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Finn ran out on Steffy again, and Liam vowed to be there for her if Finn wouldn't. Finn and Steffy tried to reconnect, but dreams of murder haunted Finn. Deacon confronted Steffy about Sheila's death and paid his respects at the morgue. Zende and Poppy continued to counsel Luna.
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Liam vowed to be there for Steffy if Finn couldn't. Deacon confronted Steffy about Sheila's death. Luna wanted to tell R.J. the truth.
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Deacon confronts Steffy about Sheila's death

Deacon confronts Steffy about Sheila's death

Monday, March 4, 2024

In Deacon's loft, Finn guessed that Hope thought he was crazy, but Hope told him that he was allowed to grieve the woman who'd given birth to him. He said he hadn't forgotten the woman Sheila had been. Hope reasoned that most people had only known the crazy Sheila, but it had been different for him. He said Sheila had been a mother who'd brought him into the world, but she was dead because of Steffy.

It was surreal to Finn, who couldn't stop envisioning Sheila's blood. "I mean, she was murdered in my house by my wife," Finn incredulously explained. Hope expected Steffy to feel horrified, too. Finn said it wasn't that he didn't believe that it had been self-defense, but it was overwhelming. Finn revealed that he hadn't even been able to look at Steffy or touch her. He wasn't even sure he could be in that house where Steffy had killed Sheila.

Although Finn hadn't witnessed it, he couldn't get his imagined image of Steffy stabbing Sheila out of his head. Hope promised that he eventually would. Finn assumed Hope thought Sheila had had it coming. Hope replied that her feelings were complicated, so she could only imagine what he was going through. She validated Finn's right to grieve the loss of his mother, but she wanted him to focus on the most important thing: Steffy and the kids were safe.

Hope said that if Finn could focus on that, everything would be okay. "Will it, though?" he asked. Hope assumed some people wouldn't understand him, but to her, his feelings were valid. She said she was there for him and whatever he needed. Finn's problem was that he didn't know what he needed. He wished none of it had happened.

Hope reasoned that even if she'd lived, Sheila had still been being Sheila, stalking in the storm, so Hope didn't know what kind of a relationship he could have had with Sheila. Finn knew that and hadn't been hoping for one. Hope urged Finn to focus on friends, family, and his wife.

Finn agreed wholeheartedly. He didn't know why he was reacting as he was. Hope said he was human, and it had been his mom. He replied that Sheila had shot his wife, and that was what he should be picturing when he closed his eyes -- not Sheila's blood, but the blood of him and his wife. Finn hugged Hope and thanked her.

In the design office, R.J. was shocked by Thomas' news about Steffy and Sheila. Zende rushed in, asking if what Carter had said about Steffy killing Sheila was true. Thomas shared that Steffy was pretty shaken up and hadn't intended to kill Sheila. Zende wondered if Steffy could be in trouble for it. Denying it, R.J. said Sheila had shot his mom and Thomas'. Thomas said Chief Baker had been there, asking questions, but it had been totally normal. "Look, we're gonna do everything in our power to protect her," Thomas asserted.

Later, Thomas was with Hope. She explained that she hadn't told her father about Sheila because Finn had been alone at Deacon's, holding a photo of Sheila. Thomas said Sheila had been a psychopath, not a typical doting mother. Hope asked if Thomas didn't feel sorry for Finn. Thomas replied that at some point, Finn had to accept the DNA hand he'd been dealt and move on. Hope hoped she'd gotten Finn to see where he needed to be. Thomas stated that at home with Steffy was exactly where Finn needed to be.

At the cliff house, Ridge comforted Steffy. She said it was nice to not be alone after what had happened. Ridge replied that her husband should be there, too. "Where is Finn?" he asked.

Steffy recalled that she'd thought Sheila had had a gun, and Steffy had had to protect herself when Sheila had lunged. Ridge replied that everyone understood. "Even Finn?" Steffy asked.

Just then, someone banged on the door. Deacon barged into the house. "You killed Sheila? Finn wouldn't lie about that, would he?" he asked. Ridge and Steffy seemed shocked that Finn had told Deacon. Steffy yelled that Sheila had been on a mission, lunging at Steffy, and Steffy had stabbed Sheila in self-defense. Deacon asserted that Steffy had taunted Sheila and had said she'd wanted Sheila dead. "Was this premeditated?" Deacon asked.

