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Ridge was skeptical of Thomas' engagement to Paris. As Steffy reveled in it, Hope grappled with the news that Thomas' future was with Paris, not Hope. Deacon gave Tom an apartment and a guitar gig, while Tom delivered a free pizza to Poppy and declared himself Luna's father.
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Thomas announced that he and Paris were engaged. Hope struggled with the news. Bill wanted to adopt Luna. Tom announced that he was Luna's father.
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Hope is shocked when Douglas calls Paris ''Mom''

Hope is shocked when Douglas calls Paris ''Mom''

Monday, June 24, 2024

In Eric's office, Hope burst with joy upon seeing Douglas and Thomas. "You came home," she said, looking at Thomas. Douglas remarked that he'd wanted to surprise her, and they'd arrived straight from the airport. Hope said she'd missed Douglas -- and Thomas, too. Hope added that it had been a lot, and Thomas replied that he'd missed her, too.

Douglas left to get a snack, and Thomas and Hope stammered, each noting that the other looked good. Hope said it had been difficult in his absence, but he said she knew why he'd had to go. Hope did, but it had thrown her more than anyone had realized. He asked how she was. He replied that they'd talked about Douglas "here and there," but he asked if she was okay.

Hope pondered the question and said she was hanging in there. She said her line was barely hanging in there, and her mind had been confused, all over the place. She hadn't been herself and didn't exactly trust her feelings. She was very glad that Thomas and Douglas were back.

Hope showed Thomas one of Zende's designs. Thomas said it was good, and he was happy Zende had stepped up after Thomas had left her in a bind. Hope replied that it wasn't the same; Thomas had known what she'd needed and could read her mind. She said she'd been lost while figuring out what kind of woman she aspired to be and what she wanted her life to look like.

Thomas replied that Hope always had it together and could handle anything. Hope admitted that she wasn't sure about it anymore. Tearfully, she said that with him, she'd had stability and someone she could rely on. She'd known that he'd been truly committed to her, and it had meant the world to her. Thomas didn't know what to say. She replied that he didn't have to say anything. She'd been trying to bury it, but he'd been missed. She grabbed him and hugged him.

Hope uttered that it felt good to be in Thomas' arms, and she'd needed it. She told him that she hadn't wanted to hurt him when she'd turned down his marriage proposal. "But you did hurt me, because you turned me down twice," he remarked. Hope said she hadn't been expecting it, and he'd known how she'd felt. He stated that it shouldn't have been a surprise, considering how deeply he'd felt for her.

Hope explained that she'd wanted to be ready for Thomas. She hadn't wanted there to be anything false between them, and she'd been under pressure, still recovering from her divorce, and considering how her choices affected her children. She hadn't been ready to be married again and had needed time to rebuild her confidence. It hadn't meant that she'd wanted to lose him or end things. She knew how rare a man like him was, as was his devotion to the woman in his life. She wondered why he'd returned and if he was back to give them another shot.

Just then, Douglas returned to the office. Paris followed him in. Gasping, Hope said she hadn't seen Paris in a long time. She asked what Paris was doing there. "Mom?" Douglas asked.

"Yes?" Hope and Paris said in unison, but Douglas was looking at Paris. Hope and Paris exchanged looks, and then Paris looked at Thomas. Hope asked Douglas why he'd called Paris that. Douglas looked at Paris. Thomas said there was something Hope should know. Paris put her hand on Douglas' shoulder. On her finger gleamed a diamond ring. Thomas announced that he and Paris were engaged to be married.

At Il Giardino, Tom was in the kitchen, gazing at Poppy. They locked eyes, and he half-smiled. Sheila reminded Tom not to believe everything he heard on the Internet. He promised not to make that mistake again. She asked if he knew how hard it was to get a job like that. "Are you telling me?" he replied and exclaimed that the place was killer. He was very grateful.

"Then start showing it. No more spills," Sheila said, shoving a water pitcher into Tom's hands. She left, and he resumed watching Bill and Poppy. Sheila returned to the back room, and the apologetic Tom said he knew better than to go toe-to-toe with a strong woman like her. Sheila claimed to want no drama.

