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Li revealed that she resented Poppy for having had a child. Ridge told Steffy and Thomas that Eric was dying. Luna met Steffy. Brooke told Thomas that Hope didn't really love him. Liam told Hope that he would always love her, but Hope told him he was no longer the man in her life.
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Li and Poppy's reunion was unhappy. Ridge told Thomas and Steffy that Eric was dying. Hope rejected Liam and told him that she had moved on with Thomas.
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Li reveals the reason that she and Poppy are estranged

Li reveals the reason that she and Poppy are estranged

Monday, November 13, 2023

In Finn's office, Deacon arrived. Intrigued by Finn's request that they meet, Deacon asked if he was due for a checkup. Finn quipped that Deacon needed a checkup on his brain if Deacon thought Finn would ever let Sheila into Finn's life. Noting that Finn referred to Sheila by first name, not "Mom," Deacon asked if it mattered that she'd carried Finn into the world. "Of course, it does," Finn replied. Deacon said he could see that it did, and so could Sheila.

Deacon said that Sheila had given Finn life and just wanted to be a part of it. Finn replied that Deacon knew Steffy's feelings; Steffy despised Sheila, and Finn didn't want anything to do with Sheila. Prefacing his assertion with the fact that Sheila needed to accept it and stay away, Finn stated that he hadn't called Deacon there to hear a sales pitch on Sheila. Finn wanted Deacon to know that, unlike Deacon, Finn and Steffy would never wipe Sheila's slate clean.

"Never's a really long time," Deacon reasoned. Finn asserted that his commitment was to his family. He said Steffy was his world, and he wouldn't risk losing her, certainly not over Sheila.

At the cliff house, Liam told Steffy that she couldn't deny what they'd shared. She said she'd never try. He reasoned that their lives had taken different paths, but the love was still there. He felt it and knew she could, too. "Woo-hoo! I need a cold shower!" he exclaimed. He said she was putting off the inevitable because she'd eventually have to protect herself and the kids from Sheila. Confident that he could help, Liam told her to leave Finn and go back to Liam.

In Liam's view, being with Finn was the same as being with Sheila, and he advised Steffy to cut the cord "now." He said that he and Steffy had been great together, and they could be even better. Steffy replied that Liam meant a lot to her, and they'd had remarkable times; they'd made Kelly, and he'd brought happiness to Steffy's life.

Steffy got that Liam was concerned about her safety, but she was certain she could handle Sheila. Steffy refused to run away or back down. "And I'm not giving up my marriage because of that lunatic," Steffy concluded. Liam asked if she'd stay in a marriage that constantly put her and the kids in jeopardy. Steffy professed love for Finn and had no intention of walking away from him because of Sheila. Steffy said she loved Liam and always would, but she was committed to her family and husband. She wouldn't leave Finn for anyone, including Liam.

Liam was sorry to hear that, but he said he wouldn't give up. He didn't see their story as finished. He felt it had just begun. He was certain they'd find their way back to each other.

Later, Steffy was alone with Finn and said she'd thought he'd be working late. Finn said he'd realized that the most important thing he'd had to do was "this." With that, he kissed her. He said he had missed Steffy like crazy and that they had a lot of time to make up for. He couldn't wait another moment to start. He wanted to make love to her over and over again and never let her go.

Steffy said she wasn't going anywhere. Finn told her not to question his love for her. Steffy admitted she had missed him and hated to be away from him. He said it was why he was home from work. He'd had to see her in their home. He loved her more than anything and said nothing and no one would keep them apart again.

In his office, Liam stroked a picture of Steffy. "Hi-ya, Steffy," he spoke to the photo as if it was Steffy. He insisted that she would return to him, and when she did, he'd never let her go.

In Eric's office, Luna and R.J. worked at the conference table. He gazed at the empty chair behind the desk. R.J. admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Eric, who was acting like it was business as usual when he was dying. Luna said R.J. wasn't alone. He was glad she wasn't leaving Forrester like her aunt wanted her to.

