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Finn tipped Hope off about Deacon and Sheila, and Hope sent Brooke to talk Deacon out of his relationship with Sheila. Finn's words weighed heavily on Hope as she distanced herself from Thomas. R.J. and Li faced off when Li demanded that Luna resign from Forrester.
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R.J. and Li clashed when Li demanded Luna resign from Forrester. Finn tipped Hope off about Deacon and Sheila.
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Finn orders Sheila to leave town

Finn orders Sheila to leave town

Monday, October 9, 2023

At Il Giardino, Finn reeled from the news that Sheila and Deacon were in love. Deacon and Sheila explained to Finn how life-changing their love had been for them. Deacon said he'd asked Finn there so that Finn could see how much Deacon believed in Sheila's rehabilitation. He hoped that Finn could believe in it, too, but Finn shook his head.

In Finn's silence, Sheila said she'd never thought she'd find anyone to love her, but love healed and changed people. Deacon's unconditional acceptance of her had changed her life profoundly. She hoped Finn could see the change within her and be happy for them. Chuckling, Sheila said she had a lot of love to give, and she'd like to share it with Finn if he'd let her.

Finn stated that it wasn't at all why he'd thought Deacon had wanted to see him. Finn stood up, saying Steffy never would have left had it not been for Sheila. Finn told Sheila that her and Deacon's love was their business, but if she truly loved her son, she'd realize that she needed to leave Los Angeles. He ordered her to go to Genoa City. He yelled that if she insisted upon staying, she'd cost him the one thing that meant anything in the world to him -- his wife and kids.

Sheila sadly walked away. Deacon informed Finn that Deacon and Sheila wanted a fresh start. Finn suggested that they do it somewhere else, and he asked what else Deacon had expected Finn to say. Deacon replied that he'd wanted Finn to have an open mind. Deacon stated that he'd taken in people at the restaurant who'd made mistakes but were willing to change. Deacon stated Sheila would be part of it, working beside him, and he'd make "damn sure" she'd never hurt anyone again, including Steffy. "You're gonna make damn sure?" Finn asked.

Claiming to be a black belt in karate, Deacon expressed his belief that he could control Sheila. "With what, your nunchucks?" Finn rejoined. He asked if Deacon even heard himself and wondered if he really thought Hope would listen to the insanity with an open mind. He asked if Deacon was willing to throw away his relationship with his daughter.

Deacon said his relationship would be shocking, but he believed in redemption. He posited that Hope did, too, and the proof was that Hope had given him a second chance. Deacon asked if Finn could do the same thing for his mother, who was putting in the work to change. Deacon offered to show Steffy and all the Forresters that Sheila was changing, was worth being loved, and could be a good and healthy part of Finn's family.

Later, Sheila and Deacon were back in their apartment, absorbing how Finn had reacted to their relationship. Sheila was glad they'd held off telling Finn about the engagement. Deacon said they'd known it would happen and that people would be shocked. "Especially Hope," she said.

In the design office, R.J. noted that Luna seemed visibly upset. She claimed it wasn't a big deal, but R.J. differed, saying her mood was a big deal to him. Luna flashed back to her mother's warning to stay away from the Forresters.

R.J. said he hadn't wanted to pry. He just wanted to ensure she felt safe and comfortable at Forrester. She said he'd made her feel that way over the last weeks. He urged her to keep being her awesome self around him. She picked up on the fact that he found her awesome. He added that she was stylish, intelligent, and a little funny. She told him to keep going. "And you're beautiful. You're really beautiful," he quietly added.

Luna shared with R.J. how excited she was about her job and arriving at the office each day. He replied that her passion had shown up in her work. The topic turned to R.J. and how wonderful he was with his grandfather. She said she'd never met anyone as kind, and she wondered if he was for real. She said she'd always wanted to work in fashion, but the best part of working at Forrester was working with R.J. R.J. fanned away her compliments, but she insisted that he was talented.

R.J. said he'd love to see Luna in one of his designs. He quoted his father and grandfather, who'd each once said that beauty inspired beauty. "And you're very beautiful," he added. She bashfully replied that he was pretty hot himself.

Later, R.J. remarked that he hadn't known if he'd wanted to join the family business, but he was glad he had. Luna was glad, too, and said he was helping his grandfather face serious medical issues. R.J. cherished his time with Eric, but R.J. said he'd been referring to the perfect timing of working in the same building as her. She giggled and started sifting through a rack of gowns.

