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Steffy and Hope debated how to deal with Deacon and his "delusions" about Sheila. Convinced he'd cremated Sugar, Deacon discovered a lead in Sheila's disappearance and convinced Finn to help him find her. Further clues led to a seedy building. Brooke supported Luna and R.J.
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Brooke offered support to Luna. Deacon learned Sugar was released from prison. Deacon convinced Finn to help him find Sheila.
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Lauren points out that Sugar is still in prison

Lauren points out that Sugar is still in prison

Monday, April 22, 2024

At Forrester, Steffy and Liam continued to talk about how delusional Deacon was for his theories about Sheila, and she asserted that she'd told him so. Liam and Steffy agreed that she'd killed Sheila in self-defense. Steffy felt that they couldn't move on as long as Deacon was concocting stories, and she just wanted to get on with their lives.

Steffy wanted badly to get back to normal, and Liam agreed that it just needed to be over. Steffy stated that Deacon was unable to let Sheila go. Liam said he'd normally advise her to cut Deacon some slack, but it was unacceptable that Deacon's actions were hurting Steffy. Steffy shared that Finn was just as concerned but had no sway over Deacon, even as Sheila's son.

Steffy concluded that Sheila would have no sway over their lives ever again. It felt good to Steffy to say it, and Liam admitted he could relate. Steffy stated that Sheila had somehow avoided justice until the night Steffy had defended herself with the knife. Liam replied that, for the first time in ages, Steffy could relax and not look over her shoulder. Steffy restated that Deacon was an idiot if he thought Sheila was alive.

Steffy decided not to waste Liam's time by talking about Sheila. Liam stated that he was glad to talk to her anytime. She knew it but pointed out that he had a life, too. He replied that his priorities were his daughters, and Steffy happened to be one of their mothers. He explained that he was soul-searching to become the best man and father he could be.

Steffy told Liam that he was terrific as he was, but he called her biased. He recalled that they'd been extremely close and fiercely in love. He stated that a love like that didn't just die.

At the cliff house, Hope told Finn that Deacon's notions about Sheila were beyond bizarre, but she wondered how Finn would feel if, against all odds, Deacon was right about Sheila. Finn stated that Sheila had come with a lot of baggage, and he shouldn't have any feelings at all for her. He admitted that he had felt a connection, one that he'd never understood. As far as whether he wanted Sheila dead, stabbed to death by his wife, the answer was no.

Finn asked if he sounded crazy and why he wasn't just relieved that Sheila was gone. It wasn't like Sheila had been in his life, and he'd been raised by amazing parents. For the few moments that he'd had alone with Sheila when she'd shown up at his wedding, he had been thrilled to finally meet her and have the puzzle pieces connect. What didn't make sense to him was how he could still feel for Sheila, who'd almost taken everything that had mattered to him. He concluded that whatever his feelings were, they meant nothing compared to his feelings for Steffy, the kids, and their happiness.

Hope stated that Finn was way overdue for a husband and father of the year nomination. She said he had unwavering devotion to his wife and kids and always put them first. Finn asked if Liam deserved a nod. Hope decided Liam could have it for Father of the Year, but Hope was nominating Finn for Husband and Father of the Year.

Finn was glad he and Liam weren't in competition. Hope guessed Finn loved it. "Being married to Steffy? Yeah. And being the father to two of the most splendiferous kids?" he asked. He laughed, saying he'd gotten that word from Kelly. Hope admired Finn for being a good man and said Steffy should know that she was lucky to have him.

At Il Giardino, Lauren affirmed that, though crazy, it was true that Sheila had an identical look-alike. Deacon concluded that it meant he wasn't crazy for seeing Sheila's face, and yet the body had ten toes. Deacon questioned how it was possible. Lauren called it mind-blowing. Lauren stated that the nightmare of Sheila had begun with her, and she'd been happy that it had ended with Steffy. He replied that maybe it hadn't, and he asked to hear all she knew about Sheila and Sugar.

