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Zende's "beautiful" night with Luna became a morning-after disaster when Luna realized she hadn't been with R.J. Poppy deduced her special mints had been involved, and Luna accused Poppy of drugging her. Poppy and Zende urged Luna not to tell R.J. about the mistaken night.
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Luna insisted she hadn't intended to sleep with Zende. Poppy realized Luna had overdosed on her special mints. R.J. realized something was troubling Luna.
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Luna struggles to understand what happened with Zende

Luna struggles to understand what happened with Zende

Monday, February 12, 2024

In Eric's office, Ridge said the previous night had been one for the record books, and he wasn't talking about Eric's party. Brooke grinned in his arms but said she was thrilled that, in one magical night, Eric had given Donna her dreams. Ridge called his father an expert in romance, but Brooke said Ridge wasn't so bad himself.

Ridge got a message from Eric, who'd decided to stay in for the day with his new wife. Ridge was glad that Eric had decided not to run around town, proclaiming his happiness, while still recovering. Brooke doubted Donna would allow that, and she said becoming Eric's wife had given Donna the right to boss Eric around -- in the best way possible.

Brooke and Ridge began to sweet-talk each other, and they kissed. Brooke and Ridge were delighted that Eric and Donna were starting a new chapter, and Brooke said Eric's journey was a miracle.

R.J. arrived, saying Donna made Eric happy. Brooke brought up Luna, and R.J. said she made him happy. Ridge remarked that Eric was very high on Luna, and so was R.J. R.J. said he hadn't been focused on a relationship when he'd arrived in town. He'd planned to visit and go, but he'd gotten sidetracked by a beautiful girl who really got him. R.J. revealed that it had gotten serious, and he loved Luna.

Later, R.J. was alone working. He text-messaged Luna, hoping she'd had a wonderful night.

At Poppy's place, Poppy looked all over for her mints until she heard a knock at her door. It was the last person she'd expected to see -- Li. Li had arrived to see for herself where Poppy seduced helpless, older, wealthy men like Bill Spencer. Li suspected that Luna had learned well because she'd cozied up to R.J. Forrester.

Not appreciating her sister showing up to disparage her and her daughter, Poppy told Li to just stay away if she found them so distasteful. Li figured Poppy would love it if Li turned a blind eye to Poppy and Luna taking advantage of every rich man they found. Li was sure it was just a matter of time before Luna broke R.J.'s heart.

Poppy wondered why Li hated Poppy and Luna. Li denied it, but Poppy said Li was always harsh. They had never been close as sisters, and Li shut Poppy out whenever Poppy tried to get closer. Li claimed that it was her disapproval Poppy felt. Li disapproved of Poppy's choices. "Because I had lovers in my life?" Poppy asked.

Li said it had been a parade of lovers with two things in common: handsome and rich. She said Bill was the jackpot. Li had a problem with not only Poppy's sex life but also the way Poppy lived her life.

"So, now my breath offends you," Poppy concluded. Li remarked that Poppy had called herself "carefree," but Li considered it a euphemism for taking drugs. Li said she knew about the pills; she didn't miss much, and she was good at putting pieces together. "I watch you. I see you reaching into your purse for your little stash," Li said.

Li stated that she was a doctor, and Poppy couldn't hide from her. Noting that Poppy looked shocked, Li said she'd always be three steps ahead of her little sister. "It's not because I'm great. It's because you squandered every bit of potential you ever had," Li concluded. Li detested Poppy's morals. "The way you treat your body, my God, Penelope!"

Poppy opened the door for Li, but Li wouldn't back down easily. Li accused Poppy of being a druggie. Poppy closed the door and yelled that it wasn't true. Li asked how often Poppy took mints, if they were always in her reach, and if she even knew what was in them. Poppy insisted that it wasn't like that "anymore." She claimed to take the mints to give her a little lift. Li yelled that Poppy was a grown woman living with her child and asked what she was thinking.

