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Liam welcomed Luna into the family. Katie scowled as Poppy became the lady of Bill's house. As Hope's fantasies about Finn persisted, Brooke tried to shake sense into her daughter. Finn ignored Steffy's warning about Hope. Ridge convinced Brooke to return to Brooke's Bedroom.
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Brooke warned Hope about her fantasies of Finn. Katie wasn't pleased that Poppy had moved in with Bill. Brooke returned to Brooke's Bedroom.
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Steffy demands to know what she walked in on

Steffy demands to know what she walked in on

Monday, June 10, 2024

In the design office, Katie was distracted while meeting with Carter. Carter said she could tell him what was on her mind, and she replied that it had to do with Bill, who had a daughter.

Later, Katie had told Carter part of the story about how Will had gotten a new sister. Carter was surprised that a woman had come out of the woodwork and given Bill a paternity test. Katie elaborated that Bill's daughter was someone Carter saw daily -- Luna -- and the woman had been Poppy. "Small world, right?" Katie asked.

Katie noted the irony that Liam and Wyatt had entered Bill's life around the same age. Will was the only child Bill had known since birth. They discussed how Will would take it. Katie guessed Will would be fine with it. Carter asked what Katie thought of Poppy. Katie didn't know the woman and said Bill could do what he wanted because they hadn't been together in a long time. "You were my last relationship," she remarked.

Carter pressed, asking how Katie felt about Bill having a child with Poppy. Katie murmured that she was still trying to figure out how she was supposed to feel. It didn't affect her life, but she didn't know how to feel about Will having another sibling. "And Bill having another baby mama," Carter added.

At Bill's house, Luna beamed that she couldn't have picked a better dad. Poppy stated that they finally got to be a real family. Luna and Poppy were excited about their new life with Bill. They were used to living in tiny rentals. Bill said they'd filled those rentals with love, and Poppy stated that they'd do the same at Bill's place.

Bill guessed it was moving fast, but Luna said she was ready to dive into having a "dad." Bill repeated that word and said he could get used to it. Poppy insisted that they wouldn't be freeloaders, but Bill said their presence was worth its weight in gold.

Later, Bill had given Poppy and Luna a tour of the house. Luna said it was the most gorgeous mansion she'd ever seen. Poppy thanked Bill for welcoming Luna into his life with open arms. Luna stated that she'd live anywhere with them as long as they were a family. Bill decided that it was time that Luna met one of her brothers.

At the cliff house, Steffy figured she should stop venting about Hope, but Liam said Steffy had a right to vent about Hope and Sheila. Upset that Hope was promoting a relationship between Sheila and Finn, Steffy said that the last thing she needed was Hope spending time with Finn.

Steffy asked if Hope was bonding with Finn to get under Steffy's skin. Liam replied that Sheila was Finn's mother, Deacon was Hope's father, and that was the extent of it. Steffy wished Hope would back off and stop putting Finn in risky situations.

Liam received a text message from Bill, who'd summoned Liam to the mansion. Liam advised Steffy not to get too worked up about Hope, who wasn't doing anything intentionally. Steffy replied that she wanted Hope to stop telling Finn to do the one thing Steffy told him not to do -- have a relationship with Sheila. Hope spending time with Finn was getting on Steffy's nerves.

Back at Bill's house, Bill announced that Liam was on the way there. Luna wondered if Liam would be okay with having another sibling, and Bill said they'd make Liam okay with it. Luna couldn't wait to meet all of her brothers, and Poppy announced that Luna wasn't an only child anymore. Bill promised that everything would be great.

Liam arrived. He surveyed the scene. Noticing the women, he remarked that he'd been summoned. Bill introduced Liam to Poppy, and Liam was glad to finally meet her. Meeting Luna, Liam said he'd heard many good things about her. Bill stated that it would get better because they'd just confirmed that Luna was Liam's half-sister.

In Eric's office, familiar sultry music played as Hope and Finn made out. Finn called Hope's name, and she snapped out of her fantasy. He said he'd lost her for a moment, and she asked what he'd been saying. He repeated that she embodied the name of her line, and he admired her. Hope smiled uneasily. He asked if she was okay, and she said she hadn't expected to feel that way. She hadn't seen it coming, but she thanked him.

