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If Jan dies, she'll never end up paying for her crimes...unless you consider her death to be a form of karmic payback.

Every time I think we've seen the silliest of storylines - Reilly comes up with something even worse. Of course I'm referring to Shawn's insane idea to rescue Philip. Every single person that he cares about (including Belle) told him that it was a crazy idea, that the marines had tried and failed - but yet, he still believes he can do it. Or wait, scratch that - he thinks that this is the only way that he and Belle can be together. Okayyyy...you get right on that Shawn! I'm sure it'll be no problem at all for him to buy the necessary gear and weapons he'll need to launch such a rescue operation. Not to mention obtaining the required travel documents to reach the area - oh, and let's not forget the actual cost of the trip; I'm sure the money will simply appear as needed. Snap his fingers and it's done. Knowing Shawn, as he has been written lately, he'll simply jump on that motorcycle of his and fly it overseas. I know I'm being ridiculous, but so is this story.

The "Slap" heard around the world...okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic but when Kate hauled off and slapped Belle, I just about fell off my chair. First of all, Kate had SOME nerve slapping Belle - of all people! I can't believe that Belle reacted by taking the blame for causing Kate to slap her. Is it just me? Doesn't that behavior seem very dysfunctional? Would any of you out there stand by while your mother-in-law slapped you? If anyone, I mean ANYONE slapped me across the face my instinctive reaction would be to fight back. I suppose that's not the best response to have (but neither is taking the blame) besides, I don't know many people who wouldn't react angrily to being physically assaulted. John should have kicked Kate's butt right out the door. I wish that Marlena could come home; she'd be able to fix everything. She might even be able to get John the medical treatment he so obviously needs for his injured back. And we need Roman home too; I think he's the only one who can rein in Kate at this point.

I don't think anyone was very surprised by the turn of events with Mimi and Jan. There's been a lot of chatter on the internet boards that Jan will die and Mimi will go to jail for her murder. Apparently the actress who plays Jan has be released from her contract; so I'm betting that means we'll soon be seeing the last of Jan Spears. I don't want Jan to die though - not only because I don't want Mimi to go to jail - there are SO many things that she has to answer for. Namely, kidnapping Shawn and keeping him locked in a cage for the summer, brainwashing him, drugging him, the list goes on. Let's not forget that she blackmailed Mimi and basically pushed Belle in to Philip's arms. And what about the attempted murder of Victor? If Jan dies, she'll never end up paying for her crimes. That is unless you consider her death to be a form of karmic payback. Personally, I'll be happy to see the character go but I would prefer that she go to jail for the rest of her life.

What's going on with Jennifer lately? Abby keeps sneaking off and Jen has no idea. Actually, Chelsea's mother (or guardian - who does she live with anyhow?) is worse; Chelsea is even more out of control than Abby. I can't believe she poured alcohol in Billie's drink. And why couldn't Billie taste the alcohol? It seems to me that a recovering alcoholic would know the difference. Wasn't it creepy that Billie saw Bo's face when she looked at Patrick? Why can't Billie just abandon her crazy obsession and move on with Patrick? I think they have a lot of chemistry together, plus anything that keeps her away from Bo and Hope is fine with me.

I've heard rumors that Stefano will be returning soon and apparently he will not be happy with Tony. I'm hoping that also means that TPTB were able to woo Joseph Mascolo back to the role. Actually, I guess that would be a given, wouldn't it? There's no way I could imagine anyone other than him in the role. I can't wait to see the Phoenix rise again - though it's terribly overused - the distinguished Mr. Mascolo does it so well. At least we should finally see some progression in the story. Frankly I'm bored with Tony's schemings and I just want to see it all wrapped up as quickly as possible.


  • Finally, flashbacks worth seeing! The ones they showed on Wednesday of Bo and Hope on the Fancy Face, etc; were great. Give us more! Those are the kind of flashbacks we want to see.
  • The Nicole/Brady/Chloe story finally saw a little movement this week as Nancy almost spilled the beans about Chloe. It's always great to see Nancy - and Craig for that matter - I wish Days could find a way to bring the Wesleys back permanently.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Shirley Beaver:"Nothing is as it seems", another statement from TPTB. Could that mean that Bo and Hope wake up from being hit on the head at the fashion show and we find out all of this has been a dream? Not sure about this though, since it was done before on Dallas; and do you remember how you felt when you found out that all those episodes you faithfully watched were a dream? Evil doers getting away with their plots for long periods of time have always been a part of the soap world. But, the fans hang in there because they know that the evil doers will be found out and ALL their plots exposed, thereby giving fans satisfaction knowing their long suffering, beloved characters will finally get what they want (for a while anyway). The evil doer is punished or banished for a while and eventually becomes a better person and welcomed back until they find a new reason for lapsing back to evil. Or a new evil comes to town, or a wronged goodie turns bad. And we accept all this as part of an ongoing saga. What we are living through with Days is nonsense. Things happen for absolutely no reason and are never part of the story again. The "ends" never get tied up. They made such a big deal about Rex being a genius and then never utilized that character to its fullest potential. Cassie also was a genius but was more interested in socialization and being a "girl" which was fine; but in her present situation, wouldn't her genius kick in and help her to help herself and the others. And whatever happened to the "twin connection" they had. Why doesn't Rex know that she is alive? Victor is a very powerful man; why couldn't he get to a guard somehow, making them a better deal than DiMera. Victor would know how. And, what Tony is doing to Victor's SON Philip, means he will have to kill Victor, since he will never rest until Tony is dead. I and I am sure many fans have thought of much better storylines for the characters. I feel sorry for the Days actors. They must know how bad the writing is and realize it is only a matter of time before they are out of work, if something doesn't change. Wasn't there a question about renewing Days a while back and then at the eleventh hour NBC renewed their contract. Could it be that, knowing how they lost fans the last time Reilly was writing for the show, they figured that by the time Days contract finishes there will be so few fans left that no one will care if the soap is canceled? There are so many more things I can vent about, but this is already longer then I meant it to be and I am sure you didn't even want to read this far; if you did, THANKS." Thanks for sharing your thoughts Shirley ~P

From Antoine:"Now what I have to say this may upset readers, but I really like Marlena and Roman together, and John and Kate together. They have perfect chemistry and their personalities are compatible with one another. Im sorry but even Marlena said that the only reason why she fell in love with John was because he was portraying "Roman" which means he had to be someone else for her to love him. Im sorry if this upsets you I still like many of you want, Bo with hope, Shawn and Belle, Mickey and Maggie, Jack and Jen, Sami and Lucas, Kate with John, and Roman with Marlena!"Your are totally entitled to your opinion Antoine. Everyone has a different take on the situation. Personally, it doesn't actually matter to me who Marlena ends up with...as long as John and Kate don't stay together - I don't see any chemistry between them at all.~P

From Jennifer:"I rarely watch Days anymore because it has become so insufferably boring, so correct me if I'm wrong here. Has anyone mentioned the fact that Sami is missing? Where did she go? Is no one worried that "crazy" Sami's whole life fell apart and then she just dropped off the face of the earth after hurling threats at most of the people in Salem? Considering her history, I would think that at least certain people (John, Kate, Lucas, and Will for sure) would be worried about her (for various reasons) and might wonder where she is." I think Lucas and Will have mentioned Sami's disappearance, but no one else has batted an eyelash. I also find it strange that no one seems to care that Sami fell of the face of the earth - but it is very convenient.~P

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