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The Forrester team weighed in on Eric's insistence upon a legacy line. Arrogance prevailed, and Ridge and Eric declared a fashion war. Luna the intern ignored a mysterious warning. Hope flexed a new side of herself but wondered if Thomas could really handle it.
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Eric and Ridge declared a fashion war. New intern Luna received a mysterious warning. Hope and Thomas had sex.
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Eric declares that no one can stop him, not even Ridge

Eric declares that no one can stop him, not even Ridge

Monday, September 11, 2023

In the design office, Carter was working on a contract when Thomas arrived to repay Carter with a cup of coffee after Carter had gotten one for Thomas the other day. The men discussed the success of Hope for the Future, and Carter said Ridge was proud of Thomas. Carter claimed he ribbed Ridge about it because usually, Ridge was grumpy -- unless he was pumped with pride, talking about Thomas.

It meant a lot to Thomas to hear it. He was grateful that his father recognized the work he'd done to change. Carter figured it had been twice as hard to do once R.J. had returned, with R.J. being Brooke's son and all. Thomas responded that he and R.J. had been cool and had a really good relationship. Carter remarked that it could be tough, and Thomas admitted that was true, especially after things he'd done in the past. Carter was glad Ridge's sons weren't at war. Thomas said they were Forresters, and Forresters stuck together.

Carter wondered if R.J. had discussed design or being in the business. Thomas reported that he'd offered to teach R.J., but Thomas didn't see R.J. taking to the pencil the way Thomas, Ridge, Eric, and Zende had. Carter remarked that they'd all been mentored by Eric. Carter asked how things would go when Eric stepped down. Thomas didn't know. He said Steffy was killing it as CEO, and Ridge, Zende, and he had design covered. Thomas figured that Eric wanted it that way.

In Eric's office, Brooke and Ridge canoodled, and she wished everyone could be so happy. He assumed she was referring to Hope and Liam. Brooke wanted to help Hope and do something about things to make sure Hope didn't live with regret. Ridge reminded Brooke that his mother had liked to do things about other people's love lives. Brooke chuckled and decided to take the comparison to Stephanie -- in her latter years-- as a compliment. Ridge believed that the grown-up Hope, Liam, and Thomas could figure things out.

Brooke and Ridge noted that they hadn't seen much of R.J. He'd developed a habit of being home late, when they were in bed, and of sleeping in. Ridge said it sounded like there was a lady involved. Ridge griped about R.J. being disinterested in their company. Brooke said it might be a mystery girl on their son's mind. Ridge wondered why it had to be a girl who took one's money and wanted to drive one's car when they didn't know how.

Brooke glared at Ridge. He said women could also be an inspiration, and his inspiration was in front of him. She suggested that Eric talk to R.J. Liking the idea, Ridge said Eric could teach R.J. and be a great mentor; however, Ridge thought Eric was in a strange place. Ridge asked if Brooke would talk to Donna and have her remind Eric that it was the time of his life to travel and have fun while Ridge covered the stress of the company.

Ridge acknowledged that Eric was an icon in the industry and should travel and enjoy his fame wherever he went. Ridge said Couture, Brooke's Bedroom, and HFTF were taken care of. Convinced, Brooke said she was headed to see Donna, anyway, so Brooke would talk to her sister. After Brooke had gone, Ridge picked up Eric's framed photo and grinned.

Later, Ridge was sketching when Thomas arrived. Thomas complimented Ridge's design. Thomas felt fortunate and lucky to work under Ridge. Ridge replied that luck had nothing to do with it; the passion was running through his veins. Thomas remarked that he and Carter didn't think R.J. shared the passion. Ridge said R.J. would find his calling.

Ridge expressed pride in his son. Thomas said he loved working on HFTF but wanted to collaborate with his father and learn more. Ridge said it was the way he'd learned from his dad. Admitting to worrying about Eric, Ridge said he wanted Eric to enjoy life because they had the company covered without him. Ridge asked if Thomas agreed. Thomas nodded.

