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Hope spent time with Beth and Liam. Steffy grappled with Finn's choice about Sheila. Finn and Hope attended the memorial for Sheila, despite their families' protests. As most of Los Angeles sighed in relief due to Sheila's demise, Deacon counted ten toes on "Sheila's" burning corpse.
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Hope spent time with Beth and Liam.  Finn and Hope attended the memorial for Sheila. As Sheila was cremated, Deacon noticed she had ten toes.
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Liam offers a prediction for Hope's future

Liam offers a prediction for Hope's future

Monday, April 1, 2024

At the cliff house, Finn empathized with Hope for losing Douglas when Thomas had left town. Steffy replied that Hope wasn't a victim; she was another Logan who'd caused Steffy's family heartache. Finn asked if Steffy really needed to make it about a war between the families. Steffy claimed he hadn't experienced it like she had. She stated that the Logans had tried to tear her family apart, and Hope was following in Brooke's footsteps.

Finn insinuated that Steffy was exaggerating, but she disagreed. Steffy claimed that Hope had had Thomas designing for her line, knowing that he was crazy in love with her, and not caring, Hope had led Thomas on and played with his emotions. Steffy declared that Hope wasn't the innocent girl she'd once been. Steffy remarked that Thomas had turned his life around and had redefined himself. She insisted he'd just wanted Hope to love him, but Hope had left him heartbroken.

Finn replied that Hope was, too. Steffy asserted that Hope had brought it on herself; Hope had ruined things with Liam and Thomas. "You shouldn't feel sorry for her. No one should," Steffy concluded. Finn asked if Steffy was going overboard.

Steffy asked if Finn had said that because Hope was an innocent who'd never done anything bad in her life. Steffy insisted that Hope had played with Thomas' emotions, and it had been extremely cruel. Steffy wouldn't put it past Hope to have done it for revenge, but Steffy said Douglas and Thomas had thought they'd be a family.

Finn remarked that Steffy couldn't put all the blame on Hope, but Steffy scoffed. Finn told Steffy that it wasn't good for her to get all wound up, and he suggested that she feel for Hope, who'd had her own challenges. Finn said Liam had dumped Hope. Setting the record straight, Steffy replied that Hope had chased Thomas in Rome and kissed him. Steffy added that Hope had said Steffy would regret interfering. Finn was surprised Hope had threatened Steffy.

Steffy wasn't worried about it, but she didn't like Finn defending Hope. Finn remarked that he wasn't, and Steffy came first. Part of him felt for Hope, who was lost. Steffy got it and stated that he always tried to find the best in people. She didn't want Hope or Thomas, or even Sheila's death to get between them. Finn and Steffy kissed.

In Eric's office, Liam arrived as Hope looked at a press release of her and Thomas. She asked if he was there to celebrate with an "I told you so." Liam said he wasn't there to gloat, and she assumed it was only fair that he read her the riot act -- just like Steffy had.

Liam replied that they weren't married anymore, but he didn't "particularly" get off on watching Hope hurt. Hope quipped that it was a little late for that. Liam replied that Hope had done nothing wrong and had nothing to feel guilty about in turning down Thomas' proposal. She replied that she'd hurt Thomas, who wanted nothing to do with her and had taken Douglas.

Liam was sure that part had hurt. Hope talked about Douglas being her son in all the ways that counted, and it hadn't been the farewell she'd wanted. Liam remarked that Thomas had whisked him away in the middle of the night. Hope believed Steffy had been behind it. Hope said Steffy had claimed to look out for her brother but had never wanted Thomas with Hope. Hope said Steffy had made sure it would never be. Liam asked if Hope really believed it had all been Steffy. Hope acknowledged breaking Thomas' heart but said Steffy had made it worse.

Liam had hoped that it wouldn't get that bad between Steffy and Hope again. He remarked that Steffy had always been hyper-protective of her brother. Hope was sick of hearing that and said it got thrown around as if it condoned Steffy's behavior. Hope claimed Steffy hadn't cared if she'd been destroying a family or that Douglas had been collateral damage.

With tears in her eyes, Hope told Liam that the breakup had been hard enough, but Steffy had played chess with the heartbroken Douglas, who'd asked Hope why he and his father hadn't been enough and if she loved them enough. Liam said he was sorry. She claimed she would have done anything to spare Thomas that. Liam advised her to give Douglas time.

