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Deacon confronted Hope about Thomas, but Hope called Thomas a saint compared to Sheila. After a dizzy spell at work, Eric refused to go to the hospital. Instead, he decided to throw a party. Ridge told Carter about Eric's prognosis.
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Eric collapsed after announcing he was throwing a party. Deacon and Hope argued over Thomas and Sheila.
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Hope issues Deacon an ultimatum about Sheila

Hope issues Deacon an ultimatum about Sheila

Monday, November 27, 2023

At Il Giardino, Hope arrived at Deacon's request and was curious about what he wanted. He said he'd missed her for the holiday. Hope replied that he knew why she'd kept her distance. Hope asserted that she didn't want to be around Sheila, and it meant that Hope didn't get to be around him.

Not wanting to dwell on Sheila, Deacon said he'd asked Hope there to talk about Thomas. As a concerned father, Deacon didn't think Thomas was right for her. Hope couldn't believe she was getting dating advice from a man dating Sheila. Deacon asked if Hope had forgotten the crazy things Thomas had done. Hope asserted that Thomas was a saint compared to Sheila. Hope claimed to know Thomas' misdeeds better than anyone, but Deacon begged to differ if she was buying what Thomas was selling.

Hope claimed that Thomas had changed for the better and didn't have conflicted feelings like Liam. Hope told Deacon that she was disappointed in him for risking everything to be involved with Sheila. Hope claimed to be hurt that Deacon was choosing Sheila over Hope.

Deacon asserted that it wasn't so; however, Hope said that he'd made Sheila a bigger part of his life than Hope was, so there had to be a "little more care." Deacon insisted that it wasn't true. He said that Hope wanted him to believe that Thomas had changed, but Deacon didn't know why she wouldn't trust his intuition about Sheila. Hope argued that their situations were not the same; Sheila, in Hope's view, was actually dangerous.

Deacon stated that his daughter and her kids meant everything to him, but he hadn't seen the kids in ages. Shrugging, Hope replied that it was because of Sheila. Deacon asked if Hope was saying that he couldn't see the children.

Hope replied that actions had consequences, and she no longer knew if she could trust him. Claiming it killed her to say it, Hope informed Deacon that as long as Sheila was in his life, he couldn't have access to Hope's life. Hope stated that she didn't know how Sheila had managed to manipulate Deacon, but he needed to wake up because Hope wouldn't allow Sheila or anyone close to Sheila near the kids.

Deacon uttered that Sheila was different, but Hope replied that people missing the empathy part of their brains couldn't change. "But Thomas can?" Deacon asked. Deacon added that he'd changed and wasn't the same person. Hope replied that Sheila was in a league of her own, and Deacon had worked for his change. Hope noted that he'd shown up for the kids, and they adored him. Deacon replied that he adored them.

Hope said Deacon should understand why the decision was so hurtful. To her, it was as if he was choosing himself all over again. She claimed that she didn't want to lose him, but he wasn't considering his family or the impact it might have on his daughter or grandkids. She said that she didn't want it to happen, but it would if he didn't kick Sheila out of his life.

In Eric's office, Katie and Donna smiled, loving to see Eric in his chair and at the top of the fashion industry after winning the challenge. Grinning, Eric said some might not think he had much to be thankful for; however, he got to create beauty each day, and he was celebrated and given credit for it. He asked what could be better. He decided that he wanted to go all out on his line's campaign, and he intended to up Katie's PR budget.

Eric began coughing, and Donna asked if he was okay. He replied that he wasn't dead yet. He added that everyone thought he was at the top of his game, and he didn't want that to change.

Eric's cough continued, and Donna and Katie insisted that he see his doctor. To Eric, seeing the doctor was like visiting the Grim Reaper. He wanted to instead spend his days creating beauty. Donna decided that she didn't want to nag him. He said she didn't nag, and he thanked them for being concerned. Eric didn't want his dying to consume his life, and he said designing gave him peace. He needed to do it, especially if it was his last collection.

Donna asked Eric not to think about the end, but Eric wanted to face the end of his life the same way he'd faced every challenge, with courage and determination. Eric asked her to look at his designs. The creativity was pouring out of him, and he insisted that it was what he had to do.

In the design office, Brooke, R.J., and Ridge discussed how well the holiday had gone, even though it had been hard to enjoy it because of what they knew about Eric. Ridge said he'd thought Eric would always be there, but they had to pretend that they didn't know Eric was slipping away more and more each day.

