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Hope called it a personal vendetta when Steffy decided to end HFTF, and Hope coaxed Brooke to reclaim her power at Forrester. Steffy berated Finn for attending Sheila's wedding. Poppy admitted that Bill could be Luna's father, and Bill and Luna agreed to take a DNA test.
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Steffy decided to axe Hope for the Future. Poppy admitted Bill could be Luna's father. Bill and Luna agreed to take a DNA test.
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A photo of Finn in Sheila's wedding party incenses Steffy

A photo of Finn in Sheila's wedding party incenses Steffy

Monday, May 27, 2024

At Bill's house, Poppy and Bill kissed. She wanted to take it upstairs, but he decided that the sofa worked just as well. Just then, Katie waltzed in. Surprised to see them, she said she hadn't known he'd had company. She swore she'd knocked, but Bill claimed it wasn't a problem.

Bill introduced Poppy and Katie and remarked that Poppy was Luna's mother. Katie asked if Bill would visit Will for parents' weekend, and Poppy surmised that Katie was "that Katie." In conversation, Katie and Bill joked about who Will's favorite parent was, and Poppy remarked that, as the only parent, she was the favorite by default. Katie praised Luna's work at Forrester but said it was funny that Luna had never mentioned her mom's relationship with Bill.

Katie inquired about Poppy and Bill's budding relationship, but Poppy remarked that she and Bill actually went way back. Bill said he'd met Poppy some 20 years back, and they'd reconnected. Touching his knee, Poppy said she was glad they had. Katie was surprised that Bill and Poppy had known each other for years. "You could even say that I had him first," Poppy replied. Katie giggled awkwardly and looked at Bill.

At Il Giardino, Deacon and Sheila canoodled, and he called her Mrs. Sharpe. Hope and Finn congratulated the couple. Hugging Finn, Sheila told him that it was even more special because he'd been there. She held on to him, and he gazed helplessly at Hope.

After Tom convinced Finn to be the second wedding witness on the marriage license, Deacon and Sheila told Tom that they couldn't have done it without him. Tom said he had enjoyed performing the ceremony, but Deacon said he'd meant that they couldn't have gotten married at all if Tom hadn't helped find Sheila. She joked about tossing Tom the garter, but Tom said he'd been there and done that with marriage. Sheila wondered if they'd see Tom again.

Nearby, Hope still couldn't believe she'd attended and stood up for Sheila. Hope noted that it was a lovely reception, and Finn agreed. Hope could see that it had meant a lot of to Sheila that he'd been there. Finn replied that he had explaining to do to his wife; he'd been getting pizza, under the impression that the wedding had been at the beach.

Deacon strode over to Tom and Sheila and asked to commemorate the moment. Deacon took selfies with Sheila and Tom before Tom took over as photographer. He snapped shots of the bride and groom and asked the family to huddle together for photos. Finn seemed reluctant, but Tom talked Finn into it. Tom took several photos and remarked that the family was beautiful.

Taking Tom aside, Deacon asked where Tom was headed. Tom had a hotel for a few nights, but after that, it was kind of iffy. Deacon offered Tom a job and said it had food and benefits. Humbled, Tom replied that he didn't know much about the restaurant business. Deacon offered to train Tom and asked Tom to think about it. Deacon sent Tom out with two bags of food.

Deacon approached Sheila, who was with Hope and Finn. Deacon remarked on how powerful it had been to have the kids there, even if Finn hadn't intended to attend. Finn replied that it had been a sweet ceremony. He wished them the best but said he really had to get home with the pizza. Hope flashed a worried look.

Sheila hugged Finn once more. Deacon gave Finn the pizzas on the house but said it was just a special for that day. Deacon called to his wife, and they exited. Alone with Finn, Hope wished him luck talking to Steffy. Hope hoped Steffy would be understanding, and Hope said it should count for something that their parents were happy. He doubted Steffy would see it that way.

Hope remarked that Steffy might. Finn flashed Hope a look, and Hope wondered if Steffy should be dictating Finn's relationship with his birth mother. "Maybe that should be up to you," Hope added. He thanked her for understanding. She replied that she was there for him. He said he was there for her in the headache department, too. After Finn left, Hope seemed anxious.

Upstairs, Sheila laughed as Deacon put her down. He exclaimed that he'd had to do it. He said it wasn't the Ritz, but he'd make their honeymoon a night she wouldn't forget. First, he had to post some things to a social media account Hollis had talked him into opening. Deacon said they'd post things like wine tastings and when the boss married the star waitress.

