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Luna stood up to Li, and Li unfurled her painful family past. Hope gave Deacon an ultimatum about Sheila. Donna discovered Eric's bloody handkerchief, but Eric refused to stop working. Li set out to goad Sheila into getting herself arrested. Liam made a play for Steffy.
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Luna stood up to Li. Hope gave Deacon an ultimatum about Sheila. Donna discovered Eric's bloody handkerchief. Liam made a play for Steffy.
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After failing with Deacon, Brooke tries reasoning with Hope

After failing with Deacon, Brooke tries reasoning with Hope

Monday, October 16, 2023

At Deacon's place, Brooke said she and Ridge were there because Hope had begged Brooke to get through to Deacon about Sheila. Brooke warned that Deacon had a lot to lose with Hope. She ordered him to tell Sheila to get lost. Believing that Brooke knew him better than anyone, Deacon asked her to look him in the eyes. She did, and something resonated on her face. He figured that she could see it. He said he didn't know how or why, but he in fact loved Sheila.

Brooke asked how Deacon could possibly have feelings for Sheila. Agreeing that it was crazy, he said he was risking his future, his relationship with Hope, and his friendship with Brooke. He said that every time he tried to break up with Sheila, he went right back to her. He reasoned that they got each other. They were the misfits, rejects, and criminals who understood each other. He asked Brooke to keep an open mind to the possibility that it could be a good thing.

"A good thing?" Ridge repeated. Deacon vowed that Sheila would never be a threat to Ridge's family. Ridge asked what world Deacon could do that in. Deacon shared that people changed for two reasons: fear and love. He believed Sheila had always feared she'd never have love, and it had caused her to do terrible things. He stated that she had changed because she'd finally found love with him.

Brooke scoffed, and Ridge asked if Deacon knew that Sheila wasn't capable of it. Deacon replied that he was only asking them to consider the possibility. Again, he guaranteed that Sheila would not be a threat to Ridge and Brooke's family.

Later, Deacon and Sheila were alone. She said she'd never experienced his kind of love and support before. He told her to get used to it because he loved her, and they hugged.

In the design office, Li accused Luna of running to R.J. and said Luna was just like her mother, who didn't take responsibility. R.J. asserted that it hadn't been that way, and Luna hadn't even known that he'd asked Li and Finn to meet at the office. Li asked if Finn knew. R.J. replied that every family had its problems, but Li didn't get to decide how Luna was allowed to live.

Sternly, Li told Luna that she knew what to do, and it was not a request. Luna had to say goodbye to R.J. and leave Forrester Creations, never to return. R.J. praised Luna's work ethic and said she was invaluable to the new line. Luna appreciated his support but decided to talk to Li alone and settle things once and for all. R.J. exited. Li stated that the nonsense was over, and Luna should pack up and leave before things got worse.

Li claimed that she should have known it would only be a matter of time before Luna had shown up. Luna replied that she hadn't seen Li in years, and no one even knew her relation to Li or Finn. Li claimed that Poppy had blown up Li's life countless times. Poppy had gotten pregnant and embarrassed the family, and instead of making something of herself, Poppy had floated around music festivals, peddling arts and crafts. Luna said her mother was talented.

Li called Poppy a disappointment to the entire family. Li stated that her parents had worked hard to give their children opportunities. Li felt she'd given back, but she asked what "we" had seen from Luna's mother. "Nothing!" Li replied in answer to her own question. Luna said Poppy didn't have the money Li had. Li said all Poppy ever had was excuses, and Li asked what Luna's excuse was for being at Finn's family business. Li asked if she was supposed to believe Luna hadn't known exactly what she'd been doing.

Luna replied that if Li had cared to learn about her niece, she'd know that Luna had always wanted to be in fashion. Luna asked if Li had ever cared about Luna's thoughts or dreams. Luna asserted that she'd never been happier than when at Forrester, and she wouldn't let Li take that away from her. Li derided Luna for thinking she was all grown up and defending herself. Li warned that life wasn't a playground, and it didn't owe Luna anything.

"I certainly don't," Li added. In Li's view, one had to grind and sacrifice to make it, something Poppy had never exposed Luna to. Refusing to let Li make her feel small the way Li did Poppy, Luna said Li was the older sister who should reach out and help Poppy. Luna was impressed that Li was a doctor but said it didn't give Li the right to treat Luna and her mother that way.

