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Alienated from her mother, Luna pressed to find out who her father was. Moved by Bill's paternal instincts, Luna bonded with him over her desire for a father. Finn was plagued by images of Sheila's death. Thomas made one more grand proposal to Hope.
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Bill bonded with Luna. Finn had troubling visions of Sheila. Thomas again asked Hope to marry him.
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Steffy and Finn work through their feelings about Sheila

Steffy and Finn work through their feelings about Sheila

Monday, March 11, 2024

At the beach house, R.J. and Luna were dressed for her first time swimming at night. He joked about the sharks being calmer after dark. She loved that he was always looking out for her, trying to make her relax and laugh. They each felt lucky to have the other. R.J. hoped the swim would help her put things into perspective and realize they weren't as bad as she thought. He reminded her that he was always there for her, and they took off for their swim.

Back from the swim later, the exhilarated R.J. draped Luna in towels. She had been scared on the swim and had barely been able to see anything in the darkness. He replied that she'd had him, and he'd always be there to make her feel secure and happy. Luna asked if he meant it, and he affirmed that he always wanted her to feel secure and loved.

As R.J. and Luna dried themselves by his fireplace, R.J. asked Luna to spend the night. He loved being with her and felt that he could be himself around her. Plus, she found his corny jokes sexy. "Uh, no. I find them pretty corny," she corrected. She did, however, find R.J. sexy, sweet, and caring. R.J. said he'd never met anyone as honest as she was. They kissed, and Luna became pensive as she put her head on his shoulder.

In the design office, Zende thought of his night with Luna and became sad. He gazed at a photo lineup of three of the interns. Carter entered, and upon seeing Zende gazing at the interns, Carter noted that Luna was very special and had made an impact at Forrester. Carter believed she had a bright future ahead of her.

Zende and Carter recalled when Zende had been an intern. Carter joked that Zende hadn't been able to make coffee. Carter had seen potential in Zende, and it had blossomed over the years. Carter stated that Luna might be more impressive than Zende had been. Zende replied that he knew how special she was. Carter said R.J. did, too, and R.J.'s face lit up around her.

Zende confided that R.J. wasn't the only one who thought highly of Luna. Smiling, Zende called her smart, talented, and beautiful. Carter assumed Zende had gotten close to her, but Zende claimed he was just agreeing with everyone else who'd met her. Carter was sure Zende would work with her and get to know her better. Zende replied that he'd like that a lot.

Alone later, the sullen Zende thought of finding Luna in his bed and what had transpired after.

In Eric's office, Hope couldn't work because she was worried about Steffy and Finn's marriage. Thomas and Hope hated to see Steffy go through it, but Thomas said the good thing was that Sheila was dead. Thomas had no sympathy for Finn. Thomas recalled that Sheila had terrorized their families -- Hope's mother, too -- and had gotten better than she'd deserved. Thomas yelled that Finn was mourning the woman who'd tried to kill his wife.

Hoped replied that Finn just needed time, but Thomas didn't care what Finn felt like. Thomas insisted that Finn needed to get over it and be there for Steffy. Thomas figured he was being insensitive, but he was upset that Sheila had shot their mother and hurt their families.

Hope replied that Thomas wasn't insensitive; he was a protective brother, and she loved that about him. She added that it might not make sense to them, but Finn's connection to Sheila was real. Hope worried that the conflict had jeopardized Steffy and Finn's ability to be there for each other and their marriage.

At the cliff house, Steffy comforted Finn after he'd seen Sheila killed in his dream. It had been real to him, the blood and Sheila begging for his help. Steffy hated to see him in pain. She hadn't wanted any of it. Finn said that after all Sheila had done to them, his connection to her didn't make sense. He admitted that he was worried about the toll it was all taking on Steffy, too.

Steffy said she had hated Sheila, and she'd wanted Sheila to leave them alone. Steffy didn't want the horrible incident to get between her and Finn. Finn replied that he knew she was struggling just the same as he was. Steffy admitted that she was dealing with her own demons. She'd told Sheila that she'd wanted Sheila dead. Steffy had thought about it a lot, but she hadn't wanted to take a life. Steffy sobbed, and Finn hugged her.