Offering to make it up to Sheila, Tom insisted that he was a worker and would do his job well. He added that he tended to win people over. Smiling despite her hesitancy, Sheila hoped so and said she appreciated him saving her life. He was glad he'd done it and said they were all part of the Il Giardino family. He asked her to let him prove himself. He was a firm believer in second chances -- especially since she'd had a second chance, a third chance, and a fourth chance.

"Tom," Sheila said, stopping Tom's counting. Tom stated that one had to believe that it was never too late to change. He revealed that once a Dumpster diver, he'd started working at one of the hottest restaurants in Southern California, and it was about to get hotter. Sheila patted his shoulder, smiled, and walked away. Tom resumed watching Poppy's table.

In the dining area, Bill and Poppy agreed that the restaurant was their special place, and it was fitting for their first family outing. Luna arrived, calling Bill "Dad." Bill joked that his new daughter didn't need a highchair. Poppy and Luna replied that he'd missed that era, and Luna had been a handful. Bill said it sounded like a daughter of his. Poppy remarked that it was a dream come true, and they finally got to be a family.

Deacon greeted Bill, Poppy, and Luna and noted that Luna was R.J.'s girlfriend. Bill revealed that she was also his daughter. Deacon assumed Bill was pulling his leg, but Bill insisted that it was true. Deacon congratulated Bill and joked that the Spencer family had gotten a lot better-looking.

After Deacon had gone, Bill told Luna that he'd brag about her to everyone. Luna burst with happiness to finally know where she'd come from and to have an extended family with brothers and nieces. She felt the most grounded and connected that she'd ever been. Poppy's face darkened, and Luna asked if Poppy was okay. Poppy claimed to be "so happy." Her face darkened again as she peeked into the kitchen at Tom.

Poppy regretted not having the courage to find Bill and tell him, but she'd feared that he'd reject having a daughter. Bill didn't know how that could have happened and called Luna the greatest gift. Bill predicted that they'd have decades together, and they'd focus on the future, not the past. He said Poppy had added to his life, not taken anything away. No one would take Luna away now that he had her.

As Tom watched Poppy's table from the kitchen, he asked Deacon, "Who is this guy?" Deacon filled Tom in on who Bill was and who Bill was with. Deacon added that Bill had just learned that he was Luna's father. "What?" Tom replied in puzzlement.

Back at Bill's table, Luna remarked that the family would have birthdays and holidays. Bill added vacations on his yacht. Poppy cooed about waving to people as they sailed into Monte Carlo. Serious about doing it, Bill added that he'd see if the boys could join them. Bill was ready for vacations, adventures, and milestones as a family.

Tom poignantly watched as Luna, Bill, and Poppy gathered around Luna's phone to take a "Spencer selfie."

Hope begs Thomas not to marry Paris

Hope begs Thomas not to marry Paris

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

In Eric's office, Hope stood in shock, and Douglas asked if he'd done anything wrong. Thomas assured Douglas he hadn't. Hope guessed that Thomas had returned because he was engaged. Thomas nodded, saying he'd proposed, and Paris had accepted. Paris remarked that they'd kept things private, and Thomas added, "To give it time."

Hope asked when and how. Paris explained that she'd already moved to International and had been working there when Thomas had relocated. Thomas and Paris had begun hanging out, and Paris had taken Douglas out. Douglas told Hope that she didn't have to worry; he knew his father, and his father really loved Paris. "This is for real," Douglas added. Paris decided to leave with Douglas and give Hope and Thomas time alone.

After Douglas and Paris had gone, all Hope could say was, "Wow." Thomas said he'd planned to tell her, but it hadn't seemed like news to reveal over the phone. Hope reeled, talking about how wrong she'd been about Thomas' return and how happy she'd been because she hadn't had to worry anymore. She'd really thought he'd returned to restart their life together.

Thomas noted that "this" was why he'd wanted to tell her in person. Upset, Hope said she hadn't even known he'd been dating. "He called Paris 'Mom'!" Hope accused. Thomas replied, "Well, we're gonna be married, so..." Hope asked why Thomas was doing it. He replied that Paris was an incredible woman, ambitious, creative, and loving. Hope asked if Paris cared that he'd been engaged to her sister and had proposed to Hope a short time back.