Luna recalled that Li hadn't even let them be there for the family when Finn had been shot. Luna didn't understand who'd do that. Luna recalled that Li had excluded her from a lot, but Luna refused to let Li exclude Luna from the opportunity Luna had waited her entire life for. Luna wouldn't allow anyone to take it from her. Luna stated that Li might scare Poppy, but Li didn't scare Luna. Li claimed that Luna didn't know what a mistake she was making. "Just remember, I gave you a chance to make all of this go away -- for you and your mom," Li said and strode out.

R.J. returned, glad he'd seen Li board the elevator and not Luna. Luna thanked him for the confidence he'd given her to stand up to her aunt. She said she didn't want to leave. She loved being there and being with him. R.J. kissed her.

In the CEO's office, Hope and Thomas kissed against the door, and she locked it. Hope said she didn't want to think anymore -- not about Sheila, her dad, or anything. She asked Thomas to help her forget. Saying he loved her, Thomas agreed to help and deepened their kiss.

Hope and Thomas made out all over the office, knocking files and supplies off the desk. Hope stated that she needed to hear him say it. Thomas professed love for her and said she had his total commitment. Hope lusted over the statement, and Thomas removed her dress and propped her on Eric's desk. Next, the two made out on the settee and had sex.

Later, Hope and Thomas dressed. He told her that he'd always loved her, and it was a dream come true for him. The door handle of the office jiggled, and Brooke asked if Hope was in there. Buttoning her shirt, Hope unlocked the door. Brooke's mouth dropped open when she saw Thomas still buttoning his shirt. "You've got to be kidding me!" Brooke complained.

Hope told Brooke that Hope and Thomas didn't need the lecture. Brooke nodded but asked to speak to Hope alone. Thomas exited. Brooke expressed her frustration that she'd gone to talk sense into Deacon about Sheila and returned to find Hope "shacking up" with Thomas again. Hope asked Brooke not to compare Hope and Thomas to Deacon and Sheila. Hope asked how it had gone. Brooke said Deacon had continued to align with Sheila. Brooke hadn't gotten through to Deacon, but she hoped she could get through to Hope about Thomas. Not wanting to hear it, Hope insisted that she could make her own decisions.

Brooke asked what had gotten into Hope. Hope didn't know. All she knew was that she and Thomas were consenting adults and didn't have to justify their relationship to anyone. Brooke stated that Hope didn't love Thomas, and Hope said she'd made it perfectly clear to him. Brooke asked if Thomas was being honest with Hope and with himself, because it was clear to Brooke that Thomas loved Hope.

Hope affirmed it and said it felt great. Brooke yelled that Hope was playing with fire. "He was obsessed with you, Hope!" Brooke raged, believing he was a ticking time bomb. Brooke said he was controlling himself at that time, but she was worried about what would happen when he couldn't control his emotions. "What then? What is he going to do then? What?" Brooke asked. Brooke was afraid and insisted that Thomas was dangerous.

In the corridor, Thomas smiled, thinking of sex with Hope. He recalled her saying she didn't love him and didn't want to take advantage of his feelings.

Eric gives Donna and Dr. Colby some shocking news

Eric gives Donna and Dr. Colby some shocking news

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

In Eric's living room studio, the frustrated designer studied swatches, looking for the perfect lace for a particular gown. Unsatisfied, he text-messaged R.J. to say the guipure was too contemporary, but they needed to decide on one that day. He put away his phone and launched into a coughing fit. Donna arrived, saying she'd heard him all the way in the other room.

Eric claimed to be fine. He dropped his handkerchief, and she picked it up before he could. Puzzled, she stared at the blood on it. Assuming it wasn't the first time Eric had coughed up blood, Donna got upset and said he'd been keeping things from her. He replied that he just hadn't wanted to upset her, but she didn't know how she could help him if he hid things.

Eric hugged Donna and said it was okay. She urged him to open up, and he admitted that it had been going on for a while. Guessing his doctor didn't know about it, either, Donna got on hold with the doctor's office. Eric rasped that it wouldn't change anything because he was going to live while he was alive, and he was determined to have his grand finale.

Later, Donna set out some tea and honey along with a vitamin-packed juice. She opened Eric's pills for him. He insisted he was fine, but she said he obviously wasn't. He hated that she'd called the doctor, but Donna said she'd had to do it. She asked him to let her take care of him for once.

