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Eric's impromptu soiree turned into a surprise wedding for one well-deserving bride. Bill stepped up, only to be let down when he asked if he was Luna's father. After a joyous occasion at the Forrester mansion, a mints mix-up landed Luna in Zende's bed.
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Eric and Donna were married in a surprise ceremony. Poppy told Bill he wasn't Luna's dad. A mints mix-up landed Luna in Zende's bed.
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Eric announces that he's throwing a party

Eric announces that he's throwing a party

Monday, February 5, 2024

At Eric's house, Donna offered the worried Eric breakfast, but he wasn't hungry. Brooke and Ridge arrived, and Eric said he'd thought they'd had an important meeting at the office. He grumbled about not being allowed at the office, but Ridge said it wasn't the same there without Eric. Brooke added that there was still the issue of Eric's health, and Eric assumed Ridge and Brooke had shown up because Finn was on the way with the prognosis.

Finn arrived, and Eric was anxious to hear the news of his long-term prognosis. Finn explained that he'd consulted with his team after running a battery of tests, and Eric's markers were better than everyone had hoped. The family in the room exclaimed joyfully. Eric decided that it was cause for celebration. Finn cautioned Eric to remain diligent and keep on track.

Donna assured Finn that Eric would do just that. Brooke asked if Finn had updated Bridget. Finn replied that Bridget was delighted and relieved. Eric was ready to design and create, and Donna revealed that Eric had been up early, sketching away. Eric said he was still agreeing to get rest.

Ridge announced that the medical community was impressed. Brooke praised Finn for all his work, but Finn insisted that Eric had pulled his own weight. Eric persisted, "No, Finn, you saved my life." Eric promised to live it the best way he could.

Later, Finn had gone, and Eric admitted that a huge weight was off his shoulders after the challenging time he'd had. Donna decided that Eric needed to rest. Eric, however, was too invigorated by the news. Feeling wonderful, he announced that he'd throw a party. Donna said that they were all feeling the excitement, but Eric needed to take it easy.

Brooke backed Donna up, but Ridge sided with Eric. Eric wanted to do it that night. He wanted to celebrate his recovery and Donna, the biggest reason for his recovery. He promised to keep it small, inviting the Logan sisters and R.J.

In the morning at the beach house, Luna awakened to R.J. watching her. She said the previous night had been more than she'd dreamed of. They kissed, but she cut it off to grab a mint. R.J. assured her that she was fine. She replied that she didn't want to turn him off, but he insisted that she was stuck with him. They began kissing again.

As R.J. and Luna cuddled in bed, Luna tried to express all the emotions she felt. It was surreal to wake up in R.J.'s arms. She said she'd wondered if she'd feel the same afterward or if she'd feel as if she'd lost something she'd been holding on to. Things felt different to her, and instead of a loss, she felt more like a woman. She felt more connected to him than she'd ever thought possible.

R.J. offered to make Luna an omelet, something he'd done for his influencer page. Luna had seen it. He confessed that he'd tried eleven times before it had been postable. Luna didn't want to move. She said she could stay like that forever. R.J. said they never had to leave the bed. She repeated that she felt closer to him than she'd ever thought possible.

R.J.'s phone sounded with Eric's ringtone. R.J. felt he had to answer it, and once he did, Eric shared the good news about his health and invited R.J. to the Forrester family party that night. Eric invited Luna, also. R.J. sounded surprised. "You love her, don't you?" Eric noted. Eric stated that love was everything, and one shouldn't let go of anyone they loved.

After the call, R.J. told Luna about Eric's prognosis and party. Luna said R.J. should definitely attend, and he replied that she would, too. Luna was surprised that Eric would specifically invite her to the family party. R.J. said Eric had also asked if R.J. loved her, and Eric had said that R.J. should hold on to the one he loved and never let go. Luna replied that she loved R.J., and he responded that he loved her, too.

Back at Eric's house, Eric announced that R.J. would attend the party with Luna. Ridge replied that it was fitting because Luna had found the trusty stapler. Eric decided to give Luna a raise. Donna said there was no rush for a party, and if Eric wasn't up to it, they could just have a party in a week or so. Eric insisted that there would be no waiting because "this has been a long time coming."