In Eric's living room, R.J. sketched at Eric's direction. Two dress forms with half-built dresses were in the background, and swatches of fabrics were scattered around the room. R.J. was trying something new with the sketch. Eric said designing fed them, and R.J. admitted that it felt quite familiar to him. Eric stated that design coursed through their veins, and it was the heartbeat of Forrester. The collection would be Eric's grand finale, and because he and R.J. were doing it together, he believed he and R.J. would learn from each other.

Eric continued to instruct R.J. on a sketch. R.J. was impressed at how a subtle change had transformed the design. Eric said the design had developed its own tune. Dancing, Eric added that it would develop a heartbeat. In his view, the woman wore the dress, not the other way around. Viewing the design again, Eric said it wasn't singing yet, but it was a work in progress.

Donna arrived. She was happy to see Eric completely in his element. Eric attributed it to his grandson. She said the living room looked like a design studio, bubbling with creativity. Eric asked if his supplies were on the way. Donna said they would be delivered to the office. He wanted his order to remain secret, but Donna replied that the new intern would be discreet and know how to handle it. Donna loved seeing Eric on fire. He said she was his muse, but she had to go, so he and R.J. could work on the finest collection of his life.

Later, Eric played a piano that was covered in fabric swatches. Donna arrived with refreshments. She said she loved it when Eric played. Eric loved it, too, and he said his therapist had advised that it was good for his hands. He couldn't create without music and said halfway through a music piece, he'd get an idea. Eric offered to have martinis after work.

Donna informed Eric that Prince Albert had called to invite Eric to an event. Eric said Albert would understand that they couldn't make it because of the collection -- although Donna would look fabulous in one of the new gowns. He wanted the collection to be a surprise for everyone, especially Ridge, "...This collection that my grandson and I have done."

Later, Eric sketched the finishing touches on a design and showed it to R.J. R.J. was impressed that it all had come from Eric noodling around on the piano. "It's a Rachmaninov tune," Eric informed R.J. Eric believed that the woman who donned the dress would be as inspired by the magic as Eric had been. Donna and R.J. called it amazing.

Brooke arrived and saw Eric showing R.J. a technique. "What is going on here?" she asked. Brooke was elated to see R.J. designing. Eric said they were doing it together. Brooke stated that it was even better, and Ridge would be excited. Brooke asked why they weren't in the office. Eric asserted that they'd wanted privacy. Confused, Brooke said the family always worked together. She didn't get what was going on.

Eric announced that he was working on a new line. Brooke cited that Ridge was head of couture and running the company. "I am Eric Forrester. I'm designing a new line with my grandson. No one is going to stop me. Not even Ridge," Eric declared.

Eric declares that he's coming for Ridge

Eric declares that he's coming for Ridge

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

At Eric's house, Eric asserted his determination to create his final collection, and he said no one would stop him, not even Ridge. Brooke exclaimed that Ridge would be beside himself to know that R.J. was designing, but she didn't get all the talk about Ridge not stopping Eric's solo collection. Eric insisted that he had one last collection in him, and he'd do it with R.J.

Gesturing around him, Eric said he missed it, and he needed it. When he went to the office, people didn't see him or recognize him for who he was, and he refused to be shelved, certainly not by his own son. Eric asserted that the arrogant Ridge had been talking down to Eric, insulting him, and treating him like a dinosaur.

Claiming it wasn't true, Brooke said Ridge looked up to Eric and admired him. Brooke said it was time for Eric to relax and spend time with Donna. Brooke asked if Donna would like that. Donna replied that she wanted what Eric wanted -- which was his final collection. Brooke claimed to have no problem with that, and she was happy Eric had enlisted R.J. What Brooke didn't get was the secrecy, and she asked why he'd leave Ridge out of it.

Eric snapped that he didn't want to do it with Ridge. Eric was aware the time would come for him to give up the reins, but it wasn't that day. He had one good collection in him, and he vowed to do it. It would be the best collection of his life. It would be his and no one else's.