Steffy yelled that "the lunatic" had come onto her property. Ridge added that Sheila had attacked his daughter, who'd had no choice at all. Gesturing to the blood on the floor, Ridge yelled that Sheila had gotten what she'd deserved. Deacon gazed at the blood in disbelief.

Deacon asked if Ridge was really that cruel, but Ridge said Sheila had done a lot to his family. Deacon insisted that Sheila had changed, and he'd never seen anyone work so hard to change themself. Ridge asked if the woman who'd attacked Steffy had been the better version of Sheila. None of it made sense to Deacon, and he asked if Steffy had misinterpreted something. Steffy yelled that Sheila had broken in and refused to leave.

Ridge decided that after Steffy's rough night, she needed support, not Deacon defending "some idiot" who he thought had been in love with him. Deacon replied that they hadn't known Sheila the way he had, and he hadn't made up his relationship with her in his head. He asserted that he'd loved Sheila in return. He gazed at the blood and grimaced.

Later, Ridge couldn't believe Deacon had been there to accuse Steffy. Steffy was worried Deacon would tell the police that she'd wanted Sheila dead. Ridge exclaimed that they'd all wanted Sheila dead for decades, and the police knew it. Ridge believed they had Steffy covered. Steffy wished Finn was there, and Ridge couldn't believe that Finn wasn't there.

Just then, Finn arrived. Sheila shared that Deacon had said Finn had told him about Sheila. Finn explained that he'd felt the need to go to Sheila's place and feel close to her. "What are you talking about? No, you need to be here for your wife!" Ridge explained. Steffy told Ridge she needed to be alone with Finn. Before Ridge left, he said he was "sorry" to hurt Finn's feelings, but Sheila was dead -- and Finn needed to be with his wife and family.

After Ridge had gone, Steffy said she understood that it was rough for Finn, who'd lost his birth mother. She said she was also upset because she'd taken a life that night, something she hadn't wanted to do. Steffy said she was sorry for everything he was feeling. She asked if being at Deacon's had helped. Finn wasn't sure, and he acknowledged that his reaction might not make sense. It was all surreal for him.

Steffy said she wanted to face it with Finn, and she didn't think she could do it alone. Finn replied that he was her husband. He was there with her and thankful that she and the kids were okay. He was bothered by what she'd gone through and that she could be traumatized. Steffy was certain they'd survive it and asserted that they could get through anything together.

Steffy thanked Finn for returning. They hugged. She uttered that she needed to feel close to him. Steffy moved in for a kiss, but Finn stared at her without a response. "Finn?" she said. Stepping back, Finn told her that she knew that he loved her. He wanted to get back to their life, but he thought of everything that had happened. He said being there was too much.

Gazing at the blood, Finn stammered that he just needed some time. Getting upset, he said he knew Sheila hadn't raised him, but Sheila had been his mother. Unable to be there anymore, Finn rushed out of the house. Steffy launched into a panic attack and gripped her heart.

Deacon visits Sheila in the morgue

Deacon visits Sheila in the morgue

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

In the morning at the cliff house, Steffy watched "cleaners" in white Hazmat suits steam vacuum the floor and take away a rolled-up rug. She grimaced, flashing back to the previous night. A cleaner figured Steffy was rattled and asked if her husband was home. She sadly replied that her husband wasn't there. She thanked the cleaners, and they exited. Liam arrived, saying, "Yeah, I heard." Steffy hurried into his open arms.

Later, Liam and Steffy discussed Kelly, who was staying with him at Bill's house. They agreed she should remain there. Liam wanted to keep Kelly from finding out about the killing, but they were sure Kelly would hear things at school. Steffy remarked that she'd video-chatted with her mother about it.

Steffy felt strange being in the house and was thankful the cleaners had taken care of the blood. Steffy had never thought the pain and heartache with Sheila would end. Liam said it had ended, and Sheila was dead and wouldn't hurt anyone Steffy cared about again. He asked Steffy never to doubt that she'd done the right thing by killing Sheila, the very thing that anyone else could and should have done in that situation. Liam was sure Sheila had wanted Steffy dead and to have Hayes and Finn to herself.

