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Steffy killed Sheila in self-defense, but the events weren't so cut and dried for police investigators -- nor were they for Finn, who had conflicting feelings about Steffy killing his mother. Ridge raged at Finn for not supporting his wife, but Hope consoled a devastated Finn.
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Steffy stabbed and killed the trespassing Sheila. Hope comforted a devastated Finn.
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Steffy's confrontation with Sheila turns deadly

Steffy's confrontation with Sheila turns deadly

Monday, February 26, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon asked around, but none of his staff had seen Sheila. He noted that his text messages to her remained unanswered. Liam arrived to pick up some takeout, and Deacon offered Liam a drink while he waited. Deacon said that there were no hard feelings about the divorce, and he wished Liam the best.

Deacon offered to let Liam eat there, but Liam said he wasn't a fan of dining there while Sheila worked. Deacon replied that she wasn't there, and he didn't know where she was.

Later, Deacon was saying that he regretted telling Liam anything. Liam was glad Deacon had because Kelly could have gotten hurt. Deacon replied that Kelly hadn't been in danger, and Steffy had had no right getting in Sheila's face. Liam insisted that Steffy had told Sheila to stay away. Deacon explained that Sheila had been staying away, and she'd been focused on other things, like bettering herself. Liam said no one else bought into it, and Deacon was sacrificing his relationship with his daughter for a woman who didn't "give a crap" about him.

Deacon stammered about it. Liam said Deacon believed that Sheila had changed but didn't even know where Sheila was. Liam assumed that Deacon was worried that Sheila might be reverting to her old, evil ways. Deacon replied that Sheila was a free woman who could come and go as she chose. Liam glared at Deacon.

Deacon admitted that Sheila had been slipping away a lot lately. He stated that Sheila had previously spent a lot of time hanging out at the apartment, but then her presence there after his shifts had been hit or miss. Liam wondered if Deacon had asked her where she'd been. Deacon said Sheila had been mysterious, and Liam immediately concluded that Sheila had been stalking Steffy's family.

Deacon asserted that Sheila had promised not to bother Steffy's family. Liam asked about what had happened earlier. Deacon defended that Kelly and Steffy had entered Sheila's space. Deacon revealed that Sheila had told him that she'd been meeting someone from her past.

Liam doubted anyone from Sheila's past wanted to reconnect with her. He believed that the only thing Sheila cared about was the child she'd given up, and Sheila was obsessed with getting Steffy out of Finn's life. Deacon had faith that Sheila would stay away, and he asked why she'd jeopardize the life that she'd built with him. Liam replied that Sheila would kick it to the curb for a relationship with her son, and the only person standing in the way of it was Steffy.

In Finn's office, Finn flashed back to Deacon helping him break up the confrontation between Sheila and Steffy. Hope arrived, wondering what was weighing on him. Hope was at the hospital to pick up some allergy medicine and had stopped in to see Finn. He admitted that he'd just been thinking about Steffy and Sheila.

Later, Finn had told Hope about the incident between Steffy and Sheila. Even though Sheila had supposedly shoved Steffy first, Finn didn't like that Steffy had confronted Sheila. Finn said he needed to know that Steffy was being safe and smart, but getting in Sheila's face and punching her wouldn't end well. Finn didn't want his wife to incite Sheila. Finn said Sheila hadn't had any right to interact with Kelly, but Sheila had been staying away. He said things had been pretty good, considering Sheila's past. "So, why poke the bear?" he asked, and Hope assumed he thought Steffy had awakened the psychopath in Sheila.

Hope further assumed that Finn thought that Sheila was still a threat. Finn said he wouldn't take Sheila's word for it that she was reformed. Hope agreed, saying she didn't buy it, either. Finn talked about what Steffy had been through at the hands of Sheila and figured that Steffy had PTSD from it. He was also concerned that Steffy had said that the only way she'd feel free of Sheila was if Sheila was dead.

Finn expressed that human life was valuable and important. He wondered if there could be something for Sheila if she spent time in prison and repented, but he understood that Steffy believed it was unforgivable. Hope appreciated his ability to see his wife's point of view, but she said it was probably still hard for him to hear that his wife wanted his mother dead.

