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Li interjected herself into Bill, Poppy, and Luna's private paternity test moment and demanded they use her unopened test. Li was shocked when the test proved that Bill was Luna's father. Ridge gave HFTF a reprieve and offered Brooke the co-CEO position. Hope kissed Finn.
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A DNA showed Bill was Luna's father. Ridge offered Brooke the co-CEO position. Hope and Finn kissed.
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Li interrupts the DNA test and Ridge weighs in on HFTF

Li interrupts the DNA test and Ridge weighs in on HFTF

Monday, June 3, 2024

In the design suite at Forrester Creations, Katie questioned why Poppy had suddenly done an about-face to claim that Luna was, in fact, Bill's daughter after having denied it for so long. R.J. didn't have any definitive answers, but he proffered that Poppy might not have wanted the "public scrutiny" of being accused of wanting Bill's money.

A knock sounded on the door, and seconds later, Li popped inside and said that she was looking for Steffy. R.J. stated that Steffy was in a meeting. Before Li could leave, Katie called out to her and said that she wanted to talk about Poppy. Li stepped into the office and closed the door behind her. Katie told Li that Poppy had claimed that Bill was Luna's father. Li said nothing, but her eyes widened, and her head slowly dropped in shock.

When Li had a moment to process things, Katie was surprised that Li didn't seem to know anything about Poppy's claim. Li blasted Poppy as a "manipulative opportunist" and "gold-digger." R.J. objected to the way that Li was speaking about Poppy. Katie asked if Li believed that Poppy was making up the story about Bill being Luna's dad. Li immediately replied with a resounding "yes." She asked if R.J. knew where to find Poppy and Luna. R.J. reluctantly told her that they were at Bill's house.

Later, Katie asked R.J. how he would feel if Bill turned out to be Luna's father. R.J. shared that he'd be happy that Luna would finally know her father, but he wished it could be anyone other than Bill. Katie asked if R.J. had seen or heard anything from Poppy that raised concern.

In the executive office, Hope called Steffy's decision to immediately scrap Hope for the Future "impulsive and foolish." Steffy insisted that her decision was not personal. She repeated that businesses needed to make money, not lose it. Brooke interjected that the line was in "transition" and would be back to profitability soon. Brooke then turned to Ridge and pleaded with him to do something.

Carter told Brooke and Hope that an official meeting should probably be held to decide the future of the line. Steffy looked at Brooke and asked her to leave the office. Brooke was taken aback until Ridge told her that he would handle things. After Brooke left, Steffy repeated her belief that HFTF needed to be dropped because it was losing money.

Hope took offense to Steffy's insinuations that the Forrester legacy needed to be protected. She asked Carter to identify two of the biggest moneymakers for the company. Carter replied that Brooke's "BeLieF" formula and Brooke's bedroom line earned huge dividends for the company. As Ridge looked on intently, Hope blasted what she viewed as Steffy's disrespect for a woman who had made significant contributions to Forrester Creations.

"It is our influence that has made Forrester the highly successful company that it is today," Hope said firmly. After making her statements, Hope turned to Ridge and asked if he believed that Steffy was making good business decisions or exacting some sort of personal vengeance. Before things could get too heated, Ridge broke his silence and expressed support for the HFTF line. Steffy shook her head in disbelief.

Ridge reminded Steffy and Hope that they were all on the same team. Ridge stated that the numbers didn't lie: Hope for the Future was losing money. Steffy flashed a smile at Hope. That smile faded when Ridge announced that he believed in Hope and the team that she had assembled. He called the decision to pull the plug on the line "premature." Carter suggested that they wait until the next quarter to review the line's numbers.

Before leaving with Carter to go to another meeting, Ridge ordered Steffy and Hope to figure out a way that they could work together. After Ridge left, Steffy accused Hope of gloating. Hope, in turn, vowed that she would prove that Forrester could not survive without the Logans.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna walked around the living room, looking at photographs. Moments later, Eric joined her after completing his workout. Donna briefed Eric on Steffy's plans to drop the Hope for the Future line. Brooke arrived and told the newlyweds that she had been thrown out of a meeting about the future of Hope for the Future.

