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Finn vowed not to attend Sheila and Deacon's wedding, but a pizza and change of venue railroaded his plans. Despite advice from her mother, Hope served as Sheila's maid of honor. Finn assisted Hope with a massage to help ease her headaches.
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Sheila and Deacon were marred. Hope was maid-of-honor and a pizza order made Finn an unwitting attendee.
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Finn helps relieve Hope's stress with a massage

Finn helps relieve Hope's stress with a massage

Monday, May 20, 2024

In Eric's office, Liam didn't know why Steffy was convinced that Finn could ignore his feelings for Sheila. Asserting that Finn would have to, Steffy insisted that it was either Sheila or her. Liam replied that Sheila had shot Finn, but Finn believed she'd become a normal, well-adjusted person. Steffy scoffed at the idea that Sheila had risked her life to save Steffy, and Steffy insisted that Sheila's resurrection meant nothing to her or Finn.

Steffy said it was ridiculous that Sheila thought she could manipulate Finn with her changed routine. Liam pointed out that Finn had fallen for the con already, and he wasn't the only one. Steffy called Deacon a lost cause who'd never see Sheila for who she was. Liam said he hadn't meant Deacon -- he'd meant Hope. Steffy expressed surprise when Liam said Hope was considering the idea that Sheila had somehow changed.

Steffy attributed it to Hope spending too much time with Deacon. Disconcerted by it, too, Liam said Hope had heard Sheila out and listened to Sheila's side of the way things had gone with Sugar. Steffy was infuriated that people were making Sheila out to be a hero and asked if Hope had felt ashamed or guilty for saying it. Liam said no because Hope was approaching it as merely keeping an open mind. Steffy worried that Hope's "open mind" would lead Finn down a wrong path. "The last thing my husband needs is Hope's bad influence," Steffy concluded.

Steffy recalled that Hope had been sounding off, warning Steffy not to discard Finn's complicated feelings. "This really pisses me off," Steffy snapped. Liam figured Hope had their best interests at heart, but Steffy pooh-poohed the idea. Steffy asserted that Hope had better not say anything to Finn and needed to stay away from Finn altogether.

In Finn's office, Finn was reeling from Deacon's request to attend the wedding. Hope knew it was a big ask, but she wondered if it was something Finn would consider. Finn asked if Hope would be able to stand up for Sheila. Though Hope was conflicted, she didn't have a spouse standing against it, which she felt put her in an easier spot. She said she was just putting it out there for Finn and would be a sounding board if he needed to talk.

Admitting that he was conflicted, Finn said part of him wanted to be there, and he knew it would mean the world to Sheila. Hope asked if he could convince Steffy that it was a good idea. He didn't think that was likely, and as much as he wanted to agree to go, his commitment was to Steffy first and foremost. Hope admired Finn for putting his wife first.

Finn remarked that a long engagement would give him time to change Steffy's mind. Hope replied that Deacon and Sheila seemed eager to move forward. Hope wanted to get her mother's opinion, but she was leaning toward going. Finn got that she wanted to foster her relationship with Deacon, but Finn said going would mean she supported Deacon marrying Sheila Carter. Hope just wanted her dad to be happy and figured that love was love.

Hope squeezed the bridge of her nose and seemed disconcerted. Finn asked if she was okay. She said that she'd been getting headaches. He noted that she was talking to a doctor, but not wanting to bother him, she claimed it was nothing. Finn offered a second opinion from a doctor, and she decided to let him see if he could help.

While evaluating Hope, Finn asked questions and learned that the headaches had become daily. Hope felt like she drank enough water. She took medication when it was really bad. Finn told her to keep it up. He didn't want to prescribe anything unnecessarily. She mentioned starting acupuncture, and he said it was a good idea. He believed in that and massage. He asked if she trusted him and said his hands worked wonders.

As Finn massaged Hope's temples, neck, and scalp, he explained the causes of headaches, and Hope said stress might be the cause. She was stressed about Thomas, Douglas, and HFTF. Finn advised her not to overdo it and to carve time out for herself. After he finished, she said it felt better. He advised her not to stress over things she couldn't control, like Thomas.