Dr. Colby arrived, and Eric said the visit was a waste of time. Colby knew Eric had been coughing up blood and asked how long it had been going on. Colby became pensive, and Donna questioned why they hadn't found a diagnosis yet. "Is Eric -- is he dying?" Donna asked.

In Eric's office, Brooke kissed Ridge and decided that was what they'd needed. He asked why they'd even left the house. Brooke felt that they'd needed a change and to forget about Deacon and Sheila. Ridge said he didn't like Deacon but had never thought Deacon was an idiot. Brooke reasoned that Deacon had turned his life around, and it was possible that he just saw Sheila in a different light. Ridge asked if Brooke could hear herself.

Ready to forget about Sheila, Brooke said there were more important things to worry about -- like Hope and Thomas. Brooke was worried about her daughter, who wasn't even listening to her. Brooke decided she wanted to stop thinking about negative things and focus on beautiful things. She noted that one of his designs was inspired. Saying that she'd inspired it, Ridge reasoned that Freud would say she was the reason he wanted to defeat his father.

Later, Charlie arrived to let Ridge know another order of bling had arrived. Charlie was excited about the competition, saying it was father against son, Eric versus Ridge. Charlie imagined that it was the showdown at the O.K. Corral. Ridge informed Charlie that there would not be a shootout, and though it would be about gamesmanship, it was probably Eric's last stand. Brooke mentioned that Charlie was working on the VIP guest list. Ridge told Charlie that they didn't want anyone fanning the flames because it was a simple showdown.

After Charlie left, Brooke summarized the awkward position Ridge was in, saying he respected Eric but was determined to beat Eric on the runway. Ridge felt as if Eric was forcing Ridge, and there was no stopping the runaway train.

In the design office, R.J. grinned to himself as he sketched. He was thinking of Luna and their kiss. Luna arrived with a caboodle of swatches. Reviewing his design, she said he was talented -- and kind and thoughtful. She thanked him again for helping her stand up to her aunt, but he said she'd done all the work. He felt that Li had no right telling Luna where to work and said they all loved having her there -- especially him.

R.J. saw Eric's text message and conveyed the information to Luna, who decided to let the cutting room know. She wondered if Eric would be ready for the competition. R.J. said it was himself he had been worried about, but he was doing well with her by his side. She replied that she knew what he meant. He stated that he knew she could handle herself, but he was there for her if she needed it.

Luna revealed that Li had been hard on Luna and her mom for as long as Luna could remember, but Li's thoughts about the internship didn't faze Luna because of R.J.'s support. R.J. said Luna had been supporting him, and he was returning the favor. He added that she'd arrived at the right time because of all that had been weighing on him about his grandfather. He suspected Ridge didn't know how much the challenge meant to Eric.

In Finn's office, Li discussed her protocol with a patient, and Finn said the patient was lucky she'd saved his life. Li remarked that one minute, she'd been fighting a vending machine, and the next, she'd been in surgery. Finn doubted the vending machine had stood a chance.

The topic turned to family, and Li reminded Finn to do all he could to get Steffy and the kids back. He planned to, but mentioning that he'd seen Luna, he asked why Li didn't want his cousin around. Li tried to deflect to a different topic, but he insisted on getting an answer.

Li didn't see what the big deal was about Luna going in and out of town. To Finn, it seemed like Li was driving Luna out, and he wanted to know what was going on between Li and Luna. Finn remembered Luna as a sweet kid, but then she and "Aunt Poppy" had just disappeared. "Penelope," Li corrected. He cited that Luna had said Li was the reason why.

Complaining about his fascination with "this," Li told Finn to focus on his family. He quipped that Luna was family. Li decided she'd tell Finn, since he wanted to know so badly. She claimed that her little sister had turned Li's life upside down years back, and Li would never forgive Penelope for it.

The design competition takes a toll on Eric and his family

The design competition takes a toll on Eric and his family

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

In Eric's office, Ridge worked hard on his gowns, but he seemed unhappy about it. Brooke empathized with him, knowing it was hard. Ridge didn't understand why Eric had picked the fight. "I'm gonna win this challenge. And he won't know what to do," Ridge sadly stated.

Brooke thought of how crazy it was that R.J. was with Eric, not Ridge. Ridge joked that he'd beat the pants off both of them. Ridge said R.J. was learning from the best, just not the best in the competition.