Eric was surprised that Steffy would want to cancel the Hope for the Future line. Donna praised Brooke as having done more for Forrester than Steffy ever had. Eric assured Brooke that Forrester had "checks and balances" in place to make sure that all decisions were vetted properly.

At Bill's home, Poppy apologized that she had not told Luna and Bill the truth sooner. Bill said that he understood because Poppy's priority had always been her daughter. "I hope our daughter soon," Bill replied. Luna agreed.

Poppy, Bill, and Luna sat down, and Poppy opened up the home DNA test kit that she had purchased. She read the instructions and told Bill and Luna that they both needed to swab their cheeks. Before doing so, Luna told Bill that there would be "no expectations or obligations" if the test showed he was her father. Bill said that it would be an honor to be Luna's dad.

Suddenly the front door swung open, and Li called out for everyone to stop what they were doing. "I know what you're up to," Li said as she stared down her sister. Poppy stood up and returned Li's stare. Li smugly remarked that Bill fit Poppy's M.O. because he was "rich, handsome, [and] rich." Bill wasn't sure what was happening, but he told Li that she was way off base.

Li produced a DNA test of her own and announced that she, a licensed professional, would conduct the test to give everyone "peace of mind." Poppy fidgeted nervously. Poppy called Li's idea "ridiculous" and noted that Li had the exact same test kit. "But mine is sealed," Li replied. Poppy explained that she had wanted to have an "intimate moment" with Luna and Bill. Li was unmoved. Bill seemed open to the idea of Li administering the test, even if she did appear to be "coming on a bit strong." Poppy seethed in anger and snarled, "How dare you!"

Li calmly said that there wasn't "a chance in hell" that Bill was Luna's father. Poppy asked Li to leave. Bill said that Li should stay. "We have nothing to hide, right?" Bill asked. Luna said that she wanted to start the test. Li nodded and said that they would find out the truth shortly.

Ridge takes a step down, and Brooke contemplates stepping up

Ridge takes a step down, and Brooke contemplates stepping up

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

At Il Giardino, Tom arrived with a backpack of all his possessions. Pleased, Deacon said he hadn't thought he'd see Tom again. Deacon didn't think he could repay Tom for Tom's help with Sheila, but he'd been serious about offering Tom a job.

Tom was leery because employers didn't hire people with bad habits. Deacon noted that he had enough bad habits of his own. He asked if Tom had recovered, and Tom replied that he was counting his days. Deacon asked if Tom would work hard. "Yes, sir," Tom replied, but Deacon said to never call him that again. Deacon offered Tom a job, and he and Tom shook on it.

Deacon fed Tom and asked if he had a place to stay. Tom felt that Deacon had done enough for him and remarked that it had been a long time since someone had believed in him. Deacon replied that he and Sheila would be indebted to Tom forever.

Tom and Deacon discussed which job Tom could take. Tom could barely work a microwave, and he was afraid he'd spill drinks on the customers. A pizza order came in, and Deacon griped that his delivery guy wasn't there. Tom decided that he could deliver pizza, and he even had his license. Deacon agreed to give it a shot but said it was an important order.

In the design office, Liam arrived to pick up some stuff for Beth, but upon seeing R.J. and Katie, Liam asked if Katie wanted to guess what Bill had told him. Katie replied that Bill thought Luna might be his daughter. Surprised R.J. and Katie knew, Liam announced that Bill was excited about it. Katie said that, according to Li, Poppy wanted nothing more.

Later, Tom arrived and delivered R.J.'s pizzas. As Tom left, R.J. informed Tom that his tip was online. R.J. offered slices to Liam and Katie. Katie agreed to have a piece as they awaited the DNA test results. After a while, Liam decided he had to take off, but R.J. got a message from Luna that the paternity test had started.

