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Thomas asserted that he'd proposed to Hope again to prove she'd never accept. Brooke suspected Hope gravitated to Thomas to blot out her feelings for Finn. Anxious to show someone the contents of Tom's backpack, Hollis wound up dead behind the bar.
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Hope did not accept Thomas' proposal, but wished him happiness with Paris. Hollis found something of note in Tom's backpack, but turned up dead before he could tell anyone.
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Hope gives Thomas the answer he expected

Hope gives Thomas the answer he expected

Monday, July 8, 2024

On Eric's terrace, Paris was excited about getting married at the Forrester estate. Ridge noted that Thomas had been beaming, too. Brooke asked if the couple had discussed venues prior to that night, but Paris said it had been a whirlwind thus far. Brooke inquired about a wedding date. Paris hoped it would be soon because she couldn't wait to be Thomas' wife.

Paris apologized for making the family party about her and Thomas, but Ridge indicated that everyone was celebrating. "Not everyone," Paris noted. Paris remarked that she and Thomas thought Hope would move on after forfeiting her chance with him. Brooke replied that Hope hadn't been ready to accept his proposal. Showing her ring, Paris indicated that she had been, and she couldn't wait to be married to Thomas.

Paris left to find Thomas, and Ridge and Brooke contemplated leaving their cozy spot to swim with the others. Brooke teased him with the idea of skinny-dipping later. Ridge was ready to take off right then, and Brooke laughed.

Ridge brought the subject back to Hope's feelings about Thomas. Brooke said her daughter hadn't wanted the relationship to end; however, Ridge stated that it had ended, and Thomas had moved on. Brooke expressed Hope's feelings about a rebound. Ridge replied that he'd addressed it with Thomas and believed that the engagement was real. Ridge suggested that Hope believe it, too. Ridge didn't think Hope should have expected Thomas to sit on the sidelines. "It's not fair. It's not love, and it's a little selfish," Ridge concluded.

Brooke said it hadn't been that long, and Thomas had jumped from Hope to Paris. Ridge knew that Hope was struggling but said she needed to get on board if she wanted what was best for Thomas. Brooke admitted that Hope had been struggling in a few areas. Hope hadn't been herself, and Brooke was worried Hope might do something regrettable.

Later, Brooke wondered if Paris was a distraction for Thomas and questioned whether Paris knew what she was getting into. Ridge said Thomas had been transparent with Paris. Brooke felt that Thomas was in denial. Ridge reasoned that Thomas hadn't taken up with "some floozy from Pacoima." Ridge thought Paris was remarkable. Brooke agreed but wondered how Thomas could commit if he wasn't over Hope.

Ridge asserted that Thomas was over Hope, and he had to believe Thomas and Paris knew what they were doing. Brooke said Thomas wasn't being honest with himself. Ridge figured that Brooke was hurting for Hope, but he said it was temporary for Hope, who'd find the man for her.

In Eric's living room, Thomas told Hope that it was a yes-or-no question. He asked her again if she'd marry him. Hope said his name. She stated that he knew how she felt about him, and she wanted to be with him. "But you're not ready to marry me," he concluded.

Hope tearfully uttered Thomas' name again, but he said he'd been expecting that answer. It was the reason he'd asked a third time, even while knowing what she'd say. He stated that she couldn't marry him and never would be able to. It was why he'd moved on with Paris.

Hope asked if the proposal hadn't been real. Thomas replied that he'd done it to prove a point. He stated that he could get Carter to agree to marry him on the spot, but Hope's answer would still be no. Hope sighed. Thomas said it had broken his heart before, but he was okay with it because he'd found love with Paris. His heart was whole.

Thomas stated that he and Hope would be there for each other, and Douglas connected them forever; however, he'd moved on and found "my person" with Paris. He believed Hope would find her person, too. He told her that he was happy, and he knew she'd find happiness, too.

Later, Paris and Thomas were alone in the living room, talking about getting married at Eric's house. Thomas said everyone was happy about it. Citing that Hope wasn't, Paris didn't get why Hope was playing the victim. He replied that it was just hard for Hope that he'd gone off and found love, and he added that Douglas would have a new, amazing stepmom. It was a lot for Hope to process.

Paris got it but said Hope had turned Thomas down. Thomas told Paris not to worry about Hope, and he was focused on his life with Paris, a wonderful, beautiful woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He was sure Hope would find a man to do the same with.