As Deacon posted a picture that included the newlyweds, Finn, and Hope, Sheila said she still couldn't believe Finn had been at "our" wedding. She repeated the phrase "our wedding" and said she loved Deacon. She and Deacon kissed.

At the cliff house, Steffy returned after taking the girls to a last-minute pool party next door. Steffy said the kids would probably eat there, but Liam stated that he was still hungry. They wondered where Finn was with the pizza. Steffy couldn't reach Finn, and Liam and she assumed Finn was either driving or that Il Giardino was behind without Deacon.

Steffy wondered if she should have sent Finn there. Liam remarked that Finn might have gone to the wedding if Steffy hadn't intervened. At first, Steffy disagreed, but then she conceded that Finn had been entertaining the idea. For Kelly's sake, Liam asked Steffy to make sure Finn didn't get conned again. Steffy vowed to be there for Finn.

Later, Finn finally arrived as Liam was preparing to leave. Famished, Liam took a slice of pizza out of the boxes before Finn could even set them down and said it was one for the road. Steffy wondered if Finn had gotten her messages, and he said his phone had been on silent. She asked why that was, and Finn looked at Liam, asking if he was still leaving. Liam headed out the door, saying he'd return for Kelly.

Steffy asked what was going on. Finn explained that the pickup window at the restaurant had been closed. He had gone inside and hadn't believed it when he'd seen Sheila and Deacon there. Steffy gleaned that the couple had seen Finn's order come in and had decided to ambush him.

Finn corrected Steffy, saying Deacon and Shelia had been surprised to see him. He added that Hope had been there as the maid of honor, and Tom, the man he'd told her about, had been the wedding officiant. Steffy's phone chimed. Upon checking it, she gasped, asking what she was looking at. It was an article posted to social media about Deacon's wedding, featuring the picture Deacon had posted earlier. The article blurb read, "Exclusive! Beverly Hills Pizza Man ties the knot! Small ceremony at Il Giardino. Bride recently survived being kidnapped."

Upset, Steffy realized Finn's phone had been on silent because he'd been at the wedding. Finn sighed, and Steffy ordered him to tell her.

In Eric's office, Liam arrived and said he'd been sure he'd find Hope there. He wondered if she was dressed for a night on the town but quickly figured out she'd gone to the wedding. Liam said Hope didn't have to support everything her father chose, and he added that even Finn had found a way to say no. Hope replied that Finn had been at the wedding.

Poppy indicates who Luna's father might be

Poppy indicates who Luna's father might be

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

At the cliff house, Steffy was stunned to hear that Finn had been at Sheila's wedding. "You weren't just there, Finn. You were part of the ceremony!" Steffy yelled, holding up her phone and displaying a wedding photo. He claimed he'd had no idea that the ceremony had been at the restaurant, but Steffy asked why he hadn't taken the pizza and gone.

Finn replied that the pizzas hadn't been ready. "So, you just stayed around and participated?" Steffy asked. Finn shrugged and indicated that he hadn't known what to do. Steffy asked how he could have given Sheila exactly what she'd wanted. Steffy questioned whether Finn would have told her without the photo, but he pointed out that he'd been telling her just as she'd gotten the photo notification. Steffy grumbled that the photo made her sick.

Finn reasoned that he'd had poor judgment, and he was sorry Steffy had found out that way. Steffy said she'd asked for one thing, "but what do I see? I see a picture of you at her wedding!"

Finn didn't like seeing Steffy upset. She didn't get why he kept putting himself in those situations. "Being a member of the wedding party?" Steffy asked. Finn claimed it hadn't been like that, but Steffy replied that it had been Finn and Hope, the only guests, who were in Sheila's wedding photo on the Internet for everyone to see. He asked how he could make it right, and she stated that he had to learn to say no.

Finn figured that he should have done a 180 and gotten out of there. Steffy replied that it couldn't keep happening, and she'd told him again and again that there could be no Sheila. "You let me down. Again," Steffy concluded. Finn apologized and said his interactions were making her feel unsafe. She replied that he didn't make her feel unsafe, but staying at the wedding had been the wrong move.