At the cliff house, the wind blew. Steffy seemed upset about the creaking in her house. Outside in the bushes, Sheila watched from the bushes, saying, "Tonight you die, Steffy."

Back inside, Steffy retrieved ingredients to make a salad, but another thud from outside drew her back to her window. As Steffy returned to the kitchen, Sheila smiled from her spot in the bushes and put her hand in her pocket.

As Steffy cut up vegetables, she continued to hear random noises. The lights in the house went out. Steffy froze. "Sheila, is that you?" she asked. A shadow appeared on the wall behind Steffy.

Steffy lit an LED light. Sheila gripped the outside patio door handle.

Steffy received a call from Finn. He hoped that she was relaxing. She said the wind had kicked up, and the power had gone out. Things were creepy, and she hoped he'd be home soon. He said he'd be holding her soon.

After the call ended, Steffy went to retrieve some candles from the buffet cabinet. She looked up and saw a shadow on the wall above her. "Sheila, I know it's you!" Steffy yelled at the dark figure. Sheila walked closer to Steffy, who ran to the kitchen. Steffy grabbed a butcher knife and warned Sheila not to get closer. With the knife poised to strike, Steffy cried out that she'd do it.

Sheila lunged at Steffy, and Steffy stabbed Sheila in the shoulder or left chest area. Sheila fell to the ground, coughed up blood, and then went eerily still.

The paramedics pronounce Sheila Carter dead

The paramedics pronounce Sheila Carter dead

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon asked when Liam had ever had such great pizza. Liam said on his honeymoon in Puglia. Deacon decided that Italy didn't count. Liam agreed that Deacon's pizza was the best -- stateside. Liam was glad that he got to eat there because Sheila wasn't working.

Deacon poured them drinks, asking if they could not "do this now." Liam brought up the fact that Deacon didn't know where Sheila was, and Deacon assumed Liam feared that she was stalking Steffy and Finn. Liam said that if it was true, only God knew what could happen. Deacon wished Liam would cut Sheila some slack. Liam asked why her secret outings weren't a red flag for Deacon.

Deacon quipped that Liam thought everything Sheila did was a red flag. Liam responded that Kelly had almost grown up without a mother, and he couldn't forget it. Deacon said Kelly didn't know about it, and Liam replied that Kelly would never know because they'd get Sheila out of their lives. Deacon doubted Sheila would go anywhere.

Liam didn't get why Deacon would choose Sheila over his daughter. Liam felt that Deacon was stuck because of Sheila. Claiming it wasn't true, Deacon said he loved his grandkids. Liam responded that the problem was that Deacon loved Sheila, too. Deacon disclosed that he'd tried to explain his love for Sheila to Hope, but he didn't really understand it himself.

Deacon admitted that it might be easier to see Sheila the way everyone else did, especially when it came to his relationship with his daughter. He'd tried to distance himself, but he was always drawn back in. Deacon explained that they were two loners, screw-ups, and criminals who were trying to build something good and decent, despite their pasts.

Liam decided that Deacon should give himself more credit and not compare his petty screw-ups to Sheila's heinous crimes. Deacon felt that he and Sheila got each other, despite their flaws. Liam replied that it might be fine for Deacon if Deacon didn't have anyone else in his life. Liam advised Deacon to dump Sheila for his relationship with Hope and said the only way any of them would have peace was if Sheila was gone.

As Liam paid the bill, Deacon pointed out the tip spot. Liam decided to "make it up" to Deacon by giving him a bigger one. Liam said Sheila would bring him down and force him to forfeit a relationship with Hope and her kids, and that was enough reason for Sheila to be dead to Deacon. Deacon said he loved Sheila and would have a long, happy life with her.

In Finn's office, Hope returned because she'd forgotten her phone. Finn said he was in a hurry to finish work because he was worried about his wife. After all, there was a windstorm, and the power was out at the house. Hope replied that it was sweet that he was concerned. He stated that Steffy was everything to him.

Hope believed Finn would get the patient test results he needed soon, even though he'd already been waiting overtime. He found her optimism refreshing. The topic turned to Sheila, and Finn expressed concern that Sheila and Steffy had gotten physical. Finn stated that he could feel what Steffy felt, and at that moment, he felt that his wife needed him.

