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Deacon asked Sheila to marry him. R.J. said he wanted to tell Ridge about Eric's ailment. Taylor demanded Finn boot Sheila from his life for good.
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Deacon asked Sheila to marry him. Taylor returned to Los Angeles. R.J. wanted to tell Ridge the truth.
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Sheila realizes Deacon helped free her from jail

Sheila realizes Deacon helped free her from jail

Monday, September 25, 2023

At Il Giardino, Evan couldn't believe Deacon would do so much for someone who was just a friend. Deacon admitted that he cared about Sheila. He said he'd been forgiven and wanted Sheila to have the same chances. Sheila, who'd been listening in, grinned to herself. Glad to see that Deacon had put his life together, Evan joked that the favor had made them even.

Evan inquired about Deacon's history with Sheila, who'd done terrible things. Deacon shared his feeling that Sheila had changed. He said she'd been told she didn't deserve love, and words like that took a toll on a person. Deacon said if one was told she was a monster all the time, she might believe it and do monstrous things. Deacon didn't believe it had to be that way and said Evan would be amazed at what a little love could do. Evan suspected that "Deac" and Sheila had been involved.

Admitting it, Deacon said no one knew but Bill and Ridge. Evan doubted Ridge was happy about Deacon being with the woman who'd shot Ridge's daughter. Deacon claimed that they'd been discreet, and he asserted that Ridge didn't get a say in Deacon's love life. Evan remarked about Deacon intervening for Sheila. Shrugging, Deacon said it had felt right, and he had no regrets.

Evan stated that he'd been glad to help, and it hadn't been that much of a stretch, since the case had been based upon an illegal search and seizure. Deacon said Evan had still made sure Sheila had walked away from it. Evan was glad it had made Deacon happy, but Evan warned his friend to be careful with a woman like Sheila because Evan might not be able to help the next time. Deacon said there wouldn't be a next time. As Evan prepared to leave, he suggested that next time, they share a meal without the favors.

Deacon walked Evan out, but upon his return, Deacon saw Sheila standing by his vacated table. Sheila said she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Drinks for two?" she asked. Deacon claimed that it had been a business meeting. He noted that it was strange to see her out in the open and not stuck in the apartment. He asked why she seemed to be acting so strange.

Sheila said she was getting used to the miracle of being a free woman. Deacon saw it as no miracle because Bill had botched the investigation. Sheila remarked that Bill was an idiot, but things still could have gone his way. She suspected an outside force had intervened to assure she'd live a life of freedom so that she could love her son and grandson.

Deacon was happy Sheila was out, but he had to get back to work. He stated that they'd said their goodbyes, and she wasn't making it easier. He offered to let her order something to eat before she left.

Sheila said she couldn't leave without Deacon knowing how much all he'd done had meant to her. She said she wasn't a monster, and he really believed she wasn't. She said he saw something in her, and it made him feel she might be worthy of a life, freedom, a relationship with her son, and love. Sheila said all she'd ever wanted in life was to be loved. She knew she was capable of giving it, but because of him, she felt she might be worthy of receiving it, too.

Deacon asked where that was coming from. Sheila admitted that she'd seen Deacon with the judge who'd presided over her case, and she'd heard what Deacon had said. She asked how she could ever thank Deacon for what he'd done for her.

At the cliff house, Finn assured Li that he'd get Sheila out of his life. Li insisted that Finn had to be cold, harsh, and loathing with Sheila because if Sheila saw an ounce of emotion or hesitation, she'd never leave them alone. Li believed it was the only way to get Sheila to leave Los Angeles for good.

Li replied that Finn knew what to do. Li seethed, saying she despised Sheila. Though Li hated to feel that way, she asserted that she wanted Sheila out of their lives for good. Li found it hard to let go of her anger and fear. She said she'd never forgive Jack for his affair. In her view, Jack had lied every day of their marriage, hiding that Finn was really Jack's love child. Li identified that as the reason Sheila had been able to terrorize them. In Li's view, it had been unforgivable, and Sheila had known Jack had been married. Li asked Finn to say he'd never forgive her, either.