Brooke reasoned that if R.J. was helping, Ridge could, too, but Eric was adamant that he would not work with Ridge, who would shove Eric aside. Brooke said Ridge wasn't doing that, but Eric yelled that it was true. Eric said that in the beginning, every collection had been his alone, and he could do it again. "Ridge needs to be at the top of his game! You tell him that! You tell him that because I'm coming for him!" Eric declared.

Later, Brooke had gone. Donna told Eric that she supported him, but getting worked up wasn't good for him. She didn't like the tension between Eric and Ridge, and she didn't like R.J. being stuck in the middle. Eric asked if R.J. felt that way. R.J. said he wouldn't be there if he didn't believe in Eric. R.J. said he loved working with Eric and believed Eric's designs would blow Ridge out of the water. "Our designs," Eric said and hugged R.J.

Eric said he and Stephanie had built the business for their kids, but he wasn't ready to step aside yet. He felt that it was time for everyone to know that Eric Forrester couldn't be put out to pasture or replaced -- not yet. And the best was yet to come.

In the design office, Katie arrived as Carter was on the phone, ending a successful negotiation for an exclusive sale of Ridge's new collection. Katie, having had a peek at Ridge's collection, stated that it might be his best one yet. It wasn't surprising to Katie, who felt that Couture had always been the backbone of the business. Carter said it was due to Eric, and Couture was a reflection of Eric. Carter couldn't imagine the place without him.

Katie agreed but said the baton-passing had been going on for a while, and Ridge felt that Eric should take a step back to enjoy his time with Donna. Surprised to hear it, Carter couldn't imagine Eric retiring anytime soon and said Eric was still vital at Forrester. Katie agreed, but she also thought Eric could benefit from stepping away from all the responsibility to enjoy himself.

It sounded like retirement to Carter, which Carter believed was the furthest thing from Eric's mind, and Carter asserted that they still needed Eric there. Katie agreed but said Eric couldn't go on designing forever. She said there were a lot of Forresters waiting in the wings to take over. Katie hoped they had a detailed succession plan in place, not just for the company, but for Ridge and Eric's relationship as father and son.

In Eric's office, Thomas watched Ridge accessorize gowns on model after model. Thomas found his father's eye for detail inspiring. Ridge said he'd learned from his dad, and Thomas would learn from his. The models teased Ridge, saying his reunion with Brooke had inspired the collection. Thomas remarked that the models were right, and he hadn't seen Ridge so motivated in a long while. Ridge replied that Brooke had that effect on him.

Thomas decided that Ridge's muse was working, and if it was Brooke, Thomas was all for it. Thomas believed that Forrester was in great hands. Ridge grumbled that Eric didn't agree, and though Eric was proud of his son, Eric suspected that Ridge wanted to push Eric out.

Thomas had a hard time believing Eric thought Ridge was trying to make Eric obsolete. Ridge did, too, but remarked that he and his father had had some odd exchanges. Ridge said it hadn't been creative differences because they hadn't worked together in years. Ridge figured that maybe he and Eric should work together, and maybe that would help.

Ridge explained that he and Eric had been talking about Eric stepping down to enjoy all he'd created for everyone. Ridge believed he was perfectly capable of running the place. Thomas agreed but also understood Eric. Thomas said it was Eric's creation and an extension of Eric. Doubting Thomas would remember, Ridge said there had been an antiquated stapler, and Eric thought Ridge had thrown it out because it was old and didn't work. Ridge said Eric had taken it to mean that he was old and shouldn't be working anymore.

Thomas commiserated with Ridge about how tough it was. Ridge said he just wanted his father to enjoy himself, and truth be told, "I'm running this place. I'm running it because he asked me to." Thomas advised Ridge to remember that one day, it would be his turn to step down.

Ridge admitted that it would be tough to step aside. He said he'd be sad, but seeing Thomas ready to take over would make Ridge happy. Thomas joked that Steffy had beaten him to it. "That's what she's thinking," Ridge replied. He expressed pride in his kids and in his father, too, who'd worked hard so they could play and create things. Ridge desired to be respectful, "but right now, this is my vision. As long as I'm here, the future of this company is what I want."