Later, Finn had finally gotten his results. As he rushed to prepare to leave, Hope said Finn was a good man, and that explained how he could open himself up to Sheila. Finn said his loyalty was to Steffy, not that he wished ill will to Sheila. Hope recalled that Steffy had said she'd only feel safe if Sheila was dead. Finn decided he needed to get home to Steffy.

At the cliff house, Steffy was in the dark on the phone with emergency services. She said she'd stabbed an intruder in self-defense after the person had lunged at her. She asked them to hurry. After she ended the call, the electricity came back on, and she saw Sheila dead on the floor.

Later, the paramedics worked on Sheila. The police arrived and questioned Steffy. Steffy told them that Sheila had broken in, and Steffy had had to act in self-defense. As Steffy talked to the police, a paramedic said Sheila had bled out, and there was nothing more they could do. Steffy expressed shock that Sheila hadn't made it. "Time of death: 8:07," the paramedic said, and Steffy gasped.

The crime scene investigators photographed the scene and dusted for prints. The paramedics put a sheet over Sheila. The police returned to Steffy. They eyed her with suspicion, noting that Steffy had said Sheila had broken in. Steffy said they had to believe it had been self-defense.

The police officer asked Steffy to go over it again. Steffy explained that she'd seen a shadow on the wall. She'd grabbed a knife to defend herself, but Sheila had kept coming despite Steffy's warnings. When Sheila had lunged, Steffy had defended herself. Steffy revealed that Sheila had tried to kill Steffy and Finn, Sheila's son, before, and Sheila "is" a horrible person who deserved to be in prison. The police decided to conclude for the evening but advised Steffy not to leave town.

Later, Steffy thought of Sheila telling Finn that his wife wanted his mother dead. She grew weak at the knees.

Finn rushed in. He'd seen the police and asked what was going on. Distraught, Steffy said someone had come into the house. She flashed back to the moments with Sheila before she'd stabbed Sheila. Steffy said Sheila's name. Finn's eyes bulged, and he asked where Sheila was. The distraught Steffy envisioned Sheila dead on the floor.

News of Sheila's death sweeps across Los Angeles

News of Sheila's death sweeps across Los Angeles

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

In the executive office, Thomas presented a revised sketch for Ridge to review. As the two men discussed how being in love could affect one's designs, Carter burst into the room with news from one of his contacts at the police department. "Sheila's dead," Carter announced. Ridge didn't believe it and reminded Carter that they "just went through this with the whole fake bear" scheme.

Still reading something on his phone, Carter said that the coroner had just retrieved Sheila's body from Steffy and Finn's house. Ridge wanted to know if Steffy had been home at the time of Sheila's death. Thomas called Steffy's house, but the call would not go through. At the same time, Ridge left a voicemail for Steffy on her mobile phone. When Carter's contact used the word "killed" to describe the manner in which Sheila had died, Ridge said that he and Thomas were headed to Steffy's house.

In the design office at Forrester Creations, Brooke and Hope discussed the storm. Hope shared that the power had gone off at Steffy and Finn's house. Seeing the quizzical look on her mother's face, Hope explained that she'd dropped by Finn's office while she'd been at the hospital to pick up Douglas' "allergy drops."

Hope told Brooke that Sheila and Steffy had gotten into a confrontation. Brooke worried that Steffy was putting herself in danger by continually clashing with Sheila. Hope noted that it seemed impossible for Steffy to avoid Sheila, considering that Sheila was the mother of Steffy's husband. "It must be hard being the son of a monster," Brooke interjected.

Hope told Brooke that Steffy had said that she would not feel safe until Sheila was dead. The comment, Hope added, had "rattled" Finn. Brooke said that the "best thing" Sheila had ever done had been to "let [Finn] go" as a baby. Hope questioned if Sheila had truly ever let Finn go. Hope continued to express her support for Finn and asked what kind of harm Steffy's antagonizing of Sheila might be doing to Finn. Brooke agreed that Steffy's decision to confront Sheila at Deacon's apartment probably wasn't the best decision Steffy could have made.