Finn told Steffy that she had to understand that it had been random, and he hadn't known what to do. She barked that he'd known exactly what to do. He reasoned that he'd been in a tough spot. Steffy asked how many times she had to tell Finn. She didn't care if Sheila was his mother; she didn't want him to have a relationship with her. He tried to touch her, but she tossed her hand up and walked out.

Finn flashed back to hugging Sheila at the courthouse, witnessing Sheila rescue Kelly, and being at Sheila's wedding. He recalled Steffy saying he couldn't have a relationship with Sheila. Finn flashed back to Hope saying Steffy shouldn't dictate his relationship with his mother.

In Eric's office, Hope was creeped out when Liam referred to Sheila as Hope's stepmother. It wasn't Hope's first choice, but she felt that she had to support Deacon. Liam remarked that she didn't have to -- she was choosing to. Hope said that the couple seemed happy together.

Liam asked if Finn had been out of his mind to attend the wedding. Liam didn't want to give Hope a hard time and said he kind of got where she was coming from when it came to fathers. She explained that she didn't want to be estranged from Deacon. Liam claimed that it made sense that Hope had gone to the wedding, but Finn was a different story.

Hope indicated that Sheila had guilted Finn into staying for the event. Liam stated that Finn had caved and chosen Sheila's request over Steffy's. Liam insisted Finn should have made a beeline for the door but instead had stayed for the celebration. Indicating that it hadn't been like that, Hope explained that Finn had felt uncomfortable. Liam claimed that it was a result of "directly disobeying your wife's wishes." He said Steffy would be pissed.

Hope told Liam that it hadn't been easy for her. She said she didn't want to lose her father, but she also didn't agree with everything he did. Liam got that it was a lot for Hope, but he asked if they could agree not to have Beth and Sheila in the same place at the same time. Hope agreed but stated that Sheila fighting Sugar meant Sheila might be capable of change.

Liam grimaced, deciding that Hope sounded like Finn. Liam figured he couldn't stop Hope from having a relationship with the newlyweds as long as the kids weren't involved. Hope said Beth wouldn't be around them. Liam insisted that Sheila was dangerous, and he didn't want her to entertain the idea if anyone told her otherwise -- including Finn.

Liam left, and Hope flashed back to Finn massaging her. She looked distressed.

In the design office, R.J. and Luna kissed, and he said, "So, I've done the math. We have about 98 more kisses to make up for." R.J. wondered how she and her mom had been doing. Luna said things weren't back to normal yet with Poppy, and Luna hadn't seen much of her mother, who'd been hanging out with Bill Spencer.

R.J. and Luna contemplated how serious it had gotten between Bill and Poppy. R.J. wondered why Luna was skeptical about how serious it was for Bill. Luna replied that Poppy had been popular with men, and it had always been casual. Luna said her mom had always been focused on herself and her daughter, but Luna had noticed a change in her mom due to Bill. Luna was supportive of Poppy and Bill, and she still wished he could be her father.

At Bill's house, Katie remarked that 20 years had been a long time to be friends. Bill and Poppy explained that they hadn't been in touch in all those years, but fate had given them a chance to reconnect. Katie was trying to visualize Dollar Bill "grooving it up in the grass" at a music festival. Bill told Katie to take all the time she needed. He stated that Poppy had caught his eye, and "20-some-odd years later," they were back in each other's lives. Katie assumed it had been a "hell of a night."

Bill suggested that it might be uncomfortable for Katie to talk about his love life, but she replied that she didn't mind if he didn't. She added that he didn't have to explain anything to her and hadn't had to do that in a long time. Katie claimed she could tell how happy Bill and Poppy were, and she said she was happy for them both. Wishing them luck, Katie decided to leave.

Later, Bill and Poppy were alone, and as she glanced out of the window, he asked if she liked the place. Poppy affirmed it, and he suggested that she spend more time there. Bill also proposed that they go to Monte Carlo on his yacht. Poppy asked if he had an actual yacht, and he chuckled, pulling up photos of the Stella Maris. Poppy said the boat was beautiful, but he remarked that it wasn't as beautiful as Poppy.

Poppy grew thoughtful about meeting Katie. Bill apologetically explained that Katie had a habit of popping in to talk about things in person. Poppy replied that Katie couldn't have been sweeter, but Katie had also been intimidating. Poppy noted that Katie was smart, stylish, impressive, and pretty. It made Poppy wonder why Bill and Katie weren't together.

