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Saul Feinberg
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Actor History
January 19, 1989 to June 18, 1996 [contract]


Head of production and tailor at Spectra Fashions at his time of death

Designed for Spectra Fashions

Resides At

Los Angeles at the time of his death

Marital Status

Single at the time of his death

Past Marriages

Unnamed wife (assumed)


Saul Feinberg (grandson)


Unnamed son (assumed)

Flings & Affairs

Sally Spectra (unrequited)

Crimes Committed

Tricked Clarke Garrison into nullifying his marriage agreement with Sally Spectra [1992]

Health and Vitals

Recovered from an unknown illness [1996]

Brief Character History

Saul Feinberg was an immigrant tailor who spent decades working for underdog design house Spectra Fashions and its flamboyant owner, Sally Spectra. Saul was fiercely protective of Sally and repeatedly warned her against the romantic and business messes she seemed to get into. Saul was on hand for a joint fashion show that Sally blustered their way into with the much more successful Forrester Creations on the Queen Mary. But Saul did not approve when Sally wanted to wed their philandering head designer, Clarke Garrison, and give Clarke half the company in exchange for two years of successful marriage. Saul found out from Spectra's receptionist, Darla Einstein, that Clarke was fooling around with PR exec Julie Delorean, but agreed not to tell Sally when Clarke swore he and Julie were over.

When a pregnant Sally followed Clarke to Hawaii and found him with Julie, Saul supported Sally's decision to dump Clarke and proposed to Sally himself so her baby would have a name. Always having been a little sweet on Sally, Saul grudgingly agreed to take Clarke back as a designer. However, after Darla overheard Clarke planning to leave Sally as soon as they hit their two-year deadline, Saul and Darla set Clarke's clocks forward and videotaped him having sex with his ex-wife, Kristen Forrester, which nullified any ownership in Spectra.

Saul doted on Sally's son, C.J. Garrison, but was jealous when Sally began seeing Spectra accountant Jack Hamilton, especially concerned because Jack had also dated Sally's nemesis, Stephanie Forrester. Later, Sally's grown-up daughter, Macy Alexander, was descending into alcoholism because of her problems with her husband, Thorne Forrester, so Saul joined Sally, Darla, Jack, and Macy's friend Keith Anderson in staging an intervention for Macy, as he felt she was like a daughter to him. Saul was not happy when the struggling Spectra got an infusion of capital from Spencer Publications, nor when Karen Spencer came to Spectra to oversee her father Bill Spencer's investment. Saul intervened when Thorne set up house with both Macy and Karen, telling Karen that moving out was the decent thing to do.

Saul finally got a chance to take Sally out to dinner, which was dashed when she went out with Jack instead. Saul tried to tell Sally about his feelings for her, but left in a huff. Saul secretly worked with Sally to produce designs stolen from Forrester Creations, which Saul was asked to pull from Spectra's showing when Jack found out Sally had ripped off Stephanie's family. Saul saw Jack accepting thanks from Stephanie, though, to Saul's chagrin, that didn't deter Sally from accepting Jack's proposal. Saul reluctantly agreed to be Jack's best man and designed Sally's wedding dress but overheard Stephanie inviting Jack to the Café Russe; Saul brought Sally there, where they caught Jack and Stephanie sharing a kiss.

Saul took a shot at designing for Spectra, but Bill and Karen weren't pleased with his work. Soon after, Saul joined the Spectra gang in crashing Forrester's benefit fashion show for the American Film Institute with their own collection by new head designer Anthony Armando. Saul was so upset about Sally lying she was pregnant so Jack would have to marry her that he cried, then told a suspicious Stephanie where she could find Sally and Jack so she could put the kibosh on both Sally's seduction of Jack and her pregnancy lie.

When Anthony began pursuing Macy, Saul was instructed to help produce Anthony's bathing suit design that was made from a material that became invisible in water. Instead, Saul worked with Keith Anderson to turn the tables on Anthony and trick him into wearing a pair of swim trunks that went transparent the moment Anthony lured Macy into a hot tub. Saul attended the wedding of Anthony's friend, Connor Davis, who had gotten his girlfriend Karen Spencer pregnant, only to learn with the other guests that Karen had only pretended to be pregnant to pay Connor back for not using a condom. Saul worked Spectra's Grand Diva showing, which featured Anthony's couture designed for plus-sized women.

After Anthony went crazy and was arrested for trying to kill Sally and Macy, Saul tried to keep the peace between new designer Jasmine Malone and Sally, who didn't get along. Saul also hired Mike Guthrie, Forrester's former security guard, at Sally's behest. Saul put designs that Mike stole from Forrester into production, but kept them out of Spectra's fashion show when Sally started seeing Forrester's head designer, Eric Forrester.

Saul became ill and took a leave of absence from Spectra, but when he returned to work, his delight at having been thrown a welcome back party was shattered by the presence of Clarke, whom Macy had warily hired back to save the company from closure. Though Clarke swore he had changed his ways and wanted to get to know C.J., Saul warned Clarke he'd be keeping an eye on him because he didn't want to see Sally and C.J. hurt again. A couple of months later, in August 1996, Clarke received a phone call telling him Saul had died; Spectras and Forresters alike gathered to hold a memorial for the departed tailor.

In 2017, it was discovered that Saul had a namesake grandson who had followed in Saul's footsteps and become a tailor. The young Saul fondly recalled his grandfather when he joined Sally's namesake grand-niece, Sally Spectra, in trying to save Spectra Fashions from being demolished.

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