Hope wished Thomas had given it time, but she blamed his sister for stirring things up and destroying what Hope and Thomas had had. Hope insisted that Douglas and Thomas would still be there if Steffy hadn't gotten involved. She acknowledged that things would be different if she had accepted the proposal. "He knew where my head was at. We were on the same page -- until Steffy got in her brother's head," Hope said. Hope stated that Steffy had trashed her without seeing how much Hope really loved him.

Hope stammered that she knew Liam didn't want to hear that. "Sure don't," he bit out. Hope replied that it was true. She didn't know if she would have married Thomas, and she claimed they hadn't had a fair chance to find out. Hope stated that Steffy had started a feud, and it had been "real fun" in the workplace. In Liam's silence, she apologized for oversharing.

Liam said it was fine because Hope was going through a lot. He told her that if she needed help with Beth "going forward," he'd be around. Liam added that he couldn't lie and that he was relieved that Thomas was out of Hope and Beth's life, and going out on a limb, he added that Hope would find that it was a good thing in the end. He reasoned that another man might come into her life that was worth saying yes to.

In the design office, Luna thought of finding out she'd slept with Zende. R.J. and Zende arrived and asked if she'd heard that Thomas had left the previous night for Paris. R.J. summarized why Thomas had left with Douglas and said no one would blame Hope for not being ready to marry "the guy," but Thomas' absence affected them all. Zende said Thomas had completely bailed, and R.J. concluded that they all had to step up for Hope and her line.

Luna asked if Hope and Thomas could work it out. R.J. said Hope had wanted to, but it had been all or nothing for Thomas. Zende defended Thomas for not hanging around in case Hope might change her mind one day, and Luna said she saw that point. Staring at Luna, Zende said it was hard to care about someone who couldn't give themselves back the way one wanted.

R.J. remarked that Hope had her reasons. Agreeing, Zende added that they hadn't been good enough for Thomas. Luna wondered if absence would make the heart grow fonder. R.J. replied that Thomas and Hope were done. Luna asked if Douglas would return, and Zende said the boy wanted to be with his father. R.J. thought it was all the more reason they had to support Hope.

Later, Zende remarked on how in sync Hope and Thomas had been -- at least about business, but the good news was that Hope had a supportive term that could step up. R.J. noted that it was he and Zende, and it would bring them closer together. Zende gave R.J. a fist bump. Luna offered to pitch in, and R.J. said Zende would appreciate it, too. Zende asked what R.J. meant, and R.J. said Zende hadn't worked with Luna to see how talented she was yet.

Zende and Luna exchanged glances. He said he knew how amazing she was, as did everyone at Forrester, and it would be his pleasure to work more closely with her.

Deacon blindsides many with invitations to Sheila's memorial

Deacon blindsides many with invitations to Sheila's memorial

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon was working with Hollis on memorial plans for Sheila when Brooke arrived with her sisters. Deacon had been hoping they'd stop in, and Donna said they'd be there more with Sheila gone. Donna quickly apologized, and Katie said they knew he'd been close to Sheila. He replied that he was planning an event but doubted they'd come. They grimaced upon hearing that it was a memorial for Sheila to be held right there at the restaurant.

"You know, not everyone hated her the way you did, Katie," Deacon remarked and added that Sheila had friends at work and had been funny and generous. Katie and Brooke exchanged looks. He knew they hadn't seen that side of Sheila. Brooke figured he knew why they'd decline.

Deacon nodded. He said it would be small, and he'd reach out to Hope and Finn. Brooke blinked several times and then squinted her eyes at him.

Later, while serving Brooke's table, Hollis said it was nice to see her. He left, and Deacon approached. Brooke and her sisters apologized for their awkward reactions earlier, and Katie said asking Hope to celebrate Sheila's life was a mistake. Donna thought he could count Finn out, too, but Deacon disagreed, noting Finn and Sheila's undeniable bond. Katie couldn't imagine any memory Finn would want to recall of Sheila. Deacon concluded that Finn, as Sheila's son, probably wanted to know about the memorial.