Carter entered the design office to tell Brooke and Hope that Sheila was dead.

In Malibu at the cliff house, Steffy stood silent, staring off into the distance. Finn asked her if she was okay, but Steffy did not respond. Finn sighed heavily as he shared his disbelief that Sheila had broken into their home. "Did they arrest her? Is that why the cops were driving off? Do they have Sheila?" Finn asked in rapid-fire succession.

After thinking back to what had happened, Steffy replied in a soft voice, "No." Finn questioned if Sheila had gotten away. Steffy again replied, "No." Finn struggled to understand where Sheila could be if she wasn't in custody or on the loose. "She's gone, Finn. Sheila's dead," Steffy stated.

"Are you sure?" Finn asked haltingly. Finn struggled to hold in his emotions as Steffy confirmed that Sheila was dead. Finn wondered if Sheila had gotten shot by the police. Steffy assured him that Sheila hadn't been shot. Finn again asked what had happened. "It all happened so fast. I had no choice. It was me. I did it. I killed Sheila," Steffy said with tears streaming down her cheek.

"You don't mean that," Finn replied. Finn insisted that there was no way that Steffy could have killed Sheila. He asked Steffy to tell him everything that had happened. Steffy explained that Sheila had broken in during the power outage and refused to leave. "She kept coming closer and closer, so I grabbed the knife," Steffy said as she started to cry. Steffy said that she'd had to protect herself when Sheila had lunged toward her. "It was either her or me," Steffy continued.

"So, you stabbed her?" Finn asked. He turned his head and looked at the pool of blood on the rug. Finn slowly walked over to the stain.

Ridge and Thomas burst through the front door with Ridge immediately running to embrace his daughter. As Ridge and Thomas asked Steffy what had happened, Finn retreated to the other side of the house. He remained quiet, transfixed on the blood-stained rug. He looked up when he heard Steffy say that she'd killed Sheila in "self-defense."

Steffy sat down one the sofa, and Thomas sat beside her. Ridge used the coffee table as a seat so that he could sit directly in front of Steffy. They all agreed that it was a miracle that the kids had not been home at the time of Sheila's break-in. Ridge asked if Steffy needed or wanted to talk more about what had happened. Steffy admitted that she was still in shock. She again recounted the events that had led up to the stabbing.

Finn looked at the back door then cast his gaze over to the magnetic knife holder in the kitchen, noticing that one knife was missing. Finn "heard" Sheila's voice telling him that she loved him and always would. He reflected back to some of the happier moments he and Sheila had shared.

"The idea of losing you? I couldn't handle that," Ridge said as he fought back tears. Steffy stated that she had already talked to the police but that she had been told she would need to speak to the detectives assigned to the case. She wondered what would happen if she were to be charged with Sheila's death. "That animal got what she deserved," Ridge snapped.

"That animal?" Finn asked in disbelief. "That animal was my mother."

Finn tells Steffy that Sheila's blood is on her hands

Finn tells Steffy that Sheila's blood is on her hands

Thursday, February 29, 2024

At the cliff house, Finn fixated on the blood stain on the floor. Thomas said Finn couldn't blame them for being relieved. Steffy stated that she hadn't wanted to do it, but she'd had no choice. Ridge asserted that they all would have done the same thing. Ridge reminded Finn that Sheila had terrorized everyone, including Finn. Ridge was sorry he'd called her an animal in front of Finn, but Ridge insisted that was what she'd been to him; she'd brought it on herself.

"That animal was my mother," Finn replied, wondering how they could all be so callous when his mother had just died right there. Ridge replied that it could have been worse; it could have been Steffy or one of the kids. Steffy said Sheila had attacked her, and Steffy had grabbed the knife and reacted. Ridge told Steffy that it was okay, but Finn uttered that it wasn't okay.

Thomas figured Finn was in shock. Ridge claimed he wasn't meaning to be insensitive, but what was done was done; he and Thomas were there to take care of Steffy. Finn told them to remember that someone had died. "It's my mother! It's my mother!"