Li recalled being happy to have a little sister, and she'd thought they be best friends forever. Poppy said it had been true until she'd been old enough to think for herself and not blindly follow Li around. Li said Poppy had changed into a different person, "abandoning the moral structure our parents set for us," and had chosen to live an unorthodox life. Poppy replied that they could be different people but still be close.

Li said those days were behind them. She couldn't be close to someone whose choices she didn't respect. "Popping your pills?" Li asked, wondering what example Poppy was setting for Luna. Poppy was proud of Luna. Li called Luna a gold digger. Poppy raged that Li could say what she wanted about Poppy, but Luna was off limits. Li asked if Luna knew about the mints.

Poppy said Luna didn't, and Li asked, "What are they exactly?" Poppy refused to be lectured, saying, "I'm a grown woman, Li. I don't have to stand here and be lectured by you." Li said, "You're playing with fire, Penelope. You can't know what's in them or how much. So, be careful, you hear me? Because this could end very, very badly."

In Eric's guesthouse, Luna awakened in bed, disoriented but smiling to herself. A male voice said he'd brought coffee. Luna thanked him, saying her head was pounding and that he was always thoughtful. When her gaze turned to the man, she got confused.

"Zende? Wait. What are you doing here?" Luna asked. The shirtless Zende said he lived there.

Still confused, she asked where R.J. was. Zende's voice filled with concern as he said he didn't know, but R.J. definitely wasn't there.

Luna suddenly wondered what she was doing there. Zende replied that he'd asked himself the same question when she'd surprised him the previous night. Luna recalled being tired and leaving the party. She had been thirsty and had seen the water bottle in the window. She said she'd entered the place to drink it.

Zende explained that he'd returned home and found her there, waiting for him. "For you?" she asked. Confused, Zende asked who else lived there. Luna told him that she needed to know exactly what had happened. In a low voice, he said, "You know what happened." Luna panicked.

Luna asked Zende to give her a nearby robe and to turn around. Complying, he put on his shirt and asked, "Are you upset with me? What we shared last night was incredible. You were amazing, so free and, uh, uninhibited."

Disconcerted, Luna touched her head, asking what had happened to her. Crying, Luna said she loved R.J. and had waited for him. "And now I wake up in bed with you? What have I done?" she asked. Zende stammered that he'd become confused, too. He said he'd arrived home, and she'd been waiting for him. He was certain that it had been mutual, what they'd both wanted. "I would never -- " he started to assert.

Luna asked how she'd wound up there. She asked Zende to make it make sense. He wished he could, but he said they hadn't done a lot of talking. Zende remarked that he'd been surprised to find her there because he hadn't thought she'd taken his invitation seriously. She asked what invitation. He reminded her that he'd told her that he lived on the property, and she'd always know where to find him. Luna claimed she'd never do that, and she loved R.J.

Zende seemed at a loss for words. "But, Luna...You did..." he concluded. He could see Luna was upset, and it was the last thing he wanted because he was crazy about her. She asked him not to say that. "You really don't remember? How incredible it was? How beautiful?" he asked.

Luna flashed back, but in her memory, she'd been with R.J. Crying, she said she'd seen R.J., and he was the only guy she felt for. She said she hadn't remembered much, but R.J. had been there. It didn't make sense to her because she'd only had a couple of glasses of Champagne.

Zende stated that he was very sorry for whatever was happening, but he hoped she believed that he would never take advantage of her. Luna said she knew that and believed him. She claimed to remember enough to know that. She just didn't know how she could do it. She said R.J. loved her and trusted her, but that was what she'd done to him. She asked how she could have betrayed R.J. that way.

Poppy gets a clue about where her mints could have gone

Poppy gets a clue about where her mints could have gone

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

In Eric's office, R.J. reviewed his unanswered texts to Luna. Brooke arrived, still elated about the wedding, but she noticed that her son seemed off. R.J. said Luna hadn't responded to him at all that morning. Brooke supposed Luna had slept in, but R.J. said he at least wanted to help. He loved Luna and couldn't imagine anything getting between them.