At the hospital, Li was surprised to see her son at work instead of with his family. Finn said he'd been on call, but he was finishing up. In Li's view, it was important that he spend every moment with his family, especially after the last months. Finn said he and Steffy were good.

Questioning whether it was true, Li brought up the threat of Sheila to Finn's marriage, and Finn claimed to get it. Li reminded him that Sheila had nearly orphaned Hayes, and Sheila didn't deserve his love and sympathy. Li told him to prioritize his family. Finn asserted that he was doing it, and he loved them more than he could say. Li asked him to prove it by cutting Sheila out permanently. Finn indicated that Sheila knew he was done, and he was serious that time.

According to Li, Finn never should have been in the same room as Sheila, who'd be the death of Finn's marriage if he wasn't careful. Li asked about Hope and if she was still close with that "father of hers." Finn said Hope and Deacon were trying to mend their relationship, but it wasn't like Hope was a big fan of Sheila, whom Hope didn't allow Beth around.

Li was glad to start hearing some common sense, but citing the wedding, she didn't like how Hope was influencing Finn. Finn insisted that he hadn't been there by choice. He'd been getting food. Li said Hope had been there by choice, and Finn could have left at any time. Li called it dangerous and disrespectful to his wife. She concluded that he needed to stay away from Sheila -- and Hope, too.

In Eric's office later, Hope was working when Finn arrived to retrieve a bag for Steffy. He asked if Hope was okay. She claimed to be good, but he said she could talk to him. Hope didn't want to dump her problems on him, but he said it was what friends were for. Hope asked if Finn knew that Thomas was engaged to another woman.

Finn said Steffy had told him. Hope replied that it hadn't been that long since Thomas had proposed to her. Finn noted that she'd turned Thomas down. Hope claimed she'd rejected that idea then because she'd still been processing her divorce and focusing on the kids. Finn didn't think those were the only reasons. Finn didn't blame Hope for not trusting Thomas.

Hope claimed she'd moved on from the things of the past, and she didn't get why others couldn't. She felt she knew Thomas, and he hadn't given it enough time. Finn replied that Thomas had been known to be impulsive, and Hope agreed. She didn't want Thomas, Paris, or Douglas to be hurt. Finn sensed Hope still cared about Thomas.

Hope said it was too much and too fast. She felt as if Thomas was running from something. Finn asked if she meant Thomas' feelings for her. She asked if that sounded conceited, but he didn't think she could ever be that way. He said she didn't get how wonderful she was, and he'd never thought Thomas was good enough for her. Finn believed that a lucky man would come along and steal her heart.

Finn helps Hope sort through her feelings for Thomas

Finn helps Hope sort through her feelings for Thomas

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

At Eric's house, Eric was excited that Thomas would carry on the tradition of weddings at the mansion. Brooke said it might be a long engagement, but Eric was thrilled to host the wedding whenever it would be. Donna asked if everyone was really buying the wedding thing, and she wondered if Thomas was really over Hope. Ridge got defensive, asking Donna what there was to question.

Donna admitted that Thomas and Paris had been cute, "but of course, he's going to deny his feelings for Hope." Ridge said Thomas wasn't denying them, and part of him would always love Hope. Ridge insisted that Thomas wanted to be with Paris, and they were good for each other.

Donna clarified that she wasn't questioning Thomas' love for Paris, just the timing of the wedding. Ridge said there wasn't even a date yet. Donna asked why Thomas had had to "stand there and announce -- " Ridge interjected that it was because Thomas was in love and wanted to move on with his life. Eric said Thomas' feelings for Hope complicated things.

Donna noted that Hope had had to leave the room. Ridge claimed to be sensitive to Hope's feelings. Brooke replied that the relationship had been special to Hope, and the ending had knocked Hope off her feet. Although Brooke wasn't lobbying for Thomas and Hope to be together, Brooke was worried about the lost and confused Hope. Brooke asked if Steffy might be pushing Thomas and Paris together to keep Thomas away from Hope.

Ridge denied that was true. Brooke replied that Steffy had told Thomas not to trust Hope. Eric stated that Paris wasn't a woman Thomas had just met, and they'd lived together. Donna replied that they hadn't been lovers. Ridge asserted that they'd been friends who'd fallen in love, and no one had forced them together. Brooke replied that she wasn't saying it was the only reason the couple had gotten together, but Thomas did value Steffy's opinion.