R.J. said he'd been lacking in direction and finding his calling, but then he'd met Luna. She giggled more, but he said watching her chase her passion was infectious. He said that when she reviewed one of his designs, he felt as if he could see it through her eyes. He admitted that he thought of specific fabrics or colors that would look good on her or designing a dress tailored to how Luna walked. He said he'd traveled many cities and met many people, but he'd never seen a person as special, magical, and mysterious as she was. He looked forward to getting to know her better.

In Eric's office, Brooke and Hope hugged. They hadn't been able to catch up with each other in a while because they'd been busy. Hope had been acclimating to the kids' new schedules and working on her line with Thomas. Brooke was still worried about Hope's involvement with Thomas. Hope replied that Brooke wasn't the only one, as Finn felt the same way.

Brooke asked if Finn knew the full extent of Hope's involvement with Thomas. Hope replied that Finn only knew about the kiss in Rome. Reflecting on her talk with Finn, she said it had been unexpected and nice. She said she and Finn hadn't spent a lot of time together, and Finn was a good man. Even though Finn didn't know the full extent of Hope and Thomas' "situationship," Finn knew Thomas' past and felt that Hope deserved someone better than Thomas.

Surprised by Finn's outspokenness, Brooke wondered if Steffy would appreciate her husband's opinions about her brother, but Brooke did agree with Finn that Hope could do better than Thomas. Hope elaborated that Finn thought she was drawn to Thomas because of her history with Liam and her desire to have a man be solely committed to her. Brooke said Finn was right, but Brooke asked if Hope thought Finn was right.

Brooke concluded that Finn had made a good point. Hope replied that Thomas' love for her felt good, but Finn had brought up the history and suggested that another man might be capable of loving her and only her. Brooke was glad Finn had spoken about those things. Hope said it had been strangely easy to open up to Finn, who'd been in a similar situation. She stated that being married to someone with a strong connection to someone else wasn't always easy, but Finn got it. Hope said Finn was insightful and kind, and Steffy was lucky to have him.

Later, Hope was working alone at the conference table when Finn arrived. She wondered what he was doing there, and he said he had to talk to her. Hope remarked that she had been thinking about what he'd said earlier and had shared some of it with her mother. Sitting down, Finn revealed his newfound belief that he and Hope had a lot in common, especially as it related to their parents. "Tell me about it," Hope responded.

Finn took that to mean Hope knew. Hope asked what she was supposed to know, and in a quandary, Finn gazed back at her.

Deacon and Sheila reveal their relationship to Hope

Deacon and Sheila reveal their relationship to Hope

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

In the CEO's office, Hope implored Finn to tell her whatever he needed to say. Finn, however, decided that he shouldn't have brought it up. Hope reminded him that she'd be there to listen to him the way he'd listened to her. Finn stated that he just wanted her to be happy.

Hope doubted Finn had come all that way just to make sure that she was happy. Finn merely said that she should talk to her father. Hope asked if that was all Finn would tell her. He insisted that she should talk to her father.

Later, Finn was alone, completing a call with the hospital when, to his surprise, his mother arrived. Li said that she was there to talk to Ridge about Steffy and to see what he could do to get her home, since Finn wasn't having any luck. Li asked why Finn was there.

Finn said he'd needed to talk to Hope. Li asked why, and he said he was concerned about Hope. Li was surprised to hear it. She asked if Finn knew the history between Hope and Steffy. Finn stared curiously at Li, who asked if he wanted to do anything else to push his wife away.

In the design office, R.J. told Luna that he found her so mysterious and intriguing that he'd begun to make up scenarios about her. He guessed she was a princess or a spy. Luna denied being those things, and he realized that he knew very little about her. He said that if she wanted to tell him anything about her, she could trust him.

Carter arrived to talk to R.J. about the expensive lace that R.J. and Eric had ordered from Paris. R.J. reasoned that Forrester Creations deserved only the best. Carter joked that R.J. had inherited Eric's talents and expensive tastes. Carter asked R.J. to go with him to go over the invoices, and the two men left the office.

Luna's phone chimed. She saw that it was a call from her mother, and she looked distressed. After ignoring the phone a few times, Luna finally answered. Poppy suspected that Luna had been avoiding her calls. Luna claimed that she'd been working. Poppy worriedly responded that Luna shouldn't even be at Forrester, and it had to end that day.