Deacon figured it was hard for Lauren to relive things. He surely hadn't seen the Sugar thing coming, and Sheila had never said anything about it. Lauren didn't know why he'd let a woman like Sheila into his life. Deacon wasn't entirely sure, either, but it had happened, leaving him with a new Sheila mystery to solve.

Lauren recounted the history of Sheila and Sugar, for whom Sheila had promised to get surgery. After the pair had made it to South America, Sheila had gotten the surgeon to make Sugar look exactly like Sheila. Lauren said Sheila had been proud of pulling it off. Deacon, who'd once thought he'd been crazy, was convinced that the cremated body had been Sugar's.

Later, Lauren told Deacon that Sugar had almost gotten away with attacking Lauren's son and framing Sheila. Deacon asked how Sugar had gotten busted. Lauren recalled that it hadn't made sense to her that Sheila would attack Scotty, whom Sheila had loved. Lauren had visited Sheila after she'd been arrested, and Lauren had noticed that Sheila, who'd had a severe ankle injury, hadn't been limping. The police had confirmed that the fingerprints hadn't matched, and Sugar had confessed to doing it as revenge on Sheila, who'd taken Sugar's face and freedom.

Deacon concluded that Sugar had it out for Sheila, but Lauren noted that even though Sugar would love to get revenge, Sugar was still in prison for her crimes. "Unless..." Deacon responded. He asked what Sugar's real name was, and Lauren said it was Janet Webber. He figured he had to learn all he could about her. As Lauren prepared to leave, she hoped Deacon was wrong, and it really had been Sheila who'd been cremated.

Lauren exited, and Deacon looked at the picture of Sheila on the laptop again. He asked Sheila what had happened to her.

Deacon uncovers important news about Janet Webber

Deacon uncovers important news about Janet Webber

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon had coffee and mumbled to himself about Sugar undergoing surgery to look like Sheila. He looked up Janet Webber's arrest on the Internet and saw a photo of the Sheila look-alike behind bars. Deacon said Sheila had tricked Sugar to get Sugar to take the fall for Sheila's crimes. It affirmed for him that he wasn't losing his mind, but he wondered if the dead person with ten toes had been Sugar.

Deacon recalled the chain of the text messages he'd found. Sheila had wondered how Sugar had gotten the number. Sugar had said she'd find Sheila, and Sheila had ordered Sugar to leave her alone. To him, Sheila had seemed scared, and it was no small feat to scare Sheila. He wondered if Sheila had left town without telling him and if she could be in danger.

As he continued to search, Deacon happened upon an article reporting that Janet Webber had been released for good behavior a couple of months back but "ahead of her probation hearing later that year." Deacon said it could have been Sugar at the crematorium with all ten of her toes. "Where the hell is Sheila?" Deacon exclaimed.

At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy returned from a swim. As they kissed, Steffy said Li had been a saint to "let us have the morning." Pulling Finn in for a kiss, Steffy hinted at her idea about how to spend the rest of the morning. They were interrupted by pictures from Li, who'd taken Beth along with Kelly and Hayes for a playdate. Steffy loved their blended family. Finn remarked that Hope had dropped off Kelly's goggles, and it had given him the chance to tell her about Deacon's theories of Sheila.

While discussing Hope's reaction, Finn remarked that Deacon had been seeing things, but Finn had, too, at one point. Steffy told Finn not to compare himself to Deacon. She claimed Finn had had no choice in being connected to Sheila, but Deacon had just dived into the drama, and "of course he's gonna see things." Finn admitted that grief could play tricks on people, and that was the only explanation for what Deacon thought he'd seen.

Later, Finn said Hope was concerned about her father. Steffy asked why it had to be her and Finn's problem and said Deacon had chosen to love that monster. She apologized and said she didn't want Finn to feel he couldn't talk to her. Finn replied that she'd been his rock, and he couldn't get through it without her. He felt lucky to be married to her, and his illogical connection to Sheila didn't compare to his with Steffy and the kids. He stated that they never had to worry about Sheila again.