Ridge insisted that Thomas was excited about his future with Paris, and Douglas loved Paris. Ridge was sorry for Hope but said Thomas had moved on for himself, not because of Steffy. Ridge suggested that Hope could do the same and find someone else somewhere else.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were alone. He asked if she wanted to go to the pool with Eric and Donna, but Brooke was still upset about Hope. Ridge believed Hope would bounce back. Brooke replied that Hope was all over the place. Ridge was sorry about that; however, he was happy that Thomas had found joy in his life, and Ridge believed Hope would find someone special to share her life with. Brooke agreed but looked worried.

In Eric's office, Finn assured Hope that her feelings about Thomas' engagement were justified. Finn also sensed that she'd thought Thomas would return home and pick up with her. Hope replied that Finn knew her well. Speaking as a friend, Finn told Hope that he thought Thomas was committed to Paris, "and that's a good thing. Not only for him, but especially for you."

Hope maintained that it was way too soon to be engaged or to plan a wedding. "Hope, no one is pushing them," Finn reasoned. Hope claimed Steffy was, but Finn asked if Steffy even knew about the ceremony at Eric's. Hope said Steffy hadn't told anyone about the relationship, and Hope believed Steffy was pushing Thomas and Paris together. Finn disagreed. He admitted that Steffy believed in the couple, but Finn believed in Hope, who could do better than Thomas.

Finn didn't think Thomas was the right guy for Hope, but Hope quipped that it was a moot point. Finn understood that Hope was having a hard time. Hope replied that she didn't understand any of it. Finn, who only knew what Steffy had told him, said Paris and Thomas were in love and wanted a life together. "Why?" Hope uttered.

Hope wondered why she'd turned Thomas down. Finn thought it was a good question. Hope didn't know what was wrong with her. She hadn't wanted to lose Thomas, but the thought of forever terrified her. She didn't know what was happening. Finn suggested that she was shocked. Hope said she'd understand shock, envy, or even regret, but her feelings made no sense. She asserted that if she'd really wanted Thomas, all she'd had to do was say yes.

Finn replied that Hope hadn't said that. Hope was starting to wonder if her problem was that she felt the way she did because she couldn't have him. Finn didn't know, but he was certain that she'd find love again. He told her that people were drawn to her, and someday, someone would show up and make her feel the same way. He promised that there was life after Thomas.

Finn theorized that Hope and Thomas had been about timing, and he'd given her what she'd needed in the moment -- a one-woman man. It had been appealing and secure. Hope asked why she'd rejected the proposals. She reasoned that people could have long engagements, and they had been committed. She asked if she'd made a mistake and let the right guy go.

Finn assured Hope that the right guy was still out there. Hope replied that she shouldn't have to hear that because she had a great life and career. Finn figured she wanted love, too, and she deserved it. Finn told her that people looked up to her, and she couldn't let those guys get her down. He said she'd thought the right guy was Liam, but it had never really been Thomas. Finn predicted that the guy would be standing in front of her when she least expected it.

At the cliff house, Thomas bragged about Douglas' photography skills, citing the boy's pictures of the Luxemburg Gardens. Douglas joked that his dad simply liked the pictures of his fiancée Paris, who'd loaned Douglas her camera. Steffy smiled at Paris, Douglas, and Thomas because of how excited they seemed about the future.

Thomas joked about meeting his sister's approval. Steffy said they didn't need her approval, but she was elated about them. Thomas and Paris announced that they had wedding news, and they'd hold a traditional Forrester wedding at Eric's house.

The group admired Douglas' trip photos some more, and Thomas said Paris was a great subject. Paris liked Douglas' selfies. Douglas hugged Paris, saying he was excited about the wedding. He missed his mom and little sister, but he also liked the way his life had become. Douglas said it meant a lot that Paris made his father happy. Paris replied that Thomas and Douglas meant a lot to her, and they made her feel special.

Douglas left to play with his cousins, and Thomas thanked Steffy for having them over. Steffy was glad to be face to face. She thought it was beautiful the way Douglas spoke about his dad and Paris. Thomas and Paris were proud of Douglas, who knew how to express himself. Paris hoped that Douglas could get through to Hope, who still really wanted to be with Thomas.

Steffy asked if Paris had an issue with Hope. Paris said she was aware of Hope's feelings for Thomas. Steffy didn't believe that Hope's issue was that it was all happening way too fast. Taking Paris' hand, Thomas said, "When it's right, you know."