Finn replied that he never would, but Li claimed to see that he was conflicted. Finn denied it and said he'd do all within his power to keep Sheila from his family. Li stated that Sheila was cancer, and Finn knew how doctors remedied cancer. "We cut it out," Li asserted. She reminded him to remember what was on the line, his family. Finn yelled that he missed his family. He was missing watching the kids grow while Steffy's side of the bed remained cold. Li steeled Finn, telling him to be firm with what he had to do.

Later, Finn was alone, leaving a message for Steffy. He said he missed her and couldn't believe how much the kids seemed to have grown in the photos he'd seen. He assured her that he'd make things safe and that they'd be together soon.

At Thomas' house, Hope asked Thomas to say it again. He uttered that he loved her, and no matter what she felt for him or what was happening, he was always loving her. It meant a lot to Hope to hear it, but she didn't want to hurt him. He said it was okay that she didn't know what to feel. Having her close was all he needed, and he claimed it didn't matter because he had enough love for both of them.

Thomas desired to show Hope how much he loved her. He said she could love him just as much; she just had to let go. He asked her to give him a chance and let go. Hope claimed it had never been like this for her before. He said it hadn't for him, either. For Hope, there was something about him and the way he looked at her and talked to her. She had no doubts, and his heart wasn't divided. It felt good to her to know that he was absolutely devoted to her.

Hope stated that Thomas always knew what she needed to hear. He repeated that she was the only woman for him, and Hope giggled. He said she was everything he needed, and he loved her. For him, it was a love that felt like Romeo and Juliet, and until his dying day, he'd always love her.

R.J. decides to tell Ridge about Eric's condition

R.J. decides to tell Ridge about Eric's condition

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

At Il Giardino, Deacon asked what Sheila had thought she'd heard. Sheila said that he had a past history with her judge, and he'd made sure that she'd been set free. Deacon didn't want to have the conversation in the open at the restaurant and invited her to the apartment. Sheila teased him for asking her to go back to his place. "Come on," he bashfully said.

In Deacon's apartment, Deacon told Sheila to stop looking at him that way. She said no one had ever stood up for her like that. Deacon replied that everyone deserved at least one person in their life to stand up for them. Sheila claimed that no one had said anything so kind about her. She asked why it had been so important to Deacon to make sure she remained free.

Deacon joked that Sheila was the crazy one, but he was crazy, too. He was crazy about her. He said he hadn't let her rot in a cell because he couldn't imagine his life without her in it. She noted that they'd just agreed not to see each other. He explained that it didn't mean he didn't want to see her happy. Sheila stated that she'd had no idea her chance to start over had been due to Deacon. Part of her had told her it was too good to be true, but the other part said it made perfect sense because he was a caring man who'd always been her champion.

Sheila said no one had ever cared about her the way Deacon did, or at all. Deacon replied that no one should feel that way. She stated that Deacon saw her. He didn't look away, and he saw something in her and that she might be deserving of tenderness. She'd never had anyone on her side, not at all. Deacon replied that they understood each other and had felt knocked down by the world. He said they didn't have to do it anymore.

Sheila recalled that all she had wanted was to be loved, and even when she hadn't been sure Deacon could love her, he'd always made her feel worthy. After all those years, he'd given her what she'd always wanted. "You love me. Deacon, you love me. I know you do," she uttered. Deacon cupped her face and kissed her.

At the cliff house, Liam strode in, and Finn asked how Liam had gotten by security. Liam said he'd lived there and still had a key. He was there because Steffy had told him to bring a toy of Kelly's he'd found to the house so Finn could ship off with other things she'd requested. "You've been talking to my wife?" Finn snapped. Liam drawled, "Yeah..." Finn told Liam to leave the toy and stop communicating with Finn's wife.