Thomas said Paris knew it and knew why he'd left Los Angeles. "Because of your feelings for me!" Hope seethed. He added that it had been his need to move past them. Hope seethed that getting married so quickly wasn't how it worked. "You know what doesn't work?" he asked. He said being in love and getting turned down over and over for marriage. He'd had to take that dream and throw it away. Hope claimed there were other ways to be committed.

Thomas agreed but said Paris wanted to be his wife. "Of course, she does!" Hope screamed. "Look at all you have to offer, Thomas. Any woman would be lucky enough to -- and I -- just wasn't ready..." she said, sulking. He replied that he knew it. While a part of him would always love her, he'd had to move on. She'd given him no choice.

Hope was sorry for hurting Thomas, but she hadn't meant for him to leave. Thomas said he'd had to leave. Hope screamed that he'd run, but he could have stayed to work it out. Thomas replied that she'd turned him down and hadn't wanted to marry him. Hope cried that he'd known that she'd needed time -- and he was already engaged.

Thomas explained that Paris wasn't a random person, and he'd known her for a while. Hope asked if he'd forgotten what she and Thomas had shared. Thomas hadn't forgotten anything, and he'd never forget what they'd had. She asked how he could move on so quickly with someone else as if they'd been nothing. "Paris and I have something special, too," he said. Hope claimed she really wanted to be happy for him. He said he wasn't asking for that. He'd just needed her to know.

In disbelief, Hope stated that Thomas had been her constant and north star. When her life had been upside down, she'd known she could look to him. He'd been steadfast in his commitment and devotion. "A one-woman man. You still are, aren't you? Only that woman isn't me anymore, is it?" she asked. Hope asked if he was sure he loved Paris.

Hope pressed Thomas, eager for him to say the words. Thomas replied that he'd asked Paris to marry him. Triumphantly, Hope said he hadn't answered her question. "Yes, I did, Hope," he replied. Hope scoffed when he said he hated to see her that upset. She asked what he'd expected. Thomas told her that she'd turned him down twice. She noted that he'd then asked someone else. He bit out that, sometimes, one had to ask a few times to get the answer one wanted. "From Paris," Hope replied.

Hope said what Thomas had with Paris wouldn't be close to what she and Thomas had shared. It had been unlike anything she'd ever known. Their sparks and connection in Rome hadn't been a temporary thing. It had been real, and they'd created something beautiful, deep, and true. Hope cried that a man had never moved her the way he did. She knew that he felt it, too.

Hope claimed they had potential, and she recalled that no one could break what they shared. She said they had a future together if Thomas wanted it, and he could choose a different path. "You don't have to marry Paris, Thomas. Please don't go through with this," Hope begged.

In the design office, Steffy decided not to fight Ridge on Hope's line, which had once been innovative and creative. She was sure their newest executive member would agree with Ridge to give it more time, "and so we will." Ridge said Hope and her line deserved it. Steffy replied that R.J. and Zende were doing their best, but it hadn't been the same without Thomas.

Ridge agreed but said it could be again. Zende's experience was key, in Ridge's view, but Steffy said Hope was in charge, not Zende. Steffy concluded that Hope hadn't had great judgment, and Hope had been off the rails ever since Thomas had left with Douglas.

Steffy and Ridge debated Hope's intentions about marrying Thomas. "Well, who was right? And now Hope resents me for it," Steffy concluded. Ridge noted that Hope and Steffy were at each other about all kinds of things. Steffy insisted that it hadn't been her fault Thomas had gone, and Thomas had said that she'd been right. Ridge asked if she'd talked to her brother. Steffy said she chatted him with a lot and had video calls, too. Ridge said Paris had been good to Thomas and Douglas. "You can say that again," Steffy quipped.

Just then, Douglas rushed in, and Steffy exclaimed that they'd just been talking about him. Ridge said he'd talked to Thomas the other day and hadn't heard Thomas and Douglas would be there. Douglas explained that it had been a surprise, and Thomas' fiancée was there, too. Ridge was instantly confused, but Steffy said, "What? They're engaged?"