Steffy stated she'd taken a life, and she claimed that wasn't who she was. Liam brought up Kelly, who could have been hurt or kidnapped. He said that because of Steffy, none of them had to worry about Sheila again. Steffy looked unconvinced.

Figuring that Finn was on his way home, Liam decided that he shouldn't be there, causing tension. Steffy flashed a look, and Liam asked if Finn would be home. Steffy said she didn't know if or when her husband would be there. She added that Finn was struggling with the fact that she'd killed Sheila. Liam became sarcastic and mocked Finn's struggle. Liam didn't care if Sheila had been Finn's birth mother, and Liam didn't get that Finn couldn't understand that his focus had to be on Steffy and the kids.

Steffy replied that Finn did understand, but the whole situation was emotionally challenging. Steffy hadn't asked for it and hadn't wanted Sheila in there, but Steffy had had to grab a knife to protect herself. Liam agreed that Steffy had done what she'd needed to do and wasn't a horrible human being. Liam didn't know why Finn didn't get it and wasn't there. Liam declared that he was there for whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. His love and support were free. She thanked him for listening and being there. She put her head on his shoulder, and he held her.

In Finn's office, Finn flashed back to Steffy telling him that she'd killed Sheila. Li rushed into the office, unable to believe that Sheila Carter was actually dead. Finn and Li discussed Hayes, who'd been staying with Li but was with Brooke because Li had attended a meeting. Li said she hated that it had happened the way it had, but she wasn't sorry that Sheila was dead.

"Well, she's gone, Mom. Okay? So, just let it go," Finn responded. Refusing to let it go, Li said Sheila had gone after Steffy and had wanted to make sure Steffy hadn't made it that time. Li thanked God Steffy had taken out "that psychopath" and that Sheila had gotten what she'd deserved. Li reveled in the idea that "karma is a bitch" and said it had been fitting that Steffy had ended Sheila's reign of terror. Li called Sheila heartless and soulless.

"Okay. Can you just stop? Stop, Mom," Finn finally interjected. He said Sheila had been a human being but was dead; his birth mother was dead. Li stated that she was his mother. He began to say something, but she said there were no "buts." She added that if he was acting that way with her, she couldn't imagine what Steffy was thinking.

At Eric's house, Eric, Donna, and Ridge discussed Steffy's ordeal. Eric uttered that Sheila was finally dead. Ridge said the paramedics had confirmed it. Eric asserted that Steffy had done what she'd had to do. "Or it would have been her," Ridge added. Donna assumed that Finn was supporting Steffy, but Ridge revealed that he was confused by why Finn was distraught about Sheila's death. Donna reasoned that Sheila had been his birth mother regardless.

Ridge stated that Sheila hadn't been mother-of-the-year material and had tried to kill Finn's wife twice. Ridge believed that Finn should be there for Steffy, but Finn hadn't been. Ridge revealed that Finn couldn't come to terms with his wife killing his birth mother.

At the morgue, Deacon stood by a mortuary cabinet. In the room, there was the sound of water dripping in a bucket. A pathologist arrived, and Deacon said he was there to pay his respects to Sheila Carter. The pathologist explained that the body had to stay at the morgue because of the ongoing investigation. Deacon replied that John Finnegan had set the visit up for Deacon to help Deacon get closure. He added that he and Sheila had been engaged to be married.

Deacon signed a form and asked if anyone else had been there to see her. He figured he knew the answer. The pathologist shook her head, and he guessed he was the only one who cared.

The pathologist pulled open a drawer and revealed a covered body. The wrist tag had Sheila's name on it. Fighting tears, Deacon asked what had happened.

Once alone, Deacon read the name on the wrist tag. He said didn't understand it. He told Sheila that he'd seen her change with his own eyes. He asked why it had happened.

Deacon sat on a stool. He noted that Sheila was "so peaceful," and it was the last word he would have ever used to describe her. He revealed that he'd always thought of her as a beautiful, unpredictable rainstorm -- one minute, chaotic and relentless, but exhilarating and intoxicating in the next.

Deacon revealed that he'd felt alone, even in a room full of people. He'd been used to not needing anyone -- until he'd met her. Sobbing, he said he'd needed her and hadn't given "a damn" what anyone had thought. Deacon claimed he'd intended to stand by Sheila no matter what, but he didn't know what to do next. He stated that he'd never forget Sheila, and she'd always be a part of him.