Liam noted that Steffy was Kelly's mother, and Finn couldn't stop Liam from communicating with Steffy. Liam was thinking about flying out to see Kelly. Liam motioned as if he was about to invite Finn, but Finn cut in, saying he wouldn't let Liam undermine Finn's marriage. Liam blinked in disbelief and dismissed the idea, saying he missed his daughter, and Finn probably missed his son. Finn thought it was convenient that Liam missed his daughter. He told Liam to keep Hayes out of it and to stay away from Steffy. Liam asked if Finn could stay away from Sheila.

Finn claimed that he and Steffy were a family, and it was his life, not Liam's. Liam said he got that, but he asked if Finn got that Steffy was in Europe because Finn couldn't protect her from Sheila. Finn said Liam thought he could dump Hope and waltz in and take Finn's wife. Finn claimed that Steffy knew about the pain and heartache Liam had caused her, and Finn vowed to make sure Liam never hurt Steffy again.

"I'm confused. How am I a threat to Steffy?" Liam asked. "She didn't dump me, Finn. She dumped you, and it's because of this inexplicable connection you have to Sheila." Liam insisted that he wasn't the real problem; however, if Finn wanted Liam to go away, all Finn had to do was stop focusing on Liam and focus on the real problem: Sheila.

Finn asserted that he knew how to protect his family. Liam said it was his family, too, and Kelly could get caught in the crossfire. Liam asked Finn why he wanted anything to do with Sheila. Finn said not to worry about his feelings for Sheila. Liam retorted that he wouldn't, but Finn should because those feelings told everyone else that Finn wasn't taking protecting his wife and kids seriously.

At Forrester, Brooke said she missed Ridge, who'd been working a lot lately. He said he had to take the challenge seriously, but he hated being at odds with his father. Carter arrived, asking to make budget decisions about the next quarter. Carter felt that they needed to make some difficult choices and reallocations to accommodate an additional couture collection. Ridge griped about it affecting the whole company and asked why Eric was doing it.

Ridge asked what Carter was talking about, and Carter said there had to be deep cuts. He handed out a new budget and pointed out that Eric wasn't doing things on the cheap. Ridge asked if Eric had seen the figures. To Ridge, it made no sense for the company or for Eric. Ridge wondered what his father was doing.

Later, going over the options, Ridge said they couldn't cut funding for HFTF when the line was doing great. Brooke said doing so would be ridiculous. Carter proposed pausing the bedroom line. Ridge questioned pausing the one line that made money every year just to appease Eric. Carter's only other idea was for Ridge to convince R.J. to talk Eric out of it.

At Eric's house, Eric tossed down a pencil, gripped his hand, and got up from a sketch. Eric couldn't realize the vision and get it down on paper. Donna asked about his pills, but Eric rasped that they weren't working. He apologized for getting snappy but said R.J. couldn't do it alone without Eric's guidance. Wondering if it was too much, Donna said he was working very hard, but he didn't have to prove anything. Insisting that he did, Eric replied that it might be his last chance to put out a full collection, and he couldn't and wouldn't walk away.

R.J. arrived, and Eric and Donna told him that the tremors were worse. Donna reasoned that the toll the competition was taking on him wasn't worth it. R.J. was on board with helping Eric but insisted that Eric had nothing to prove after he'd been at the top of his game for years. R.J. saw no reason Eric should sacrifice his health to produce the collection.

Later, at his sketching station, Eric was vexed. Donna said she could see the toll it was taking on him. R.J. asked what good the collection was if it would worsen Eric's condition. Donna suggested Eric put down the pencil and call his doctor. Eric declined, saying it was just a bump in the road. He insisted he and R.J. could do it.

Eric grabbed his head. He said it was the beginning of a headache, and he needed to lie down. He straightened out some gowns on a rack. Turning to Donna and R.J., Eric said that when he returned, he didn't want to hear any more about it, and he didn't want them telling anyone about the condition, especially not Ridge.

Later, Donna returned from checking on Eric, and R.J. expressed his worry to her about Eric, who seemed to be getting worse. R.J. said that, at first, it had been exciting, positive, and fun, but Eric had become stressed and burned out. R.J. believed it was time to tell Ridge what was going on. Donna looked conflicted. R.J. said the collection was taking a toll on Eric, and R.J. wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to Eric. R.J. didn't think Ridge would forgive R.J. for not telling him. R.J. stated that Ridge deserved to know the truth.