Sitting at the desk, Ridge recalled being a boy, watching Eric when Eric had been behind the desk, steering the business through fashion storms. Ridge had always respected Eric. "And now, it's me sitting here...My dad asked me to do this. And now he wants to come back and run this company again? It doesn't work that way," Ridge decided. Ridge was fine with Eric having input from time to time. "But I'm running this company now, and he needs to go live his life."

Brooke stated that she'd be glad when the competition was over, and she figured Donna felt the same way because of all the stress between Ridge and Eric. Ridge clarified that it was more than a challenge because the leadership of the company was also at stake, and Eric usurping leadership wasn't good for the company. Ridge intended to put a stop to it.

Ridge opened a folder and complained about the money Eric was spending. Brooke stated that it was Eric's "grand finale." Sure Eric would do it again the following year, Ridge asserted that Eric wasn't going anywhere.

At Eric's house, Donna and Eric met with Dr. Colby. Donna feared Eric could be dying. Eric asserted that he was dying, but not any more than either of them. In fact, he insisted he'd never felt stronger. Dr. Colby was glad to hear it but said the blood development complicated things.

The doctor listened to Eric's heart and lungs and said the bloody coughs Eric had had the last weeks were very serious. Dr. Colby didn't want Eric to brush it off. Eric said he was busy with his competition, but Dr. Colby felt that work could wait. Eric was adamant about finishing his project, and Donna explained that Eric and his son had a silly challenge.

Eric rasped that it was more than that. Donna apologized. She explained to Dr. Colby that the best designer in the challenge would have his line go into production, and Eric was determined to show that he was still on top, never to be forgotten. Donna insisted that Eric had nothing to prove because, as one of the top designers in the world, his legacy was solidified. She refused to lose him over a competition and said he was stressing himself needlessly.

Persisting in the belief that he needed it, Eric asked Donna to imagine a symphony without its final movement or a landscape without birds. He said it was a culmination of his life's work, his grand finale, and he had to finish.

Bluntly, Dr. Colby said that between the tremors and coughing up blood, Eric couldn't put more stress on himself. Instead, he should be resting and conserving energy. Donna agreed, saying she'd told Eric to stop pushing himself. Eric remained determined to win the competition and be back behind the desk where he'd invented Forrester Creations. He declared that nothing would stop him -- not a shaky hand, not a bloody handkerchief, and not even the doctor.

Donna called it ridiculous that they had no diagnosis. She mentioned getting a second opinion. Eric tried to soothe her, but she insisted they needed answers. Dr. Colby agreed to be in touch soon with a game plan, and he urged Eric to follow the doctor's advice for Donna and his family's sakes.

After the doctor left, Donna hoped Eric wasn't mad that she'd called Dr. Colby. Eric asked how he could be mad at her for loving him. He insisted, however, upon forging ahead because he was an artist and a designer. He couldn't let it go unfinished, and he declared that he wasn't finished. He said he wasn't an old, nonfunctioning stapler. Angry, he figured Ridge should have known how important that stapler had been to Eric. It had held together everything important at Forrester -- its first receipts, everything.

Eric acknowledged Donna's concerns. He knew she wished he would put down the pencil and travel the world with her. He wished he could, too, but he had the passion inside of him to create beauty. It was who he was as a man and an artist, and it was the man she'd fallen in love with. Crying, she nodded. Eric declared that he'd do the thing and be on top. He'd live his life the way he wanted to live it. She wrapped her arms around him. She was sure he'd win because he was the greatest designer in the universe, and she said she'd be with him until the end.

In the design office, Luna brought R.J. a honeydew drink to thank him for standing up for her. He reiterated how grateful he was that he'd been able to open up to her about Eric. When R.J. left to take care of an issue in receiving, she smiled to herself, thinking of their kiss.

R.J. returned, happy that he'd taken care of the problem for Eric. Luna loved how R.J. took care of his grandfather. R.J. admitted that it was killing him that he couldn't tell his father. Luna hugged him and said she was there for him.

In Finn's office, Li revealed that her sister had ruined her life years back. When Finn pressed to know more about his aunt, Li claimed that Penelope had disrespected Li and almost ruined her career. Li explained that she'd gotten her directionless sister a job at the hospital gift shop. It was steady work. "And what did she do with that?" Li asked, and grimacing, she said that when the chief surgeon's wife had discovered the relationship, Li had paid the price. Li said Penelope had turned Li's life upside down, and Li wouldn't let it happen again.

