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Marlena's pregnant? MARLENA? How could she be pregnant? Isn't she a little old to be pregnant?

Marlena pregnant? MARLENA??? Excuse me...what? Am I getting that right? How could she be pregnant? I don't want to be rude but isn't she a little old to be pregnant? This doesn't make sense G! What the heck is Reilly thinking? (why do I bother asking that question anymore?) Why is it Roman's baby? She slept with John when she got back from ze island - why couldn't it be his? Good lord - between the four of them, they have like a gazillion children, most of whom they share both biological and step-parental ties to. Sheesh! Now all we need is for Kate to get pregnant with John's child and all four of them will be able to co-parent their numerous children. Can this story get any more ridiculous? Is it even worth commenting on? By the way...why was Marlena in her office working? Didn't she just return from the dead two days ago? Wouldn't you take a bit of a break before returning to work? And, how does she have an office to return to - did John pay the rent while she was "dead"?? How could she have a job to return to? Wouldn't her medical license have been cancelled after she "died"? And what patient in their right mind would trust a therapist that was thought to be a murderer not so long ago? Wait a sec - isn't this the same night that they guys returned from their mission? The welcome home party at Alice's is still going on! Can't we even get a little consistency from this show? Belle, John and Kate were in Germany and speaking with Philip, Marlena was working in her office, Roman was running around town trying to get clues about Caroline and Victor's location but yet people were still partying at Alice's!! With all the contradictions, it's enough to make a viewer crazy!

OOPSY - I can't believe that I totally forgot about Shawn and Cassie being cousins. When you consider the complicated familial ties in Salem, it's probably not surprising. I received a TON of mail about this so...I am very sorry for the brain fart and I thank you all for keeping me on my toes. Though I will say that I appreciated the nice reminders more than the rude ones. And there were rude ones - you know who you are. Which got me thinking...why is it that some people cannot correct others without acting superior about it? We all make mistakes right? But I digress....SO - I don't think I can stomach watching the potential triangle between Belle/Philip/Shawn. I have a feeling that it's going to be a long summer and that we'll have to endure the back and forth until November sweeps. For example, on Wednesday, Belle called Shawn from the plane to let him know that she loves him. That was nice and all but before she left, she told him that she had to be there for Philip right now. She should keep herself focused on that priority instead of making sure Shawn is still on standby. Then on Friday - Belle told both Philip and John that she planned to stay with Philip for as long as he needed her. That's going to be a long time! Philip is going to need her A WHOLE bunch - as was evidenced by him throwing the DVD player across the room. Poor Shawn, all this spells a recipe for pain for him, especially now that he has decided to make the trip to Germany to be with Belle. What a dumb idea! One that will be sure to push Belle further away from him AND bolster Kate's claim that all he cares about is his own selfish needs. I'm kind of surprised that Hope went along with this - surely she must have realized that Shawn is being selfish and needs to grow up and give Belle the freedom to make her own decisions? What's that old adage? If you love something set it free - if it comes back to you, it's yours forever? Time to set Belle free Shawn D. (hey...that rhymes!! LOL)

Once again Kate has pulled her magic strings and finagled a way to get Judge Fitzpatrick (or Karen as Kate likes to call her) on Shawn's case. I guess his "crashing through the church window" stunt is still unresolved in the courts. I wonder if his "Act of Heroism" (excuse me while I laugh myself silly) will get him out of jail time? If that happens, I'm sure Kate will be furious and Shawn will realize that she was the one who tried to get him locked up. I think I smell a big feud brewing between two distinct camps. The ones on the side of keeping Belle and Philip together and preventing Shawn from interfering and the ones on the side of True Love and aiding Shawn in his quest of getting Belle back by his side. Please tell me I'm wrong... Where do you guys think this story is going? Send me some ideas and I'll post them next week.

It was so much fun to watch Sami and Nicole's verbal sparring match! Much as these two might be irritating on their own...they are fairly entertaining when working together. I loved the snipes they threw back and forth at each other. It was so funny to watch them threaten each other but then realize that they were at an impasse, and would need to work together for their mutual protection. I'm especially happy that Brady is not falling for Nicole's lies and plans to string her along while looking for Chloe.
Spoiler Alert According to the news release on the front page of this site - both Kyle Lowder (Brady) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) are leaving the show. This is bittersweet for me because I love both the actors and the characters they play. However, I can understand that, as young actors, they probably have a need to stretch themselves and build their skills - heaven knows they won't win any Oscars while working on Days! LOL. But, I will miss the character of Brady Black tremendously, not to mention the very hot Kyle Lowder. :) Because there are no plans to recast either part, I'm assuming that both characters will be written off. So, I'm guessing that Brady WILL find Chloe and they'll ride off in to the sunset together. All I can say is that I sure hope JER has written them an ending fit for such a hugely popular couple.