Back at Il Giardino, Tom arrived, excited that he'd made his first delivery. He asked Deacon what it meant that a tip was online. Deacon said he'd explain it later, and Tom was hired.

At Bill's house, Li determined that it was time to find out if Poppy was lying about Luna being Bill's daughter. Li stated that her test was sealed, and she was a medical professional. Bill quelled the sisterly bickering because he didn't want anything to tarnish the day that he'd learn whether he was Luna's father. Luna said she was praying that he was.

Li went over the logistics of the test, and Bill hoped that he'd soon learn that he was Luna's father. Li took DNA swabs from Bill and Luna and performed the test. As they awaited the results, Li remarked that she remembered the house. She said it was nice to see Bill again.

Luna expressed surprise that Bill and Li knew each other. Li explained what had transpired when Bill had found Li on the pier after her brawl with Sheila. Luna was intrigued by the story.

A bell chimed. Li immediately picked up the test. "Well, look what we have here," she said. Bill, Poppy, and Luna each asked what the test result was.

In Eric's office, Steffy told Ridge that they should be on the same page. He said they couldn't agree on everything, but she contended that he knew HFTF had been declining -- and yet he'd sided with Hope. Ridge claimed he hadn't sided with anyone. He'd been doing what was best for the company, and losing HFTF at that time wasn't best for the company.

Steffy insisted that the numbers spoke for themselves, and she didn't want to be in the same position as when Thomas had left the last time. Carter got it but, upon thinking about it, agreed with Ridge. HFTF was essential, and the new team needed time to establish itself. The designs looked good, so Carter agreed that the team should have time to turn it around.

Steffy said it wouldn't be the same without Thomas, so Ridge had to pitch in. Ridge didn't want to pitch in. His focus was couture, and he felt he needed less responsibility, not more. Ridge explained that he was a designer and didn't want to do the corporate work. With Thomas gone and Eric not there as much, someone had to produce products. He asked if they all understood that there would be no company without products.

Ridge stated that the company was doing well, but Steffy said HFTF wasn't. He insisted it would bounce back, and he urged her to be optimistic. He said that if he didn't design, couture would suffer; therefore, the rest was on Steffy. Steffy replied that she had a lot on her plate. Ridge was confident that she could do the job, but he said they could find someone at Forrester to step up if Steffy believed she needed help.

At Eric's house, Hope arrived. Brooke was there, and Hope announced that HFTF would live on. Brooke and Hope gleefully hugged. "The look on her face when Ridge and Carter agreed with me..." Hope told Brooke. Hope added that Ridge and Carter had agreed about Brooke's past contributions. Brooke said being at the company had brought her pride and joy. Hope didn't know what Brooke couldn't accomplish and asked if Brooke had thought of stepping up again.

Hope recalled that the company had never thrived as much as when Brooke had been in charge. Brooke recalled reveling in it and said she could run it effectively and efficiently. Brooke asserted that Steffy giving up on HFTF over a mildly depressed season wasn't competent leadership. Hope noted that Brooke had lit up when talking about Forrester. Brooke contended that she had a lot to offer, and there was a lot she'd change; however, she didn't want to step on any toes. Hope replied that Brooke didn't want to upset the "almighty" Steffy Forrester.

Hope and Brooke talked about Brooke's lasting impact on business associates and clients. Hope called her mother a brilliant creator and inventor and said Brooke Logan was a coveted legend in the fashion world. Hope wanted Brooke to lead the company forward, but Brooke replied that there was no room at the top because Ridge and Steffy were co-CEOs.

Hope stated that Steffy had gotten the job because of her father, not from years of the kind of hard work Brooke had put in. Hope said she would love to see what Forrester would be without the Logan influence. Hope was tired of Steffy acting like they were trash from the valley instead of valuing that Brooke had worked hard to become educated and create her own opportunities. Hope was sick of Steffy's elitist attitude, and she asked Brooke to step forward, so they could put an end to Steffy's reckless leadership.