Luna said Poppy made working at Forrester sound like a bad thing, but Luna was excited to do it and couldn't begin to say how amazing it was. Poppy insisted that it couldn't happen -- and Luna knew why. Poppy stated that Luna couldn't make anything of herself there. In Poppy's mind, it was only a matter of time before everything came crashing down. Poppy insisted that she was only trying to protect Luna, and Li would never allow Luna to do it.

Later, Luna was sad. R.J. returned and asked her what was going on. She said she'd gotten a call from her mom. Luna explained that her mom had had Luna at a young age, and they'd kind of raised each other. Luna's mom hadn't wanted her to be in Los Angeles, but Luna had wanted to pursue fashion. Luna revealed that she didn't know how long she'd be there.

R.J. urged Luna to continue at Forrester. Luna replied that she wanted to more than anything, and he said his grandfather and father thought she had a bright future at Forrester. He told her to stop thinking that it would end. He stated that he didn't want her to go anywhere. She nodded, and he hugged her.

Luna decided that R.J. was good for her. He replied that she was for him, too, and he joked about having a mysterious spy princess in his life. Luna figured he'd be disappointed when he discovered that it was merely her. He doubted it.

R.J. received a call and said he had to go and talk Charlie down. After R.J. had gone, Luna heard Li behind her at the door, asking what Luna was doing there.

At Deacon's place, Deacon and Sheila worried about how Hope would receive the news of their relationship and engagement. Sheila wondered if it was worth the risk to him, but he insisted that he wanted a life with her. He believed in his daughter, who'd given him a second chance to be a father. He figured that Hope wouldn't be happy, but she'd eventually see how much he loved Sheila. He stated that with time, Hope would accept their relationship.

Sheila pondered whether it might be wishful thinking on Deacon's part. Insisting that he wasn't wishful, Deacon asserted that people like him and Sheila went after what they wanted. He believed that they had beaten the odds before and would do it again. Sheila, however, didn't want to come between him and his daughter. He insisted that his daughter loved him and wanted him to be happy. He believed Hope would see that they were good for each other, and eventually, Hope would accept that he had made the right decision.

Sheila appreciated that Deacon wanted to do that, but she reminded him that they'd said they'd keep their engagement quiet for a while. He insisted that people would have to know unless she wanted to live in the bathroom. Grinning, she replied that she would if she was with him. Deacon, who believed in her redemption, expressed his determination to get others to see it, too. Sheila was amazed by the faith he had in her, and she didn't know what she'd done to deserve it. She promised to never take it for granted.

At the door, Hope knocked. Sheila started to go to the bathroom, but Deacon stopped her. He told Sheila that it was happening. Hope would find out about them right then. He asked Sheila to give him just a moment, and Sheila hurried into the back room.

Deacon let Hope into the apartment. Hope apologized for just showing up. She explained that Finn had advised her to see her father. She asked what was going on and if Deacon was in trouble. Deacon exclaimed that he was better than fine; he was in love. Hope replied that he hadn't even told her that he'd been seeing anyone. Deacon said it was because some might not understand it, but he'd never do anything to endanger her or her mother.

Startled by Deacon's words, Hope asked who he was in love with. Sheila returned to the room. Putting his arm around Sheila, Deacon announced that they were in love. "No..." Hope uttered, shaking her head.

Li orders Luna to resign from Forrester and leave Los Angeles

Li orders Luna to resign from Forrester and leave Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Hope shook her head in disbelief. "You and Sheila? No!" Hope said angrily as she headed for the door. Deacon tried to explain, but Hope wanted no part of his explanation. After calling Sheila "insane," Hope insisted that there was no way that Deacon could be in love with "that monster." Nearby, Sheila closed her eyes and looked away.

Sheila tried to speak up in defense of Deacon, but Hope cut Sheila off and said that she didn't want to hear anything that Sheila had to say. Fighting back tears, Hope asked Deacon for the truth. "This is another setup, right?" Hope asked. Deacon assured her that it was not. "I didn't want to tell you this way, but it's true -- Sheila and I are in love," Deacon said.

Deacon insisted that Sheila was "reformed," but Hope didn't believe that Sheila had put in the work to have that term apply to her. Sheila softly said that she hoped that Hope could find it in her heart to accept the happiness that her father had found.