Finn noted that Hope looked flushed and asked if the headache was still there. Hope said she was okay, and it was nothing. He asked her to tell him what was going on in that head of hers. In Hope's silence, Finn checked her for a fever, but she didn't have one. He said they needed to get to the bottom of whatever was going on, but Hope said it wasn't necessary.

Finn reminded Hope that he was a doctor, and he asked her to tell him exactly how she was feeling. Hope's eyes darted around as she stammered. She stated that she was feeling something, but it was hard to put into words. She said she'd always thought Liam had had one eye on Steffy, but then she'd gotten with Thomas, despite things he'd done to her in the past.

"And then, I don't know, I got to know you," Hope added.

Hope said Liam had been a good man but not always true. Thomas had been always true, but not always a good man. Hope stated that meeting Finn had made her realize that the whole package could exist. Finn replied that he wasn't perfect. Hope stated that he was good to Steffy and dedicated to his family.

Finn believed that there were men like him out there, and she'd find the right guy. He felt she deserved someone who excited her and made her feel appreciated. He offered to set her up with one of his colleagues. Hope took his hand and thanked him for understanding and listening.

The door opened, and Hope and Finn released each other's hands. "What did I just walk in on?" Steffy asked, demanding, "Answer me, Hope. Answer me!"

Brooke asks Hope if she has feelings for Finn

Brooke asks Hope if she has feelings for Finn

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

At Eric's house, Eric was having iced tea with the Logan sisters. He had heard that Ridge had asked Brooke to return to Forrester. Eric remarked that the Logans and Forresters made a formidable team, but Brooke said she didn't want to create more tension with Steffy.

Donna noticed that Katie was distracted, and Katie revealed that she'd learned that Will had a new half-sister. Around the room, everyone's jaws dropped. "Bill, your Bill, has a daughter?" Brooke asked. Katie added that he'd just found out that day. Eric said it wasn't unchartered territory for Bill.

Katie revealed that the new daughter was Luna. As the group reeled from the news, Katie said she'd gotten her information from R.J., not Bill. Brooke said it was an adjustment for Bill and for Katie, but Katie replied that it really didn't involve her. Donna and Eric said Katie and Bill would have to explain it to Will. Brooke asked if the news changed Katie's feelings about being with Bill, since Poppy having a daughter with Bill could alter the future.

Later, Donna and Katie noted that Brooke hadn't talked to R.J. about it. Though Brooke hadn't heard about it from her son yet, she said he had confided in her about Luna before. Wishing Bill had been more open with her before, Katie decided to leave to talk to Bill about the newest addition to his life and to Will's.

In Eric's office, Hope looked befuddled as Steffy demanded to know what she'd walked in on. Accusing Hope of being a bad influence on Finn, Steffy ordered Hope to stay away from Finn.

Finn frowned and said Steffy didn't have to worry about his friendship with Hope. Steffy expressed concern about the ideas Hope was putting in his head about Sheila. Hope interjected that Finn was a grown man and didn't need them telling him how to feel about Sheila.

Steffy couldn't believe Hope had bought into the new Sheila routine. Hope replied that she believed people could change, and so did Finn. Feeling that Hope had proven her point, Steffy ordered Hope to leave Finn out of Hope's decisions about Sheila.

Hope claimed there was nothing to worry about, but she decided to leave before she got Finn into any more trouble. Before closing the door behind her, Hope advised Steffy to focus on Finn and said Steffy was lucky to have such a compassionate husband.

Alone with Steffy, Finn asked what that had been about. Steffy glared at him. She said they'd agreed not to let Sheila get between them. He asked what it had to do with Hope. Steffy explained that Hope kept rehashing it. Finn could see Steffy's point of view but said they could have discussed it if she'd been a little more chill. She rolled her eyes at him. "Chill?" she repeated.