Brooke, R.J., and Ridge talked about how R.J. had been there for Eric and had created a line that had ensured that the fashion world would remember Eric. Ridge said it meant a lot to Eric, and R.J. was keeping Eric alive in that way.

Brooke admitted that she and Ridge were worried about R.J.; however, R.J. didn't want anyone worrying about him. He said designing brought Eric to life, and R.J. wanted to make sure he'd done all he could for his grandfather. R.J. added that people couldn't know that Eric was dying or that he'd lost the challenge. Ridge replied that Eric would never know that because it would take away his pride and dignity, but Eric hadn't been handed anything; Eric had earned his seat years back.

Katie arrived. She beamed about how proud Eric was and said letting Eric win the fashion challenge had been the most loving thing Ridge would do. Ridge wanted to do more. He couldn't handle thinking of the office or the family without Eric.

Later, R.J. and Ridge had gone to see Eric. Katie revealed to Brooke that Eric had been coughing up blood earlier. Brooke said he needed to be in a hospital, but Katie replied that it was Eric's choice. Katie said she knew what it was like to face her mortality, and she explained that Eric was choosing to do what he loved. It was inspiring and heartbreaking. Brooke replied that it was hard because they couldn't let on that they knew. She wanted to support him the way he needed until the end.

Back in Eric's office, Eric was showing Ridge and R.J. a design and attributed its greatness to the help R.J. had given him. Ridge stated that he knew that Eric wanted to do it on his own, but even Michelangelo had had help painting the Sistine Chapel. Ridge fondly recalled learning from Eric and wondered if, along with R.J., Ridge could help Eric, too. Ridge offered to stay in the background and expressed his desire to work with Eric one last time.

Finn asks questions about Eric's symptoms

Finn asks questions about Eric's symptoms

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

In Finn's office, Steffy stopped in for a visit. He assumed she was trying to take her mind off things. Steffy stated that she was heartbroken about Eric and the charade surrounding his condition. Finn replied that holding back wasn't who Steffy was because she loved full throttle.

Steffy and Finn noted that Eric was important to the industry, but Steffy said she wouldn't tell the kids about Eric's awards. She planned to tell them about the little things, like the way Eric had always been a safe harbor. She remarked that it had been good for her and the kids to spend that time at the mansion with him. She wished Eric's blueberry pancakes could fix "this."

Later, Finn asked if anyone had told Steffy what was going on with Eric. Steffy replied that Ridge didn't even know. She guessed Donna did, but the information seemed third hand and vague to her. Steffy explained that it had started with tremors, and Eric had begun coughing up blood. She said that the doctor had mentioned TIAs, and she asked if it sounded right.

Finn replied that he'd have to look at the chart. Steffy wished she had a diagnosis. That way, she could go to Finn or look into other treatments. She stated that everything seemed hush-hush. She hated feeling helpless.

Finn inquired about any signs of deterioration of Eric's condition, if Eric was coughing more, had shortness of breath, or if his voice was weakening. Steffy hadn't noticed anything but said it didn't mean it wasn't happening. Finn figured they'd see signs of that, and Eric would be unable to hide it. Sobbing, Steffy asked why they were wasting time. She cried that the end was drawing near for her grandfather, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

In the design office, Brooke said the pretending about Eric was tearing her up inside. Brooke wanted Eric to be up-front so that they could support and love him before it was too late, but Katie said they couldn't go against Eric's final wishes. Brooke noted that R.J. was struggling. Katie said that they all were. Brooke didn't believe that it had to be that way. She said that the news was spreading, and Eric's condition was affecting them all.

Katie explained to Brooke that Eric wanted more than appreciation for his past accomplishments. He wanted to go out on top. Brooke wished Eric would accept help, but "help" seemed to be a dirty word to him. Mentioning that she and Ridge had seen Eric's doctor, Brooke wondered if Eric had seen specialists. "Does he really want to live?" Brooke wondered. Katie replied that Eric wanted to live each moment to its fullest. Brooke remarked that nothing made him feel more alive than designing.

In Eric's office, Ridge proposed that three generations of Forresters create something incredible. Ridge wanted to work with Eric one more time and asked if they could do it. Ridge said that Eric could do it on his own, but he didn't have to. Eric replied that R.J. was doing a great job.