Later, Ridge was alone when Brooke arrived with news. She said R.J. had been there, and they'd been off base about him seeing a woman. "R.J. is designing -- with your father," Brooke announced. Ridge was elated but wondered why he was just then hearing about it. Brooke said Eric had turned the living room into a design studio. "Eric's working on his last collection. His grand finale," Brooke said, adding, "He told me to tell you that you'd better step up your game. He's coming after you."

A new intern named Luna arrives at the Forrester mansion

A new intern named Luna arrives at the Forrester mansion

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Brooke returned to Forrester Creations and shared the details of her visit to Eric's house with Ridge. Ridge was excited that R.J. was designing, but he wasn't sure what to make of Eric's warning to him. Brooke explained that it seemed like Eric was "in some kind of competition" with Ridge. Ridge expressed his concern that something wasn't quite right with Eric.

Ridge pressed for Brooke's thoughts on R.J.'s design skills. Brooke dodged Ridge's questions for a bit. She eventually said that when she'd walked into the Forrester mansion, "there was no doubt in my mind that I was staring at Ridge Forrester, Jr." Ridge was elated that R.J. seemed to have turned away from social media and embraced the Forrester family legacy.

Despite things going well across the board at Forrester Creations, Ridge couldn't help but worry about Eric. Ridge recalled sitting on Eric's lap as a child and sketching with him.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric watched as R.J. sketched. Donna entered the room, lugging a heavy bag. She shared that Luna, a newly hired intern, would be stopping by with the rest of the supplies that Eric had requested. Donna stated that she was confident that Luna would exercise discretion, though Donna felt that Brooke's unannounced visit had taken the element of surprise out of what Eric and R.J. were doing.

Donna and Eric stepped to the side of the parlor, where Donna noticed that there had been an uptick in Eric's tremors. A short time later, a person hidden somewhere beneath a mound of fabric entered through the front door. Donna helped the person put the fabric down on the sofa. Finally uncovered, the young woman smiled as she was introduced to Eric and R.J.

Luna gushed that she was honored to be in the presence of "fashion royalty." Eric welcomed the new intern and asked a bit about her background. Luna and Donna both chuckled. Donna shared that Luna had been waiting to interview and had noticed that Donna was swamped answering phone calls, so Luna had offered to help. Afterward, Donna said that she and Luna had had a nice talk.

Eric leaned in and asked if Donna had even looked at Luna's résumé. Donna didn't directly answer the question, opting instead to say that she had looked into Luna's eyes and known that she was someone who could be trusted. R.J. agreed.

Luna confessed that she had been following R.J. on social media for years. Luna looked at one of the sketches scattered about the room and extolled its beauty. She excitedly mentioned that she hoped to one day be able to wear something like it. Eric, however, wasn't as thrilled with the sketch and told R.J. that it didn't drape the way he had had in mind. Luna's phone rang, and she excused herself to take the call.

In the foyer, Luna told the person on the other end that she was at work and could not talk. The caller, a woman, seemed angry that Luna was in Los Angeles. The caller then warned Luna to "stay away from the Forresters." Luna hung up the call and returned to the parlor. There, she stared across the room at R.J. and Eric. Donna noticed Luna's gaze and quietly walked over to her. Donna confessed that she often felt the same way about Eric.

Across the room, R.J., his back to the room, quietly asked Eric if Luna was still watching him. Eric confirmed that she was. R.J. quipped that he had never sketched in front of an audience before. Eric seemed amused that R.J. could "bungee off an abandoned bridge" but somehow felt nervous with someone watching him sketch. Eric motioned for Donna and Luna to leave the room.

R.J. thanked his grandfather. Eric put his hand on R.J.'s shoulder and called him "the anointed one." Eric urged R.J. to follow him and learn from him. Eric then declared that his line of Eric Forrester Originals would be a triumph. Eric embraced R.J. as Luna observed from across the room. She smiled warmly for a time, but her smile eventually faded.