"You know where I stand with him. I realize I'm talking about my wife's brother, and it's hypocritical of me, considering I believe my birth mother has changed. But look, if Thomas is causing you this much stress, you need to let it go. Let him go," Finn said.

In Hope's silence, Finn added that she was beautiful, kind, and compassionate, and she tried to make a difference in people's lives. Her smile lit up the world, and she deserved the best. He didn't think Thomas was it, but he said someone could come along when she least expected it. Whoever it was would know how fortunate he was.

At Il Giardino, Sheila told Deacon that the chances were better that pigs would fly than that their kids would be in their wedding. Deacon insisted that he'd seen pigs fly, and if one didn't ask, one didn't get. Sheila expressed love for him, and he hugged her, calling her a crazy broad.

Deacon and Sheila engaged in playful banter, and Deacon admitted that he hadn't spoken to Finn yet. Sheila said it would be a dream come true, but she wouldn't get her hopes up. Deacon assumed that was because of Steffy, but he urged his fiancée to be positive and to will it to happen. Sheila decided that she had to be realistic after the last talk she'd had with Steffy. Sheila didn't think Finn would attend the wedding or be the best man.

Deacon wondered if he should worry about Sheila's tone. She sarcastically replied that she had the utmost respect for her daughter-in-law. Deacon got Sheila's frustration after doing all she could to prove she wasn't the same woman and had risked her life to save Steffy from Sugar. Sheila replied that Steffy didn't care and still saw Sheila as the psycho who'd kept her away from her mother when she'd been young.

Deacon replied that it wasn't totally true, but they couldn't ignore the lasting impact that some of Sheila's past actions had on people. The good news was that Steffy couldn't continue to ignore the fact that Sheila had changed, and Deacon told her not to let Steffy interfere with the progress Sheila had made. "Don't let her? Even though she's the one person standing between myself and a relationship with my son?" Sheila asked.

Sheila's statement concerned Deacon, but Sheila decided she had too much good in her life to let someone like Steffy throw her off track. Deacon said Steffy stood between Sheila and what she wanted most in the world. Sheila contended that what she wanted most in the world was standing in front of her. Sheila believed that Deacon and Finn were devoted to her, and even if Steffy kept Finn from the wedding, he wouldn't stop believing in Sheila or caring for her. Sheila wished things were different, but she wouldn't let anyone destroy the life she had going, especially not someone like Steffy Forrester.

Sheila tries to convince Finn to change his mind

Sheila tries to convince Finn to change his mind

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In Finn's office, Finn figured Hope didn't need him to tell her how special she was. Hope replied that it was still nice to hear, and Thomas breaking up with her and moving had been rough on her. Finn remarked that losing Thomas had been a positive change. Finn believed she was better off without Thomas, and even though she didn't need a man, she deserved the best.

Hope thanked Finn for an ego boost from such a smart and successful person. Her headache symptoms returned, and he guessed he was the cause. She laughed, and he told her that laughing would make it worse. She tried to turn serious but wound up laughing more.

Hope's head was throbbing. Finn offered to help her out again, but she didn't want to take away from his patients. He revealed that he was on break, and he asked if she minded if he "really got up in there" because the problem was along her spine. Hope agreed to it.

Prodding Hope's spine below her neck, Finn discovered tension. He explained the problems the stiffness could lead to, and he was sure the cause was all the stress in her life. Finn's words seemed to resonate with her. He asked if she was feeling any better. She quietly and thoughtfully replied that it was definitely helping.

Later, Finn relieved pressure around Hope's temples and advised her to implement self-care and find ways to reduce stress, which could manifest into pain. Hope said Douglas' departure had taken a toll on her, and Thomas' absence had created uncertainty about her line. "And then, sprinkle my divorce with Liam on top of it all," Hope added. Hope admitted that she'd been struggling but hiding it. Finn said next, there was their parents' wedding.

Hope stated that she was leaning toward going. She asked what Finn was thinking. Finn said it gave him a headache. As much as he wanted to be there for his mom, it was too much for Steffy, and there was no way she'd be cool with it. Finn grinned, and Hope asked why he was looking at her that way.

Finn decided that Hope had the perfect name because hope was everything she embodied, and she had hope for everyone. She replied that he was all about hope, too, due to his profession, and he guessed they had more in common than they'd thought. Finn assumed he had to give Deacon an answer soon, and Finn uttered that he had to put his wife first. Hope replied that it was as it should be, and Steffy was lucky to have him.