Steffy figured Finn probably didn't want to hear what she had to say. He stated that he did, but she was worried he might run out again if she said it. He replied that he wouldn't and asked her to talk to him. She revealed that in thinking about all that Sheila had done to them, Steffy had often thought about what she'd needed to do to protect herself and their family. She stated that she'd known exactly what to do; however, when she'd felt the knife go into Sheila, Steffy hadn't felt rage or relief. It had been anguishing. Steffy didn't know if she'd ever feel the same again or if Finn would ever look at her the same again.

Steffy and Finn hated to see each other suffer. He wanted to be there for his wife, but hearing about the event that had happened in that very house was a lot for him. He felt as if he'd have a panic attack and that the house was haunted. He disliked feeling that way. Steffy was his life, and it was their house. He was disconcerted, feeling as if he needed to leave due to what had happened.

Steffy didn't want Finn to leave. She needed him and couldn't imagine going through it without him. She cried out that she needed him, and Finn hugged her.

Finn is plagued by hallucinations of Sheila

Finn is plagued by hallucinations of Sheila

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy admitted it still didn't feel real to them that Sheila was dead. Steffy had still been checking locks, waiting for Sheila to pop up; however, she knew it would never happen again, and Sheila was out of their lives for good. Finn got that it was a relief not to worry if Sheila would crack; the problem was just how it had gone down.

Steffy replied that it wasn't ever "if" it would happen; it was when, and it had happened. Steffy was positive that Sheila had had a plan to hurt Steffy, and it would have been Steffy or Sheila. Steffy wanted to find a way to heal for their marriage, and she wanted to be close to Finn in every way. Wanting it, too, Finn kissed her.

Missing her connection with Finn, Steffy refused to let what had happened overshadow it. She said they needed to just get back to the two of them and take baby steps. Steffy suggested he get a fire going, and they'd finish their wine after she got dressed.

"Baby steps," Finn uttered after Steffy had gone into the bedroom. As he worked at the fireplace, he looked down and saw Sheila's bloody body on the floor. He blinked, and it disappeared.

When Steffy returned, Finn took her into his arms. She said she didn't even need the wine. Holding him and touching him was all she needed. Finn gazed at Sheila's death spot on the floor and tried to stuff down whatever he was feeling inside as he hugged Steffy.

Over wine, Finn decided that it felt good to be home. He wanted that night to be about new beginnings. They no longer had a reason to look over their shoulders. He apologized for not being more reassuring and supportive in the beginning. Steffy said she understood. Finn was ready to move forward and concentrate on their life together.

Steffy acknowledged that they were traumatized, but she believed they'd heal. Sheila was no longer a threat. They didn't have to think or talk about her anymore. No longer wanting to talk about Sheila, Steffy said she wanted to be wrapped in Finn's arms. As Finn held Steffy, he saw Sheila writhing on the floor, holding out a bloody hand and calling his name. He jumped out of his seat, and Steffy asked what was wrong.

In Eric's office, Brooke and Ridge stopped in after dinner to pick up some papers. Surprised that no one was there, Ridge said he'd thought Thomas would be working late. Brooke said Thomas was committed to Hope's line. Ridge replied that Thomas was committed to Hope, too, and they loved each other. Brook sighed, and he advised her to work on that look on her face.

Brooke replied that it wasn't easy for her. Claiming it was a done deal, Ridge said their kids were together, and there was something beautiful and magical about it. He figured that they wanted their kids to be happy, and that was why Brooke would come around -- the same way his mother had. Ridge believed that Hope and Thomas brought out the best in each other.

Brooke didn't disagree, but she was still worried due to what had happened before and the lengths Thomas had gone to. Ridge asserted that it was the past. She said the past mattered. Ridge insisted that the future did, too, and Hope and Thomas could be the next great Logan-Forrester couple. Brooke asked how he'd become so confident. He said he paid attention, and she'd get there.