The DNA test revealed that Bill is Luna's father

The DNA test revealed that Bill is Luna's father

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

At Bill's house, Luna, Bill, and Poppy were anxious for Li to tell them the results of the paternity test. Poppy snatched the test out of Li's hand and read it for herself. She handed it to Bill, and he read it. Luna asked him what it said. He handed it to her. "That's two stripes," she said. "That means that -- that means you're my dad!" Luna cried and hugged Bill.

Bill, Poppy, and Luna were emotional about the result. Bill was thrilled, and Luna had been hoping for it. Li was stunned that Poppy had been telling the truth. "You finally got what you always wanted," Li miserably bit out. Poppy asked if Li was so bitter that she couldn't be happy for them. Bill thanked Li but said it was time for her to go. Before leaving, Li said she'd just wanted to make sure for Luna's sake -- and for everyone's.

Alone with Poppy and Luna, Bill decided it was time for their first official family hug. Luna shook from excitement, and Bill said he'd thought he could only make boys. Poppy was sorry she'd kept them apart, and she determined that she should have let them know years back. She cried because she'd taken opportunities from them, and she hoped they could forgive her.

Bill noted that he'd been the one who hadn't called. Luna didn't want Poppy to feel guilty or for anything to ruin the moment she'd waited for her whole life. Poppy and Luna hugged. Poppy told Bill that she'd fallen in love with him years back, and she'd never heard from him again. For them to both be parents to Luna was a miracle. Poppy had never felt so much love as when looking at their daughter with her father. Poppy said Bill didn't have to say it back. It was enough for her that not just she had a daughter -- "We have a daughter."

Bill said he'd been an idiot for not reaching out back then. He asked how he could not love Poppy, who'd brought a beautiful, accomplished young woman into his life. "My daughter," he uttered. He cupped Luna's face and then gazed at Poppy.

In the design office, Katie stated that it was going down that day, and R.J. said Luna could learn who her father was. Katie wondered if Poppy was pulling something over on Bill, but R.J. couldn't imagine playing games about something that important. Katie figured that with Li involved, the truth would come out.

Li arrived, and Katie and R.J. anxiously asked her how the test had gone. Li stated that Poppy hadn't been lying, and Bill was Luna's father.

At Eric's house, Hope was urging Brooke to get back into the game and remind people of what she was able to do. Ridge arrived, and Brooke and Hope thanked him for supporting HFTF. Ridge was there to talk to Eric about things, but Eric didn't seem to be there. Ridge asked for a moment alone with Brooke. As she was leaving, Hope asked Brooke to think about their talk.

Alone with Ridge, Brooke wondered if Ridge's mood about the business meant that he and Steffy had argued. He denied it, saying he hadn't meant to come across that way. He loved Forrester, and it had always been a big part of him. He noted that it was the same for her, but Brooke murmured that it once had been. Ridge asked her what she loved more than launching new lines and products. He guessed him and her family, but that was it.

Ridge loved the part of work that didn't feel like work. He didn't like feeling caught up with bills when all he wanted to do was get sketches down. Ridge talked about Eric's passion for his last line. Ridge missed that feeling. Brooke asked if Ridge was saying he didn't want to be co-CEO.

Ridge didn't look at it as stepping down. Instead, he'd be stepping up because couture needed him. "But who's gonna run the company?" Brooke asked. She wondered if Steffy would do it alone. He explained that he'd help when he could, but he couldn't do all the day-to-day stuff. The problem was that Steffy had a lot on her plate already. Brooke wondered who'd step in if it couldn't be the recovering Eric or the busy Carter. Ridge said he had an idea.

Ridge wondered how Eric had run the company and found time to be creative. Brooke said he'd had his children and grandchildren. "And my mom," Ridge added, and Brooke admitted that Stephanie had been a powerhouse. Ridge told Brooke that he needed someone to step in to help him, and he could only think of one person qualified and capable to do it right then. It was someone who was respected by everyone in the building.

"What do you say?" Ridge asked. Brooke looked at him in surprise. He asked if she'd help to lead Forrester into the future.