Luna didn't get why everything she and her mother did was deemed to be a way to spite Li. Luna revealed that her mother was in town because she was concerned. R.J. guessed it had to do with the overbearing Aunt Li.

Later, Luna was in the middle of explaining that her mom and aunt hadn't been born from privilege, and Li had had to work for everything she'd gotten. In Luna's view, it had made Li cold and judgmental. Li had many walls up, and Luna said Li had been hard on her sister for as long as Luna could remember. Luna wished they could be close, so Luna wouldn't be caught in the middle. R.J. hugged Luna, and they kissed.

In the design office, Poppy said she thought that Li was being unreasonable about Luna working at Forrester. Not having any of it, Li seethed that Luna had to leave that day. Li asked Penelope if it was clear. "It's Poppy," Poppy corrected, but Li said that wasn't the name their hard-working parents had given. Poppy asked why Li was so dismissive of her younger sister. Poppy wanted to be close. Li said Poppy had almost upended Li's career, and Li wouldn't let it happen again.

Poppy reasoned that she couldn't change the past, and she'd apologized over and over. She didn't know what her sister wanted from her. Li snapped that a few apologies wouldn't make up for what Poppy had done to Li, and Li should have never gotten Poppy that job. Poppy explained that she'd fallen in love. Li yelled that he'd been the married chief surgeon.

Poppy replied that she hadn't known that until afterward. Li yelled that when his wife had found out that Poppy and Li were sisters, that had been the end of Li at that facility. Li said she had worked hard to become a doctor [which had required] "years of sacrifice...while you just fluttered around like a lost butterfly, no direction." Li added that Poppy had "no direction, no purpose. Just excuses, smiling your way through life like you had no worries in the world."

"What is it with you, anyway? Why are you always so happy?" Li asked. Poppy replied that it was easy when one didn't have much. Poppy had a functioning car, a safe place to live, friends, and a daughter. It was more than enough for Poppy, who believed that happiness wasn't dictated by money or success.

Li was offended, suspecting that Poppy was belittling Li's accomplishments. Poppy denied it, saying she was impressed by Li and proud of her, but Poppy felt compelled to wonder if it was worth it if it didn't bring Li joy. "Are you happy, Li?" Poppy asked. Li asked what Poppy thought after Jack had lied to her face every day while having an affair with a sociopath.

Poppy was sorry for the pain but noted that there was a silver lining. "Sheila's a dangerous person, but without her, you wouldn't have Finn," Poppy noted. Poppy believed in fate and that things happened for a reason, and she said the affair had produced Finn. Li called Finn the love of her life and her pride and joy. Li said his life had been perfect until that deranged woman had shown up. Li told Poppy to imagine if an insane person put a bullet in Luna.

Poppy said she'd wanted to be there for Li, but Li hadn't responded. Li replied that Poppy and Luna should have taken the hint and stayed away. Li was still suspicious of Luna winding up at Forrester, and she refused to let Luna mess up Finn's life the way Poppy had Li's.

Poppy asserted that Luna was there to further her career, not sabotage Finn. Poppy didn't know why Luna would even want to. Li replied that it was because Luna had been raised by Poppy and had Poppy's values. Li said Poppy had thrown her family under the bus to satisfy her own selfish needs. Poppy yelled that it had had nothing to do with Luna, and it wasn't fair to hold it against Luna. Poppy repeated that she hadn't known she'd been sleeping with a married man and had never meant for Li to get caught up in the fallout.

Li seethed that it was just who Poppy was -- "free, easy, so lovable." "The friends...all the friends...the dates, the attention. Everybody loves Poppy! Talk about unfair," Li said. Poppy asked what was unfair. "That you were able to carry a child, and I couldn't!" Li yelled.

Poppy asked if that was the reason Li had been so upset with Poppy. Li told Poppy to save the pity. Poppy didn't know why she'd pity Li, who had Finn. Li said she cherished Finn, but it wasn't the same. Li said Poppy had carried Luna, Poppy's own flesh and blood; Finn shared it with Sheila, but Li shared it with no one.