Taylor returns to L.A. to tell Finn to ''deal with Sheila''

Taylor returns to L.A. to tell Finn to ''deal with Sheila''

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

At the Forrester mansion, R.J. paced around the living room. Donna returned from checking in on Eric and said that Eric was resting. R.J. repeated his desire to tell Ridge what was going on with Eric. Donna told R.J. that Eric would feel "betrayed" if R.J. walked away from working with Eric. "You're giving him hope... you're giving him drive and purpose," Donna explained. Donna begged R.J. not to give up on his grandfather.

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Brooke, Carter, and Ridge struggled to understand why and how Eric had been spending so much money on his planned final collection. Carter decided to head back to his desk to re-crunch the numbers and see if there was a way to minimize the cuts that were needed to even out Eric's overspending.

Later, Brooke told Ridge that she could see the toll his feud with Eric was taking on him. Ridge wondered why Eric would put R.J. in the middle of their spat. "I can tell you why, Dad," R.J. said from the doorway. R.J. stepped into the office and closed the door behind him. Ridge clarified that he was happy that R.J. was designing with Eric but added that he needed to know if there was something "going on" with Eric. Brooke assured her son that he could tell them anything.

R.J. thought back to his conversation with Donna and thought better of breaking Eric's confidence. "Grandad needs to do this collection... I think you need to give him the support that he needs and the support that he deserves," R.J. said nervously.

Alone at the beach house, a forlorn Finn picked up a toy from the floor and thought back to happier times with Steffy and the kids. He was roused back to the present when he heard the sound of the front door closing. He turned around to find a slightly perturbed Taylor standing a few feet away. "You know, you might be the only person who doesn't have to worry about locking the door when Sheila Carter's on the loose," Taylor said flatly.

Finn was surprised to see Taylor in Los Angeles. Taylor stated that she had returned to talk some sense into Finn. Finn and Taylor sat down in the living room to talk. Taylor urged Finn to start taking the steps needed to bring Steffy home.

Taylor questioned how Finn could ever allow Sheila, a woman who had left Finn and Steffy for dead in an alley, back into his life. Finn insisted that being away from Steffy was "absolutely killing" him. "Then do something about it, Finn. Step up!" Taylor growled. Finn vowed that he would stop at nothing to keep his family safe. Taylor demanded that Finn "deal with Sheila" and made it clear that she didn't care what Finn had to do in order to make that happen.

In Deacon's apartment, Sheila struggled to find words to thank Deacon for all that he had done for her. Amused by her silence, Deacon mused that he needed to look for "flying pigs." Deacon downplayed his involvement in freeing Sheila as calling in a favor for "a friend." Sheila promised that she'd return the favor for him one day.

Sheila asked Deacon how he knew Judge Scott. "That's a long story," Deacon said with a hearty laugh. Not wanting to think Deacon had wasted a favor on her, Sheila insisted that she was a changed woman. "And a big reason why, Deacon, is you," Sheila said softly.

Deacon told Sheila that she had change him, too. "For the better?" Sheila asked. "Jury's still out," Deacon quipped. Sheila repeated that she understood that her presence in Deacon's life posed a threat to everything that he had built. They both admitted that they had enjoyed her surprise visits to Deacon's apartment.

Sheila sighed deeply and told Deacon that she was going to leave. Deacon leaped to his feet and asked Sheila to wait. "Maybe I'm the crazy one, but I've been alone too long," Deacon said. Sheila asked what Deacon was saying. "I don't want to be alone anymore," he replied.

Deacon recreates his first date with Sheila

Deacon recreates his first date with Sheila

Thursday, September 28, 2023

At the cliff house, Finn thanked Taylor for helping Steffy settle in overseas. Taylor replied that it was what mothers did to keep their kids safe, and it was what Steffy was doing in response to Sheila. "You're dangerously close to losing Steffy. Do you understand that?" Taylor asked and instructed him to do whatever he could to get Sheila out of his life.