Finn said there was no reason to be hard on Hope. Steffy claimed she hadn't known that she had been. She stated that Hope always played the victim and made it seem that everything wrong in her life had to do with Steffy. Asserting that it wasn't true, she instructed him to stop and think before ever defending Hope again.

Steffy noted that Finn cared about people, but sometimes, he was too caring and was compelled to do everything people asked of him. Finn was puzzled that she'd have an issue with that. She said she had an issue with Hope and Sheila trying to manipulate him. Steffy claimed that he'd gone to Sheila's memorial and wedding -- with Hope. Steffy believed Hope was trying to get in his head, and she said the less he saw of Hope, the better.

In the design office, Hope pored over jewelry and thought of Finn asking her to say what was on her mind. Brooke arrived, eager to spread the news about Luna and Bill. Brooke had wanted to tell Hope because "you're close, and you work with her." Brooke noticed that Hope seemed distracted. Hope stammered that she couldn't help it. She was thinking about Finn. Hope was worried that he didn't have much of a voice in his marriage.

Hope stated that Finn was an amazing man, and Brooke agreed that he was extraordinary. Hope didn't think he should have to feel bad for having an open heart. She said Finn's feelings for Sheila didn't lessen his commitment to Steffy, and Hope didn't think he should have to constantly justify himself "to that -- " Interrupting, Brooke asked where Hope was going with all of it. Hope replied that Steffy didn't appreciate what she had with Finn.

Brooke said that, despite the conflict between Hope and Steffy, Steffy and Finn were married, and Steffy was Ridge's daughter. Hope said she was aware of it. Brooke wondered if Hope really was aware. Brooke asked Hope to be honest with herself. "Are you having feelings for Steffy's husband?" Brooke asked.

At Bill's house, Liam was smiling, astonished that he had a new half-sister. He readily welcomed Luna to his family. Liam, who had had a feeling that the news was why Bill had summoned him, said Bill finally got to find out how good it was to be a girl dad.

Liam looked forward to spoiling his new half-sister. Luna stated that it was more than she could have ever wished for, and Poppy assumed it had taken Liam off guard. Liam replied that he'd learned to expect the unexpected from Bill. Bill interjected that he was full of surprises, but Luna was the best surprise he'd ever gotten.

Liam noted the big, dumb smile on Bill's face. Liam said one usually had to drag things out of Bill, but he wouldn't shut up about Poppy. Poppy replied that the feeling was mutual, and she loved Bill more because of their child together. Hugging Poppy, Bill announced that he'd asked Poppy and Luna to move in with him. Poppy called Bill generous, and Liam said it was because Bill was generous when he was happy.

Later, Poppy and Luna were alone because Liam and Bill had gone to work. Poppy persuaded Luna not to do the same thing on such a happy day for them. Poppy cooed that Bill had the most incredible daughter in the world, and she hoped the new life was all Luna wanted it to be.

Luna said she'd just wanted to know her father, but the rest had been icing on the cake. Poppy replied that Luna was getting what she deserved, and Poppy marveled that life couldn't be better because they were living in the Spencer estate.

A door slammed, and they saw Katie in the house. Katie assumed the news had gone over well. Poppy asked if Bill had called Katie, but Katie explained that she'd heard while with R.J. earlier. Katie congratulated Luna. Luna said her questions had finally been answered, and she couldn't wait to get to know Bill.

Katie asked if she'd heard correctly that they were living there. Poppy explained that Bill hadn't wanted to lose any more time being family after all the time they'd lost already. Poppy and Luna beamed about Liam, who'd given them his blessing. Poppy hoped Katie would, too.

Brooke tries to shake some sense into Hope

Brooke tries to shake some sense into Hope

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

At Il Giardino, Liam and Bill concluded a meeting with Tracy, who said they'd ensure that there weren't any unwanted surprises. Bill hinted that some unexpected surprises could be the best part of life. Tracy looked to Liam, and he grinned uneasily as he saw her out.

Liam returned to Bill and asked, "What was that?" Liam told Bill to wait until they were out of meetings to talk. "About what?" Bill asked. Liam said it was about Luna. Liam wondered if the euphoria had subsided and Bill had gained perspective about Poppy giving him a daughter.