In Eric's office, Steffy caught Ridge and Brooke canoodling as Ridge tried to convince Brooke to go home for a lunchtime nibble. Offering to let them off the hook, Steffy asked if anyone had seen Hope. Steffy revealed that she had a few words for Brooke's daughter. Steffy informed them that Deacon had been planting ridiculous ideas in Hope's head, and Hope was starting to think that Sheila might be a changed woman.

Steffy asked Brooke to get through to Hope because Sheila was dangerous. Ridge agreed. Steffy insisted that Hope stay away from Finn and not influence him. Brooke asked what Steffy was implying. Steffy explained that Finn had complicated feelings for his birth mother. Brooke stated that he probably felt caught in the middle. Steffy insisted that Hope could be besties with Sheila, "but do not drag my husband into this."

As Steffy and Ridge pressed Brooke to talk some sense into Hope, Hope arrived and asked what was going on. Brooke said Steffy and Ridge thought Hope had warmed up to Sheila. Hope seemed uncomfortable with the subject but admitted that her father had been right. Steffy said Deacon was a terrible judge of character, and Sheila should be rotting in prison. Steffy asked if Hope knew how psycho Sheila was. Hope shrugged, and Steffy said they'd gotten to Hope.

Brooke told Hope that she couldn't listen to "them" or let her father influence her. Hope said Deacon believed that Sheila had changed, and he'd asked her to marry him. Steffy called Deacon an idiot, and Ridge asked how dumb Deacon was. Steffy insisted that Sheila was just trying to lure Finn back into her life.

At Il Giardino, Deacon prepped his staff for a full house and told them that they'd have a VIP whose name rhymed with "glad fit." When they didn't get it, he mouthed the name Brad Pitt. The staff left, and Sheila said Deacon was so sexy barking out orders that it made her want to don her uniform. Deacon suggested she put on her wedding dress first, and she asked if he'd heard anything about Finn's decision to attend the wedding.

Deacon hadn't heard anything but noted that wasn't an automatic no. Sheila replied that she'd wanted an automatic yes. Deacon held out hope, but Sheila feared she was getting her hopes up too high. He told her to remember that Finn loved her regardless, but she replied that Finn's wife hated her and would go nuts at the idea that Finn might want to attend.

Deacon tried to get Sheila to think positively, but Sheila persisted in her belief that Steffy wouldn't allow it. Deacon didn't get why Steffy wouldn't give Finn a hall pass; it wasn't as if she was asking Steffy or the kids to be there. Sheila grinned, thinking of how amazing Hayes would be as the ring bearer. She knew it wouldn't happen, but it would be life-changing for her if her son would be there. Deacon said miracles happened, and her existence proved it. He stated that she was marrying the man of her dreams, and if Hope attended, Finn might follow.

Sheila recalled that the first time she'd seen her son since he'd been a baby had been at his wedding, and it was surreal that he might be in hers. Deacon asked Sheila to close her eyes and visualize Finn at the altar with them. Sheila replied that all she could see was Steffy's face with a "big-ass" scowl on it.

Later, Deacon was alone when Finn arrived. Finn said he'd talked to Hope and learned that congratulations were in order. Finn wished Deacon and Sheila all the best, and Deacon expressed hope that Finn might get involved in the wedding. Finn, who'd heard that Deacon wanted Finn to be his best man, said he was trying to be as supportive as possible, but his wife didn't want him near Sheila and rightfully so. Deacon said he didn't want to cause problems in Finn's marriage.

Sheila arrived behind Finn. Finn replied that it was exactly what his involvement in the wedding would do. Finn was happy for Deacon and Sheila, and it was incredible to him that Deacon was giving Sheila a chance at a bright future; however, Finn couldn't attend the wedding. Deacon understood but didn't know how Sheila would feel about it.

Finn turned around and guessed Sheila, who was behind him, had heard. Finn was sorry. He said he wanted her happiness, but he couldn't attend the wedding or be the best man. "You can't, or Steffy won't let you?" Sheila asked. Finn scowled.