Sheila reminded Deacon of all the terrible things that Sheila had done over the years. Deacon repeated his confidence that Sheila had changed. "She is not the same person," he declared. Sheila again spoke up, stating, "I have learned, and I have grown." Deacon pleaded for Hope to trust and believe in him. Sheila stated that she wanted to lead a "normal, decent life" full of "peace and quiet... and love."

Sheila walked over to Deacon and took his hand. Hope asked Deacon to look at her and tell her what he saw. Deacon said that he saw his "beautiful... loving, amazing, good daughter." Hope said that when she looked at Deacon, she saw a man who had made mistakes and not been there for her when she'd been growing up. She also saw a man who had "faced his demons" and come out the other side "a father in every sense of the word." Hope asked if Deacon was willing to throw all of that away for Sheila.

Deacon told Hope that she would always be the best thing that had ever happened to him and the person that he loved more than anyone. He claimed to understand what Hope was feeling but maintained that he was in love with Sheila.

Later, Deacon sipped some brandy and lamented that things with Hope had not gone the way he had hoped. Sheila, however, was optimistic. She noted that Hope could have stormed out but had instead chosen to remain and hear them out. "Our kids are going to accept it. Who knows? Maybe this relationship brings us all closer together," Sheila said.

At Forrester Creations, Finn finished up a call with the hospital and immediately drifted into thought about his meeting with Deacon and Sheila at Il Giardino. R.J. entered the executive suite and was surprised to see Finn. Finn said that he needed to speak to Hope about a few things. R.J. asked Finn if he had seen Sheila. Finn became defensive when R.J. implied that Finn was the only thing keeping Sheila in Los Angeles.

Finn was resolute in his stance that he would win Steffy back and repair their relationship. R.J. said that he was rooting for Finn. Finn then asked R.J. what was going on in his life and if he was seeing anyone. R.J. tried to dodge the question, but he eventually admitted that he had just started seeing someone, someone who kept him guessing.

Finn returned to the beach house to do some work. He was startled when the front door opened and slammed shut. Finn saw how upset Hope was and knew that she had seen Deacon. "I got to witness the entire thing," Hope groaned. Finn wondered if he should have warned Hope about Deacon and Sheila. Hope repeated her shock about her dad and Finn's mom being in love.

A furious Li approached Luna and demanded to know what she was doing at Forrester Creations. Luna forced a smile and said that it was good to see her aunt. Unmoved by the attempt at pleasantry, Li repeated her question. Luna confessed that she had been working at Forrester for a little while. Li demanded to know why Luna was working at a place where Li's "son's wife and family work."

Luna claimed that she needed a job and had always wanted to work in fashion. Li was dubious of Luna just happening to end up at Forrester Creations. Luna said that she had interviewed for the position on her own and insisted that her mom had not known what she'd been up to. "You listen to me. I don't know what it is you want, but you're not going to get it here," Li said coldly.

Luna insisted that working at Forrester was "just a job" and noted that she hadn't told anyone that she was related to Li or Finn. "You know the history in our family," Li replied. "Your mother has always been a disgrace," Li added. Li explained that she had gotten Luna's mother, Poppy, a job at the hospital gift shop, only to have Poppy have an affair with one of the doctors. Li implied that Luna would bring similar shame to the family and ordered her to cease working at Forrester.

Luna pleaded for Li to reconsider. She told her aunt all the things that she had been doing since joining Forrester. When Luna mentioned R.J., Li accused Luna of "stalking" him. "That's Steffy's brother!" Li snapped. She ordered Luna to stay away from R.J. and snarled that Luna was just like her mother. Li said that there was a reason that Poppy had not been invited to Finn's wedding but stopped short of explicitly stating what that reason was.

Luna said that Poppy loved and missed Li, but Li refused to believe it. "Your mother and I are two totally different people," Li responded. Li said that she did not want to see Poppy. Luna pleaded to be allowed to continue working at Forrester Creations. "You will write your letter of resignation, then go pack your things and be gone by the end of the day. Your time here at Forrester Creations is over," Li snarled.

Later, R.J. returned to the design suite and found Luna gathering her belongings. "It was really wonderful getting to know you, R.J.," Luna said softly. R.J. asked what was going on. He spotted a letter that Luna had placed on the desk. He opened it and scanned it quickly.