Eric and Ridge agree to settle it on the runway

Eric and Ridge agree to settle it on the runway

Thursday, September 14, 2023

In the design office, Thomas was sketching and thinking of kissing Hope in the office. Hope arrived with a gown that she wanted to model for his opinion. She hung the gown on the dressing screen, locked the door, deliberately dropped her dress, and stood in her lingerie.

Later, Hope strode around in a black dress. Thomas motioned for her to climb the riser. Hope exuded sexuality as Thomas touched various parts of the dress. She kissed his fingers and drew him into a ravenous kiss. Thomas said he'd always enjoyed fittings, "but this..."

Hope replied that it had been long overdue. When his hands had been on her body in the past, she'd thought he could hear her heartbeat. She said she no longer had to hide it. Stripping off his clothes, she asked if he was sure he was good with it and could handle it. Thomas kissed her, and she continued removing his garments.

At Eric's house, Luna the intern and Donna looked on as, in the living room, Eric expressed how thankful he was that R.J. was giving Eric the spark and energy to create his final line. Donna reminded Eric that he had to call a supplier, and he left with Donna.

Alone with R.J., Luna said she was only an intern, but in her view, his design was fire. R.J. claimed that he'd merely drawn as Eric had instructed. Luna replied that it was an art, and it had been nice to see R.J. working with his grandfather. R.J. admitted that he'd never designed in front of anyone before. Luna said that if he designed that well while distracted, then one could only imagine how it would be if he was fully focused.

R.J. stated that he'd heard something about Luna being in design school. Affirming that she was in school, she said she'd witnessed the ultimate behind the scenes. R.J. replied that he'd been lucky to grow up in it, and he could remember his father and grandfather designing together for hours. Luna joked that R.J. was "so normal," but he said she hadn't gotten to know him yet.

Luna reminded R.J. that she followed his social media, where she'd gotten to know about him. He looked her up on his phone to find out where she followed him. Luna frowned nervously when he located her and saw that her profile was private. He joked that he'd shown her his, but she shrugged it off. Supposing she wanted to keep him guessing, he called her mysterious.

In Eric's office, Ridge complained that it was just like Eric to start a new collection when the season was already set. Ridge wondered why Eric couldn't travel or "retire already!" Brooke replied that retirement was the last thing on Eric's mind, but the bright side was that he was enlisting their son to help him create his grand finale.

Ridge wondered how Eric had gotten R.J. to design when Ridge had been subtly trying for years. Brooke questioned that, saying it had been more like, "'Hi, son. How was school today? Ready to come work for me at the office?'" Ridge said he wanted his son to work with him at the company. Brooke replied that it was what R.J. was doing -- with Ridge's father.

Ridge was fine with it and felt that Eric should be mentoring the youth -- starting a school or something. Ridge didn't think Eric needed to design a whole new line. Ridge felt that HFTF and Couture were doing great, and they didn't have room for another line. Ridge decided he had to find a way to put an end to the grand finale line.

Brooke asked how Ridge would convince Eric not to do it. Ridge didn't know but planned to do it with love and kindness. Ridge didn't want Eric to think Ridge was taking the keys away. Certain Eric wouldn't let Ridge do that, anyway, Brooke determined that the tricky part was avoiding a negative reaction from R.J., the new designer.

Ridge figured he could explain that it was too much and not good for Eric. Ridge didn't want R.J. to continue to be stuck in the middle. Brooke said not to think of it that way. She beamed about their son being a designer and said it could be an exciting chapter in R.J.'s life. Agreeing, Ridge said he just had to get through to Eric.

Later, Brooke was working alone at the table when R.J. arrived with Jenge, whom R.J. was instructing according to Eric's wishes. Eric increased the hours of two employees, and he decided that the alterations department would be exclusive to Eric. Jenge noted that Eric had really been cranking out the designs, but R.J. hadn't posted anything in over a week.

Once Brooke and R.J. were alone, Brooke said she liked seeing him help out. He figured his father knew what was going on. Brooke said she'd been instructed to deliver a message, and she hadn't been able to do it without telling Ridge about R.J.'s role. R.J. guessed he should talk to his father, and she agreed, saying Ridge had gone to speak to Eric. Brooke believed that Ridge appreciated what Eric and R.J. were doing, but Ridge was worried about Eric.