Sheila said it was okay, and she didn't want to make things harder on him. She stated that she was his mom, and they'd missed a lot of time together. She believed that it would be a magical day and said she and Deacon would love Finn to be a part of it. She wasn't trying to make things tough on him, but she said it would mean a lot to have him there, smiling at her. She asked him to say he'd be there for his mom on her wedding day.

Hope and Finn are pressured about Deacon and Sheila's wedding

Hope and Finn are pressured about Deacon and Sheila's wedding

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

In Eric's office, the fallout continued about the news of Deacon's impending nuptials. Brooke asked Hope if she'd talked her father out of it. Steffy ranted, wondering who Deacon thought would watch the train wreck wedding. Steffy insisted Sheila's new persona was a sham, and Steffy refused to let Sheila lure Finn into her life, too.

Brooke stated that Sheila had brought chaos and violence into their lives, and she asked why Deacon would want someone like that. Ridge decided that Sheila was playing Deacon just like she had Eric. Steffy asserted that she didn't trust anyone who trusted Sheila, and anyone who supported Sheila needed to stay away from Finn.

Brooke told Steffy that Hope wouldn't try to talk Finn out of that, but Brooke told Hope that if she put her foot down, Deacon might reconsider. Hope said she'd already cut him out of her life, and he'd still wanted Sheila. Brooke asked about Beth, and Hope said she'd always protect the kids.

Steffy said Finn knew to stay away. Hope asked if Steffy had given him an ultimatum. "You're damn right, I gave him an ultimatum!" Steffy roared. Hope assumed that meant Steffy had convinced Finn not to see Sheila again. Steffy believed that she had, and she said his loyalty and commitment were to her.

Later, Steffy had gone, and Brooke and Ridge continued to reason with Hope about letting up on Sheila. Hope said she'd never forgive or forget the things Sheila had done to the people Hope cared about, but Hope couldn't ignore that Sheila hadn't tried to harm Steffy at the cliff house. Brooke urged Hope not to give Sheila any consideration. Hope replied that it wasn't about Sheila for her. Hope, who'd lost enough, didn't want to lose her father.

Hope brought up something else about the wedding that she hadn't wanted to say in front of Steffy. Hope revealed that Deacon had asked Hope to be the maid of honor. Ridge and Brooke were incensed by Deacon's request, and Ridge assumed Hope had turned him down. When Hope stammered, Brooke said Steffy was right about Hope, even though Brooke hadn't wanted to believe it. Brooke and Ridge told Hope that it was unacceptable.

Hope said she wasn't inviting Sheila into her life. Ridge contended that Sheila only needed a crack to slither in through. Hope insisted that she'd just make an appearance for her dad, but Ridge said Sheila would not see it that way. Brooke told Hope there was no way she could do it. Hope insisted that it wasn't about Sheila; it was about Hope's relationship with her dad.

At Il Giardino, Sheila said she knew that her son cared for her. She said that he'd saved her life twice, and she'd never forget the kind things he'd said when he and Deacon had discovered her in the warehouse. Sheila didn't want to cause trouble in Finn's marriage, but she said it would mean the world to her if he'd be there for her on her wedding day.

Finn was happy for Sheila and wished her all the best. Figuring Finn couldn't give his devotion due to his wife, Sheila asked if it was too much to request that Finn dig down deep and be Deacon's best man. Deacon advised Sheila not to push. Finn was thankful that he'd been asked, but he knew Sheila wanted more.

Sheila, who didn't mean to push, was thankful Finn didn't see her as a monster. She regretted the terrible things she'd done, and she didn't want to revert. She said she'd been working hard on herself. She stated that Finn and Deacon saw it, and Steffy might see it, too, someday. Sheila recalled that she'd saved Taylor on the hospital roof, and Sheila had saved Kelly.

Finn flashed back to his moment of distraction and to Sheila saving Kelly. He was thankful that Sheila had been there. Deacon asserted that Sheila wasn't a threat to Finn's family. Sheila said she'd do anything to protect his family, and she flashed back to fighting Sugar. Sheila wished she could have spared Steffy from that night. Finn replied that Steffy and the kids were fine.