Later, Ridge told Eric that Donna and Brooke were in the kitchen, figuring out the menu for the night. Ridge loved seeing Eric so full of life. Eric didn't think he'd ever go back to the way he'd been, but he intended to do the best that he could. Ridge said that Eric had what everyone wanted -- love. Eric promised not to take it for granted.

Eric said his trip to the other side had changed his life forever. He'd felt a love and peace that he'd never known before. He'd felt that he'd been home, seeing Stephanie and other loved ones. Eric had felt loved, and he wanted to bring that feeling to the rest of his life.

Eric decides to live life to the fullest, but Donna worries

Eric decides to live life to the fullest, but Donna worries

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

In the design office, R.J. believed that he and Luna deserved an award for getting out of bed that day. R.J. believed it had been the most perfect first night at his new home. Luna replied that he'd been perfect, and she'd been very glad she'd waited for the man she loved.

R.J. claimed that the only reason he'd gotten out of bed had been to speak to his grandfather about the party he and Luna had been invited to. Luna was blown away about the beach house, the internship, and the Forrester family party. R.J. told her to get used to it because it was her life.

Luna informed R.J. that she'd invited her mother to the office. She'd never spent the night away from home, so she didn't know how her mother would react. She didn't want to worry about that; all she wanted to think about was how wonderful it had been with R.J. the previous night.

Later, R.J. had gone, and Poppy was there. Poppy had assumed from Luna's text the previous night that Luna had stayed with R.J. Luna said it had been the most magical night of her life. Poppy noted that Luna was lit from within. Luna said she hadn't even known the feeling was possible.

Poppy guessed that Luna was in love. Luna didn't know how she could resist; R.J. was the best man ever, in her view. They discussed how romantic the previous night had been. Luna flashed back on the evening, glad she'd waited to be with the man she loved.

Poppy was happy and proud of Luna, who'd moved to Los Angeles with only a suitcase and a dream. Without help, Luna had gotten herself an internship and fallen in love along the way.

Luna said it was because of Poppy, who'd encouraged her daughter and always said how smart Luna was. Luna said there she was, strolling in Malibu with the best man in the world. Luna was grateful for R.J.'s love, the greatest gift.

At Eric's house, Donna let "Mr. Insta-Party" Eric know that the caterers were all set. Though his progress had been remarkable, she was worried about Eric taking on too much too soon when he hadn't fully recovered. He loved that she worried about him, but he wanted her to stop. He was intent on having a party to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Later, Zende was there, excited about the news of the party. Eric exclaimed that he'd seize the day. He didn't want to waste another moment that he could spend with his beautiful Donna.

Later, Eric was alone with Zende, who said the estate finally felt right. He explained that the cool part about living in the guesthouse was that he could visit his grandfather across the way. Zende said he had missed Eric. Eric, who'd missed Zende, too, said his grandson could visit anytime.

R.J. arrived, and R.J. guessed Zende had heard the news. Zende and R.J. were each happy about Eric's progress and warned Eric that they'd keep an eye on him to make sure he wasn't overdoing it. Eric asked R.J. to make a great day better by saying Luna would be at the party.

Eric stated that Luna was the kind of woman who could light up a room, and she didn't even know it. Zende rolled his eyes when Eric said R.J. was lucky. Eric asked if Zende, who'd worked with Luna, agreed. Zende asserted that Luna was very special.

In Eric's office, Brooke and Ridge were glad that they finally had something to smile about regarding Eric. Carter arrived, and Ridge relayed the news of Eric's prognosis. It was the news Carter had been waiting for.

Katie arrived in time to join in the discussion about Eric's impromptu party. Donna told Katie about Eric's prognosis, and though Katie was thrilled, she wondered if it was a good idea to have a party so soon. Ridge, Brooke, and Carter agreed, but Ridge dared anyone to try to change Eric's mind. Katie guessed that meant they were having a party.

Donna arrived, saying that Eric wanted her to spread the news about the evening party. Donna was grateful that Eric was improving. Katie expressed her happiness for Donna, and Brooke said that Donna and Eric deserved each other -- in a good way.