Bill recalled that the test results had rendered him speechless. Bill flashed back to hearing Luna read the paternity test results. Bill said that other than crushing the competition and making tons of money, his greatest joy was his kids.

Liam was happy for Bill, who was captivated by Poppy as well as Luna. Bill remarked that Poppy was something else, and Liam asserted that she'd better be if one night from years back still ignited a spark. Bill said it was more; it was as if they were frozen in time. He looked at Poppy and could see the same woman who'd left him breathless at the festival. Poppy hadn't just given him memories; she'd given him a daughter.

Liam asked if Bill had spoken to the other woman in town who'd given him a child. Bill, who'd been wrapped up in Luna and Poppy, hadn't had a chance to talk to Katie. Liam gave Bill a long look, and Bill dismissively said he'd talk to her.

At Bill's house, Poppy beamed about Bill embracing her and Luna and welcoming them into his home. Poppy recognized that Katie was an important part of Bill's life and said it would mean a lot if Katie could give Poppy and Luna her blessing. Katie replied that she didn't know Poppy, but Luna had done well at Forrester and had made an impression on Katie's nephew. Katie added that she and Bill hadn't had a chance to discuss it, and it affected Will's life, too.

Luna said she was still trying to process it, too. She couldn't believe she had brothers. She assumed it would be awkward at first, but in time, things would be okay. R.J. sent Luna a text message, and she decided to take off to meet him.

Alone with Poppy, Katie said Poppy had a lovely daughter. Poppy noted that it was a lot to take in, but Bill wasn't home at that moment. Poppy offered to tell him that Katie had stopped by. Katie asked if Poppy was telling her to leave. Poppy claimed she'd never do that because they'd become family. Hoping to be friends, Poppy was sure it would take getting used to that it had once been Katie's home but had become Poppy's.

Poppy looked around and said she had a lot to do there, and the place could use a woman's touch. Poppy said she'd assumed Katie would want to be on her way, since Bill wasn't there. Poppy repeated that she'd let him know Katie had stopped by, "although I'm sure he'll just want to be alone with Luna and me."

Katie was sure Bill, Poppy, and Luna, had a lot to make up for, but for the sake of Katie's son, it was a priority that Katie and Bill talk about it. Poppy agreed but hadn't wanted to get Katie's hopes up that it would happen that day. "Because Bill will be busy with you," Katie noted. Poppy repeated that they had a lot to make up for, and she was eager to do that. Katie said she could imagine that Poppy was.

In the design office, Hope didn't get where Brooke's questions were coming from. Pinpointing that it was the way Hope spoke about Finn, Brooke asked if Hope was developing feelings for Steffy's husband. Brooke stated that she wasn't judging or accusing. Hope said it felt like it. Brooke asked again if Hope had feelings for Finn. "You want the truth, Mom? Yes, I am starting to care more about Finn," Hope revealed, and Brooke gasped in shock.

Hope asked how she could "not" care about the kind, compassionate friend who wanted the best for people, even when it was difficult. Hope wondered what man had such capacity for forgiveness. To her, it made sense that he was an amazing doctor. She said he'd even helped her, and Brooke asked if Hope had become his patient. Hope flashed back to Finn massaging her hand earlier that day. "Hope!" Brooke yelled, and Hope snapped out of her reverie.

Hope explained that she wasn't officially seeing Finn as a patient. Brooke asked if Hope was sick. Hope said she'd been getting migraines, and Brooke asked if Finn had prescribed her something. "Let's just say that Finn has healing hands," Hope hinted. Brooke gasped again.

Brooke asked how Hope knew that and was appalled to hear that Finn had massaged Hope. Hope said it had been pressure point therapy, and his hand had given her "such relief." It had been amazing. "Oh, my God..." Brooke replied. Hope claimed they were just good friends, and she didn't want to see him bossed around by Steffy.