So Chelsea is back and we are being treated to 'How to be a Brat 101'. I know I should be sympathetic because the girl just lost her whole family, house and everything else I guess. Where is Chelsea staying anyhow? I don't remember that being discussed. Why is she SMOKING? She never did that before the accident! Besides, she has just had emergency life-saving surgery (yesterday) - smoking is probably not the brightest idea. This story is SO crazy. "You're not my mother...you can't tell me what to do." How many times will we hear Chelsea say that to Billie over the coming months? I'm bored all ready and this story hasn't even begun to be dragged out yet!


  • I loved the fact that Marlena took the time to talk to Shawn and tell him that she understood what he's going through and how much he's hurting. It's about time that someone was sympathetic to his situation, and not just his mother.
  • Billie ICK. I was so happy that I didn't have to look at her face for the last two weeks but here is she is again, popping up like a sore thumb. Figures that she would take the opportunity to compare her situation with Bo and Hope to the Shawn/Belle/Philip situation! That Billie - she's nothing if not an opportunist.
  • I love Rex and Mimi but I am SICK to death of their storyline. I don't have much to say as I fast-forwarded most of their story this week.
  • Where is Mickey and Maggie? Will we ever see them again?
  • When did Belle and Rex have the time to make a DVD for Philip? I love how the writers throw that kind of stuff at us.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in, once again I received such a huge volume of email that I had to post as many as possible. I love reading your feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Jennifer:"I read your two scoops every week and I love reading them however I disagree with Shawn and Belle having no chemistry. To me Belle and Shawn have hot sizzling chemistry more than Belle and Phil, and the barn scenes in December of Shawn and Belle making love proved it. Belle may stay marry to Phil now because he lost his leg and because she loves him as a friend and feels she owe's it to him because he was there for her last summer when she lost her mom and didn't know about Shawn being kidnapped by Jan, but Shawn and Belle will find a way to be together again. I am a huge Shelle fan and yes I don't like Phil but I don't want him to stay marry to someone who does not love him back the way a wife should love her husband and Belle is not that girl. Personally I would like to see Phil turn to Mimi and we get a Phil and Mimi love story. Now that's something I would like to see. Every fan sees the chemistry with a couple or does not see the chemistry with a couple. I think that Martha has done excellent job at making Belle her own. At first I didn't think I could handle watching another actress play Belle when Kirsten left but Martha proved me wrong when I saw her first scene as Belle. And when I saw Jason and Martha first scene as Shawn and Belle I was on the floor having a hard time getting up. Even though there first scenes had nasty words to each other if a couple could fight like that you know that there would be sizzling chemistry when they were kissing. Like I said some fans see the chemsitry and some fans don't when it comes to couples and there's nothing wrong with that. Hey everyone can't always agree." Your idea is good but Farah Fath (Mimi) is leaving the show. Maybe they'll recast the character? I was about to suggest that Philip could hook up with Cassie instead when I quickly realized that they share a mother. OOPS. LOL. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Janet:" I don't EVER want to see Shawn and Cassie together. Don't forget, they're cousins; at least for now anyway. Roman is Cassie's father, Bo is Shawn's father. Caroline is Roman and Bo's mother. Still makes them cousins. I think we need to keep those storylines on Passions (a soap I refuse to watch as a boycott for cancelling Another World). I agree with your opinion of Sami. It is past time for her to grow up, the whole, "Pity me because it's not my fault", routine is getting old after 10 years. TEK WORKS FOR TONY. I'll believe that until they prove otherwise." I think TEK works for Stefano! I still hold out hope that the Phoenix will rise again soon. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Spookiebear:" Hiee! I just found this and was glad others share my feelings about Days. I loved watching it til it started to go downhill.. It got to where I don't watch it anymore I watch repeats of Another World on Soap Net. When I get to watch it, I watch the last 10 min..and Guess what? It's the same thing that I saw three days ago. Erg! Please kill off Philip. I cannot stand what they did to a "Marine." All that time of whining to get back to Belle and he goes on another "mission"? Erg! I want Days when it was good. Back in the days where they told a story, and the only thing they would 'drag' on were the memories of those who died (in real life). Ahh good memories, when the Brady fish market became the Brady Pub. The "suspense" of them and Orpheus and the "prism." thanks for letting me talk..I want the good old "Days" back. Spookie..." I do too! I have my fingers crossed every day that TPTB will come to their senses soon. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Glee:" I quit watching Days a month ago. It meant quitting my position as an assistant manager of a Days fan site with over 4,000 members (Days2), a huge decision, since I love dishing the soap as much as I used to love watching it. I have been watching the show for quite a lot of years. But it got to the point where it annoyed me far more than it entertained me. Frankly, it is no longer worth an hour a day of my time. I cannot take the constant repitition of lines and scenes, and endless recyclying of plots. I can not take the ridiculously stupid actions of the characters, or the way their personalities are drastically altered for no good reason. I am annoyed at the time warp factor, where days last for months. I am sick of the children being either aged arbitrarily or put in limbo, being babsat for years by their equally missing grandparents. Oh - and I am sick of my favorite characters being "put on recurring status" (dumped) because they are too mature for JER's BORING repetitive plots. Now I am starting to repeat myself, too. Sheesh! Glee" I used to love dishing about the soap too. There was a time when I would spend hours discussing it with my fellow Days-watching friends but as you said, talking about it is now as painful as watching it. As I'm sure is evident by my frequent negative comments. SIGH. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Rich:"Pamala, my wife and I have been fans of Days for 21 or more years. I have seen it all happen! I love the story about Kim when she went blind! HA HA she could walk all over Salem and not even need a walking stick but in here own home STUMBLED on the coffee table! LOL Anyway Pamala, after reading your comments there's not much left for me to say but I AGREE I AGREE I AGREE!!! How silly this show has become. For once I would like to see at least one couple be truly happy. My wife and I have been for 34 years. Oh, life is real and things happen but we are truly happy! My daughter said to me, dad I stopped watching Days and watch another soap where the storylines change often. :) Days use to but now they DRAG on and on. I think I will give it a while longer but then I just might make the change myself. I have grown to know and love each charater even the newer old ones! Like I don't remember that Roman was Kris the bar tender, come on Days! Duh!! I am still not over that one. But enough is enough. Kate my woman, my love for you is turning. Humm, never thought I would say that. I better stop or I might throw up! :( PLease you that write for Days, take a look at the comments of those that watch and see snd hear what the fams want! Watch your ratings go up when you start givng them SOME of their wants! Well thats my story and I am sticking to it! Rj" Great feedback Rich - thanks for writing! I love getting comments from the male viewers! ~P