At the cliff house, Steffy decided that her family with Finn was safe and secure. Finn asked if she was worried about Thomas and Douglas being far away. Steffy was sure that they'd be happy and have fun in Paris. Finn noted that they'd been happy there. Steffy admitted it would be an adjustment, but she was just happy Hope was no longer in their lives.

Finn decided that they'd had enough debate about Hope and Thomas because it caused unnecessary tension between them. Steffy restated that she'd been defending her brother, but leaving town had been Thomas' decision. The decision had been healthy, and she supported it. She said Finn didn't have to agree, but she didn't want it to cause issues for them. She believed they could disagree and still love each other and be there for each other.

Finn received a call from Deacon, who informed Finn about the memorial for Sheila at the restaurant. Deacon said Sheila had brought Finn into the world, and even though she'd let him go, she'd never stopped thinking of him. Deacon knew it was tough under the circumstances, but he asked Finn to try to stop by. Finn said he didn't know about that, but he thanked Deacon for letting him know.

After the call, Steffy asked what was going on. Finn revealed that Deacon wanted Finn to attend Sheila's memorial service. Steffy asked if Deacon was out of his mind to invite Finn to a memorial for the woman who'd shot them at the very site of the memorial. Finn said it was Deacon's restaurant, and Sheila had worked there. Steffy mumbled that Deacon should keep his grief to himself, and he was a fool if he thought Finn would actually go.

Finn said it had never occurred to him that there would be a service. Steffy replied that there shouldn't be one for Sheila. Steffy asked him to say he wouldn't go to the memorial. Finn remarked that the memorial was Deacon's way of getting closure, but Steffy asserted that the chapter was closed. She got that it was difficult for Finn, but Sheila was gone; she'd died, and Steffy and Finn were struggling with it. Steffy felt Deacon should know that.

Finn replied that Deacon was just making them aware of it. Steffy insisted that going would just remind them of what had happened and the way Steffy had had to defend herself. Steffy yelled she'd had no choice. Finn stated that he didn't blame Steffy. Steffy wanted to put it behind them and to feel as if Sheila couldn't hurt them anymore. Finn was sorry it was still so difficult, but he promised that they'd be okay. He assured her that he stood with her and their family, and she was his priority.

Steffy accepted the answer and kissed Finn. She went to get ready for work. Finn sat down and flashed back on positive times with Sheila, including saving Sheila. He recalled touching Sheila's blood, and he remembered Deacon telling him that Sheila had loved him. Finn recalled Steffy asking him to say it was over with Sheila and that he wouldn't go to the memorial.

Back at Il Giardino, Brooke asked Deacon how the call had gone with Finn. Deacon remarked that Finn hadn't said much. Brooke warned him about getting his hopes up, and he said he might have better luck with his own kid.

In Eric's office, Liam hugged Beth, ecstatic to see her. The child had just been to the movies with her friend. Liam joked that he and Hope enjoyed a good drama, and Beth cooed that she loved being together with her parents.

Liam admitted that his schedule had been hectic; however, it had opened up, and he'd be around if things felt empty. Beth asked to visit the baby hippo at the zoo that weekend. Hope agreed, and Liam said his two favorite things were Beth and baby hippos. He figured if he took enough nausea medication, they could ride the carousel.

Later, Beth told her parents that when her friend had been afraid during the movie, she'd assured her friend that the good guys always won. Liam said she got that sentiment from Hope. Hope received a message that Alexia was ready for Beth's help picking out swatches. Hope promised that Beth and she would see Liam that weekend, and Hope asked Liam to stick around until she got back. As Hope left with Beth, Liam had a thoughtful look on his face.

Later, Hope returned from dropping off Beth, and Hope and Liam talked about being grateful that they had a wonderful daughter. Deacon called Hope to tell her about the memorial. He said there was no pressure, but she'd been there for him. Hope responded with uncertainty but asked if she could take some time. He mentioned that he'd invited Finn. Deacon didn't know if Finn would be there, but Deacon hoped Hope would.

After the call had ended, Hope told Liam that she'd been blindsided by Deacon's invitation to Sheila's memorial. Liam said her father couldn't expect her to attend. She noted that Deacon had asked her to go for him. Liam replied that it was too much to expect her to listen to people say nice things about Deacon's psycho girlfriend. She said Deacon needed to say goodbye in his own way, but Liam quipped that some needed to say good riddance their way, too.