Paris and Thomas believed it would take time for people to adjust. Paris wasn't feeling insecure about it and was completely confident in their love for each other. Steffy felt that Paris should be confident and added that if Hope wanted what was best for Thomas, Hope would see it, too. Thomas said Steffy's name, but Steffy stated that she wasn't wrong. Hope's behavior made Steffy wonder what was really going on with Hope.

Later, Paris had gone to the beach with Douglas. Steffy and Thomas talked about the wedding at Eric's. Thomas hoped he hadn't made it weird to ask Eric in front of everyone. Steffy assumed "everyone" was Hope. He replied that Hope was struggling, but Steffy recalled that Hope had also turned him down. Paris, on the other hand, wanted to be his wife, and Paris was fantastic. Steffy could see how much Thomas and Paris loved each other.

Thomas shared that Douglas was Paris' biggest fan. Steffy hadn't seen Thomas that free and at ease in a long time -- since before he'd wanted Hope. Steffy didn't want to put it all on Hope, but Steffy said he'd never been enough and could never measure up. It wasn't right or fair because he was an extraordinary man. Steffy urged him to put Hope behind him and live in Europe with Paris and Douglas. Steffy was sure that when Thomas returned, Hope would have moved on to another man.

Brooke suspects that Hope ran to Thomas to forget Finn

Brooke suspects that Hope ran to Thomas to forget Finn

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

At Il Giardino, Deacon and Hollis lamented Tom's death. Bill arrived with Luna and Poppy. Bill and Poppy offered their condolences for the employee Deacon had lost. Luna was stunned to hear someone had died during the live performance. Bill asked if Tom had had family or kids. Poppy looked on as Deacon said Tom hadn't mentioned having any.

Luna recalled wanting to attend the music night. Deacon said Tom had been successful back in the day, and Poppy wistfully smiled. Deacon said he had thought Tom had been working through his issues, but he'd died of a drug overdose. Luna's expression changed, but Poppy remained stoic.

Later, Hollis served Bill's table, and Luna said she was sorry about his co-worker. To cheer him up, she invited him to come out with "us" sometime. Hollis liked the idea, but Bill interjected that Luna's boyfriend would also be there. Hollis said he was well aware of R.J. "We're all friends, Dad," Luna replied, and as he left, Hollis said he'd text her.

Poppy laughed at Bill, who, as a new father of a daughter, knew how guys' minds worked. Poppy teased Luna about her father embarrassing her in front of cute guys. Bill said he'd always look out for them. Poppy marveled at the ways he'd changed their lives and said Luna didn't have to wonder anymore and had the doting father she'd always deserved. Poppy was grateful for the future they had, and she didn't ever want to look back.

Luna and Poppy tried to talk Bill out of throwing a party in Luna's honor, and Poppy asked if she'd said already how thrilled she was that Bill was Luna's father.

At the bar, Hollis messed up while making a margarita. Deacon took Hollis aside, and Hollis explained that he was still having a tough time. Deacon knew the feeling and mentioned that Bill had taken him off guard. Hollis replied that Bill was protective, but Deacon said it wasn't that. It was that Bill had been kind and understanding about Tom; it wasn't the Bill that Deacon knew.

Hollis was still disconcerted by Tom's overdose. "It doesn't make sense, man!" Hollis said. Deacon didn't know how they'd missed something. Deacon asked Hollis to get himself together while cleaning out the supply closet in the back. Hollis strode to the supply closet and began straightening it out. He discovered Tom's backpack on the floor.

At the cliff house, Steffy wondered what Finn's kiss was for. Finn said he never wanted her to forget how much he loved her. Steffy replied that she'd never questioned him. Finn believed that he'd given her reason to doubt that he was putting her first, but that was no more. Admitting that he'd lost sight of what was important, he said he sometimes got carried away with helping people and believing in the good. Steffy didn't want Finn to change that about himself.

Finn said it was no excuse, and he asked if Steffy would forgive him for asking her to incorporate Sheila into their lives. He stated that he'd done it all wrong. He'd said and done things that he wished he could take back. In his view, Steffy deserved to be loved, respected, and heard, and from that day forward, he'd always put her first.

Steffy admitted that it had been difficult, and she'd felt as if Finn had been slipping away. Finn said he'd been temporarily led astray by his emotions, and he'd spend his life trying to get her forgiveness. Steffy readily forgave him, and he said he'd never let her down again. Steffy stated that it was the two of them, and they couldn't let anything get between them again. They hugged, and Finn shed tears.