Ridge received a message from Eric, who wanted to see Ridge and Carter. The ladies figured that the men should hurry over there. Donna said Eric wasn't willing to wait...for anything. Katie and Brooke were in awe of Donna for the way she'd handled Eric's illness. Donna said she'd cried like a baby in constant terror of losing Eric. Katie called Eric's recovery a miracle.

Donna stated that Eric's trip to the other side had energized him and made him determined to make every moment count. She didn't blame Eric for his eagerness, but she was worried that he'd push himself and have a setback. Katie and Brooke were empathetic with what Donna had gone through, but they were sure that Eric would soon be back to himself. Donna said she loved him, and he'd always been the one for her.

Flashbacks of Eric and Donna's relationship played on the screen. Donna smiled. Katie said Donna and Eric had stood the test of time, and Brooke acknowledged Donna's devotion. Donna said she'd do anything for him, and she wanted as much time as possible with him.

Back at Eric's house, Ridge arrived with Carter, and R.J. noted that it was a meeting of the Forrester men. Eric said that Carter was a card-carrying member. Eric asked to talk to Ridge and Carter in private, and he led the men to the kitchen.

Zende and R.J. discussed Eric's amazing recovery. Noting that things had been tense between them, Zende said he'd meant it when he'd complimented Luna, and he felt that his cousin was an insanely lucky man to date her. R.J. knew it and vowed not to let her go.

R.J. said that he valued Zende as more than a designer -- even though Zende really was an incredible designer. R.J. said Zende was more than a designer. He was R.J.'s cousin, R.J.'s family. Zende appreciated R.J.'s words.

Ridge, Carter, and Eric returned. Ridge was still trying to talk Eric out of the party, but Eric's mind was set. He said life could change too quickly. Eric recounted going from designing to being in crippling pain. He'd needed R.J. and Donna's help, and then he'd almost died, going to the other side. Eric said he was determined to live his life another way. It would be "carpe diem" from then on out. Eric announced that he had a lot more living to do, and that night would be the start of the rest of his life.

Eric makes a grand proposal to Donna

Eric makes a grand proposal to Donna

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

In the design office, Luna showed off her short cocktail dress to Poppy, who was sure R.J. would love it. Poppy poured items out of her purse to find her blush. As Poppy touched up Luna's makeup, she said R.J. wouldn't be able to take his eyes off of her. Luna changed out her purse and inadvertently covered her mints with her old bag. Realizing she was late, Luna accidentally picked up Poppy's mints, which were beneath her wallet, and she hurriedly stuffed items into her new purse.

At Il Giardino, Bill seemed distracted as Liam was telling him how happy Steffy and Eric's family were about Eric's recovery. Guessing Bill was thinking about Poppy, Liam asked when he'd meet her. Bill replied that he and Poppy weren't rushing things, even though he did think what they'd experienced in the past was something they could build on in the future.

Liam didn't think he'd ever seen Bill that enamored with a woman. Bill revealed that he'd felt that way about Kelly, who'd been an all-around knockout. Liam pondered whether Poppy had something that Bill hadn't even known he'd been missing. Bill decided that he'd cut his meal with Liam short so he could see Poppy. Liam scowled.

Later, Poppy sat in Liam's vacated seat. Bill thanked her for showing up at the last minute, and she said to consider it his lucky day. He asked about her daughter. Poppy gave a glowing report, citing that Luna was happy and in love with R.J. Forrester. Bill hadn't known that it had progressed that far, but he was happy that Luna and Poppy were happy. Bill stood up, leaned over, and kissed Poppy.

In Eric's guesthouse, R.J. arrived as Zende was getting dressed. R.J. wanted to make sure there was no tension between them. Zende dismissed the idea and said he'd thought R.J. would be with Luna. R.J. said Luna was getting ready with her mother at Forrester. Zende was sure she'd look marvelous. R.J. and Zende couldn't think of a better reason to celebrate than Eric.

At Eric's house, Eric told Donna, dressed in a white bejeweled sheath dress, that she looked amazing. She felt like a princess in the gown he'd had delivered from Forrester. She was still concerned about him overwhelming himself, but he insisted that it would be a wondrous night.