Brooke turned the topic to their concern for Steffy. Ridge was sure Steffy would be okay, but Steffy was struggling with killing someone. Brooke said Steffy was brave and would get through it. Ridge agreed. He wasn't worried about Steffy; he was worried about Finn, who, instead of taking care of his family, was fantasizing about what could have been with Sheila. Ridge figured Sheila's death was the best thing to happen to Finn because he no longer had to find a place for Sheila in his life.

At Thomas' house, Hope wanted to call Donna back about the kids, but Thomas asked if Hope really wanted to spend the hard-earned night together making calls to Donna. He wondered what they should do that evening, and Hope figured that whatever they did would be worthwhile.

Hope seemed distracted, and Thomas figured she was still worried about Steffy and Finn. To Thomas, it showed the kind of person Hope was that she cared even though she and Steffy weren't exactly best friends. Hope replied that she didn't want Steffy to go through it.

Thomas asked if they could focus on each other, and Hope asked him to help her forget. They kissed, and she suggested they play checkers. "Whatever works," he said, and they kissed.

Later, Hope found a candlelit dinner setting in the living room. Thomas arrived with a bottle of wine from the year Douglas had been born, and she claimed he'd outdone himself. He began rambling about the wine in his hand but eventually admitted he didn't know what he was talking about; he'd hoped she'd think it was cute. He had gotten food from Il Giardino, and he asked the AI to play his Italian playlist. Hope asked if she was sensing a theme.

Over dinner, Thomas and Hope talked about how good the food was. She asked what had brought about the theme. Thomas said he'd been thinking of their history and what they'd gone through, and Rome had stood out to him above all the places they'd been. They said they'd never forget what had happened on the trip that had changed everything.

A flashback played of Thomas and Hope in Rome. Thomas was grateful for the impactful time they'd had together. Hope replied that it would always be their place. She walked over to his side of the table and said, "To Rome." He repeated it, and they kissed.

Steffy struggles to understand Finn's visions

Steffy struggles to understand Finn's visions

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

At the cliff house, Finn was disturbed and said he couldn't stop seeing Sheila. Flashes of his hands in her blood raced through his mind. Finn stammered, explaining that he knew it wasn't real, but it seemed real. Steffy hugged him and assured him that it would be okay.

Steffy asked what was going on. Finn explained that he'd felt a presence when Steffy had been out of the room. He hadn't seen anything at first, but when he'd felt it again, he'd seen Sheila on the floor. He wasn't sure if it was his imagination or not, but when he'd seen Sheila again, she'd called out to him. It had been like his dream, but he'd been awake. He asked what was happening to him. Steffy told Finn that Sheila was gone. He figured his mind was playing tricks on him. She said it would take time.

At Il Giardino, Bill and Liam sat down for dinner. Bill figured it would be a lot more pleasant to eat there because Sheila was out of commission and out of their lives. Bill asked how Steffy was doing. Liam shared that Steffy was relieved but troubled by what she'd done. Claiming Steffy wasn't violent, Liam said it had been a lot for Steffy. Bill claimed she'd been totally justified, but Liam replied that Steffy still had to live with it.

Later, Bill was furious to hear that Finn had walked out on Steffy after the killing. Liam explained that Finn understood why Steffy had had to do it, but Finn was disillusioned that his wife had killed his birth mother. Bill was incredulous that Finn suddenly had a mommy's boy connection with a psycho. Liam remarked that he'd tried to talk to Finn, but Finn was insistent that Liam was just waiting in the wings to get Steffy.

Bill asked if Liam was doing that. Liam replied that he'd told Steffy that if Finn couldn't be the man Steffy needed, Liam could. Bill was impressed that Liam had told Steffy that, and Bill knew that it wasn't just about Kelly. Bill figured Liam's feelings for Steffy would never go away. Liam replied that they wouldn't; Steffy was a part of him and always would be.

Liam called Steffy, and she asked if it was about Kelly. He told her it wasn't. He asked if she was alone. She replied that she was with Finn, and it was a bad time. "Let's talk later," she suggested and abruptly clicked off the line.