Ridge asked who Thomas had been seeing. "Me," Paris said, striding in. Steffy cooed, hugging Paris, and Ridge ascertained that Steffy had known about it. Douglas was disappointed that he'd given it away again, but Paris said it was okay because they were all excited. Ridge stated that he hadn't even known Paris and Thomas had been dating. Douglas remarked that his father was happy, and he was, too. "Dad loves her a lot," he added. Paris replied that she loved them, too, and she reminded Douglas about his desire to see Charlie.

Douglas left, and Steffy told Ridge that it hadn't been her place to say anything. She'd known about Paris and Thomas, just not the engagement. Paris explained that she and Thomas had reconnected when he'd moved. Ridge replied that Thomas hadn't mentioned any of it when Ridge had visited, and Paris explained that Thomas had wanted to focus on being with Ridge and hadn't known how Ridge would react after how fast everything had been moving.

Paris said that she and Thomas had bonded over their desires to improve themselves and the world as much as they could. Thomas had been sad his first few weeks in Paris and without the spark she'd remembered of him. At first, she'd been just trying to cheer him up, and she'd refused to let Thomas go through another dark chapter in his life. She'd seen how strong Thomas was and how beautiful he could be. She said he could depend on her, and they'd formed a profound connection. She loved Thomas and knew that he loved her.

Ridge and Steffy were still stunned by the news. Steffy said Thomas had raved about Paris but had never mentioned marriage. Paris replied that he'd wanted them to announce it together. Paris explained that Thomas was with Hope, and Ridge asked if Hope knew. Paris replied that it was hard to ignore her generous engagement ring.

Steffy assumed it had been a shock to Hope. Paris replied that it was why she'd given Hope and Thomas time to talk. Steffy questioned if that had been wise, due to their history. Steffy wasn't sure Hope was ready to let go of Thomas. Paris stated that, in the past, she might have been concerned about it -- and maybe insecure -- but she'd come to believe in Thomas' love for her. It was why she'd agreed to marry him. Paris was certain that he was finally over Hope.

Poppy is unnerved when a pizza-toting Tom shows up at Bill's house

Poppy is unnerved when a pizza-toting Tom shows up at Bill's house

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

In the design office, Ridge was still disconcerted by Paris' engagement news. Paris said she and Thomas hadn't wanted to break the news that way, but Douglas' excitement had beaten them to it. Ridge said he thought Thomas had gone overseas to refocus himself. Paris assured Ridge that his son had done that, and Thomas' time away had changed him. "Hope's his past, and I'm his future," Paris declared, confident in Thomas' love and commitment to her. Grinning, Steffy hoped Paris was right.

Paris brought up what her father had done to Steffy and Hope, but Ridge said no one blamed Paris for that. Paris remarked that Thomas regretted his part in it, and Ridge said his son had worked hard to put his life back on track. "Or you wouldn't be wearing his ring," Steffy noted.

Paris admitted that she'd been cautious because Thomas had been in an emotional tailspin. She stated that she'd been where he'd been, in love with someone who couldn't commit. She'd sworn she'd never let it happen to her again, and she'd protect her heart at all costs. She said she hadn't had to worry because Thomas had been there, protecting it for her.

Ridge noted that, not long before, Thomas had asked Hope to marry him and raise Douglas as a family. Paris assumed Ridge thought she was deluding herself, but she said she wasn't. She and Thomas had had long, deep, intense conversations. They'd opened up and connected like never before. She said Hope and Thomas would always care for each other, and they'd always have history. "But now, Thomas can see a future where he'd be happy with someone other than Hope," Paris explained.

Steffy said it was Paris. Nodding, Paris revealed that she trusted Thomas, even around Hope. Paris explained that she and Thomas wanted a family and a full life. She knew that marriage was a big step, especially with a little boy to consider. She promised that they wouldn't be disappointed in her as a daughter- or sister-in-law. Steffy replied that Hope had put Thomas through "hell," and Steffy was grateful Thomas had Paris.

In Eric's office, Hope found it hard to believe that Thomas had proposed marriage to Paris after Hope and Thomas had shared something they'd never experienced before. Thomas reminded Hope that she'd turned him down twice, and she had to know what it had done to him. Sorry to have hurt him, she said that maybe if she'd done things differently, he wouldn't have left.

