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Steffy and Bill speculated about a Hope and Liam reunion, but Ivy breezed through town to reignite Ivy and Liam's flame. Steffy wrangled Liam from Ivy. As Steffy worried about Finn, he and Deacon rescued Sheila, who revealed Sugar's plan to wreak havoc while sporting Sheila's face.
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Ivy breezed through L.A. and reconnected with Liam. Finn and Deacon rescued Sheila and told her of Sugar's diabolical plan.
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Finn and Deacon make a shocking discovery

Finn and Deacon make a shocking discovery

Monday, April 29, 2024

In an alley in Los Angeles, Deacon and Finn verified that Tom had seen the woman in the photo enter the vacant building. Tom said he'd been warned to stay away from that building. He advised them to do the same. Gunshots and police sirens rang out, and Tom ran off.

As Deacon and Finn headed off to the abandoned building, inside it, a woman lay on a mattress on the floor beneath covers. Deacon and Finn entered the dark, dank building, and the lights on their phones illuminated the way. Deacon called for Sheila, and Finn noted the lack of phone reception. Deacon was determined to search every inch of that place.

As they called out for Sheila, Deacon said it smelled awful in there, as if something had died. They arrived at a chained gate and watched rats scatter on the other side of it. Deacon grabbed a pipe and busted off the chain. They continued their search, and figuring Sheila had been there for weeks, Deacon wondered what kind of shape she was in. Finn said they couldn't give up.

Deacon kicked in a door. Finn pointed and said there was something "down there." They made their way down a stairwell and split up in a corridor. Finn went into a room. Sheila's words about being his first home echoed through his mind. On the floor, he saw wrappers, empty chips bags, water bottles, and juice bottles. Finn saw a mattress. A body was on it beneath a blanket.

Finn knelt down and touched the blanket. He yelled for Deacon, who slid in beside him. They rolled the body, clad in black, over. Disheveled hair hung in the face of the female form. Deacon removed the woman's right boot and sock, revealing nine black-painted toes. "Sheila!" Deacon announced. Finn wiped the hair from her face, uttering, "Mom..."

In Eric's office, Brooke, Ridge, and Steffy met. Steffy was distracted as Brooke said HFTF hadn't missed a beat, despite Thomas taking a little time off. Ridge snapped Steffy out of her muse, and she expressed concern that something had been on Finn's mind that morning. She always knew when something was off with him, even if she didn't know what it was. She said things had been fine, but that morning, he'd been staring at nothing.

Steffy didn't want to make much of it, but the last time she'd had that feeling, it had been Sheila. Steffy hated talking about Sheila and was done with her. Brooke asked if Finn was. Steffy asserted that there was no way it could be about Sheila. Ridge agreed, announcing that Sheila was dead and gone forever. Steffy still seemed shaken. With her eyes, Brooke prompted Ridge, who empathized with Steffy about that night.

Steffy recalled that the storm had made her jumpy. She'd seen a shadow. Sheila had reached into her pocket, and Steffy had thought Sheila had had a gun. Steffy flashed back to killing Sheila and seeing Sheila and her blood. Steffy relived realizing she'd killed Sheila Carter. Ridge hugged Steffy.

At Il Giardino, Liam and Bill had lunch and joked about the chances of Liam's ex-low-life-in-law comping Liam's meal while Liam was with Bill, the man who'd gone after Sheila. They drank to their ability to be there as much as they wanted without seeing Sheila.

Bill congratulated Liam on doing a great job in securing a business deal. Liam confided that his priorities were narrowing, and he was focused on his kids and career. Bill was glad to hear it. Liam admitted that Hope and Steffy were, too, because waffling back and forth between them all those years hadn't been good for them or him. He didn't want to do it anymore.

Bill said he was all for Liam's newfound focus. Liam said it was good for Spencer's bottom line, but Bill replied that it was good for Liam personally, which was just as important. Liam added that it was good for Hope, too, who was doing the same thing in her own life.

Bill called it an interesting coincidence, but Liam stated that it wasn't surprising if one looked at the state their marriage had been in when it had ended. He felt that they were spinning their wheels and looking for new purpose and identity. Bill wondered if the shared perspective could mean a reunion. "We're just not thinking about that right now," Liam responded.