Brooke noted that R.J. had never talked much about his love life. She assumed that, as his father's son, he'd dated quite a bit. R.J. said he'd heard that Ridge had been popular in his day, and Brooke said there hadn't been one girl in town who hadn't wanted to be seen on Ridge's arm. In her view, it had been destiny had she'd gotten him.

R.J. wished Luna would respond, and Brooke told him to contact her again.

At Zende's place, Luna retrieved her coat from the other room and headed for the door. Zende wanted to talk, but Luna felt that no amount of talking could explain why she'd seen R.J.'s face. Zende didn't know, but he said it had been consensual. "I would never..." Zende stated. Luna said she knew it, but I didn't change her feelings. She asked how she could do it to R.J.

Luna said the longer she stayed there, the more guilty she felt, but Zende said she had nothing to feel guilty about. He wanted to talk, but she insisted that it wouldn't help. He knew she'd gone through a shock, but he insisted that it had been beautiful.

"No, no...R.J.'s my boyfriend," Luna replied. She was upset to think of R.J. finding out. Zende said it wouldn't happen, and they'd used protection. Unable to hear about it, Luna grabbed her phone to call a car. She saw that R.J. had been trying to reach her. She asked how she'd face him after what she'd done. Zende hated seeing her like that and wondered what he could do.

Luna's phone rang. She answered it, trying to sound normal. R.J. was glad she'd answered. He said he'd been calling and texting. Luna apologized. He said he'd just wanted to make sure she was okay after the way she'd left the party. She stammered, and he asked if she was okay. She replied that she didn't feel like herself. He offered to bring her something if she needed it. She said it was sweet, but she had to go.

After Luna clicked off the line, Zende said it killed him to see her like that. The devastated Luna said he didn't understand. She swore to God that it had been R.J. that previous night.

After Luna had gone, Zende made his bed. He thought of gazing into Luna's eyes and kissing her in bed. Zende held his face, crying.

Back at Forrester, R.J. was pensive about the call with Luna. Brooke said it had been sweet of R.J. to offer to bring Luna something if she needed it, and Brooke told him to go ahead and go. R.J. didn't think he should. He described how Luna had been apologetic and abrupt with him. He guessed Luna was sick and wanted to be left alone. He said he got that way himself, but he couldn't help but feel that something was off.

Brooke beamed about how much R.J.'s life had changed within a year. He'd become a designer, gotten his own place, and found a girlfriend. Brooke noted that a lot had changed for Luna, too. R.J. knew that Brooke was tired of him talking about how he felt about Luna. Brooke said Luna and he shared the same feelings. They assumed Luna would be fine.

At Poppy's place, Li's lecture continued about Poppy's mint-popping. Li claimed she wasn't a paragon of virtue but would never lead her life like Poppy, a mother who was supposed to set an example. She asked if Poppy wanted Luna to take drugs, too.

Poppy said Luna was a grown woman, and Poppy wasn't harming herself or Luna. Poppy figured she knew what she was doing, but Li assumed that Luna didn't know about it. Li hoped Poppy had kept it from Luna -- or else it would lead to big trouble. Poppy called Li quick to judge and said she'd always expected people to meet her rigid standards, but when they couldn't, Li turned on them the way she was doing right then with Poppy.

Li claimed to be concerned about Luna, but Poppy said Luna was happy and in love. She asked if Li knew what that was. "How dare you?" Li replied, but Poppy asked how Li dared warn that Luna was headed for trouble because of her loving mother. Li quipped that Poppy didn't love Luna enough to stop taking "that stuff" before something terrible happened.

Later, Poppy was alone and had resumed the search for her pills. Luna arrived, and as Poppy continued to search, she asked to hear all about the party. She assumed R.J. and Luna had ended the night in Malibu. Seeing that Luna was upset, Poppy asked if R.J. and Luna had had a falling out. Luna replied that they were still together for the moment, but she was scared that she'd ruined everything. She didn't know how it could have happened.