In Eric's office, Brooke walked in as R.J. was thinking about Luna's confession. Brooke tried to guess why he was upset, but he didn't want to talk about it. Figuring it might be Luna, Brooke said relationships had disagreements and rocky times. He replied that it was more than that. She offered to help. He didn't think she could. He couldn't believe what he was saying, but Luna had been with another guy, Zende.

Later, Brooke was shocked and disconcerted by the news. R.J. added that Luna had thought she'd been with R.J. after being "drugged by her own mother." Brooke asked how Poppy could be so negligent. All of it was hard for Brooke to believe, but R.J. said he believed Luna.

Brooke asked how Zende could do it. R.J. wanted to tear Zende's head off each time he saw Zende, but R.J. claimed he wasn't saying Zende had taken advantage of Luna. R.J. believed that Zende hadn't known Luna had been on anything, and R.J. added that his cousin would never do anything against Luna's consent.

Brooke agreed but said everyone knew R.J. and Luna had been together for months, and it was an unforgivable betrayal. "When your father finds out about this..." she said. R.J. didn't want to tell Ridge, but Brooke insisted that Ridge needed to know. Seeking to protect Luna, R.J. said he didn't want it to get around and have the misunderstanding hurt her reputation. "Please, Mom. Do not say anything. It would devastate Luna if this got out," R.J. concluded.

Brooke agreed not to tell Ridge, and she wondered if Luna was okay. R.J. replied that Luna was torn up and felt as if she'd betrayed him and their family. Brooke asserted that Luna wasn't to blame, and it had been Poppy's drugs. Brooke could only imagine what Luna had felt upon waking up and realizing what had happened. Brooke felt responsible for Luna, a Forrester intern, and said it had happened at the Forrester estate. Brooke called it horrifying and terrible.

Brooke asked what Zende had been thinking and how he could do that to R.J. Brooke said Zende knew how much R.J. loved Luna, and it was a betrayal. Brooke could see how much R.J. still loved Luna. Brooke promised not to tell Ridge and said she was there for her son and Luna. Brooke hoped R.J. and Luna could get back to where they'd been.

In the design office, Luna thought about how she and R.J. had left things. Poppy arrived and hugged her crying daughter. Poppy was sorry about her mints. Luna didn't want to discuss them and said she knew Poppy felt horrible. Poppy asked how things were with R.J. Luna revealed that R.J. needed time because he couldn't stop picturing her in Zende's arms. Poppy claimed that Luna was innocent in all of it, and she asked if R.J. couldn't forgive her.

Luna hoped R.J. could and said she could tell that he still loved her. Poppy said that was all that mattered. Luna asked if it was all that mattered and if it would be that simple for R.J. Luna couldn't blame him for not getting past what she'd done. Poppy said Luna was talking as if her actions with Zende had been intentional. Luna replied that she'd betrayed R.J. Poppy stated that Luna hadn't and would never do that to R.J. on purpose.

Luna replied that she should never have kept it from R.J., but Poppy called her daughter noble for trying to protect R.J.'s relationship with his cousin. Poppy said that Luna was kind and loving, and R.J. knew it. She asked Luna not to lose faith in R.J.'s love for her.

Deacon tells Finn an improbable tale about Sugar and Sheila

Deacon tells Finn an improbable tale about Sugar and Sheila

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon deduced that it could have been Sugar that he'd seen on that slab. Convinced that he wasn't losing it, he questioned where Sheila could be. As Deacon picked up his phone to make a call, he uttered, "Your mother may still be alive, Finn."

At the cliff house, Finn told Steffy that he wouldn't be at the hospital long that day, and she'd decided that she'd be waiting for him when he returned home. Hope arrived, surprised that the door was unlocked, and said it had to be nice without the guards around.