Ridge and Brooke arrived, and Eric told them that they'd celebrate Donna that evening. They discussed why others couldn't make it that night. Thomas and Hope were preparing for an HFTF meeting, Finn was working, and Steffy was tending to a sick Hayes. Katie and Carter arrived, and R.J. and Zende entered behind them. Eric promised them all a memorable evening.

Later, R.J. told Eric that Luna was on her way. Zende listened in nearby as R.J. and Eric discussed how wonderfully supportive Luna was. Eric advised R.J. to hold on to love, and R.J. said it was what he intended to do.

Eric gathered everyone and thanked them for helping him and Donna celebrate. He promised that it would be fun. He decided he'd have more to say about it later. Ridge immediately approached Eric to ask if he was okay. Eric said he was a little disoriented because he'd been thinking that he'd been on the floor the last time they'd gathered, and he hadn't been sure he'd be back. Eric stated that Ridge had known Eric's wishes.

Ridge said he'd had the power to make the right decision, and he'd do it again -- "Is that what you want, or would you rather be dead?" Ridge asked. Eric said he loved life, he loved his family, and he loved Donna. Ridge noted that Eric's face said differently. Eric said he'd gone to the other side. It had been indescribable, and when his time arrived again -- and it would -- he wasn't afraid. He didn't want Ridge to be afraid, either. Eric loved life and wanted to live. "Cheers..." Eric quietly said and drank his Champagne.

Luna arrived, and Zende looked on, grinning secretly as Eric greeted her. Aside, Luna and R.J. said the house was special to them because it was where they'd met. He was glad they'd waited in their relationship. Luna couldn't wait to be alone with him again.

R.J. went to get drinks, and Zende approached Luna. They agreed that it was a great party. Gazing at her, Zende said he was enjoying it a lot better "now." He told Luna that she looked beautiful. R.J. returned with drinks, and Zende stated that he'd complimented Luna. Zende commended the couple for helping Eric, and they drank to those days being behind them.

Eric approached Carter and reminded him what an integral part of the family he was at their gatherings -- more than anyone else realized.

Nearby Donna discussed Eric's condition with her sisters. Although Eric still got weak and tired at times, the past symptoms were gone. Donna hoped it stayed that way. She didn't know what she'd do if she lost her honey bear.

Eric called everyone's attention. He was ready to speak, but Donna wanted to say something first. She didn't know where to begin. She said she felt as if she'd been with Eric forever, but it also felt as if they were just getting started. She said Eric completely transformed her life and nourished her soul. She stated that they were there to honor him. "I respectfully disagree. It's not about me. It's all about you," Eric corrected.

Eric stated that it was all about Donna and their future. He didn't believe he'd be there if it hadn't been for his family, but no one more than his wonderful Donna, who'd stood by his side. He knew it hadn't been easy, especially when he'd refused treatment, but she hadn't given up on him. He refused to give up on her. He said the night was about Donna, who'd given him the desire to live another day -- and another and another until the end.

"To the end," Donna agreed. Eric said that she always gave to him and never asked for anything. He wanted to give back. He asked Ridge to give him a hand. Ridge helped Eric to kneel before Donna. Eric called her his rock and well of happiness. He asked her to be his wife. Eric beckoned Ridge, who gave Eric a ring box. "Will you marry your honey bear?" he asked as the family looked on in gleeful surprise.

Eric marries Donna, and Bill gets disappointed

Eric marries Donna, and Bill gets disappointed

Thursday, February 8, 2024

At Il Giardino, Bill and Poppy were excited that Deacon and Sheila weren't there that day. Bill said they had the place all to themselves, and it felt like their place because it was where they'd found each other again. Bill recalled being drawn to Poppy as if cosmic forces had been at work.

The topic of Luna and R.J. arose, and though Bill believed that R.J. was a good guy, Bill wouldn't hesitate to step in if need be. Poppy wondered what Bill meant. Bill said that Luna had grown up without a father, but she might not have needed one because she had a whole family in Poppy. "That's right," Poppy replied. Bill informed Poppy that she wasn't alone, and even though Luna didn't have a dad, she had Bill.

Poppy was moved by Bill's sentiment. Bill stated that Luna's paternity was a sensitive subject. He knew that Luna had been born around the time of his and Poppy's magical night at the music festival, and he asked if he was Luna's father.