Brooke told her daughter that Finn and Steffy's relationship was their business. Hope complained that Steffy was undervaluing him and didn't understand him. "And you do?" Brooke pointedly asked. Hope decided that she did. She said he confided in her, and they were like two kindred spirits. Brooke grabbed Hope's shoulders and said it was Steffy's husband. Hope claimed she wasn't going after him -- but he was one of the best men she'd ever met.

In Eric's office, Steffy insisted that Hope was toxic and delusional about Sheila. Finn didn't think Hope felt the ways Steffy thought Hope did about Sheila, and he added that Hope had been kind to him. Steffy told him to trust his wife, who was more experienced with Hope than he was.

Finn loved Steffy's concern and agreed that he didn't know the Logans like she did. Steffy thanked him for that. He assured her that there was nothing to worry about with him and Hope. Steffy said Hope didn't worry Steffy; Hope annoyed her by passing judgment on Steffy's feelings about Sheila. Finn said Hope was trying to help, but Steffy quipped that Hope couldn't help herself. With Douglas and Thomas gone, HFTF sinking, and Deacon marrying a psychopath, Steffy doubted there was enough on Hope's plate for Finn.

Finn chuckled, and Steffy asked if he thought she was being insecure or jealous. He didn't think that. She admitted that she was uncomfortable with him hanging around Hope, whose behavior was suspect. Steffy noted that Hope had used Thomas to cope with her divorce and had started advocating for a relationship between Finn and Sheila. Steffy said Hope was lost, and when she was lost, she was reckless.

Steffy stated that Hope had no self-awareness, and after losing Liam, Thomas, and Douglas, Hope didn't want to lose her dad. Finn said it was why Hope had accepted Sheila. Steffy said Hope's beliefs swayed like the wind. Finn reasoned that it was a reason to help Hope, not criticize her. He said Hope might need their help.

Finn confided that Hope had opened up to him. Steffy asked what Hope had said. He replied that Steffy was basically right in what she'd just said about Hope's loss. Finn stated that the problems between Steffy and Hope hadn't originated with them; they had started with Brooke, Stephanie, and Taylor, and they had started before Hope and Steffy had been born.

Finn asked if Kelly and Beth were next. Steffy denied it. Finn reasoned that it could be, and that was why he lobbied for peace and harmony. They were one big family and had a lot to be grateful for. He assured Steffy that Hope was not influencing him. Steffy nodded, and they hugged.

Brooke agrees to revamp Brooke's Bedroom

Brooke agrees to revamp Brooke's Bedroom

Thursday, June 13, 2024

At the cliff house, Steffy flashed back to walking in on her husband and Hope. Finn wrapped his arms around Steffy, eager to spend his free morning with his sexy wife. Steffy, however, had back-to-back meetings, but before heading to work, she needed to clarify things about Hope.

Finn said he respected Steffy's feelings, and he got that Steffy thought Hope was manipulating him. Steffy replied that Hope had used men in the past -- Liam and Thomas. "Now me," Finn concluded. Steffy repeated that the less time he spent with the confused Hope, the better.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke learned from Hope that Beth had remained home from daycare because she might have the flu. Brooke was there because their talk about Finn had left Brooke unsettled. Hope said she merely thought Finn was the most amazing man she'd ever met; Steffy didn't appreciate him, and Hope didn't think he was all that happy in his marriage.

Brooke asserted that Hope couldn't speak about Finn that way. It was good Hope had a friend to open up to, "but that's all it is, honey. You can't knowingly go after Steffy's husband." Hope claimed she wouldn't because she wasn't a homewrecker. Feeling it could get out of hand without Hope intending it to, Brooke advised Hope not to let her heart rule her head. Brooke left.

Beth appeared, saying she felt worse. Hope offered to take Beth to the doctor, but Beth didn't feel well enough to go. Hope called Beth's doctor, but he couldn't see her until the next day.

Next, Hope called Finn. She described Beth's symptoms to him and explained that Beth's doctor couldn't see her that day. Hope asked if he thought it could wait or if Beth should go to urgent care. Finn decided that he'd be on his way, but Hope said he didn't have to. Finn insisted, and Hope told Beth not to worry because Finn was on his way.