Thomas insisted that he'd had to move on. "So fast? So soon! To Paris Buckingham?" Hope asked. Hope told him not to marry Paris. He wished Hope had been that passionate before he'd left. She claimed that she had been passionate about their future, and she'd loved him. He replied that he'd loved her, too, and he'd told himself that if he kept proposing, she'd make him the happiest man in the world. He'd been wrong, so he'd had to go.

Hope wished Thomas hadn't gone. She claimed everything would be different. She guessed she understood it, but she didn't understand Paris at the center of his life with Douglas calling Paris "Mom" in such a short time. Hope insisted that it was too fast, and he knew it. Thomas asked if she thought he was on the rebound. She snapped that he'd proposed to her not too long back.

Thomas said he'd gone away to get over what had happened, and Paris had already been there, living her life. They'd reconnected. "And fell in love in such a short amount of time?" Hope asked. He saw that she was having a problem with it, and he understood why. He told her that he wasn't getting any younger, and he wanted another child and a family. Hope asked if that meant Paris was his future.

Thomas told Hope that he'd watched his sister break out of toxic patterns with Liam. Steffy had moved on to a better relationship. Steffy was happy with Finn. Thomas asked if Hope wanted that for him. Hope claimed to want him to be happy, and he asserted that Paris made him happy. He stated that they had baggage, but he would not have proposed if he hadn't thought they could make a go of it. Paris was the one he'd spend his life with, and she'd be his wife.

Thomas stated that Hope would always be important to him, but their time had passed. They'd co-parent together, and as much as Douglas loved Hope, he loved Paris, too. Hope rolled her eyes. Thomas said that he and Paris were creating their own little family, and it would soon be official when they got married.

Hope quietly said that if it was Thomas' decision, she had to accept it. She claimed she'd always want what was best for him and would always love him. Hope kissed his cheek.

Steffy peeked in, saw the kiss, and ducked back out. Thomas exited, and Steffy returned, wondering if Hope thought a kiss was all it would take for Thomas to go running back to Hope. Hope told Steffy to leave Hope alone because Hope was in no mood. Steffy asserted that Thomas wanted nothing to do with Hope, and Hope needed to respect that and not even think about hurting or disappointing Steffy's brother again.

At Il Giardino, Tom thought of Poppy. He placed his blue drink on the bar, looked up Bill's address in the delivery system, and wrote it on a napkin. Deacon arrived with an advertisement and asked what Tom thought of his name in print. Deacon wondered if Tom was pumped about playing the guitar there. Tom was nervous, but Deacon was stoked about Tom Starr's comeback tour. Tom wasn't sure old fans would show up, but it had been a blast back in the day.

Deacon left to help Hollis set the stage up. Tom sipped his drink, pondering the napkin with Bill's address scrawled on it. Sheila guessed he was hydrating himself before his set. Tom said it was just a sports drink, and there was no more booze for Tom, who had partied hard back in the day. Sheila mumbled about second chances and said they all deserved them.

As Sheila and Tom cleaned, Sheila remarked that she'd made mistakes in her past, "which you've apparently already looked into." She asked who was perfect. She believed everyone was capable of change. Agreeing, Tom said he'd lived many lives over the years. Grateful that he'd saved her life, she told him that she chose to see him as who he was right then, not the other person he kept hinting at. She hoped he could do the same for her. She asked that he not dredge her past up to her husband.

Deacon arrived to say the stage was set. Tom spoke about how he'd gone from life on the streets to where he was that day. He couldn't thank the Sharpes enough. Deacon said Tom had helped saved Sheila's life, but Tom said they'd helped save his. Tom left for the kitchen to prepare for some deliveries he'd make before the show.

Later, Deacon noted that Tom hadn't returned yet from his deliveries. Deacon had wanted to offer to do a soundcheck with Tom. Sheila replied that Deacon's nightclub experience was showing. Deacon spoke about how much he owed Tom. Sheila said he'd given the man a job. Deacon was glad it had worked out. "So far," Sheila replied, remarking that there was still a lot they didn't know about Tom. To her, Tom was somewhat of a mystery.