Bill didn't want to get into the "truly long story" about it, but Poppy said she couldn't imagine being married to him and having to let him go. Poppy stated that they'd only spent one night together, but he didn't realize how much it had meant to her. She hadn't even known it at the time. Bill wished he'd reached out to find Poppy instead of waiting two decades. He said it would always be a big regret of his. Poppy admitted that she'd been heartbroken.

Poppy wished she and Bill could go back and not spend those years apart. She stated that it would have made a difference. The way Poppy was speaking prompted Bill to ask once more if he could be Luna's father. Poppy admitted that he might be Luna's father.

Steffy informs Hope that HFTF is on the chopping block

Steffy informs Hope that HFTF is on the chopping block

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

In Eric's office, Hope arrived because Steffy had asked to see her. From behind the desk, Steffy got straight to the point. "We need to discuss HFTF," Steffy said. Hope offered to show Steffy new designs, but Steffy said that while R.J. and Zende had been good, the line hadn't been the same without Thomas. Hope agreed but said Thomas had left due to Steffy's interference.

Steffy asserted that Hope wouldn't blame Steffy, but Hope insisted that Steffy had been the reason Thomas had gone. Hope stated that it was hard for her to mother from across the world and hear Thomas' changed voice on the phone. Steffy stated that she'd delayed talking to Hope about her line because of what Hope had been going through.

Hope responded that Carter and Ridge had assured her that the company supported her in the transition. "That was then," Steffy said. Hope insisted that results took time, and she'd appreciate some patience and understanding while she put together a new line. Hope complained that Steffy never wanted to give those things to Hope, and enough was enough. Hope refused to let Steffy mess with Hope's life anymore.

Steffy criticized Hope for making it personal, but Hope said the line was personal to her. Steffy said she'd normally love the passion; however, the industry wasn't patient, and they had to keep it moving. Hope expressed confidence that they could move beyond the rough patch, but Steffy replied that, as co-CEO, she wasn't as confident.

Hope stood up for her line and praised R.J. and Zende as talented designers. Steffy replied that they could be working on more lucrative projects. Hope replied that their sales had been up -- until that point. Steffy stated that a high-concept line had a lot of overhead, and Steffy didn't see the line as one of her visions for the company.

"Your vision?" Hope asked, and Steffy shrugged. Hope asserted that her team would prove itself in time. Steffy replied that Hope's time might be up, and Steffy was thinking of cutting HFTF.

In the design office, Luna and R.J. continued talking about her desire for Bill to be her father. Luna figured it was stupid of her to wonder because Poppy had said Bill wasn't the man; however, Poppy had said it about every man in her past. Luna had thought Poppy might reveal the information once Luna became an adult, but Poppy seemed even more reluctant.

R.J. said Luna had promised it wouldn't change things for the mother and daughter, but Luna replied that she sometimes felt as if her mother hadn't wanted anyone else interfering in their little family. Luna said Poppy had dated in the past, but there had never been any commitments. R.J. and Luna wondered if Poppy could have a commitment with Bill.

R.J. was leery of Bill and said his entire family had reason to be. Luna said Bill had been nothing but sweet to her. She recalled the time Bill had spoken to her after she'd had an argument with her mother. "That Bill" was the kind of man she'd want as a father.

At Bill's house, Bill thought of the idea that he could be Luna's father. Poppy noted that he'd been tossing and turning all night. He didn't think she could blame him after she'd told him that her daughter could be his daughter. Poppy hoped Bill wasn't upset that she hadn't wanted him to know, but she'd been afraid because they'd just started dating. Poppy said she'd never needed a man -- or so she'd thought until she'd met Bill.

Bill wondered if Poppy hadn't been honest with him because she hadn't wanted him to be the father. Poppy replied that it was an emotionally charged question for her, and she'd freaked out to think of the fallout. She said she'd never loved a man; she'd only ever loved Luna, and she'd only been committed to Luna. Bill replied that he'd told her how happy and proud he'd be.

Poppy explained that she just hadn't been ready to face it. Li had berated Poppy all of her life, calling her a gold-digger, and Poppy had worried that many women had claimed to have had Bill's child. Poppy hadn't wanted to consider the impact Luna's father would have on their lives -- until she'd fallen for Bill.

Bill said he was sorry he hadn't called Poppy back then. He could see that it had hurt her. Poppy replied that they'd made up for it. Bill told her that if he was Luna's father, they needed to know. Bill vowed to stand by Poppy and Luna if he was the father. Poppy replied that she'd been right about him, and he was the most wonderful man.