Bill assured Poppy that she didn't have to be worried. He was ready to know the truth and to take all the responsibility that came with it. He reminded her that he already felt very connected to her, and he couldn't help but believe Luna was the reason they'd been drawn back together.

Poppy reasoned that she and Bill might have been drawn back together, but it hadn't had anything to do with Luna. Poppy told Bill that it hadn't been him; it had been someone else. Bill asked how Poppy could be sure and said she'd told him that the timing had been close. "Not close enough," she explained and uttered that the conversation was making her uncomfortable.

Bill said he wasn't judging Poppy. Poppy appreciated his words, but she said there was no obligation. Bill replied that he'd be proud. Poppy stated that it had always just been the two of them, her and Luna, against the world, "Nozawa power."

At Eric's house, Eric asked Donna to give him an answer before he wound up sitting on the floor. Ridge helped Eric up from his kneeling position, and Donna exclaimed that she would indeed marry her honey bear. Crying tears of joy, Donna hugged Eric.

Later, the men congratulated Eric and ribbed him about whether Donna would have agreed. Ridge said Eric really knew how to take a second chance, and he wished Eric all the happiness in the world. Carter remarked that Eric was full of surprises. Eric stated that there were more surprises to come.

Eric drew everyone's attention to him. He figured that there were plenty of people there to conduct a wedding. Donna looked at him in surprise, and he said they had plenty of guests and witnesses, and there was also a wedding officiant.

The speed of the wedding was making Donna's head spin. Eric replied that his new motto was carpe diem. Noting that she was wearing the ring and that the living room was where family weddings happened, he figured that they should do it. He asked if Carter was willing. Carter replied that when Eric had discussed it with him, he hadn't known that Eric had meant that very evening, but Carter was willing.

Katie and Brooke offered to stand up for Donna and give her away. Donna was concerned about the other family members, but Eric didn't want to wait another minute. Donna decided she didn't, either, and she agreed to marry him that night. "It's a wedding!" Eric exclaimed, and the family cheered.

Katie hopped to planning the wedding. She instructed R.J. to clear space for an aisle, positioned Carter at the fireplace, and insisted that Donna go to the staircase for the bridal walk. Luna, who'd been designated the photographer, took pictures of Brooke handing Donna a bouquet. Donna hoped she looked okay, and Brooke said her sister looked like a blushing bride.

Eric and Donna exchanged looks. Zende cued up the bridal march, and Donna made her way down the aisle to marry her honey bear. Carter welcomed everyone to the impromptu ceremony, which Carter said was "very" Eric. Ridge called Eric the king of romantic gestures.

Carter asked if anyone had any objections to the wedding, and Eric said that no one had better say anything. Eric then wondered if Donna would prefer a huge wedding with flowers and guests. Donna asserted that she wanted to marry him right then, and it was the wedding of her dreams. He replied that it was his, too.

Eric recalled that the last time they'd gathered at his house, it hadn't ended well. He said he remembered a calmness and a peace of a life well-lived, and he'd been surrounded by his loved ones, especially Donna. He asked if she was waiting to get married, and Donna tearfully replied that she'd been waiting for that moment for her entire life.

During the vows, Eric talked about his love for Donna, her humor, her support, and her naughty, playful side. Her nurturing side had meant the most to him around that time. He said he'd been afraid to leave her, so he hadn't. He promised to never leave her.

Donna said that the thought of losing Eric had been devastating, and she was grateful for every moment she had with him. She promised to never take any of it for granted. She hadn't expected to become Mrs. Eric Forrester. She hadn't needed it. All she'd needed was Eric, but that night, with the ring and the proposal, she'd never felt more loved in her entire life.

Carter moved on to the "I dos" and asked if Donna would love, honor, and keep Eric in sickness and in health. Donna eagerly agreed to it, and Eric quietly agreed, too. Carter assumed that they didn't have rings, but Ridge produced a pair. Eric and Donna exchanged rings as symbols of their love and commitment, and Carter pronounced them husband and wife.

Eric and Donna kissed, and as their family cheered, Carter presented Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester.

After taking Poppy's mints, a hallucinating Luna ends up in Zende's bed

After taking Poppy's mints, a hallucinating Luna ends up in Zende's bed

Friday, February 9, 2024

As the sun set on Los Angeles, the surprise party-turned-wedding started to wind down at the Forrester mansion.