At Bill's place, Luna giggled, telling Poppy that Bill had just called to check in for the third time. Poppy said it was a whole new world for Bill, and Luna replied that it was for her, too, to have a father like Bill Spencer. Poppy cooed about how exciting the time was for Luna, and Luna said Poppy was back with the man she'd loved all those years back.

Luna left the room to take a call from R.J. The doorbell rang, and Poppy opened the door. "Pizza delivery, Poppy," Tom said. Addressing him by name, Poppy asked what he was doing there. Tom entered, handing her a free pizza and letting her know how he'd gotten the address. He complimented her digs, but she said he needed to leave. "Don't play games with me, Poppy," Tom replied. She said she didn't know what he was talking about, but he said she did.

Poppy threatened to call security, but Tom said he wasn't there to cause trouble. He was just delivering her favorite pizza. Poppy started to call security. He told her that he'd come in peace. He hadn't forgotten about her, and he was sure she hadn't forgotten about him.

Luna returned to the room, and Tom gazed at her. Luna asked who he was. Poppy said he'd just been delivering a pizza, and the gates would open on his way out. Tom left, and Luna took the pizza box to the couch. Poppy silently panicked.

Thomas explains his feelings about marrying Paris

Thomas explains his feelings about marrying Paris

Thursday, June 27, 2024

In Eric's office, Steffy let Hope know that Thomas was engaged to Paris. Hope said she knew, but Steffy quipped that it hadn't looked like it when Hope had kissed him. Hope noted that it had been on the cheek. Not buying it, Steffy ordered Hope to respect Thomas' wishes.

Claiming to be looking out for Thomas, Hope asked if it really didn't concern Steffy that Thomas had asked Paris to marry him so soon after asking Hope. Steffy shared her concern about Hope trying to get into Thomas' head, but Hope asked Steffy to put her issues with Hope aside. Hope asked if Steffy would honestly say that Thomas' relationship with Paris wasn't reactionary.

Steffy stated that Thomas was a grown man who could make his own decisions. She said sometimes it took years to find love, and sometimes, it happened automatically. Steffy believed Hope was pretending to care about Thomas but really only cared about herself. In Steffy's view, instead of respecting Thomas' choices, Hope wanted Thomas to still be in love with her, and that was really sad.

Hope stated that she'd agreed to respect Thomas' choice, but Steffy noted that Hope had kissed him. Hope said it had been on the cheek, and she still cared for Thomas, which she didn't have to explain to Steffy. Hope claimed that dating was one thing, but it was marriage.

Hope wondered if Steffy had thought about Douglas at all. Steffy said she had, and Hope gleaned that Steffy had known about it the entire time but hadn't said anything. Shrugging, Steffy concluded that it hadn't been her business to tell. Hope accused Steffy of encouraging it and trying to put Thomas and Paris together. Steffy declared that Paris made him happy, and she'd support her brother. Steffy clarified that she hadn't known about the engagement.

Hope was sure Steffy was thrilled. Steffy replied that she was because Thomas was with someone who appreciated him. Hope asked if Steffy was sure that woman was Paris. Steffy shot back that Paris wasn't wearing the ring around her neck as a necklace. Hope figured Steffy was tricking herself about that sham of a relationship because she wanted Thomas with anyone but Hope.

In the design office with Paris and Thomas, Ridge was still trying to process Paris and Thomas' engagement. Thomas explained that he hadn't found the right time to tell Ridge. Ridge wondered why Thomas would keep something like that from his father. With his arm around Paris, Thomas admitted that he'd messed up with relationships, and his father had witnessed it. Thomas had wanted to be completely sure before he told Ridge. "And I am, Dad," Thomas concluded. Ridge seemed unsure.

Paris decided to leave Ridge and Thomas to talk. As she went to find Douglas, Thomas kissed her and said he'd call her when he was heading home. "Surprise!" Thomas exclaimed after she'd gone. Ridge said Paris and Thomas seemed good together, and everyone in the building liked her. He thought it was perfect that his son had found love. Thomas sensed a "but" coming.

Ridge stated that he was happy if Thomas was, but he had to wonder why Thomas had to get married after what he'd gone through with Hope. Thomas affirmed that he wouldn't have proposed if he hadn't been ready to marry Paris. Ridge asked why it was so fast. Thomas replied that it felt right, but Ridge asked what the rush was.