Luna arrived, and Ridge said she was just in time to hear the praises about R.J., who'd do anything for his grandfather. R.J. decided to agree with Ridge about collaborating and noted that after winning the challenge, Eric had nothing left to prove. Ridge explained that he didn't want to steal the spotlight; he just wanted to be in the room.

Luna left to retrieve Lila, a model in gown number three. Ridge watched Eric and R.J. work together, accessorizing the gown. Several times, R.J. reached out to inconspicuously steady Eric's hand and assist Eric as he worked. R.J. and Ridge exchanged glances.

Eric sent the gown to the vault, and Eric remarked that R.J. had incredible instincts. Ridge was grateful that Eric had taught R.J. some of what Eric was capable of. Ridge said Eric wasn't passing the torch; he was lighting the way for the new generation. Ridge advised Eric to take no prisoners and never surrender.

Later, Ridge and Eric were alone. Eric was sketching a wide skirt on a gown. "Do you mind?" Ridge asked, taking up a pencil. Ridge asked if they should "lose a little weight, right in here." Ridge sketched it, and Eric said Ridge had known exactly what Eric had wanted.

Brooke entered, happy to see Ridge and Eric working together like old times. Eric wished they could relive those times. Ridge said those memories lived in their minds, cemented and lifted up by gratitude and pride. Ridge asked what Eric thought of making some new memories, and Eric and Ridge hugged.

Eric wanted to move past the sentimentality. Brooke said there was nothing wrong with appreciating a past like Eric's, whose success should be celebrated. Ridge and Eric agreed that a designer was only as good as his last collection, so it was onward and upward. Eric said he was moving slower those days, but Ridge remarked that Eric was churning out the designs.

Eric attributed it to R.J. Brooke said R.J. was honored to work with Eric. Brooke agreed that it was time to make new memories, and with Eric's passion for design and his family, there would be wonderful times ahead. Eric was eager to see his collection come to life. Ridge told Brooke that he'd asked if he could work with Eric. Ridge didn't want to be at odds with Eric again.

Eric said he didn't want to, either. He wanted everyone to pull together. Ridge stated that Eric had given "so much" to the family, but the most important gift was their ability to connect and have a place to call home. Ridge asked Eric to be proud of it.

Eric said he was proud of it and of his collection. He felt as if it was pouring out of him, and he had to do it. He didn't know if Ridge understood it, but at times, Eric felt as if he was running out of time. Ridge quietly replied that they all understood it.

In the design office later, R.J. was upset that he couldn't find his charger. He was insistent upon taking notes with his tablet, but Luna advised him to breathe. He took a breath and said it was starting to hit him that Eric wouldn't be there anymore. She assured R.J. that he was doing amazing, and everyone was proud of the way he handled Eric. R.J. showed her the tablet, saying he was trying to put everything he felt about his grandfather and everything he'd learned from Eric into the tablet. R.J. vowed to make Eric's last collection something no one could stop talking about, and Luna hugged him.

R.J. shared that he couldn't have faced "this" without Luna. She said she was trying to be as good for him as he'd been for her. He contended that she was even better for being there to lift him up and remind him that they'd do it Eric's way. R.J. admitted that he'd never trusted anyone like that before. Luna promised to never go anywhere, and they kissed.

The family worries as Eric's condition deteriorates

The family worries as Eric's condition deteriorates

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

In Eric's office, Donna helped R.J. and Eric find jewelry to accent a gown. Glassy-eyed, Donna looked on as Eric schooled R.J. on a hemline choice for the dress. Donna called it signature Eric Forrester. Eric said she knew his secrets, and so did R.J. As he talked, Eric became dizzy. Donna hopped up, saying he was pale and needed to sit down. R.J. braced the confused Eric.

Donna and R.J. helped Eric sit down, and Donna called the doctor, against Eric's wishes. Eric kept saying that he was fine, but R.J. said Eric hadn't been fine in a while. R.J. suggested that Eric stop working on the collection.

Donna informed Eric that Dr. Colby was close by and would be there soon. Eric kept calling his spell a senior moment, but R.J. said they had to make sure Eric wasn't in danger. R.J. figured they'd have time for the collection, and they'd definitely finish it. Eric liked that idea, but when R.J. suggested they do it at home, Eric refused to lie down in a bed and die.

Donna felt that Eric was depleting his energy, but Eric yelled that designing gave him energy. Eric wanted to be at the desk, working, surrounded by family, teaching his grandson, and loving Donna. He'd do it until he died. It was what he wanted.