Hope was early for her meeting with Steffy because Hope wanted to apologize on behalf of her father for the crazy things he'd said about Sheila. Hope stated that her father was hurting, but they'd all suffered enough, especially Steffy. Finn didn't think Deacon intended to hurt anyone and was simply in denial and giving himself hope that Sheila was alive. Steffy asserted that Sheila was gone and thanked God for it.

Finn prepared to take off for work, and Hope and Steffy went to work at the dining table. Finn received an urgent text message from Deacon. Finn looked at Steffy and paused in thought.

Later, Steffy said Hope had ambitious targets for Hope's line, and Hope replied that she had an ambitious team. To Steffy, it sounded as if Hope was managing the transition. "Since Thomas and Douglas left?" Hope asked. Steffy remarked that the guys were enjoying their time overseas.

Hope responded that she'd heard. Steffy said it had been good for them. Hope replied that it had been challenging for her because she missed them. Steffy admitted that she did, too. Hope said Steffy wanted Hope away from Thomas and didn't have to feign sympathy. Hope advised Steffy to be grateful for what was right in her life -- Sheila was gone, and Steffy was married to a great husband and father.

Steffy said she knew how blessed she was to have Finn in her life, and she and Finn had had their challenges with Sheila. Hope replied that he'd remained loyal to Steffy, and Steffy and Finn never ever had to worry about Sheila again. Steffy was grateful for it because she didn't know how much more of Sheila her marriage could take.

Back at Il Giardino, Finn arrived and was a bit irritated. He said he was done with the Sheila stuff. Deacon claimed he'd figured it out and was more convinced than ever that she was alive. Finn lectured Deacon on how unhealthy it was to cling to such ideas, but Deacon insisted that they needed to find Sheila. Finn turned to leave, yelling that he'd had enough.

Deacon turned Finn around, saying his birth mother needed him. Finn had heard enough and didn't want to hear any more about ten toes. Deacon began talking about Sugar and explained that he'd asked Lauren Fenmore about it. Deacon told Finn to brace himself because Deacon knew why he'd seen Sheila's face and ten toes. "Because it wasn't Sheila's face," Deacon stated. He said Sheila and Sugar had become "one and the same."

Finn wasn't following. Deacon revealed that Sheila had promised Sugar plastic surgery but had gotten the surgeon to make her look exactly like Sheila. Finn rolled his eyes and called it insane, but Deacon insisted that it made perfect sense. Sugar had been at the crematorium, not Sheila. Sheila was out there somewhere, still alive, according to Deacon.

In the design office, Zende flashed back to him and Luna figuring out what had happened to them. Carter arrived, quipping that it was hard for Zende to work while thinking of Luna. Zende was determined to give Hope his best designs. Carter suggested Zende work from home, but Zende said that had been where it had all started with Luna.

Zende asked if Carter had talked to anyone about it, namely Ridge. Carter claimed he hadn't. Zende begged Carter to keep it that way because Ridge wouldn't understand. Carter asked if Zende understood that he'd slept with his cousin's girlfriend, and Carter decided that Ridge was the least of Zende's concerns after he'd betrayed his family. To make it worse, Zende was crazy about Luna, which Carter had deduced from the look on Zende's face.

Zende admitted that he was crazy about Luna, and that night, he'd really thought she'd wanted to be with him. He recalled that she'd said she'd been waiting for him. Carter asked if it had mattered that she'd been with Zende's cousin. Zende replied that R.J. hadn't crossed his mind, and in the moment, all he'd thought of had been Luna.

Zende knew that it had been wrong, and he wished he could take it back. The night should never have happened, but he couldn't stop thinking of it because, for him, it had been real. He recalled that he'd felt close and connected to Luna that night, and it had been hard to see how horrified Luna had been. Carter said it wasn't right, and Zende blamed the mints.