Poppy, who hadn't realized, said she'd thought Li had just decided not to have any more kids after Finn. Li cried that she'd had many accomplishments, except one. She couldn't bring a child into the world, something Poppy had done so effortlessly. Poppy tried to hug Li, but Li stepped back, saying she didn't want Poppy's pity. Li also still refused to let Luna interfere in Finn's life.

As Eric plans more designs, Ridge delivers bad news

As Eric plans more designs, Ridge delivers bad news

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

In Eric's office, Brooke asked if Ridge had heard back from Kristen, Felicia, or Thorne. Ridge hadn't, and he dreaded having to tell them about Eric. Ridge didn't want to even talk about it and didn't want to lose his dad. Brooke replied that Eric was everything to all of them. Ridge asked about Rick and Bridget. Brooke said she wanted to tell them and Hope in person. Ridge shared that Thomas and Steffy were on the way there and deserved to know about Eric.

Brooke said Ridge had made a beautiful sacrifice in letting Eric win. Ridge just wished he could change things. As Brooke and Ridge hugged, Thomas and Steffy arrived, wondering what was going on. Ridge said they needed to know something about their grandfather.

Thomas and Steffy assumed it was about the fashion challenge and expressed their surprise that Eric had won it. In Ridge's silence, they again asked what was going on. Ridge explained that Eric hadn't won. Thomas and Steffy expressed confusion, citing that everyone had congratulated Eric. Thomas didn't see why Ridge would just give it away after all his hard work.

Thomas asked if Ridge had pitied Eric, but Ridge said he'd never had more respect for Eric than when he'd given Eric the win. Ridge explained that Eric was going through things and had difficulty sketching. Steffy asked how Eric had created the designs, and Thomas figured it had been R.J. Ridge and Brooke explained that the secret had torn R.J. up inside. Thomas guessed that Eric had arthritis, but Ridge said it was much worse. "Dad is dying," he said.

Steffy and Thomas became distraught, but Thomas figured it was why Eric had wanted to do a grand finale. Steffy asked who knew. Brooke answered that R.J., who'd told them, and Donna and Katie. Ridge added that he hadn't reached the rest of the family. Ridge explained that Eric didn't want anyone to know and wasn't aware that Ridge and Brooke knew.

Steffy asked what they could do. Ridge replied that the doctor had advised love and support. Steffy wanted to see Eric, but Ridge insisted that they had to keep up the charade for Eric's sake. Thomas stated that his grandfather had always been there for him as a man and designer. Sobbing, Steffy wanted to spend more time with Eric and for her kids to, as well. Ridge assured her that they'd give Eric all the love and support he could handle.

At Eric's house, Eric gleefully spoke on the phone with Aldo, saying that Eric, not Ridge, had been the driving force behind the new couture line -- with the help of his grandson. Erupting into a coughing fit, Eric hurried off the phone. Donna looked concerned, but he claimed to be fine.

Donna instructed Eric to call the doctor, but Eric said it would only be to hear that his time was running out. Donna wished he'd stop saying that, but he insisted that it was their reality.

Katie arrived and sensed she was interrupting something, but Eric and Donna denied it. Katie said she had an update on the challenge. Grinning, Eric responded that he had beaten Ridge and taught his son a lesson. Feeling vindicated, Eric said he'd proven his point when he'd won the showing fair and square. Eric said Ridge hadn't thought Eric could do it, and Eric hadn't been able to do it without R.J. Eric hoped R.J. stayed at Forrester but knew R.J. would shine in whatever he did, and Eric hoped R.J. found someone supportive like Donna.

Mentioning Luna, Eric suspected that it had already happened. Eric reveled in winning and in proving the naysayers wrong. Eric announced that he needed to get into the office. He had "all these ideas" floating in his head. Donna looked shocked. He said he couldn't control when the creativity hit. "You have more designs?" she asked.