Luna admitted that she hadn't woken up in R.J.'s bed. She'd been in Zende's bed. She said she hadn't known where she'd been and had thought she'd been at the beach house with R.J. Poppy asked what had happened, but Luna said she didn't remember. She stated that she hadn't been herself. Agreeing, Poppy said Luna didn't just wind up in other men's beds, and the only man she'd been with had been R.J. "Not anymore," Luna replied.

Luna flashed back to seeing Zende and thinking it was R.J. She said it had been consensual, but she'd been sure that it had been R.J. She claimed that she'd seen R.J.'s face. Luna stated that Zende hadn't done anything wrong, and it was her fault. She wanted her mom to help her figure it out. She guessed she'd been drugged. Poppy asked if it was possible.

Luna said she'd been at Eric's house and hadn't needed to cover her drink as she'd do at a club. She said she'd only had a couple of glasses of Champagne. Poppy asked what Luna had eaten, and Luna replied that she'd probably had more mints than anything else.

"Mints?" Poppy asked. Luna hugged Poppy and asked why it was happening to her.

Poppy tell Luna the truth about her mints

Poppy tell Luna the truth about her mints

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

In the executive suite at Forrester Creations, R.J. expressed concern over the way that Luna had sounded when he'd managed to reach her on the phone. Brooke assured her son that everything was okay and suggested that Luna might have slept late because of the big party the previous night. R.J. remained unconvinced.

Brooke asked R.J. if something had happened between R.J. and Luna at Eric's party. R.J. shook his head. He said that Luna had been thrilled to be a part of the festivities but had gotten tired and headed home early. Brooke asked if R.J. and Luna had argued about anything. R.J. confirmed that they hadn't. Brooke again suggested that Luna just might not have been feeling well.

Even if there were something wrong, Brooke continued, she was certain that R.J. and Luna would be able to work through it quickly. Brooke laughed as she shared how unbelievable it was that Luna and R.J. had met in the same way that she and Ridge had first met. Brooke hoped that R.J. and Luna's "road" would be much smoother than her and Ridge's had been.

R.J. told Brooke that there was something that he and Luna did not agree on -- the temperate setting on the thermostat. Brooke and R.J. both laughed.

In the guesthouse at the Forrester estate, Zende thought back to his interaction with Luna earlier in the day and how she had insisted that she'd thought she'd been having sex with R.J. The door to the guesthouse slowly opened, and Eric walked in. Eric had popped in for a random visit, but Eric quickly sensed that something was troubling Zende.

Zende put on a smile and congratulated his grandfather again on his nuptials and mused that he felt "bad for the ladies of Beverly Hills" who would undoubtedly be "bummed to hear" that Eric was off the market. As for why he seemed out of sorts, Zende claimed that he had a bit of a stomachache.

Eric chattered on about the party he'd thrown, but it became clear to him that Zende wasn't really paying attention. When Zende put his hand over his belly and plopped into a chair, Eric said that there was "a cure" for what Zende was feeling: a lot of water and some aspirin. Zende insisted he was not hungover. Eric assured Zende that there was nothing wrong with being hungover. Eric recalled that there had been a lot of Champagne served. He chuckled slightly and told Zende that he was glad that there had been no "slip-ups" as a result of the free-flowing bubbly.

Eric admitted that he was surprised that Zende had shown up to the party solo. Zende confessed that the spontaneity of the party hadn't given him much time to find a date. Eric asked if Zende was "out there" looking for someone. Zende didn't really answer the question directly, but Eric said that he was confident that the right woman for Zende was out there.

"I've been very lucky in my life to have some wonderful women to share my life with," Eric remarked. Eric repeated his belief that Zende would find someone that he would treat with "love and kindness and respect."

Seated on the sofa in Luna's apartment, Poppy asked her daughter to tell her what had happened. Luna sobbed as she said she wasn't sure. Somehow, Luna explained, she'd woken up in bed with Zende, but she swore that she'd seen "R.J.'s face" the night before. "Something was seriously wrong with me last night, and I don't know what it is," Luna said as she hugged her mother tightly.