Luna told R.J. that she had to go and that she could not explain why. R.J. refused to let her leave until she told him what had happened. "It's a family matter... I have no choice," Luna said. Luna told R.J. that she had loved every minute of her time at Forrester. R.J. leaned toward Luna and kissed her. He told her that he was not letting her go anywhere.

Hope reveals something to Brooke that Ridge already knows

Hope reveals something to Brooke that Ridge already knows

Thursday, October 12, 2023

In the design office, R.J. decided to pretend that he hadn't seen Luna's resignation letter. He refused to let her walk out the door. Although it meant the world to her that he wanted her to stay, she was adamant that her departure was best for everyone. He asked her to trust him and tell him what was going on.

Luna admitted that she had been keeping something inside. She revealed that she'd arrived in town to pursue her dreams on her own without telling her mother. She'd known her mother would worry about her, and her mother feared that the internship would put Luna in a bad situation. Luna stated that her aunt wouldn't approve of her working at Forrester.

R.J. asked if the aunt worked at Forrester. Luna divulged that her aunt was Steffy's mother-in-law. Luna said Li didn't want Luna at Forrester. Luna revealed that a furious Li had made Luna write the letter. R.J. said it didn't make sense. Luna figured she should have been honest about her connection to Steffy. R.J. said he didn't get why Li didn't want Luna there.

Luna explained that Li was protective of Finn and saw Forrester as a place for him, not Luna and Poppy. Luna explained that Li and Poppy had a contentious relationship, and Li had always been hard on Poppy. Luna revealed that her mother had warned her that Li would find out about the job, and it would all crash down on Luna. Luna didn't want to cause trouble and said it was best if she just left. R.J. didn't want her to leave and didn't think less of her for the secret.

R.J. asked why Li was so disapproving when Li should be proud that Luna had gotten the job on her own, without even using her Forrester connections. Luna said her aunt wouldn't be happy if Luna stayed, but R.J. decided that Aunt Li didn't get a say in Luna's life. R.J. said Luna had earned her place there and could make her own choices. He didn't care what Li had to say; he didn't want it to end and said Luna would not leave Forrester. R.J. kissed Luna.

At Deacon's place, Sheila tried to get Deacon to see the positives in the situation with their children. Her big takeaway was that the reaction from their kids proved that their kids loved them, and she said one should never underestimate the power of love. She stated that it would be something if their relationship was the thing to bring their families together.

Deacon quipped that he felt as if he'd pulled a pin on a hand grenade. He figured that the engagement might push people over the edge. Fine with keeping it under wraps for a while longer, Sheila insisted that their relationship could turn them all into one big, happy family. She claimed she could see it. Deacon quipped that she needed glasses.

Deacon said he had never pegged Sheila as an optimist. Sheila replied that one had to work toward something, and she'd never been accused of giving up without a fight. She was happy to be free and to have love "and the children." Deacon asked if Sheila really thought their relationship could be the glue to hold their families together. She was certain of it, but he didn't want her to be disappointed. Sheila asked how many times she'd told him not to doubt her. She insisted that she was a fighter. He said it was one of the things he loved most about her.

Later, Deacon and Sheila agreed to keep their engagement a secret. Even though they wanted to scream it out loud, they knew it would freak out their kids and the rest of Los Angeles. As they cuddled on the sofa, Sheila moaned, enjoying the peaceful moment. She was sure it was just a matter of time before Brooke knocked on the door.

At the cliff house, Hope couldn't believe that her father and Finn's mother were in love. She said something like that didn't happen overnight; therefore, they'd been carrying on for a while in secret. Hope asked what her father had been thinking. She couldn't get what her father saw in a psychopath, and she insisted he was endangering everyone. She insisted she couldn't let him do it.

Finn was sorry he hadn't told Hope directly. Hope replied that Deacon had kept it quiet because he'd known how she'd react. She didn't know if she should be furious with Deacon or terrified for her. Finn couldn't wrap his head around it. Hope insisted that it was dangerous, and Deacon believed that his love had magically changed Sheila. Finn claimed no one could change Sheila, and he had the scars to prove it. Hope decided that Brooke would know what to do.

Finn told Hope to be prepared "for all hell to break loose." Hope said Finn was the only other person in the world who knew what "this" felt like. He replied that Sheila was sunshine right then, but she could turn the moment she felt threatened. Hope said Brooke had a way of getting through to Deacon, and maybe Brooke would put a stop to it before it went too far.