Speaking in general terms, Hope mentioned that she had never liked Sheila, who'd done horrible things. Liam advised her not to go because no one else would. Hope replied that Deacon had invited Finn, and if anyone would want to pay respects, it might be Finn.

Back at Il Giardino, Deacon discussed with the Logan sisters how his call with Hope had gone. He loved Hope's compassion but didn't know if she'd attend. He guessed everyone had forgotten about Sheila. Brooke urged him not to pressure or guilt-trip Hope. Katie claimed Hope liked to please people if she sensed they were hurting. Deacon asserted that it deeply hurt, and he missed Sheila. Hope had been supportive and had made sure he hadn't been alone. It had meant the world to him and would mean a lot if she attended the service.

Hope and Finn surprise Deacon by attending Sheila's memorial

Hope and Finn surprise Deacon by attending Sheila's memorial

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

In the design office, Hope, wearing black, was surprised to see Liam, also wearing black, arrive. Liam asked if she'd believe he'd just been in the neighborhood, and then he said he'd wanted to find out if Hope had decided to go to the memorial that day. Hope revealed that she'd talked to her mom, who'd declined to attend. Hope had mulled her attendance over with her mom and had decided to go to support her father.

Later, Liam and Hope played tic-tac-toe on a sketchpad. Hope remarked that she wasn't looking forward to going. Liam assumed she'd be the only one there. Hope revealed that Deacon had invited Finn; however, she seriously doubted Steffy would be okay if he went.

At the cliff house, Finn, clad in black, contemplated his invitation to Sheila's memorial. When Steffy entered the room, wearing black, he told her that he'd decided to attend the service for Sheila. He knew Steffy wasn't happy to hear it. Steffy replied that if the tables had been turned, Sheila would be going to Steffy's memorial service. Steffy reminded him that Sheila had shot them and had broken into the house to finish the job. She didn't know how he'd consider going.

Finn knew Steffy didn't understand it, and he frankly didn't, either. He just felt a need to be there. He would never defend Sheila after all she'd done. He wished he didn't feel connected to Sheila, but he did. "Sheila's dead. Can you just let her go?" Steffy asked.

Finn said he hoped being there would allow him to do that. Steffy asked if he really thought attending would help him find resolution. "Fine. If you have to go -- then go. I just can't go with you," Steffy decided. Finn replied, "Of course." He thanked her for understanding. She said that she didn't understand it at all, but she told him not to be surprised if it was just him and Deacon.

At Il Giardino, a memorial had been set up for Sheila with rows of empty chairs and a large portrait of Sheila beside a closed coffin. Deacon, wearing gray, touched the coffin. Hollis arrived in dark blue to say a server had called with condolences. Deacon thanked Hollis for helping set up the service, but Deacon had a feeling he'd be paying tribute alone. Deacon hadn't had any expectations, but he did wish there would be more than just himself and Hollis. It was sad to Deacon that no one was willing to pay respects.

Hollis replied that Deacon was there, and Hollis believed it was enough for Sheila. To Deacon's surprise, Hope appeared at the entrance. Hollis left to check the inventory. Hope stated that she hadn't wanted Deacon to go through it alone. He hugged her and said it meant the world to him.

Deacon lamented that a life had been lost, but no one cared. He added that it would have meant a lot to Sheila if Finn would be there. Hope admitted that she'd be surprised if Finn wasn't there. Deacon was sure Steffy would object. Hope concluded that Steffy should let Finn grieve how he saw fit, and Steffy should stop telling people how to feel. Deacon didn't know that it had happened that way, but Hope replied that she wouldn't be surprised if it had.

Assuming there wouldn't be a mad rush at the door, Deacon decided to get started. Hope sat in a seat as Deacon faced the casket. He told Sheila that they'd been building something. He didn't get why it had come to that or why she'd thrown it all away.

Finn arrived. Deacon turned and exclaimed that it was great. Deacon turned back to the casket. Hope greeted Finn at the door. He was surprised Hope was there. Hope said she was supporting her dad and was really sorry for Finn's loss. By the casket, Deacon looked up and sighed.