Eric affirmed it, saying that he at least had to flesh out the couture line of his. Confused, Donna said Eric had won. He'd gotten his office back, and he'd had his finale. Eric said that he wouldn't just stare at the walls, and every couture line deserved an encore. Donna asked about Eric taking care of himself and spending time together traveling. Eric claimed they'd do it all, but there, at the end of his life, he felt more vibrant than ever.

Upset, Donna decided Eric needed to consult his doctor because new designs were a big undertaking, and the cough hadn't sounded good. He claimed the cough had been nothing. "What?" Donna exclaimed. Katie spoke from experience, advising Eric to see specialists. He said he had, but she told him there were specialists all over the world, not just Los Angeles. Eric replied that they'd give him false hope. Katie suggested he talk to Bridget, but Eric replied that he still didn't want people knowing about his diagnosis.

Eric was sure that people would pity him, but Katie said that wouldn't be the case. Eric desired that his family live their lives, not waste time prematurely mourning him. Donna said they'd all want to be there for him. Eric insisted that he didn't want people gathered around him with teary faces and sad eyes. He hadn't lived that way and didn't want to die that way.

In the design office, Luna gazed at a tablet and called R.J. and Eric "uber-talented." R.J. said Eric had been king of the fashion world for decades and still had more to create, and what was happening was not fair to Eric. As much as Eric had given the world in terms of designs, Luna figured Eric's greatest gift had been his family. R.J. just couldn't believe "this is it."

As Luna and R.J. hugged, Poppy entered. Luna said she'd thought Poppy had gone. Poppy explained that she'd been detained by Li. R.J. introduced himself to Poppy, who'd heard a lot about him from her daughter. R.J. said he was happy that Luna was at Forrester. Luna cooed that it had been a dream come true, and Poppy expressed pride in Luna realizing her dream.

R.J. mentioned Luna finding Eric's stapler, and Luna and R.J. talked about how great his grandfather was. R.J. also praised Luna, who he felt was great around there. He said he'd hate to lose her. R.J. revealed to Poppy that he'd exchanged words with Li about Luna working at Forrester. He felt that it wasn't Li's decision. "You told Li that?" Poppy asked.

R.J. asked if he'd been overstepping. Disagreeing, Poppy thanked him for standing up for Luna. Poppy revealed that Li wasn't backing down. Miffed about it, Luna said Li was in medicine, not fashion. Poppy said Li had strong opinions and expected to get her way. Luna replied that she was Poppy's daughter, not Li's, and Li couldn't dictate where Luna worked.

R.J. offered to talk to Li, but Poppy didn't want him in the middle. Luna stated that they had to stand up to Li. Poppy, however, didn't think Li would back down or give up, and if Li kept it up, she'd ruin everything for Luna.

Eric's family struggles with honoring his wishes

Eric's family struggles with honoring his wishes

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

At Eric's house, Eric prepared for work, but Katie and Donna tried to convince him that a day by the pool would be nice after all he'd accomplished. Eric was adamant about going to his office to put his feet on his desk. He coughed but insisted that he was fine and wouldn't die that day.

Behind Eric, the front door closed. Brooke was standing there. Eric pretended that he just had a simple cough, and Brooke pretended she hadn't heard anything about dying. He said that he was on the way to the office, but he promised not to gloat too much to Ridge about winning.

Eric left, and Brooke asked how Donna was holding up. Donna admitted that it was hard keeping the secret. Brooke explained that Ridge hadn't been able to hold back with his kids and hadn't wanted to lie to them or hide his feelings. Brooke revealed that Ridge had told Steffy and Thomas the truth about their grandfather.

Donna understood why Ridge had done it but insisted that Eric could not know that Steffy and Thomas knew. Donna wanted to pull herself together for Eric; she felt like she was falling apart. Katie said Donna had been going through it all by herself, and Brooke wished they could all be there to support and love Eric instead of playing a charade.