Brooke elaborated that designing a whole new collection could take a toll on Eric, and they already had a full lineup. R.J. replied that he'd help his grandfather. Brooke said having R.J. design was a dream come true for Ridge, but she hoped it wasn't at the expense of Eric and Ridge's relationship.

Back at Eric's house, Ridge arrived, saying he understood that Eric was coming after him. Eric assumed Ridge had talked to Brooke. Looking around, Ridge suggested that they find an entire building, and it could be just for design and fashion. He said they could call it Forrester Creations. "May I?" Ridge asked, gesturing to a sketch. "R.J.?"

Eric affirmed it was R.J.'s illustration of Eric's vision. Ridge said Eric had succeeded where Ridge had failed with R.J. Discussing the lines of the design, Ridge and Eric agreed that it was signature Eric Forrester, something that could not be taught. Ridge thanked Eric for mentoring R.J. Eric replied that it wasn't all that was going on there.

Ridge suggested putting some of the designs in the Couture Line. "Your collection? Not interested," Eric rebuffed. "This is my line, not yours. This is my grand finale."

Ridge studied R.J.'s sketch. Cynically, Eric guessed Ridge was about to give his notes. Ridge said he wasn't going to do that. He was just happy Eric had gotten R.J. to start. Ridge figured they had three generations of Forresters, and all of them, along with Thomas, could do something together. "On your line?" Eric asked. He said it wasn't going to happen.

Eric insisted that he needed it. He needed the stress and the limelight, all of it, just as it had been in the beginning. Ridge said Eric had already proven himself over and over. Eric asserted that he was ready to do it one more time. He said he'd tried to tell Ridge, but Ridge had dismissed him. Eric stated that Ridge had given him a million reasons, and that had convinced Eric that he needed to do it without Ridge. "You're not going to talk me out of this," Eric said.

Ridge wished his mother was there. Eric asked if it was so she could gang up on him, too. Ridge replied that she'd see Eric as the man she loved very much, as misguided as he was. Ridge told Eric to do his collection. Ridge would do his line, and they'd let the buyers decide. "We'll settle it on the runway. Deal?" Ridge asked. Eric shook Ridge's hand and said, "Deal."

Hope worries Thomas might struggle with a no-strings relationship

Hope worries Thomas might struggle with a no-strings relationship

Friday, September 15, 2023

At Eric's house, Ridge offered to put Eric's designs into Ridge's couture line. Not going for it, Eric asserted that Ridge was just upset that R.J. was designing with Eric, not Ridge. Eric's right hand uncontrollably trembled, and he hid it from Ridge.

Eric figured Ridge should be thrilled about the breakthrough with R.J., but Eric sensed that the way it had come about really bothered Ridge. Denying it, Ridge said he'd wanted it since the day R.J. had been born. "And now he's doing it with me and not with you," Eric persisted.

Ridge made martinis, and the men toasted. "Perfect?" Ridge asked, referring to the drink. "Very close," Eric quipped, chuckling. As Eric swirled his drink, Ridge asked what Eric was doing and if he sought more drama in his life. Eric noted that R.J. had been off in the world with no interest in the family business, but he was home, designing away "-- with me, and not with you." Eric desired to make sure Ridge wasn't harboring resentment about it.

Ridge asked if Eric really thought Ridge would have a problem with Eric teaching R.J. It wasn't true, according to Ridge, who believed that there was no one better to teach R.J. than the master himself. Ridge didn't get why Eric was stressing himself out and making the living room "look like a yard sale" just to do one more thing. Ridge wondered why they couldn't all do it together. "Because this is all mine," Eric uttered.

As Eric poured himself another martini, his hand shook, and ice clanged against the steel shaker containing the drink. Ridge didn't understand Eric's need to go it alone. Eric guessed it was the ego of the artist. Ridge considered how essential the press was, too, and on the spot, he made up a campaign about the three generations of Forrester designers.