Bill figured Poppy knew what they needed to do. Poppy said she'd been afraid of opening up, but she loved Bill. She'd loved him from the moment she'd met him. Bill suggested that they find out that day if Luna was his daughter. He chuckled at the thought that he could have a daughter.

Brooke visited Eric at his house. She said she missed seeing Eric at the office. Eric said she'd better. He expressed his contentment at spending time at home with Donna and planning a trip or two while Ridge and Steffy ran the business for the time being.

Brooke said Ridge grumbled about not having enough time to design. Donna suggested Brooke spend more time at the office. Agreeing, Eric said Brooke had contributed a lot to their success. Brooke said she'd taken a step back, but she missed having an active role at the business.

Katie arrived, and Donna expressed excitement that Katie had gotten Donna's message. Since they were all together, Katie readily announced that she'd met the new woman in Bill's life -- Luna's mother, Poppy.

Later, Donna and Brooke were surprised that Katie had never heard of Poppy before, but Katie explained that Poppy and Bill had only spent one night together before they'd encountered each other again much later. Katie had had a lot of questions for Bill, but it hadn't been the time to ask them. Eric and Donna reasoned that Luna was wonderful, so her mother could be, too. Brooke bit out that Luna was her own her person. Donna assumed that Bill was getting to know Luna, too, but Eric couldn't imagine that a man like Bill would want any role in Luna's life.

Later, Eric had gone to see his trainer. Donna said she normally went with him, but she'd wanted to stay and talk to her sisters. Donna also wanted to know all Katie could tell them about Poppy and Bill. Katie didn't think there was more to tell, but Brooke steered the conversation back to Bill's relationship to Luna. Katie said Bill's protectiveness didn't extend beyond his family, and Donna added that she could see Bill getting involved in Luna's life. Brooke said that with all that was going on in Luna's life, Luna wouldn't be interested in the man Poppy was seeing.

Donna asked how Katie really felt about the situation. Katie claimed she was being honest, but Brooke pressed. Katie said she hadn't expected Bill to be a monk, and Bill didn't answer to her. "Would you like him to?" Brooke asked. Katie replied that she would have liked it if Bill had told her that he'd met someone. She'd thought she and Bill had had that kind of relationship. She'd always love Bill because of what they'd meant to each other. "Do I see a future with him? I don't know," Katie mumbled, but she did know that she wasn't so sure about Poppy.

Li demands to know where things stand between Poppy and Bill

Li demands to know where things stand between Poppy and Bill

Thursday, May 30, 2024

In Eric's office, Hope asserted that Steffy was making a decision about HFTF without Hope's input. Steffy wished she didn't have to make the tough decision. Hope doubted that. Steffy replied that Hope could think what she wanted, but if Steffy had to cut Hope's line for the sake of the business, that was what would happen.

Hope felt as if she hadn't been included, but Steffy claimed to be doing it then. Hope stated that if she'd been told much earlier, she could have made corrections to save the line. Steffy asked how Hope could do that, and Hope figured that question meant Steffy did intend to tank the line. Steffy insisted that she had to make the tough decisions.

Hope shot back that as "co-CEO," Steffy wasn't running the company on her own, and she asked what Ridge thought. Steffy replied that it was beside the point, but Hope said it might prove her theory that the decision to cut her line wasn't strictly business.

Steffy scoffed at the idea that she was canceling the line to teach Hope a lesson. From that statement, Hope gleaned that Steffy was canceling it. Steffy said it remained to be seen, but HFTF had lost its footing. Hope attributed that to Steffy strong-arming Thomas to leave the country, costing Hope a lead designer.

Steffy insisted that Thomas had done what had been best for him, and she and Hope were done talking about it. Steffy stated that she'd been concerned about the line for a long time, and she'd given Hope time to pull it together. It hadn't happened, so Steffy intended to talk to Carter and Ridge because a decision had to be made.

Later, Steffy was alone with Carter, who frowned at HFTF's latest projections. He said it didn't look good, and the line was falling short. He said Ridge had contemplated giving it time. Steffy asked if the COO thought they should wait around. He frowned. "I didn't think so," she said. Carter said there was no way Brooke would let it happen. Steffy barked that Brooke wasn't CEO -- Steffy was.