Sheila pleaded to have "just this one thing." She thought he could convince Steffy and added that he was the reason that she and Deacon were back together. She asked him to please do it for her. Finn said he wanted Sheila to be happy, but he couldn't be at her wedding. Sheila assumed it was because of Steffy, but he said it was because of him and his commitment to his wife and kids. He'd always put Steffy first. Finn wished Sheila luck, and he left.

Later, Sheila uttered that it had been a beautiful idea. Deacon blamed himself for thinking it had been worth the try. He hugged Sheila and said he was sorry. Sheila reasoned that she'd gotten her own hopes up, and she guessed it had to be some consolation that Finn wanted to go. Sheila admitted she'd been caught up in the thought of her son sharing one of the most important days of her life.

Deacon asserted that it still would be, and he'd get Sheila anything she wanted, even a fire-eating pony. Sheila replied that she didn't want it. She was happy that she was finally marrying a man who truly loved her for her. He told her that she wasn't alone and never would be again. Deacon wished he'd convinced Finn. Sheila remarked that Steffy would rather see Finn be miserable than feel different about Sheila.

Deacon said Finn and Sheila would both be hurting. Sheila said she hadn't felt from Finn the same thing as she had when he'd found her in the warehouse. Instead, Finn had been warm and kind but distant because Steffy would never allow it or think Sheila was worthy of his love.

At the cliff house, Finn arrived after Steffy had put the kids down. She asked what was wrong with him, and he said he'd had a complicated day, dealing with Sheila and Deacon. Steffy groaned, saying she'd thought Sheila wouldn't be a problem for them. Finn replied that it was why he wanted to tell her what had transpired.

Finn explained that Deacon and Sheila were getting married, and Deacon had asked Finn to be his best man. Steffy was upset, but Finn said he'd told Deacon that he couldn't do it. Steffy bet Sheila had begged him to change his mind. Finn replied that he'd told Sheila the same thing. Finn couldn't be at their wedding, and his commitment was to Steffy and their family. Steffy guessed that gave Sheila another reason to hate her. Finn insisted that it was his choice, and nothing came before his family.

Finn arrives for takeout pizza on Sheila's wedding day

Finn arrives for takeout pizza on Sheila's wedding day

Thursday, May 23, 2024

In the morning at the cliff house, Finn had coffee and thought of turning down Sheila's wedding invitation. Finn told Steffy that Deacon and Sheila would get married that day, but Steffy said the couple didn't concern them. She asked where Kelly's coloring book was and said Kelly wanted to color with Beth that day.

As Steffy set up the playdate for the sisters, she told Finn that Liam would hang out, too, and spend time with Kelly. Finn murmured that it was fine. Steffy sighed and said she knew Finn thought he should be there, but they needed to keep Sheila out of their lives for good. Steffy asked him to say he understood why he couldn't attend the wedding that day. Finn assured her that she and the kids were his world.

Liam arrived with Beth. After Beth had gone into Kelly's room, Liam thanked Steffy and Finn for hosting. Steffy said the kids would distract them from Deacon and Sheila's wedding. Surprised to hear it, Liam asked Finn what his feelings were about the wedding. "Not that it's any of your business," Finn said. He informed Liam that he'd declined the invitation to the beach wedding, but he had wished the couple luck. Liam murmured that they'd need it.

Finn took off to get the pizzas, and Liam apologized for coming on strong. Steffy said they were all on edge, but at least Finn wouldn't run into Sheila at Il Giardino.

Later, Liam and Steffy loved that their daughters were sisters and best friends. The topic turned to Finn. Liam figured Finn really wanted to be at the wedding. Steffy replied that Finn had made his choice, had chosen his family, and knew he could have nothing to do with Sheila.

In Eric's office, Brooke could tell by the way Hope was dressed that she planned to go to the wedding. Screwing in earrings, Hope said she wanted to support her father. Brooke called it "enabling." Hope said she knew who Sheila was, and not attending the wedding would only hurt Deacon. Hope stated that he'd marry Sheila regardless.

Brooke asked if Hope could actually watch Deacon pledge his life to "that monster." Brooke didn't know how Hope could stand up for Sheila. Hope indicated that it was about supporting her father, not welcoming Sheila. Brooke replied that Deacon knew he had Hope's support even without her attendance, but Hope said she would give Deacon what he needed that day.