From Lucetta Lohman:"I really believe that NBC has planned to cancel DOOL from the beginning. No manager of a big business seeing one of it's subsiduaries failing would go to a list of ten ceos from companies and hire the one that is rated at the bottom then hire that one to take over the failing company. as in NBC, Reilly and Passions. Clearly they want rid of DOOL without entirely alienating viewers.I've quit watching. I find it unbearable to watch this wonderful old soap being ruined. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your column. Lucetta Lohman" I hear what you're saying Lucetta, but I hope you're wrong. I would hate to think that TPTB have purposely sabotaged the soap. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Mary:"There is just nothing good about DOOL these days, nothing! A few years ago I used to tape it everyday and after a long day of work, I looked forward to going home and watching "my soap.." It was a way of relaxing and unwinding. The stories were good, believable, and realistic. Now--I couldn't care less it if gets cancelled. Some of my favorite characters have turned out to be soooo dumb and unbelievable. I'm honestly embarrassed for the actors. I'm surprised they haven't all quit. You would think that someone over at NBC/DOOL would care about what the fans are saying. Even my Mom a devoted fan forever says "The soap is so stupid, I can't waste one hour of my day watching it." And she's retired!! Oh well, we are trying to tell them the soap is going down fast, hopefully they'll finally listen befoe it's too late. Thanks for your column, glad I'm not the only one who misses the old "Days" and can't stand the new one."Three actors are now leaving (Kyle, Nadia and Eric)...I wonder if more are considering an exit as well? Thanks for writing! ~P