Bill pressed a little about it happening down the road. Liam, who knew better than to say never, replied that at that moment, he was focusing on fatherhood. Sure that work would be a close second, Bill lauded Liam for his maturity and self-awareness. Bill believed that Liam was clearly following his father's example. Liam replied that Bill had always had Liam's back.

Bill insisted that Liam couldn't beat himself up about the waffling thing, and it wasn't how Bill saw it. Bill couldn't fault his son for falling in love with two incredible women. Bill decided to remind Liam that they'd loved him, too, and for good reason. In Bill's view, having two families was a blessing, not something to feel guilty about, and he didn't see it as waffling.

Liam replied that Bill was a bit biased. Bill said that he saw a man who had never shirked his responsibilities and had always been there for those he loved. Bill decided that it hadn't been indecision; it had been that Liam hadn't been able to be everywhere he'd wanted to be at once. Liam concluded that it hadn't been fair, and he refused to keep choosing between them and changing his mind. He was grateful for his families, which were things he'd done right.

Bill admired Liam's intentions but said being Mr. Single Guy might be tougher than Liam thought. Liam replied that wasn't tough, and he could be happy. Bill pointed out that their conversations always turned to Hope or Steffy. Liam said it was because he wanted to treat the women with the respect they deserved. Bill thought the way to do that was by appreciating them for who they were, accomplished women and great mothers.

As the men talked about the positive traits of the women, Bill noted that Steffy had brought something different to Liam's life. Liam acknowledged the excitement and adventure and said every day had been a new experience with her. He was grateful that he'd been with her and got to co-parent with her; however, she was devoted to Finn, and nothing would tear them apart.

Ivy Forrester returns to Los Angeles

Ivy Forrester returns to Los Angeles

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

In the abandoned building, Deacon and Finn knelt over Sheila's body. Deacon couldn't believe it was her. Finn called to his mom, and as he checked her eyes with a flashlight, Deacon asked if she was okay. Deacon ripped cloth off the windows, lighting up the area. Sheila's eyes opened. "Mom, Mom, it's me. It's Finn. It's Finn. You're alive. You're alive!" he said, becoming emotional.

Deacon noticed a chain around Sheila's booted left ankle. The weak Sheila uttered, "Help me." Finn helped Sheila take in some water from a bottle. Her gaze focused on Finn. Deacon and Finn switched places, and Deacon gave her more water. Her eyes focused on Deacon. "There's my beautiful girl," he uttered. He told her that everyone had thought he was crazy, but he'd never stopped believing that she was alive. She smiled, and he kissed her forehead.

In Eric's office, Steffy was leaving a message for Finn as Hope arrived. Hope noticed that Steffy seemed concerned that Finn wasn't answering, and Hope assumed he was with a patient. "Yeah..." Steffy uttered. Steffy had a worried look on her face but then decided he was busy saving lives. Hope figured it was nice to know Finn was making a difference in people's lives, and Hope believed that Finn's patient was in capable hands.

Steffy flashed back and recalled how taciturn Finn had seemed earlier that morning. He'd told her that he had more questions than answers, and when it changed, she'd be the first to know.

Hope returned to the room, and the women concluded their meeting. Steffy asked how Hope was doing. Hope replied that it had been an adjustment without Thomas and Douglas, but she felt positive career wise. Steffy asked if Hope was seeing anyone. "Seriously, Steffy? Thomas hasn't been gone that long. Wait. Are you hoping Liam and I get back together?" Hope asked.

Hope said spending time with Liam didn't mean "that we're..." Steffy flashed a flippant look Hope's way. Hope replied that she and Liam had had important conversations, and the anger level was down. She wanted civility for Beth. "So, you're going to make a play for Liam?" Steffy asked. Hope decided that Steffy should direct the energy she was focusing on Hope toward Finn.

Later, Steffy ended a call. She sat down and said her focus was on Finn and her family. Hope replied that whatever happened between Hope and Liam shouldn't matter to Steffy. Steffy reasoned that he was Kelly's father, but Hope contended that it wasn't Steffy's business, as Steffy had bigger things to focus on, like what had happened with Sheila. Steffy replied that they could put it behind them because Sheila would never be back.

