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Eric was given just months to live, but he refused to back down from the showdown. Katie and R.J. learned of the seriousness of Eric's health crisis. Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine arrived from Genoa City.
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Eric was given just months to live. Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine arrived from Genoa City. The fashion challenge began.
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Katie overhears talk of Eric's grave condition

Katie overhears talk of Eric's grave condition

Monday, October 23, 2023

In Eric's office, Brooke kissed Ridge, and he wondered how she always knew what he needed. She said she'd figured out his signals. He teased her about one of his signals, and they kissed again. Ridge seemed off to Brooke, and he admitted that fighting with Eric was getting to him.

Liam arrived, wondering if Brooke or Ridge had spoken to Steffy. Ridge revealed that Steffy was hiking in the Alps. Surprised, Liam asked when that had happened. Ridge didn't know, but Brooke hoped it would help Steffy decompress from the threat of Sheila. Brooke wondered if Steffy knew about Deacon and Sheila. Ridge said it wasn't something to leave on a voicemail.

Liam flashed back to leaving Steffy a voicemail about Sheila and Deacon, and he shrugged conspicuously. He wondered if there was any way to get ahold of Steffy. Ridge wondered what the urgency was. Liam stammered, "I gotta -- I gotta talk to her about stuff, you know..." Brooke asked if it had to do with Kelly. Affirming it, he said he wanted them all safe enough to be home.

Liam said he was also there because Spencer was covering the challenge through various outlets. Ridge stated that Katie was on top of everything to do with the media. R.J. arrived, and Liam decided not to take up any more of Brooke and Ridge's time. Liam left, and R.J. asked what that had been about. Ridge didn't know.

R.J. said he was there because he'd gotten the talking points from Katie, and he had some concerns. Believing it was straightforward, Ridge summarized that friends of Forrester would gather to preview the designs. No one would know it was a challenge or who had designed what gowns, and after the guests bid, whoever had the most sales would win.

R.J. gleaned that Ridge was worried that if the bidders knew which dresses were Eric's, then Eric would win on name value alone. "No, I'm worried they're going to buy his gowns because it's his 'last collection,'" Ridge said, using his fingers for air quotes.

Ridge asked how the line was going. "Wouldn't you like to know?" R.J. quipped. Ridge claimed that he did know because he'd seen the bills for all the lace and diamonds, and he wondered if Eric got that less was more. R.J. replied that Eric knew what he was doing.

Asking if R.J. was okay, Ridge said he was just joking about Eric. Ridge knew that Eric was upset with him, but Ridge didn't want R.J. to be, too. Ridge brought up R.J. working with Eric, but Brooke told Ridge not to make R.J. feel guilty. Ridge said he wasn't doing that; he just wondered if he'd missed something about how Eric had talked R.J. into the business.

Brooke intervened, saying R.J. would work with Ridge eventually, but having Eric as a mentor was a wonderful thing for their son. R.J. said he hadn't known he'd be caught in that situation, and though he hadn't known he'd design, he'd figured that if he did, it would be with Ridge. R.J. wanted to work with Ridge; "it's just that Granddad..." Ridge asked if Eric needed R.J.

Nodding, R.J. said he needed Eric, too. R.J. saw his grandfather as a force of nature and was awestruck by the stream-of-consciousness way Eric formulated ideas. Eric could go from talking about how satin moved to picking up a pencil and having it on paper. It was emotional; it was like magic, and each design was intended to make people feel something. R.J. had never experienced anything like it before. It was life to Eric, and nothing would stop Eric. R.J. was proud to be a part of it.

Ridge said he was proud of R.J., but Ridge said R.J. hadn't wanted to design at all at first. Ridge just wanted to know if he was missing something and if Eric was okay. In R.J.'s silence, Ridge said it was Eric's grand finale, and Ridge needed to know if something was going on with Eric, something Ridge didn't know about.

At Eric's house, easels adorned with completed sketches and fabric swatches surrounded Eric in the living room, and Donna offered him another of her green juice mixes. He grimaced but thanked her. Eric was working on the order of his line and felt it was coming together. Eric seemed winded, and Donna told him that the doctor would be there soon. Eric wasn't worried about it. He insisted he'd beat the pants off Ridge at the competition.