Brooke guessed Hope would be the only one there; Finn wouldn't be there because Steffy would be livid. Hope asked if Finn should shut down every feeling or else risk losing Steffy. It didn't seem fair. Brooke asserted that Steffy had a family to protect. Hope asserted that she'd heard Brooke's concerns; however, the day was her father's, and she was doing it for him.

At Il Giardino, Deacon donned a black-on-black tuxedo as he admired the wedding preparations underway. He told his staff that it sure beat holding a memorial, but he lamented the one thing he couldn't give Sheila on her wedding day.

Upstairs, Sheila smoothed on makeup. She grinned because it was her wedding day, but she grew sad looking at a picture of Finn. Donning a champagne-colored silk robe, Sheila sprayed fast-dry on her toes. Deacon entered with his eyes covered to ward off bad luck, but Sheila didn't believe in that after everything the world had thrown at her. He tried to kiss her, but she said there would be hell to pay if he messed up her makeup.

Deacon asked what was wrong. Sheila tried to smile and say nothing, but he sensed that she wished Finn would be there. Deacon stated that Finn should be there, and all Sheila's friends should be there, too. Sheila laughed at the idea that she had friends. He stated that he was speaking hypothetically, and her friends should be helping her with her hair and stuff.

Sheila stated that she'd been dealing with things alone all her life, and she could handle it. Deacon told her that it wouldn't be that way for long because she'd be his wife. She loved the way it sounded. Deacon recalled that he'd promised her the beach, but she said they'd fallen in love at his place and restaurant. She asked who'd marry them. Deacon said it was a surprise.

After Deacon left, Sheila looked in the mirror and said the day would be perfect. Glancing at Finn's picture, she said she wished he could be there.

Later, Deacon chuckled to see toe pastries downstairs. He greeted Tom, the homeless man that he and Finn had met in the alley. Tom thanked Deacon for the suit. Deacon said Tom had helped save Sheila, which was why it was important that he be there. Tom replied that he didn't get many invitations, especially not to weddings with free food.

Leaving to greet Hope, Deacon suggested Tom try the toes. Tom sampled a pastry and put it in his pocket. Nearby, Deacon thanked Hope for being there. Hope explained that Brooke didn't understand it, and Hope didn't really get it herself; however, she could see how happy Sheila made him. It was all that mattered to her.

Upstairs later, Sheila was putting on her earrings when Hope popped in to say the ceremony would be ready when Sheila was. Hope tried to leave, but Sheila stopped Hope to thank her and acknowledge how hard it had to be for her to attend. Hope replied that it was Sheila's chance to prove that she'd changed. She asked Sheila to protect and love Deacon's heart, and Sheila promised to make sure Deacon was happy for the rest of their lives.

Back in the restaurant later, the "Bridal Chorus" played. Sheila entered in a black lace, faux nude sheath gown. Hope waited with Deacon at the altar, and when Sheila arrived, he introduced her to Tom, saying they wouldn't be there without him. Deacon explained that he and Finn never would have found her without Tom. Sheila hugged Tom and thanked him.

Tom, holding a Bible, decided to start the ceremony. He welcomed everyone. Hope and two servers smiled back. He decided there was no shame in it being a small gathering. Tom told Sheila that he'd talked to Deacon about their unique relationship and had learned how a missing toe had saved her life, making the day possible. Tom called it a glorious day with Deacon's daughter standing up for Sheila.

At the door, a server told Finn that the dining room was closed. Finn looked in and saw the wedding unfolding. Sheila's eye met his, and she smiled. After shoving her bouquet into Hope's chest and arms, Sheila strode, arms open, toward Finn. "You came to my wedding!" she said, hugging him and very happy that he'd changed his mind and appeared that day. The disconcerted Finn gazed back at her.

Finn decides to stick around for the wedding

Finn decides to stick around for the wedding

Friday, May 24, 2024

At the cliff house, Liam showed Steffy a sock puppet Kelly and Beth had made in his image. Steffy didn't even want to know what hers looked like. She loved having the girls together and also loved that it was taking her mind off Sheila and Deacon. Liam wondered if the wedding was taking place right then. Steffy said it would be at the beach, and Liam replied that he wouldn't be surprised if it was happening down the cliff. Steffy said she'd already checked.