In Eric's office, Brooke was in Ridge's arms, saying they'd never get any work done if they kept it up. Caressing her arms, Ridge replied that "this" was how he got inspired. Pointing at a sketch on the drafting table, he said it was due to her, and it sparkled just the way she did when she had a look in her eyes. The skirt sloped just like her neck. He stated that he was just a simple man, but with a woman like Brooke, he could do anything.

Brooke guessed Ridge still believed he'd win the design challenge. Ridge believed it, but he wished he wouldn't be so confident because the win would destroy their son's confidence. He reasoned that no one walked up to the plate and hit a home run the first time, even with Eric Forrester as a coach. Ridge wished R.J. was working with him, so he could save R.J. from what was to come. Brooke said they couldn't baby R.J., or he'd be eaten alive in the industry.

Ridge agreed and said every designer had to forge his own path. It was one of the proudest moments of Ridge's life to see R.J. designing. Brooke said Ridge wanted to work with their son, but at that time, it was best that R.J. worked with his grandfather. Ridge claimed to see a lot of himself in R.J., when Ridge had been that age, and he wanted to make sure R.J. knew they supported him and wanted him to succeed.

Later, Brooke told Ridge about the invitations Katie had sent out to a select few for a special Forrester event that featured gowns that could be sold that very day. Ridge said the guests didn't know they'd be there to settle a score between Eric and Ridge. Brooke was excited about it. "Even though you know I'm gonna win," Ridge added.

Hope rushed into the office, upset and still processing something. Brooke and Ridge asked what was going on. Hope explained that Finn had had something weighing on him and had told her to see her father. Hope had done as Finn had instructed and had learned that Deacon was seeing someone and was in love.

"In love?" Ridge said. Surprised, Brooke asked if Hope had seen the woman. Hope couldn't believe that she was about to say it, "but the woman Dad is involved with is Sheila Carter." Brooke's mouth dropped open, but Ridge stared ahead knowingly.

Brooke and Ridge pay Deacon and Sheila a visit

Brooke and Ridge pay Deacon and Sheila a visit

Friday, October 13, 2023

In the design office, R.J. and Luna kissed. She was glad that there were no secrets between them. R.J. stated that she didn't have to go through it alone, and he refused to let Li run Luna away from Forrester. Cupping her face, he said he didn't want to lose Luna.

Later, Luna and R.J. were working when he received a call from reception. After taking it, R.J. asked Luna not to be upset, but he'd text-messaged her cousin. Finn entered, wondering what was so important. He excused himself upon seeing a woman in the room, but Luna said it was she, Luna Nozawa, his cousin. Finn recognized her and hugged her, saying it had been years.

Finn wondered how many years it had been. He said that when he'd last seen her, she'd been in grade school. Upon learning that she was working at Forrester, Finn said it was fantastic. R.J. revealed that his mother didn't think so, and that had been why R.J. had called.

Luna stated that she didn't want to talk poorly about Finn's mom, but Li was the reason the cousins hadn't seen each other. Finn recalled that their mothers hadn't gotten along, and Luna replied that she couldn't imagine the one-sided stories he'd heard. Finn stiffened. Luna said Li was hyper-protective of Finn and hadn't allowed Luna or Poppy to be in his life in Los Angeles.

R.J. revealed that Li had ordered Luna to leave Forrester, but that wasn't Li's call. R.J. added that Luna was an important part of his and Eric's new collection, and R.J. wondered if Finn could step up and help his cousin. Finn admitted that Li could be intense. R.J. said Li shouldn't mess with Luna's career, and everyone there wanted Luna to stay. R.J. asked if Finn could back Luna with his mom because Luna would not leave Forrester Creations.

Later, R.J. said Luna hadn't known he'd messaged Finn. Luna stated that it hadn't been how she'd imagined seeing Finn again, and she recalled admiring how he'd climbed a tree when they'd been younger. Finn was sorry that they'd been apart due to their moms' issues. He promised that he would see what he could do. Getting a text from the hospital, Finn left.

After Finn had gone, R.J. hoped Luna wasn't upset with him. Luna appreciated it and asked how he'd known what she'd needed. She'd wanted to see Finn badly -- even though she couldn't say the same about her aunt. R.J. revealed that Li was on her way there. Luna seemed distressed, but R.J. said they would handle it together.