Zende added that Luna had felt guilty for keeping the secret from R.J. for as long as she had. Carter asked if R.J. had understood it. Zende questioned whether Carter would understand. In Carter's silence, Zende said, "Who knows what R.J.'s gonna do now."

In Eric's office, R.J. arrived as Luna was dropping something off. She decided to go, but R.J. said that he missed her. She was surprised to hear it, but he admitted that he hated being apart. He'd wanted to call her. He needed someone to talk to about it. He wanted to talk to her, but he didn't know what to say to her or how to act. It was weird to him, and it wasn't who they were. Luna agreed but didn't know what to do about it. She asked where things stood between them.

R.J. admitted that he was hurt and even more confused than when he'd first learned of it. R.J. had been picturing her with Zende. R.J. didn't blame her for what had happened and told her not to dare blame herself. "But what if you can't get past it?" she asked. He replied that he wanted to, and he wanted their life back.

Luna told R.J. that she missed him, too. She missed working with him, joking with him, and being close to him at the beach house. She was desperate to fix it, and she asked him not to forget how much she loved him. He replied that he'd never stop loving her, and they hugged.

Finn begins to question whether the impossible is possible

Finn begins to question whether the impossible is possible

Thursday, April 25, 2024

In Deacon's loft, Finn and Deacon continued their conversation. Finn said Steffy would be upset to know he was even discussing it. Deacon didn't care if Steffy thought he was crazy. He stated that it was huge because Steffy hadn't stabbed Sheila that night.

Finn reasoned that Deacon had been talking a lot of crazy things. The animated Deacon said he knew Lauren's story about Sugar sounded farfetched. Finn asserted that it sounded impossible. Deacon hadn't believed it at first, either, but he swore that it was true.

Deacon asked Finn to hear him out, and Deacon explained what Lauren had told him about the plastic surgery. Finn scoffed, saying Sheila had cloned herself. Deacon replied that Sheila had asked for enough changes to put Sugar away for Sheila's crimes. "You may be gullible -- " Finn stated. Deacon interrupted, persisting that it was the only explanation for the ten toes.

For Finn, it was the most ridiculous story he'd ever heard. Deacon contended that it had happened, and Sheila was more of a genius than anyone had thought. Finn asked how Deacon knew that Lauren wasn't messing with him.

Deacon replied that one couldn't make it up if one tried. He further explained that Sugar had gone after Lauren's son, posing as Sheila, for revenge on Sheila. Lauren had figured it out because Sheila would never hurt Scotty. Sugar had confessed to it after her fingerprints had given her away. Deacon added that Sugar had been released and had somehow wound up in Finn's house, stabbed by Steffy -- but before that, Sugar had done something to Sheila.

Deacon showed Finn a picture of Sugar's facial reconstruction, and Finn asked if he'd heard of photo editing. Deacon insisted that he wasn't lying, and Lauren, who detested Sheila, hadn't been lying, either. Deacon persisted in believing that he'd seen Sugar and her ten toes at the crematorium, not Sheila.

It was beyond the realm of Finn's understanding. He admitted that it had been hard to let Sheila go, but the connection he'd never understood had ended. "But now you're telling me I have a second chance with the woman who brought me into this world?" Finn asked. Deacon affirmed it and exclaimed that they had to find Sheila immediately.

At the cliff house, Hope and Steffy believed that everyone was relieved that Sheila was gone from their lives. Steffy excluded Deacon from that list, and Hope said Finn might also be an exception. Steffy stated that Finn had started to heal and let go, and she was grateful that Sheila was no longer a threat.

Steffy said Deacon needed to accept Sheila's death. Hope replied that deep down, he believed it. Hope felt bad for her father and was worried about him. Steffy didn't know how anyone could love someone like Sheila. Hope hoped they could just move on. Steffy didn't think they could with the way Deacon was acting. Hope said Deacon was still processing it and would eventually accept it. Steffy stated that, in the meantime, he needed to stay out of her husband's head.

