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Like most typical teenagers, both Chelsea and Abby are drooling over a new guy, a race car driver named Max Brady, who is the younger brother of Frankie.

Hi all! This week is a joyous week for me...nope - not because of anything to do with DOOL. It's because I leave for Italy this weekend! Yippee, yay, woo-hoo! I am gone for two whole weeks! I am so excited that I can barely contain myself! As a result of my euphoria, I may be a lot kinder in my comments of this week's shows than it deserves. Or then again...maybe not! LOL. I do admit that I'm glad to have a break from the show for a while though. Okay so enough about me - let's talk about you! You're probably wondering what you're going to do without my often caustic and sarcastic commentary for the next two weeks aren't you? Well, never fear because I have lined up a replacement in my absence. This person has very kindly agreed to fill-in for me over the next two weeks and I'm confident that you guys will enjoy her column as much as you all tell me that you enjoy mine. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Just a week ago (Salem time) Chelsea was goo-goo-ga-ga over Patrick Lockhart and was determined to do whatever it took to be with him. But all of a sudden, like most typical teenagers, both she and Abby are drooling over a new guy - a race car driver named Max Brady. In case you didn't know, Max is the younger brother of Frankie SO... I'm guessing that this is how Frankie will be re-introduced to Jennifer. Question though...now that Jack is sick with some as-yet-unnamed illness (fainting, wincing in pain = terminal illness in Salem) how will Frankie make an effective triangle? No one is going to believe that Jen would turn to anyone else with Jack suffering a major health crisis, even an ex-boyfriend! Speaking of poor Jack...his scene in the hospital with Lexie was so touching. I have to say it again - love that Matt Ashford! I really felt for him as he railed that he had gone through so much to get home, only to discover that he now only has three months to live. Something tells me that Tony has something to do with Jack's mysterious illness. It just seems strange that first Abe goes blind and now Jack has some rare disease; too convenient in my books. Especially if you count in Marlena's oddly-timed pregnancy. I wonder if Roman will be the next one to suffer some terrible affliction? Excess dandruff maybe? An acne break-out? Hmmm

Don't hate me but, after watching the Belle/Philip scenes and the Belle/Shawn scenes this week, I really hope that Belle stays true to Philip and kicks Shawn to the curb. Okay, that's a bit harsh but I am really fed up with Shawn's behaviour. How insecure is he? Belle told him repeatedly that she needs to concentrate on Philip right now but he insisted that he would not leave until she reassured him about their future. Sheesh - hello dude! Can we think about the guy who's lost half his leg for a sec? Other than that though, I just think this Belle fits a lot better with Philip - to me they make a great couple; one that I could root for. I know there's been a lot of chatter on the boards lately, about Philip's attitude upon finding out that his leg had been amputated. Some people feel that he should be grateful to be alive but others argue that his reaction and attitude is normal and that anyone would react the same way. Personally, I would think that most young men would find it a little shocking to suddenly discover that they've lost their leg. Not that I think his reaction is natural but I think it is typical. It is a rare person who would be able to see the "silver lining" in the situation from the outset. All that aside, it's a moot point because Philip's attitude is storyline dictated. If he had acted positively then there would be no reason for Belle to want to "shield him from the truth" (as she put it) and stand by his side. Of course, it probably didn't help Philips' attitude that he had to listen to some yahoo telling him that his wife would leave him for a guy with "both his legs" (as he put it). Yikes.

Once again the situation with Chloe and Nicole drove me up the wall this week. I just can't believe how Chloe is working with Nicole to prevent Brady from finding her. Seriously, I just cannot make sense of it! Chloe has lost a ton of respect in my book and if I have to hear her say "I don't want to be a burden to Brady" one more time, I might scream. Yes Chloe, you would be a total burden on Brady...what with your horrible scar and all. Ooooh my - what a burden! I think that Philip is the only one who has a legitimate whine in the "don't want to be a burden" category. Not that I think that losing a limb is a burden just that he would have more cause to whine about it than Chloe. I was especially ticked when she said "If Nicole can make him happy; then so be it." Nice! That's True Love for ya huh? I do hope Brady pulls her off the darn plane before she takes off - if only to end this storyline once and for all; I don't know how much more it I can take. Oh wait a minute - I don't have to put up with it for the next two weeks... Wheeee