The pathologist returned, and Deacon asked to see Sheila's face. The pathologist rolled back the sheet, revealing Sheila's visage. Deacon gulped. He told her to rest in peace. Sobbing, he covered her face back up.

Liam warns Finn that Steffy won't be alone

Liam warns Finn that Steffy won't be alone

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

At the cliff house, Steffy sat with her head on Liam's shoulder, saying that he'd been amazing. She was grateful that he had been there and was watching Kelly. Liam replied that there was nowhere else he'd want to be. Steffy felt guilty for taking a life, but Liam said there had been no alternative. Liam got that Finn was having a moment, but Liam said Steffy was the one who'd almost died and needed understanding, something her husband should be giving her.

Steffy tried to be understanding of her husband, but Liam insisted that it was the life Finn had chosen. Steffy said she and Finn had survived many things, and they'd survive that, too. Steffy believed that her and Finn's love was more powerful than anything when they were together. Liam gave her credit for trying to understand Finn. Liam felt Finn had no excuse when he had a duty to prioritize Steffy and the kids, and even though Finn was moping around, Steffy and the kids could always count on Liam.

In Finn's office, Li pleaded with Finn to stop it. Finn replied that he knew that she was his real mother, but Sheila had still given birth to him. Citing that Sheila had almost killed him, Li begged him to snap out of it because Steffy had fought to save herself. Li suggested that he be grateful that Steffy was alive and get over his feelings about Sheila before he alienated Steffy.

Li told Finn to let it go because Sheila hadn't been able to be the loving, nurturing mother he'd wanted. Finn had never seen Sheila that way, but he said he wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for Sheila. Li was thankful that Sheila had given Finn to them, despite the affair, but she'd almost taken him away. Li didn't know how he sympathized with Sheila. Finn said Sheila was part of his roots, but Li reckoned that all they'd shared had been DNA.

Finn asked if he was supposed to be celebrating. Li said she hadn't gone that far, but she didn't think he should be mourning. She asked if his wife knew about his feelings. Finn explained that he'd talked to Steffy, who knew that it wasn't just about Sheila's death but also who'd killed her. Li said it had been what Sheila had forced Steffy to do. Finn claimed he wasn't blaming Steffy. He just wished things hadn't been that way.

Li said if Sheila had stayed away, it wouldn't have happened, and Li claimed that Steffy hadn't gone looking for trouble. Finn wished he knew why Sheila had been there. Figuring he'd never make sense of it, Li told him to just focus on Steffy. Finn said he was trying and didn't like being apart from his wife. He revealed that he'd spent the night at the office, and Li asked him where his compassion for his wife was. She told him to get his head on straight before he caused permanent damage to his marriage.

Alone later, Finn thought of running out on Steffy the previous night. Liam arrived, and Finn said it wasn't a good time. Liam replied that he'd heard what had happened at the house. Finn noted that Sheila had died. "Good thing Steffy's okay, though, right?" Liam aggressively asked. Finn said he was more thankful for that than anyone. Liam replied that he didn't get Finn. Finn replied that he'd needed a minute to process things. Liam asked if Finn was processing Sheila's death or walking out on his wife.

Liam said he'd been to see Steffy, the mother of his child. Finn told Liam to stay away from Finn's wife. Liam said that would mean they'd both be staying away, and he couldn't do that. Liam quipped that it alarmed Steffy -- and it was disloyal -- that Finn saw Sheila as a warm presence in his life. Finn asked Liam to mind his own business, but Liam said Finn was lucky Steffy was trying to understand Finn's "mama's boy relationship" with Sheila instead of dumping him ages before.

Finn asserted that he was aware of how wonderful Steffy was. Liam figured Finn was blaming Steffy for almost getting murdered. Finn replied that he wasn't. Liam yelled that Steffy had been protecting Finn's family for Finn, but Finn was hiding and prioritizing his grief instead of taking care of Steffy and the kids. Liam said Steffy felt "so alone." "Wait. She's not alone, because she has me," Liam said, and Finn smirked. Liam said that if Finn wasn't up for the task, Liam was the man Steffy would start turning to.