Preparing to leave, Hope noted that Deacon had seen ten toes. Steffy denied it had happened. Hope explained that the theories meant that Deacon was struggling. Steffy concluded that Deacon needed to wake up and stop dragging Finn into it. Steffy said it was disrespectful, and Deacon was making it hard for Finn to let it go. Steffy growled, insisting Deacon needed to stop.

Hope figured that Deacon just needed to get it out of his system, and he'd get back to himself. Steffy hoped it could happen that day and asked if Finn had said anything to Hope. Hope hesitantly said Finn's feelings about Sheila were intricate and nuanced. Steffy said Finn's heart was just way too big, and she didn't want him buying into Deacon's twisted fairytale.

In Eric's office, Brooke and Ridge canoodled. He bet she hadn't missed him as much as he'd missed her. She asked how his trip had been, and Ridge showed her a distribution deal he'd landed. She asked about Thomas and Douglas. Ridge reported that they were amazing and sent their love. Ridge wondered if he'd missed anything while he'd been gone.

Ridge took a call, and Brooke flashed back to what R.J. had told her about Luna and Zende, and she thought of R.J. begging her not to tell Ridge. Ridge's call ended, and he beamed about being home. He wondered how R.J. was doing.

Ridge took another call and offered up Brooke's cooking to the caller. After the call, he asked what they'd been discussing before Ted had called. Brooke asked to hear more about Thomas and Douglas. Ridge reported that they were bonding, but Douglas missed Hope. Brooke replied that Hope was struggling with it and with having a father who refused to believe Sheila's death.

Ridge bellowed that Deacon always acted strangely and had never been there for Hope. Brooke was grateful Hope had had Ridge as a father figure. Ridge hoped Hope saw it that way, too, and it had been for the best that Deacon hadn't been around because Deacon liked to hang around psychopaths. Brooke shrugged, saying that Hope and Deacon might be able to rebuild their bond if he could move on and forget about Sheila.

Later, Ridge revealed that he'd planned a romantic evening. They'd have couple's massages and a gourmet dinner, and then lucky Brooke got to have him all to herself. Brooke replied that it had been no fun sleeping without him, and she looked forward to reconnecting and putting everything behind them.

Ridge flashed a look and asked what Deacon was saying about Sheila. Brooke replied that Deacon was refusing to believe Sheila had passed away. Ridge proclaimed that the witch was dead, and Deacon had seen her go up in smoke. Brooke wished Deacon would accept it because it was taking a toll on Hope. Ridge said it was unfair to Hope and Steffy, who shouldn't have to think about Sheila again.

Deacon and Finn follow a lead to someone with information about Sheila

Deacon and Finn follow a lead to someone with information about Sheila

Friday, April 26, 2024

Finn sat alone on the sofa at the cliff house, thinking back to how convinced Deacon was that Sugar was the person that Steffy had stabbed. He was so deep in thought that he did not hear Steffy approach and ask him if he wanted breakfast. Finn eventually snapped back to the present and told Steffy that he'd grab a bite to eat later in the day.

Concerned, Steffy sat beside her husband and asked him if he was okay or if he needed to talk about something. "Right now, I have more questions than answers, but hopefully that will change soon," Finn replied. Steffy incorrectly assumed that Finn was talking about one of his patients. Finn did not correct Steffy and instead professed his love and commitment to her. Steffy gave her husband a kiss and told him that she'd see him later that night.

Shortly after Steffy left, Finn received an urgent text from Deacon asking that Finn meet him at Il Giardino.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Carter looked over some of the contracts that Ridge had gotten signed on his business trip. The conversation took an awkward turn to Hope for the Future and its future with Thomas not being the line's lead designer. Carter worried that Zende and R.J.'s personal friction would impact the line. Ridge replied that the competition between the two young men was normal. "They're gonna lock horns -- that's what artists do," Ridge said. Carter seemed unsure. Ridge jokingly ordered Carter to leave.