Although Taylor understood Finn's attachment to Sheila, Taylor didn't get why he'd encourage Sheila. Taylor believed that as long as Sheila thought he loved her or that he viewed her as his mother, she'd never get out of his life. Finn, unsure why he'd felt the connection, said Sheila had almost caused Kelly and Hayes to lose their parents. Finn admitted that he'd made a mistake with Sheila and should have drawn a line with Sheila at the very beginning.

Taylor got why Finn hadn't done it at the beginning, but she felt it was time that he did. She said her daughter missed him. Finn replied that his family was his entire life. Taylor urged him to fight for them. She didn't care what he had to do to get Sheila out of his life.

As Taylor prepared to leave to update Ridge about their daughter, Finn thanked Taylor for caring enough to talk to him. He asked Taylor to let Steffy know he loved her and was fighting to get their family home. Taylor agreed to do it but said Finn had to fight and let Sheila know that she was not allowed in his or his children's lives. Taylor believed that everyone knew Sheila was a monster who'd use everything she could to manipulate him, and showing weakness was letting Sheila win. Taylor knew it from experience. "Make her go away for good," Taylor said.

In Eric's office, Ridge was text-messaging Steffy, and Brooke said it was sweet that he missed his daughter. Ridge said Steffy would always be his little girl, and he wanted her kids to look at him like his kids looked at Eric. Ridge said they were miles away, and everyone knew why.

Brooke hugged Ridge, who said Steffy should be home with his family. Frustrated, Ridge stated that he wanted to respect Finn, but Ridge was confounded by Finn's connection to Sheila. Brooke didn't think they should blame Finn, who hadn't asked Sheila to be his birth mother. Ridge said that the problem was that Finn was making Sheila feel as if she could have a relationship with him and with Hayes. Brooke said Finn had made his position clear to Sheila.

Ridge asked if Finn had made his position clear by hugging Sheila and "by having her just appear at the beach." It was no wonder to Ridge why Steffy had left; it was because Finn couldn't protect her. Nearing Ridge and soothing him, Brooke thanked God that Steffy's father could protect Steffy. Ridge worried that his kind of protection could result in a long jail sentence.

Later, Brooke flirted with Ridge and offered to make his worries go away in a hot bath at home. Taylor arrived as they hugged, and she said Pam had told her that Ridge was working. Ridge said he'd thought Taylor was in Europe with their daughter. Taylor said that Steffy was doing okay, considering. Brooke reasoned that it had to be hard on Steffy and added that it had been hard on everyone. Taylor snapped that Ridge and Brooke seemed to be doing just fine.

Taylor explained that she'd gotten in that morning after getting Steffy and the kids settled in with their new security. Taylor had returned to check on Thomas and to take care of a few other things. Brooke inquired about how Steffy was doing and said she and Ridge had been worried.

Taylor reported that Steffy and the kids were fine, considering. Kelly had gotten into an international school. Taylor stated that they'd been uprooted, and being without "their father" had affected the kids. Ridge was glad Taylor had been there to comfort them. Taylor indicated that Steffy missed her life there and was trying to keep the kids safe. Ridge said they would be safe as long as Finn wasn't with them.

Taylor revealed that she'd been to see Finn, who missed his family, and she'd urged him to stand up and fight. Ridge said Steffy couldn't return until Finn did it. Taylor was sure Sheila wouldn't give up as long as Sheila thought Finn loved her. Taylor insisted that Finn had to convince Sheila that he wanted nothing to do with her and that he didn't love her. Taylor didn't know how Finn could love the unlovable.

At Deacon's place, Deacon asked Sheila to stay just a little bit longer. Sheila asked what he was saying. He replied that he didn't want to be alone. She couldn't believe it was happening and said it wasn't every day that she found out she had a guardian angel. He replied that it was the first time anyone had called him that. She insisted that was what he was.