Eric launched into a coughing fit as Katie arrived. It sounded horrible to Katie. Eric assured Katie that he was fine, and it was probably just allergies. Katie started to go over the final guest list, but Eric coughed again. He apologized and left to retrieve cough drops from the den. Katie asked Donna if she was sure it was just allergies.

Donna explained that the competition was stressful. Katie said Eric was energetic and full of life. It was hard for Katie to believe that it was Eric's grand finale when he had so much more to offer. Katie wondered if something was happening that she wasn't aware of.

Eric returned from the den and cut Katie and Donna's talk short by reminding Donna of the appointment they had. After Katie had gone, Eric apologized for making Donna keep the secret, but he said he wouldn't be able to stand the pity he'd receive in response.

Donna said she didn't want to do anything he didn't want her to do. Donna asked if the cough had produced anything. Eric reported that there had been just a little and nothing to worry about. He planned to live until he died and to hold her in his arms as long as he could.

Just then, Dr. Colby arrived with news about Eric's condition.

Later, Eric and Donna were in grave moods. She insisted that there had to be more they could do and specialists they could consult. Colby said they would explore all avenues, but they had to be realistic about it. Red-faced with tears, Donna refused to sit back and accept it. Eric didn't want her to worry. She asked if he'd heard the doctor. "You're -- you're -- " she started. She grew choked up, unable to say the words.

Dr. Colby was sorry he'd had to deliver that kind of news, but Eric's hemoptysis, coughing up blood, signaled a worsening of the condition. Colby advised Eric to conserve his strength. Donna guessed that meant no more fashion challenge. Recommending against it, Colby said it would kill Eric. Donna said that settled it, but Eric disagreed.

"If you think you can come into my house and drop this kind of a bomb -- that I'm dying -- and I'm just gonna sit here and wait for it?" Eric said. Turning to Donna, he insisted that he'd do the show. He'd go out on his own terms. "This is my life! This is my talent! This is my gift! This is how I've lived all my years!" Eric exclaimed. He insisted he'd see the gowns through, toast to what he had left, and die a happy man. "This collection will be a reality. I don't care if it kills me. I don't care," Eric concluded.

Later, Donna was still disconcerted and disillusioned. She'd dreamed of being with Eric, and losing him once had been the biggest mistake of her life. She asked how she could lose him again. Eric urged her not to go there, and instead, to stay in the moment with him. He asked her to feel his heart beating. For Eric, that was what they had right then, and it didn't matter what the doctor said. He promised to live until he was 110.

Donna asked how Eric could say that. Eric stated that everyone would die, but they wouldn't curl up in a ball and wait for it. Gesturing to the sketches around them, he said that was the path, and it didn't matter if some doctor said he'd die.

Katie, who'd just walked back into the house, froze. She slowly backed out and listened behind the door as Eric said he was alive with Donna, and it would last forever. They expressed love for each other. Eric decided to take a walk and then get more work done afterward.

As soon as Eric went back through the den, Donna broke down in sobs. Katie returned, asking if what she'd heard was true. "Eric is dying?" Katie asked. Donna affirmed it, saying the doctor had just given them the news. Katie hugged Donna, and they cried. Katie asked why Donna was going through it alone. Donna didn't know what she'd do if she lost him.

Katie asserted that Eric had a strong, fierce life force inside him. Katie figured out that the prognosis was the reason Eric was calling the collection his last. Katie asked if Ridge knew. Donna replied that Eric didn't want Ridge to know, but Katie insisted that Donna had to tell Ridge.

Donna reveals how long the doctor has given Eric to live

Donna reveals how long the doctor has given Eric to live

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

In Eric's office, Ridge sensed that R.J. was holding out on his parents about why Eric was so adamant about the challenge. R.J. barked back that it would be over with soon enough, so it seemed silly to keep asking why. R.J. asked why Eric needed more reasons than owning the company and wanting a grand finale line. Correcting R.J., Ridge said "we" owned the company, and one didn't start a collection on a whim. Ridge demanded to know why Eric had decided to do it after all those years.