Steffy said she loved Finn and was trying to be understanding, but they were all freaked out. Thomas added that they weren't ignoring Finn's loss, but they were there to make sure Steffy was okay and that the cops wouldn't put a crime on Steffy. Ridge said Steffy's "attacker" was dead, and Steffy was fine. Ridge thanked God for that.

Finn stated that he'd never want to see Steffy hurt, but what Ridge didn't get was "that animal" had given Finn life. Ridge quipped that she'd also tried to take it away. Finn wished he'd been there. He said he could have done something. He could have saved Sheila. He exclaimed that he was a doctor. He didn't take lives; he saved them.

Ridge claimed Steffy wasn't a killer, either, but she had done the only thing she could have done to prevent what had happened before from happening again. "And you want to defend your mother? You think this is tragic? This is a miracle!" Ridge said, citing that Steffy and the kids weren't harmed after Sheila had gone there to hurt people. Ridge yelled at Finn to look at him and be strong for Steffy, who'd gone through something traumatic.

"Yeah, she killed my mom!" Finn responded, reiterating, "She killed her!" Steffy decided that she needed to talk to Finn alone, but Ridge said he wanted to be there when the police returned. Steffy told him that she'd call him. He assured her that they'd get the kids. Glaring at Finn like he wanted to punch him, Ridge said he'd make sure everyone knew she'd done the only thing she could have.

After Thomas and Ridge had gone, Steffy noted that Finn felt far away. She figured they could get through it if they supported each other -- even something that horrible. She insisted they could get through anything. Finn stared at the blood on the floor until Steffy snapped him out of it.

Steffy said it had been horrific. She hadn't known how Sheila had gotten in there, either. She suspected that Sheila was the reason the power had gone out, but at first, Steffy had thought it had been the wind. She said she'd turned around, and Sheila had been right there, coming toward her. Steffy hadn't wanted to die, so she'd grabbed a knife. She said she'd told Sheila to get away and had refused to let Sheila take Steffy from her family. Steffy yelled that she'd done what she had to do to protect herself. "Yeah, you killed my mother," he replied.

Steffy replied that she'd acted on instinct, and she still felt terrified. Finn said he was, too, and he began to stammer in fear of something happening to her or the kids. Steffy stated that she hadn't known if Sheila would shoot her or threaten their family. "So, you plunged a knife into her?" he asked. Steffy said Sheila had lunged at her, and Steffy had never wanted it. Steffy was sorry, but she said she'd needed to protect herself. "You're sorry for killing my mom," Finn said.

Emotional, Finn knelt before the blood stain on the floor. He pressed his hand into it. Steffy watched as he cried and looked at the blood on his hand. Steffy tried to approach him. He stepped back, saying his mother's blood was on his hands -- "And yours..."

In Eric's office, Brooke was astonished that Sheila was really dead. Hope asked if it was a trick, but Carter said the coroner had retrieved Sheila's body from Steffy and Finn's house. Brooke figured that if Sheila's body had been at Steffy's, something horrible had happened. Carter informed the women that Thomas and Ridge had rushed to check on Steffy.

Carter checked his phone, but he hadn't gotten any updates. Hope hadn't found any information on social media, either. Brooke asked for details, and Carter said his contact had said Sheila had been killed. There had been no other injuries, and the body had been identified as Sheila Carter. "Identified by who?" Brooke asked, but Carter didn't know. Brooke couldn't help but feel that it was an unbelievable relief. "She has fooled us before," Brooke added. Carter didn't think they had to worry about that anymore.

Brooke received a message from Ridge, saying that he and Thomas were on the way. Brooke didn't get why Sheila had been at the house, and Carter said Sheila had always blamed Steffy for standing in the way of a relationship with Finn and Hayes. Brooke and Hope told Carter about the incident stemming from Sheila talking to Kelly. Carter asked if Sheila had gone after Steffy, but Hope replied that Steffy had punched Sheila in the face.

Ridge and Thomas arrived, and as Brooke and Hope threw out questions, Ridge made himself a drink. Brooke asked if Sheila was up to her tricks, but Ridge announced that the witch was dead. Hope claimed to know they shouldn't celebrate, but she asked if it was finally over. Ridge replied that, even dead, Sheila caused problems. Brooke asked what that meant.