At Eric's house, Donna and Brooke pressed Katie about whether a part of her wanted another chance with Bill. Katie repeated that she didn't see a future with Bill, and when her sisters persisted, she asked if they were accusing her of not knowing her own mind. The women chuckled, and Katie assured them that she was happy. Donna wondered if Katie could be happier if she had what she'd once had with Bill.

Katie said her sisters were putting her on the spot, but Brooke said they could tell that Katie still loved and missed Bill on some level. Katie admitted that her sisters were not totally off base. She remarked that he'd opened up the world for her, given her an incredible love, and helped her create Will. She admitted that they'd had amazing times as a family.

Donna said Luna's mother would never share a child with Bill. Katie told her sisters that she and Bill had been apart for a while, and he was smitten with Poppy. Brooke and Donna sensed that Katie might want to reunite Will's family -- and not just for Will's sake.

Hope rushed in. She'd heard her mom was there. Brooke asked what was wrong, and Hope announced that someone had to do something about the out-of-control Steffy. Brooke asked what Steffy had done. Hope stated that Brooke wouldn't believe it but then decided that Brooke would because it was typical vindictive Steffy.

Hope conceded that her line was in transition. Brooke said it was because Steffy had convinced Thomas to leave. Hope agreed and said it took time to recover from it. Hope talked about how important it was to her and how it had a message for women. Hope said none of it mattered to Steffy, who wanted to destroy the line just because Hope's name was on it.

Becoming emotional, Hope said Steffy had convinced Thomas to move across the world with Douglas and was trying to take HFTF from Hope, too. Hope announced that Steffy wanted to cancel HFTF and claim that it was about business when it was really about her personal vendetta against Hope. Hope was tired of Steffy trying to take things Hope cared about. Hope declared that Steffy had another thing coming if she pitted the families against each other. "This time, it's war," Hope exclaimed.

At Bill's house, Bill was excited that he could be the dad Luna had never had. Poppy was sorry she'd deterred him from the idea out of fear. Bill saw nothing to fear and said it could be a special blessing. Bill wanted to do a paternity test that day and start his relationship with Luna. Poppy wanted to talk to Luna first, and he hoped Luna would be just as excited about it.

Later, Bill was pacing alone when Liam arrived, upset that when they were down to the wire on a deal, he'd had to chase Bill down. Liam noted Bill's distraction and asked what was going on. Bill explained that Poppy had been there, and she'd told him something mind-blowing. Bill exclaimed that he was thrilled about it. Liam asked what Bill was thrilled about.

Bill explained that his one regret with Poppy had been that it had only been one night, and he'd let business keep him from reaching out to her. He said Poppy had finally admitted that he could be Luna's father.

In the design office, Luna flashed back to talking to Bill about who her father could be. Li arrived and said that what she wanted couldn't wait. Li needed to know where things stood between Bill and Poppy. "Tell me everything," Li requested. Li didn't think Poppy's intentions toward Bill were pure. Rolling her eyes, Luna assumed Li thought Poppy used men and was a gold-digger.

Luna didn't want to go through "this" again, but Li insisted that she knew who Poppy was. Luna defended her mother, but Li wondered if Luna was wearing blinders. Luna replied that she might have in the past, but she'd realized that her mother was human and made mistakes. Luna intended to love and defend her mother, who cared about Bill.

Li figured that Poppy cared about Bill because he ticked all the boxes, but Li wouldn't allow Poppy to take advantage of Kelly's grandfather. Luna called it ridiculous and said Bill and Poppy were crazy about each other.

Later, Luna was alone when Poppy arrived, asking to talk to her daughter about something important. "It's about your father," Poppy said. Poppy was sorry she hadn't entertained thoughts about Luna's father, but Poppy hadn't thought she'd needed anyone but her precious daughter. Poppy explained that over 20 years back, she'd been with the most amazing and unique man. She'd fallen in love at first sight, and that was why she'd said Luna had been made of love. Poppy revealed that there was a very good chance that Bill could be Luna's father.

Luna learns that Bill could be her father

Luna learns that Bill could be her father

Friday, May 31, 2024

At the Forrester mansion, Donna left to check on Eric, leaving Hope to fear that she had chased Donna off with talk of her battle with Steffy. Katie admitted that Hope's words had been "intense." Brooke was shocked that Steffy would consider scrapping Hope for the Future. "Steffy is trying to destroy every part of my life," Hope said angrily. Hope claimed that Steffy was on a mission to target the entire Logan family.