Li elaborated on the fallout from Penelope's affair with the head surgeon, saying he'd blamed it on Li because she'd gotten her sister the job. Suddenly, she'd begun losing shifts. She said Finn had been too young to remember, but when she'd taken the job at Memorial, it had been because she'd been transferred.

Li complained that she had worked hard and had been the only female surgeon in her class. "Did my sister care? Did she ever stop to think of me and my position at the hospital? No!" Li yelled. She refused to let Luna and her mother destroy her life again -- or Finn's. "I forbid it."

Li claimed that no one knew what her sister had done to her. Finn offered to listen. Li complained that her sister had lived a free and easy life with no regard for the heartbreak Li and their parents had suffered. Li said it wasn't fair.

Sheila remains cool under pressure

Sheila remains cool under pressure

Thursday, October 19, 2023

In Eric's office, Hope and Brooke arrived for Hope's budget meeting for her line. Brooke said they didn't have to do it that day, but Hope felt the need to do something with all her energy. Brooke remarked that Thomas was a talented designer. She just wished Hope and Thomas weren't working so "closely" together.

As Hope changed the topic to Deacon, Carter arrived. Hope began to start the meeting. Upset, he said it had to wait. After just talking to Ridge, Carter had to ask, "Deacon and Sheila are together?" Carter wondered what Deacon was thinking. Hope said Deacon didn't know what he was doing, but he and Sheila were in love. Carter replied that he'd been afraid of that.

Carter revealed that Ridge had clued Carter in on Deacon and Sheila weeks back, and when they'd confronted Deacon about her whereabouts after her release, Carter had suspected Deacon had been covering for Sheila. "I don't see how my father can have any involvement with Sheila after all the horrible things she'd done to so many of us. It feels like a betrayal," Hope said. Hope added that Deacon's idea that he'd changed Sheila seemed reckless.

Carter asked if Deacon cared how Hope felt. Brooke affirmed that Deacon did care, and Deacon valued his relationship with his daughter. Hope wondered if that could be the leverage they needed. Brooke said Deacon would be devastated to lose his relationship with Hope. Hope decided that she needed to get through to Deacon. She asked if the meeting could wait, and Carter nodded. Hope stated that she'd put a stop to it before anyone else got hurt.

At Deacon's place, Sheila modeled her server's uniform. She was ready to work, and they jokingly wondered what could go wrong. Sheila said she just wanted a normal life. He hoped so, because he'd gone to bat for her; however, he said she had to stop obsessing about Finn.

Sheila asked if Deacon wanted her to give up on a relationship with her son. Deacon reasoned that Finn wanted nothing to do with her at that time. Deacon was sorry that it hurt, but he was worried that if she kept trying to force it, she'd lose everything. He advised her to give everyone, including Steffy, time to see that there was no longer a threat.

Deacon reminded Sheila that he'd put everything on the line for her because he loved her and wanted a future with her. He felt that the only way they could build their life together was if she stayed out of Finn's life. "Can you do that?" Deacon asked.

Sheila insisted she loved Finn's family and that she'd never do anything to harm them. Deacon reminded her that she might have some making up to do. Deacon asked if she loved him, too. Sheila asserted that she did. He replied that it meant that they had to sacrifice for each other. He told her that he was "that someone" who loved her and believed in her, and she never needed to look elsewhere.

Deacon reminded Sheila that he'd promised to keep everyone safe from her. He noted that he was helping her out. She asked if not having a relationship with her son was helping her. Deacon said Finn would never forgive her if Steffy didn't return. Deacon asserted that he was taking a stand for her, and no one had ever done that. He said that if she loved him, she had to promise to have no communication with Finn. He asked her to say she could do it.

Sheila said she had to get to work, but Deacon asked her to say she understood him. She replied that she wanted a nice, normal life, and she wasn't looking to go to battle. What she did want was a foot massage later, including all nine toes. They kissed, and she left.

Later, Deacon opened his door to exit but found Hope on his doorstep. Striding into the apartment, she asked if Sheila was there. He said Sheila was working downstairs. Hope scoffed, wondering if customers would still patronize the place once they learned that Sheila was working there. He hoped so, but Hope said he stood to lose everything he'd worked hard for. He replied that he had to believe he wouldn't. "What about losing me?" she asked, wondering if he thought she'd ever accept him with Sheila. "What about losing me?" she repeated.