In Eric's office, Hope couldn't concentrate as she did inventory. Brooke offered to help, but Hope said her problem was that she was inventorying rings. Brooke got that Hope was upset but reminded her daughter that Thomas had made a decision because "you made a decision -- more than once." Hope thought the problem was that Thomas had moved on so quickly.

Brooke suspected that Hope had wanted to reunite with Thomas so badly for another reason. Agreeing that it was more than Thomas being able to move on from her, Hope said Douglas' involvement made it more complex. Hope claimed to know it had been her choice, and she'd had plenty of opportunity to marry Thomas. Brooke added that Thomas could be impulsive.

Hope was worried that Thomas was returning to his impulsive nature. Brooke thought something else was going on that Hope wasn't even aware of. Hope didn't know what Brooke meant but was horrified when Brooke said it was Hope's feelings for Finn. Persisting, Brooke said Hope had told Brooke about the feelings, but then suddenly, Hope was trying to pick back up with Thomas. Brooke suspected Hope was running from her attraction to Steffy's husband.

Hope claimed her connection with Thomas had been real, passionate, and exciting. He'd made her feel as if she'd been the only woman he'd ever wanted to be with. Brooke figured it had been a breath of fresh air after what Liam had put her through, but it might have been a false sense of security. Hope asked what that meant.

Brooke, having experience in the area of passionate relationships, said sometimes one ignored very important, key ingredients that should be involved. Brooke felt that Hope was covering up and running to Thomas to forget about her feelings for Finn. Hope asked if Brooke was saying Hope was using Thomas. "No, not intentionally," Brooke replied. Hope asserted that she loved "that man." She said she had been grieving the relationship and had learned they had no future.

Brooke knew the feelings were real, but she also knew the history, what Thomas had put Hope through, and how hard Hope had worked to get past it. Brooke wanted Hope to find the man of her dreams, a man who made her feel respected and loved. Brooke believed Hope would find it but declared that it couldn't and wouldn't be Finn.

Brooke shared her belief that Hope wanted to reunite with Thomas due to her fear of her feelings about Finn. Hope said she wasn't afraid of her feelings. She was just trying to understand them, and Thomas' return had caused confusion because her feelings for him hadn't disappeared. Brooke didn't expect Hope to be over it, but Brooke pointed out that Hope would have accepted one of Thomas' proposals if she'd wanted him. Brooke believed that being with Thomas would make Hope's other feelings easier to ignore.

Brooke said that Hope deserved more, and Brooke didn't want Hope to fall for Steffy's husband. Brooke was sure Hope didn't want to get involved in that. Hope replied that she didn't. From the outside looking in, Brooke believed she saw clearly that Thomas would have distracted Hope from Finn and helped her push down her feelings. Brooke added that Hope feared being like her mother and would be on the verge of it if she allowed herself to have those feelings for Finn.

Hope wishes Thomas everlasting happiness with Paris

Hope wishes Thomas everlasting happiness with Paris

Thursday, July 11, 2024

At Eric's house, Thomas gazed at framed pictures. Eric beamed about Thomas' upcoming wedding day and asked if Thomas was excited. Thomas asked if he looked it. To Eric, it did show on Thomas' face, and Eric couldn't wait to welcome Paris into the family. Ridge agreed.

Thomas proposed marrying Paris by the pool. Eric joked about wearing one of Ridge's old Speedos or Donna's suits, and Thomas felt sorry he'd joked around with Eric. Ridge stated that Eric would always be one step ahead. Ridge and Eric lent their support to Thomas and said everyone was behind Thomas' wedding. Thomas remarked that everyone was but Hope.

Thomas expressed his sorrow for hurting Hope, who'd thought he'd returned to reconcile with her. Ridge said Thomas had needed to find a woman who was devoted to him. Eric figured Hope would understand that one day. Thomas hoped his happiness wouldn't come at Hope's expense. Ridge said Thomas made it sound like it was his fault, but it wasn't.

Thomas knew that, but he felt sad that he'd found happiness while Hope seemed lost. Ridge was sure Hope would find her way and move forward. Thomas remarked that he was moving forward, too, and back to Paris with Paris and Douglas. Ridge didn't like it but said his son had to do what was best for himself and Douglas. Eric concurred and hugged Thomas.