At Deacon's place, Deacon arrived and grimaced as if he'd forgotten that Sheila wouldn't be there. He poured himself a drink and swallowed it hard. Hope arrived. Hollis had called and told her that Deacon had gone to the morgue, so she figured he'd needed some support that day.

Hope murmured that she knew Sheila had meant something to Deacon. Deacon acknowledged that it wasn't Hope favorite topic. He said Sheila still meant something to him, and he'd had to see her one last time. He assumed Hope thought he was nuts to love someone who'd hurt so many people. She claimed she wasn't there to judge him.

Deacon realized that Hope and the kids were all he had in the world. He knew he hadn't always done right by her, and he knew that talking about his connection to Sheila was the last thing she wanted to do. Hope replied that she wouldn't pretend; it had felt as if Deacon had made excuses for Sheila and had chosen her over "us." He stated that he'd never meant to do that. Deacon assumed he'd be the only one mourning Sheila, but Hope reminded him about Finn.

Hope told Deacon about her encounter with Finn after Sheila had been killed. Deacon hadn't realized how deep Finn's feelings for Sheila had run. Deacon thought it was ironic that Sheila wasn't there to see that Finn really did love her.

In Eric's office, Steffy was in a trance, thinking of killing Sheila. Hope arrived, surprised that Steffy was there. Steffy said she'd had to get out of the house; she couldn't get Sheila out of her head. Steffy whimpered that she'd only been trying to protect herself. Hope figured it had been traumatizing, knowing she'd had to kill someone.

Indignant, Steffy asserted that Sheila had broken in and gone after Steffy. Hope replied that she'd phrased herself poorly. She meant she couldn't even begin to understand how Steffy had to be feeling to have to have killed someone. "I don't even think I could do something like...that..." Hope's voice drifted off as she saw Steffy becoming more distraught. "What is this?" Steffy asked, referring to Hope's intentions. She said she hadn't wanted to do it, and it had been herself or Sheila. Steffy asked why she was getting a weird vibe from Hope.

Hope said Sheila had hurt Hope's family, too. Steffy replied that Hope would have done the exact same thing. Hope replied that it had to have been terrifying, and Hope figured it was a heavy burden. Hope mentioned Deacon, and Steffy rolled her eyes. Hope said Steffy could roll her eyes at Deacon and his feelings for Sheila, but Hope implored Steffy not to make that mistake with Finn.

Steffy asked what it had to do with her marriage. Hope replied that she'd talked to Finn, who still had a very real connection to Sheila. Hope said Finn was a good man, and she asked Steffy to give him time to grieve and process it. Hope asserted that none of them could stand Sheila, but Finn wouldn't exist had it not been for Sheila. Hope asked Steffy to be careful with Finn and not let Sheila's death interfere with the marriage.

Hope and Liam advise Steffy and Finn on their marriage

Hope and Liam advise Steffy and Finn on their marriage

Thursday, March 7, 2024

In Finn's office, Finn didn't think he owed Liam an explanation. Liam wondered if Finn had one for Steffy. Liam decided that it was fine because Steffy needed someone to depend on, and if it wasn't Finn, it would be Liam. Finn asked if he had to remind Liam that it was Finn's wife they were discussing. Liam replied that he was the one who had to remind Finn, who'd forgotten how lucky he was to have Steffy in his life.

Finn denied forgetting it but said it was none of Liam's business. Finn felt that Liam had no idea of what Finn was going through. While they were all relieved that Sheila was gone, his birth mother was still dead, and he and Steffy didn't need anyone telling them how to cope.

Liam said Finn was bailing, and Steffy shouldn't be fighting it alone. "And I shouldn't be getting a warning from you," Finn replied. Finn said none of it was fair, and he wanted to be there for Steffy, whose actions Finn understood. Finn didn't need Liam putting him on blast for still struggling with the idea that his wife had killed his birth mother.

Shrugging, Liam said he'd tried to get through. He warned Finn not to take his marriage to Steffy for granted the way Liam had. Noting that Liam was waiting in the wings, Finn asked if Liam thought he was honorable to be there, warning Finn and telling Finn what Steffy needed. Finn said he and Steffy needed privacy and time to work it out. Finn declared that nothing and no one would get between Finn and Steffy. Liam smirked.