Steffy entered the office and joked that Ridge had only been back a short time and was already kicking people out of the office. After Carter left, Ridge and Steffy talked about Deacon's theory that Sheila was still alive. "He hasn't played with a full deck for a long time, but this is messed up even for him," Ridge grumbled. Steffy worried that if Deacon didn't stop sharing his ridiculous belief about Sheila, it would make it hard for Finn to come to terms with Sheila's death.

In the design studio, Brooke dropped by to talk to Luna. Luna's face showed signs of sadness and fear as she asked if Brooke had heard what had happened. Brooke nodded and walked closer to Luna. "Are you okay?" Brooke asked. Brooke surprised Luna by pulling her into an embrace. Brooke said that she was "very upset" for Luna, R.J., and "this whole situation." Brooke also expressed her shock over Poppy and Zende's actions.

"Just to let you know, woman to woman, this is a safe place," Brooke said softly. Brooke said that she had been "taken advantage of" in her past. Luna quickly spoke up to insist that Zende had not taken advantage of her. Brooke acknowledged that she did not think that Zende would do that, but she noted that Zende had known that Luna was in a serious relationship with R.J. and should have acted differently.

Luna expressed remorse for hurting R.J. Brooke nodded her head understandingly and assured Luna that R.J. still loved her. Luna shared that she'd kept quiet about her night with Zende because she didn't want to hurt R.J. or ruin his relationship with Zende. Brooke said that Luna had nothing to apologize for. Luna said that she regretted turning Eric's evening of love into a "nightmare."

Brooke called Luna a "sweet and kind and honest" person. She told Luna that she believed that R.J. was "trying to be understanding." Brooke stated that what had happened to Luna was "not fair." She praised Luna for having "brightened" their lives and vowed to always be there for Luna. Luna tearfully thanked Brooke.

In his apartment, Deacon phoned Hollis to ask that he oversee things at the restaurant for Deacon. Moments later, a knock sounded on the door. Deacon opened the door and greeted Finn with a weak smile. Deacon believed that Finn had dropped by to help him find Sheila. Finn wasn't quite as full throttle as Deacon, but he admitted that he was slowly starting to agree with Deacon's theory. Still, Finn wasn't sure how they'd ever be able to find Sheila.

Deacon shared that he'd stayed up all night and concocted a plan. He told Finn that Sheila's credit card password was on her tablet. If they looked through her spending history, Deacon was certain that they'd find some sort of lead. As they scanned Sheila's previous purchases, Finn spotted a charge for a convenience store in "kind of a rough neighborhood." Deacon decided that he and Finn needed to go check out the store.

Deacon and Finn approached a young woman sitting in an alley behind the convenience store. She initially rebuffed their questions, but upon learning that they were not cops, she agreed to listen. Deacon showed the woman a photo of Sheila, but the woman said that she didn't recognize Sheila. After the woman went back inside, a voice called out to Deacon and Finn. "Let me see your friend," a man said in between scratching off an instant win lottery ticket.

Finn and Deacon approached the homeless man, whose name was Tom, and asked him if he hung out in that area a lot. "Sure, when I'm not vacationing in Cabo or cruising the Mediterranean in my yacht," he replied. Tom said that he'd be happy to look at Deacon's photo -- for a price. Deacon forked over some cash. Tom said that while he was down on his luck, he never forgot a face. Tom's reaction led Deacon to believe that he recognized Sheila.

"When I saw her, she walked into that building right over there," Tom said, pointing behind him. Deacon was surprised that Sheila hadn't been driving. Tom said that shortly after the woman had entered the building, "that's when the screaming started." Tom explained that he hadn't done anything when he'd heard the screaming because of the dangers of living on the street. Finn suggested that he and Deacon check out the building.

In an undisclosed dark and trash-strewn location, a woman's hand peeked out from under a blanket.

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