In Eric's office, Brooke surmised that Hope had wanted to return to Thomas to run away from her feelings for Finn and to avoid making the same mistakes and becoming like her mother. Hope claimed she'd always looked up to her mother and admired her.

"It's just that..." Hope said. Brooke knew that she hadn't been a good role model in her personal life, and in her youth, she'd done whatever she'd wanted. She'd hurt a lot of people -- her friends, family, and children. Brooke was sorry and claimed Hope had been in the middle of it. Brooke understood that it was why Hope had been careful in her life.

As Hope shed tears, Brooke said that Hope needed to see what was driving her desire to be with Thomas. "Just let him go. Please, just support his engagement to Paris," Brooke pleaded. Brooke's words made sense to Hope, who couldn't believe she hadn't seen it until then. Brooke figured that Hope just needed to be patient with herself. Hope said she did care about Thomas.

Brooke knew that it was hard, but she said Hope didn't need a man. Brooke knew Hope wanted to meet the love of her life. "Like you and Ridge?" Hope asked. Brooke said an "idealized version," but she and Ridge had had their challenges. Hope reasoned that they'd always found their way back to each other. Brooke stated that she and Ridge had realized that they didn't want to live without each other. Brooke didn't see that for Hope and Thomas.

Brooke assured Hope that she was a catch. Hope scoffed. Brooke believed that Hope's perfect man was out there, but it wouldn't be Finn. "Oh, I would never, Mom. I'm not a homewrecker," Hope cynically replied. Brooke hugged Hope.

Later, Ridge and Brooke were kissing in Eric's office. Ridge said he'd had a good talk with his son, and Brooke revealed that she'd also had one with her daughter. Ridge asked if Hope was on board with the engagement. Brooke thought so. Ridge said he wanted everyone to be happy, and Brooke stated that she did, too.

In the design office, Thomas arrived as Hope worked. He'd arrived to talk to her about his plans and didn't think it would take long. Hope decided that she owed him an apology. She said she hadn't handled it well when he'd returned home, excited to start the next chapter of his life with Paris. She was sorry and said he deserved better from her.

Thomas reasoned that they'd been completely in love, and Hope's distress upon his return had been understandable. Hope said it had been a struggle for her because of what his engagement meant for them and their family. She did think Thomas was rushing and trying to leave his past with Hope behind him. Thomas replied that that wasn't what it was. Hope said that he'd explained it, and Hope wished him the best if he wanted a future with Paris.

Thomas asked if Hope meant it. It seemed to pain her to say it, but she stated that if it was meant to be, she hoped it was everlasting. Hope's words meant a lot to him. He said he was headed back to France with Paris and Douglas. He figured she'd wished she'd spent more time with their son. Hope was sure they'd work it out, because Douglas had a home in France that he was happy with. Thomas promised to never take their son from Hope.

Thomas told Hope that Douglas loved her "so much," and she replied that she loved Douglas "so much." Taking Hope's hand, Thomas said it was hard. He was sorry for everything and hoped she understood him moving on with his life. He was sure she'd do the same. He stated that a lot of guys would come calling. He asked her to pick the right one and make it work, no matter what. Thomas hugged Hope and said goodbye. "Bye," she uttered, not looking at him as he left. After a few moments, she half-grinned through her tears.

At Il Giardino, Luna continued to enjoy her meal with her parents, and Poppy offered to invite R.J. the next time. Bill said he wasn't R.J.'s favorite person, but Luna stated that R.J. supported her and what made her happy. She loved her family and believed nothing would get between them.

Poppy tried caviar for the first time, and Luna remarked that Italian caviar was one of the best in the world. Luna revealed that Bill had been giving her a crash course on the finer things in life. Bill expressed his desire to expose them to all the world had to offer. Luna mentioned that Bill had taken her to the bustling Spencer building. Bill bet it paled in comparison to Forrester. Luna admitted that they were different companies, but it had opened her eyes to other possibilities.

Bill loved Luna's open mind. It meant he could lure her over to the good guys' side. He said she had Spencer blood in her, and Spencer was her birthright. Poppy grinned at Luna. Bill wanted his daughter to have everything that went with being a Spencer. Luna thanked him. Bill returned the sentiment. "Thank you for coming into my life, for being the amazing young woman that you are." Bill repeated that he was proud to call her daughter. She felt the same way about him, and he said he was ready to adopt her when she was. Luna said she'd been ready since they'd gotten the results, and she and Bill hugged.