Bill asked if Steffy was okay. Liam hoped so. He couldn't tell, but he assumed it had something to do with Finn. Bill and Liam discussed Finn finally being there for Steffy. Liam said Finn needed to get his head on straight and let Sheila be dead for Finn and Steffy's sakes.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy felt awful that Finn was going through it. Finn noted that she was, too. Holding hands with Finn, she stated that even though they were having different reactions, they'd get through it and overcome it. She asked him to say he understood.

Steffy decided to use Finn's analytical side and just talk facts. She stated that Sheila had died in their home, and he was having flashes of her death, even though he hadn't been there. She mentioned that Sheila had gone to the morgue. Finn replied that he knew what had happened; he just didn't know why he was having those flashes. Steffy said his mind was just trying to catch up.

Finn apologized for being that way. He felt that he should be her rock at that moment, not the other way around. Steffy was fine with it; it was what she'd signed up for. She added that his presence was important to her, and they would get through it as long as they were together.

At Thomas' house, Thomas wanted Hope to guess what dessert he'd made for them. She guessed brownies, something Douglas loved to make with Thomas. Thomas revealed that he'd made panna cotta, a dish they'd had at a café in Italy, and Hope melted at the sight of it. He said it hadn't been that hard after the eleventh try. Hope was grateful for all his effort. He stated that they both loved Italy and would never forget their time there. She agreed.

After dessert, Hope volunteered to do the dishes, but Thomas said it wasn't why he'd invited a sexy woman to his house. Thomas kissed her. He admitted that he felt guilty and as if he should be helping Steffy more. Hope said it had been horrifying for Steffy, and he wished Finn could compartmentalize and help Steffy. Thomas decided they weren't supposed to be talking about it.

Talk turned back to Rome. Hope wanted to go back, and Thomas suggested that they do it. She asked when, and he shrugged, saying nothing was stopping them. She told him that she'd like nothing better than for him to whisk her away to Rome. She missed the city and recalled the meal they'd had down by the Spanish Steps.

As Thomas and Hope kissed, a flashback of them in Rome played on the screen. Hope stated that it had all started in Rome. Thomas replied that Rome would always be with them. She didn't want them to ever lose sight of the romance and spirit of Rome that had never left them. Thomas recalled another place with "so much history, especially for us," and Hope assumed it was where she'd given in and kissed him.

A flashback played of Hope and Thomas at the Colosseum. Thomas said it was where their future had begun. He touched the ring around her neck and kissed her.

Bill and Luna make a heart-to-heart connection

Bill and Luna make a heart-to-heart connection

Thursday, March 14, 2024

In Eric's office, Petra modeled a gown Thomas had made changes to. She said it had been perfect before but was even more perfect. Ridge said that was impossible. Thomas replied that it was like his relationship with Hope.

Petra left, and Ridge commended Thomas on his work and personal life. Thomas revealed that he'd had a special night with Hope, and they'd reminisced about how it had all begun. Thomas, who had felt stressed by all the designs in his head, said he'd wanted to whisk Hope away like they'd done in magical Rome. He felt that she'd been the best surprise of his life.

Ridge said the relationship hadn't materialized out of nowhere, and Thomas had worked hard to have it. Unable to imagine a life without her, Thomas said he knew that Hope loved him, and he wished Brooke could see it. Ridge stated that Brooke wasn't standing in the way, but Thomas said she wasn't supporting them, either.

Ridge asked if it was before Brooke hadn't thrown confetti at the sight of the engagement ring. Thomas noted that they'd intended to keep that a secret. He went on about Hope's goodness and was sure she'd take the ring and put it on her finger.

In the design office, Hope thought about how she couldn't get enough of sex with Thomas. Brooke arrived and noted that Hope was flushed. Hope said her mother had caught her thinking of Thomas. Hope told Brooke about how Hope and Thomas had recaptured the magic and romance of Rome the previous evening. Hope said he made her feel special and loved.

Brooke mumbled that he certainly gave Hope a lot of attention. Hope claimed it felt good for a change to be a priority and the only woman. Brooke noted that Thomas was completely devoted, and Hope loved the way he loved her; however, Brooke asked how Hope felt about Thomas and wondered if Hope wanted to spend her life with Thomas.