In Eric's office, Ridge's decision to keep HFTF while scaling back on his administrative duties perplexed Steffy. She told Carter that Ridge's designs -- as well as his leadership -- had made the company successful, and she loved collaborating with her father, and she loved them challenging each other and making the company stronger. Carter reasoned that Ridge wasn't going anywhere; Ridge was just shedding some daily administrative duties that took him away from designing.

Steffy shook her head and replied that she already had "so much" on her plate. Steffy thought it would be a lot, and Carter advised her to find another person to help her. She asked him if he'd like to, but he said he was already working overtime with his COO duties.

Hope arrived as Carter was leaving, and Steffy said she and Carter would talk later. After he'd gone, Hope wondered if Steffy was still trying to find a way to cancel HFTF. Steffy refused to pretend that she wasn't concerned about the line's performance. Hope said Ridge had faith. Steffy snapped that Ridge was an artist, but she was a realist. "I don't trust your judgment," Hope replied, sure that it was personal and that Steffy would do anything to get back at the Logans.

Steffy was sorry that Hope had gotten her feelings hurt, but Steffy said it was her job to make tough decisions. Hope was sure her mother would agree because Brooke had made hard decisions as CEO, too. Steffy rolled her eyes. Hope asserted that her mother had been an innovator. Brooke's ideas continued to pay huge dividends, but Steffy had dismissed her.

Steffy replied that Brooke had stepped back from her responsibilities a long time before. Hope deemed that a mistake and hoped she could get her mother to see otherwise because Brooke was respected and admired in the industry. Hope said to mark her words because Brooke would find her way back. Steffy wondered if she should be intimidated. Hope didn't care how Steffy felt about it, but she said that like it or not, the Logans were there to stay.

Steffy tells Finn to stay in his lane regarding HFTF

Steffy tells Finn to stay in his lane regarding HFTF

Thursday, June 6, 2024

In Eric's office, Hope asked Steffy to admit that she'd always been threatened by the Logans. Steffy chuckled, denying it. Hope asserted that the Logans were there to stay, whether Steffy liked it or not. Steffy decided that Hope was paranoid, but if HFTF failed -- again -- it would be canceled. "You want to cancel Hope's line?" Finn asked from the doorway.

Seemingly validated, Hope told Finn that Steffy would love nothing more than to see Hope and her line disappear. Steffy claimed it wasn't true and that Hope was twisting her intentions. Finn stated that Hope had done impressive, meaningful things with the line. Steffy cut her eyes at him. He asked why Steffy was doing that to Hope.

Steffy replied that she wasn't doing anything to Hope, and Finn said it was Hope's line. Stating that he was a doctor, Steffy asked him to stay in his lane because she knew what lines were on the way in and out. Hope asserted that after one bad report, Steffy had determined that HFTF was on the way out without giving it any chance to recover.

Hope and Steffy bickered about Ridge and Carter siding with Hope, and Steffy insisted that it would be an issue if HFTF kept spiraling. Hope persisted in her belief that Steffy was being personal and wanted to eliminate the Logans from the company for good.

Finn stressed the importance of getting along, but Steffy said Hope was taking business personally. Hope accused Steffy of trying to sabotage Hope's life. Steffy received an important message about meeting Carter. As she left, she asked Finn to respect her business decisions.

Alone with Finn, Hope apologized for dragging him into it. Hope was worked up, arguing that she hadn't wanted their families pitted against each other. Finn asked if she was okay. Hope revealed that another migraine was rolling in. She asked him to do the "thing." Finn began targeting pressure points in her hand, and she gazed at him worriedly.

At Eric's house, Brooke had been caught off guard by Ridge's request that she return to a leadership position at Forrester. "You want me to join you and Steffy?" Brooke asked. Ridge reasoned that it would be more like joining Steffy. Brooke stiffly nodded. Ridge reasoned that she knew everything about fashion and what buyers wanted before they did. She'd given a lot to Forrester, but he sensed she had more to offer.