Hope arrived to see Eric about HFTF. Hope sensed something was wrong. Donna tried to pretend it was fine, but she started to cry. She indicated that Brooke could tell Hope. Brooke revealed that Eric was sick. "He's dying. Eric is dying," Brooke stated.

Hope was shocked to hear it, and Donna explained that it had been coming on for months, even though they hadn't known the extent of it. Believing it had been arthritis, they'd enlisted R.J. to help Eric design his grand finale. Brooke said Eric was too proud to accept that he couldn't design anymore. Katie said Ridge never would have stood in Eric's way had Ridge known. Donna explained that she and Eric hadn't known and had believed they'd had time to figure it out.

Brooke told Hope that Eric couldn't find out that Hope knew. Donna stated that he didn't want pity. Hope replied that they wouldn't pity him. She was disappointed to have to pretend not to know at a time when Eric needed them the most. Katie said that it was Eric's decision.

Hope asserted that it might be the wrong decision. Katie said they'd felt the same way when they'd found out, but it wasn't about how they felt; it was about how Eric felt. Katie stated that Eric wanted to live until he died, and it was his decision how to live. Donna added that there would be no sorrow and no tears. Katie stated that they could honor him by honoring his wishes.

Donna admitted that she was struggling to live and love in the moment, but Eric was happy and had been on fire designing with R.J. She told them that they should have seen him when he'd won the challenge. In her view, Eric wanted smiles, laughter, and love until the end. Brooke told Hope that they'd get through it as a family, and the four hugged.

At Forrester with Thomas and Ridge, the devastated Steffy said she never would have left town if she'd known about Eric. Ridge told his daughter not to do that to herself. She asked how Donna was. Ridge replied that it had been hard going it alone, but she had her sisters since they'd learned. Thomas said none of it felt real, and he wasn't ready to lose Eric. Ridge uttered that he wasn't, either. Thomas and Steffy asked if they were supposed to act like everything was fine. Ridge said Eric didn't want anyone to know.

Carter arrived and sensed that he was interrupting something. Ridge claimed to be filling Steffy in on what she'd missed. Carter wanted to be filled in, also, and asked if Steffy and Thomas knew about Eric winning the challenge. Ridge affirmed it, and Carter demanded to know why Ridge had allowed Eric to believe he'd won.

Ridge claimed he'd wanted to see Eric happy. Carter recalled that Ridge hadn't been thrilled to do the competition, but he had been pleased that he'd won. Carter said Ridge had wanted to tell Eric himself, but out of nowhere, Ridge had announced R.J. and Eric as the winners.

As Carter demanded to know what was going on, Eric arrived, chuckling because his office was still a conference room. He said no one could sit in his chair, though. He reveled in winning, saying that he'd forgotten that a little competition was good for an artist. Eric said Ridge had done such great work, and it had forced Eric to do some of the best work of his life. Ridge asked if Eric was thanking Ridge. "No. Although I do appreciate it. It was really fun beating you," Eric concluded.

Gazing at his sullen grandchildren, Eric asked why they were looking that way. Steffy replied that Ridge had told them everything. Eric asked what Ridge had told them. In their silence, Eric assumed Ridge had said he couldn't believe Eric had beaten the great Ridge Forrester.

Eric asked if Carter had also been shocked. Carter said he'd been mildly surprised, but he looked forward to seeing Eric at the forefront again. Carter decided to leave to attend to the orders. Frowning, he murmured that he'd catch Ridge later, and with that, Carter left.

Eric decided that no one should be surprised that he'd won. He said that he was older and had lost some steps; however, he had a lot of gas in the tank. Eric asserted that they made art, and art never died. He felt it was their job to make sure it was never forgotten. Picking up the stapler, he said it was like the old stapler that had been lost and forgotten. It was back, just like Eric, who predicted mighty days at Forrester. Eric vowed to make the most of the time he had left.