Later, Finn arrived with his medical bag. Hope grinned, watching the kind way Finn ascertained from Beth's symptoms that she might have the flu. Finn administered a shot and hoped that vitamins and a mild steroid would mitigate the symptoms quickly. He gave Beth a cartoon Band-Aid and advised her to do her part by taking her medicine and getting rest.

After a while, Beth began to feel better, and her fever had subsided. Finn called her a star patient and got her to pinky promise to keep it up. Hope decided it was time for a nap, and Finn asked if he should "airlift" Beth to bed. As he carried Beth out, Hope seemed touched.

When Finn returned, Hope offered him tea. After checking on Beth, Hope returned and reported that Beth seemed better. Hope was thankful for what Finn had done and "how you made her feel and how you made her mother feel..." It reminded Hope of what an incredible man he was.

In Eric's office, Carter and Ridge met about the budget, and Ridge expressed a desire to talk to Hope about her line. Carter said Ridge wasn't acting like a guy who wanted to concentrate only on design. Ridge said it was still his plan but with a very particular caveat. He didn't want the burden to land on Steffy. Carter offered to help, but Ridge had someone else in mind. It was someone who'd been at the company almost as long as he had.

"Brooke?" Carter responded. Ridge affirmed it but said she'd turned him down. Ridge admitted that he'd asked Brooke before floating it by Steffy because Ridge had known Steffy wouldn't like it. Ridge had figured the women would work through it for the good of the company.

Brooke arrived, and Carter said he'd heard about Ridge's work proposal to her. She hoped Ridge didn't think she'd given up on him in his time of need, and Ridge revealed that he hadn't given up on her yet. Steffy entered and asked Brooke why she was there. Ridge answered that he'd called Brooke, and Carter asked if it had to do with their earlier discussion.

"Which was what exactly?" Steffy asked. Ridge revealed that it was about the impact Brooke had had on the business. He wanted to capitalize on that again. Steffy asked how. Ridge brought up the Bedroom line and his desire to highlight Brooke the way they had in the past because she could create a buzz like no one else. Steffy asked how they'd highlight Brooke.

Ridge proposed photoshoots and a campaign with Brooke front and center. Flipping a cloth off a picture of Brooke on a bed in red lingerie, flanked by models, he stated, "We need to get back to this." Carter and Brooke smiled. Steffy's brows rose. "So, that's what you've been thinking about at work," Brooke said. Ridge admitted it but insisted it was about her.

Brooke told Ridge it had been a long time before, and she was a grandmother. "You're not like any grandmother I know!" Carter quipped, and Ridge told his friend to take it easy. Ridge agreed with Carter, saying Brooke was timeless and ageless. He thought she was even more provocative and alluring than when they'd met. He deemed it time for her to step out of the shadows and onto the runway to give the people what they wanted. He asked Brooke to make the Bedroom line hers again.

Brooke wanted to, but she uttered that she was too old. Calling it ridiculous, Ridge said if people weren't in the room, he'd show her how sexy she was. He insisted that they needed to highlight the line, and she was the best one for the job. He asked Carter to hit the lights so he could show Brooke a reel of her highlights at the company.

Steffy rolled her eyes as a photo presentation set to provocative music played. Ridge said Brooke brought magic to the line, and people couldn't take their eyes off her. He remarked that Brooke had just hit her stride and had more to offer the company and the world. Brooke still had a lot of questions about how it would work, "but yes, I will do it." Steffy looked nauseated.

Later, Carter and Ridge had gone, and Steffy asked Brooke if there was somewhere she needed to be. Brooke guessed Steffy wanted Brooke to be on her way. Brooke noted that Steffy wasn't thrilled about the Brooke's Bedroom proposal. Admitting that she wasn't, Steffy said she could still make the best choices for the company. Brooke sniped that Steffy's HFTF choice hadn't been for the best. Steffy replied that she wasn't as concerned about Hope's line as she was about Hope herself -- especially the time Hope was spending with Finn.