Thomas contended that Paris was incredible, beautiful, and talented. She'd always gotten along with Douglas, and there had been a time that they'd lived together. Even then, there had been a spark. Ridge replied that a spark was far from a marriage. Thomas had been destroyed when he'd arrived in France, but Paris had pulled him out of it. "I love her, Dad," Thomas asserted. Ridge asked if that was it or if Thomas was using it to shut down his feelings for Hope.

Thomas asked if Ridge really thought Thomas would use Paris to get over Hope. Ridge said he didn't but wondered if having Paris at his side had made things hurt less. Ridge said it was a terrible reason to marry someone. Thomas stated that he agreed that it would be terrible, but that wasn't the reason for his choice. Thomas said he'd finally let go of Hope, and that had been when he'd seen a beautiful and wonderful person standing before him. "Maybe it was being with Hope that kept my blinders on," Thomas said. He said he'd let Hope go, and he'd seen Paris.

Ridge asked if his son saw his concern. Thomas did and appreciated it. He recalled telling Hope that he was a one-woman man, but she couldn't commit to him the way he could to her. He'd had to respect that and let her go. He reasoned that it might have happened as it had been meant to because being hurt had led him to fly to Paris. He said he'd been at International at the right time, and he'd been able to see Paris, the wonderful, beautiful woman who had an amazing relationship with his son. Paris was the woman he wanted to be with, and he intended to marry her.

At Bill's house, Luna munched on pizza, noting that Poppy had been off since the pizza guy had left. Bill entered, asking who they were talking about. Poppy claimed it had been nothing, and she just hadn't been expecting a pizza delivery.

Bill asked if Poppy had ordered a pizza, and she stated that she hadn't. Bill became concerned that a random guy had gotten past security. He'd given security a list of who could come and go from the property. Poppy didn't want to make a big deal of it. Bill insisted that he was protective of his family, and they were unmistakenly his family.

Bill left the room to take a call from Liam, and Luna noticed Tom Starr's event flyer on the pizza box. She noted that the event was that evening and said they should go. Bill returned, and Luna asked if he sang. He joked that the neighborhood dogs were his chorus. Poppy decided they should stay home and listen to her father's bad singing.

Luna caught Poppy off guard by asking if there had been another reason Poppy hadn't told her about Bill. Bill remarked that Poppy had been protecting Luna, but Luna didn't get why she needed protection from Bill Spencer, whose whole life had been documented online. Luna stated that it wasn't like they'd been going in blind. Poppy felt guilty for not opening up sooner. Luna didn't want to make Poppy feel that way, but Luna persisted in asking if there was another reason Poppy hadn't told Luna the truth.

At Il Giardino, Deacon and Hollis grinned as Tom strummed his guitar. Hollis couldn't wait to hear Tom play later. Tom replied that music had always been natural to him and a big part of his life. Though Tom hadn't been on stage in a while, he'd performed a lot in the past at bars, country fairs, and festivals. Music was in his blood.

Tom revealed that he'd had quite a following back in the day. He'd traveled up and down the coast and done a recording. He'd even gotten radio play. Deacon wondered if they knew the song, and Tom teased that they'd have to listen and find out.

Hollis asked Tom what it was like to be a rock star. Tom humbly said that he hadn't been that, but seeing the audience sway was when one realized that they were captivated. Hollis wondered about groupies, and Tom said he'd be lying to say the girls hadn't been crazy about him. He stated that it might not look that way, but it was true. Deacon wondered if the performance that evening might give Tom a taste of his past.

Alone later on his small stage, Tom looked around wistfully.

Poppy and Tom have another run-in

Poppy and Tom have another run-in

Friday, June 28, 2024

In the design studio, Ridge questioned if Thomas' relationship with Paris was a rebound relationship. Thomas said that it was not, though he admitted that he would always love Hope. Thomas explained that "two failed proposal attempts" had shown him that his future was not with Hope. Thomas stated that getting away from Los Angeles had given him time to figure things out -- and reconnect with Paris.

Thomas admitted that he should have told Hope sooner about his relationship with Paris. He also acknowledged that when Douglas had run into Hope's arms, Hope had mistakenly believed that Thomas had returned to give their relationship another try. Ridge asked if Thomas had ruled out the possibility of rekindling things with Hope.

