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The Scoop: Days of our Lives previews, teasers, and spoilers for the Week of August 1, 2022

Sinister Salemites and a scientist gone even madder!
Days of our Lives Scoop: Sinister Salemites and a scientist gone even madder! (Spoilers for the week of August 1, 2022 on DAYS)
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on DAYS during the week of August 1, 2022. Be sure to tune in to DAYS every weekday to see how everything plays out.

Sinister Salemites are circling like sharks, ready to strike, while a scientist's gone even madder than ever before

Concerned citizen Steve continues to fret about self-proclaimed "redeemed man" Milo Harp's potential evil plotting against Salem

Steve suggests to his Black Patch bestie, John, that they plan a preemptive strike against old foe Orpheus

An agenda-armed Orpheus alarms Marlena with his wishes, while the wait for Shawn Christian's paternity test results tests Shawn's resolve

Evan's also eager to claim his son once and for all, but when the bio dad is definitively defined, there's an even bigger bombshell ahead

Shawn's saddened not to be the baby's father -- and even sadder for the baby because of who his true father turned out to be

While Shawn reaches out to Belle, Mr. Frears might have much to fear when Evan's confronted by the mother of all revelations

A grief-stricken Chad confronts Sarah, believing she has answers that may help to find Abigail's murderer

Sarah would also love to know what happened the night Abigail was killed and turns to Marlena for help

Doc Evans does her best, but the mysteries of the night in question give Sarah even more to ponder

Armchair detectives Xander and Sarah start to concoct some concepts and connect some killer dots

Sarah and Xander set off to catch a killer (or at least a clue), while Maggie's caught off guard by a discovery at the mansion

The Kiriakis mansion is aflutter with the most recent return in the family, but Alex might be a bit more opportunistic than his kin

Though the DiMera family is deep in mourning, it doesn't mean that several driven family members won't seize the day if opportunities knock

Gabi's goal to secure Jake's DiMera shares certainly doesn't go smoothly, as Ava's raised the scheming stakes

An aggressive E.J. isn't exactly duped by Ava's deception and questions his alleged new sister-in-law's honesty over her claim

Gabi's gift to pull the wool over one's eyes might be slipping, as Li discovers his heart's desire has been dishonest with him

Still heartsick over losing Chanel, Johnny takes a page from his father's playbook and pressures Paulina to help him

Hoping to help a loved one avoid heartache, Paulina probes Nicole on a particular ex-padre, ex-husband of hers

Jada jumps in feet first and takes the opportunity to ask Eric out, which may not land well with a certain Salemite ex still carrying a torch

Gwen takes a stab at using her wily ways with Xander in hopes that her ex-fiancÚ will warm up to her once again

Though Gwen should worry less about Xander's feelings and more about potential discoveries he might make about the night of Abigail's death

Abigail's death continues to be a deep cut for Thomas, and Chad struggles to be there for his heartbroken son

Thomas' "Tooth Fairy" spotting may spell doom for Leo down the road, but in the meantime, Mr. Stark seeks answers from his bad news bestie

Leo puts Gwen in the homicide hot seat, as he believes she's not being entirely forthcoming with him about Abigail's murder

Between Abigail and Jake's deaths, the murder investigation, watching his children grieve, and all the DiMera family drama, Chad's close to snapping

Luckily for Chad, he has comforting Sonny as a best buddy who swoops in to pull him back from the brink

Salem's most shocking mad scientist has swept in to secure Jake's body, but that's not the only thing he's hiding in his laboratory

Dr. Rolf really appears as an even madder scientist than ever before when he reveals his latest life-changing experiment to Kristen

While it's technically more of a "death-changing" experiment, Kristen's nonetheless astonished by Dr. Rolf's achievement

Kristen briefly wonders if Wilhelm's gone too far this time, but she greenlights Dr. Rolf's ghastly plan, nonetheless

Casting scoops

Kyle Lowder returns to Days of our Lives

Peter Reckell: Beyond Salem could be "just the beginning" of my Days of our Lives return

Alison Sweeney's final bow?

Elia Cantu opens up about Detective Jada Hunter

Victoria Konefal out as Ciara

Robert Scott Wilson is now playing Alex Kiriakis, calls Days of our Lives character a "breath of fresh air"

Abigail Klein joins Days of our Lives as the new Stephanie Johnson

Richard Wharton joins Days of our Lives as new Dr. Rolf

A sneak peek at next week

The search for Abigail's killer continues in Salem, and Xander and Sarah might have found a big piece of the puzzle

Detectives Brady and Hunter have a good, growing rapport with one another, which Belle might not like very much

Brady hopes to downgrade his Kristen troubles and puts a tempting offer on the table for his troublemaking ex

There's always trouble brewing in Dr. Rolf's laboratory, so it's curious when Li seeks an audience with the mad scientist

It could be a bit troublesome when Johnny and Ava have a curiously close run-in, while one scheming Salemite finds the net potentially closing in on them

Down the Road Preview: Sizzling Summer Preview

Ron Carlivati previews summer on Days of our Lives, what to expect from Beyond Salem

Abigail's murder mystery will see a lot of Salemites spend time in the hot seat until the true killer is exposed

Between Satan, experimental drugs, and masquerades, it's good to remember not everything (and everyone) in Salem is as it seems

Sami returns to Salem, unaware that Lucas was her kidnapper; how long can he keep her thinking that E.J. was the kidnapper?

In a daytime first, a set of twins -- Johnny and Allie -- fall in love with the same girl; who will Chanel choose?

Roman urges Eric to tell Nicole how he feels, but will Nicole and Rafe's marriage keep him from opening up?

New relationships are tested by old flames, while old relationships are left in ruins due to devilish designs

Some Salemites certainly shouldn't be messed with, as they know how to expertly craft a revenge plot for the ages

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The Scoop: This week's previews
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Two Scoops: This week's commentary
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