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Anthony Armando
Actor History
October 1993 to July 1995 [contract]

Other Names

Antony (nickname)


Former head designer for Spectra Fashions



Formerly Macy Alexander's apartment, Los Angeles, CA

Formerly Sally Spectra's penthouse apartment, Los Angeles, CA

Marital Status


Past Marriages





None known

Flings & Affairs

Macy Alexander

Sally Spectra (kissed)

Darla Einstein (kissed)

Ivana Vanderveld (engagement ended by her death)

Crimes Committed

Kissed an unconscious, married Macy Alexander [1993]

Tricked Macy Alexander and Karen Spencer into wearing see-through bathing suits [1994]

Kissed Darla Einstein while involved with Macy Alexander [1994]

Conspired to separate Macy Alexander and Thorne Forrester [1994-1995]

Wrote Macy Alexander threatening letters [1995]

Killed Ivana Vanderveld and framed Thorne Forrester for her murder [1995]

Tried to kill Macy Alexander [1995]

Shot Sally Spectra [1995]

Health and Vitals

Punched by Thorne Forrester [1993]

Brief Character History

Anthony Armando was a designer hired to work for the faltering Spectra Fashions by Karen Spencer, whose father was bailing the company out financially. Out having a drink, Anthony happened upon the inebriated Macy Alexander, so he took Macy home and put her to bed. Anthony couldn't help kissing the unconscious Macy, which got him punched in the face by Macy's estranged husband, Thorne Forrester. Anthony reported in to his first day at Spectra only to find that Macy worked there. Knowing Spectra needed him, Anthony hired Macy's friends, brothers Keith and Kevin Anderson, to work at the company to wear down Macy's resistance. Anthony helped recovering alcoholic Macy stay sober when Thorne left her over Anthony's presence at the company, then produced an elegant line of couture that Macy's mother, Spectra Fashions owner Sally Spectra, used to crash competitor Forrester Creations' benefit fashion show for the American Film Institute that featured veteran actors Charlton Heston and Carol Channing.

Anthony decided he wanted Macy and got support from most of the Spectra gang. Anthony designed bathing suits that became invisible when wet and invited Macy, Karen, and Karen's boyfriend, Connor Davis, to hang out in a hot tub. Anthony fumed when the trick backfired: Keith, who also had a thing for Macy, gave Anthony and Connor swim trunks made out of the transparent material instead. Anthony didn't realize that Sally had developed feelings for him and accepted her offer to stay at her penthouse, knowing Macy often stopped by to visit. Anthony kissed Sally, which interfered with his pursuit of Macy because Macy believed Anthony and her mother had become an item.

Anthony befriended Connor and couldn't believe it when Connor admitted he'd had sex with the resistant Karen without using a condom. When Connor learned Karen was pregnant, Anthony attended his wedding, where Karen confessed she'd lied about carrying Connor's child to teach him a lesson. Anthony also befriended Sally's young son, C.J. Garrison, becoming a sort of surrogate father to the boy. Once Macy's divorce went through, Anthony began seeing Macy on the sly to keep the besotted Sally from finding out. Anthony wowed the fashion world and Sally by creating the Grand Diva line, couture for plus-sized women. But when Sally caught Anthony and Macy professing their love, Anthony had to move out of Sally's penthouse.

Anthony and Macy kept their relationship low-profile for Sally's sake; Anthony kissed Macy's friend, Spectra receptionist Darla Einstein, during this period. But once Anthony and Macy got back on track, tensions flared because Macy, who wanted to become a professional singer, had attracted the attention of a record producer who would only sign her if she recorded with Thorne. After Anthony and Macy broke up, Macy developed throat cancer; Anthony was infuriated that her condition bonded her and Thorne even further and teamed up with Forrester model Ivana Vanderveld, who had a crush on Thorne, to drive a wedge between Thorne and Macy. Anthony and Ivana double-dated with Macy and Thorne to make it look like they were a couple.

Anthony was inspired when Ivana wrote Macy a threatening fan letter just to scare her; he sent follow-up letters anonymously using Ivana's stationery. Ivana accused Anthony of tormenting Macy, so Anthony proposed to Ivana to keep her quiet. Knowing that Thorne's rejection of Ivana had gotten heated, Anthony stole a letter opener from Thorne and used it to kill Ivana after he confessed that he was responsible for the letters. After Thorne was arrested for Ivana's murder during his wedding to Macy, Anthony pretended to be grieving over Ivana to play on Macy's sympathies. The plan worked: Anthony happily accepted Macy's invitation to stay with her, since he made her believe he might commit suicide.

Anthony persuaded Macy to travel with him to Mexico under the guise of figuring out who killed Ivana. Anthony was surprised to be confronted by Thorne, who had escaped from jail; Anthony confirmed to Thorne that he had murdered Ivana and framed Thorne, but knew Thorne couldn't report him without going back to prison himself. Anthony began coming on to Macy, at first miffed that she seemed turned on by Thorne killing Ivana, but when Macy came at Darla with a pair of scissors for kissing Anthony, he was intrigued by her dark side; Anthony proposed to Macy and admitted to killing Ivana.

However, Anthony discovered that Macy was manipulating him and taping their conversations, so he played along with Macy's contention that Anthony framing Thorne turned her on, then turned a gun on her for her deception. Anthony shot at Macy but hit Sally, who had hidden in the apartment wanting to protect Macy. Anthony prepared to rape and kill Macy in front of Sally, but the police swarmed in, and Anthony was arrested for his crimes. He has not been seen or mentioned since 1995.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

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