That Billie really burns my butt! It boggles the mind that she simply HAD to run over to Bo to ask him to sign the paperwork for the adoption website. A phone call or an email just couldn't have cut it huh? I guess it was just a convenient way to get her to interrupt Bo and Hope's argument about Hope giving Shawn the money to fly to Germany [aren't Bo and Hope broke? Bo barely works and Hope doesn't at all! How can they afford a last minute flight to Germany?]. In busts Billie; to add her two cents about Shawn. When Billie said that she would not let Shawn come between Philip and Belle, I think I heard Hope say "Where's the high horse you rode in on? Talk about hypocritical! Wake up and smell the coffee lady." Okay :) maybe that was me saying that! Hope kicked her out but she didn't quite give her the literal kick that I would have.

The storyline involving Abe, Lexie and Tek is crazy. It's so strange for Abe to be treating Lexie this way; he's never been a cruel man. It's even more strange that Lexie (as a doctor) doesn't hustle his butt in to some kind of counselling program. Anyway...I now dislike Tek immensely. He's being written as such a creepy player; the way he was sweet talking Lexie was nauseating. And she fell for it! Sigh... I was shocked to see that Lexie jumped him and did the horizontal mambo with him on the desk. I guess Abe now has a legitimate reason to suspect her.


  • I fast-forwarded through Rex and Mimi's storyline again this week - it is too boring for words. "Oh Rex, I'm no good - I simply HAVE to go to jail...whimper, whimper" "No Mimi, you ARE good, you don't have to go to jail...simper, simper." Yeesh!
  • Talk about fast! Not only does Max win the race, he starts makes out with a 15-year old within 10 minutes of meeting her! What is he thinking? He's got to be in his late 20s at least! Wonder what Jennifer or Billie for that matter, will have to say about this.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Jamison Rountree:" Pamela, I'm writing you yet AGAIN, but I'm too worried you won't even read it or post it. Everything you say here is the unvarnished truth. DAYS is falling to pieces and Reilly is the only one to blame for it! I've only watched since 2002, but I've read the histories of every character -- on-canvas or off-canvas. All of their histories were very interesting and intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat for something new and exciting to happen to them, be they hero or villain. But NOW look at them. The smartest characters are now dumb as stumps. The strongest women are either overly insecure (Hope), completely needy (Billie), virtually-irredeemable (Kate, Sami, and Nicole), far too flighty (Belle), or total COWARDS (Mimi and Chloe). The only characters Reilly has kept the same way are the three he created since he came back to the show -- Bonnie, Patrick, and Chelsea (whom I just know is Georgia). You'd think seeing all of our comments would make someone associated with TPTB at DAYS wake up, but alas, Reilly is someone who gets feedback from tons of viewers but doesn't want to listen. He wants to keep all the creativity (if you can call it that) to himself. (It's true! Someone I know found this out!). Personally, I only see two bright spots on this show. The first is the fact that Patrick and Billie show so much potential as a couple. They have so much chemistry! But lately, their screen time has badly dwindled. And even when they are on, they're not seen with each other. The other bright spot on this show is that Jan is FINALLY gone. Or at least in a coma. Sure, she wasn't busted for what she did to Shawn and Belle, but her current state is some sort of comeuppance, right? But even that has a negative to it. Why didn't Shawn just report his kidnapping to the police after he remembered it? It would've made Jan being in her coma so much better, knowing that when and if she came out of it, she'd be in more trouble than ever. Sorry to ramble on like this, but I just had to get all this out. Thanks for all the good columns and I hope you keep them coming!"

From Jeannie:" About not realizing that Shawn and Cassie are cousins: I really can't blame you since everyone is getting knocked up by people they aren't married to, and kids are coming out of nowhere (Rex and Cassie), how can anyone possibly remember who is related to who? How can the writers even remember? If a couple isn't blood related, then they are usually realted by marraige somewhere down the line. Pretty soon there will HAVE to be inbreeding because there won't be anyone left who ISN'T realted! Hopefully they will bring in some new characters before that happens, because that's just gross! UGH!