Later, Finn touched the casket. Hope and Deacon stood a few feet back. Finn didn't know why he was feeling "so..." Deacon responded that Sheila had given Finn life, and the two were connected forever. Death couldn't change it. Deacon stated that Sheila had loved Finn more than anything, and it meant everything that Finn was there.

Finn asked how Deacon was holding up. Deacon said he was taking things day by day and hour by hour. Finn acknowledged that Deacon was one of the few who'd cared for Sheila, and Deacon had known her better than anyone. Finn hoped that Deacon could help clarify something. Finn stated that, from what he'd heard, Sheila had been doing pretty well.

Deacon readily agreed, noting that Sheila had turned her life around. She'd been working, and they'd been living a grounded, stable life. It didn't make sense to Finn that she'd broken into his home and attacked Steffy, knowing it wouldn't end well. Hope assumed that Sheila had just snapped, and she said Sheila had always defied logic. Finn called it tragic, but Hope said the pain and heartbreak Sheila caused had been tragic.

Deacon approached Finn by the casket. Deacon told Finn that Sheila had never believed that anyone had cared about her, but she was looking down on them, happy that Finn was there. Deacon added that Hope was right. To the casket, Deacon stated that Sheila had defied logic. There had never been anyone like her and never would be again. Deacon couldn't believe they had to say goodbye. Finn gazed solemnly at the casket.

In Eric's office later, Liam arrived as Steffy was ending a call. He remarked that there had been a time when he had loved seeing her in corporate mode. She asked if he was there for gossip to print in a Spencer publication. Liam said he'd been checking on Hope. Steffy was sure Hope was living her best life while Thomas was across the world, licking his wounds due to her. Liam replied that he wouldn't pretend that Hope and Thomas apart didn't work for him.

The topic turned to how Steffy was doing. She said she hadn't let Sheila get between her and Finn when Sheila had been alive, and Steffy wouldn't let it happen with Sheila dead. Scowling as if his news was unseemly, Liam said he'd heard Deacon was having a memorial at the restaurant. Steffy stated that she was aware.

Liam hoped Finn wasn't going. Steffy said he was. Liam asked if she was okay with that. Steffy reasoned that, like it or not, that had been Finn's birth mother -- and Steffy had killed her. Therefore, Steffy was trying to be understanding. Liam found it awfully generous of her because, in his view, Finn's attendance seemed like a complete betrayal.

Steffy sighed, saying that she and Finn had been through it already. Liam asked if she'd asked "what the hell" Finn had been thinking. She said that she'd told Finn that she hadn't been thrilled by it. Liam assumed something was wrong with Finn if his priorities were so misaligned. Liam stated that Finn hadn't had any connection to Sheila until she'd crashed the wedding, and Finn's loyalties should be with his wife, not Sheila.

Mourners and victims bid farewell to Sheila in their own ways

Mourners and victims bid farewell to Sheila in their own ways

Thursday, April 4, 2024

In Eric's office, Liam didn't know how Finn could show up for his attempted murderer or how Steffy was so calm about it. Steffy remarked that Sheila had also been Finn's birth mother, and Steffy had decided to let it be Finn's choice. Steffy could see Finn's side of things, but she said it was nice that someone saw her side, too.

Liam asked if Finn realized why Steffy would be upset about him attending the memorial. Steffy replied that, like it or not, Finn felt a connection to his birth mother, and she'd chosen not to stand in the way if he wanted to go. Steffy asked if she was supposed to forbid him, and she admitted that she didn't know what it was like to be in his shoes.

"Here's something you both have in common," Liam quipped, citing that Sheila had almost killed Finn and Steffy in the alley. Steffy replied that it had impacted them differently. Steffy didn't want to think about Sheila anymore and decided that they just needed to get through the day. Finn would say his goodbyes, and they'd move on. She insisted that nothing would get between her and Finn, especially not Sheila, since she was dead.

Steffy said she hadn't asked for any of it, and she hoped Finn could get closure, peace, and clarity. She remarked about how kind and compassionate Finn was, which was why she'd fallen in love with him. Steffy assumed only Deacon and Finn would be at the service, but Liam revealed that Hope had decided to go to support her dad. Steffy was shocked to hear it. Liam cynically added that Deacon was really broken up about Sheila's death. Steffy bade good riddance to Sheila Carter.