Hope claimed Thomas had shown her what she deserved and what it felt like to be loved completely. Hope claimed his passion wasn't obsessive anymore; it was healthy and made her feel beautiful. Brooke grinned at her smiling daughter. Hope asked Brooke to be happy for her.

Brooke said all she wanted was Hope's happiness. Hope asked why Brooke couldn't give Thomas the credit for it. Brooke replied that she had her reservations. Hope claimed that she had had some, too, and it had taken a while for her to open her heart to him. Hope went on about Thomas' devotion and said the kids felt it, too, and they were all secure with him. Hope said he made her happy, and she asked Brooke to support the relationship.

At Il Giardino, Bill and Liam talked business, and Bill commended Liam for stepping up. Liam was happy to do it, especially since Bill was preoccupied. Bill admitted that his mind had been on Poppy. Liam talked about the magical connection, but Bill said it could just be two people who wanted the same thing at the same time in their lives. "Or Poppy's in Los Angeles to give you something you've never had before," Liam contended.

Bill asked what Liam thought that was. Liam said Poppy had met Bill as Bill, not the billionaire business mogul, Dollar Bill. Agreeing, Bill said Poppy let him be free of his ego, not an easy thing to do. He felt as if anything was possible with Poppy, even though they weren't labeling it.

Bill got up, deciding that he'd go see Poppy at that moment. Liam wished Bill luck, but Bill figured he'd be showing up at just the right time if he and Poppy were meant to be.

At Poppy and Luna's, Luna was prepping for a meeting. Poppy assumed that her daughter was avoiding her. Luna said she couldn't think about that night anymore and wanted to focus on work. Poppy hugged Luna from behind and asked Luna to forgive her. Luna wished she could talk to her father about it. Poppy shrank back from the hug.

Luna said she wasn't trying to hurt her mother, but she couldn't talk to Poppy about Zende and the mints. Poppy assumed it was because she was the cause of it. Luna added that she couldn't open up to R.J. or her work friends, and it was eating her up inside. She stated that she needed to know who her father was. She'd always wanted to know; however, she hadn't pressed it because she hadn't wanted to disappoint Poppy.

Luna admitted that lying and keeping secrets weren't who she was, and knowing who her father was might help. Poppy shook her head. Luna asked why Poppy wouldn't reveal his name. Poppy felt that Luna's emotions were all stirred up, and Luna needed to give it time.

Luna said she could talk to her father, but he wasn't there because Poppy didn't want him to be. Poppy claimed it wasn't like that. She believed they were fine on their own, and Nozawa power had always been enough. Luna replied that it might not be anymore. Poppy sobbed and ran out.

Later, Bill arrived at the door to see Poppy. The morose Luna told him that her mother wasn't there, and Bill asked why Luna was upset. Luna let Bill in, and as she wiped away tears, he asked if the Forrester kid had hurt her. She said that wasn't it, and she was fine.

Bill noted that she was sad and said her mother wouldn't want it. In Luna's silence, Bill asked if Luna and Poppy had argued. Bill claimed to know about parents and kids butting heads. He guessed he drove his kids nuts with his intense personality, and sometimes he went too far. He stated that loving parents could do that because they couldn't get out of their own way. He asked if that could have happened with Poppy and Luna.

Luna admitted that she and Poppy had had an intense argument. She liked hearing about how Bill loved his kids. Bill said Poppy loved her just as much, but she countered that being a dad was different. Bill asked if it really was. She couldn't say because she'd never had a father. She figured the love was the same from parent to parent, but Poppy didn't get that a part of Luna was missing. Bill shed a tear as Luna said she couldn't let it go anymore and needed to know who her father was.

Thomas plans a romantic evening for Hope

Thomas plans a romantic evening for Hope

Friday, March 15, 2024

A tearful Luna spoke of the pain she had felt over never having known her father. Bill told Luna that he hated seeing her so upset. Bill assured Luna that Poppy loved her and that she and Poppy would work things out. "I just wish I could talk to my father," Luna said softly. Bill said that while he wasn't Luna's dad, he was sure that he could be a good listener.