Brooke said she was flattered. Ridge, however, had intended to be convincing, not flattering, and he sensed a "but" coming. She replied that it was a huge responsibility. He stated that it would be a breeze for Brooke, who knew the company. She flashed him a look, and he conceded that it would not be a breeze; however, she could handle it. Brooke asked how he thought Steffy would react. Brooke reminded Ridge that she was a Logan.

Ridge didn't want it to be about that. He noted that Steffy and Brooke were both strong. He wanted them to work together. Brooke pointed out that the women were both strong-willed, and Brooke could see them butting heads. Ridge said that he and Steffy didn't always agree, either, and she and Steffy would work things out. Ridge thought it would be good for the women's personal relationship, too.

In the design office, R.J. figured it was the best day ever for Luna. Li said Poppy could have told Bill a long time before but had chosen not to. Katie figured Poppy hadn't been sure before. Everyone agreed that it changed everything, and Katie said Bill was probably realizing there was a lot of time to make up for. R.J. wondered if he should go to Bill's or if he'd be intruding, but Li and Katie urged him to see Luna.

After R.J. had gone, Katie noted that Li didn't seem as excited as R.J. "Are you?" Li asked. Li was still shocked that Poppy hadn't been trying to trick Bill, and Luna was Bill's daughter. Katie hadn't gotten from Poppy the vibes Li was describing, but Li said Katie didn't have a history with Poppy. Katie asked if Poppy was putting on an act for Katie's benefit.

Li replied that Katie was important to Bill, so Katie was important to Poppy. Li figured Poppy wanted to seem unassuming and innocent, but Li knew how Poppy operated. Li claimed that Poppy had had the same pattern with rich older men, but as it turned out, Luna really was Bill's child. Katie asked if Li was seeing Poppy more favorably.

Later, Li explained that she'd gained an admiration for Bill when he'd found her lost and traumatized behind a restaurant after her run-in with Sheila. Li believed she was there that day because of Bill. Katie remarked that Li had a special connection to him. Li replied that he'd always have a special place in her heart, and she hoped Penelope deserved him.

At Bill's house, Luna, Poppy, and Bill basked in the happiness of their news. Poppy loved Bill even more because they shared a child. Bill felt blessed to have Poppy and Luna in his life, and he loved Poppy for giving him the amazing Luna.

R.J. arrived. Luna ran into his arms, exclaiming that Bill Spencer was her father. Luna beamed that she was lucky to learn that Bill was her father, but Bill felt as if he was the one who'd hit the jackpot. Bill vowed to love and protect Luna and Poppy. Bill noted that they'd missed out on a lot of time together, but it made what they had more special. He didn't intend to waste a moment.

Bill remarked that they couldn't get back the lost years, but they could take advantage of the time they did have. He said it was why he wanted Luna and Poppy to move in. Luna and Poppy looked surprised, but Bill said they were his family -- them and his three boys. He was sure his sons would love having a sister. Poppy asked if he was sure. Bill declared that their life as a family started right then and there, and they hugged.

Hope surprises Finn, and he goes in for more

Hope surprises Finn, and he goes in for more

Friday, June 7, 2024

At the cliff house, Steffy was frazzled as she gathered up clothes and items for Kelly's soccer practice. Steffy had gluten-free snacks for the kids and told Liam that the parents had freaked out the last time she'd brought granola. He was sorry he'd taken her away from work, but she said she'd needed a break. She was “in a mood” because of Finn and Hope.

Later, Liam was reluctant to choose sides. He was sure Steffy knew what she was doing, but he also knew how much the line meant to Hope. Liam didn't get why Finn was even involved. Steffy said Finn shouldn't be, and his problem was that he cared too much about people. Steffy elaborated that Finn had defended Hope and needed to stay in his own lane.

Steffy said that though she loved her husband, she thought some of his choices were crazy. Liam agreed, noting that Finn had chosen to let in the woman who'd shot them. Liam called it a bug in the relationship and was sure Sheila would push for more. Steffy said Finn struggled with his tie to Sheila, but his tie to Steffy was stronger. Steffy remarked that Sheila was causing trouble without even knowing it by bringing Hope and Finn closer.