Deacon told his daughter that he loved her, but Hope claimed to have a hard time believing it. He asked her not to lose faith in him. She asked if he just wanted to throw away all they'd built. "For her?" she asked, wondering if his family was worth fighting for. She wanted to share her life with him but said she never would have invited him to Beth's party if he'd been with Sheila.

Hope urged Deacon to think of all he'd be walking away from for Sheila. Hope implored him to choose "us" and family by putting an end to the Sheila mess that day.

In Finn's office, Li overheard Finn leaving a voicemail for Steffy and was glad he was working on his family. He said it was hard due to the new developments. He revealed that someone had reached out to him on Sheila's behalf -- her new love, Deacon Sharpe.

Later, Li asked Finn if he really believed Deacon could be Sheila's gatekeeper. Desperate to get his family back, Finn hoped that Deacon's love could be enough for Sheila. Li insisted that Sheila wanted his love. At a loss, Finn said he'd done everything but walk Sheila out of town himself. He asserted that he couldn't make Sheila do anything, so if Deacon could control Sheila, it might be the answer.

Li asked if Sheila was living with Deacon next to the alley where she'd shot Finn. Finn said Sheila was working at the restaurant as part of her rehabilitation. Li scoffed, saying it was a miscarriage of justice that Sheila wasn't rotting away in a cell. Figuring there had to be a way to get Sheila locked up again, Li charged out of the office.

At Il Giardino, Sheila told Hollis that she knew Deacon had instructed him to watch her, but it was okay to blink. As Sheila waited on a table, Li slipped in, sat at a table, and covered her face with a menu. Sheila stepped over to the table, greeted Li, and suggested sparkling water. Li lowered her menu and called Sheila a despicable and diabolical creature.

"Maybe a cocktail would be better," Sheila replied. Li asked if customers knew they were being waited on by a murderous psychopath. Li claimed it made her sick to her stomach, so Sheila suggested sparkling water to settle Li's tummy. Sheila poured a glass, and Li tossed it on the floor. "Whoopsie. Accident," Li said. Sheila stared knowingly at Li and said it wasn't a problem and that Sheila would clean it up.

Later, Sheila had pulled back the mop, deeming the water all cleaned up, but fickle, Li said Sheila had missed a spot. Sheila resumed mopping, and Li guessed Sheila was good at mopping because of prison. She asked if Sheila had had to clean toilets, too. Li said Sheila could have her old job back once she was behind bars like she belonged.

Sheila said she understood why Li chose to be less than amicable; however, Sheila made it clear that she'd changed and wouldn't go back to prison. She stated that she had Deacon in her life. Amused, Li said Deacon was Sheila's one true love. Sheila replied that she wanted a simple life and wouldn't harm Li, Steffy, or "your...your son." Li was sure Sheila meant "her" son.

Sheila clarified that she'd meant Li's son. She repeated that she'd changed. She said that all she'd ever wanted was to be loved. She had thought she could find that love with Finn, but circumstances wouldn't allow it. She believed she had love with Deacon. Li asked what would happen when Deacon kicked Sheila to the curb like everyone else. Sheila said that Li still wouldn't have anything to worry about because Sheila had made a promise.

Hollis arrived with a plate of Bolognese. Li said she hadn't ordered anything. Sheila replied that she'd ordered it for Li on the house because Li seemed "hangry."

Sheila walked off, but Li called her back, saying that something was in the sauce. Sheila took a look but didn't see anything. Li told her to look closer, and as Sheila leaned in, Li smashed Sheila's face into the dish and grinned triumphantly.

Liam decides to tell Steffy about Deacon and Sheila

Liam decides to tell Steffy about Deacon and Sheila

Friday, October 20, 2023

Sheila took a deep breath and chuckled, meat sauce dripping down her face. "Let me guess. Just another accident," she said calmly. Li, noticeably pleased by her actions, replied, "Just a reminder how disgusting I think it is that you're not rotting in some prison cell for the rest of your life."

Li stood up and plucked a piece of meat off Sheila's face and tasted it. "This sauce is bitter," she said with a puckered face, adding, "Just like you." Sheila spied a set of knives nearby. She clenched both of her hands into fists and slowly lowered them to her side. Sheila told Li that she would not fall for Li's attempts to provoke her. "I don't easily fall for the bait. I am not stupid," Sheila remarked. Li silently smirked.