Brooke and Katie wondered if Hope was overreacting. Hope firmly stated that she was not. She noted that Steffy was co-CEO with Ridge and urged Brooke to use her clout at Forrester to save the line. Katie agreed and called Brooke's contributions to Forrester "legendary," contributions that continued "to pay huge dividends." Katie encouraged Brooke to take a more active role at Forrester.

In the executive office at Forrester, Steffy repeated to Carter her belief that Hope for the Future needed to be axed. As they talked, Ridge entered the office and asked why Steffy wanted to scrap a line that had been a part of Forrester for years. Steffy coldly replied that they needed to focus on what was best for the company and not on emotions.

Ridge didn't believe that Steffy's decision was strictly a business decision. Steffy insisted that she would be willing to keep the line if it were as profitable as it had been in the past. Ridge turned to Carter to ask if he approved of the decision. Carter replied that he didn't disagree with the decision. Ridge shook his head as he vented about how he hated having to make difficult business decisions. He told Steffy that he wanted to go back to just focusing on design.

As Steffy asked her father if he was thinking about stepping down, Brooke and Hope entered the office. Brooke stated that she wanted to talk about Hope for the Future and how successful it had been for Forrester Creations. "Well, that was then -- this is now," Steffy snapped. Hope declared that she would not let Steffy kill the fashion line without a fight. "Fashion evolves, and so do we," Steffy continued. Steffy asked Carter to share the numbers with Hope.

Before Ridge could speak, Hope claimed that Hope for the Future was in a period of "transition" because Steffy had convinced Thomas to leave the country. Brooke told Ridge that it was his time to "chime in" as co-CEO. Steffy said that there was no reason for Ridge to get involved -- and that the Hope for the Future line would be ending immediately.

Liam questioned why Poppy had only recently decided to tell Bill that Luna could be his daughter. "Better late than never," Bill said with a grin. Liam asked if there was any part of Bill that was upset with Poppy for not telling him sooner. Bill claimed there wasn't, and he admired that Poppy wasn't one of the many "opportunistic gold-diggers" that he had encountered in his life. Liam still didn't understand why Poppy would keep such a big secret.

Bill suggested that Poppy was afraid because she was in love with him. He told Liam that Poppy had claimed that she'd never truly been in love with a man before. Bill also explained that Poppy was reluctant to have to "share" Luna with someone else. Still, Bill was determined to make a place for both Luna and Poppy in his life. Bill smiled as he said that Poppy was meeting with Luna to tell her everything.

In the design suite at Forrester, Poppy explained that it was "highly possible" that Bill was Luna's dad. Poppy confessed that she had not been ready to face that possibility when she had first run into Bill at Il Giardino. Luna began to cry. R.J. overheard the two women talking when he entered the room and had a strong reaction to the news that Bill was Luna's dad.

Poppy corrected R.J. by saying that Bill could be Luna's dad. Luna and R.J. embraced as she shared her glee that she could finally know her father. Poppy told Luna that Bill was waiting for them to start the process of finding out the truth. After Poppy and Luna left, R.J. was left to contemplate everything that had just happened.

R.J. was only alone for a short time before Katie burst into the room. She immediately noticed that R.J. was somewhere lost in thought. R.J. told Katie that Poppy had just shared some huge news with Luna -- Luna's father could be Bill. Katie's eyes widened as she gasped in disbelief. Katie blasted Poppy as a woman who'd bumped into a rich guy that she'd "hooked up" with years earlier. R.J. wasn't as cynical as Katie. He pointed out that if Bill was Luna's dad, then Will, Katie's son, had just gained a sister.

Poppy and Luna arrived at Bill's house, and Bill welcomed them warmly. Bill said that it was "crazy" to find out that he could be Luna's father. He asked Luna how she felt about that. He said that he would understand if Luna had "mixed feelings" about the possibility. Luna shared that she had wanted to know the identity of her father for her entire life. She said that Bill had always been good and kind to her.

Bill promised that he'd continue to treat Luna the same even if a paternity test proved he was not her father. But if the test showed it to be true, he pledged to be the best father possible. Poppy produced a home DNA test kit that she had picked up on her way to talk to Luna. Bill said that he wanted to take the test immediately. "The sooner the better," Luna agreed. She told Bill that she was "praying" that the test proved that he was her father. Bill and Luna embraced.

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