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For the Week of May 30, 2005
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No matter how low she sunk while being Stan, she did the right thing and saved the guys from whatever fate Tony had in store for them.

YAY Sami! No matter how low she sunk while being Stan - she "did the right thing" and saved the guys from whatever fate Tony had in store for them. I am so happy that Alison Sweeney is back; and she looks fabulous!!! I have to admit one tiny nit-picky thing though...it did seem kind of strange that Sami would use the opportunity to press Lucas about giving her another chance. They are trying to escape before they are shot and killed, for gosh sakes!! I think the conversation can wait until they're safely on the plane back home. My suspicions were raised immediately that this was another classic Reilly-red-herring - he gets our hopes up by making us think that a popular couple will get back together only to have some crucial secret revealed that ends up pushing the couple even further apart. I have a feeling that something like this will happen with Sami and Lucas. Either Lucas will find out that Sami was Stan, and end up hating her - OR he will find out something equally as bad to stop him from getting back with her. I really hope not but I don't think this storyline will be resolved until Kate is exposed as the one who set up Sami and Brandon.

So once again, Kate is in the bad books (I guess I don't need to say 'once again' - she pretty much always IS in the bad books!). But not only in MY bad books - seems Marlena has written her name down too! Did you guys catch the look Marlena gave Kate when she said "I hope Sami burns in hell!." If looks could kill, Kate's face would be half-melted off by now. Ha ha, sorry, I had to laugh for a second at that visual. ANYHOW - I can see that the issue of 'Sami' will end up creating problems for our little quadrangle as Marlena and Roman will be supportive of their daughter and Kate and John will be against her. I'm still a little shocked that Kate actually said that to Roman - she's speaking of his daughter! I wonder how she would have reacted had Roman said the same thing about Billie in reference to her repeated attempts to break up Bo and Hope.

You know....I am happy that DOOL made an attempt to redeem the military by having had them plant tracking devices on the boys and then following them to Tony's bunker BUT it fell flat with all the inconsistencies. First of all, the tracking devices that were planted on the guys would have had their own satellite system...there's no way that the military would need the ISA satellite or John to help them track down the guys. That was just stupid. Also - what's with the marine commander spouting off his little lecture as they're holding Tony at gunpoint? How about getting him in to custody and then having your little chat with the guys? I just hope this story is over - throw Tony in jail (it would be nice to see him get caught for once) and send the guys back home.

The conversations between Sami and Bart were interesting this week. Not only is he fun to watch but also, he generally proves himself to be a nice guy. When Bart is in a scene, my finger comes off the FF button and I pay attention. This week, Bart admitted to Sami that he thinks Tony has lost "it" and is only going along with his plans out of loyalty to Stefano. That immediately make me think "hmmmm....could Stefano be lurking behind the scenes somewhere?." We still do not know who Patrick is working for - it could be Stefano. I would LOVE to have him back in Salem, as long as he hasn't turned in to a lunatic like Tony. It would be great to have our Phoenix back in residence.

Chelsea was discharged from the hospital this week. Isn't this still the day after the accident? Okay - I'll be generous and say it's probably been two days since the accident. But, low and behold...Chelsea (who died and was resuscitated by Billie and had life saving surgery) has now been released from the hospital. Right.... I'm sure hospitals are always in the habit of releasing minors whose parents were killed and who have no legal guardians to care for them. Ignoring that improbability, I have a question - how can Billie take legal responsibility for Chelsea? Bo had to take responsibility for her because of her crime of assaulting the cop, so how in the world can she assume responsibility for a minor? Doesn't seem logical. And where exactly is she living? Does she have room for a teenager?