A short time later, Luna continued to question why she would suddenly do something so out of character as cheating on the man she loved. Poppy, who had been listening quietly, suddenly became noticeably somber. "Oh, sweetheart. I'm so sorry. I hope you can forgive me," Poppy said softly. Luna said that Poppy was making no sense and had nothing to apologize for.

"I think I know what happened to you last night," Poppy blurted out. Poppy asked Luna to tell her everything that she remembered about the party. Luna recalled having a great time before suddenly getting really tired. She also remembered leaving early and suddenly getting very thirsty. She wasn't sure how she'd gotten into the bed in the guesthouse, but she did remember waking up and seeing R.J. "It's almost like I was hallucinating or something," Luna said.

Luna didn't think that having some Champagne on an empty stomach was the cause of her odd behavior. Poppy asked Luna if she'd had any mints. Luna rolled her eyes and remarked that she always had mints. Poppy scurried over to Luna's handbag and looked inside. She began to cry when she removed the tin of mints that Luna had been popping.

"I messed up so bad," Poppy sobbed. Holding the mints in her hands, Poppy said that the mints that Luna had been taking were hers. "I don't care about your stupid mints," Luna snapped. Poppy explained that some people had a glass of wine to calm their anxiety. "I found something that works for me," Poppy said looking at the mints. "I thought that they were harmless until now," Poppy continued.

A look of anger swept over Luna's face. "What are you telling me? That me waking up in Zende's bed this morning was because of you and your mints?" Luna asked. Poppy continued to cry, but she was unable to make eye contact with her daughter. "Oh, my God!" Luna gasped before asking incredulously, "I got drugged by my own mother?!"

Luna blasts Poppy, and Eric asks Zende to mentor Luna

Luna blasts Poppy, and Eric asks Zende to mentor Luna

Thursday, February 15, 2024

In Eric's office, RJ tried to work but was preoccupied because Luna had yet to respond to his text messages. Liam arrived with a backpack for Kelly. He wanted to drop it off to Steffy, and while he was there, he figured he should finally talk to R.J. about the potentially awkward topic of Liam's father dating the mother of R.J.'s girlfriend. Liam couldn't convince his father to let him meet Poppy, so Liam wondered what R.J.'s take was on her.

R.J. had only good things to say about Poppy. Liam brought up the way Bill and Poppy had met and how Poppy had just shown up decades later. "To be with her daughter," R.J. added. Liam got that, but he said someone had to protect his father, one of the wealthiest men in the city. Liam added that women targeted Bill all the time.

R.J. said Poppy wasn't doing that, and Luna and Poppy were the most honest people he knew. He saw Poppy as Luna's rock and couldn't image her hurting anyone. Liam wondered if Poppy's arrival in town shortly after R.J. had started dating Luna had been the reason R.J. had needed a place for privacy. R.J. explained that he'd needed his own space, and it was hard to have privacy living with parents. Liam claimed to be aware.

R.J. expressed that Poppy was supportive of her daughter with an optimistic view, and Luna was the same way. He reasoned that Poppy and Luna were different but shared the same values. Luna wasn't as laid back as her mother but could depend on Poppy.

At Luna and Poppy's place, Luna was distraught, under the belief that she'd been with Zende and feeling sick the previous night because of her mother and her mother's mints. Poppy said she'd been very careful and had never wanted Luna to end up with the mints. Calling them more than mints, Luna said she'd lost touch with reality. Poppy admitted that they weren't normal mints, and she took them to unwind like people drank wine. "It's harmless," Poppy proffered.

Luna disagreed. Poppy said she'd tried to keep them from Luna and hadn't wanted Luna to know. Again, Luna accused Poppy of drugging her. Poppy called it an accident and said she usually kept them in her bag. Luna yelled that she'd been messed up, thinking Zende had been R.J. Poppy said that didn't usually happen, but Luna yelled that it had happened to her.