At Il Giardino, Finn said it would just be the three of them, and it was sad so few people would mourn Sheila. Deacon decided that they had to do their best to pay tribute to the one and only Sheila Carter. Hope was surprised Steffy had let Finn attend, and Finn said his wife was trying to understand his perspective, even though it was complicated for her.

Deacon kicked off the ceremony by talking about the flame that had ignited between him and Sheila. He told Hope and Finn that the thing between Deacon and Sheila had been unique. Hope sat with her legs crossed and her hands in her lap as Deacon said, "Love is when two people each have a hole in their heart, and when the wind blows through, it plays the same sad song". Hope sort of looked away and kind of rolled her eyes. She seemed both bored and possibly trying to hide her own pain. She shook her head when Deacon said that he and Sheila were more alike that they'd cared to admit.

Deacon kept talking, saying he and Sheila had gotten each other, and she'd brought out the best in him. Hope scowled, but Finn seemed intrigued. Deacon continued, saying Sheila had made him want to turn his life around, and he'd thought she'd been doing the same thing. She'd been doing things the right way up until the night she hadn't. Deacon did not understand why Sheila had gone to the cliff house, and all he was left with was the hole in his heart. He had to figure out a way to say goodbye and let Sheila go.

Deacon sat down, and Finn went to the casket. He didn't even know what he should say. Talking to the casket, he said she'd shown up at his wedding, introducing herself as his birth mother. It had been one of the happiest moments he'd known to connect with the woman he'd dreamed about and to have her call him son. However, she'd turned his life upside down by shooting him and his wife. He had no idea why he was there and said Sheila had never been a mother to him.

Finn reasoned that Sheila had given him life, and though it defied logic for him to feel something for Sheila, he did. "Mom, I do," he uttered.

Later, Deacon was alone with the casket, still unable to say goodbye. He told Sheila that she'd been a "hell of a woman" -- tough, wild, and tender. He hoped that wherever she was, she'd found peace and happiness. He stated that they'd be together again someday. Deacon passed Hope and Finn in the doorway, and they gazed at the unsettling, grinning portrait of Sheila.

At Eric's house, Lauren arrived. She'd decided to visit after she'd flown in for a quick meeting and was grateful to see that Eric was alive and well. Donna and Eric greeted Lauren and thanked her for the flowers. He had felt her well wishes and asked her to send his regrets for missing Nikki and Victor's party. Lauren admitted that she'd stopped by for another reason. "Sheila is finally dead," she stated.

Later, Lauren asked how Steffy was coping. Donna said it was still haunting for Steffy, and they were glad that no children had been at the house and that no pets had gotten hurt. Lauren was glad the saga was finally over. "Except for today," Eric remarked. He explained that Deacon Sharpe, who'd gotten close to Sheila, was holding a memorial for her that day.

Lauren couldn't imagine who on earth would have anything nice to say about Sheila. Eric replied that Deacon probably didn't expect a large turnout. Donna asked if Lauren had thought about going. Lauren stated that she'd have a hard time holding back about the horrible things Sheila had done to her. Flashbacks played of Sheila trying to drown Lauren in a hot tub, the fire at the cabin, and the wedding dress fight between the women. Lauren thanked God that Steffy had ended Sheila once and for all.

Eric figured everyone had been hurt by Sheila at one time or another, even though his relationship with her had started out beautifully. He'd been enchanted with her in the beginning. Flashbacks played of Sheila and Eric's burgeoning romance. Eric regretted introducing her into the family, but Donna said he'd had no way of knowing. Lauren was just glad Sheila was no longer a threat and said it was good riddance to Sheila Carter.

Eric bade Sheila farewell and hoped she was finally at peace.

Deacon says goodbye to Sheila, but suddenly has second thoughts

Deacon says goodbye to Sheila, but suddenly has second thoughts

Friday, April 5, 2024

At Il Giardino, Finn opted not to go to the crematorium with Deacon. Hope asked Finn how he was doing. Finn expressed mixed emotions about his "birth mother" being dead. Hope assumed that Finn wasn't able to talk about Sheila to Steffy and offered to be an ear anytime Finn needed someone. Finn said that he understood Steffy's feelings about Sheila.