As Eric coughed up blood, Dr. Colby arrived. The doctor noted the coughing had intensified. As Eric claimed he was fine, Donna told the doctor that the symptoms had worsened, and the coughing had become more frequent. She asked if Dr. Colby could help Eric.

Later, Dr. Colby shook his head as he listened to Eric's lungs. Donna and R.J. explained what had transpired with Eric's dizzy spell, saying Eric could have hit the ground. Eric claimed that the dizzy spells were rare, and he figured he had low blood sugar because he hadn't eaten. Dr. Colby said almost losing consciousness was a sign of something more serious.

Donna said Eric hadn't taken good care of himself because of the collection. She and R.J. said he hadn't been getting enough sleep. Eric promised to have a big lunch the next day, but Dr. Colby suggested that Eric go to the hospital. Eric refused to do that in the middle of a workday.

Colby insisted that Eric's lungs were inflamed, his blood pressure was low, and the hospital could run tests to figure out what stage they were in. Eric said the test would tell them what they already knew -- that his body was failing him. Donna stated that the hospital could make him feel more comfortable. Assuming she meant pills, Eric asked if there was a pill to make him live.

Refusing to go to the hospital, Eric said he'd stay there and live his life. He'd squeeze every bit he could get out of it, and he'd live it for himself. He'd live until he died.

Later, Eric ate crackers, joking that it had been some house call at the office. Donna wanted Eric to listen to the doctor, but Eric insisted that he felt a lot better after eating the crackers. She asked if it had been another TIA, but he replied that it wasn't anything that they hadn't dealt with. He joked with her about going home to play pickleball, but she wasn't in a joking mood. Claiming he wasn't joking, Eric stated that he had plenty of juice for it.

Donna insisted that it had been scary for her when he'd almost collapsed. She said he could have hit his head or never woken up. "Or maybe died, you think?" Eric asked. He told her that she wouldn't get rid of him that easily, and she chuckled. Eric replied that he loved it when she laughed, and he kissed her.

Donna started crying again, but Eric told her that whatever happened, she'd be fine. She asked if Eric knew how much she loved him. Eric knew it and said he knew how hard it was for her. He thanked her for being strong for him until his last breath, and they hugged.

In the design office, Brooke consoled Ridge, calling him a good son. Steffy arrived, assuming they were talking about Eric, who was at least back at work where they could see him. Steffy wasn't used to seeing Ridge in the design office and said Ridge had done the right thing in letting Eric think he'd won and giving up the main office.

Brooke and Steffy continued to praise Ridge for letting Eric think he'd won. Ridge figured that it was the least he could do and said Eric was having a grand time rubbing it in Ridge's face. Ridge stated that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Eric, but the doctors and specialists Ridge had consulted said there was nothing more that Ridge could do.

Ridge explained that he and Eric had worked together whenever they could, but Ridge hadn't picked up on it when Eric had wanted his own line. Ridge had indulged Eric on the competition because Ridge had wanted to beat the best. "And you did," Steffy replied. Ridge replied that it had been time wasted, and he'd been a jerk. Steffy said it had come from a place of love.

Disagreeing, Ridge said he'd wanted Eric out. He hadn't known Eric had been suffering because no one had told Ridge. Brooke said Ridge knew why. Steffy was grateful that Ridge had opened up to her and Thomas. Ridge stated that everything they had and were had come from Eric.

Steffy stated that she'd always known she could go to Eric for advice. She didn't want to think about Eric not being there.

Brooke expressed her worry about the stress it was causing R.J. Ridge wanted to go next door and shake Eric, but Brooke said that it was critical that they not upset him. Steffy concluded that if creating and working gave Eric peace, it might prolong his life. It led Brooke to tears to talk about Eric that way, and Ridge hugged her.

R.J. arrived and informed them all that Eric's condition might be taking a turn for the worse. R.J. explained that it had been sudden. Eric hadn't been able to find a word, and his body had gone weak. Donna had called the doctor, who'd examined Eric. Dr. Colby, who'd been worried about Eric for some time, had advised Eric to go to the hospital. Eric had refused to go, saying it had been low blood sugar and no big deal. R.J. said the illness was progressing.

Steffy stated that Eric shouldn't be alone, but R.J. informed her that he, Donna, or Katie was always with Eric. Ridge wondered why they were doing it. Ridge wanted to hold Eric's hand and share the pain. Ridge figured Eric had to be scared. Steffy assured Ridge that he was there for Eric, and she hugged her father.