Steffy demands Hope stay away from Finn, and Katie questions Bill's living arrangements

Steffy demands Hope stay away from Finn, and Katie questions Bill's living arrangements

Friday, June 14, 2024

At Bill's estate, Poppy told Bill that everything had changed for her overnight, and she confessed that she still could not believe her new life. "It's like I walked into a dream," Poppy said with a smile. Poppy admitted that a part of her wished she had come forward sooner. The couple was sharing a kiss when the front door suddenly opened.

Shocked by what she saw, Katie explained that Alfred, the guard, had let her onto the property. Katie apologized for not having called first. Bill greeted his ex-wife with a smile. In turn, Katie commented that she'd heard that congratulations were in order. Bill proudly proclaimed that he was Luna's father. Katie asked why Poppy had waited so long to tell Bill the truth. Bill answered on Poppy's behalf and started that Poppy had been "afraid."

Asked what Poppy could possibly have been afraid of, Bill replied, "her love for me." Katie was taken aback that Bill and Poppy were using "the L word." Katie assured Bill and Poppy that she was not judging their feelings. Katie then asked about the abruptness of Poppy and Luna moving into Bill's home. Bill insisted that he had planned to tell Katie about the changes to his living arrangements.

When Katie claimed that it was none of her business, Bill corrected her and said that it was her business because the change affected their son, Will. Bill suggested that they come up with a plan to explain everything to him. Poppy spoke up to say that Luna looked forward to meeting her brother.

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Steffy said that she was "significantly concerned" that Hope had been spending so much time with Finn. Brooke pointed out that Hope and Finn were friends -- and that friends spent time together. Steffy railed against Hope for having "zero common sense." As Steffy vented, Brooke tuned out and remembered how Hope had shared her belief that Steffy didn't appreciate Finn. "I need your daughter to keep her feelings to herself," Steffy snapped as Brooke returned to the present.

Brooke quipped that Steffy was going "too far" by banning people from befriending Finn. Steffy clarified that she took no issue with Brooke wanting to be Finn's friend. Hope, however, was a different story. "I don't want her anywhere near Finn," Steffy said firmly. Brooke wasn't sure what she would say to Hope. "Can you just try to talk some sense into Hope? That's all I'm asking," Steffy said in frustration. Brooke again thought back to her discussion with Hope about Hope's feelings for Finn. "I am trying, Steffy. Believe me," Brooke said quietly to herself.

At the cabin, Hope thanked Finn for dropping by the cabin to check on Beth, who had not been feeling well. Beth's fever had since broken, and she was well on her way to recovery. Finn told Hope that she should never hesitate to reach out to him about such things. Hope smiled and softly told Finn that she appreciated him. She looked longingly at him and called him "a miracle worker."

Hope asked how she could repay Finn for his kindness. Finn politely told Hope that she did not owe him anything. Hope wrapped her arms around Finn and pulled him in for a hug. As the embraced lingered, a curious expression washed over Finn's face. Hope eventually pulled away, and Finn left with neither him nor Hope saying another word.

Later, Hope smiled as she thought back to her embrace with Finn. She was roused back to reality when a knock sounded on the door. Hope opened the door and saw Finn, who explained that he had returned because he had forgotten his phone. After Finn retrieved his phone, Hope nervously told Finn that she wanted to tell him about something she'd felt for a while. Hope told Finn that he had had a big impact on her life. "I think I understand you, and I feel like you understand me, too," Hope said.

Hope continued, saying that Finn had shown her "how a man should be." To Hope, that meant being "loyal, forthright, committed, caring, compassionate, [and] loving." Hope inched ever closer to Finn, and, her voice just above a whisper, told Finn that she could not stop thinking and dreaming about him. Her face nearly pressing against his, Hope begged Finn to tell her that he felt the same way. Finn said nothing and instead leaned forward and kissed Hope. They kissed passionately before Hope ripped open Finn's shirt.

Suddenly, an out-of-breath Hope sat up quickly on the sofa. She let out a deep exhale as she put her hand over her heart. "What am I doing?" she asked herself. She then reminded herself that Finn was Steffy's husband.

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