At Il Giardino, Liam's server asked him if he wanted to settle his bill. Liam said he'd probably add to it because he was waiting for someone special whom he hadn't seen in a long time. Just then, Ivy arrived, and he seemed emotionally overwhelmed as he hugged her. He said it had been "so long." "Too long," she responded.

Ivy thanked Liam for meeting her and said she hadn't been sure he'd be "interested." Liam stammered, and she said she was being vulnerable. Ivy was "passing through" Los Angeles but had scheduled an "insane layover" so she could visit Eric, who had already tried to get her to fill the huge void in the jewelry department. Ivy was glad to see Eric so healthy. Gazing at Ivy, Liam asked what her secret was. He said she looked "so happy and beautiful."

Later, Ivy confided that she did think of moving back at times, and she had loved it there. Liam pretended to call Eric to get him to offer her a corner office. Ivy said her life in Sydney was too much to walk away from, but she'd never say never. She changed the topic to Liam and said she'd been sorry to hear about him and Hope.

Liam stammered that it hadn't been easy to go through, but he'd been concentrating on the kids and work. He guessed it was preparing him for the next thing. "Maybe someone from the past even," Ivy stated, and she remarked that Thomas had left Hope, which might benefit him. "Do you see yourself going back to Hope?" she asked.

Liam sighed and repeated the question, and Ivy said Hope was available. Liam stammered that he and Hope weren't in a place to jump back in. Shrugging, he said he didn't know what the future held. Ivy brought up Steffy, and Liam talked about being grateful to co-parent with Steffy and Hope. Ivy was sure the women were thankful for him and said she would be, too, as would a lot of women. Ivy hoped Liam knew that he was pretty fantastic.

Liam coyly asked if Ivy was almost flirting with him. "There's no 'almost' about it," she responded. She offered to dial it back, but he said there would be no dialing. Ivy admitted that she thought a lot about him and hadn't forgotten how close they'd become or how close she wished they'd become. Ivy stroked his beard, leaned over the table, and kissed him. She said she remembered most of all how great it had felt kissing him.

A sobbing Sheila regrets being unable to stop Sugar

A sobbing Sheila regrets being unable to stop Sugar

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

In the abandoned building, Finn urged Sheila to stay conscious. The dirty and harried Sheila managed a smile. Deacon professed love for her and said he'd never given up on her. The men helped Sheila sit with her back to a wall. Finn determined that the dehydrated Sheila needed to go to the hospital. They gave her small sips of water and asked her to say what had happened.

Deacon and Finn attempted to remove the chain binding Sheila to the steel beam on the wall. It wouldn't budge. "Lord, I could use a little help here," Deacon said, gazing up. He tried again, and the chain gave way. He looked up, gave thanks, and asked if Sheila was ready to go home.

Examining Sheila, Finn determined that her pupils were slightly dilated, and she was malnourished. He felt lucky she'd survived. Deacon asked if Sugar had done it, and Sheila became agitated. Sheila stammered and shrieked Sugar's name.

Deacon and Finn asked Sheila many questions about what Sugar had done, but Sheila shook her head, indicating they were not right. "No," she whined. "Steffy...House..." Sheila cried. "Sug -- Sugar hurt Steffy..." Sheila stuttered. Deacon determined that Sugar had wanted to kill Steffy. Sheila shook her head, sobbing that she was sorry.

Sheila said she'd tried to stop Sugar from hurting Steffy. "I love you all so much, and I just -- I just -- I couldn't stop her! I couldn't stop her!" Sheila cried. Finn told Sheila that Steffy was fine, and Sheila didn't have to worry about her or the kids. Sheila laughed for joy, hearing that Steffy was alive. Sheila thanked God, murmuring that she loved them "so much."

Finn told "Mom" that she'd be okay, and they'd take care of her. He stated that he'd thought he'd lost her, but she was there. Hugging her, he told her that it was okay, and she'd be okay.

In Eric's office, Ridge said his legs had fallen off. Steffy snapped out of her muse. Ridge asked what was going on and why she was so distracted. She said Finn wasn't answering her calls, and she was on edge because of Deacon's professions. Calling Deacon an idiot and Finn a doctor, Ridge assumed Finn was probably busy saving someone at that moment.