Deacon explained that he hadn't rewritten any laws; it had been that Bill had bungled the investigation. Sheila was adamant that no one had ever cared about her like that. Deacon replied that he knew what it was like to make mistakes, and he and Sheila had always been the misfits and convicts who didn't get a chance to win often. He stated that it didn't have to be like that, and they could rewrite their story right then and there.

Later, Sheila exited the bathroom as Deacon ended a call. He'd been making plans for them. He said she was the queen of surprises, and he thought he'd try his hand at it. She replied that surprises never worked out for her. Insisting she'd like it, he said they both deserved something special, and he led her out of the apartment.

Deacon and Sheila arrived back in his restaurant and discovered a twinkly romantic setting. She asked if he'd done it all for her, and he wondered if she'd have dinner with him. Sheila pretended that she needed to check her calendar but would work something out. Deacon said no one would bother him, and he knew it because he was the boss.

Sheila said Deacon had recreated the date they'd had months back. She felt he always knew what she needed, but she said they'd agreed not to see each other anymore. She began to worry about their kids finding out about them, but Deacon said the night was all about Sheila, the unique, passionate woman who'd hobbled her way into his life.

Sheila was impressed that Deacon really got her. He said it went both ways. She replied that she could be herself with Deacon, who saw the person she could be. It made her believe she could be that person when she saw herself through his eyes. He replied that she was more than anyone thought of her, and he believed people could change and deserved the chance to try.

Sheila said Deacon had given her a fresh start, and she might have a chance with her son and Hayes. She wanted a life with them -- and with Deacon. She guessed it made her crazy. Deacon said it didn't make her crazy at all, and he kissed her.

Deacon takes the gamble of his life

Deacon takes the gamble of his life

Friday, September 29, 2023

In the CEO's office in the evening, Taylor couldn't believe that, after all that had happened, people still had to warn Finn about Sheila. Ridge didn't know how Finn couldn't see that he was being played, and Brooke said Sheila was incapable of loving anyone but herself. Agreeing, Taylor added that Sheila was incapable of being loved by anyone.

The topic turned to Thomas. Taylor suspected that something was going on with her son. He'd been hustling her off phone calls, claiming to be busy. Ridge replied that Thomas was busy with work and "other stuff." Taylor stated that she knew about the kiss in Rome. Ridge and Brooke exchanged glances, and Taylor asked what was going on.

Ridge announced that Thomas and Hope's relationship had advanced. Taylor gazed back quizzically and asked what that meant. Brooke said the pair was sleeping together. Upset, Taylor said Thomas had been doing well and keeping his feelings in check. Ridge stated that they all were worried about Thomas spiraling, but Taylor asserted that Brooke and Ridge couldn't comprehend what it could do to Thomas.

Brooke shared that she'd tried to talk sense into Hope, but their children had strong convictions. Brooke worried that pushing too hard would make it worse, and Ridge added that they couldn't tell two consenting adults what to do; they just had to see how it played out.

Taylor yelled that it wasn't a game. She said Thomas had worked hard to put himself back together mentally, but this could set him back to where he'd been before. It had been a very dark and dangerous place inside his mind, with no way out.

Later, Taylor had gone to find Thomas, and Ridge figured it was the last thing Taylor needed while stressing out about Steffy's problems. Ridge said he should have told Taylor earlier. Brooke remarked that Ridge was just trying to keep Taylor from worrying. Brooke hoped that Taylor didn't blame Hope for any of it.

In the design office, Hope worked behind the desk, and at the drafting table, Thomas said he was stuck and could use some "late night" inspiration. Thomas began massaging Hope's shoulders. She stopped him and said she wanted to make sure they were on the same page. For her, dinner hadn't changed anything. Thomas said he knew she wasn't in the exact same place he was, but he still loved her and only her. Hope bashfully grinned.

Thomas said he understood where she was emotionally, freshly out of a marriage. He loved spending time with her, especially when they were intimate. Hope grinned and leaned over to kiss him. The office door opened. Embarrassed, Taylor said she was sorry to interrupt. "But I'm kind of glad I did," she quietly added. Thomas said he could explain.