Liam remarked that it had been nice of Finn to get the pizza. Steffy said there were plenty of pizza places nearby, but Kelly loved Deacon's pizzas. Liam said it was ironic that Finn would go there on that day, but Steffy replied that Finn wouldn't see Sheila. Liam asked how Finn felt about it. Steffy didn't know but said Finn understood why he couldn't be at the wedding.

Liam wondered if Sheila had put Deacon up to asking Finn to be in the wedding. Steffy stated that Sheila's manipulations wouldn't work, and Finn wouldn't be in Sheila's life. Steffy and Liam wondered what was taking Finn so long at Il Giardino.

At Eric's house, Eric asked if Donna and Katie, who'd just text-messaged him, were correct that Deacon and Sheila were getting married that day. Ridge replied that bad news traveled fast. Eric guessed he had no room to talk after marrying Sheila himself. Brooke and Ridge insisted that it wasn't the same thing, and Eric hadn't known Sheila was a sociopath.

Eric asked how Hope was dealing with her father's nuptials. Brooke shared that Hope loved her father and was supporting him at the wedding, despite her feelings for Sheila. Eric was surprised Brooke hadn't talked Hope out of it. Brooke said Hope thought Deacon's love might have changed Sheila. Ridge said it was a dangerous thought, and Eric agreed.

Brooke defended Hope, saying Hope hadn't bought into Sheila's façade; Hope was just being open for her father. Brooke hoped her daughter wouldn't go through with being maid of honor. Ridge asked why Hope couldn't walk away like Finn had, but Brooke revealed that a part of Finn did want to be there for Sheila. Ridge promised that Finn would be nowhere near the wedding.

Eric said Finn wouldn't go. Brooke said that part of Finn did want to be there, but his commitment would always be to Steffy. Ridge said it had better be.

At Il Giardino, Sheila hugged Finn, who seemed confused. She'd been hoping and praying that her son would make it to the wedding, and there he was. Shrugging, Finn said he was just there to pick up some pizzas, and he'd thought they'd been getting married on the beach. Replying that there had been a change in plan, Deacon figured Finn might as well stay as he waited for his pizza. Sheila agreed, deciding that it was meant to be.

Deacon said Tom would make it quick. Finn recognized Tom, and Deacon hailed Tom as a superhero for helping them find Sheila. Deacon added that when he'd invited Tom to the wedding, he'd had no idea that Tom was a licensed wedding officiant. Deacon nodded at Hope, who'd agreed to be the maid of honor. Finn looked at Hope, and she meekly affirmed it.

Deacon urged Finn to stick around while he awaited his pizzas, and Sheila said it would be a short ceremony. Finn and Hope exchanged looks, and Finn agreed to stay.

Opening the ceremony, Tom said fate had brought him there and had brought Deacon and Sheila together. Tom had seen passion and care when Deacon and Finn had saved her life, and he'd seen in Sheila's eyes her passion and love for Deacon and Finn. Tom, who'd learned a little of their pasts, said all of them there believed in the power of redemption and second chances.

Tom decided that the couple had come to listen to each other, not him, and he instructed them to say vows. Deacon hadn't written anything down because he'd wanted to speak from the heart. He told Sheila that she was like a hurricane in his life, but in good way. God had given Deacon many second chances; he'd reconnected with his daughter and built a business. He'd gotten a second chance to be with the woman he loved more than anything and to be the best husband he could be. It was a second chance he'd make the most of. Hope grinned bashfully.

Sheila told Deacon that, on the subject of miracles, she had her life, she was standing there marrying him with Hope by her side, and her son was there to share her wedding day. Sheila's heart had never been so full. She stated that Deacon was her strength, and when she needed guidance, he made her a better person. He completed her, and all she'd ever wanted, she had. All she'd ever wanted was to be loved completely, and she felt it from Deacon every day.

Tom led Deacon and Sheila in the exchange of the traditional vows then asked for the rings. Deacon fished them from his pocket and asked Finn to hand them to Tom on his and Sheila's behalf. Finn complied, and Deacon and Sheila exchanged rings. Tom pronounced them husband and wife, and he instructed Deacon to kiss his bride.

As Finn, Tom, and Hope clapped for the kissing couple, Steffy was texting Finn, asking where he was.

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