Finn asked Hope how she was doing in the aftermath of her breakup with Thomas. Hope said that she was trying to come to terms with having broken Thomas' heart. Finn told Hope that he was confident that Hope would one day look back on everything and be "thankful" that things had worked out the way they had. Finn told Hope that he could be a sounding board for her, too. Hope immediately took Finn up on his offer and asked him if he had any idea where she should go next.

After making sure that she really wanted to hear his opinion, Finn suggested that the way Hope had reacted to Thomas was a direct result of her previous relationship with Liam. He also questioned if Hope really could have ever truly committed to Thomas, considering the tumultuous past that she and Thomas had experienced.

Finn recommended that Hope try to smooth things over with Liam. Hope laughed as she rhetorically asked if Finn thought she should go back to Liam. Finn apologized for overstepping but added that he wanted Hope to be sure to listen to her heart. Hope vowed that she was going to focus on her career and children and also take some time for herself before moving on to a relationship. Hope thanked Finn for being a friend.

At the Forrester mansion, Lauren and Eric toasted martinis to Sheila Carter no longer being a threat. "Hallelujah," Lauren said with a chuckle. Eric wasn't quite as celebratory. "I'm not saying she is worth mourning -- she's not," Eric said in response. He said that his feelings were a bit "complex." Lauren said that, as someone Sheila had tried to kill, her feelings were not complex -- they were "utter relief [and] pure bliss."

"So, this monster puts a bullet in Hope's mom, in me, in my mother, my grandmother, I mean half of L.A., and yet Hope is going to Sheila's memorial? What?!" Steffy asked incredulously. Liam threw his hands up and admitted that, while he would not have made the same decision, he did understand that Hope wanted to support Deacon.

The conversation shifted from Hope and Deacon to Hope's relationship with Thomas. Steffy claimed that she was glad that Thomas had learned that Hope wasn't into him before it was too late. Liam quipped that Steffy really meant before Thomas began "obsessing over [Hope] again." Steffy and Liam both agreed that Hope and Thomas were better apart than together.

Liam and Steffy discussed the fact that Hope had gone to the memorial. She was horrified, but Liam understood that she wanted to be there for Deacon. The subject turned to Thomas. Steffy said it was best that he was in Paris. Liam said it was best, too, before Thomas started obsessing over Hope again. Steffy defended her brother.

As Liam was leaving, Lauren appeared in the doorway to check on how Steffy was doing. Lauren promised that she would be there for Steffy if she ever needed to talk to someone about what Sheila had put her through. Lauren said that Steffy had done everyone a "great favor" by eliminating Sheila, and she urged Steffy not to feel "an ounce of guilt or anxiety" over it. Lauren growled that she hoped Sheila burned in hell.

Deacon arrived at the crematorium and was greeted by a man named Carl. Carl asked Deacon to sign a release form to have Sheila's body cremated. After signing, Deacon asked Carl if he could put a bouquet of flowers in with Sheila's body. Carl told him that he could and commented that it seemed like Deacon had loved Sheila. "She loved me too -- fiercely," Deacon replied. Deacon lamented that his time with Sheila had been cut short.

Deacon placed a rose by Sheila's head, which had been covered by a sheet. He took a few moments to remember some of the happier times that he and Sheila had shared. "I'm never gonna forget you. What you gave me. What we shared together," Deacon sobbed.

Carl asked Deacon if he had any final words. Deacon begged Sheila to wake up and call him "daddy." He again burst into tears as he told Sheila how much he missed her. Deacon regretted not being a part of Sheila's life sooner and wondered how her life could have been different if he had been. Deacon pulled back the sheet to see Sheila one last time. He leaned in close and whispered, "You... are... loved."

Deacon pulled the sheet back over Sheila's face. Carl asked Deacon if he would like to "start the process." Deacon nodded his head. Deacon pushed a button. A metal door opened, and a fire started. Seconds later, a conveyor belt slowly moved Sheila's body toward the flames. As Sheila's body entered the chamber, the sheet pulled off and revealed her feet. Deacon's jaw dropped when he noticed that the body had ten toes. Deacon screamed for Carl to stop the cremation process as he raced toward the flames. "Ten toes!" Deacon yelled as Carl begged Deacon not to reach into the fire.

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