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Here's the thing with anticipation: you look forward to whatever it is you are waiting for, and build it up so much, that it never lives up to your expectations.

Here's the thing with anticipation: you so look forward to whatever it is you are waiting for, and build it up so much, that it never lives up to your expectations. So was it with DAYS this week.

Two weeks ago when NBC broke for the Olympics, they showed us tantalizing spoilers for when DAYS would return, and I was practically salivating. After watching this week though, I feel so disappointed. It's like going to see a movie because the commercials for it looked great, and realizing all the best moments were shown in the trailers.

So first of all, was I the only one who noticed a weird disjointedness between Monday and Tuesday's episodes? It almost seemed like Monday's episode was supposed to air before the Olympics, and Tuesday's after. Half of what happened on Tuesday's show happened on Monday's episode, but in slightly different takes. I taped both days, and for a while, I almost thought I had accidentally re-watched the Monday episode! And again, a lot of Wednesday's episode seemed like a replay of the previous day. Very odd.

But anyway, we finally got answers to some of those cliffhangers! Chloe was indeed in a serious car accident, and things weren't looking good for her this week. Her doctors had all but given up on her, and Nancy showed up later to tell Brady that Chloe was dead. But when I saw those bandages and wounds on her face, I kind of wondered if something was up. I mean, can you really imagine TPTB killing off Chloe? Neither can I. So then I went online, and discovered that Chloe asked Nancy to tell Brady this lie because she is now disfigured and doesn't want to "burden" Brady. Which we all know is ridiculous, of course, but that's soaps. I wonder if they are doing this to bring in a new actress to play Chloe-it wouldn't be the first time a soap used the plastic surgery story to change actors! Personally, after seeing Nicole in action firsthand last Christmas, I can't believe Chloe would leave Brady to Nic's clutches, but whatever.

And now Brady "has feelings" for Nicole? Gag me. This storyline is really annoying me-let Brady learn she killed his grandpa and be done with her! It's not like she is the Nicole we saw last year, the one who seemed sweet and deprived of joy underneath her hard exterior. Now she's just a cold hearted bitch.

Of course we all knew Lucas and Sami's happiness couldn't go along without a blip on the radar. Just as the happy couple was settling into life together, who should call but Brandon Walker. Poor Lucas; I don't blame him for being a little jealous and upset when Sami told Brandon she loved him. She assures her newest fiancé that there is no need for jealousy since Brandon was once her friend, but that had to be rough to hear! I do wish they'd stop using this tired plot device, though. TPTB did the same thing when Brandon and Sami first got together-they had Sami all excited about the love of her life (which turned out to be Will) coming back to her, and Brandon was jealous until he realized who it was. Come up with some new ideas already!

Meanwhile, Mimi is afraid she is dying of cancer, but I can't see TPTB redoing that storyline so soon after Chloe. I read, and I think it will be good story, that she will turn out to be pregnant. First of all, it's an interesting byproduct of all that sex they like to show Mimi and Rex having! Second, it's not a teen pregnancy story, but not a regular pregnancy story either. While Mimi is in her early 20's now, she's still not really an adult, but will be faced with plenty of adult choices. Also, with all the talk of marriage and a life together, it does seem the next step for Meems and Rex. Plus maybe she'll finally tell Rex what's going on. What's up with all these characters "protecting" their loved ones from the truth of their health?

Speaking of Rex, I am so glad that Philip called him on his sudden undying loyalty to the Brady family. After all, Rex is much more closely related to Phil than Shawn. And I loved how Philip scoffed when Rex declared that he respected the Brady work ethic and called Philip a "rich, spoiled punk." It wasn't so long ago that "punk" was Rex, he was taking whatever Tony gave him AND that he hated the Brady family! But I feel like TPTB just transferred the fighting and distrust from Rex and Shawn to Rex and Philip. So Philip is in love with Belle; big deal. I can't believe that Rex thinks Belle should stick by Shawn, considering that what they know is that he left her flat!

In the meantime, Belle is pretty confused. She and Philip shared that hot kiss, but her heart still belongs to Shawn. Though she told Philip she wants to take things slow, she did agree to go away with Philip to see what happens. And I guess that footage of Belle and Philip kissing proved enough of a motivator to finally make Shawn grow a brain! He ripped those cuffs off, pried open the doors and got the hell away from that nutcase! Who WASN'T cheering when Shawn (finally) socked Jan in the kisser? But I guess that newly grown brain didn't stick around too long, considering that when he called Bo, all he talked about was where Belle and Hope were. What about telling your dad that some freak kidnapped you and held you hostage so they can arrest her and throw her in jail?? Too logical, I guess.

Then again, Bo's having a pretty difficult time convincing everyone else that he himself is not crazy. He finally figured out the code, but after interrupting John and Kate about to get busy on Kate's desk, no one wants to believe him! Speaking of illicit romance, John and Kate think they're spouses are dead, but what's Roman and Marlena's excuse? I can't believe that Marlena would ever betray John like that, no matter what was going on between them when she left Salem. And does she not remember the way he stood by her and tried to save her when no one else would? Please.

Things ARE looking pretty bleak for the Islanders right now though. Hope and Abe can't find Jen (who is off giving birth to her baby boy), Jack is MIA, Roman is injured and dying, and Tony again smashed the code transmitter. What IS Tony's deal? He is obviously in on this plan, but if Stefano isn't behind this then who is?

Well, it will be awhile before I can give you anymore of my thoughts on the subject. I am going in for major surgery, and won't be writing another column for about a month. Hopefully things will move along between now and then, and I'm sure I'll have plenty to share with you then!


This made me laugh: Lucas says to Sami, "It's not every day you get engaged." Boy, it sure seems that way with Sami, though! LOL... And I loved her "Leave It to Beaver" fantasy... Tek mentioned Lady Vi's! I forgot all about that place, but it's nice to know the writers haven't...When Abe asked Hope what she would do if Bo thought her dead and moved on with someone else, why didn't she say, "been there, done that"? After all, when she was presumed dead in the early 90's, Bo had relationships with both Carly and Billie.

See you soon,

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