In Eric's office, Steffy said she was there to work, not to have Hope pile more on her with a lecture about her marriage. Hope stammered that she didn't mean to do that, but she urged Steffy not to let Sheila's death get between Finn and Steffy.

Steffy told Hope to stop acting like she knew more about it than Steffy, the person it had happened to. Hope claimed to be saying it might be affecting Finn more than Steffy realized. Steffy snapped at Hope for overstepping. Hope persisted, saying Steffy might not understand what Finn was going through but should still respect it. Steffy yelled that she knew Finn was tormented by it, and Steffy was, too -- more than Hope could imagine.

Apologizing, Hope claimed she wasn't trying to be insensitive, and it had been self-defense. For Steffy, that fact didn't make it any better that she'd taken a life and had watched that life leave the person's body. Steffy yelled that it was on her, and she'd done it. It was all she saw when she closed her eyes. "Me killing her," Steffy said.

Steffy didn't want to talk about it anymore, and Hope apologized because it hadn't been the time or place to discuss it. Hope admitted that she didn't know how Steffy was feeling, but she'd just wanted to let Steffy know that Finn was hurting and struggling. Steffy asserted that she and Finn would become stronger, and it wouldn't disrupt her life with Finn.

Alone later, Steffy shuddered, thinking of stabbing Sheila. Steffy was surprised to look up and see Finn walking into the office. He'd had to see her because he'd missed her so much. Steffy was glad he was there. He didn't want the incident to keep him from her and the kids. He admitted that he was struggling. Although he didn't blame her, it felt as if a connection had been severed. "Between us?" Steffy asked. He stated that he meant between him and his birth mother.

Steffy sobbed, saying she was struggling, too, because she'd taken someone's life. "What have I done?" she asked. All she saw was the paramedics trying to save Sheila. Nothing that Sheila had done changed the fact that Steffy had killed someone. Steffy couldn't get it out of her head and said it haunted her. Finn hugged Steffy, and she cried in his arms. He said they couldn't let it tear them apart. Steffy asked if he could look at her the same way again. She didn't even know if she could look at herself the same way. She cried, saying she was sorry.

At the beach house, the shirtless R.J. answered the door for Zende, who'd gone there to talk to R.J. in private. Zende figured that there were things that R.J. needed to hear. R.J. couldn't imagine what. Zende said he had to make sure R.J. knew how lucky he was to be dating Luna.

Pulling on a shirt, R.J. said Zende didn't have to tell R.J. how amazing his girlfriend was. Zende said she was more than that, and Eric thought there was a real future for her at Forrester. Zende knew R.J. liked hanging out with her, but Zende didn't think R.J. got it that Luna was special.

R.J. asserted that he and Luna were in a committed relationship, not just hanging out, and Zende would never be with her. Wanting to go to work and see his girlfriend, R.J. said he and Zende had previously been close. R.J. needed Zende to back off and respect R.J.'s relationship.

In the design office, Luna thought of waking up in Zende's bed and the aftermath. Poppy arrived, noting that "this" was where Luna was hiding. Luna replied that she was busy. Poppy just wanted to know if Luna was okay. Luna said she wasn't, and the secret was tearing her apart. She asked if R.J. deserved to know the truth. Poppy said no one would benefit, and there was no reason to tell him something that Luna couldn't change and that meant nothing to her.

Luna replied that she constantly felt the urge to tell R.J., but she didn't want to undermine R.J.'s relationship with Zende. Luna was willing to face the consequences of her actions. Poppy insisted that Luna hadn't known what she'd been doing. Luna wanted to tell R.J., but she didn't want to mess up his whole life and family. She didn't want to mess up Eric's collection. It was too important to Eric, his sons, and his grandsons. Luna also felt she couldn't disrupt R.J.'s attempt to reconnect with Zende.

Luna feared that the secret would ruin her life. One decision she hadn't had control over had changed her life, and she didn't know if it would be the same again. Poppy called Luna a good person with a good heart, but Luna said lying to R.J. didn't feel right. Luna believed her night with Zende would always be beneath the surface. Noticing that Luna was still uncertain, Poppy asked if Luna understood that she could not tell R.J.