Luna asked how she'd wound up with them. Poppy assumed there had been a mix-up before the party. "How could you do this, Mom? How?" Luna yelled. Poppy apologized, but Luna ranted about how she loved R.J. and had waited to be with the right guy. "And I just don't do that with anyone --like you," Luna quipped. She said it wasn't pure anymore because of Poppy.

Luna guessed Li was right about Poppy, and Luna had just been naïve. Luna said Poppy talked about freedom; however, she was selfish and irresponsible and did what she wanted, no matter whom it hurt. Luna asked if Li knew about the drugs and if Li didn't want Luna around because she thought Luna was a druggie like Poppy. Poppy cried that Li had never been fair to her and didn't know them. Luna said Li knew who Poppy was -- a druggie.

R.J. called. Poppy didn't think the upset Luna should answer it, but Luna did, anyway. He asked if she felt better or knew what had happened. She said she wasn't feeling well. He wondered if it had been food poisoning, and she replied that she'd definitely eaten something bad. He offered to bring her something. He wanted to see her, and he missed her.

Luna said she missed R.J., too, but it wasn't a good time. He said she could come over later if she felt better. Luna replied that she needed to see him, too. Her tone sounded serious to him. She said it was serious, and she loved him.

After the call, Luna announced that R.J. wanted to see her. Luna had to figure out what to say to him. Poppy asserted that Luna couldn't tell him. Luna said she had to. Poppy reasoned that she hadn't cheated and had been in an altered state. Luna replied that she'd slept with another man, regardless of how it had happened. She figured she'd lose R.J., who wouldn't accept it.

Poppy urged Luna not to tell R.J. Luna asked what kind of a mother Poppy was. Luna said she'd tripped off Poppy's drugs, and Poppy was telling her to keep secrets from the man she loved. Poppy told Luna that she was too emotional, but Luna and R.J.'s relationship didn't need to end over an accident. Poppy begged Luna not to tell R.J.

At Eric's guesthouse, Zende seemed subdued as Eric talked about being R.J., Zende, and Ridge's ages, going out on the town, never knowing how any particular evening would end, and eventually wondering when he'd find something more fulfilling or find that special person. "Or maybe you already have," Eric said and wondered if Zende had a new person in his life.

Zende said he'd thought so, but he'd read the situation wrong. Eric replied that it happened, but Zende said nothing like that had ever happened to him. He flashed back to being happy to see Luna in his bed and to Luna falling apart over their mistaken night. Zende revealed that he had met someone special. "But it's not going to work out..." he painfully added.

Eric said he was there if Zende wanted to talk, and Zende thanked him. Eric decided to talk to Zende about something else important regarding when he'd asked R.J. and Luna to help him. Zende said Ridge had explained it, but Eric replied that he wanted to address it himself. He hadn't intended to keep Zende out of the loop. Eric respected Zende's talent and said his contributions were important. Eric wanted to work with Zende, too.

Impressed with the young talent at Forrester, Eric complimented Thomas, Hope, R.J., and Zende. Eric called Luna the most extraordinary intern they'd ever had. Eric asked Zende to do him a favor and to get to know Luna and work with her. Zende replied that Luna had a boyfriend. Eric said he knew it and wasn't suggesting anything like that. Zende murmured that it would cause big problems. Eric agreed but said he wanted Zende to mentor Luna.

Eric stated that R.J. was learning but couldn't touch what Zende knew about the business, and Zende could teach her things R.J. never could. Eric believed that Zende would enjoy her because they had a lot in common. Eric added that he needed to back down, spend more time at home with Donna, and focus on his recovery. He said it would be awhile before he got back behind the desk. In the meantime, he wanted Zende to find out what excited Luna and turned her on.

Alone later, Zende half-heartedly sat down to sketch. He found one of Luna's earrings on his sofa. He recalled asking her if she knew that it had been consensual, and Luna saying she knew it but had ruined things with R.J. Zende put the earring in a box on the table.