The whole business of Nicole talking Chloe out of revealing herself to Brady by mentioning stupid things like hosting dinner parties and having her picture in the society pages was so crazy. Yeesh! How fragile is Chloe exactly? Does she imagine that Brady would subject her to that kind of lifestyle if she didn't want it? Anyhow - how can Chloe imagine that those superficial things are more important than being with the person you love? I'm sure Brady would choose being with Chloe over leading some kind of high-powered business lifestyle. Nicole is edging towards being in my bad books. I realize that she's been written as a greedy, insecure and needy character but it bothers me to watch somebody being so conniving or interfering with another person's life. That's a sure-fire way to get slapped down by karma. That being said, we know that Brady WILL find out the truth at some point - and I can only imagine what his reaction will be when he discovers that not only did Nicole know that Chloe was alive; she actually kept it from him. She doesn't have a chance! Especially considering that Brady has continually said that IF Chloe were alive...things between him and Nicole would be different. I'm just hoping that it all comes out before the wedding day. Or maybe I don't. Another dumped-at-the-altar story might not be so bad if it involved Nicole.

Mimi and her quest to be put in jail - sans trial - in an effort to prevent Rex from discovering her abortion is simply beyond the boundaries of reasonability. What exactly does she think he's going to do upon returning from his pseudo-rescue mission? Simply accept the fact that his fiancée is in jail for a crime she did not commit and not try to see her or talk to her? I mean... you know...HUH? This does not make one iota of common sense. Of course - this could all be a moot point since there's no guarantee that Rex will make it back to Salem. We know that something dreadful or drastic always happens in these situations and I'm betting that one of the boys will end up presumed dead or something along those lines.


  • So TEK is a womanizing-adulterer huh? Seems he gets involved with married women and as soon as they are divorced, he dumps them. Okay - whatever, BUT I have to wonder how old this guy is supposed to be. He looks and seems about 25. It's hard to believe he would have that kind of track record at such a young age.
  • I'm hoping that we don't have to spend too much time watching Marlena wobble back and forth between telling John about her and Roman, or not. That's the problem with the characters in Salem - they can never make a decision and just stick with it. We have to watch them struggle with these things forever!
  • I was so pumped that Marlena saw right through Nicole and called her out on her behaviour with Chloe. I was like "yeah - stick it to her." But then, of course the tables got turned on the good Doc when Nicole was easily able to deduce that Roman and Marlena got close during their captivity. I hope this situation does not degenerate into Nicole blackmailing Marlena to keep quiet about Chloe.
  • Mimi had the Salem brain this week as it occurred to her that Sami could once again be working with Tony.
  • Now don't go sending me a bunch of emails but...I thought Hope was acting like a bit of a harpy this week. I'm getting a little sick of hearing that it's Bo's fault that Shawn is wherever. It's not his fault, Shawn is an adult now, he should be responsible for his own decisions. The REAL issue between them should be the fact that a)Bo totally accepted Billie's apology and is NOT mad at her for taking advantage of him sexually and b)that he continues to have anything to do with Billie AT ALL. This story makes me SO mad. I am frustrated that the only person that seems to be taking this seriously is Hope. Even Jack stuck up for Billie. ARG!
  • Speaking of Jack....what was the fainting all about? I wonder if he's going to have a relapse of his Hodgkin's disease???

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From LizB:"Bart is the only bright spot in this show any more. He's funny and has great charisma. Jack comes in next but hasn't been given any real 'role'. You're right - the endless storelines (one day stretching into weeks and weeks)has got to stop. If ANY one of them moved forward at all, it might be helpful. But no. Has no one figured out that Chelsea is going to turn out to be (GASP) Georgia??? In Salem the men are wimps, the women are stupid and spineless, the so-called teenagers are spoiled rich kids with nothing to do with their lives (didn't Shawn, Belle, Mimi,etc. JUST graduate high school and HOW do they find $$ as none of them seem to be employed. And yes, the Iraq storyline is such a slap in the face of REAL soldiers and the reality of war. The writers should be ashamed of themselves." ~I love Bart too! I laughed so hard when he told Sami that, asking her not to try anything stupid is like asking a steak on the grill not to sizzle. I wonder if he ad-libs his lines? Either way - he rocks! ~P