Steffy called Hope's influence on Finn unhealthy and said Hope was getting into his head, convincing him that maybe Sheila had changed. Liam assumed Hope thought Finn should get a second chance with his parent like she had. Steffy agreed but reasoned that Sheila was a dangerous psychopath. Liam didn't know why Hope was giving Sheila a chance. Steffy replied that it was because Hope wanted to cause problems between Steffy and Finn.

Liam didn't see Hope being that way, but Steffy did. Liam reasoned that it was wrong if Hope was encouraging Finn to have a relationship with Sheila, but Liam didn't believe Hope would do it on purpose, just to mess with Steffy. Liam said it wasn't who Hope was. Steffy corrected that it wasn't who Hope had been, but "girlfriend" was off the rails.

In Eric's office, Hope thanked Finn for the pressure-point massage he was performing on her. Concerned, he said she'd been a bad patient for not taking care of herself. She promised to try harder and sneaked a side gaze at him. As he massaged her neck, she thanked him for taking the time out to help her. She said she was feeling better. He was glad he'd been able to help. With a long, thoughtful gaze, she said he certainly had.

Hope suggested that Finn go into massage therapy and remarked that he had a way with his hands. He offered to show her how to do it, so she didn't have to waste her time tracking him down. Hope was sure she wouldn't do it as well as he would and cited that a sandwich always tasted better when someone else made it.

Finn reminded Hope to relieve stress and find time for herself. She offered to try. He told her to do better than that because he was concerned about her. Hope didn't want him worrying about her or to cause tension in his life. She figured Steffy wouldn't like the idea of Finn helping her or even speaking to her.

Finn replied that Steffy supported his desire to help people -- even "a dreaded Logan." He said he was Hope's friend, and she'd been struggling. He was confident that she could handle it, though, and said she had friends like him to lean on. He stated that he'd be there for her.

It meant a lot to Hope that Finn cared about her. Finn called her an amazing mom and fashion icon. Hope said he was talking about Steffy. "I'm talking about you," he replied. He appreciated the meaning behind HFTF and admired and respected her for making a difference in people's lives. He felt she embodied the name of her line.

Hope rubbed her neck, and Finn assumed it was another headache. He cupped her face to massage her. As his hands worked, Hope leaned in and kissed him. Finn looked confused, but then they began kissing more.

At Eric's house, Brooke was concerned that she and Steffy wouldn't get along, but Ridge promised he'd be right across the hall to intervene. Brooke said it meant a lot to her that he'd ask her and recognize her past contributions. Ridge asked if she'd help lead Forrester again.

Brooke was flattered, and the company brought a huge smile to her face. Part of her wanted to agree to it, and years back, she would have jumped at it. She stated that at that time, it didn't feel right. Confused, Ridge admitted he had thought she'd jump at the opportunity. Brooke figured she was crazy for turning it down. He wondered if the problem was Steffy.

Ridge gleaned that Brooke didn't want to work with Steffy, and Brooke admitted that it was part of the reason. Brooke stated that it wouldn't be her issue; it would be Steffy's. Brooke reminded Ridge that Steffy had reignited the Logan vs. Forrester thing, and the office would become a battlefield. Sighing, he claimed it would be a mild skirmish at best.

Brooke desired to be involved and suggested they talk about how it would be at some point, but she didn't want to work side by side with Steffy. She didn't want to threaten Steffy in any way. Ridge surmised that Brooke would walk away because she didn't want to threaten Steffy.

Brooke explained that she'd never hesitate to push back against Steffy if needed, but the company needed strong leadership to build its legacy. She wasn't confident that she and Steffy could accomplish that together. Brooke figured she'd be more effective behind the scenes. She thanked him for valuing her.

Ridge asked how Brooke made him fall in love with her more and more every day. They kissed, and she suggested they go home for more privacy.

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