R.J. decided there was something they needed to know about Eric. With interest, Ridge neared his son, asking what they needed to know. Seeming to change his mind, R.J. simply said Eric had never been more determined to create a collection, and it was as if Eric's life depended upon it; nothing meant more to Eric, and he'd give it everything he had that one last time.

Brooke said they didn't get why Eric needed to do it alone. R.J. replied that Eric had him. Ridge said no matter what happened on the runway, they all loved each other, and family was first. R.J. agreed and said he hoped neither Ridge nor Eric would doubt R.J.'s love.

Alone with Ridge later, Brooke said the fashion challenge was putting a lot of strain on Eric and Ridge, and R.J. was in the middle. Brooke was worried about R.J. and Ridge's relationship, but Ridge said he wouldn't let anything happen to it.

Carter arrived, announcing that he was finalizing the guest list for the fashion event. Brooke asked who Carter was rooting for. He was reluctant to say, but when Brooke pressed him, he claimed he was rooting for his best friend; however, he had to throw support Eric's way as the founder of Forrester and the person who'd given Carter this job.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were alone, and she reiterated her concern about Ridge's relationship with his son. She felt that no fashion challenge was worth jeopardizing it. Ridge said it was why he had to keep Eric out of that chair. Ridge insisted that Eric should be enjoying his life or mentoring, not at Forrester in "this chair." Ridge scoffed at the idea of a grand finale because his father wouldn't be going anywhere.

In the design office, Luna received a message from her mother, urging her to leave Forrester Creations. Luna seemed torn, thinking of kissing R.J. and of Eric's condition. From the doorway, Carter gave Luna some instructions about an invoice, but she wasn't listening. He snapped her out of her muse and asked if everything was okay.

Luna claimed to be distracted by the excitement of the showing. Carter told her about how exciting showings could be. He just wished Eric and Ridge weren't pitted against each other. From the doorway, R.J. stated his belief that they could keep it friendly. Carter hoped so because that was best for their image and bottom line.

Luna mentioned how hard Eric was working, and Carter replied that Ridge was no slouch. R.J. explained that Eric had put his body and soul into it, and for the line to be his finale, it had to top everything Eric had ever done. Carter remarked that it was a tall order, but Eric was up for it. Carter stated that Eric had even been too amped up to sign some paperwork for Carter.

Later, Carter had gone, and Luna noted that R.J. had been gone a while. He explained that his father was worried because he'd noticed something off about Eric. Luna was amazed that Ridge and Eric were working so hard to compete, but the love and respect were still there. "If my dad just knew the truth..." R.J. uttered.

Luna urged R.J. to see that he was being a good grandson, but R.J. questioned the kind of son he was being. He asked how his dad would feel about him once Eric's condition was revealed. Luna replied that Ridge would understand, but R.J. said he wasn't sure he'd understand if no one told him that his father was sick or let him care for his father. "What if I'm robbing him of precious time with his dad?" R.J. asked. He said it was time that Ridge knew the truth.

At Eric's house, Katie grappled with the news that Eric was dying. Donna still had a hard time wrapping her head around it, too. Katie hugged and comforted her sister. Donna shared what a struggle it had been when Eric had been in too much pain to draw, and she said the collaboration with R.J. was the best thing to come out of it. It had all seemed like it would work out, and Eric had been on top of the world. It had been magic.

"And then the pain became debilitating. And then the coughing happened," Donna stated. She revealed that Eric had been coughing up blood, and the doctor had only given him six months to live, maybe less. Katie gasped, and Donna sobbed. Donna stated that she missed her sisters. Katie asserted that she was there, and Brooke would be, too, if Donna opened up to Brooke. Donna expressed how adamant Eric was that no one knew.

Eric returned to the room, took one look at Katie's teary face, and assumed she knew. Katie hugged him and revealed that she'd overheard the news when she'd returned to get her phone. She said it was unfair and not supposed to happen to the good guys.

Katie mentioned Ridge and Brooke, but Eric insisted that he didn't want them to know. He asked Katie to respect his wishes. He refused to worry about what the doctor had said and asked Katie what she'd said when the doctor had told her that she couldn't have a baby. Katie replied that she'd told him to "go to hell."