From Cedes:"Hey I read you colum and noticed your question about the change in the actress playing Chelsea, Many Musgrave, the original Chelsea landed a part in a piolt, I think its for the WB. I read about the change in the soaps section of TVGuide online. Anyways, they replace that actress with the girl who played the "supposed Georgia" in France. Then new actress' first airdate was when Chelsea was waking up from the coma " Thanks for the info Cedes. I guess the day I saw the new actress was the day she debuted. ~P

From richard_bostrom7777:"geez!!! are you right about JER-everytime he gets involved w/dool he ruins it! *Mimi WAS a GREAT character funny, interesting-now-dumber than a barrel of hair! no wonder Farah F wont be back shes too smart to sabotage herself! *Hope is whiny! *Bo cant seem to do anything-at all. *musketeers-insulting. *weren't TPTB supposed to explain the Brady/DiMera feud-did I miss that???? nonetheless-all typical forJER especially dragging out storylines!! I've watched dool since bo/hope/patch/kayla--this is frustrating just no plot movement and turning good/great characters into idiots!!" Thanks for writing Richard. I didn't know that Farah won't be back! This is news to me - are they recasting the role? I can't picture the role of Mimi with anyone other than Farah. She is the reason that the role became recurring! Crossing my fingers that this is just a rumor... ~P

From rjln:"I have to agree that the Chloe/Nicole storyline is ridiculous. Everytime I watch Chloe I'm wondering how she gets all that mascara on under those bandages." LOL! Just one of those little inconsistencies that we are supposed to overlook - like all the others. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Judy Stowers:" Thank God for VCR's. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be watching this show. Too boring and nauseating to sit through a whole show. Your comments regarding the ridiculous storyline of Nicole and the surgical instruments: RIGHT ON! Not only would they not need to use instruments that just came from another surgery, but they also wouldn't be walking down the hall with them on an open tray or with nurses breathing over them. Sterilized instruments arrive in the OR completely wrapped and are not opened where people can breathe on top of them with no surgical mask on. Why doesn't this show have someone who checks for these ridiculous things? For God's sake why do they have Chloe with heavy makeup or even any makeup on her eyes while she's going through these surgeries/recoveries? Stupid! Stupid! You said you have been trying for a while to not pick at these things, but unfortunately, it's impossible for me not to pick at them because they are so stupid they hit me in the face. Then there's the same dialogue ad nauseum. I can see why some of it perhaps needs to be repeated for those who maybe missed some shows, but they do it way too often and even repeat it during the same day. I don't even like John. That man almost never smiles. Just gets that "look" on his face over and over again that I can't describe. When Shawn remembered the details of his being held by Jan, why didn't he immediately seek to have something done about that? Wouldn't that be normal? But then DOOL isn't normal. There's been practically nothing done with that other than a casual comment. Get real! I could go on and on, but I know this doesn't go to anyone who can do anything about it, and they probably wouldn't care anyway. DOOL is my first venture into the soap opera world and I'm afraid that it's so bad, I have no desire to try any of the others." I just want to say: don't let your experience with Days color your desire to watch another soap. In its present state - Days of our Lives is one of the worst written soaps on daytime TV. I can personally vouch for both As the World Turns and General Hospital as excellently written, paced and acted shows. I thoroughly enjoy watching both of those shows. I think that all of us who are fans of Days are hoping that our complaining will spark the interest of the The Powers That Be and convince them that they need to make some changes to return the show to its previous glory. But you do bring up a fantastic point! Once Shawn regained his memories of what Jan did to him - why didn't he tell his parents or ANY cop for that matter? Charges need to be laid against Jan for forcible confinement (at the very least). This is just one more example of the terrible writing on this show. If the police had this information; I'm sure they would be a little more hesitant to arrest Mimi on circumstantial evidence. Thanks for writing! ~P

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