R.J. pulled Luna away from the party to tell her that he loved her. As R.J. leaned in for a kiss, Luna pulled away so that she could pop one of the mints she'd taken from Poppy. Satisfied that her breath was sufficiently fresh, Luna gave R.J. the kiss he sought.

R.J. and Luna rejoined the party, and they were quickly pulled into a Forrester family conversation. Eric thanked Luna and R.J. for all the love and support they had given him over the course of the previous few months. R.J. thanked his grandfather while Luna giggled slightly.

Katie caught up with Donna for a moment and shared how happy she was for the new bride. Across the room, Carter praised Eric for making a "wise choice." Raising a glass, Ridge proclaimed Eric "the master of romance." Eric said that he simply could not have waited another day to be Donna's husband.

Later, R.J. noticed that Luna was acting "all relaxed [and] very zen." R.J. was called away to take a phone call, leaving Luna to look into a nearby mirror and adjust her hair. Zende sidled over and joked about how R.J. had barely left Luna's side all evening. Zende confessed that if he were R.J., he wouldn't want to leave her side, either. Before stepping away, Zende smiled and told Luna that if she ever needed him, she could find him in the guesthouse.

At Il Giardino, Bill insisted that the stakes in the matter were high. "Are you absolutely certain there's no chance I'm Luna's father?" Bill asked. Poppy started to respond but was briefly interrupted when a server delivered their food. When Poppy said that she'd already told Bill the answer, Bill questioned if Poppy was telling him the truth or what she believed he wanted to hear.

Bill insisted that he would not be upset if he was, in fact, Luna's dad. "If Luna is my daughter, I would look after her. I would do everything I could to make up for lost time," Bill stated. For a third time, Bill pressed Poppy for the truth. Poppy shared that she was impressed with Bill's desire to step up -- and she confessed that she would want that for Luna. However, Poppy repeated that Bill was not Luna's father.

Bill asked if Poppy knew the identity of Luna's dad. "I know it's not you," Poppy replied evasively. Out of the blue, Bill remarked that he didn't think Li knew the "real" Poppy. The comment caught Poppy by surprise. Bill shared that Li's claims about Poppy being a "gold digger" could not possibly be valid. If they were, Poppy surely would have jumped at the chance to claim Bill as Luna's dad.

Bill asked Poppy if she needed another glass of wine to help unwind. Poppy declined and rummaged through her purse for her mints. Bill called the mints Poppy's "little happy mints" and asked if she knew where she might have left them. Poppy shrugged, and she and Bill left the restaurant.

Back at the Forrester estate, Eric called for everyone's attention so that he could propose a toast to his wife. "Being loved by you, I think, is the happiest moment of my life," he said with a broad smile. While the partygoers laughed and offered love advice and anecdotes, Luna began to yawn. She reached into her handbag and popped another mint.

When R.J. stepped away to talk to Donna, Zende walked back over to Luna and told her that he had not been able to take his eyes off of her all night. Luna giggled as Zende stated that he wanted a chance to get to know Luna better. "If you ever get bored of R.J., remember my door is always open," Zende said before walking away.

By the time R.J. returned, Luna said that she was getting tired and should probably head home. A euphoric Luna wrapped her arms around R.J. and told him that she loved him. R.J. offered to drive Luna home, but she politely declined. R.J. looked on with concern as Luna left the party and stumbled slightly out the door.

Outside, Luna mumbled to herself that she was thirsty. She spotted an assortment of beverages on the inside windowsill of the guesthouse. Luna let herself inside, grabbed a bottle of water, and guzzled it down. She sat down on the edge of the bed and laughed to herself.

Later, Zende returned to the guesthouse and, before even closing the door behind him, started taking his clothes off. After a moment or two, he spotted a bottle of water at the foot of his bed and a pair of women's shoes on the floor. When he turned around, he spotted Luna sleeping in his bed. Zende called Luna's name, and she sat up in bed. Luna smiled broadly and said that she'd been waiting for him. But instead of seeing Zende standing before her, Luna saw an image of R.J. with technicolor waves surrounding his face.

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