Eric replied that the only problem would be that Ridge would retain control. Eric had been happy to stand in the wings and give Ridge the limelight. He was proud of Ridge but said, "Not this time." Ridge ascertained that Eric really wanted to do it. Eric said he couldn't be more certain.

Ridge asked if Eric no longer felt relevant. Eric dismissed the idea, and Ridge gathered that Eric was feeling his mortality. Ridge proclaimed that Eric would outlive them all. Thanking Ridge, Eric said he might have a few good years left. Ridge asked Eric to acknowledge the new generation of Forresters -- Steffy, Thomas, and R.J. Ridge urged Eric to show some pride.

Eric yelled that he was proud, but he wasn't ready for his sun to set. Ridge insisted that Eric could mentor the next generation, because their success was his success. Eric ordered Ridge to stop. Eric persisted in his belief that he needed it. "What if it doesn't succeed?" Ridge asked. Eric said it would. " You don't know that. We've never known that! Never!" Ridge yelled.

Ridge said that it was certain, however, that anyone would see Eric in a bar and buy him a martini because of what he'd already done. Ridge believed that anyone would host Eric anywhere because of his accomplishments, not because of his aspirations. "You have plenty of accolades! What more do you need?" Ridge asked.

Eric pointed his finger and said he was the founder, and Ridge didn't tell Eric what to do. Ridge decided that if Eric really wanted to compete, he should know that Ridge was at the top of his game. Eric remarked upon Ridge's big ego. "I'm with Brooke. She inspires me. Everything I touch turns to gold," Ridge replied.

"Let's settle this on the runway," Eric responded. With a kiss on Eric's cheek, Ridge left. Eric gripped his troubled hand and gazed around with uncertainty.

In Eric's office, Brooke was still tickled by the idea that R.J. was designing. R.J. asked what life was without a few surprises. Brooke explained that Ridge wasn't angry; he was ecstatic about R.J. designing but wished the circumstances were different. R.J. asked what that even meant and questioned whether Ridge wanted his son designing with Eric.

Carter arrived as Brooke was saying that Ridge hadn't been able to believe it. Carter asked what they were talking about, and figuring Carter would find out, R.J. revealed that he was helping Eric create a new line. Carter congratulated R.J. but guessed that Ridge was losing his mind. R.J. said he hadn't talked to his father about it yet. R.J. shared that Eric was doing more than teaching. "He called this line 'our line.' I mean, you have no idea how that makes me feel," R.J. added.

Carter was proud of R.J. but questioned the timing and starting a new line when HFTF was "firing on all cylinders, not to mention the success of Ridge's Couture line." Carter thought it was risky. Brooke replied that Carter made good points, and Ridge probably would agree. Carter recalled that Eric's first collection had also been a risk and had gotten them to that very day.

Brooke asked if Carter supported Eric's decision despite the risks. Carter wasn't saying that, but he stated that he was too smart to count out the great Eric Forrester.

In the design office, Hope and Thomas savored the moment as he kissed her neck from behind while she gazed in a mirror. She asked if he was sure he was okay with it. He nodded. She dropped her dress, and they passionately kissed. Hope asked if he got what "this" was. He claimed he did. She said she knew his commitment to her. "And the way you're looking at me, Thomas -- " Thomas uttered that they were good, "no strings." She was glad because she loved what they'd been doing together, but she wondered if it would really be enough for him.

Between kisses, Hope stated that she didn't want to talk, but she had to make sure Thomas could handle it. He said he could. "The agreement? You understand?" she asked. Thomas set her on the desk, and as they kissed, she slid off his belt. Thomas and Hope moved to the settee. She sat between his legs with her back to him, and his kisses trailed down her neck.

After Thomas and Hope had sex, they lay beneath a blanket on the sofa. "You," he uttered, and she grinned, saying "you" in reply. Thomas marveled at the change in her. She said she'd discovered something within her that she hadn't known existed. "And I like it," she stated before enveloping Thomas in another passionate kiss.

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