Li arrived and seemed miffed to see Luna still there. R.J. told Li that he didn't know why Li was treating Luna poorly and dissuading her from working at Forrester. Li snapped that it was a family matter and none of his business. He said Forrester was his and his family's business, and Luna was incredibly talented and welcome at Forrester. He was sure Steffy would agree, "So, Li, don't tell Luna, our intern, that she's not allowed to work here."

Li responded that it was her and Luna's family business, and Luna knew what she needed to do. Li said Luna had written her letter of resignation. Luna nodded. Li announced that Luna would leave Forrester Creations that day.

In Eric's office, Brooke was flabbergasted to hear that Deacon and Sheila were involved. Brooke couldn't believe it, but Hope insisted that Deacon and Sheila had told her. Brooke asked why Ridge wasn't shocked, and he revealed that he'd known about it; however, he'd thought that it was over. Hope asked how Ridge had found out, and Brooke asked why he hadn't told them.

Later, Brooke surmised that Bill and Ridge had agreed to keep Deacon and Sheila's relationship a secret in exchange for Deacon's help in taking Sheila down. Ridge stated that he hadn't wanted to keep things from Brooke, but it had been best for the family. Hope asked how that had turned out for him, and she figured if Ridge had told them, they could have prevented it.

Brooke noted that Deacon had made bad decisions in the past, but "this one" was horrible. She asked how Hope felt. Hope was stunned, disappointed, and sad, saying Deacon had been turning his life around. Brooke replied that she felt the same way and didn't get why.

Hope asked Brooke to talk to Deacon, and Brooke readily agreed, saying it ended that day. Ridge refused to let Brooke go alone with Sheila there, and Ridge and Brooke left together.

Later, Thomas worked on a black beaded gown Hope was wearing, and she seemed distracted. He wondered what her father had been thinking. Hope didn't know but wanted to focus on their work. Thomas said he missed spending more time with her. "I miss this. I miss us," he said, but Hope seemed hesitant. She half-smiled, and he resumed studying the dress.

Hope flashed back to Finn saying it would be good if Thomas was reformed, but it didn't change the fact that she deserved better than Thomas. Hope recalled Brooke asking if Hope thought Thomas was right for her.

Hope snapped out of it when Thomas said he'd lost her again. She apologized, but Thomas said she didn't have to. "That's what you get with me. Total commitment, love, unconditional support," he said, and as if she'd fallen into a trance, Hope kissed him.

At Deacon's place, Sheila tried to take Deacon's mind off Hope with a little romance, but he was worried that he'd lost his daughter forever. He figured it was a matter of time before Brooke found out. Sheila wondered if he was concerned because he still had feelings for Brooke. "No, that ship's sailed," Deacon replied. He added that Brooke was with the dressmaker, and he didn't know why Brooke put herself through that. Sheila called Brooke a masochist.

Sheila hoped Deacon wasn't having regrets. He asserted that life was too short for regrets, and he'd been the one to ask for her hand in marriage. He was optimistic about Hope but figured it would take time. Sheila offered him a massage, but when he passed on it, she called him a baby. She asked him to join her in a bath to wash away his concerns. She went to draw the water, and Deacon looked anxious.

Later, Deacon was alone on the couch when he heard Brooke at his door, demanding that he let her in. When he did, Ridge and Brooke barged into the apartment. Brooke asked where Sheila was and if Deacon had lost his mind to throw away the life he'd made for a sociopath.

Sheila entered from the bedroom in her robe and stood by Deacon. Brooke asked why he'd want to be with a monster like that, and she added that he knew the things Sheila had done. Brooke predicted Sheila would take his status, his restaurant, and his relationship with his daughter, and Brooke asked him not to let Sheila cause any more damage. Brooke ordered him to tell Sheila to get lost and never return.

Ridge raged that he'd been there, looking for "this animal," but Deacon had sworn he hadn't had contact with her. Deacon said Ridge had sworn not to say anything about Sheila and Deacon, but Ridge had told Carter. Deacon said he hadn't told Ridge about it because Deacon didn't think Sheila was a threat, not in the way Ridge did. Ridge yelled that Sheila had been a threat for as long as he could remember, "but magically, she's changed?"

Deacon denied there was any magic to it. He said people just wanted to change and grow. Brooke replied that he had changed and grown; he'd made Il Giardino a hit, built a relationship with Hope, and forged a relationship with Brooke, one better than they'd ever had. Brooke expressed pride in Deacon, but she said he had to tell Sheila to leave that very day.

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