In Deacon's apartment, Hope insisted that it was impossible for Deacon to love her and claim to love Sheila. "Loving her is hurting me, and the two cannot exist at the same time," Hope said. Hope called Sheila "toxic" and informed Deacon that his relationship with Sheila was killing the father/daughter bond that they had forged.

Hope sat down on the sofa. Deacon shared with her that he had made a promise that if Hope were to allow him back into her life, he would never again do anything to disappoint her. Hope reminded Deacon that he had a choice. She insisted that Sheila was manipulating and using Deacon. "She is not capable of change because she is a sociopath... she is dangerous," Hope said, her voicing cracking.

Deacon claimed that he and Sheila had always been the outsiders and the misfits. Hope begged Deacon to get himself out of his entanglement with Sheila before it was too late. Hollis knocked on the apartment door to alert Deacon to a situation in the restaurant that needed his attention.

Deacon walked into the dining space and asked what had happened. "Li said that there was something in her sauce, and I didn't see anything, so she just wanted me to have a closer look," Sheila explained. Li told Deacon that he had to be crazy to be involved with a "heinous creation" like Sheila.

In the design suite at Forrester Creations, Liam dropped by with a stuffed animal for Beth. Instead of finding Hope, he ran into Thomas. The two men talked about how "insane" it was that both Deacon and Finn seemed to be unable to boot Sheila from their lives.

"She's the kind of person you don't give an inch to, and yet [Finn] gives her a mile," Liam groused. Thomas agreed that Finn had handled the situation poorly. Liam blurted out that he wanted Steffy back. The declaration caught Thomas by surprise. Thomas reminded Liam that despite the way Finn had handled things, Finn was still Steffy's husband.

Thomas paused for a moment before asking how Liam would be better able to protect Steffy from Sheila than Finn would. Liam dodged the question by stating that Finn needed to keep "that monster" away from everyone. Liam decided that he would find Finn and remind him of that.

Later, an emotional Hope returned to Forrester and told Thomas about her conversation with Deacon. She tried to compose herself for a moment before telling Thomas that she didn't want to talk about Deacon. With no warning, Hope leaped forward and began kissing Thomas passionately.

When their lips parted, Hope thanked Thomas for understanding that she didn't know what it was that she wanted from him. Hope shared that she was still processing the end of her marriage and being involved with someone who had not been totally committed to her. Thomas said that he was sorry that Liam had hurt her "over and over again." Thomas said that he wanted to be there for Hope, loving and holding her. "I will always love you," he whispered as they kissed again.

At the hospital, an angry Ridge dropped by Finn's office to discuss Sheila. When Ridge referred to Sheila as Finn's mother, Finn quickly noted that Li was his mother -- not Sheila. Ridge was unmoved by the semantics of the situation. Ridge asked if Finn had told Steffy about Deacon and Sheila. Finn said that he had not and lamented that Sheila had taken his family away from him.

The temperature of the conversation cooled a bit, and both men sat down to have a more nuanced conversation. Finn felt that in light of Deacon and Sheila's relationship, it was beyond his control to get rid of Sheila. Beyond Finn's control or not, Ridge asserted that it was still Finn's responsibility to tell Steffy about Deacon and Sheila.

Finn worried that telling Steffy would scare her off even more. Ridge seemed to understand that but repeated that Finn was the one who needed to tell Steffy.

A short time later, Liam entered Finn's office and asked what Finn planned to do about Deacon and Sheila "shacking up together." Liam quickly realized that Finn hadn't told Steffy that Finn's "psycho birth mother" was hooking up with Deacon. Finn told Liam that he believed that Deacon could control Sheila. A nurse popped into the room to tell Finn that his presence was needed. Finn called Liam's actions "disrespectful" and demanded that Liam "stay the hell away" from Steffy.

When Finn left the office, Liam looked around at the photos of Steffy. "Screw it," he muttered to himself as he pulled his mobile phone from his pocket. Liam dialed Steffy's number but got her voicemail. After saying how nice it was to hear her voice, Liam revealed that Sheila and Deacon were "a thing [and] romantically involved," and Finn was choosing to keep that from her. Liam urged Steffy to return home -- but not to return to Finn.

Liam hung up the phone and took another look at Steffy's photo. "We were married once," he said to himself. He asserted, "We can do it again."

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