Eric asked how old Will was, and Eric said all they could do was live each day and cherish the life God had given them. Gesturing to his sketches, Eric stated that he had his own baby to cultivate, and he'd beat the couture pants off Ridge while at it. Eric had no time for tears because it was time to beat Ridge and get the company back on track.

Katie stated that Eric's legacy was safe, and Ridge was doing well. Unsure of that, Eric said the company was doing well, and he gave Hope and Thomas credit for HFTF; however, it was fast fashion, which wasn't what Eric's legacy had been built upon. Eric's legacy was classic elegance and classic couture. Eric didn't agree with Ridge's desire to make couture trendy. Eric said a woman in a Forrester gown should be timeless and not have her beauty interrupted by some faddish dress. Eric didn't think Ridge respected that or was taking care of Eric's legacy for Eric.

Donna said it wasn't about the future of the company. It was about Eric's future. Eric, however, saw the two as one and the same. He intended to make an indelible mark on the company. Katie noted that Eric already had. Donna was struggling to stand by Eric because the doctor had advised against the showdown. Katie said she could circulate a press release canceling it, and they could tell the family what was going on.

"Tell them what? That I'm dying?" Eric asked. Eric drew the women close. He told them it was his battle, and it was his choice. It was his life and his company. "And if this is my last act, I'm going to take my final bow my way," Eric insisted.

Eric receives a visit from Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine

Eric receives a visit from Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

In the area of Forrester Creations set up to host the runway, Charlie chatted with Pam on the phone and urged her to attend the show to watch "two titans slugging it out on the runway." Pam explained that she could not attend because she had to make lemon bars. Dejected, Charlie sat down and grumbled that he was "such a loser when it comes to love."

Elsewhere in the reception area, Lauren Fenmore and Esther Valentine arrived from Genoa City, Wisconsin, to watch the fashion show. Esther was overjoyed to be visiting the Los Angeles-based fashion house. Lauren explained that she'd gotten two tickets to the show, and upon learning that Esther had always dreamed of owning a Forrester Original, it seemed only natural to have asked Esther to join her.

Luna approached the Lauren and Esther and welcomed them to Forrester. She said that she'd take Lauren to see Eric in a few moments. A giddy Esther could not believe that she might soon own a gown from the same designers that the late Katherine Chancellor had worn.

In the design suite at Forrester Creations, Eric made some adjustments on Lilah's gown. Both Lilah and R.J. sang the praises of the garment, but Eric remained surprisingly humble and focused on making sure every detail was perfect. R.J. escorted Lilah out of the room, but when he returned, he became concerned when he found Eric coughing.

As R.J. pressed Eric about his health, Luna entered the office with Lauren in tow. After being introduced to R.J., Lauren sized up the young man and remarked, "Ridge Junior." R.J. admitted that he had to "live up to" the name. R.J. said that he had heard a lot about Lauren. When asked if it was all good, R.J. momentarily paused. His silence prompted laughter from Eric and Lauren. Eric then shooed R.J. and Luna from the office.

Eric told Lauren that he was glad that she had accepted his invitation to attend his "grand finale" fashion show. Lauren insisted that she wouldn't have missed it but questioned why the show was Eric's grand finale. She also wanted to know why Eric wasn't in his office. "It's a little situation that I hope to have resolved very soon," Eric replied. As for why he planned to make his latest collection his last, Eric said that time was creeping up on him, and he didn't know how much time he had left.

Back out in the corridor, Luna and Esther were chatting when R.J. interrupted. He immediately apologized for his rudeness. Esther rose to her feet, and her eyes widened. "I follow you online," she gushed. R.J. and Luna had to step away to handle an issue with shipping.

Alone, Esther walked over to the reception desk and started handling file folders and other items on the desk. Charlie observed her actions and quickly sneaked up from behind. "Not so fast, young lady!" he shouted. Charlie reached into Esther's handbag to see what she was "packing." When he pulled out a feather duster, Charlie was stunned and confused. "I know this looks innocent, but you know what this could do in the wrong hands," he muttered. Esther explained that she took the feather duster everywhere because she was a "compulsive cleaner." Esther took the opportunity to introduce herself.