R.J. and Zende arrived together. Zende mentioned that he'd stopped by his cousin's place earlier to remind him of how lucky he was to have Luna. Poppy said the couple was lucky to be together. It made Luna emotional to think of the future in front of them, and she never wanted to hurt R.J. He uttered that she never could. They hugged, and she eyed Zende over R.J.'s shoulder.

Finn tells Steffy that he wants to return home

Finn tells Steffy that he wants to return home

Friday, March 8, 2024

At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Finn embraced. Steffy told Finn that she had "reacted" to seeing Sheila approach her. Finn stopped his wife mid-sentence by repeatedly saying, "I know." Finn admitted that things had happened "so quickly" and that his "emotions need to catch up." Steffy was overcome with emotion when Finn said that he would be returning home.

In the design studio, Poppy called Luna and R.J. "such a great couple." Poppy pointedly asked Zende if he agreed. "They sure are something," he grumbled. Luna became uneasy and pulled away from R.J. "I'm not good at this!" Luna exclaimed. When R.J. asked what she meant, Poppy explained that Luna had never been good at showing affection in public.

R.J. had to step out for a meeting in the cutting room. Once he was gone, Poppy chastised Luna for what she perceived as Luna wanting to tell R.J. that she had "accidentally slept with Zende." Zende agreed with Poppy and warned Luna that she had to be "very careful of what you stand to lose -- or gain -- if you decide to go down this road."

After Luna left to meet up with R.J., Poppy confessed that she was panicked about what Luna might do. "Isn't that why you have your magic mints? To take the edge off?" Zende quipped. Poppy accepted responsibility for Luna being in the predicament she was in. Zende admitted to being interested in Luna but noted "not the way it happened." Poppy worried that Luna would lose the happiness she had found forever.

Zende told Poppy that there was nothing that either of them could do to prevent Luna from coming clean to R.J. Zende assured Poppy that he was not plotting to come between Luna and R.J., but he admitted that he would be there to pick up the pieces if R.J. was "stupid enough to lose [Luna] or push her away."

While he worked alone later in the evening, Zende thought back to kissing Luna. He sighed deeply and fiddled with a sketching pencil.

Thomas and Hope entered the executive office, noticed that no one else was there, and immediately started making out. Later, Thomas asked Hope about the conversation that she'd had with Steffy. Hope said that Steffy had put on a brave face but was privately horrified that she had taken someone's life. Thomas didn't seem to think that Steffy needed to feel bad about killing the woman who had nearly killed her.

Hope shared that she'd encouraged Steffy to try to understand what Finn might be feeling. "I'm not sure my delivery was the greatest," Hope admitted. Hope wanted Steffy and Finn to fight for their marriage and to not let Sheila win -- even from "beyond the grave."

Thomas told Hope that he did not want to spend the rest of the night talking about Steffy and Finn. He smiled broadly as he leaned in to kiss Hope.

At the beach house, Luna told R.J. that she would "never knowingly do anything to jeopardize" the relationship she and R.J. had. R.J. suggested that they go for a "night swim" to relax. Luna worried a little about the dangers of swimming in the ocean in the dark, but she eventually agreed.

Luna donned her swimsuit and prepared to go swimming. Upon seeing Luna, a breathless R.J. called her "beautiful inside and out," "sweet," "funny," and "one of the most honest people" he'd ever met. Luna told R.J. that she could not imagine her life without him. They hugged.

Back at home, Steffy and Finn walked into the living room, hand in hand. Steffy told Finn that she'd had the house professionally cleaned. The pair sat down on the sofa to have a glass of wine. With the kids not at home, Steffy suggested that they use the time to "reconnect."

Steffy told Finn to rest while she took a quick shower. Shortly after Steffy left the room, Finn began to think back to the night of Sheila's death. When he eventually drifted off to sleep, he had nightmares of Steffy stabbing Sheila. Sheila's voice called out for Finn to help her. Finn sat up quickly, his brow covered in sweat.

Steffy raced out of the bedroom to see what was wrong. Finn told her that Sheila was "just here," and he had seen "everything that happened." Steffy tried to comfort Finn by telling him that he'd had a nightmare and that he was safe. She told Finn that she loved him, and she hugged him.

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Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy


Ashleigh Brewer Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful as Ivy
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