Carter and Ridge had been there, and they'd told Deacon that Steffy had moved back home. Deacon said the men had been concerned that Sheila would do something to hurt Steffy. Deacon asked Sheila to say she hadn't done anything.

Later, Sheila had told Deacon what had transpired at the cliff house, and he couldn't believe Finn had dragged her into the house. Sheila said it hadn't been necessary because she would have gone, but Steffy had wanted to go off on Sheila. Sheila described Steffy as being hysterical and refusing to give Sheila even an inch. Deacon asked if Sheila could really blame Steffy.

Sheila replied that she loved her son, and she'd saved Kelly's life. She complained that Steffy hadn't shown any gratitude for it. Sheila ranted that all Steffy had done had been to scream and demand that Finn banish his mother. Sheila said Steffy had made him say those things to his mother, and Finn wouldn't have done that if it hadn't been for Steffy. Sheila believed her relationship with Finn would be very different if it weren't for Steffy.

Sheila seethed that Steffy loved to play the victim and act all scared and vulnerable, but the calculating Steffy was using it to poison Finn against Sheila. Deacon reasoned that even Sheila had to understand why Steffy didn't want Sheila in her life. "Almost dying tends to leave a mark," he quipped, but Sheila refused to believe there wasn't room for Finn's mother. Deacon replied that Sheila gave new meaning to "mother-in-law from hell."

Sheila didn't think she had to worry about Steffy for much longer. Sheila had a feeling that Steffy still had feelings for Liam and was still in love with him. Figuring it would break Finn's heart, Sheila said that at least Steffy would be gone, and "then he'll have his mother to lean on."

Believing Sheila was getting ahead of herself, Deacon said there was no reason to believe that Steffy wasn't committed to Finn, and Steffy had gone to Eric's to protect herself and the kids. Not so sure of it, Sheila replied that Hope and Liam were no longer married, and Steffy and Liam had history and a beautiful child. Deacon warned Sheila not to put stock in a fantasy.

Deacon went into the bedroom. Sheila said to herself that it would hurt her son, but heartbreak was common. People got over it, and Finn would, too. She said Finn would eventually know that being free of Steffy was the best thing to ever happen to him.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam discussed Steffy's move to the cliff house. Liam feared that it wasn't safe there. Wyatt posited his theory that Liam was disappointed that Steffy had returned to Finn. To Liam, it seemed like the door had closed. Liam said he wasn't na´ve, and he knew Steffy loved Finn. Wyatt asked if it was the same way Steffy loved Liam. Liam reasoned that his mother wasn't a murderous psychopath who hated Steffy. Liam couldn't fathom that Steffy would put up with Finn having Sheila in his life for much longer.

Wyatt asked if Liam still thought he and Steffy had a shot. Liam revealed that he hadn't totally given up on the idea. He said it was Steffy, and they had an incredible love story. He stated that she knew he'd always protect her. "I mean, I'm Liam, right? I'm protective. I'm overprotective. That's my whole thing," he replied, vowing that he'd keep Sheila away from Steffy and her kids.

Later, Liam was alone when an upset Steffy arrived. She told Liam that she'd gone back home, but Sheila had shown up. Steffy was exhausted after living in fear ever since Sheila had gotten out of prison. Steffy said she'd decided to leave with the kids, and Taylor would meet her in Rome. Steffy wasn't sure where they'd settle, but she wanted Liam to weigh in because Kelly was his daughter. "But please do not fight me on this," she said.

Liam said he didn't plan on fighting it and felt better knowing Steffy and the kids would be far from Sheila. Steffy said Finn couldn't go because Sheila would follow. Liam supported the decision and said he'd visit. "Screw it, right? I mean, I'm not gonna let Kelly forget about me," he explained. Steffy said she had to get to the airport. Liam told her that she was a good mother, and he had faith that she'd take care of the kids and protect them. He promised he'd come if she called. Liam added that he'd miss her. He said he really loved her and always would. They hugged.

Bill returns home and attempts to counsel Liam

Bill returns home and attempts to counsel Liam

Friday, September 8, 2023

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, R.J. was visibly angry upon learning that Steffy had "up and left" for Europe. Ridge and Brooke were equally upset that Sheila had found a way to disrupt everyone's lives. Ridge suggested that he inform Eric about what was going on with Steffy. Ridge quipped that Eric had been "really lucid" of late, and he wondered if anyone else had noticed.

R.J. mentioned that he had spoken with Eric and was worried about him. Ridge worried that something was wrong with Eric. R.J. backpedaled a bit and brought up the new line that Eric wanted to produce. Ridge cut off his son and said that Eric's idea to launch a new line in the middle of the season was a terrible idea.

R.J. didn't like that Ridge was being dismissive to someone "as vital and capable" as Eric. Brooke stepped between the two men and suggested that Eric deserved to "relax and enjoy life" and the fruits of his many years of labor.

Later, Brooke told Ridge that R.J.'s concern for Steffy and Eric proved that they had done a good job as parents. Ridge worried that there was more to what R.J. had said than met the eye. Ridge praised Brooke's "zest for life" and wished that Eric could be more like her. As Brooke got back to work, Ridge stared off and imagined Eric sitting at his desk.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric struggled to sketch a design. R.J. showed up and was pleased to see Eric working. Eric groused that he hadn't been able to do much and that he had forgotten the password to the tablet that R.J. had given him. R.J. grinned broadly and presented Eric with a tablet of his own. R.J. vowed to be with Eric every step of the way and help him launch his new line.

Eric said his inability to use his hand had pretty much ended any chance of his line coming to fruition. "You can still walk. You can still talk. You can still play the piano. God knows you can knock back the martinis," R.J. replied. R.J. called the new line Eric's "Everest," a reference to the world's tallest mountain. Unlike others, R.J. said, Eric had already scaled the proverbial Everest. "Let's take those ideas and bring them to life -- together!" R.J. said encouragingly. Eric thanked his grandson with an embrace.

Li paid Finn a visit at the beach house to comfort him over Steffy and the kids leaving. She grumbled her disdain for the way that Sheila had interfered in Finn's marriage. Finn explained that Steffy had been ready to return home until Sheila had shown up unexpectedly. Finn paused for a moment before noting that Liam was also a threat to Finn's marriage.

Li wondered if Liam saw Finn and Steffy's marital woes as an opportunity for himself. Rather than addressing what Liam might be thinking, Finn firmly stated, "Steffy and I have a family. We built a life. She is my wife." Li voiced her support for Finn and Steffy's union. "Does he have no honor?" Li snapped. Li promised that she would not allow Liam to break up Finn's marriage and family.

At Spencer Publications, Liam welcomed Bill back from his trip. Bill apologized for being away while Liam's marriage had seemingly been falling apart. Bill wondered if there was any chance that Liam could forgive Hope. Liam admitted that he would always love Hope, but he could not get past the fact that Hope had kissed Thomas. Wyatt, who had been mostly quiet, interjected that Thomas wasn't the only factor -- there was also another woman that Liam loved.

Bill claimed to understand Liam's feelings for Steffy and vaguely intimated that he had been -- or was still in -- a similar situation. Bill expressed his frustration that his mission to put Sheila in jail had been ruled unconstitutional by a judge.

Liam insisted that he had never set out to break up Finn and Steffy. Wyatt reassuringly said that Liam had nothing to feel bad about. Still, Liam didn't deny that he'd be okay with Finn and Steffy's marriage ending. "I'd be a fool not to jump at another chance with her if it came up because I do love Steffy," Liam said softly.

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