Lauren exited the design suite and told Esther that Eric wanted to meet her. Lauren picked up on the smittenness between Charlie and Esther and smiled. Lauren escorted Esther into the design suite and introduced Esther to Eric. They chatted briefly about Katherine Chancellor. Lauren didn't want to keep Eric from his creative process, so she and Esther allowed Eric to get back to work.

Alone in his office, Eric began coughing uncontrollably. Again, when the coughing subsided, his handkerchief was splattered with blood. Eric angrily tossed the cloth in a trash can, a scowl planted firmly on his face.

In the executive suite, Luna told R.J. that the shipping issue was being resolved with US Customs, but R.J. was lost in thought as he looked at some of the family photos in his grandfather's office. When R.J. snapped back to the present, he shared his concerns about Eric's health with Luna. At the same time, though, R.J. admitted that he was wrapped up in Eric's enthusiasm about the collection. Luna called R.J. a "wonderful, caring guy" and gave him a hug.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna told Katie that she was having trouble processing the news that Eric was dying. Katie asked if Donna had had any luck convincing Eric to tell his family what was going on. "He doesn't want that kind of attention or worry," Donna replied. With only an estimated six months for Eric to live, Donna wondered what she was supposed to do.

Donna acknowledged that there was "a little age difference" between her and Eric, a comment that elicited a slight smirk from Katie. Still, Donna confessed that she'd always thought that she and Eric would have many more years together. Katie said she spoke from experience when she suggested that Eric could defy the odds. Donna called Katie a "medical marvel."

Katie urged Donna to adopt Eric's mindset and, like Eric, savor every second of life. Donna promised that she'd try. She fought back tears as she told Katie that she was "so scared for Eric." Katie hugged Donna tightly and tears flowed freely from both women's eyes. "If only the world knew the truth. Eric Forrester is dying," Donna cried.

Eric reveals his heartbreaking prognosis to R.J.

Eric reveals his heartbreaking prognosis to R.J.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

In Los Angeles, it was the night before the big show. Eric was at home with R.J. and Donna, working with models, accessorizing the gowns. Eric was fired up and had never felt so alive. Meanwhile, at Forrester, Ridge was similarly busy at work, doing the same thing with Thomas and Hope looking on. Each designer felt as if he was at the top of his game.

In the crowded corridor at Forrester, Lauren and Esther thanked Charlie for the tour. It was the most extensive tour Lauren, who claimed she'd worked at Forrester for years, had ever been on. She asked if it was possible to see Ridge. Looking at Esther, Charlie asked who wouldn't have time for two stunning ladies.

Charlie left to check with Ridge. Esther noted how nice Charlie was. Lauren reminded Esther that she was there to pick up a gown, not a security guard. Charlie returned to say Ridge would see the women. Esther walked backwards, her eyes on Charlie as she followed Lauren to the office.

In Eric's office, Thomas asked Ridge about the contest rules. Ridge said the guests would bid on gowns, and whoever sold the most would win. Hope assumed no one would know that Eric and Ridge were competing. Ridge replied that some might notice that some designs were traditional, and Thomas added that Ridge's were more edgy.

"Timeless and elegant," Ridge claimed. Thomas couldn't see Ridge losing. Hope and Thomas left Ridge to work. Alone, Ridge gazed at a photo of himself and Eric.

When Lauren and Esther entered, Ridge enthusiastically greeted them, saying the showing was for the cream of the crop and wouldn't make sense without Lauren. She introduced Esther to "the" Ridge Forrester and warned Esther not to fall in love with him. Lauren remarked that they'd met with Eric and had seen one of his beautiful designs. Ridge replied that she'd be surprised by how innovative the company had become.

Lauren praised Forrester for its longstanding reputation and expressed a keen interest in what was new. She wondered if Ridge would give an old friend a peek. He said she'd have to wait like the rest of them, but her opinion mattered. Excited to be surrounded by the most beautiful gowns in the world, Esther said she felt like a princess. Ridge said it was the goal to make one feel like a princess -- or a queen.

Dreamily, Esther began to tell Ridge what a fan she was, but Lauren pulled Esther away because it was time to go to their hotel. Back in the corridor, Esther became enchanted by Charlie again. Lauren quickly led Esther to the elevator, and Charlie fanned himself in their wake.

Back in Eric's office, Ridge looked at Eric's photo, saying, "All right, Dad. It's showtime."