Steffy knew that Sheila was gone, but it was like Steffy could still feel Sheila in the air around her. Ridge asserted that Sheila wasn't in the air; she was gone forever. Steffy remarked about Deacon messing with Finn's head, and Ridge suggested that Finn block Deacon. She wished Finn would and griped that Sheila was still interfering in Steffy's marriage. Steffy decided she'd go to Il Giardino and tell Deacon to stop with the theories about Sheila.

At Il Giardino, Ivy hoped she hadn't overstepped, but the bashful Liam said he wouldn't call it that when a beautiful woman took his face into her hands. She decided that he hadn't aged a bit, and he looked better than she'd remembered.

Ivy admitted that she'd been thinking about kissing Liam for a long time, and he joked that doing it over a conference call would have been quite a challenge. "And because you were married," Ivy added. Ivy asked why he thought she'd really extended her layover. Liam said it had been to see Eric. She nodded, adding that she'd wanted to catch up with Liam, too. Though it had been ages back, she still appreciated their times together.

Liam showed off photos of Beth and Kelly. Ivy cooed over them, betting he was the cutest dad, and she thought his pride in his daughters was sweet. Liam said they were all doing well with the co-parenting, and the kids were handling it better than he was. Liam stated that Hope and he had worked hard on their marriage, "only to have it..." He added that Steffy was married with a husband and child and lived in the cliff house.

Ivy loved that place and recalled a New Year's Eve she and Liam had spent there together. She stated that they'd had a lot of fun nights, and he smiled, agreeing. She asked what it had been like for him. He replied that he had ended two major relationships, lost his way, and lost them. Ivy decided that it had been their loss, too. Touching his hand, she hoped he knew that he was an extraordinary man, and many people loved him.

Reminding Liam of how kind he was, Ivy asked how many men would marry a woman to keep her from being deported. Liam replied that it had been illegal. She knew it but said it proved his kindness, and in her mind, he'd had an impact on her life. She remembered when he'd saved her from the Seine. She admitted that things had gotten messy, and there might be things they'd each like to retract. She was sure Hope and Steffy would say the same thing; however, they'd loved him, and any woman would be lucky to have him.

Ivy had often wondered what her life would be like if she hadn't left California. She said that, if she didn't have a flight to catch, there were a million things she was thinking of doing with Liam. Liam's expression perked up, and she said she hadn't meant it to sound "like that." Embarrassed, Liam replied that they'd had "all varieties of fun, so..."

Ivy and Liam discussed how long it had been, and she claimed that they'd practically been kids. She could still see it clearly and hoped he hadn't forgotten. A flashback played of Liam and Ivy on the boat in Amsterdam. She claimed that they'd been young and carefree, and she uttered that she'd always had a piece of him in her heart. Ivy leaned over the table and kissed Liam.

At the entrance to the restaurant, Steffy arrived and observed the kiss. The host asked what she needed. She said she was looking for Deacon but would see him later.

Ivy concluded the date, saying any woman would be lucky to have Liam, including her. Steffy strode up to the table, exclaiming that her cousin had come to town without telling her. Steffy asked if Ivy had arrived just to lay a big one on Liam.

Steffy horns in on Ivy's layover with Liam

Steffy horns in on Ivy's layover with Liam

Thursday, May 2, 2024

In Deacon's loft, Finn and Deacon observed Sheila munching down pizza. Finn strongly advised Deacon to take Sheila to the hospital to get fluids, but Deacon said she didn't want to go. "God, I missed that woman," Deacon uttered. The freshly showered Sheila replied that she'd missed him and Finn, and she was dehydrated, not deaf. She could hear them talking about her.

Finn said that he and Deacon just wanted Sheila to be okay. She assured Finn that she was okay because she was with her two favorite men in the world. She thanked them for rescuing her and said she hadn't known how much longer she would have lasted. Deacon replied that she was alive, and that was the most important thing.

Finn took Sheila's pulse and asked how she felt mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sheila reported that she was really weak. Finn brought up the hospital again, but she believed she'd get better much faster at home with Deacon. Deacon brought Sheila hydrating fruit and asked what had happened to her. "Sugar happened," Sheila said, cowering.