Ridge announced that it had been justified, and Sheila had had it coming. Ridge and Thomas explained that Sheila had broken into the house when the power had been out, and Sheila had threatened and attacked Steffy. Ridge announced that Steffy had killed Sheila. Hope asked if Finn knew that Steffy had killed his birth mother.

Deputy Chief Baker questions Steffy about Sheila's death

Deputy Chief Baker questions Steffy about Sheila's death

Friday, March 1, 2024

In Eric's office, Ridge, Brooke, Hope, Thomas, and Carter were still reeling from the news that Steffy had killed Sheila. They were glad that Steffy's children were on overnight stays. Ridge noted that Hope seemed awfully quiet, and Thomas told her that Steffy had had no choice.

Hope was still in shock that Steffy had taken the life of her husband's birth mother. Hope was empathetic to the terrifying situation that Steffy had to have been in. Ridge, Brooke, Hope, Thomas, and Carter discussed how Sheila had shot her son, and Thomas remarked that Finn's feelings for Sheila still weren't black and white. Trying to see it from Finn's perspective, Hope said he still had to reconcile that his wife had killed his mom.

Ridge didn't buy Finn's deep connection to Sheila. He said that after Finn had been born, Sheila had been nowhere to be found; however, Li had raised him, and she was his real mother. Hope was surprised that Ridge didn't see Finn's point of view.

Thomas repeated to Hope that it had been self-defense. He hoped that, after some time alone with Steffy, Finn had processed things and could support Steffy like he was supposed to. Ridge was worried that Finn would be too broken up to support his wife, and Ridge asserted that Steffy needed her husband while under police questioning.

Ridge realized that the police would be on their way back over there, and he decided he needed to go there, too. Carter offered to accompany Ridge, but Ridge didn't want to seem like Steffy felt she needed a lawyer just yet.

After Ridge left, Brooke asked how Hope was feeling. Hope replied that she was the only one supporting Finn, but Finn wasn't the only one with complicated feelings about Sheila. Hope said that Deacon thought he had been in love with Sheila, and he would be devastated to hear about her death.

"Well, at least he's free, " Brooke reasoned. Hope's mouth gaped, but Brooke said she wasn't apologetic about her feelings regarding Sheila's death. Carter said that Deacon had somehow managed to see something good in Sheila. "Maybe, " Thomas said, but he added that the bright side was that Deacon wouldn't have to stay away from Hope and the kids anymore. Wanting to be there for her father, Hope decided to leave so that she could be the one to tell him the news. Thomas offered to go, but Hope said it should be between her and her father.

After Hope had taken off, Thomas said he was glad that Ridge had gone to support Steffy, who didn't need to be talking to the police right then. Carter wished Ridge had let him go, too, but Brooke said it might look as if Steffy had something to hide if she presented with a lawyer so quickly. Thomas couldn't imagine what Steffy had gone through to have to defend herself and kill someone in the middle of cooking dinner.

At the cliff house, the disconcerted Finn gazed at his bloody hands. He said Sheila's blood had always been inside of him, but "now" it was on his hands. "And yours," he told Steffy. Steffy gasped miserably.

Finn explained that he was grappling with the fact that Sheila had done terrible things to Steffy and her family and had even shot them, but she'd still been the woman he'd lost sleep wondering about as a child. Back then, he'd wondered if he'd gotten his smile or drive from his birth mother. Becoming emotional, Finn couldn't articulate how much it had meant to happen to finally meet Sheila and to know his biology, even after learning who she'd really been. "And now, I'm never going to see her again, because you killed her," he said

Looking as if she herself had been stabbed, Steffy replied that she understood how difficult it was for him; however, Sheila had broken into their home with the same crazed look on her face that she'd had in the alley. Steffy asked what she should have done besides defend herself. He said that he understood all of that, but it didn't change the fact that his mother had died right there in his own home, at the hands of his wife.

Finn and Steffy heard police sirens. Startled, Finn stated that he couldn't "do this." Steffy looked puzzled. He said he couldn't "do this with the police." Quickly, he skirted out the patio door.

Later, Steffy was alone with Deputy Chief Baker. He couldn't believe that "after all these years," and it had happened. Steffy said she had killed Sheila in self-defense, and Baker asked what had happened.