In the design office, Hope had tried on a string neck halter dress Thomas had designed. She loved the changes he'd made, and he loved seeing it on her. "I love a lot of things," he uttered, bringing her close to him. In her attentive silence, he added, "But we need to get our budget back. That's another thing I'd love." He figured that the best thing for them and for the line was for Ridge to win the showdown.

Twirling Hope around, Thomas said a designer had to capture the essence of the woman he designed for, and Hope had changed over time. Thomas had to design for the woman Hope was becoming. He saw her as sexy, passionate, and wild. Hope replied that she liked the way he saw her. They kissed, and he told her that HFTF would be back in the spotlight. That meant she got to be in the spotlight, and everyone would know the Hope Logan he'd gotten to know so intimately.

At Eric's house, Eric's hand trembled as he tried to fix a fold in a gown. He covered with the Forrester employees, saying it was just preshow jitters and nothing to worry about. Eric figured the only person who had to worry was Ridge, who'd be going down the next day.

Later, the models and employees had gone. Eric was tickled by the work that he and R.J. had done. He pointed at sketches, telling R.J. to look at what R.J. had accomplished. R.J. insisted that it had been all Eric, but Eric said they'd both done it. Eric stated that so much was riding on the collection -- his collection, his career, and his life.

R.J. asked what Eric meant by saying his life was riding on the showing. Eric grew silent, but Donna said that, as Eric's partner, R.J. deserved to know everything. Eric agreed, proud that R.J. had become a real partner. Eric was glad they'd had the time together. R.J. asked why Eric was talking as if it was over. Eric replied that everything had to come to an end, and it was his last hoorah. "I'm dying, R.J. I'm dying," Eric uttered.

R.J. asked what that meant, and a knowing silence answered him. Eric stated that it had really opened his eyes, and life was never clearer than to the dying. He said people were too busy to get close to what they had right around them. "That's the gift that's been given to me," he stated.

R.J. asserted that they should be flying in specialists, not throwing a fashion show. Eric declared that it was what he wanted. He wanted the show, and he wanted to be there in that room, where he'd raised his kids. He wanted to be with Donna and R.J., who loved him so much. Upset, R.J. said he wasn't okay with losing Eric.

Eric tried to tell R.J. how great he'd become, but R.J. didn't want to hear it. "You need to tell Dad!" he yelled. Eric decided that he didn't want to tell Ridge because he didn't want Ridge to look at him the way R.J. was at that moment. Eric asked R.J. to respect Eric's wishes. Sobbing, R.J. said Eric had changed R.J.'s life, and Eric replied in kind. Donna, Eric, and R.J. held each other, and Eric asked to have some time to himself with his designs.

Donna and R.J. went upstairs. Eric's shaky hand trembled over designs. He gazed at his portrait and flashed back to fashion shows of the past and runway after runway gone by. "Tomorrow, I'll go out on top," he uttered.

The battle for Forrester Creations begins with two gowns

The battle for Forrester Creations begins with two gowns

Friday, October 27, 2023

At Forrester, the brightly lit showroom was without its signature stage. Instead, white gold-rimmed chairs formed a square area for intimate viewing of the gowns to come. Eric gazed around in wonder and listened as Katie did a mic check. She joined him, and he exclaimed that he was born to do it.

Donna strode in, and Eric beamed with excitement. He said it never got old, and he couldn't wait to go head to head with Ridge. Eric got dizzy, and Katie reminded him to mind what the doctor had said. Eric noted that the doctor hadn't said anything about that day, the best day of Eric's life.

In Eric's office, Ridge was staring at a problem with a gown a model wore, and he murmured that it wouldn't be the "day of" if something didn't go wrong. Carter arrived, and Ridge accused Carter of jinxing Ridge by saying he'd win. Carter was confused, but as Brooke left the room, she advised Carter to just go with whatever Ridge said.

Carter promised never to speak to Ridge before a show again. Carter explained that he and Katie had gone over her introductory language, he'd later tabulate the sales, and "the winner takes all -- the mantle of Forrester Couture and this CEO's office." Carter concluded that "the stakes have never been higher."