From Jeannie:"I happened to catch Y&R the other day. Let me just say, no wonder why they get all the nominations! I watch Days and Passions regularly, and both shows are so boring, repetitive, and unbelievable! On Y&R the characters actually seem like they have some emotion, and are not just saying lines that they have memorized. What I also thought was interesting was that it seemed like a show for grown-ups. They have grown-up problems, and the show is not focused on teeny-boppers. Days and Passions are so unbelievable that no sane adult could actually believe anything that happens on either of these shows. Y&R seemed to have normal everyday storylines on, true, they are more dramatic than what normal people go through, but at least there is no evil, invincible villain, or people that are dead, but not really!! The stupidity of these storylines is a bore! At least on Passions, I expect unbelievable strange storylines. Passions has never been a normal soap. Days, however, has a history that people remember, and should not be infiltrated with stupid, repetitive storylines, not to mention, poorly researched plots. You would think that for military scenes they could find an ex-marine, and for medical scenes they could find a medical professional who would tell them what would be believable to the general public. It is awful when a civillain can say, "That would NEVER happen!!" I sure hope that Days goes back to being a soap with storylines for normal grown-up people, not fantastic overrated plots that only bring temporary viewers and lose veteran viewers. JER already has a soap where he can do that, so he should leave it to that one soap. I am starting to think that the Salemites and the Harmonyites(??) should discover that their two towns are next door to each other and they can have one long two hour soap filled with unbelievable crap. It wouldn't be much different than what I am watching now!!"ITA - JER should stick to writing his outlandish, unbelievable storylines on Passions; that's what fans of that show expect. DOOL is another matter entirely and I too hope to see a return to 'grown-up' story telling. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Tony:"I know my opinion is the minority, but I actually like Kate. I guess I should say I liked Kate before and shortly after Roman's supposed death. I hate the regression we are seeing in characters like Kate and Sami. Roman acted as a catalyst that spurred maturity in Kate. I would have found it very gratifying to watch as she and Sami build a more in depth understanding of each other after Roman's death. Instead we were expected to endure the show as both lovely ladies mutated into the characters they were 5 years ago. What a waste of two good characters and great actresses. Now, they have Kate to place where her actions are dangerously close to unforgivable. Sami is headed towards that same place. Another character that has been destroyed in my eyes is Shawn Brady. Even after regaining his memory, he is still behaving as a selfish moron. If I were Belle, Philip would be looking better and better each day. At least Phil doesn't lie to her. I could go on and continue to comment about the downward spiral of other characters and the show in general, but I think you get my point. Thanks for hearing me out. Thanks, Tony. PS - I am not sure how Roman would feel about Cassie and Shawn getting together as Cassie is his daughter and Shawn is his nephew!"I too used to like Kate, especially just prior to her marriage to Roman. I also hoped to see her and Sami build a relationship together but unfortunately, that was not to be. I've given up on ever seeing these two forge any kind of meaningful bond. Thanks for writing! ~P

LizB:"Great job as always, Pamela. If it wasn't for the remote, I'm afraid I'd run screaming into the street from the sheer insanity of these writers' brain-farts! In the past there were great characters and plots on this show. Now, you can't tell the 'good guys' from the 'bad guys'. Take John, for instance (PLEASE)! He has turned into the wimp of the show. NO backbone, NO loyalty to the woman (he swears) is his only love, druggie - please! Kate - bad girl from the get-go but suddenly no one seems to remember that except Sami (and nobody listens to her). The only time I liked Marlena was when she was killing people (at least THAT gave her more than a one-dimensional image). The new Belle has NO chemistry whatsoever with anybody except Mimi, perhaps (maybe the writers should follow THAT storyline!). Rex came in as this super-brain and now he's dumb as a post too. I'm guessing that for Chloe, the 'flesh eating bacteria' will miraculously eat away the BAD SCARS and leave her beautiful again - Brady and she will ride off into the sunset leaving poor Nicole alone to find her next victim. The writers need to get away from the military storyline. What they are doing and writing is just flat-out bad business. Everybody knows what the REAL military is up against. This is one area that should not be fabricated or abused by bad writers. The only good thing about the current storyline? JAN is wonderfully missing as is dumber than mold Mickey. UGH."Great feedback Liz! Thanks for making me laugh. I'm with you on all counts. Thanks for writing! ~P

Mon:"I am so sick of the same stories over and over again. Chloe/Brady/Nicole? Frankly, although I realize I'm in the minority, I think that Brady should be feeling a little guilty about dumping all over Nicole. I realize that Chloe is a lovely character, but frankly either she tells Brady she's alive or just gets over it already. I was sickened with the storyline of Nicole scarring Chloe for life. Why can't the writter just let Nicole be happy for a while, but by making that storyline they have made it so that Nicole will loose Brady for sure. Also, Brady is starting to really bother me. It's discusting that he would even get involved with Nicole if he doesn't love her. What was he just using her? On a different note, I'm sick of the Sammy storyline. I too think Sammy is an excellent character, and she was growing as a person, but by creating this whole Stan/Sammy story, she has completely regressed. Not to mention that there isn't any real reason that she would go after half the people she went after. Why did they not just focus on her finding proof about what Kate did? Also when is she going to realize that she loves John. He did raise her after all. The whole thing is just riduculous. Finally I would like to comment that it would be nice for Sammy to find a little happiness. Her and Lucas should finally be together, but after everything the writters made her do, that is extremely unlikely. Last but not least, bring that damn Georgia story to a close already, and if the rumours are true that Marlena is pregnant with someone other than her current husbands baby, yuck. Hasn't that story been done before with her?" Yes, the pregnancy and "who's your daddy" storyline has been done to death. Of course, never before with a woman of Marlena's age but... this is Reilly we're talking about...when he writes, anything can happen. Sheesh! Thanks for writing! ~P

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