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The Scoop: Days of our Lives previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of July 17, 2017

Secrets and scandals stun several Salemites!
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DAYS Scoop: Spoilers for the week of July 17, 2017 on Days of our Lives
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of July 17, 2017. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

The "honeymoon" period for Kate and Andre is certainly over as things get heated when they don't see eye to eye

While Gabi gets an unwanted surprise of her own, Abigail is even more stunned when Kate shares a rather scandalous secret

Abigail enlists old pal Andre to dig up dirt on her new husband's suspected dirty dealings

Andre isn't Abigail's only assistant, as Theo plays cyber sleuth and dives into Dario's illicit activities

With proof that Dario isn't on the up and up, an armed Abigail faces her hubby with the evidence

The fact that Dario is up to no good isn't the most shocking thing about Abigail's confrontation with him...

Dario delivers Abigail a setback when he shows her "proof" that Chad killed Deimos the night everyone was drugged on Halo 2.0

Abigail is shocked at the photo showing Chad over Deimos' body and, even more so, when Dario blackmails her

As they can't seem to stop running into one another, Chad and Abigail's true feelings for each other begin to show

Knowing his sister's grief over her failed marriage to Chad, J.J. shows his strong side when he puts Chad on notice regarding Abigail

Justin and Adrienne's strong connection gets a little stronger due to Sonny's situation, which doesn't sit well with Lucas

With no stronger evidence to show yet, Sonny undergoes hypnosis with Marlena to discover more about Deimos' murder mystery

Consumed with concern over Sonny, Paul places a call to his papa, John, and asks for an assist to prove Sonny's innocence

While Paul gets a helping hand from John, which leads to a new suspect, Abe clues Marlena in on his situation with Valerie

Steve's hunch that Kayla is being set up starts to gain traction, but his suspicions of Nurse Shelly are actually off base

Suspecting Anjelica is ready to strike, Jennifer and Adrienne prepare for a "Hail Mary" play against their adversary

It may come as a shock for everyone in Salem that Anjelica isn't working alone; in fact, she sides with an old ally

Anjelica's attack isn't only relying on a mysterious collaborator; she also seeks the help of someone in Salem

As Hattie hopes to unlock a mystery at Statesville, Rafe and Hope seek out Xander in the slammer to grill him when new evidence comes to light

A caged Xander proves to be as cagey as ever and isn't as forthcoming with Hope and Rafe as they would like

Looking for a way to free himself, Xander's cooperation may come at a grave price Hope and Rafe may be unwilling to pay

Rafe might be unwilling to accept the truth about Dario when Hope breaks the bad news that his brother is breaking the law

Hoping for help to get a break in a case, Eli reaches out to Lani, who's a bit shocked by his suggestion that they work together

Casting scoops

Is Jen Lilley ready to return to DAYS?

WHOA! Eileen Davidson returns to DAYS

Hmm... Is GH's Michael Easton headed to DAYS?

Kassie DePaiva returning to Days of our Lives

Morgan Fairchild heading to Days of our Lives

Emmy winner Chandler Massey is returning to Days of our Lives

Alison Sweeney bringing Sami back to DAYS!

B&B's Patrika Darbo back to DAYS

Days of our Lives shocker: Arianne Zucker to exit

A sneak peek at next week

Although Abigail gets the dirt on Dario, he turns the tables and plays dirty with her

Eric might be a man with secrets, but Nicole is stunned when she discovers one

While Jennifer believes Brady is in a bad way again, Lucas may have some good advice for Chad

Down the road previews

A marriage-minded couple may find that it's a rocky road to the altar as new challenges arise

While old enemies reluctantly find themselves working together, they may be in for a bigger shock when other ties are exposed

Someone sinister slithers into Salem with unfinished business for their foes and family alike

A tried-and-true Salem schemer returns home and has an explosive story to share (and a few scandalous secrets)

A not-so-dead Salemite's return will shock the town, but they might not be the only one resurrecting...

While more Salemites find themselves on the road to home, one beloved one mysteriously goes missing

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