Sheila asked how Deacon and Finn had known about Sugar. Deacon explained that Lauren had told him. Finn wondered how Sugar had done what she'd done. Sheila stated that she'd been slipping out to see someone from her past. She'd been getting text messages and should have ignored them. Sheila had gone to meet up with Sugar a few times, but Sugar had no-showed.

Sheila went on to say that while she had been running errands several weeks later, Sugar had abducted Sheila, taken her to the warehouse, and chained her up. Sheila had never been so afraid, seeing Sugar and the rage in her eyes. Sugar had just gotten out of prison and had been waiting for that day. Sugar had been imagining and planning her payback.

Sheila had a flashback of finding herself on a mattress on the floor, chained to a wall in a charcoal dark warehouse. Sugar said no one was even looking for Sheila. Speaking in a raspy whisper, Sugar bragged that she was in control. Sugar had been holding onto her anger for years, livid that her friend had tricked her into plastic surgery and dupped the police into making Sugar pay for Sheila's crimes. Sugar exclaimed that Sheila had ruined Sugar's life.

Back in the present, Sheila stated that she'd tried to stop Sugar and protect Steffy and the children, but Sugar had been obsessed and determined to make Sheila pay. Sheila said Sugar had almost gotten away with it. Deacon comforted Sheila, who sobbed.

In a flashback, Sugar said she had counted down the years, months, weeks, and days until she'd get revenge. She'd been consumed with it all the years she'd spent in the "loony bin" while Sheila had been free to live her life. Sheila replied that Sugar had been arrested for what she'd done to Lauren's son. Sugar claimed it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Sheila.

As the flashback continued, Sheila asked what Sugar was planning. Sugar stated that she got to commit crimes looking like Sheila, and the first place she'd strike was Steffy Forrester's house. "Steffy's gonna be your first victim," Sugar decided. Sugar revealed her plan to make everyone think Sheila had killed the mother of her grandson, and Sugar said Sheila would be locked up forever.

Still in the flashback, Sheila said Sugar looked like her but didn't sound like her. Sugar cleared her throat and asked, "How about now?" Sheila was shocked to hear her voice emanating from Sugar. Sheila implored Sugar to hurt Sheila instead of Steffy and those precious children. Sugar placed a veil and hood over her head, saying, "Tonight, Steffy Forrester dies." Sugar added that Sheila would spend the rest of her life in prison.

The flashback continued. Sheila tripped Sugar and yanked on the chain around Sheila's ankle. Sugar kicked Sheila in the face, and Sheila screamed at Sugar not to hurt Steffy. Sugar left, and Sheila continued to scream.

Sheila's desire to protect Steffy and the kids left Finn emotional and speechless. Sheila said she loved them and Finn more than herself. Sheila asked if Finn was sure Steffy and Hayes were okay. Finn assured her that they were fine but decided that they'd talk about it more after they took care of Sheila, who'd gone through the unthinkable.

Finn noted that Sheila had been brutalized, but her love for his wife and kids showed. Sheila insisted that she'd do anything to protect Finn, Steffy, and the children. "I believe you, Mom," Finn replied, and they hugged.

Downstairs, Liam unenthusiastically said it was great that the restaurant had a table for all three of them. Sipping wine, Steffy expressed surprise that Ivy had invited her to join them; she'd thought Ivy wanted Liam all to herself. Ivy recalled the old saying that three was a crowd.

Ivy asked if Steffy had missed her. Steffy claimed she had and said it was clear that Ivy had missed Liam. Steffy asked if it had been worth it to fly from Australia to plant one on Liam. Ivy explained that she'd shown up to see another handsome man Steffy knew well -- Eric. Ivy remarked that Eric looked great, and Steffy retorted that Ivy thought Liam did, too.

Liam suggested they change the subject, but Ivy began to tell him that even though it had been awhile and they'd changed over time, Liam was still the same beautiful man inside and out. She called him kind, caring, and "sexy as hell." Steffy rolled her eyes and swigged her wine. Ivy didn't know why women weren't beating down the door of the city's most eligible bachelor, but she said she would be if she lived there. "Wow," Steffy murmured and chugged her drink.

Stroking Liam's arm, Ivy considered that she might be too forward. "You think?" Steffy replied. Ivy didn't know why she should hide her feelings. She said she and Liam had changed and could be good for each other. Steffy decided that Liam was wonderful, and he was "all the things," including Kelly's father. Steffy said she and Liam needed to go see Kelly.