Taylor stated that Brooke and Ridge had caught Taylor up on it. Taylor asked to speak to her son alone, and Hope exited. Thomas claimed he didn't have much time because he was on a deadline. Refusing to be shut out, Taylor said she knew he'd make his own decision on it, but as his mother, she was concerned that he might go through emotional turmoil again if his feelings for Hope weren't reciprocated. Taylor didn't want Hope to take advantage of his feelings for her.

Thomas insisted that he was good, and Taylor didn't need to worry. Taylor replied that his life had been going well, but then Hope had kissed him in Rome, taking him back to the precarious place he'd been in before. He figured Taylor was worried that things would turn out like they had before, but he swore that everything was under control.

Taylor asked if Thomas could handle it if things didn't work out. Thomas replied that it would be painful, but he and Hope had an agreement. Taylor wondered who'd made up the terms of the agreement. "You? Hope, yeah," Taylor concluded.

Taylor recalled that she hadn't wanted to see the "covert operations" Brooke had been doing in the past. Taylor wondered if Hope was more like Brooke than Thomas realized and if the one who was hurt would wind up being Thomas. Taylor asked her son to learn from her epic life failures before he woke up alone, beating himself up for being so sure he had it all under control.

Back in Eric's office, Hope arrived, announcing that someone else knew. Brooke asked what had happened, and Hope said Taylor had walked in on Thomas and Hope.

At Il Giardino, Sheila and Deacon had wine. She recalled being in prison and giving up, figuring no one would be there, but Deacon had arrived and had given her hope. She felt that their relationship was fleeting because it could destroy his relationship with his daughter.

Later, Deacon rolled out a cart with a mini buffet of food, hoping he'd gotten all her favorites. Sheila beamed about the Champagne and licorice, saying he'd thought of everything. She couldn't believe he'd done it all for her. He replied that he wanted to focus on the moment, but he also wanted to discuss where he and Sheila went from there and the amazing possibilities.

Deacon asked what Sheila was craving, and she joked that it was a loaded question. Deacon enticed her with his "culinary prowess," suggesting decadent meals that he could make in the kitchen. He kissed her neck, saying that one could taste when a meal was made with love. He desired to show her, but she told him not to dare to leave her side. With a remote, Deacon turned on some romantic jazz, and he danced with Sheila.

Smiling, Sheila told Deacon that they'd had interesting times together. He replied that her return from the dead was atop the list. A flashback played of times they'd shared. She said that he hadn't given up on her, even when she'd given up on herself, and it would be difficult to say goodbye. He wondered how many times they'd parted, only to have fate put them together again. He didn't believe their story was over, and he thought she shouldn't, either.

With Deacon, Sheila felt like nothing else in the world mattered, and she wished she could savor every moment with him to help her get through the days they'd be apart. She knew how much he cared about her. It had taken her a long time to trust it, but she did. Sheila was grateful that they'd found each other, but reality was upon them. She cared too much about him to let him lose everything to be with her.

Deacon replied that he was a big boy and could take care of himself. He'd known helping her with the judge had been risky, but he hadn't cared. He pulled out a chair for Sheila and helped her sit in it. Facing her, he told her that she'd turned his life upside down, but he'd realized how alone he'd been without her. Being with Sheila was exciting, dangerous, and passionate. It was crazy, but he couldn't get enough. She said it had been a wild ride. Kneeling before her, he replied that it was a ride he didn't want to get off.

Sheila asked what Deacon was doing. "Sheila, I've never met anyone like you in my entire life, and I am absolutely sure I'm never gonna meet anyone like you again. I'm nuts about you. From the top of your head to down to the bottom of your… however many toes you have left. I never want to be apart from you again," Deacon said softly with a smile. He figured it was a risky gamble, but he'd always been a gambling man. "This time, I'm gambling on love. Because Sheila, I do love you. So, Sheila Carter, would you make me the happiest and probably the craziest man in Los Angeles? Say yes. Marry me. Say you'll be my wife," Deacon asked, and Sheila gasped.

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