Poppy and Luna tell Zende about the mints

Poppy and Luna tell Zende about the mints

Friday, February 16, 2024

In Luna's apartment, Poppy tried to convince Luna that there was no need to tell R.J. about what had happened. Luna, however, felt that R.J. deserved to know the truth. "Why take that risk? You can mess everything up!" Poppy countered. Luna replied that she already had messed everything up. When Luna remarked that her mother's mints were "laced with God know what," Poppy fired back that her mints were perfectly all right when taken one at a time and without alcohol.

Poppy apologized and pleaded for Luna not to turn a "terrible mistake into something so much worse." The two women stopped speaking when a knock sounded on the door. Luna ordered Poppy to hide and walked slowly to the front door. Luna was shocked to see Zende standing outside in the hall.

Zende noted that he was probably the last person that Luna wanted to see, but he explained that he had been worried about Luna. Without warning, Poppy burst from her hiding place and shoved Zende. Poppy demanded to know if Zende had "taken advantage" of Luna. "Absolutely not!" Zende yelled. Luna assured Zende that he had done "nothing wrong."

Luna looked at her mother and said that Zende deserved an explanation. "The last thing that I would want for our first time would be for her to think that I was someone else," Zende said, directing his comment to Poppy. Luna again stated that she "saw" R.J. and not Zende. "What happened between us, it's all her fault," Luna grumbled as she gave her mother the side-eye.

Poppy softly said that she took "recreational" mints on occasion to "take the edge off." Somehow, Poppy continued, her mints had gotten mixed up with Luna's mints. "Are you saying you were high last night?" Zende gasped. Luna said that she had thought she had just been "keeping [her] breath fresh," and she'd been popping the mints all evening. Zende shook his head as he came to the realization that Luna had been drugged by her own mother.

Zende told Poppy that she had taken something from him, too. Zende explained that he liked Luna and worried that any chance he had to have "something beautiful" with Luna might be permanently ruined. Luna said that since Zende knew the truth, she also needed to tell R.J. Sobbing, Luna said that her relationship with R.J. had been "tainted" because of her. Zende told Luna that she should not tell R.J. what had happened between them. Luna was certain that R.J. would understand. "No one would understand at all! Ever!" Zende yelled.

In the executive suite at Forrester, R.J. was working on a sketch when Thomas and Hope entered. R.J. claimed that he needed to get the sketch down on paper before it slipped out of his mind, but Thomas and Hope wondered if R.J. was feverishly working because he had somewhere else he needed to be. R.J. put down his pencil and admitted that he had a romantic evening planned for Luna.

Thomas mused that Luna might be the first love interest that the entire Forrester family approved of from day one. R.J. gushed about his feelings for Luna. Seeing that R.J.'s sketch was finished, Thomas urged him to leave work and go to Luna.

Later, alone in the office, Hope told Thomas that R.J. and Luna's relationship had gotten her thinking about Thomas and the ring he had given her. They kissed.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Zende sat in the design studio, working on a sketch, but he was unable to concentrate. He thought back on the events of the previous 24 hours and, in a fit of anger, knocked everything off the drafting table.

Luna arrived at the beach house, and R.J. greeted her with a hug. Luna paced around the room, unable to make eye contact with R.J. R.J. told Luna that he'd been worried about her. R.J. asked Luna to look at him and to tell him what was bothering her. Asked if it was about the party, Luna nodded her head. R.J. believed that Luna was upset about having had to leave the party early. R.J. told Luna that she was beautiful and that he was "so lucky" to have her in his life.

As R.J. kissed her, Luna thought back to her argument with Poppy. Luna abruptly pulled away. R.J. asked her what was going on and told her that she could tell him anything. "I want to believe that," Luna replied. Luna told R.J. that she loved him and always wanted to be honest with him. Tears freely flowing down her cheeks, Luna told R.J. that there was something that he needed to know about the previous night.

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