Steffy explained that she'd been alone, but she'd heard strange banging. She'd checked several times, but nothing had been there. She'd assumed it had been the wind. Baker imagined how unnerving it had to have been.

Steffy explained that as she'd cooked dinner, the power had gone out. While searching for candles, she'd seen a shadow on the wall. Sheila has been coming right at her, and Steffy had seen Sheila going to her pocket. Steffy assumed Sheila had been drawing a gun. Baker replied that Sheila hadn't had a gun and had been unarmed.

Steffy said that she could have sworn Sheila had had a gun. She had had one before and had shot Steffy before, so Steffy had assumed Sheila would do it again. Steffy explained that Sheila hadn't heeded the warnings to stay away, so Steffy had grabbed the knife. That had been when Sheila had lunged at her, and Steffy had stabbed her with the knife. Baker asked if Steffy was admitting to stabbing Sheila Carter. "In self-defense, yes," she responded.

Baker noted that Steffy had said Sheila had lunged at her, but Steffy hadn't seen a weapon in Sheila's hands. Steffy started to explain, but Ridge appeared, telling her not to answer. Steffy contended that it was fine because she'd just been defending herself. Baker added that he was just trying to get the complete story.

Ridge thought it was as simple as a psycho had broken into Steffy's house and tried to attack Steffy, and Steffy had put her down. "That's it. Case closed," Ridge concluded. Baker, however, replied that it really wasn't for Ridge to say.

Ridge decided that they were done. "For now," Baker agreed. He told Steffy that he would be asking more questions later, but Ridge said it wouldn't happen without an attorney.

After Baker had gone, Ridge asked where Finn was. Steffy didn't know. She said he'd left.

At Il Giardino, Deacon was offering a customer the special for the night when he saw Finn striding through the restaurant toward the back door. "Uh, excuse me," Deacon said to the customer and walked in the direction Finn had gone in.

In Deacon's apartment, Finn picked up a photo of Sheila. He also touched one of her black hoodies. Deacon arrived, asking why Finn was there and if he was okay. Finn murmured that the cops were at his house. "Sheila went there," Finn said.

Denying it, Deacon said Sheila had promised not to go there. Finn disclosed that Sheila wasn't coming back, not ever. Because the cops had been mentioned, Deacon asked if Sheila had been arrested. Deacon felt that Finn was acting weird, and he instructed Finn to tell him what was going on.

Finn explained that Sheila had broken into the house and threatened Steffy, and defending herself with a knife, Steffy had stabbed Sheila after Sheila had lunged at her. "She killed her," Finn told a devastated Deacon.

Deacon asked how it could be possible. Deacon stated that Steffy had killed Sheila. Finn repeated that it had happened self-defense. Finn said he was sorry that he'd had to tell Deacon, and he was sorry that Sheila was gone. Upset, Deacon fled the apartment.

Finn sat down and gazed at the photo of Sheila. Hope arrived, calling for her father, but Finn uttered that Deacon wasn't there. She asked why Finn wasn't at home, and Finn replied that he hadn't been able to stay.

Hope said that she'd heard about Finn's mom, and she was there to tell her father about it. Finn revealed that he'd already told Deacon, and that was why Deacon had left. Finn stated that Deacon had been pretty shaken up, and there was a lot of that going around.

Hope said she was sorry. Finn admitted that he should not feel as upset as he was. He stated that Sheila had shot him, had shot his wife, and had held him hostage. To the bitter end, Sheila had been being Sheila, breaking into his home and threatening his wife. Finn stated that he should hate Sheila. Looking up at Hope, he asked why he didn't hate Sheila.

Finn pondered if it was love or if it was grief over a missed opportunity. He didn't think he loved Sheila, and he asked how he could love her. He recalled that Ridge had said Sheila was an animal who'd gotten what she'd deserved. Ridge wanted Finn to feel that way, too, "but she was my mom, and now I'm never going to get to see her ever again." Finn began to cry, and Hope rushed over to hug him.

Meanwhile, at the cliff house, Ridge hugged Steffy. He said she needed her husband, and he wondered where Finn was.

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