Liam stammered. Guessing it was "that time," Ivy said it had been good to see him. Liam replied that it had been good to see the beautiful Ivy. Ivy leaned in and kissed Liam. "On that note," Steffy announced, standing up. Liam cut off the kiss, and Ivy instructed him to call her. As Liam stammered that he would, Steffy ushered Ivy out with a series of, "Goodbye! Goodbye! Bye!"

After Ivy had gone, Steffy remarked that subtlety wasn't her cousin's strong suit. "Oh, neither is mine. Us Forrester women. You gotta love it," Steffy said, chuckling and sipping wine. Liam took her wine glass from her and set it down.

At the cliff house later, Steffy ended a call and said Becky would drop off Kelly, who was excited to see Liam. Steffy thanked him for being a loving and attentive father and said she knew he was the same way with Beth. Liam joked that, between her and Ivy, his ego would pop. Steffy claimed that she was different because she wasn't making a play for him.

Steffy asked if Liam wanted to see Ivy again. Liam flashed Steffy a look. Steffy remarked that she agreed with everything Ivy had said about him, and he told her not to let Finn hear that. Liam asked if Finn would be upset that Liam was there, but she said Finn would be totally okay with Liam seeing Kelly.

Liam noted that Steffy had zoned out. She confided that Finn had been reticent, and usually, behavior like that involved Sheila. Steffy was confident that it wasn't Sheila that time.

Sheila learns the details of the night she ''died''

Sheila learns the details of the night she ''died''

Friday, May 3, 2024

At the cliff house, Steffy and Liam expressed their relief that Sheila no longer posed a danger to anyone. Steffy said with a chuckle that "now," her biggest fear was that Kelly would eat too much candy and ice cream. Still, Steffy remained worried about Finn. Her statement puzzled Liam, who remarked that he'd thought that Finn had already dealt with his Sheila baggage.

Steffy said that Deacon's "delusional" talk about Sheila being alive was "really stressing out" Finn. Steffy phoned Finn a few times, but her calls went to voicemail. Liam suggested that Finn might be busy saving a life. Moments later, Kelly returned home from a trip to a bead store. "There's my offspring!" Liam chirped. Liam picked up Kelly and spun her around in his arms.

Kelly showed Liam how to make a beaded bracelet. She presented him with one that had the letters "ILYL" on it, meaning "I love you lots." A giddy Kelly exclaimed how happy she was that they were all together.

After Kelly went to her room to read a book, Liam and Steffy picked up their conversation about Steffy's relief that Sheila was out of her life forever. "I just don't know how much more of Sheila our marriage could have endured," Steffy admitted.

In Deacon's apartment, Sheila guzzled down water and politely declined Deacon's suggestions that she be checked out at the hospital. Sheila shared her gratitude that Finn and Deacon had found her. She repeated that she'd tried to protect Steffy and the kids from Sugar. "I didn't care what she did to me. I wanted to protect them," Sheila said.

Sheila urged Deacon to call the police and alert them to the danger Sugar posed. Sheila spiraled into panic for a few moments before Deacon calmly informed her that Sugar no longer posed a threat to her.

Later, Sheila asked Deacon how he'd found her. Deacon shared the story of finding the cryptic text messages from Sugar and his conversation with Lauren Fenmore. Sheila mumbled that Lauren "must have been thrilled" to learn of her death. Sheila was taken aback upon learning that Deacon had held a memorial service for her.

Sheila listened as Deacon explained how he'd spotted ten toes on the body at the crematorium. It was at that moment that Sheila realized that Sugar was dead. Deacon and Finn described the events that had led to Steffy stabbing and killing Sugar. Sheila became uneasy when she learned that Steffy had killed Sugar, thinking it was her.

"Losing you, it made me realize that this connection... it is real," Finn said, his voice trailing off. Finn espoused the changes that Sheila had made to her life -- saving Kelly at the beach and trying to protect Steffy from Sugar. "Mom, I believe in you," Finn said. Sheila reached out and wrapped her arms around her "precious baby boy." Sheila told Finn that she never wanted to be apart from him again. Finn echoed the sentiment.

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