Bill and Luna sat down on the sofa. Bill explained that he was the type of guy who would "take up a room" because he talked a lot, but he promised that he would do his best to shut up and listen. Luna thanked Bill for the offer but said that she didn't want to get into things. Luna offered Bill a drink, but he really wanted some scotch -- something that Luna and Poppy didn't have in the apartment. Bill mused that it was odd that Poppy didn't drink. "She's just all about relaxing with her happy mints," Bill muttered.

Bill observed Luna have an odd reaction at the mention of the mints and wondered if he had said something wrong. Luna asked Bill if Poppy had ever spoken to him about her father. Bill confirmed that they had discussed it. He even shared that for a while, he had believed and wanted it to be him. Luna shared that R.J. had also thought that Bill might be her father.

Bill asked if Luna had ever considered that Poppy had a good reason for keeping the identity of her father a secret. "I don't think it's fair for her to keep this from me like it's some deep, dark, dirty secret," Luna shot back. Bill said confidently that any man would be proud to call Luna his daughter.

Finn returned home from surfing. As he dried off, his gaze fell on the spot where Sheila had died. He was roused from his daydream by a knock on the door. Finn was surprised to see Poppy outside but quickly invited her in. Poppy said that she'd texted Finn to tell him that she was on her way over, but Finn hadn't received the messages because he'd been surfing.

Poppy told Finn that she wanted to talk to Finn because she knew that he "would listen and be understanding." Poppy shared that for the first time in her life, she'd let Luna down. Poppy explained that Luna wanted to talk to her father. "Her father?" Finn asked.

Poppy said that she had been giving Luna "the runaround" about the identity of her father all of Luna's life. Finn asked Poppy if she knew who Luna's father was. Poppy confirmed that she did and seemed troubled that she would no longer be able to keep that secret from Luna. "What I don't understand is, what do I have to do with this?" Finn asked.

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Ridge marveled at a sketch Thomas had made. Thomas shared that Hope had served as the inspiration for the gown. Thomas thanked his dad for being one of the first people to have voiced support of his relationship with Hope. "Life is short. Find your future -- grab it [and] hold on to it." Ridge replied.

In the design studio, Hope got Brooke to admit that she had not seen Hope so happy in quite some time. Hope explained that Thomas was the reason for her happiness and pleaded with Brooke to accept the relationship. While Brooke didn't give her full-throated support, she did acknowledge that Thomas had had a "positive impact" on Hope's life. A jubilant Hope thanked her mom for making an effort.

Later, Brooke joined Ridge in the executive suite. He marveled at how Brooke got "better-looking" every time he saw her. Brooke smiled and commented that she needed to drop by the executive office more often. They each talked of their conversations with their respective children.

Brooke talked about the changes she had seen in Hope. Ridge was surprised that Brooke was seeing Thomas a little differently. Brooke countered that any mother would want to see her daughter happy.

Back in the design studio, Thomas dropped by with a garment bag. He told Hope that in his spare time, he had designed something special for her. Hope said that she was in the middle of something and would try on the garment as soon as possible. Thomas insisted that she had to try on the garment immediately.

A short time later, Hope emerged from the changing area, wearing a gold gown. Thomas marveled at what he saw. Hope called the gown perfect and said that there was not a thing about it that she would change because it hit "all the right places." Hope assumed that the gown had been made for someone else, but Thomas told her that the gown was hers. "You can have anything you want. I would give you the world," Thomas said intensely as he stared deeply into Hope's eyes. "You already have," Hope replied.

Thomas told Hope that he had "something planned" for her and whisked her out of the design studio. Thomas walked Hope down a corridor to a room adorned with flowers, lights, and a Hope for the Future logo on the wall. Hope wondered if she'd missed a memo about a business function. She was happy to learn that the event was only for the two of them. Hope jokingly called the meeting to order.

Thomas told Hope that he would always be grateful to her for having given him second chances. "Speaking of second chances, you said you needed more time, but I think we're ready. Thomas removed the ring from the chain that Hope had around her neck. "It's time for you to take this ring and put it on your finger. I don't wanna wait anymore. So, Hope, say you'll make me the happiest man in the world. Say you'll be my wife. Say you'll marry me."

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