Ridge began to speak, but Eric said it was okay because he knew time wasn't on his side. Steffy fought back tears as she asked Eric not to say that. Eric stated that it was true, but he wouldn't go off quietly. He recalled that Ridge had wanted Eric to retire; however, he insisted that life was to be lived, and he'd live until his last breath. Eric grinned at the secret mourners in the room.

Eric opined that time stopped for no man, and he wouldn't go anywhere soon, not after his achievement. Ridge noted that it had been their finest hour, and Eric stated that it had been fun. Ridge said Eric inspired him. Thomas added that Eric inspired Thomas, too, and reminded Eric of a school project Thomas had done as a teenager. Eric remembered, and Thomas said Eric had been eager to help. Thomas stated that Eric had taught Thomas then and had continued to do so; Eric had taught Thomas as a designer and a man.

Steffy recalled being excited to go to Forrester and see the gowns and see Eric working. Even though he'd been busy, he'd always had time for her. Steffy felt that she and Eric had always had a connection. She said part of it was being Stephanie's namesake. Eric replied that they were two fearless, beautiful women. Ridge added that everyone got their fearlessness from the great Eric Forrester. Eric hugged Thomas and Steffy as they cried.

Liam confronts Hope about her relationship with Thomas

Liam confronts Hope about her relationship with Thomas

Thursday, November 16, 2023

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke handed over extra candles she'd had at the house and remarked that Katie was keeping Hope's kids. Hope said she needed all the help she could get. "Want to borrow some lingerie, too?" Brooke asked. Hope expressed shock, but Brooke said Hope knew how Brooke felt about Hope's relationship with Thomas.

Brooke understood why Hope needed to have a little fun, but Brooke didn't get why it had to be with Thomas. Hope said she and Thomas had a bond; they knew and trusted each other, and she didn't have to beg for Thomas' undivided attention. Brooke said that attention had been obsessive and unwanted before. Hope replied that it wasn't anymore, and she had it under control. Sending Brooke on her way, Hope insisted that everything was fine.

Later, Hope was in lingerie when she heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was Thomas, she opened it. On the other side stood Liam, who was taken aback by her attire. She asked what Liam was doing there. Liam had brought Beth's sleeping bag, but he assumed Beth wasn't there. "What is this? What are you wearing?" he asked.

Hope replied that it was lingerie. Liam asked if she was expecting Thomas. Hope tried to hurry Liam off, but he pushed back on the door, asking if they weren't going to discuss "the scantily clad elephant in the room." She asked what he wanted to know. He said he hadn't thought he'd wanted to know about her and Thomas. "Now you know," Hope replied.

Later, Liam waited by the fireplace as Hope returned in a robe. She said she wanted to unwind from a long day with Thomas. Liam asked if she even heard herself, and she replied that her plans didn't have to meet his approval. He reminded her that Thomas was the same guy who'd let them think their daughter was dead, and he said she was inviting him into Beth's home.

Liam stated that he and Hope wouldn't even have Beth, and they'd be grieving if Thomas had had his way. Hope claimed it had been years earlier, "not yesterday." Liam suggested she try to imagine a life without Beth and imagine the kind of mind it took to witness her grief and suffering and think, "Oh, this is going according to plan." Liam asked her to imagine it and tell him how she wanted to unwind with Thomas.

Liam continued to try to remind Hope about their past with Thomas, but Hope asserted that Thomas had changed. She exclaimed that she had, too. Liam asked what that meant. Hope replied that she wasn't the same woman, and her world had been turned upside down when their marriage had imploded. She said he hadn't offered her an ounce of understanding and had callously turned his back. She said she'd thought she'd known him, but she saw the world in a whole new way. She wouldn't let him judge her.

Claiming not to be doing that, Liam said he was scared for her. He told her to move on if she wanted, just not with Thomas. Hope asked if he meant that she had to dump a man who prioritized her and only had eyes for her after Liam had run to Steffy when things had gotten hard for them. Liam apologized for hurting Hope and said they'd be connected forever because of Beth. Liam stated that he'd worry about his kids, which meant he'd worry about Hope. "And damn if I don't still love you. Always will," he added.