Ridge insisted that he was not against Thomas and Paris' engagement, but he worried about Thomas still having feelings for Hope. Thomas forcefully explained that he wanted a commitment and a family -- and to give Douglas a brother or sister. Ridge was taken aback that Thomas and Paris were already having those types of discussions. Thomas excused himself to go track down Douglas.

In the executive office at Forrester Creations, Hope asked how much Steffy really believed in Thomas' new relationship. "Do you really support Paris and him, or do you just support him being with anyone but me?" Hope asked. Steffy replied that she believed Thomas loved Paris. Moreover, Paris seemed to actually want to marry Thomas. Hope questioned Thomas' sudden engagement to Paris.

"Is the engagement quick? Yeah, maybe. But it doesn't mean it isn't genuine," Steffy replied. Steffy demanded that Hope not "begrudge" Thomas finding what he wanted with another woman. Hope repeated her belief that Steffy just wanted Thomas to find love with a woman other than her. As the two women's voices grew louder, Thomas popped into the office. Steffy invited Thomas in so that he could hear what was about to be said.

"I am not going to be putting up with Brooke 2.0," Steffy snapped. Steffy claimed that Hope was trying to pick up where Brooke had left off by "running through" the Forrester family. Steffy shared her joy that Thomas had found happiness, and she asked that Hope not try to ruin that. "You deserve a stable future with Paris and Douglas," Steffy told Thomas with a smile. As Hope looked on with a frown, Steffy urged Thomas to not "even think about Hope again."

At Bill's mansion, Luna asked Poppy a series of questions about why she'd kept quiet about her dad. Bill, Luna noted, was not "some criminal" but rather someone that Poppy would seemingly want her to emulate. Poppy apologized for "depriving" her daughter of a father for so many years.

Later, Poppy told Bill that she couldn't believe that she had feared he would reject her upon learning that Luna was his daughter. "Talk's cheap. I'm a man of action. I want to do more than welcome you into my home, I want to welcome you into my family," Bill said as he rose to his feet. Bill announced that he wanted to formally adopt Luna and have her take his name. Poppy seemed more excited by the idea than Luna. "Luna Spencer... I like the sound of that," Poppy said with a big smile. Luna closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and smiled, before admitting that she liked the sound of it, too.

Bill was amazed that a "chance encounter" at Il Giardino had changed his life so profoundly. Poppy looked down at the flyer announcing Tom Starr's live performance at Il Giardino. She told Bill and Luna that they should have some time together to bond. "My beautiful girl. This is the life and the happiness that you deserve," Poppy said. With Bill and Luna's backs turned as they looked at Spencer family photos, Poppy grabbed her belongings and hurried out the front door.

Luna was still in a state of disbelief that Bill wanted to "make this legal." Bill seized the opportunity to note that the Spencers did well in the world of mass media, should Luna ever tire of "making dresses." Luna told Bill that in the past, she had dreamed about who her dad might be -- perhaps "a baseball player, a famous actor, or a chef" -- but she had never imagined her dad would be "someone as loving and accepting" as Bill. Luna and Bill shared an embrace.

At Il Giardino, Sheila checked in on Tom as he prepared for his musical performance. Sheila hoped that there would be a good crowd. Tom agreed that he wouldn't mind seeing some familiar faces from his past show up for the performance. Deacon walked over and mused that women might throw themselves at Tom. Tom downplayed the idea and stated that his rock star days had long passed. "I was sort of a Casanova back in the day," Tom ultimately admitted with a wry smile.

Later, Hollis checked to see if Tom needed anything before the show. Deacon, proud of the way that his new hire had turned his life around, offered Tom the use of his apartment to help get ready. Upstairs in the apartment, Tom played around on his guitar. A knock sounded on the door, and an enraged Poppy entered. "I'm putting you on notice, Tom," Poppy snarled. She instructed Tom that he was to never again visit the Spencer estate. "Why? Suddenly you don't like free pizza?" Tom quipped. Poppy told Tom that she wanted nothing to do with him and demanded that he stay away from her and her daughter.

"Our daughter," Tom replied. "I'm Luna's father."

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