Later, the model in the flawed gown had returned along with Zende, who'd repaired it, and Paris. Zende was modest about the quick work he'd done, but Ridge insisted on knowing who'd taught Zende how to do it. Zende revealed that it had been his grandfather, and Ridge smiled, unsurprised. Ridge thanked Zende and praised Paris for including the Foundation in the showing.

Later, Ridge was alone when Brooke returned. She'd been able to tell that his jinxed talk had been about more than pre-show jitters. She believed it was due to the battle with his father. Ridge claimed that it was just adrenaline. He said he didn't like going into battle with his father; however, it was necessary that he win for the good of the company.

Carter poked his head through the doorway and announced that it was time. Brooke kissed Ridge for good luck.

In the design office, R.J. seemed out of sorts as he gave last instructions to a model and seamstress. Luna asked if he was okay. At first, he pretended to be fine, but then he confided in her that Eric had revealed something the previous night -- that he was dying. Floored by the news, Luna asked if Eric should even be doing the show. R.J. replied that Eric insisted, and R.J. felt even more conflicted. Luna promised to be there to help him through it.

Back in the showroom, Brooke and Donna greeted the singer Fanny Greyson, who'd been excited to receive a golden ticket to the event. Countess Von Frankfurt arrived and clasped hands with Brooke. Behind them, a platter clanged on the floor. By the door, an usher was trying to catch his tray. Esther offered to help him. Lauren said he had it.

As Brooke made more introductions, Esther was awestruck by the Forrester showroom. The countess warned Esther to close her mouth before she caught a fly.

Later, Lauren and the countess chatted, and the countess declined to partake of the hors d'oeuvres. Esther assumed that the countess was waiting for her Frankfurter hot dogs, but the countess sharply corrected that her name was Frankfurt, not Frankfurter.

Esther apologized for offending the countess and crossed the room to speak to Charlie, who had offended some ladies by asking for their tickets. The countess asked what a simple person like Esther was doing at the fashion show. Lauren stated that that was the "one and only Esther Valentine."

Lauren joined Esther and Charlie, who wondered if the ladies would buy gowns that day. He was shocked when Esther pulled out a wad of cash. Lauren told Esther to put her money away, and Charlie joked about needing more security. Esther explained that after being around Katherine Chancellor and all her Forrester gowns, Esther had dreamed of owning one of her own. Charlie promised that Esther would find her gown because the collection that day was the finest he'd ever seen.

Backstage, Donna found Eric and let him know Katie was ready with her introductions. Eric decided that he would watch the show from back there. Donna offered to join him, but he said he wanted to take it all in from back there. He urged her to go up front and enjoy the beauty of that day and of his final collection.

Back in the bustling showroom, Brooke and Ridge arrived. Katie introduced herself, Zende, Paris, Carter, Brooke, R.J., Eric, and Ridge. She thanked the guests for flying in from around the world and explained that the gowns for sale would be numbered. When asked how one would know if she was buying an Eric or Ridge design, Katie asserted that one wouldn't, and that was the fun and air of mystery about the event.

Admitting that it was unusual, Katie said Forrester had always broken the mold and reinvented itself. She stated that they'd see both schools of thought, and she urged them to write down their favorite gown to bid on. Katie further explained that those lucky enough to win the bids on their gowns would experience private fittings with the designer and preview the collection.

Katie remarked that hundreds of hours had gone into each design, and Ridge and Eric had poured more of themselves into that collection than any other. Katie reasoned that it was the curse of the designer and the thing that made life worth living. "Without further ado, the House of Forrester...Couture," Katie announced.

Mood music played as the guests clapped. Eric slipped backstage, and number one, a black shimmering trumpet gown, floated into the room on a model. Donna remarked to Brooke that it was pure class, just like Donna's honey bear. The next gown was a column satin gown in jeweled red with a modern bustier. Katie eloquently described each gown.

The guests clapped, and Ridge sneaked backstage to tell Eric that they were off to the races. Ridge asked if Eric would watch his defeat from backstage, but Eric said he could feel it in the air. "The day is mine, Ridge," Eric declared. Ridge snapped that it was Eric's grand finale, and Eric said that was right. Ridge walked away, and Eric erupted in coughs.

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The Borgnines: The Worst of The Young and the Restless in 2023
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