From Samantha:" I just wanted to say to Pamela, that I REALLY enjoy her writing and comments. You are so witty sometimes, and I get the giggles!!! You are the best part about DAYS and you are not even on the show!!! I actually haven't watched DAYS in a few months, but I always keep track with your commentary. And the scoop sections, always hoping that one day the writers will wake up and realize they have turned what used to be a fairly interesting show with these wonderful families that we all have grown with, into such a joke!! Thanks for being so fun and agreeable to read! S

From Babs:" Hi Pam, I would like to say you GO GIRL! This show is sick, sick sick. I am so tired of the re-hash over and over with the past scenes, could it be they are losing so man viewers they have to replay so they can TRY to get new viewers. Well, I am sick of the holier than thou KATE, she critizes Belle (you have made a vow to love my son forever!) What about her VOWS to Roman?? Well, Why would JOHN go to germany except to keep getting closer to Kate? This is sick, Belle's MOTHER should have gone. How can Roman just comeback from the dead and step back into the Commander job? Doesn't Bo ever work, what about Hope? Where is the baby? Does he stay forever with Doug and Julie. I am so sick of this SICK SHOW! I hardly ever watch a whole show. Especially the replays with Nicole and Brady, chloe and Brady, where is the baby Joy? As you can see I have More questions than answers and this is not the way to write a SOAP!! I am going to start watching the other Soap at this time and try to learn those characters, because I know this show can NOT survive! It is going down fast and they are going to cancel it soon. It is too stupid. MARLENA PREGNANT?? GIve us smart viewers a break. Jack Dying again? Abe blind? Kate turns up preg? Belle and Shawn getting back together? There are just too many questions that don't make sense. I am tired I am going to have to go and rest. THANKS PAM, b"

From Charity:"Okay, guess what? There is no possible way that Marlena is 2 months pregnant. Her and Roman had sex the night before they escaped the DiMera mansion in Europe. They've been home what, like 3 days. And yes I do find it interesting that Marlena was back to work the next day (With helping Chloe) and then in her office. Doesn't anyone think that she needs time with her family maybe? Finally, I'm all for Belle and Philip staying together. I like Philips character and I think that the two actors have more chemistry than the Belle and Shawn actors. Oh yeah, has anyone ever thought to just kill off Billie?"

From Mary:"I'm another disgusted long time viewer & have recently turned it off. Watching Chloe whine and bully her formerly strong willed mother, watching her watch Brady as he mourned her and she did nothing. Now, Brady is going to turn on Nicole, the one person who was there for him through while Chloe deliberately put him through hell. I never thought of Brady (one of my favorite characters) as a user & abuser. Just because Nicole has faults, doesn't mean they should write Brady as having the same ones. And these two self-centered characters are supposed to be a supercouple? I'm not seeing it. I hope Chloe finds out that Brady mourned for less than an hour before he bedded Nicole (four times in one night as he pointed out). I hope she finds out that Brady had been lusting and fantasizing about Nicole long before she supposedly died. I hope Chloe kicks him to the curb and continues her career in Europe.

From Mary(a different Mary - really!):"I just spent a few minutes and red your comments about Two Scoops, everything I have felt and wanted to say was in there, I can't believe that with all of us feeling the same way that the writers of days doesn't do something about the show. Now my two cents worth, Kate needs to take Philip and Bille and leave days. They are three of the biggest leaches I have ever seen, sucking the blood and life out of the charachters. They are totally useless. Belle needs to tell Philip the truth and be with Shawn. I want what Jan did to Shawn to come out also, this needs to be address it will shed light on several topics currently playing poorly on days. One last thing, Marlena's pregnancy is a big slap in the face she shouldn't be pregnant, she is way too old and I don't want this to cause an opening for Kate to move in on John because I hate Kate too. Enough, thanks for the opportunity, it felt good and I enjoyed reading the other comments to.

From Leslie:"I have been watching days since I was 8 and I am now 41, I can't believe the mess that The head writer has made. As you could tell at the soap awards Days got a big nothing shouldn't that wake up someone. Are they blind or ignorant. I can't see day's staying on the Air much longer the writers have totally ruined a once excellent show. I did not watch any of the salems killer crap been there and they have done that and it was one of the most stupid plots ever done yet. What a waste. it has been over a year since I have watched Days and I know i could turn it on now and I wouldn't have missed anything they drag the storylines out till your sick of it. They need to fire the writers and bring in some new people who really care about day's and bring in new people who know day's of our lives and we need writers who can write not like they got now who get paid for nothing. Thanks for letting me vent. Leslie Ohio

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