In the design office, Brooke found Thomas, who was on his way to some dinner plans. Brooke said she wanted to talk to him -- before he went to see Hope. Brooke cited that it had been a long, emotional day, and Thomas should spend time with his father or sister. Thomas assumed Brooke wanted him with anyone but her daughter. Thomas asked what Brooke wanted him to do and if he needed to apologize again.

Brooke said apologizing didn't help if he didn't change his behavior. Thomas claimed he had over and over, and she'd told him that she'd seen the change and progression, as had Hope and his family. He said Hope had said she truly believed in him. He added that he couldn't help Brooke's emotions and wouldn't let them affect his.

Brooke said that she was also concerned about Thomas and didn't want him to get hurt, either. He insisted that no one would get hurt. Brooke didn't get it. She stated that he was a handsome and intelligent man, surrounded by beautiful women everywhere he went. Thomas thanked Brooke but said he only wanted to be with Hope.

Brooke said Hope didn't feel the same way and didn't love him like that. Thomas reasoned that Hope had been burned by love and didn't believe in it. Brooke added that Hope wouldn't forget the pain he'd caused her family, and there was no way around that. Thomas acknowledged that it was complicated, but the moments they'd shared had been incredible. Brooke stated that the lost Hope would find her way back, and the connection Thomas thought he had with her would be cut.

At Forrester, Luna was nervous about dinner at the cliff house that evening. R.J. said it was just family, but Luna wanted to make a good impression on fashion icon Steffy. R.J. agreed that Steffy was a big deal, but he praised Luna for the way she'd handled the major players at the fashion show. He added that his grandfather already loved her, and the newest designer at Forrester had taken a liking to her.

At the cliff house, Steffy was upset and crying about Eric's condition, and Finn suggested that they cancel the dinner that night. Steffy said she'd already sent the kids with Taylor, and Steffy was looking forward to meeting the woman who'd caught her brother's eye.

Later, Finn and Steffy set the table as they discussed his surprise that his cousin was interning at Forrester. Steffy noted that people at Forrester raved about Luna, and R.J. was her biggest fan. Steffy said R.J. deserved a special woman. Finn replied that his mother had said the same thing about him, "and look how that turned out."

Later, Luna and R.J. arrived, and Finn complimented the choice of wine R.J. had brought. Finn asked how Luna was enjoying the city, and she admitted that she was star-struck by the town. Finn was amazed that she was working at Forrester, and R.J. beamed that they couldn't have completed Eric's line without her.

Steffy asked if Luna had been intimidated working on Eric's most opulent line ever. Luna said she had been fascinated by Eric and the joy he found in everything despite his situation. The topic turned to Eric's condition and how they wished Eric would go public. Luna said things hadn't been grim when they'd worked on Eric's line. R.J. recalled that whenever Eric had gotten frustrated, Luna would ask him about his history in the industry and let him regale her with stories. Steffy thanked Luna for helping R.J. and Eric enjoy their time together, distracted from the illness.

Later, Steffy and Finn admitted that they'd ordered food because they hadn't had time to cook. Finn was sure Luna would love the dish -- unless she still had that "thing about fish." Luna couldn't believe he'd remembered that. Finn said taking his little cousin to a seafood restaurant after visiting the aquarium had been a bad idea. Finn noted that she was still just as caring and sensitive as ever.

Steffy stated that it was what they needed, caring and dependable people. Steffy was happy to be home and back at work. She was excited to work with R.J. and to get to know Luna. R.J. made a toast to the future.

Liam struggles with Hope's decision to move on without him

Liam struggles with Hope's decision to move on without him

Friday, November 17, 2023

At the cliff house, Steffy, Finn, R.J., and Luna shared some of their most embarrassing moments over dinner. The conversation eventually shifted from lighthearted to somber as they tiptoed around the idea of a future without Eric. Finn suggested that he and R.J. go for a late-night swim. Steffy smiled as she said that she and Luna would stay in the house and get to know each other better. Luna was noticeably uncomfortable.