As Eric's condition worsens, he makes plans to celebrate

As Eric's condition worsens, he makes plans to celebrate

Thursday, November 30, 2023

In Eric's office, Donna assumed Eric would ignore the doctor's advice. Affirming it, Eric said he wanted to live his life with her snuggled in his arms, not hooked up to machines at a hospital. Katie rushed in, wondering why there was talk of hospitals.

Eric reminded Katie that he was dying. He said nothing had changed. He was dying like everyone on the planet, but being on the fast track didn't mean he should crawl into a hospital bed. Donna wondered if the hospital could prolong his life and ability to create. Eric saw it as fading away and being forgotten. He insisted that he'd create a line that would go on forever and never be forgotten; he'd give the place back to Ridge, and it would be done.

Donna tried to convince Eric that it would be just a few tests, and taking them might mean that he wouldn't be on his last collection. Katie said Eric couldn't give up. Eric replied that curling up in a hospital bed would be giving up. He insisted that he had to stay alive and finish his last collection. Katie stated that he could design and also look for treatment options.

Eric refused to work from a hospital bed. Katie said treatment could give him more time with Donna, and that should be reason enough. Eric professed love for Donna, who gave everything to him. He was grateful to her. She said they could have years to come. Eric asked her to thrive on that and live on the moments that they had. Although he appreciated their concern, he said that only he knew how he felt, and only he could make the decision.

Eric asked Katie and Donna to trust his instincts, but Katie was concerned that his instincts were leading him away from lifesaving treatment. Eric doubled down on his desire to finish the one collection he had left within him, and he implored them to believe in him. They agreed. Eric instructed Donna to model a gown in the showroom and asked Katie to get R.J., so that they could see his latest creation come to life.

In the design office, Ridge, Brooke, R.J., and Steffy continued to discuss Eric. Steffy said Eric could be as stubborn as her grandmother, and they had no choice but to let him live out his life on his terms. Brooke agreed that they had to do it for Eric, but Ridge wondered what they'd do if any of them had actually seen Eric almost fall.

R.J. was glad he'd been there, and Ridge thanked his son for helping Eric get his designs on paper one last time. Ridge made R.J. promise to get every single design down on paper. R.J. promised but asked what would happen when it was too much for Eric. "Have you met my dad? He's gonna do this until the end," Ridge concluded.

Brooke asked how the rest of them could be there for Eric without letting on that they knew. Steffy was worried that she couldn't keep up the charade. Ridge noted that they were wasting their quality time with Eric, standing around talking about it. Steffy wanted the time, but she didn't want to pity Eric. She wished they could be as open and honest as possible with him.

R.J. received a notification to meet Eric in the showroom. Ridge guessed Eric was planning his next collection. Steffy said it wouldn't be a competition; it would be Eric Forrester originals in the spotlight. She wondered if Eric could finish it. Ridge was sure he would and said Eric was working day and night. Brooke asked her son to keep them updated. R.J. felt as if he'd betrayed Eric's trust, but Steffy said R.J. had done the right thing for the family.

After R.J. had gone, Brooke and Ridge expressed pride in their son. Steffy wanted more than anything for Eric to make it to the fashion show. She desired to watch him take in the moment and the applause. She declared that Eric should have a thousand more shows.

Steffy wished they could tell Eric that they knew and that they supported him. Brooke agreed, but she said Steffy had been right to say they shouldn't pity Eric. "These are his final moments," Brooke noted, adding that they needed to let Eric do it his way. Brooke figured that, at some point, it would be difficult to pretend they didn't know. Ridge said Eric would stand tall for as long as he could, and it would take the strength of them all to endure.

In the showroom, Eric talked to Katie about how he liked the space and said it was probably because he'd beaten the pants off Ridge there. When R.J. arrived, Eric called for Donna. Donna strode into the showroom in golden shoes beneath a purple sheath dress with a ballgown train. Eric and Donna grinned at each other with pride and love as she modeled the dress.

"Beautiful," Eric said and noted that the dress was nice, too. He kissed Donna and began coughing. R.J. called for a break, but Eric said he had an everlasting break coming. He refused to rest until then.

Eric coughed harshly, and the others began scrambling to help him. He yelled at them to stop. He didn't want any of it. He didn't want the long faces, either. He asked for laughter and joy. Suddenly, he announced that he'd gotten the best idea -- a funeral!

