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The Scoop: Days of our Lives previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of January 10, 2022

Salem hearts are on the line!
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DAYS Spoilers for the week of January 10, 2022 on Days of our Lives | Soap Central
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of January 10, 2022. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

A blindsided Chloe is heartbroken by devastating news and could really use best buddy Brady's encouragement

On Brady's behest, Steve's sets off on another hunt for Kristen, and this time, Kayla acts as his backup (whether he likes it or not)

Though on a meaningful mission, a stealthy Steve and Kayla sneak in some sweet time together in Italy, too

As always when dealing with Kristen DiMera, things could quickly take a dangerous turn for Steve and Kayla

Keen-eyed kin Tony and Anna have a hunch that all is not right in the House of DiMera, and their hunches are usually right

A crushed Chanel soon discovers all of Allie's warnings about Johnny were right when he wrongs her and shatters her heart in the process

Johnny just isn't himself these days, and his shocking treatment of Chanel is only the beginning, as he has a surprise for his father, as well

While the fallout from Johnny's bombshells causes chaos, things become intense between besties Chanel and Allie

Allie's all in for supporting her brokenhearted bestie, but feelings start to spin out of control between them

Allie's support of Chanel leads to tension, and that tension leads to her not telling Tripp the entire truth

Still, Tripp's always been a little wary of Allie's true feelings for Chanel, and his suspicions come to the forefront once again

A medical mystery lands on doctor-to-be Tripp's doorstep, as he must diagnose the strange case of Susan Banks

Abigail digs deep into Doc Horton's mysterious departure and shares her search results about Sarah with Xander

Xander's concentration on Sarah's whereabouts continues to cause Gwen concern, especially as they seem to be in a solid space

Ava continues to concentrate on her anger toward Nicole and Rafe and shares some of her seething scheming with Gwen

Though it's an uneasy alliance, Gwen also shares with Ava, as Commissioner Rafe is rattled by a remarkable reveal

A close call rattles Paulina as well as Lani, who shows some sympathy toward her shaken aunt-turned-mother

Even a temporary connection could be the start of Paulina and Lani repairing their relationship, though hopes shouldn't get too high

As a mournful Marlena continues to work on her relationships, buddies John and Abe have an open chat about the tumultuous times they've been through

Ben and Ciara find themselves facing another tough time and must be open with one another about their child's future

The timing must be right for go-getters Gabi and Jake as they receive an unlikely ally in their pursuit for power

Chad isn't the most seasoned schemer and starts to feel uneasy about his dirty power play at DiMera Enterprises

Chad shares his concerns with veteran vengeance seeker Kate and explains how he will dramatically come clean

Though Chad's concerned about his work and home lives, Kate can't exactly advise Chad to spill his secret

Ironically, Kate's various scandalous secrets could shatter her newly rebounded romance with Roman

Lucas also has a relationship rebound that he hopes to keep together, and he continues to railroad an innocent (this time) E.J.

Much to several Salemites' chagrin, Belle believes in E.J. and accepts when he asks her for legal representation

Returning to testify, Lucas' lies enrage an already angry E.J., and his outbursts in court cause concern for Belle

Casting scoops

Bye-bye, Jack and Jennifer! Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves exit Days of our Lives

Alison Sweeney discusses Days of our Lives status; will she return full-time?

A sneak peek at next week

Two Salemites who share a sordid secret should start to worry, as it's starting to unravel, which would cost them both dearly

A new ally breathes promise into two Salemites' grand scheme, but they shouldn't get too comfortable, as not all allies are exactly always trustworthy

Two relationships are dangerously close to falling apart, while a third's troubles may cause each to seek out surprising other mates

Scoops and more

VIDEO: Check out Days of our Lives' winter promo with devilish surprises, twists, and shockers

An old foe returns to town on unfinished business, while new trouble awaits several unsuspecting Salemites

A seemingly solid supercouple may find their relationship encountering super snags, while newlyweds face new troubles, as well

One Salemite finds old habits hard to break, and that bad behavior may ruin any chances they have with their heart's desire, who wants them to marry

Tensions arise when the hunt begins for a missing Salemite, as things become tense personally and professionally when a "guilty" Salemite fights for their freedom

A diabolical duo teams up to take down their enemies, but it may rip apart their relationship in the process, leading each to shocking new connections

Estranged Salemites start to repair their ripped relationship during a heath crisis, though a stranger to Salem could quickly reopen wounds

Old flames decide to stick to being friends (for now), while the news of another seemingly solid couple on the rocks shocks a certain Salemite

Revenge isn't for the weak of heart for one Salemite with a broken one, and stopping their passionate plot could be a real killer

More scoops, spoilers, and commentary

The Scoop: This week's previews
B&B ScoopDAYS ScoopGH ScoopY&R Scoop
Two Scoops: This week's commentary
B&B Two ScoopsDAYS Two ScoopsGH Two ScoopsY&R Two Scoops
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