Steffy and Luna moved to the sofa for their chat. Luna told Steffy that she was excited that she and Finn were getting a chance to become reacquainted. Luna admitted that she had been nervous to meet Steffy. Steffy commented that she could tell that Luna really liked R.J.

When Finn and R.J. returned from their surfing, Steffy and Luna became quiet. R.J. asked what the women had been talking about. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Steffy replied with a laugh. Luna thanked Finn for inviting her and R.J. over for dinner. Finn told Luna that he did not want their relationship to be impacted by "whatever beef" Li and Poppy had.

As Thomas looked on with a quizzical expression, Brooke referred to his relationship with Hope as "enjoying each other's company." Thomas countered that what he and Hope shared was more than that. Brooke argued that Thomas and Hope could not have a meaningful relationship because Hope's marriage to Liam had just ended. Brooke also suggested that Thomas give Hope some space.

Thomas replied that he was following Hope's lead. "You should understand more than anyone [that] Hope doesn't want to be with someone where his attention is divided," Thomas explained. Brooke agreed. Thomas wondered if Brooke's opposition to Hope's moving on had more to do with who Hope had chosen to move on with.

Brooke acknowledged that Thomas had been trying to make himself a better person. Brooke admitted that there might be something about Thomas that she didn't see. "But she's made it very clear that she's not in love with you, and she may never be. Can you live with that?" Brooke asked. Rather than responding, Thomas grabbed his things and headed for the door.

Before he could walk out of the design suite, Brooke thanked Thomas for talking to her but warned him that Hope's interest in him was probably "a phase." Thomas politely told Brooke that he refused to believe that was true.

In the cabin on Brooke's property, Liam told Hope that he would always care about her. Hope told Liam that she would always care about him, too. Hope told Liam that she was fine, and he did not need to worry about her. Liam looked down at the ground and muttered that he wished things had gone differently. "Well, they didn't," Hope replied.

"And this is my life now... without you, and you're going to have to accept that," Hope said softly. Hope seemed both confused and perturbed as Liam again said that he would never stop loving her -- and claimed that Hope would always love him. Hope became annoyed when Liam repeated that Thomas had once tried to convince them that their child was dead. She snapped that she could no longer live in the past.

Liam claimed that Hope was not into "just hooking up." Hope countered that Liam didn't know her -- and perhaps he never had. "I am able to put my wants, my needs, my desires first," Hope said. Liam expressed concern over some of the decisions Hope seemed to be making. A tearful Hope lashed out at Liam for having kept Steffy "on the back burner" and "withholding a piece of [his] heart for her."

Liam pointed out that Hope had ignored his requests that she not work with Thomas, something that had eventually led to Hope kissing Thomas. "You still ran to Steffy," Hope replied flatly. Liam asked what he had to say or do to get through to Hope. He asked Hope if she was using birth control. Hope angrily said that that was none of Liam's business. Outside, Thomas approached the cabin door and could hear Liam and Hope's raised voices.

"I don't know if I'm making the right or wrong decision... I just know what I want," Hope said. Thomas entered the cabin and asked Liam was he was doing there. "I have a child who lives here," Liam snapped. Thomas noted that "the kid" was over at Katie's house. Hope slowly approached Liam, who had moved across the room when Thomas had shown up. "As much as it pains me to say this, this is not your home anymore," Hope said, her voice cracking.

"The man in my life now is Thomas, and I love him for that," Hope added as she looked back at Thomas. Thomas' lips quivered and formed a smile. Hope walked over to Thomas and embraced him. A single tear fell from Liam's eye as he walked toward the door and exited the cabin.

After Liam left, Hope sobbed. Thomas wrapped his arms around her and noted that Hope had said that she loved him. "I suppose I did," Hope remarked. As they kissed, Liam peered into the cabin from outside.

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