In the storage room, the lights flickered. Hollis flipped the switch up and down, but the lights continued to flicker. He spotted Tom's backpack on the floor with a manilla envelope wedged between the open zipper pulls. Deacon yelled, asking Hollis to retrieve some wine. After a while, Deacon appeared and asked what was taking so long. Hollis picked up a box of wine and followed Deacon out, glancing back at the backpack as he went.

At the bar later, Deacon prattled on about a reservation but realized that Hollis had zoned out. He asked what was going on with Hollis, and Hollis admitted that he couldn't stop wondering why Tom had overdosed the night of his performance.

Hollis returned to the storage room and snatched up Tom's bag. He told Tom that he was sorry for going through Tom's personal things. The lights flickered again. Hollis pulled some old letters out of the manilla envelope in the bag. He seemed surprised and perplexed, looking at the addresses on the envelopes.

Il Giardino is the scene of another unexpected death

Il Giardino is the scene of another unexpected death

Friday, July 5, 2024

At the Forrester mansion, Hope paced as Eric and the rest of the Forresters celebrated Thomas' engagement. Thomas received a text message with an update that Douglas was having a great time with Steffy and the kids. Paris voiced her excitement that Douglas was enjoying himself, but across the room Hope shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Later, Carter privately congratulated Thomas and Paris. "It's everything I wanted for you after... everything," Carter told Paris. Eric announced that he wanted to work on the logistics for another wedding in his home. Carter asked if he could officiate Thomas and Paris' ceremony. Both Thomas and Paris politely put the offer on ice, noting that they had only just started planning their wedding.

Brooke checked on Hope to see how she was doing. Hope said nothing and walked away. Brooke followed Hope outside. There, an emotional Hope expressed both sorrow and rage as she questioned how Thomas could have moved on so quickly. Brooke wondered if Hope was second-guessing her decision to reject Thomas' marriage proposal. "If Thomas were to hand you a ring now and propose to you, what would you do?" Brooke asked.

Hope replied that it didn't really matter what she would do because Thomas had already moved on with Paris. Brooke tried to comfort her daughter with a hug.

Back inside, Ridge, Eric, and Donna discussed the impact of Thomas and Paris' engagement on Hope. Donna went so far as to say that Thomas and Hope were still in love. After Eric and Donna headed to the pool, Ridge asked Thomas and Paris to make their way down to the pool as soon as they could. Ridge started to walk away but abruptly stopped. He turned back around to Thomas and Paris and told them how happy he was for them. After declaring that was all he had to say, Ridge resumed his journey to the Forrester pool.

Alone with Thomas, Paris shared that she was happy that she and Thomas were a couple. "We get to be an 'us' for the rest of our lives," Paris chirped. As Paris expressed her excitement about becoming Thomas' wife, they both agreed that something much more important had to come first: pool time.

Out on the grounds of the Forrester estate, Brooke told Ridge how Hope was having a hard time with Thomas' engagement. "It didn't have to be this way. She turned him down," Ridge replied matter-of-factly. Ridge didn't fault Hope for saying no because he understood that she had not been ready to get married. Brooke questioned the speed at which Thomas had gotten engaged to another woman. She also shared that she had asked if Hope had had any regrets. Ridge asked what Hope's response would be if Thomas were to ask Hope to marry him right then.

Paris emerged from the bushes and asked if either Brooke or Ridge had seen Thomas because he had yet to show up at the pool.

Back inside the house, Thomas thought back to his proposal to Hope and how she'd turned him down. Hope reentered the house and said that she had hoped to catch Thomas alone. Thomas told Hope that he could tell that she'd been upset by all the wedding talk. Hope again pleaded with Thomas not to go through with his plan to marry Paris.

Thomas let out a deep breath and asked why Hope was bringing that up again. He pointed out that he has asked Hope to marry him "a bunch of times," but she had made it abundantly clear that she didn't want to get married. Hope blasted Thomas' decision to jump right into another relationship -- and his unilateral decision to make Paris a part of Douglas' life.

"You had your chance, and you hurt me over and over again," Thomas replied. Hope countered that she had said no to getting married, not to her relationship with him. "It was never over between us," she said softly. Thomas asked how many times Hope wanted to reject him. "How about I give it a third try?" Thomas asked as he took both of Hope's hands.

"Will you marry me, Hope? Will you be my wife?" Thomas asked.

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