Everyone looked puzzled. Eric corrected himself, saying it would be a celebration and something he could attend. He said it would be a party with his family and friends. There would be no crying and no tears. Donna asked if his family and friends could bid him farewell. Shooing off the idea, Eric said that was for his real funeral, where they could cry as much as they wanted. He said they shouldn't spend too much time on it, though.

Eric asked Donna to join him in pulling together the most fun thing he'd ever done -- a beautiful celebration, his final act.

Eric gathers his loved ones to invite them to a party

Eric gathers his loved ones to invite them to a party

Friday, December 1, 2023

At his desk in the executive suite, Eric lamented to Donna that he had "so much to do in so little time." Donna told Eric that she didn't want him to talk that way, but Eric insisted that his statement was true because he didn't know how many minutes he had left to live. As they talked, Katie entered the office and flashed Donna a look of concern.

Katie suggested that it might not be a good idea for Eric to throw a party. Eric nodded in agreement. "It's not a good idea. It's a great idea," Eric replied, his speaking voice becoming more labored. Eric reminded Katie and Donna that they were not to tell anyone outside their immediate circle about his health.

Eric struggled to get up from his seat and asked Katie and Donna to summon everyone to his office so that he could tell them all about the "wonderful party in their immediate future." Donna asked if Eric was ready to tell everyone the truth about his health.

Brooke, Steffy, and Thomas were shocked by R.J.'s news that Eric wanted to throw a party. R.J. explained that Eric didn't want "tears or sadness" regarding his health.

In the design suite, Carter presented Ridge with some of Eric's legal documents. The documents, which named Ridge as the executor of Eric's estate as well as Eric's medical power of attorney, raised a great deal of concern for Carter. Carter demanded to know what was going on. "He doesn't want anyone to know. Not even me, his own son," Ridge responded. Calling Carter "family," Ridge decided that Carter needed to know the truth.

Carter was clearly rocked by the news that Eric was dying. Fighting back tears, Carter announced that he needed to see Eric. Ridge told Carter that Eric did not want either of them to know about his failing health. Ridge explained how he had come to know about Eric's condition. Suddenly, Carter realized why Ridge had allowed Eric to believe that he was the winner of the fashion challenge.

"He always accepted me -- right from the start," Carter said as he thought about some of his favorite memories of Eric. Carter thanked Ridge for telling him the truth. Ridge told Carter that Eric loved him. Ridge also quickly reminded Carter that he had to keep Eric's medical crisis a secret. Carter and Ridge shared an embrace.

As Carter and Ridge were hugging, R.J., Steffy, and Brooke entered the design studio. Ridge told them that he'd had to tell Carter the truth about Eric because Carter was family. Carter showed the legal documents that Eric had updated.

Brooke told Ridge and Carter that Eric wanted to throw "one last Forrester bash." Thomas was the only person to speak up in favor of the party, calling it "inspirational" because they'd "all be so lucky to go out like that." As they tried to make sense of Eric's decision, Brooke received a message from Katie asking that they all head to the CEO office.

When everyone arrived in Eric's office, Ridge told them that they were all a "wonderful sight" to see. Ridge mused that Eric liked to summon people to his office to remind them that he was still in charge. Eric deflected the attention from himself by saying that he wanted to talk about "the young generation full of energy and wonderful ideas" that would propel Forrester for years to come.

Steffy thanked her grandfather for his praise. Brooke thanked Eric for welcoming the Logans into the company. Eric explained that people didn't always take the time they should to tell others how much they meant to them. As emotions started to overtake everyone, Ridge spoke up to ask why Eric had called them away from the busyness of their day.

Eric said that he had recently had some moments of "clarity" and decided that they all needed to celebrate with a party full of laughter and love. Everyone said that they'd be in attendance. Donna led Eric out of the office, leaving Eric's family and friends to process what had just happened. "We're having a party," Ridge said softly.

Later, Eric's loved ones gathered in the runway room at Forrester and tried to figure out how to pull off the party that Eric wanted.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Eric reminisced about Stephanie. "She was strong and powerful and a wonderful partner." He also joked that Stephanie had not been "that easy to live with." There had been other women in his life, Eric noted. Donna, he acknowledged, was one of them. Eric said that he felt safe knowing that he would have Donna in his life for the last days of his life. Eric broke down as he admitted that he was scared.

Donna raced to get Eric some water. Eric reached out for a spoon that was on the coffee table, but he lost his balance and collapsed on the floor. Donna raced over to him and saw Eric lying motionless on the floor.

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